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Abandoned Women Volume One Chapter Four
A story by davidb234

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

Chapter Four

That weekend had brought a major change to all our lives. Apart
from the fact I ended up agreeing to make love to my daughter, it
seemed my wife had already set me up to take the horny edge off a
few of her friends. Having agreed to do it only if she was
present also meant that I was likely to be getting involved in a
number of threesomes, something I'd dreamed about, but never been
involved in before. The one thing that did scare me slightly was
that I also got the impression from something Sue let drop, that
Mary had told Angie that she would get me to agree to doing for
her daughter Lisa, what I had just done for Susan, i.e. pop her
cherry for her. I did know that Angie was worried about Lisa's
first time being a bad experience, and the possibility of her
getting hurt, I just didn't know if I was prepared to take the
chance of getting into a good deal of trouble by indulging in sex
with a minor. I left it until late Thursday evening before
mentioning my concerns to Mary, and, as we got into bed, for once
without Sue joining us, she said "Do you mean you'd rather not do
it darling?" I nodded "I guess I do, it sounds strange I know,
most guys would give their right nut for the chance of laying two
hot women, and popping the cherry of at least one of their
teenage daughters. I'm just worried things might go wrong, and I
suddenly find myself in jail accused of rape." Mary chuckled,
then she rolled out of bed, left the bedroom for a moment,
returning with Sue, who slipped into bed beside me, stripping off
her t-shirt nightie before laying down beside me.

"Sue darling" said Mary when she also was laying naked by my
side, "Daddy is reluctant to help out Lisa and Sarah this weekend
because of the chance he might end up in prison accused of rape.
I can't seem to convince him everything will be OK, see if you do
anything about it will you please darling." She then lay down,
her upper body half on my chest, her breast pressing against my
left nipple and her upper thigh over mine as she gently rubbed
her down covered pussy against my leg. Sue pushed herself up on
one elbow, leaned over and kissed me tenderly on the lips and
said softly "Honestly daddy, you don't have anything to worry
about. I don't know if mom's going to do the same as me, but
anything you do with Lisa and Sarah I'll be there to make sure
everything happens the way it should. I made both of them agree
to this when mom said it was OK for you to help them out. I
explained about the trouble you could be in, and made them ask
their mothers if it was true. Believe me daddy, everything that
might happen this weekend is happening because we all want it to,
and no one is going to be forced to do anything against their
will." 'Apart from me' I thought to myself. I looked at Mary, she
smiled and reached up to kiss me. "OK, I'm convinced" I said, and
found myself being kissed very seriously by Sue, on the lips, and
by Mary on any part of me she could reach from where she lay
cuddled up to me. "Thanks daddy, it really means a lot to Lisa
and Sarah, and I'm sure their mothers are going to enjoy
themselves too." She then snuggled down in the same way Mary was,
with her breast pressing into my chest and her pussy rubbing
against my upper thigh.

I don't know what time it was I woke up, but it was to look into
Mary's eyes as she brought her face close to mine and kissed me
lovingly. I also felt a movement on my other side, and slowly
turned my head to see what Sue was doing. As far as I could see
she was still asleep, although she appeared to be humping her
groin against my thigh. All of a sudden she froze, her thighs
gripped mine tight and I felt her body tremble as a soft groan
escaped her open mouth. I then felt a moist warmth on my leg that
was still trapped between hers, and suddenly realised what was
happening. "Mary" I whispered as loud as I dare, "Look at this.."
and as she rolled on to my chest I whispered to her what had just
happened, having to shake her hard to stop her giggling too loud
and waking Susan up before her time. That wasn't too long as it
happened, and Sue opened her eyes to find me and her mother
looking intently at her, and smiling lovingly at her as she
stirred. After giving us both a good morning kiss Sue moved her
legs, and went still, then blushed bright red. Before Mary or I
could do or say anything Sue began to sob her heart out as she
said "Oh, daddy I'm sorry I did that, I haven't wet the bed since
I was a little girl, I don't know what happened, I'll clean it up
if you and mom will get up, I'm so embarrassed about this.."
Unable to stop myself laughing, I took Sue in my arms and pulled
her over on top of me, then I wiped my finger in the moisture on
my leg and touched it to her top lip, just under her nose. "Susan
darling stop crying and smell this" I said softly. She sniffed,
looked at me, then at her mother, then sniffed again. "What is it
daddy, it smells like someone had an orgasm or something.. OH,
god, you don't mean I..." I nodded, then said softly "Yes
darling, I guess you like sleeping cuddled up to your daddy,
don't you, at least that's what it seemed like when you had a wet
dream and tried to make love to my leg." Sue buried her face in
my shoulder for a while, then lifted it up and, still blushing
said "I don't know which is more embarrassing, thinking I wet the
bed, or finding I had a wet dream against daddies leg. God I hope
no-one ever finds out about this, I'd never live it down." "In
that case young lady, you just better make sure you don't upset
me in the near future, or I might just let it slip one day,
understand?" Sue pushed herself up on her hands, looked down at
me and gasped "Daddy, you wouldn't do that to me would you.." she
then saw my grin and returned it as she thumped my chest and said
"You beast, I really believed you for a minute there." She then
went serious, kissed me tenderly and said "I do love you daddy, I
guess that's why it happened, do you think it's because you're
not making love to me enough? Maybe if we did it a bit more
frequently it won't happen again." I kissed her and whispered
"Maybe if I don't let you get into bed with me it won't happen
again, how does that sound?" Sue chuckled, kissed me again and
said "Beastly daddy" and rolled off me and out of bed, making her
way to the bathroom to get a shower before breakfast.

Mary shifted up so she could look me in the eye, smiled at me and
said softly "Well, I don't think there's anything wrong with this
father daughter relationship, is there darling?" I shook my head,
"No darling, I just hope I'm doing the right thing here, and not
making her think I'm forcing myself on her. I'd really hate her
to think she's been abused when she looks back at what we're
doing right now." Mary climbed on top of me, looked down into my
eyes and said softly "Jack darling, believe me, that's the last
thing she'll ever think, just look at how hard she had to work to
get you to even consider talking about it with her. I don't think
many girls, let alone many her age, have ever had a wet dream
while snuggling up to their father. To be honest darling, I'm
really jealous of her because it hasn't happened to me in all the
years we've been married, and I could never have done it with my
father, for Christ's sake, I wouldn't have even been allowed in
bed with him, let alone be naked and in bed with him. mom would
have had a fit." When we stopped laughing I pulled her down to my
lips and kissed her lovingly, "And am I right in thinking you've
set me up with two of your friends this weekend, as well as their
daughters you seem to have promised will have their cherries
popped?" Mary gave me a bit of a rueful smile, then, somewhat
shamefaced said "Err, well yes darling, I suppose I should have
asked you, but you seemed to be OK with everything else we did
last weekend I just assumed it would be OK this week too." "Are
Angie and June going to be expecting the same as their daughters,
after all they're not going to be on their periods, so they won't
want a tummy rub, will they?" Mary grinned wickedly, nodded and
said "Angie will be sleeping over on Friday night with Lisa. I
thought it might be nice if she sleeps with us, and we have a bit
of fun, hopefully Sue will get Lisa to come and peek in and watch
us. Then in the morning while Angie and I get breakfast ready Sue
and Lisa can come and have their bit of fun too. Then I thought
we could do the same with June and Sarah when they sleep over on
Saturday night." I gave a deep sigh, "Oh, well, that's not too
bad then, at least I'm only going to be having sex with two women
and two teenage virgins, as well as my wife and daughter this
weekend. I was afraid I might have ended up with a couple of
others that have period pain they wanted sorting out." Mary
giggled "Oh, I guess I forgot about those darling, I was going to
wait until we have our usual meeting to see if any of them needed
it this week, before suggesting you sort them out on Saturday

I rolled Mary off me, sat up and looked down at her. "For crying
out loud woman, what do you think I am, fucking Superman. And how
the hell do you think you can keep all this quiet, if the
neighbours don't twig what's happening, one of these women are
bound to let something slip sooner or later, and then where will
we be? In the shit right up to our necks, that's where!" Before
she could answer I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to get
a shower. I wasn't there alone very long, Mary came and joined
me, looking pretty awful I have to admit. "Look Jack my love" she
said softly as she slipped her arms round my waist and pressed hr
firm breasts against my chest. "I trust all of the women I bring
round. We have all promised never to mention what goes on here,
not even between ourselves. We all agreed that what happens in
this house was strictly personal and never up for discussion.
About the only thing that will ever be said is that those
involved had a really good time, and can't wait to come back for
more." She paused for a moment, all the time looking up into my
eyes, and I knew that it wasn't just water running down her
cheeks. "Jack darling, if you really want me to I'll call off
this weekend, and tell all the girls that there will be no more
visits. I'm sure they'll understand, even if they'll all be very
disappointed, especially after the way Sue and I explained just
how good you were. The last thing I want to do my love, is to
cause you any pain, and possibly damage our marriage." I looked
down at her, frowned as best I could and said softly "Funny, I
thought those were the very same reasons I gave when you first
proposed I started to give your friends tummy rubs." I shook my
head, grimaced then said "I suppose I should take the opportunity
to get a bit of free pussy while I can, especially as some of it
will be nice and young and fresh. Who knows when you might change
your mind and call it all off, probably the minute you see I'm
enjoying it more that you. OK darling, bring them on, abandoned
women that need servicing, virgins that want to be deflowered,
and menstruating females that need pain relief, I'm ready for
them all." Mary pulled me down, kissed me passionately and said
"Thank you so much darling, this means so much to me. You see my
love, I have such a good marriage, a loving husband, and a
wonderful daughter. So many of my friends have none of these
things, and I just wanted to help some of them out. I guess you
don't know it, but I've spent over a year working out which ones
I would be able to trust with a secret like this, that's why
there's only half a dozen of them left, not counting a few
daughters. All of them have been abandoned by their husbands,
some have even been abused by their exes, as has at least one of
the girls, that's why I'm so happy you're going to help them."


When I got home from work on Friday evening it was to find Lisa
and Angie already there, albeit that Lisa was upstairs with Sue
doing whatever teenage girls do when in pairs. Angie was sitting
chatting to Mary in the kitchen, and as I came in Mary got up,
walked into my arms and kissed me lovingly. As we broke off I saw
Angie standing behind Mary, and smiled at her, taking her in my
arms when Mary stepped back. Angies kiss was as soft as Mary's
had been, but she put more passion into it as she pressed her
body up close to mine as I held her to me. "Hey, come on you two,
I don't want you screwing on the kitchen table just yet, I have
to use it to get dinner ready. Besides, Jack needs feeding up or
he won't have the energy to last all night, and still have some
left for the morning." Reluctantly Angie released me, touching
her lips to mine softly as she stepped back. "Sorry Mary" she
gasped "I guess I'm just too horny, it's been so long since I
kissed a guy like that, and even longer since I got as wet as I
am right now." Mary grinned, "I understand darling, look, why
don't you two go and make out for a bit in the den. I'll bring
you a drink in a while, and call you when dinners ready. All I
ask is that you keep your clothes on in case the girls interrupt
you before we go to bed." I asked Angie to go into the den,
saying I'd be there in a minute. When she was out of the kitchen
I looked at Mary and said "Are you sure you want us to do this
Mary my love, I didn't think it was part of the package we talked
about?" Mary grinned at me then whispered "Jack darling, I know
what I'm doing. If Angie gets really hot, she won't last very
long in bed tonight, that means I'll have more of you to myself,
understand?" I chuckled, shook my head and said "God, how devious
can you get" a moment later I was closing the door to the den and
sitting down beside a very hot horny woman.

As I sat down Angie spun round and a second later was straddling
my lap and rubbing her crotch against my suddenly swelling prick.
"Oh, god, you don't know how much I need this Jack" she gasped.
"It's been so long since I got this close to an erection I don't
know if I can last until we get into bed" I chuckled "Sorry Angie
my love, but I'm afraid you'll have to wait. And I think you
better stop doing that, or we both might do something we might
regret not waiting for." She sat still for a moment, then bent
her head and kissed me once more, "I guess you're right Jack
darling, it's just that I wanted to feel parts of you close to
parts of me." "Come and sit next to me like you did when I gave
you a tummy rub" I said softly. When she was in position I put my
arms round her and pulled the hem of her shirt out of the
waistband of her skirt. When it was free I slipped my hands under
her shirt and cupped them over her firm naked breasts, getting a
loud gasp of pleasure from her as she lay her head on my shoulder
and relaxed under my manual manipulation. "These parts close
enough for you?" I whispered softly in her ear. She nodded then
said softly "Do the same to my pussy please Jack, that's where I
really want to feel your hand." I shook my head "Sorry darling,
if I did that you might cum, and that would spoil things for
later on. After all we don't want to spoil everyone's evening do
we?" Angie giggled, "Oh, I guess not darling, it's just that it's
been so long. God I keep repeating myself don't I?" I kissed her
tenderly on the cheek, then whispered "Look, why don't you tell
me all about yourself, and why a beautiful woman like you is on
her own with a teenage daughter?"

"Well, as you can guess I got married pretty young, I dropped out
of college because I was pregnant with Lisa, and my family made a
big fuss about me falling before I got married. We did marry, and
when Lisa was born we moved away to where Jake got a job that
paid enough to keep us. The trouble was he started to drink, and
that lead to him hitting on me when he came home at night. In the
end he put me in hospital with a broken arm, and I divorced him.
I came back home and lived with my parents, my mother looked
after Lisa while I went back to college and got a reasonable
education that allowed me to get a good job locally. When dad
died I helped mom with the household bills, she looked after
Lisa, taking her to school and so on, while I worked like hell to
get on in the firm. Now I'm the general manage and run the whole
place, I make more than I ever dreamed I could and Lisa and I
have a pretty good life. The only problem is men. I can't find
one I would trust, and Lisa's scared that one might hurt her if
she got too close. Until a couple of weeks ago I didn't think she
would allow any adult male to get close to her without me being
there to protect her. Now this! It's almost unbelievable to think
she wants you to pop her cherry." I flicked her nipples with the
sides of my thumbs making her quiver with pleasure. "And what
about you Angie my love?" I said softly "Oh, you don't have to
worry Jack darling, I lost mine years ago" she replied with a
giggle. I pinched her nipples, making her squeak in surprise
"Never mess with a guy that has your nipples in his power" I
chuckled, "What I meant was, are you OK with what's likely to
happen tonight, or maybe tomorrow morning?" "Jack darling" she
said as she trembled under my caress, "I can't think of anything
I've ever been more OK with. I had a really bad first time, and
I'd love to think Lisa's was better than mine. Going by what she
tells me Sue had a pretty good time last week, I just hope you
can do the same for Lisa in the morning."

We sat there for a few minutes in silence, then Angie turned her
head so she could see my face and said "Jack darling, has
anything been said to you about what precautions we're all
taking?" I shook my head "No, I know none of you can get pregnant
because I had a vasectomy some time ago." Angie smiled, "That
isn't actually a worry darling, you see we've been planning this
for so long, we didn't know who might be doing it in the end so
all of us, including the girls have been on the pill for at least
six months. I was actually thinking about the health issue." She
paused, and I know I paled slightly as I waited for her to
continue. "Look darling, I know you, Mary and Sue don't use any
protection at all because you know you've never been in contact
with anyone else. I just want you to know that all of us, even
Mary and Sue, have had full medical checks, so we know there's
going to be no problems with any sort of social diseases. We have
also promised to tell everyone in the group if we have any sort
of sexual relationship outside of the group. You see Jack, none
of us wants to get caught out, and we've taken very elaborate
precautions against it happening. Lets face it darling, we're on
to a really good thing here, having a guy like you. The last
thing any of us want it to screw it up by passing on something
bad like AIDS." All the time Angie was talking my hands had been
still. When she stopped I took a deep breath, kissed her on her
cheek and said softly "Angie my love, I'll be quite honest and
say the subject had never crossed my mind, I just trusted Mary
not to put me at risk, even though she wanted me to do this so
badly. I'm just surprised you didn't demand I took a similar test
before you decided on me for the position." Angie chuckled, "Oh,
don't worry, we did discuss the matter, then June pointed out
that if you had anything you would have given it to Mary, ergo,
you didn't, so we didn't push the matter." Before we could say
anything else the girls came into the room and sat in armchairs
opposite us. "Mom, what are you doing with Uncle Jack's hand
under your shirt?" said Lisa as she sat there watching what was
going on. Angie giggled, "What does it look like darling, I'm
having a cuddle, and he's making me feel all squishy by caressing
my breasts." "What does it feel like Mom?" Lisa asked, a grin
spreading all over her face. "Hmm, it's too difficult to explain
Lisa darling, why don't you come and try it yourself. I'm sure
Uncle Jack will enjoy showing you, won't you Jack?" "Oh, come on
then Lisa, but we have to be quick or dinner will be ready before
we get a chance." A moment later and Lisa was almost pushing her
mother out of the way as she tried to sit beside me and lift her
t-shirt up to her neck at the same time.

As Lisa leaned against my chest there was a bit of a tussle as I
tried to pull her t-shirt down to cover her titties, while she
insisted on being able to see my hands on them as she lay against
me. In the end I won, but only by telling her if I didn't I
wouldn't do it for her. As it was I was soon sliding my hands
under her shirt, gently caressing her skin from her waistband up
to her ribs, making her quiver and tremble every inch of the way.
When I finally covered her breasts with my hands she gave a loud
cry of ecstasy and pushed out her chest as she tried to get more
contact with my hands. Very gently I caressed Lisa's breasts,
rubbing her nipples between finger and thumb, and flicking then
with the sides of my thumbs until she suddenly went rigid as a
post, her back arched and she cried out in ecstasy as she got hit
by her first orgasm of the weekend. Just as she was crying out
Mary came in to tell us dinner was almost ready and we should get
washed up in readiness. "Oh, I can see I'll have to put dinner
back by a few minutes if that's what you're doing" she said with
a grin. Then she sat on the arm of the sofa and watched as Lisa
slowly came down from her orgasmic heights. "Well, well, well"
said Angie, "I thought that only happened when she was on her
period, like last week. Now it seems my little girl can have an
orgasm just by having her titties felt, any time she wants. I
wonder if it's just because it's Jack doing it, or would any man
do?" "Definitely only with Uncle Jack" gasped Lisa as she lay in
my arms. "I've tried it with other guys, and all I get is bruised
boobs. What I get with Uncle Jack is a really good feeling and
super orgasms." With that Lisa sat up, kissed me saying 'thank
you', then went to the bathroom, where she headed the queue for
use of the facilities prior to dinner.

With dinner over Mary said I should take the girls into the den
while she and Angie did the dishes. When I sat on the sofa it was
to be sandwiched between Lisa and Sue, both of whom pulled my arm
over their shoulders so they could snuggle down in the crook of
my arms. It was obvious they'd planned this pretty well, because
as soon as they were comfortable they both pressed my hands to
their breasts, while quickly lifting their shirts so there was
nothing between my palms and their soft smooth skin. It wasn't
long before both of them were beginning to pant softly, and I
soon felt the skin covering their wonderfully firm breasts get
warmer and begin to tighten slightly as a sexual flush enveloped
them. Once more Sue's nipples swelled into her aureoles making
hot firm cones that stiffened and hardened as I gently rolled
them between finger and thumb. Lisa's nipples stiffened and
swelled also but hers ended up like metal bound erasers on the
end of a school pencil, standing proud in the centre of her dark
pink aureoles that crinkled up as the skin of her breasts changed
texture until it felt like hot marble. All the time this was
happening under my hands and fingers my own arousal was being
made pretty obvious, and I was made to feel it even more when
both girls worked in concert to release my swollen manhood from
the restriction of my pants. "Oh, jeez" gasped Lisa as she saw it
close up for the first time, "It's HUGE!!" she then looked up at
Susan and said in a soft voice "I can't take that inside me Sue,
it'd tear me in two." Sue giggled softly as she tenderly wrapped
her hand round my member, "Oh, you don't have to worry Lisa my
love, Daddy will make sure you don't get hurt, just believe me
when I say it will fit, even if it is the first time. All you
have to do is take it at daddies pace, and you'll be OK."
Tentatively Lisa put her palm on the base of my cock, wrapped her
fingers round the shaft and held on to me as she said softly
"Will you be there to help me please Sue? I don't think I could
manage on my own, I'd be too scared of getting hurt by doing
something wrong."

Sue smiled at Lisa over hard throbbing cock, then said quietly
"Of course I will Lis, but what about your Mom, I think she might
want to make sure you're going to be all right when it happens,
and I know my mom wants to be a witness so no one can say daddy
did this against your will." Lisa sat up with a loud gasp "What!
I'm supposed to do this with an audience. No way Jose, it's just
you and me, or not at all!" Sue sat there and giggled softly,
then she leaned forward and pressed her lips to Lisa's ear,
whispering something that made Lisa burst put laughing. "Oh,
well, I don't know Sue, it's not quite the same if you know it's
going to happen. I suppose I could try not to think about it too
much..." Somehow I began to get the idea the girls were
discussing something I wasn't supposed to hear, or at least be
part of, so I gently cleared my throat and said softly "I don't
suppose you'd like to put that back where it came from would you
girls, I doubt your mothers would think much of finding you
playing with it so soon after dinner." Sue jumped as if she'd
been surprised with her hand in the cookie jar, she then blushed
before bursting out laughing. "Oh, sorry daddy, I guess we forgot
where we were for a minute" then she and Lisa struggled to get my
still half hard cock back into my pants. Not a minute too soon,
as the moment my zipper was done up the door opened and Mary and
Angie came in, sitting in armchairs opposite the girls and me. I
found the next couple of hours a little difficult to cope with.
The girls insisted I continued to caress their breasts, and both
of them made a big production of moving my hand from one titty to
the other, although they did keep their shirts covering my hands
all the way through. I was so unready for it I didn't even manage
to keep my erection, and I don't think many men would have that
happen to them if they had their hands on two pairs of naked
teenage titties. At about nine thirty Mary brought my discomfort
to an end by saying "All right girls, that's enough for this
evening. As you might guess we're having an early night tonight,
and I suggest you do the same, especially if Lisa wants to go
through with her original plan first thing in the morning." Lisa
looked up at Mary, her head still resting on my chest and said
softly "Oh, yes please Mary, that is if you don't mind." Mary
smiled down at Lisa and said "Lisa darling, of course I don't
mind. If I did you wouldn't have had Uncle Jack's hand covering
your breasts for the past couple of hours. The only thing I will
say to you is, don't rush, and trust Uncle Jack to make things as
good for you as he can." She then bent down, kissed Lisa tenderly
on the lips and gently removed my hand from under her shirt.
Smiling down at Sue she did the same for her, then she pulled on
my hands until I was standing beside her, slipped her arm round
my waist and said softly "Please don't make too much noise when
you come to bed girls, who knows we might just be trying to
Leaving the girls giggling we made our way up to bed, and I
noticed that the bedroom door was left open a couple of inches,
presumably so the girls could get a good look at what was going
on a little later. There was no subtlety tonight, by the time I
had stripped off Mary and Angie were in bed, naked, leaving a
space between them for me to climb into. I did, very slowly,
making sure I could get a good long look at the pair of them as
they lay there. Despite wanting to make thing last as long as I
could I couldn't prevent my erection appearing by the time I was
laying between them, and Mary leaned over and dropped her mouth
over it as soon as I was still. Having had time to plan what they
were going to do, as Mary gently sucked at my hard cock Angie
moved up and began to kiss me as passionately as she had ever
done in the past. She was as hot as she told me earlier, and Mary
knew it as well, because after a couple of minutes getting my
cock as hard as iron she sat up, pulled firmly on Angies hips
saying "Come on Angie darling, it's all hard and ready for you
now girl." Angie pushed herself up on to her knees, threw one leg
over my hips so she was straddling me and began to wiggle her
butt to and fro as she searched for the head of my hard throbbing
cock. Mary placed one hand on the base of Angies spine, said
softly "Hold still lover" she then grasped my cockshaft and moved
it forward until the tip of my cock touched Angies hot wet
swollen labia. "All yours girl" said Mary softly, and she sat
back on her heels as she watched Angie slowly sink down on to my
hips, my hard throbbing penis being slowly engulfed by her
glistening lower lips. As Angie lowered herself I gave out a soft
groan of pleasure as I felt the walls of her tight vaginal
passage scraping against the head of my rigid manhood. Angie went
further and she cried with ecstasy as she felt me penetrating her
womanhood, stretching her innermost depths for the first time in
many years, before feeling the soft pressure of my prick against
the mouth of her cervix.

Knowing I still wasn't fully inside her I smiled up at her,
grabbed her hips and held them tight as I pressed upwards until I
could feel her soft wet pussy lips rubbing against my coarse
curly pubic hair. That's when Angie screamed out as she felt my
prick force it's way through into her womb, bringing her to a
crashing climax before she knew what was happening to her. As I
was holding tight to her hips Angie was unable to do more than
sag forwards from the waist as she sat gasping for breath. Her
hair fell down over her face as she leaned forward, resting her
hands on my chest, her own breast heaving as she sought to get
her breath back. "Oh jeez" she gasped "I've never come that quick
in my life before. I guess I've been without for much too long,
haven't I?" I smiled and nodded, "Seems like you sort of needed
that Angie my love" I said softly, "Now what, you ready for some
more, or do you feel like going to sleep?" Angie bent right down,
kissed me lovingly on the lips and said softly "I'd love to have
you on top of me Jack darling, will you make love to me please,
then later on I'd like you to fuck my brains out as hard as you
can, OK?" I pulled her down so she was laying on top of me, Mary
moved her legs so they were alongside mine, then I put my arms
round her back and her butt and rolled us both over so I was
laying full length on top of her. As I tried to lift my weight
off her Angie pulled me back down and held me there for a few
moments, eventually letting me go and gasping for breath. "Sorry
about that Jack darling, but I really needed to have your full
weight on top of me so I could try to remember what it used to
feel like." I smiled down at her, kissed her tenderly on the lips
and said softly "Shut up woman, and concentrate on seeing how
many times you can cum before I fill you with mine." With that
Angie closed her eyes, wrapped her legs round mine and opened her
knees as she made herself available to my gently thrusting hips.
Very gently I began building a rhythm, one long slow deep thrust
followed by two short quicker ones, over and over again I
repeated it, pausing only when I felt Mary's hand slide tenderly
over and take hold of Angies as it lay flat on my back. Angie
opened her eyes, looked deep into mine, then turned her head to
look at Mary who was laying close beside her. I saw tears of
happiness fill Angies eyes, then Mary leaned over and wipe them
away with her tongue before she attached her lips to Angies in a
long deep sensuous kiss.

End of Chapter Four


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