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Abandoned Women Volume One Chapter Three
A story by davidb234

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

Chapter Three

"Well, I think we can safely say she enjoyed that Jack my love"
said Mary as she sat up beside me, "I think I better go get
something to clean you two up before you get in the shower." A
moment later she was back, rolling Sue off my chest and tenderly
wiping her clean of her blood flecked orgasmic juices. When Sue
was dried off Mary did the same for me, then she climbed into bed
beside me and snuggled up close as we watched Susan laying beside
us. "Any regrets Jack darling?" Mary asked me in a quiet voice, I
shook my head "I guess not darling, not now I've done it. I just
didn't want Sue to think I was going to hurt her, you know that's
the last thing I'd ever do." Mary smiled and nodded, Sue said
"Don't be silly daddy, that's the last think I'd ever think,
especially now I know just how wonderful it feels to have you
filling me up inside." She rolled over to face Mary and I, then
frowned before saying "I'm a bit disappointed I couldn't feel it
when you came inside me though daddy. I was really looking
forward to that happening." I said nothing, Mary though looked
over my chest at Sue, smiled and shook her head gently. "Oh, No..
daddy, you didn't have an orgasm did you?" cried Susan in my ear.
I grinned and shook my head, "No darling, I guess I didn't have
time with you having yours so quickly. Not to worry though my
love, I'm sure we can rectify that situation next time."

In a flash Sue was up on her knees, thighs wide apart and her
still swollen, down covered pussy lips grinning at me while her
breasts moved seductively from side to side. "That's not good
enough daddy" she said firmly. She then looked at Mary and said
"Help me please Mom, I must have daddy cum inside me or it won't
feel right. What do I do?" Mary smiled, "Turn round and kneel
down darling" she said to Sue, she then bent down and whispered
in my ear "Come on Jack darling, you need the practice, after all
you still have Lisa and Sarah to come at the weekend." Sue gave a
long low moan of pleasure as she felt my cock press between her
pussy lips, and before I could get it right inside her she
pressed herself back to meet me half way. "Oh, god, daddy, that
feels sooo good. I feel sooo full, I didn't even know I had been
empty before I felt your wonderful cock inside me. Please cum
daddy, I need to feel you filling me with your seed, make me burn
inside as you shoot your cum into me, splashing my womb full 'til
it overflows.." on and on she went, all the time rocking back and
forth on my cock in time with my own movements, squeezing her new
found cuntal muscles around my cockhead to stop it leaving her
warm wet haven. Mary knew I was close, because I felt her soft
warm hand slide between my buttocks and cup my balls, stroking
her fingertips round the base of my cock as she gently rolled
then in the palm of her hand. Suddenly I pulled Sue's butt tight
to my hips as I thrust my cock as deep into her as I could, and
an instant later my balls exploded, shooting a massive stream of
hot sticky semen deep into my daughters newly violated body. I
came so hard I lost all control of my body. I couldn't even
vocalise as my orgasm took over my senses. All I could do was go
rigid while my body pumped cum, then collapse on to the bed when
I was all used up.

"Oh my god" gasped Mary as I fell back, almost taking her with
me. It wasn't me she was talking about, it was the sight of the
flood of semen that gushed out of Sue's vagina as my plugging
prick was removed. Sue was silent too, her face buried into the
comforter crying out in ecstasy as she felt me ejaculating inside
her, then again as she felt it begin to flood out of her, her
small body unable to hold the amount I'd pumped into her. Mary
dived over the side of the bed to pick up the towel she'd
discarded a short while ago, and as quick as she could was
pressing it against Sue's pussy in an attempt to stem the flood
and save the bed linen. I opened my eyes a few minutes later when
I felt myself being washed off again. I couldn't help but laugh
when I saw Susan laying there with a towel between her thighs
just like an extra thick diaper. "Mary darling, I thought our
baby girl was past wetting the bed years ago" I said with a grin.
Before Mary could reply Sue rolled over, then launched herself at
me, laying full length on my body and saying "Beast, it wasn't me
daddy, it was you. How long is it since you had an orgasm. It
seems like you've been saving it for weeks, the amount that I
felt flooding out of me." I sighed, looked all forlorn and said
in a soft voice "Well darling, you know your mother doesn't like
sex, that's why I'm so glad you do, and I can start getting a
regular piece of teenage pussy to make up for it."

Sue smiled, looked over her shoulder to where her mother was
washing between her legs and mopping up cum off the comforter.
"Is that right Mom, daddies not getting enough pussy from you,
that's why he needs me to make up for it. I don't suppose it'll
make any difference when I bring Lisa and Sarah to sleep over
this weekend will it. They may be able to help out as well." Mary
grinned at Sue, then at me and said "Well darling, they'll have
to wait until daddies dealt with Angie and June, but if they're
here, and he has the strength, I suppose they could join in the
fun." I lay back, looked up and said softly "God help me, I'll be
dead by Monday." Mary flopped down beside me, kissed me tenderly,
then Sue wriggled her naked body against mine, making her breasts
move in a most erotic way, pressed her soft warm lips to mine and
said "Not a hope of that daddy darling, now I know just how
wonderful it feels making love to you, I fully intend keeping you
in perfect health, and fully fit. There's no way I'm giving you
up for a long time yet, understand." I smiled at Sue, kissed her
tenderly as I covered her wonderful naked buttocks with my hands,
then said lovingly "OK darling, but only for as long as you want
to do it, understand. As soon as you find a boy of your own, I'll
willingly give you up, all you have to do is say the word." Sue
took my face between her soft warm hands, kissed me again and
whispered "Daddy, I don't want a boy, I want a man, you. For as
long as mom is willing to share you with me, I'll never look
elsewhere for love and affection, I promise you." I was kissing
my daughter, and hugging her with my arms wrapped round her back,
when I heard a loud slap, and felt Sue jump in my arms as she
cried out into my kiss. "Come on you two, go and get a shower,
I'll change the bed, then we'll all try and get some sleep, we're
going to need it."
I managed to work through Monday alright, despite knowing that
June and Sarah would be over for a Tummy Rub and probably more,
if our experience with Angie and Lisa was anything to go by. I
got home at my usual time, and wasn't too surprised to find June
sitting in the kitchen with Mary as she was finishing getting
dinner ready. After getting my usual kiss from Mary June stood up
and pressed her firm body against mine, pressing her lips to my
cheek as she said softly "Hello Jack, nice to see you again." I
slipped my arms round her waist, pulled her close and pressed my
lips to hers in as sensuous a kiss as I could manage. "And it's
nice to see you again June, I'm glad you could make it tonight,
I've been looking forward to it for days." I then stepped back,
grinned at Mary and walked out of the kitchen to go and get
changed for the evening, leaving June standing there almost
totally bemused at the welcome I gave her. When I was gone June
turned to Mary, blushed deeply and was about to apologise when
Mary chuckled and said "Don't worry about him June darling, he
was just winding you up." June gave a deep sigh, turned to face
Mary and said "In that case Mary, please make sure he always
carries the key with him. I'd love to be wound up like that every
few days." I change into my usual sweats and t-shirt after taking
a quick shower. I then went and knocked on Sue's bedroom door,
entering when she called out and finding the pair of them sitting
in front of her dressing table mirror testing out makeup on each
other. "Hi daddy" called Sue as I stepped over to stand close
behind her. I bent down, touched my lips to the side of her neck,
that being the only place I could see that wasn't covered in
makeup of one sort or another. "Hi baby, how was your day at
school?" and before she could answer I turned to Sarah and said
"Hello Sarah, how are you my dear?" Sarah smiled up at me and
said "I'm great thanks Uncle Jack, and I'm looking forward to
later. mom and Sue have told me how good it makes them feel, and
I saw Lisa at school today so I know something happened to make
her period better." I chuckled, then said "Susan my love, is
there anything personal that you girls DON'T tell each other?"
Sue giggled, then said "Oh, don't be so silly daddy, we're all
girls together, and we know when we all start our periods, if
only from when we have our own. We also know when one of our
friends is having a bad time, and always try to make things
better if we can." She paused for a moment then said "Of course
daddy darling, with a bit of luck all that could be a thing of
the past if you're going to feel OK with helping more of us out
when things a really at their worst." I smile weakly, bent down
and kissed her lovingly on the lips, hearing a soft gasp of
surprise from Sarah, who obviously wasn't used to a girl being
kissed by her father in quite that manner.

I went down to the kitchen and found Mary had a cup of coffee
ready for me as usual. I kissed her tenderly as I thanked her for
it and said I was going into the den to read my paper until
dinner was ready. "Why don't you take June with you and help her
get warmed up Jack darling" said Mary as I turned to go. I looked
at June, smiled and cocked my head at her saying "Want to come
and make out for a bit June, with a bit of luck the girls won't
be down for some time and Mary's too busy cooking to disturb us."
June hesitated, then Mary whispered something in her ear and she
stood up and came over to take hold of my free hand and say "I'm
with you Jack, lets go and pretend we're teenagers again." A
couple of minutes later and I was sitting on the sofa with June
straddling my lap and kissing me with the passion of a very
frustrated woman. As June laid her head on my shoulder I heard
her sigh then she said softly "Thanks for letting me do that
Jack, I don't get the opportunity to kiss a guy quite so
passionately. In fact to be honest I don't get the chance to kiss
a guy period. I just hope Mary doesn't get upset if I seem to be
taking advantage of the two of you tonight." I grinned at her as
I gently sat her upright, "Tell me June my love, what did Mary
whisper to you that made you come in here with me?" June blushed
prettily then said in a quiet voice "She told me to come and have
some fun, and pretend I was sixteen again. Problem with that is,
I'd have to be sitting on a hard throbbing cock, which is all I
ever seemed to be doing when I was that age." I smiled at her
then said "Well, why don't we try that right now. If we're smart
no one needs to see what's going on" and I slipped my hand
between her thighs and stroked the back of it against the now
sopping wet crotch of her skimpy panties. "No Jack, we can't"
June gasped "The girls might come and catch us" I chuckled "Oh,
come on June, all you have to do is move your panties to one side
while I loosen my waistband" and before she could stop me I'd
tugged at the drawstring and shoved my sweats down enough to
allow my cock to rear it head between her soft smooth thighs. I
then tugged her panties to one side and allowed my now hard
throbbing cock to press against her soft moist and swollen pussy
lips. "If you don't lift up a bit I'm going to think you're
nothing but a prick teaser instead of being frustrated" I said
with a grin. June blushed as she averted her eyes for a moment,
then, very slowly she lifted her hips and I moved the head of my
cock about until I felt it pressing between her hot swollen and
very moist pussy lips. Having slipped one hand round her waist I
used it to press her down a fraction then heard her gasp of
pleasure as she felt me entering her very tight vaginal canal. As
soon as I knew she wasn't going to get off me I released my cock
and hugged her tight to my chest as she bent her head and pressed
her lips to mine in a hot passionate kiss. "Oh god that feels
soooo good" gasped June as she sat on my pubic bone and wriggled
her butt to and fro, rubbing her neglected clitty against my
coarse pubic hair. I slipped my hands beneath her butt cheeks and
squeezed as tight as I could, making her gasp and lift herself a
couple of inches, before dropping back when I released my grip.
After I'd done this four or five times June got the idea I was
trying to impart and began to bounce up and down on my hard
throbbing erection until she suddenly went rigid, threw back her
head and gave a loud cry of ecstasy as she exploded in orgasm.
Quick as I could I covered her mouth with my hand as I hugged her
to me in an effort to silence her. It didn't work too well
because before we could do much more than settle down into a
close embrace the door opened and Sue and Sarah came in to see
what was happening.

"Are you OK Mom" asked Sarah when she saw June with her head
buried into my shoulder and gasping for breath. "Oh, yes darling,
I just had a cramp that's all. I'm much better now, thank you for
asking" replied June and I got a sly grin and raised eyebrows
from Sue as she led Sarah back to the living room, closing the
door to the den behind her. When June had recovered her senses we
cleaned up using my handkerchief and a few tissues then went to
the bathroom to finish the job properly before returning to the
den to await the call for dinner. As we sat down for dinner Sarah
looked at June and said "Hows your cramp Mom, is it all better
now?" June blushed prettily and said "Yes thank you Sarah
darling, Uncle Jack made it all better for me." Sue giggled then
said softly "I'll just bet he did, he's very good at that sort of
thing, look what he does with our period pain." June blushed even
more as she suddenly realised that Sue had guessed what had
really happened. "Yes, well, I don't think we need discuss that
while we're having dinner, do you Susan my love" said Mary
gently. Sue blushed and murmured "Sorry Mom, I forgot" and bent
her energies to eating once more. When dinner was over Sue
offered to do the dishes with Sarah while Mary June and I went
into the den to have a cup of coffee together. When we were sat
down June said "God, I didn't know where to put myself when the
girls came in and caught us. I'm sure Sue knew what was going on,
and I'm surprised she didn't tell Sarah all about it." Mary
chuckled, then said "Oh, don't worry June darling, Sue won't tell
anyone about that sort of thing, at least not until it's common
knowledge, as it soon will be. Unless you're going to keep it a
secret forever." June sighed, then blushed again, "Well, I
suppose Sarah will have to find out soon enough, it's just that
I'd feel so embarrassed my daughter knowing I was making love to
my friends husband while she was cooking us dinner." We were
still laughing about this when the girls came and joined us.
Sarah came straight over to stand in front of me, held her hands
in front of her as if guarding her virtue and said softly "Could
I have a Tummy Rub tonight please Uncle Jack. I know my periods
almost finished, but it will help remind me that I don't have to
be in pain any longer because there's someone that can make it go
away." I smiled up at her and said "Well, if it's OK with your
mother Sarah my love, then I don't see why not." Sarah looked at
June, and before she could say anything got a smile from her mom
who said "Of course you can darling, just try not to enjoy it too
much will you, I might get jealous." Sarah giggled and stood to
one side as June and Mary stood up and went to sit in arm chairs
while I turned into position for Sarah to come and sit between my
As I sat there, one leg along the back of the sofa and the other
with my foot on the floor I looked at Sarah who was undoing the
buttons down the front of her dress. When she was almost at the
bottom most button the top of her dress billowed open slightly
and what I saw made me raise my eyebrows in her direction. Sarah
saw this and grinned at me as she continued to undo the rest.
When the last one was undone she giggled silently and shrugged
her shoulders so her dress fell to the floor in a puddle at her
feet. "Sarah, what's going on young lady. Where's the bra you
were wearing when you left the house this morning" said June.
Sarah turned her head and replied "Oh, I thought it would be
better if I did it this way Mom, it isn't wrong is it, I mean not
after what Uncle Jack did for Lisa. I just wanted to make it a
bit more fun, that's all." By now Sarah was sitting between my
thighs and leaning against my chest, her hands tucked behind her
and gently searching for something to hold on to. I suddenly got
the idea Sue had been putting some new ideas into Sarah's head.
June looked at Sarah, shook her head slowly and said softly "I
suppose you mean you want Uncle Jack to give you a full
treatment" Sarah nodded eagerly, "Well, don't you think it might
have been polite if you'd asked Mary if it was OK before assuming
something like that?" Sarah blushed, then looked at Mary and said
"Sorry Mary, I didn't mean to be so rude. I know it's a bit late,
but would it be OK if Uncle Jack gives me a full treatment as
it's that last one I'll have for a month?" Mary smiled sweetly,
"Of course Sarah my love, but please ask next time, in case
there's something else planned that it might interfere with, OK?"
Sarah nodded, then leaned back once more whispering "Please give
me a real good one please Uncle Jack, I feel really horny right
now." I gave Sarah a kiss on the side of her neck and whispered
"OK darling, but please be careful what you're hanging on to, I'd
hate to be the one yelling in pain while you cry out with
pleasure." She giggled softly, then arched her back slightly as I
began to caress her abdomen from ribs to mons in long firm
strokes that made her sigh with contentment.

As usual when I'd given Sarah a really good Tummy Rub I changed
quite quickly to making my caresses more sexual by deliberately
cupping her breasts in my hands and covering her mons with a firm
pressure from my fingers. It never ceases to amaze me how the
texture of a girls breasts changes when they're caressed by
someone she likes. Sarah's were firm enough when we started, and
her skin was soft and smooth. A few minutes later and her breasts
were so firm as to be hard to the touch, her skin was of a
stretched smoothness, almost like Alabaster, and the whole of her
upper torso was warm and soft pink due to the deep flush that had
affected it. On top of all this was the increase in sensitivity
Sarah experienced, making every touch of my fingertips send
ripples of pleasure through her body from her nipples down to her
hot swollen pussy. It was when this pleasure met the pleasure she
felt from my caressing probing fingers as they explored her hot
moist depths buried between her firm young thighs that things
happened and she exploded into a paroxysm of orgasmic tremors the
instant I trapped her hard clitoral bud between the sides of my
index and middle fingers. Her back arched, her body went stiff as
a board and Sarah began to cry out as tremors of ecstasy rippled
up and down her young frame. Then she went silent as she
collapsed into my arms, limp as a dishrag and quivering gently as
her orgasm continued to ripple up and down her recumbent body.
"Oh fuck" gasped June, not for the first time, "She's passed
out", and a moment later she was kneeling beside the sofa,
stroking her daughters face in an effort to bring her round from
her faint. A moment later I felt a ripple run up Sarah's body and
she took a deep breath and let it out again in a long shuddering
sigh. When she opened her eyes she saw June sitting close and
said "Oh, hi Mom, what's wrong?" June smiled at her daughter and
said "You fainted darling, and I was worried about you. You don't
usually faint so much, I was thinking you might need to go to the
doctors for a check up." Sarah looked at her mother for a moment,
then giggled, "So Mom, what do you say, 'Oh, doctor my daughter
faints every time she has a massive orgasm, what should I do
about it'?" Sarah then sat up, snuggled into my arms and brought
one of my hands up to her firm hot breast as she looked at her
mother. "You're not jealous because I have orgasms are you Mom?"
June sat back on her heels, almost as if she'd been slapped in
the face and gasped "Sarah, how could you say something like
that, of course I'm not jealous" suddenly she paused, then
giggled, "Well, at least not too much, I guess it's your age that
makes it so good for you, I prefer it to be a little slower and
more romantic myself." Sarah sat up looked June in the eyes and
giggled as she said softly "Oh, slower and more romantic, like
with you in the den before dinner, that looked like a real
desperate quickie to me." "Sarah" gasped June once more, and her
blush was so hot she could have warmed the house for days.
It suddenly dawned on June that with her daughter sitting in the
arms of her friends husband, who had a hand cupping one breast,
while her daughter was snuggled up into his embrace, was not the
time to be outraged at the things that were being said to her,
especially as they were essentially true. June broke into a loud
laugh and went back to sitting beside Mary as we all joined in
her amusement. "OK, I admit it I am jealous" June said, "Don't
you think I have reason to be watching my baby daughter cum like
a freight train just by having her boobs and pussy stroked. I
don't cum like that when I'm having my brains fucked out, and I
CAN remember that far back, no matter what you might think." That
brought more laughter, and as Sarah was replacing her dress Mary
said "Oh, you poor dear. Why don't Jack and I take you upstairs
and see if we can do something about your little problem. I'm
sure Sue and Sarah can find something to talk about for a short
while, don't you?" Sue grinned at Mary and nodded "Yes Mom, just
don't be all night some of us have class in the morning and need
a good nights sleep." With that Mary and June stood up, pulled me
to my feet and the three of us made our way up to our bedroom. As
soon as the door was closed Mary turned to me and began to rip my
clothes off, telling June to help her. As soon as I was naked,
and had been pushed on to the bed June and Mary stripped
themselves, for speed, and I was soon sandwiched between the two
of them having firm bare breasts pressing against my chest and
hot moist pussies rubbed up and down my thighs. Much to my
surprise Mary was the one to straddle my thighs and impale
herself on my hard throbbing penis, I'd actually expected her to
allow June to go first. What I didn't reckon with was the extent
of Mary's horniness, and her plans for having it satisfied. Mary
was so horny that I'd only took her a couple of minutes to be
crying out in ecstasy as her climax overtook her, and she was
soon collapsing on to my chest and gasping "God, I need that
darling, watching Sarah cum like she did, and knowing what you
and June did before dinner was almost too much. As soon as I
recover a little I think we better see to June, don't you think?"

I looked at where June sat on her heels, one hand buried deep
between her own thighs as she diddled her clit, grinned and said
"I agree Mary my love, and I don't think we better be too long
doing it, otherwise we'll be wasting our time." Mary pushed
herself up, looked at June and said "Oh, June darling, I'm so
sorry. I didn't mean to neglect you like that. Come here and lets
see what we can do for you." She then climbed off me, allowing my
softened cock to flop down on to my thigh, still glistening with
Mary's orgasmic juices, as she went and knelt close to June and
hold a whispered conversation with her. After a few minutes they
were both nodding, albeit that June nodded slightly less
enthusiastically than Mary. "Come on Jack darling, get up on your
knees, there are two horny women here that need satisfying" when
I was in position Mary came and lay down with her head against my
knee caps, looking up into my eyes and smiling. I then had June
straddling Mary's head, placing her knees outside mine and her
elbows beside Mary's hips as she bent down. It then dawned on me
what was going on, and I grinned down at Mary before lifting
myself up so my now, suddenly hard cock was resting between Junes
wide spread thighs. Almost immediately I felt Mary's hand gently
grasp my shaft and guide my cockhead to the slick opening to
Junes tight pussy. As I felt the tip pressed between Junes pussy
lips I took hold of her hips and pressed mine forward ramming my
cock balls deep inside June in a single stroke. That was almost
enough to bring her to a climax, but I held her off by leaning
forward and pinching her nipples between finger and thumb until
she cried out in pain and wriggled her whole body about in an
effort to remove the source of her agony. I bent down and kissed
her between the shoulder blades and whispered "Sorry June
darling, I didn't want you to cum too quickly, it would have
spoiled all the fun." June shivered, "That's OK Jack darling, but
next time I'd prefer getting a slap on the butt, it'll hurt
less." After giving her another kiss on the back I began to move
my hips to and fro, slowly building up my rhythm until I was
finally fucking June as hard as I could. June meantime had
lowered her head between Mary's thighs and was concentrating on
eating her best friends pussy for all she was worth. That's when
I saw the bedroom door open very slightly and quietly, and
realised that Sue and Sarah were getting an eyeful of what adults
do for fun. They picked a good time too, because a couple of
minutes later I cried out that I was cumming, and before Mary or
June could do anything about it I exploded in orgasm and began to
shoot wad after wad of hot sticky semen deep into June's tight
receptive vaginal passage.

I knelt there of a moment or two, so spent I was unable to move.
Then I found my cock being pulled from Junes pussy by insistent
hands and fell back on my heels to see what was going on. The
instant my cock was clear of it's warm moist haven Mary had
reached up and wrapped her arms round Junes hips and was pulling
them down so she could clamp her wide open mouth over June
suddenly cum oozing pussy. Sitting there with my soft cock still
covered in Junes juices I smiled wickedly, rubbed my middle
finger round the moist base of my manhood and leaned forward to
touch it between the tight stretched and very wide spread cheeks
of June buttocks. Before she could object I pressed my slick
fingertip through the sphincter of Junes anus and didn't stop
until it was knuckle deep. With the fucking I'd given her, and
the sucking she was getting from Mary this was enough to push
June over the top and she gave a loud scream as she was hit by
another orgasm, much more powerful that the one she had earlier.
As June collapsed I rolled her over so she lay beside Mary, then
helped a very silent Mary to sit up. That's when the girls and I
got our biggest surprise, when Mary smiled, tight lipped, at me,
turned to lay beside June and pressed her lips to her friends,
forcing Junes mouth open and pressing her tongue into her friends
mouth. Suddenly Junes eyes popped open and I saw her begin to
suck on Mary's tongue for some time, before giving a deep
shuddering sigh and closing her eyes and laying there with a
contented look on her face. "Come and help me get her into bed
please Jack darling" said Mary, and together we got June laying
between us and tucked well under the comforter. "How do you feel
about being a bit crowded tonight Jack darling?" Mary asked
softly as she looked over Junes supine body. "You mean have the
girls in here as well?" I responded, and Mary grinned as she
nodded. "You know they were watching most of what went on there
don't you?" I whispered and Mary nodded "Yes darling, I thought I
was the only one to notice it. I'm sure June didn't, otherwise
she'd be too embarrassed to do anything else." Before I could do
or say anything else Mary sat up and called "Sue, Sarah, why
don't you come in, I want to speak to you." A moment later two
shamefaced girls were standing beside our bed, hanging their
heads as they expected to be told off for sneaking a peek at
their parents enjoying a bout of sex.
"Stop hanging your heads like that" said Mary firmly, "Neither of
you is in any trouble, we just wanted to know if you'd care to
join us in bed for a while. You'll have to lay still because
it'll be very crowded, but if we work it right there'll be enough
room for us to cuddle up close." Before Mary could say anything
else Sue and Sarah were stripped naked and scrambling to get into
bed beside me. "Don't fight girls" I said "Why don't you get one
each side of me, I'm sure June won't mind having one of you
laying beside her, when she wakes up that is." I heard Mary
chuckle then June said softly "I am awake Jack darling. I can't
move yet, but I am awake. What did you two do to me, I never pass
out when I have sex, I can't understand what happened." Sue, who
was laying between me and June turned over to face her friends
mother, smiled at her and said "Well June, from what I saw you
were eating mom out while daddy was fucking your brains out.
Then, when he'd shot a gallon of cum into you mom shoved him back
and started to suck you dry just as you started to cum when daddy
began to finger fuck your bottom. The next thing I thought I saw
was mom feeding you daddies semen from her mouth. That's when you
decided enough was enough and went to sleep. What do you say
Sarah, wasn't that what you saw happen too?" Sarah giggled,
looked over my chest at her blushing mother and said "It sure was
Sue, and it was the most erotic thing I ever thought of, let
alone actually saw. I can't wait to try something like that

End of Chapter Three


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