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Abandoned Women Volume One Chapter Two
A story by davidb234

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

Chapter Two

When I got back to the living room it was to find Mary and Angie
sitting close together on the sofa talking in voices so soft I
couldn't hear what they were saying. When I got close enough they
shut up and Mary looked up at me and said "I think its time for
bed Jack darling, I know Angie's a bit tired. Why don't you lock
up while I make us a cup of hot chocolate?" Ten minutes later I
was drying off after my usual before bed shower. I wrapped the
towel round my waist and walked into our bedroom, closing the
door behind me, and stopped dead in my tracks as I saw Mary in
bed, and Angie sitting beside her wearing a very short nightie,
and little else. What made it seem so incongruous was that they
were both sitting there, sipping their hot chocolate, as if
nothing was at all unusual. "Come on Jack darling" said Mary
"Your drink is getting cold, and so are we." This made Angie
giggle, and Mary joined in as I sat on the edge of the bed, swung
myself round and covered myself up before whipping the damp towel
off me and dropping it on the floor beside the bed. "WOW" said
Angie "I bet he's done that before Mary, do you often have
strange women in your bedroom after he's had a shower?" Mary
chuckled "Not really Angie, but Sue's sometimes sitting with me
chatting when Jack comes to bed so he's had plenty of practice."
Before Mary could give many more of our family secrets away I
said "OK Mary my love, is there a reason for Angie to be sitting
on our bed, almost naked, and looking as if she's waiting for
something?" "Can't you guess darling?" replied Mary with a grin,
"Yes, but if you hadn't noticed I happen to be naked just now,
and in no state to have one of your friends sitting between my
thighs. I don't know if I could take very much of it to be
honest." Mary giggled softly, then said "Oh, don't worry about
that darling, she'll have her back to you, and I'm sure she'll
promise not to peek, won't you Angie?" "Scouts honour" said Angie
with a grin that spread all over her face. "Well, OK, but we have
to be quiet I'd hate for the girls to find out this is
In an effort to retain some modesty Angie slipped into bed
between Mary and I, then shuffled over my leg until she was
sitting between my thighs, as far back as she could get so her
entire body, from her shoulders to her butt, was in contact with
my naked body. The situation was made worse as far as I was
concerned when she removed her nightie and then slipped her hands
behind her back. This left me naked, and Angie wearing just her
skimpy panties as she sat between my wide spread legs. Her hands
were behind her back and before I knew it she was holding my
erect cock gently in one of them. I'm quite sure that the gasp of
surprise I gave told Mary just what was going on, but all she did
was smile at me as if this was a perfectly normal activity. By
now I had come to realise that it wasn't just a tummy rubbing
that Angie was here for, so after just the bare minimum of
massage strokes over her tummy and down her sides I concentrated
on caressing her breasts and between her now spread apart thighs.
I have to admit, despite the strangeness of having my wife in bed
beside me, removing any thoughts of 'cheating' on her, I was
really enjoying what I was doing with Angie, and was glad I
allowed Susan to talk me into going along with Mary's idea. It
wasn't just that I'd done this to Angie earlier in the day, nor
that I'd done the same to her daughter not so very long ago.
Angie had a really smooth skin, and her tits were just as firm
and great to touch as were Mary's. As it was Angie seemed to
appreciate the current situation, and her orgasm when it came,
was a lot quieter, though no less intense.

After a few minutes of having an almost naked friend of my wife
laying against my equally naked chest, and me with a hard
throbbing erection pressing against her butt, Mary said softly
"There we are darling, that wasn't all that difficult, was it.
All we have to do now is snuggle down and get a good nights
sleep, then we can talk about this over breakfast." Very gently I
eased Angie's limp body over my leg and laid her beside me. I
then slipped down the bed until the comforter was tucked under my
chin and turned to face Mary saying "How come I get to do this
Mary darling, isn't there another husband available?" Mary
chuckled as she switched off the light on her night stand,
snuggled down beside me and said softly "Yes darling, but when we
compared notes, all the girls voted for you, you see those others
that still have husbands said they couldn't trust them not to try
to take advantage of the other women's daughters. It was Sue
telling them that she's been trying to get into your pants for
almost a year, without success that swung it in your favour." I
was suddenly glad of the darkness, that way Mary wasn't able to
see the blood drain from my face when I grasped what she was
saying. The fact I was silent for some time made Mary say "You OK
Jack darling?" I managed to nod, stupid really under the
circumstances, but found myself completely bereft of speech for
some time. When I did manage to say something it was "Please Mary
my love, please tell me you're joking. About what Sue said to the
others I mean." Mary shuffled up the bed a little, placed a
tender loving kiss on my lips and said softly "Sorry Jack my
love, I guess I shouldn't have told you in that way. The trouble
is darling, it's perfectly true. She's been on at me for most of
the past twelve months to persuade you to be her first lover, and
pop her cherry for her. Why do you think she doesn't go out with
boys. She's making sure no one else gets the opportunity of doing

However tired I may have been when I got into bed, it all left me
in that few moments. My body may have needed the rest, my mind
just wasn't going to accept winding down until it had sorted out
what Mary had just told me. After a few minutes laying in silence
I got out of bed, making sure I didn't disturb Mary or Angie,
made my way down to the kitchen and made myself a pot of coffee.
I then spent a couple of hours trying to sort out what was
suddenly happening in my life. In one evening I had agreed to do
for complete strangers, what I'd only been prepared to do for my
wife and daughter, in the privacy of our own home. I then
accepted one of those strangers into our bed, with my wife's
approval, and brought her to her second crashing orgasm of the
evening. Despite the fact most men would give almost anything to
be in that position, I wasn't all that happy doing it. The main
reason was I thought too much of my loving relationship with my
wife and daughter to want to risk anything coming between us.
That was bad enough, but for me to then be told my daughter
wanted me to enter into a sexual relationship with her, and had
asked her mothers advice on how to bring it about; that was just
too much for me to cope with at the moment.

I don't know how long I sat there, I do know I'd emptied the
coffee pot, and suddenly needed to recycle most of what I'd
consumed, and was about to get up and see to it. That's when Mary
came and joined me, wrapped up tight in her dressing gown, and
looking very red around the eyes as if she'd been crying. Before
I had a chance to do or say anything Mary came and sat on my lap,
slipped her arms round my neck and kissed me lovingly. She then
laid her head on my shoulder and said softly "I'm sorry I said
what I did darling, it was stupid of me, and I can only think it
was just what was happening that made me think it might be the
right time to bring the subject into the open." I made as if to
say something, but Mary placed a finger on my lips and continued,
"The thing is Jack darling, Sue and I have discussed this thing
many times. I tried to dissuade her for a long time, but in the
end she made such a good case that I told her I wasn't going to
prevent her from trying to get you to do it." She paused for a
moment, to allow what she'd said to sink into my befuddled brain.
"Would you do one thing for me please Jack my love. Would you
please give Susan a chance to make her case to you. Keep an open
mind, and only use reasoned arguments, rather than parental
authority, when you put your side of the argument."
It suddenly occurred to me that I was being hoist on my own
petard here. For years I'd made it a principal that I'd never
just say NO to Mary or Sue and would always give a good reason
for refusing whatever it was. If they managed to put forward
better reasons for me to say YES then I let them have their way.
Now I was facing one of the biggest tests of principal ever, and
I had the weirdest feeling I wasn't going to win, no matter what
I might think. If Sue had brought Mary round to her way of
thinking, she must have put forward a mighty convincing case.
Still.. "OK Mary my love, just so long as Susan agrees to drop it
if she loses the argument." We went back to bed, and I snuggled
back between Mary and Angie, finally drifting off to sleep with
my arms round the two of them. Next morning I was awakened by
being kissed sweetly and tenderly, opening my eyes to find myself
looking into Sue's. "Good morning daddy" she said softly, "Could
you give Lisa a tummy rub please darling, her periods playing up
as usual?" "I guess so Susan my love, just so long as you're here
as chaperone." Sue giggled, kissed me again and said "Oh, don't
worry daddy, I'll stay and protect you from those nasty teenage
girls, all you have to do is ask" she then rolled off the bed
giving me a quick beaver shot, went to the door and called Lisa
to come and get it. This time when Lisa sat between my legs she
did so very gingerly. When she was in place I leaned over and
whispered "Is it really bad this morning Lisa darling?" She
nodded, and in a tearful voice said "Yes, it's always the same
first thing in the morning, that's why I don't go to school
sometimes." As she was speaking I was starting to stroke her
abdomen, making no attempt to touch her breasts or her mons, just
concentrating on getting rid of her pain. It worked, and much
quicker than I was used to, and I then found her hands on mine
trying to press them to her flushed breasts and swollen mons.

"Just relax for a minute Lisa my love" I said softly, "Lets get
rid of this first problem before we create another one OK?" Lisa
nodded and laid her head back on my chest relaxing so much she
almost slid down the bed only being stopped by my arms round her
body. I slipped my hands under her nightie, then gently but
firmly I stroked her abdomen from ribs to mons, gradually moving
my hands out to her sides, making quite sure I kept well away
from her breasts and her pussy. After about ten minutes I heard
and felt Lisa give a deep sigh of contentment, and felt her tummy
muscles relax, a sure sign her pain had gone for now. I then
wrapped my arms round her body, placed a tender kiss on her right
shoulder and said softly "All better now Lisa darling?" "Hmmm.."
she murmured softly as she rubbed her cheek against mine, "It
feels wonderful, I wish you could do it every morning for me, I
wouldn't miss so many classes that way." I gave a soft chuckle,
kissed her again and whispered "Why don't you and your mom work
something out between you, I'm sure you could help each other
out, and maybe sometimes you could come round for a refresher
course." Lisa giggled, then said "Could you give me a full
treatment before I go home please, it felt so good last night I
never felt anything like it before in my life?"

"OK" I whispered, and before I could do anything she was sitting
up, had her nightie off and on the floor and was grabbing my
hands pulling then up to cover her now naked breasts. "Don't be
in such a rush Lisa darling" I said softly as I gently removed
her hands and placed them on the bed beside her. I then slid mine
up her sides until I was able to touch the swell of her breasts
with my fingertips, kissing her naked shoulder and running the
tip of my tongue up and down the side of her neck. This felt so
nice to her I felt her quiver each time my lips touched her
sensitive skin. She gasped out loud as I gently moved my hands
across her firm conical breasts nipping her nipples between
finger and thumb then rolling them back and forth until they were
so swollen and puffy they melted into her dark rosy aureoles.
Once I had both nipples under control I slowly moved my right
hand down her abdomen and slipped my fingers under the waistband
of her soft cotton panties until I could press my middle finger
along her moist slit, and rub the side of my thumb over her
suddenly swollen clitty. Despite the pain she had been suffering
earlier Lisa soon began to respond to my ministrations, and
almost before I realised she was arching her back as she exploded
in orgasm, clamping her thighs together as she tried to press my
hand harder against the centre of her ecstasy.

It took Angie all of two minutes to come into the bedroom to see
what was happening. She and Mary stood at the door looking in
amazement at the way Lisa was sprawled naked in my arms with Sue
sitting beside me as if there was nothing wrong. "Oh, hi Mom"
said Sue, "Lisa's shouting didn't scare you did it. It's just
that she seemed to enjoy it better this morning than she did last
night." Mary giggled softly, "Come on Angie, lets leave them to
finish off here while we get breakfast ready for them" and she
took hold of Angie's arm and drew her gently from the bedroom,
closing the door behind her. Just then Lisa opened her eyes, gave
a shuddering sigh and sat up, looking round as if trying to
orientate herself. "Oh, Jeez, that was awesome" she gasped as she
moved to sit on her heels in front of me, "I can't wait 'til we
can do it again, pity it's going to wait 'til next month, I've
only got a couple of days before this period finishes." She
looked at me from under her eyelashes, smiled as seductively as
she could and said softly "It will be OK for me to come back next
time, won't it?" I smiled softly as I said "I think you better
check with your mother first Lisa, she may have other plans for
the future, OK?" Lisa nodded then slipped off the bed saying "I
think I need a shower, anyone want to wash my back for me?" I
rolled off the bed, stood beside her and said "No, but I'll wash
your front if you like, that sounds like much more fun" I then
took her hand and led her to the bathroom where we spent far too
long having fun before getting out and drying off.
After breakfast Sue and Lisa disappeared upstairs and I went to
sit in the den waiting for Angie and Mary to finish off in the
kitchen before coming to join me. As Mary sat beside me she
leaned her head on my shoulder and said softly "I don't suppose
you'd like to give Angie a quick tummy rub before they go home
would you darling?" I chuckled "What's this, not jealous of a
little girl getting her jollies this morning, are we?" Angie
blushed, then giggled "Damn right I am Jack, seeing the state you
got her in this morning I almost expected her to tell me she let
you pop her cherry at the same time" she then looked at me, and
said softly "She didn't ask you to do it this morning did she
Jack?" I shook my head, "No, why, was you expecting her to?" By
now Angie was standing up in front of me, her dress in a puddle
at her feet, wearing just a pair of brief cotton panties as she
waited for me to get into position on the sofa. "To be honest
Jack, it wouldn't have surprised me in the least. She's been
asking me what it feels like the first time, and also times after
that. I guess she's reached that stage of her life when she's
getting more and more interested in sex, just for the sake of it.
I don't think it's going to be long before she comes home with
torn panties and bruises on her breasts and thighs. That's why I
got her on the pill last month. The last thing I want is for her
to get pregnant at her age." By now Angie was sat between my
thighs, leaning back against my chest with my hands on her

As I began to massage Angie's tummy I looked over at where Mary
was sitting in her role as chaperone, and saw her smiling at me
in the strangest manner. I was so intrigued by this I almost
didn't realise I had begun to cup my hands over Angie's breasts
and rub her nipples between finger and thumb. It was only Angie's
cries of pleasure that brought me back to what I was doing, and
after giving myself a mental shake I began to concentrate on
helping Angie to have another climax. It didn't take long, in
fact almost as soon as I covered her hot swollen mound with one
hand as I gently squeezed her breasts with the other, she came to
a crashing orgasm, her back arching like a bow and her thighs
clamping on my hand, holding it in place covering her hot, cum
oozing pussy. "God, I wish I'd known about this before I got rid
of that asshole of a husband of mine" gasped Angie as she lay,
totally spent against my chest, "At least he could have made
himself useful part of the time, even if he was totally useless
most of his life." Personally I was quite prepared to sit there
as long as Angie wanted to, my hands felt quite comfortable as
they rested on her firm warm breasts. All good things have to
come to an end though, and Mary soon reminded us that Angie and
Lisa had to go home. Before she finally got up Angie turned her
head and placed her lips on mine in a soft warm passionate kiss.
"I just want to thank you Jack darling, and you Mary, for giving
me the best weekend of my life, and for helping Lisa have a good
time too. I just hope I can hold her back a bit longer before she
goes out and loses her cherry. I know just how bad it was for me
the first time."
As Angie stood up, Mary did the same, holding Angie's dress up
and helping her into it. The pair of them went upstairs to
collect Angie's and Lisa's overnight bag and as they came down
stairs I heard Angie say "Really, do you think he would?" they
then saw me and concentrated on saying their goodbyes. As they
went Lisa turned to Sue and said "Bye Sue, see you in class
tomorrow" then turned to me and said softly "Bye Uncle Jack, see
you next weekend, pity there'll be no need for any more tummy
rubs" and ran after her mother giggling. "Well" I said softly as
they went out of sight, "I'm glad that's over, I don't think I
could have taken much more of having naked women wanting my hands
on them. I hope there's not too many more of your group that want
the same Mary my love, I doubt I'll have the stamina for it."
Mary closed the door behind us and hugged me tight, then kissed
me passionately, "Not too many Jack darling, and there's only two
more mother daughter combinations, the others are single, so
shouldn't be too draining for you." Despite her giggles I knew
she was being serious, and I suddenly wondered if I'd actually
bitten off more than I could chew here, after all I was only
human, and not some sort of super stud as portrayed in many low
budget porno films. As we sat together on the sofa in the den Sue
came in with fresh cups of tea for all of us, and sat in an
armchair opposite Mary and I as she drank hers. We sat there for
the rest of the morning, talking about what we had been doing
over the past couple of days, Sue being in raptures over the fun
Lisa had when she felt my hands on her naked body for the first
time. "She really did have a bad time with her period daddy" said
Sue, "You will be able to help her out next time she has them
won't you, it won't be the same if it's her mom doing it for
her." She suddenly looked at Mary and me, grinned and said softly
"Mind you. It might be fun if I tried to do it for her, don't you
think mom?" Mary chuckled, then said softly "Susan my darling, if
you want to see what it's like making love to another girl, I
suggest you try it. I'm quite sure that Lisa would like to help
you out, especially if you took your time getting her used to the
idea." As Mary lay snuggled up to my chest Sue gave her a strange
look then said "Did you ever do it mom, make love to another
woman I mean?" Mary nodded, "Yes darling, I did. It was a long
time ago, just before I finished high school and went to college.
I went to spend a few weeks with my Aunt and Uncle on their farm
during the summer vacation. My cousin Jenny and I went skinny
dipping one day, and as we lay in the sunshine all wet and naked
she rolled over close to me, kissed me on the lips then, before I
could stop her, started to suck on my nipples. At the same time
she pressed a finger into my pussy and the next thing I knew I
was feeling something so different, but so good, I didn't want
her to stop." Mary stopped for a moment, smiling softly at her
memories, then continued, "Well, I soon found out that I'd had my
first orgasm, and also been shown how good masturbation could be.
Jenny asked if I'd do the same thing for her, and pretty soon we
were doing it three or four times a day, getting better and
quicker at getting each other off, and always trying to give each
other more and more orgasms each time. I think our record was me
having twenty climaxes in one hour, and her having about the same
a little while later." Mary sighed, "It didn't last though, by
the end of the summer I'd gone home, and the next thing I heard
was that Jenny had got herself pregnant by one of the young farm
hands, and ended up marrying him. As far as I know they're still
married, and have got half a dozen kids running round the house."

Suddenly Mary sat up, looked round and said "I don't believe I've
just sat here and told my daughter and husband all about me
having a lesbian affair with my cousin" she then laughed, looked
at Sue and said "One thing to remember though Susan my love, you
can't get pregnant by a lesbian, but you can still pick up all
the usual social diseases, so you have to be just as careful as
if you were having sex with a guy, OK?" Sue giggled and nodded,
"Yes mom, mind you at the rate I'm going I won't have to worry
about that for a long time, will I?" Mary stood up, chuckled and
said "Oh, I don't know darling, we'll just have to wait and see
what turns up won't we. Now, why don't you come and help me get
dinner ready while daddy gets some much needed rest, after all
he's had a very busy weekend, hasn't he?" Minutes after they had
gone I drifted off to sleep, and the next thing I knew I was
being awakened by a soft warm loving kiss. I opened my eyes to
find Sue sitting on my lap, her arms round my neck and her lips
gently touching mine. "Come on daddy, it's time for dinner, mom
said to tell you to go and wash up, and hurry please or it'll get
cold." Giving her a quick kiss I gently pushed her off my lap,
stood up and slipped my arm round her waist, "Come on then miss,
let's not keep your mother waiting" and quickly made my way to
the bathroom, washed my hands and returned to the kitchen to join
the two of them for our evening meal.

It wasn't too long after dinner that I decided I was going to
bed. As Mary had said earlier, I'd had a pretty tiring weekend,
to be honest I'd had a very draining weekend, and I was pretty
tired. What did surprise me was when Mary and Sue said they were
also going to go to bed, normally we had trouble getting Sue to
bed even at a late hour, let alone as early as nine thirty. It
was when I had finished my shower, and was about to get into bed
that I was hit by the bombshell. Mary reminded me that I'd agreed
to allow Sue to argue with me about having me pop her cherry for
her. Before I could refuse Sue came into the bedroom, sat on the
edge of the bed and said softly "Mom said it was OK for me to
come and talk to you daddy now that we were on our own. I think I
have a good argument to put forward if you'll just give me a
chance." Knowing full well she was going to lose this one I
agreed, and she quickly climbed into bed beside me, lay down and
snuggled up into my arms as I felt Mary doing the same thing on
my other side.

She didn't, I did. Lose the argument I mean. It was my own fault
really I suppose. I'd brought Sue up in the belief that I was the
one person she would always be able to trust. I'd never hurt her,
apart from one occasion I spanked her for doing something so
stupid she almost lost her life, and even then it was little more
than a few hard pats on the bottom. It was the fact of what I was
doing, rather than how hard I was doing it, that brought the
enormity of what she'd done to her. That made Sue think maybe she
deserved to be punished. Now I was having all that love and trust
used as a battering ram to beat down the bastions of my defence.
I suppose another thing that helped her win was that she and Mary
set it up that the discussion was held in our bed, with Sue
almost naked and snuggled up close. The fact I had an erection
all the way through didn't help either, the lack of blood in my
brain reducing it's efficiency.
Having conceded defeat I began to discuss how and when Sue wanted
to lose her virginity. All I got was her soft warm body pressed
against me, her lips kissing mine, and her laying on my chest
looking me in the eye. "No special way daddy darling, I just want
you to make love to me and make me a woman before we finish."
Having said that she snuggled down into the crook of my arm and
rested her upper arm across my chest. Deciding there was no time
like the present I lowered my head, placed my lips on hers and
kissed her in a most unfatherly way. As our lips met I pushed out
the tip of my tongue, pressing it between her lips and then
against her small white teeth. A moment later our tongues were
fighting for ascendancy, and I began to move my upper hand down
her back until it was resting on her naked buttocks. As soon as
Sue felt me touching her butt she bent her upper leg, wrapping it
up and over my hip so that when I moved my hand over her butt it
naturally moved over her now available pussy. It was then that I
fully realised just how much Sue wanted this to happen. Her pussy
lips were swollen, and there was so much pussy juice flowing out
from between them her thighs were almost as slick as her labia.
Knowing Sue was still a virgin I was careful when I slipped my
finger inside her for the first time, and only went two knuckles
deep. I did press my thumb on her hard, swollen and pulsating
nubbin, so shouldn't have been surprised when she exploded in
orgasm the instant I made contact. Had it not been for my lips
muffling her cries of ecstasy the whole neighbourhood would have
been woken up.

We lay there for some time, me with my hand playing with Sue's
breasts, nipples and pussy, she laying, gasping for breath,
sighing and staring up at the ceiling. After a time I touched my
finger to her chin, pressed gently to turn her head to face me
and said softly "You OK Susan my love?" She just looked into my
eyes and said "Oh, yes daddy, I'm really OK, can we do that again
please?" I touched my lips to her in a quick peck, smiled and
said "Of course we can darling, but not today, I think you're
much too tired to do anything else right now." Suddenly she was
wide awake, pressed up on my elbow and looking down at me. "Oh,
no daddy, please, we must finish it now we started, it wouldn't
be fair to stop now." "Hmm.. Weelll.. if you're sure darling, I
don't want to tire you out too much too soon, do I?" A moment
later and Sue was straddling my thighs, her hands on my chest and
her wonderful firm young breasts suspended inches away from my
lips. "I guess your mother told you what to do in a situation
like this" I said with a grin. Sue grinned back, nodded her head
making her breasts move so seductively that I swear my cock grew
an extra half inch. It certainly told Sue it was ready for her
when she felt it pressing against her sopping wet pussy lips.
"Hold it still for me please daddy" she whispered, and I grasped
my cockshaft in my hand and touched the tip against her love
tunnel, all the time looking her in the eyes.

The instant Sue felt me pressing between her lips she dropped her
body down, only stopping when her swollen lips were resting on my
hand. At the same time she gave a soft cry of pain, and I felt my
cockhead burst through her hymen, destroying it for ever. "You OK
darling?" I asked softly, Sue nodded, her eyes closed momentarily
as she allowed the pain to recede from her mind. "Yes daddy, I'm
fine now, I guess it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be, can
I sit down please darling, my legs are getting cramped." I
smiled, said "Ready?" she nodded, I collapsed my fist and she
dropped down on to my hips. "Oooohhh.." Sue's cry as she felt
herself impaled on my hard throbbing penis was of pleasure not
pain, as I discovered afterwards. It did bring Mary to our
attention from where she lay beside me as she witnessed our
daughter working her hips to and fro on my cock as she tried to
bring herself to her first orgasm as a woman. It didn't take
long, and Mary was there to see and hear Sue coming to a
screaming crashing climax, impaled on my manhood, her breasts
resting in my cupped hands as I supported her weight. Sue had
been pressing her hands to my chest all this time, suddenly her
arms wouldn't support her, and as I didn't want to put too much
pressure on her breasts I allowed her to slowly collapse on to my
chest with a long shuddering sigh of contentment.

End of Chapter Two


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