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Abandoned Women Volume One Chapter Five
A story by davidb234

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

Chapter Five

That simple kiss brought Angie to a screaming crashing orgasm.
Her whole body went rigid, her legs tightened round mine, and her
arms felt like steel bands as they squeezed me tight against her
body. Angies eyes rolled back, and her mouth opened in a silent
scream, until she suddenly went limp as a dish rag and collapsed
under me. Gently I rolled off her limp body and lay beside her,
caressing one breast while Mary did the same to her other one.
After a few minutes we felt a quivering and slowly Angie opened
her eyes to stare at the ceiling and heaving sigh after
shuddering sigh as we lay beside her still caressing her naked
body between us. After a moment Mary lifted her head, looked
across Angies supine body and said softly "Well Jack darling, I
guess she really enjoyed whatever it was you were doing to her.
I'm just surprised she didn't have the decency to say thank you
before she went to sleep." We felt the movement of Angies chest
as she chuckled inwardly before saying "I wasn't sleeping, I'd
been bludgeoned into unconsciousness from the inside. Otherwise
I'd be able to show you the lumps and bruises where I got
pounded." "Oh, WOW" gasped Mary as she looked down at Angie, "Why
has that never happened to me I wonder?" Angie smiled, looked at
Mary and said softly "I guess you never went five years without
having a big hard cock inside you, like me Mary darling" and we
saw more tears forming in the corner of her eyes. I leaned over
and kissed them away, Mary then kissed Angie and said softly
"Well darling, I don't see why you should go that long again, all
you have to do is come and tell me and I'll see if Jack's
available to scratch your itch. Right now though I think we need
to get on and do something about both our current itches" and she
pressed her lips to Angies ear and whispered something I couldn't
quite catch. The next thing I knew Angie was nodding
enthusiastically as Mary kneeled up and Angie shuffled down the
bed so her feet were touching the foot board.

With me still laying in the same place Mary turned on her knees
and straddled Angies head, lowering her own between Angies thighs
and clamping her mouth on a hot wet cum oozing pussy. Being
pretty smart I knew my place, and got there in a flash, grasping
Mary's hips as I moved forwards to press my rapidly stiffening
cock into her. Before I could get close I felt my cock being held
in a soft warm hand and guided to it's goal. As I felt my
cockhead touch Mary's pussy lips I pressed my hips forward until
I felt my pubic hair scraping against her firm smooth rounded
buttocks, and my cockhead pressing against her cervix as it had
with Angie a few minutes earlier. As I had with Angie, so I did
with Mary, long slow and deep followed by short, fast and
shallow; and it wasn't long before I was feeling the backwards
thrust of Mary's hips as I thrust forwards inside her. I also
felt something soft warm and wet scraping at my scrotum and up
the length of my cock as it moved in and out of Mary's pussy, and
wriggled my hips as Angie wrapped her arms round my hips and
lifted her head so she could suck and lick at my balls and
cockshaft. Moments later and Mary was screaming out in ecstasy as
her climax exploded inside her. I followed close behind and with
a loud cry pressed my hips against her butt and began to shoot a
massive load of hot sticky cum deep into my loving wife's
receptive body.

All too soon I fell back on my heels totally spent. My cock lay
limp and glistening against my inner thigh as I sat with Angies
head between my knees, and Mary's legs outside mine as she knelt
with her head resting between Angies open thighs. "Oh, Fuck" I
heard Angie gasp, and lifted my head to see what was happening.
"Holy fucking mackerel" I said softly as I sat and watched Angie
lift her head and clamp her lips over Mary's pulsating cuntal
lips as a stream of our mixed orgasmic juices began to flow from
inside her. We then knew that Mary wasn't finished because
moments after she felt Angies lips on her cunt she cried out once
more as she was brought to another crashing climax. How long the
three of us lay there I don't know. I do know that as I collapsed
on to my back I caught a glimpse of two shadowy figures standing
at the slightly open door, and didn't see them move until Mary
and Angie had struggled up the bed to lay each side of me where
we'd started the evening. After a few minutes recovering I sat up
and said softly "I need a shower girls, anyone feel like joining
me?" Angie pulled herself up, leaned against my shoulder and said
"I guess I do too, but you'll have to help me get there, I don't
think I can manage on my own." "Me too" said Mary from the bed
beside me, so I rolled off the bed, scooped Angie into my arms
and carried her into the bathroom, setting her down and telling
her to get the water started while I fetched Mary. Half an hour
later and the three of us walked slowly back to the bedroom,
climbed on to the bed and I was soon laying with them snuggled up
to my sides, my arms round their necks and my hands cupping their
uppermost breast.

As we lay there, still in a post coital haze Mary looked over my
chest at Angie and said softly "What about Lisa in the morning
Angie, do we get to sit and watch or do we have to sneak a peek
like the girls did tonight?" Angie shook her head, "I don't know
Mary my love, I don't want to leave her alone with Jack, in case
anything goes wrong and she suddenly changes her mind, on the
other hand I'm sure she'd object to having too obvious an
audience, especially as it's going to be her first time. I'm sure
she'd feel a bit embarrassed if she cried or something. What do
you think Jack?" I chuckled silently, then said "Just don't make
too much noise from the door, that's bound to put her off.
Otherwise just leave things to me and Sue to make sure things go
right. I happen to know they have things all planned out, just
like they did with their peeking tonight." When they had done
laughing Angie lifted herself up so she could see Mary properly.
She then leaned down and kissed me passionately before saying "I
don't know how I can ever thank you for what happened here
tonight Mary darling, it's been the most wonderful night of my
life, and knowing what's going to happen in the morning will make
this the best weekend ever for me. Better even that last week
when I got my first tummy rub and had an orgasm without my poor
deprived pussy being touched, well, not very much anyway." Mary
chuckled, "Oh, don't mention it Angie darling, at least not
outside this house. Just remember that Jack and I got just as
much fun out of it as you did, and he has still more to cum, so
to speak. At least it should be fun as soon as the hard work is
out of the way. I just hope he's fit enough for June and Sarah
tomorrow night." With a final chuckle the pair of them laid down,
and we all turned on our sides and snuggled up close like three
spoons in a drawer.

That's how I woke up at about two o'clock in the morning, except
we had all turned over and I was laying with Mary pressed up
against my back and Angie against my front. The problem was that
I had a stonking great hard on, and it was pressing between
Angies buttocks and thighs, almost ready to slip between her soft
pussy lips. What made things worse was that Mary had her hand
wrapped round the base of my cock and was trying to guide it into
Angies cunt. When she realised I was awake Mary whispered "Come
on Jack darling, lets see how far you can get before she wakes
up" so I slowly pressed my hips forward, gasping as I felt the
head of my cock slip inside Angie with an almost audible 'plop'.
Very carefully I cupped Angies breast with one hand as I began to
gently hump my hips against her butt. Things went really well,
and I was getting close to my climax when something made Angie
stir and she began to straighten her legs, almost pushing my hips
so far back as to pull my cock from her soft warm pussy. Suddenly
Angie froze, then she slipped a hand between her thighs and felt
my hard throbbing cock, or as much of is as wasn't buried in her
cunt. Without a word, and before I could say anything Angie
brought her knees up almost to her chest and thrust her hips back
at me, forcing my cock balls deep into her pussy. With all the
stimulation I'd had from Mary behind me, suddenly finding myself
rammed deep inside Angie took me over the top and I came like an
express train. In a matter of seconds I'd filled Angie up, and
she began to overflow, soaking her butt, thighs and my balls with
my hot sticky semen as it was forced past the tight seal of her
grasping pussy lips.

Seeing and feeling me collapse, spent, and knowing my cock had
slipped out of Angies pussy Mary slithered over my supine body,
rolled Angie on to her back and clamped her lips to Angies pussy,
sucking my cum up as it leaked from her hot wet lower lips. When
Mary was done Angie turned over and dived down to suck and lick
my limp cum soaked cock clean, then sought Mary's lips and
fastened her own to them in a long slow passionate kiss, sharing
my cum between them. "Oh, jeez, that was awesome" gasped Angie as
she lay back on the bed, "I really do have to find someone I can
wake up to in the middle of the night and find his cock filling
me up. Any ideas Mary?" Mary chuckled as she looked at Angie over
my chest, "Not on a permanent basis lover, but I guess it'd be OK
if you came round occasionally and joined us in a bit of fun,
what do you say Jack darling?" "Increase my life insurance first
Mary my love, because I doubt I'd last very long if you expect me
to keep on dealing with all your friends. Right now though I'd
like to get a little more sleep if possible, I think I might have
a busy morning ahead of me." With that I snuggled down and pulled
the comforter up to my chin while Mary put out the light and she
and Angie snuggled down beside me.

I woke up next feeling like I was on a trampoline. Opening my
eyes I looked up into a pair of flashing blue eyes over a
beautiful sweet smile, "Good morning daddy" said Sue softly
before bending down to kiss me lovingly on the lips. "You haven't
forgotten your promise to help Lisa out this morning have you?" I
smiled up at her and said "No darling, of course I haven't, when
does she want to start, and how does she want to go about it. I
suppose the pair of you have discussed this quite deeply." Sue
giggled, "Of course we have darling, we had to come here with a
plan, otherwise things could go wrong. To be honest darling, Lisa
just wants to be on top so she can be in control, other than that
anything goes."
I smiled up at Sue, stroked her cheek and said softly "Why don't
you go and get the sacrificial virgin darling, then we can see
what I can do about making this something for her to remember."
Sue giggled, rolled over my supine body and I saw Lisa was
standing there naked and raring to get on with it. Once Sue was
out of the way Lisa climbed on to the bed and lay down beside me,
snuggling into the crook of my arm and resting her head on my
shoulder. Giving Lisa no time to think I gently rolled her on to
her back, and me on to my side, then I bent down and kissed her
tenderly on the lips. "Just lay there Lisa my love, let me do all
the work for a few minutes, then we'll see what you can do on
your own shall we?" Lisa blushed prettily and nodded silently,
allowing me to continue kissing her starting at her eyes and
finishing in the hollow of her pretty throat. From there I kissed
a trail down each side of her chest, working round the base of
her firm conical breasts, ending at her hard pointed nipples
which I spent a moment or two suckling and nibbling. Lisa was
getting aroused by all this, I could tell by the way her chest
flushed pinkly and her breasts became swollen and her skin
stretched so much it felt like warm marble. Her breaths were
coming in short gasps, and then got a little deeper as I worked
my way down her abdomen until I reached her patch of soft downy
fur covering her hard swollen mons. Gently I pressed on the
inside of her thighs, opening them as wide as I could to allow me
better access to her hot wet swollen pussy lips. God, she was so
aroused her pussy was running with her juices, and the aroma was
simply wonderful as I lowered my head to her glistening vagina.
Lisa knew what I was about to do, so she wasn't at all surprised
when I placed my lips on her hot wet pussy for the first time.
Surprised, no, astonished at how it felt, most definitely. At
least I think so going by the reaction she gave, and the blood
that oozed from my lip where it got ripped by one of my front
teeth as she jerked her hips on to my mouth the instant I tried
to suck her clit between my lips.

Before she could do it again I placed my hands on her hips and
held her down. Then I replaced my lips on hers and began to
systematically lick and suck every millimetre of her pussy I
could get my lips and tongue in contact with. All the time Lisa
was getting more and more worked up and close to orgasm, so I
decided to try to bring her on a little quicker. To this end I
pressed the tip of one finger between her pussy lips to lube it
up; then when I was sucking particularly hard I pressed it
quickly through her tight virgin anal pucker. If nothing else
did, this little act took Lisa over the top and her back arched,
her body went rigid and she screamed out loud as her climax
exploded inside her vagina and spread like a wave all over her
tender young frame. That was when I heard a gasp from the bedroom
door, and, looking over I saw two part silhouettes as Mary and
Angie were partially lit from behind. Luckily the girls didn't
hear anything, and I wasn't going to let on. Slowly, so as to
allow Lisa to relax a little I crawled back up the bed and lay
between the girls, slipping my arms beneath their necks and
hugging them close to me. "You OK Lisa darling?" I asked softly.
She gave a long shuddering sigh, nodded and said "Better than I
ever felt Uncle Jack, I wish mom would have let me do this a long
time ago, I've missed so much fun waiting 'til now to lose my
virginity." I chuckled softly, then said "Ah, yes well, you still
haven't actually done that yet, have you?" Lisa giggled as she
scrambled up on to her knees and looked down at me. "No, but it
won't be long, I hope!" and quick as a flash she straddled my
hips and sat down hard on my stiff throbbing cock pressing the
shaft between her hot slick swollen pussy lips. "Oh god" she
cried as she moved her hips to and fro, rubbing her pussy lips
against my hard shaft, and scraping her clit against my cockhead
each time she reached the end of her stroke. "Oh, jeez, this
feels wonderful Sue, you want to try it some time.. Aggghhhh..
I'm cuummiinngg.." and she began to quiver and shake as she
exploded in another orgasm.

By now I could feel her orgasmic and lube juices running from her
soft warm pussy and coating my cock and balls. When at last Lisa
recovered from her latest explosion she smiled down at me and
said "If it's like this before I get fucked, what's it going to
like during and after my first time. I can't wait Uncle Jack,
I've got to do it now!" and she shuffled down, lifting her hips
to allow my cock to stand upright, and the tip to rub against her
cum oozing pussy lips. Before Lisa or I could move to guide my
cock into her pussy Sue had rolled across my legs behind Lisa and
had grasped my cockshaft in her hand and was aiming it to the
correct place. "OK Lis, lower yourself slowly" said Sue softly,
and Lisa did as she was told, gasping out loud as she felt my
hard swollen cockhead press between her labia and enter her body
for the first time. I expected Lisa to stop when she felt
pressure on her hymen, but I was wrong, she just pressed on and
slammed herself down on my cock using it as a battering ram to
destroy her maidenhead in a single stroke. The instant she felt
her butt resting on my hips Lisa dropped her torso on to my chest
and gave a soft whimper of pain. "You OK Lisa darling?" I asked,
not for the first time. She nodded, then said softly "Damn, that
really hurt Uncle Jack, I was hoping it was going to be a bit
easier than it was. Still, it's done now, and I won't ever have
it troubling me again." She then lifted her head, grinned at me
and whispered so only I could hear her, "I think moms watching
Uncle Jack, can we give her a show by fucking like this, if we
can manage it that is?" I chuckled softly and replied just as
softly "We can give it a try darling, just hold still for a
moment, and tell me if it gets uncomfortable won't you. There's
no sense in being in pain when it's supposed to be fun."

Slowly I slid my hands down Lisa's back until I could grasp her
butt cheeks in them. I cupped my hands under her tight cheeks and
began to hump my hips up at Lisa's body, holding her up slightly
so Mary and Angie could see my cock travelling in and out of
Lisa's virgin cunt. Despite having had a number of orgasms
already, and also being in an awkward position for her
exhibition, it didn't take Lisa long to bring herself close to
another climax. What eventually took her over the top was me
sliding my long middle finger between her tight stretched ass
cheeks and pressing the tip on her tight puckered anus. The
instant she felt my touch Lisa gave a loud scream and exploded
into orgasm once more, this time taking just seconds before
collapsing in a limp heap on my chest as she fell into a dead
faint. That's when Angie made her presence felt, by rushing into
the bedroom and sitting beside Lisa and me, still joined, and
trying to shake her daughter into wakefulness. Mary came in
behind Angie, took hold of her shoulder and said softly "Leave
her for a while Angie, she's only fainted, she'll come round in a
couple of minutes. Why don't you come with me and we'll get
something to clean the pair of them up." Almost reluctantly Angie
went with Mary and a couple of minutes later they were back, just
as Lisa began to quiver and tremble in my loving embrace. Very
gently I rolled Lisa off me and on to her back, and Mary began to
tenderly wash between her thighs, while Angie came and did the
same for me. When she was done Angie looked down at me, smiled
and said "I guess we owe you one here Jack darling, I doubt any
girl in the world had her cherry picked quite like that. I reckon
you could make a fortune doing it professionally at fifty bucks a
time, think of all the guys that would enjoy standing in for you
when you needed a rest. You wouldn't have to pay them, they'd pay
you, you'd be getting it from both ends, and the middle."

By now Lisa was able to open her eyes, and when she did it was to
be looking up into her mothers. "How do you feel baby?" asked
Angie softly. "Tired, sore and very well fucked Mom. I just wish
you'd let me do this a long time ago, it feels so good." Angie
smiled down at her daughter, "Ah, yes darling, but you wouldn't
have had Uncle Jack do it then would you. Who knows what it would
have been like with some jock in the dark and on the back seat of
a parked car." By now Mary was sitting beside me and she also
bent down and kissed me. "Do you want to stay in bed for a while
darling?" she asked softly. I shook my head, "No, I'm hungry, and
I need a shower. I think I'll get up, have my breakfast then go
and sit in the sunshine for a couple of hours reading my paper.
With a bit of luck I'll recover by this afternoon when I believe
you said we had guests for dinner."


I got some rest sitting out on the patio in the sunshine reading
my paper while Mary and Angie took the girls to the mall for
their usual Saturday meeting. It was almost midday when they
returned and I was called indoors to meet one of their group
members. "Jack darling, this is Kelly" said Mary as I stood there
looking at a really gorgeous redhead of about twenty-five. "Hi
Kelly" I said softly as I held my hand out to her. Kelly smiled,
and then went bright red in the deepest blush I'd ever seen in
any woman. I guess her red hair had a lot to do with it. "God,
I'm sorry Jack" she said, "This is so embarrassing for me" then I
realised why she was blushing. Kelly worked for the same company
as me. In a different office admittedly, but I do remember seeing
her around the building. Still holding her hand I stepped over to
the sofa, sat down and gently pulled her down with me. At the
same time I indicated to Mary to sit down beside us. "Look Kelly"
I said, "There is really no need for you to be embarrassed about
this. If you feel you don't want to continue then fine. All you
have to do is say so. I'm not going to be insulted or anything. I
will say that whatever happens here will NOT be discussed
anywhere else, by anyone, you know that from all that's been said
and done amongst the rest of your little club." I stood up,
looked down at Mary and said "Why don't the two of you have a
chat while I go and get myself a beer. Just give me a yell when
you've decided what's going to happen, OK?" with that I walked
out to the kitchen and snagged a cold bottle from the fridge.

I was about halfway down my beer when Sue came into the kitchen.
"What's wrong daddy, I thought you were going to be giving Kelly
a tummy rub?" I pulled her to sit on my lap and told her what was
happening, and how Kelly was embarrassed because she worked in
the same building I did. "This is silly daddy" said Sue when I
was done, and she quickly got up and went straight to the living
room where Mary and Kelly were chatting. A couple of minutes
later she came back, a grin spread right across her face, grabbed
my hand and pulled me to my feet saying "Come on daddy, it's all
sorted out now, you're going to demonstrate on me first, then
give Kelly a turn." I was then dragged back to the living room
where Mary and Kelly were sitting in just their bras and panties.
I sat down on the sofa, or at least I was pushed down by Sue, who
then proceeded to remove my shirt before stripping of to her
underwear herself. When I was in my usual position Sue bent over,
kissed me sweetly on the lips and said softly "It has to be the
full works daddy, so please don't hold back." She then sat
between my thighs, bent forward slightly to remove her bra then
leaned back against my naked chest slipping her hands behind her
back as she offered her almost naked body for me to caress.

I placed a tender sweet kiss on Sue's neck and whispered "Ready
Susan my love?" she nodded "Yes daddy" and closed her eyes and
lay her head back against my chest as I placed my hands on her
upper abdomen and began to stroke firmly down and up her body. As
usual Sue enjoyed every second of what I was doing, and after
just a couple of minutes of me beginning to caress her breasts,
and cover her pussy with my fingers, she was crying out in
ecstasy as her orgasm hit her hard. After a few minutes rest Sue
sat up, swung herself round so she could look at me and leaned
forward to touch her lips to mine in a very undaughterly kiss.
"Thank you daddy, that was really great, even if I didn't have my
period right now." She then turned to Kelly and said softly
"Well, want to come and have a go Kelly, I'll hold your hand if
you like, and mom can sit at the end of the sofa so you know
you're going to be safe." I suddenly hit me as to why Kelly might
be reluctant to go through with this; I'd bet she'd had a bad
time with her husband. I knew at least one of their group had
been abused, Mary had let that bit of info slip a week or so ago.
Kelly wasn't old enough to have a teenage daughter, and I knew
there were no single women amongst them except a couple of
divorcees, and Kelly had to be one of them. I sat there for a
moment then held out my hand, smiled as sweetly as I could at
Kelly and said "Come on Kelly, if you want to stop at any time,
just say so. Mary and Sue will make sure I do. I'm not going to
hurt you, and I won't do anything I didn't do for Sue, OK?"

Almost reluctantly Kelly stood up, holding tight to Mary's hand
as she stepped across the short gap between her chair and the
sofa. She sat down between my thighs as she'd seen Susan do, then
leaned back against my chest, flinching slightly as she first
came into contact with my naked flesh. Mary helped her swing her
legs round and I saw Sue take hold of Kelly's hand as I slowly
slipped my hands round Kelly's body and gently placed then on her
naked abdomen. This made Kelly take a short sharp breath, which
she held until I started to slide my hands down her tummy, when
she let it out in a long low sigh. After I'd made a few strokes
up and down her body I bent my head and whispered "You OK Kelly?"
she nodded slowly "Yes Jack, I'm fine thanks." "You don't want me
to stop then?" I said softly, and she giggled softly and shook
her head "No, not yet.. er, will it be OK if I take my bra off,
and I won't mind if you do touch my boobs, OK" I nodded, touched
my lips to the side of her neck and gently sat her upright for a
moment so she could remove her bra. She did give a gasp of
surprise when she felt me flick the catch open, leaving her to
shrug her shoulders and allow the garment to fall in front of
her. A moment later and she was leaning back against my chest
both hands behind her back, and her head resting against my cheek
as she pushed out her chest and proudly displayed her wonderful
firm rounded breasts.

Given this encouragement I was soon moving on from a therapeutic
massage to a very sexual one, cupping and caressing her wonderful
breasts at the top of my stroke, and cupping one hand over her
pussy mound at the bottom. As Kelly was wearing what were almost
gym type panties because of her period I wasn't able to simply
slip my fingertips inside her waistband. All I could do initially
was to rub my hand over her mons and between her thighs which
were now well spread in anticipation of my touch. In the end
though I took things for granted and after cupping one hand over
her breast, I slipped the other one inside her underwear and
moved it slowly down her lower belly in the direction of her
naked pussy. Had Kelly wanted me to I would have stopped, but she
just lay there gasping as I pinched and rolled her nipples
between finger and thumb while I moved inexorably towards her
vaginal mound. The instant I touched her clit Kelly arched her
back, went stiff as a board and clamped her thighs together
screaming out loud as she climaxed against my hands. Despite
having her thighs tight against my hand I pressed down hard, all
the time having my finger between her lower lips, until I could
feel the touch of her tampon string. By then the side of my thumb
was pressed against her clitty and I began to wiggle it side to
side as I tried to make Kelly's orgasm go on and on until she
could take no more.

I was very successful, and it wasn't too long before there was
total silence as Kelly suddenly collapsed in a limp heap in my
arms as she fainted from sensory overload. After sitting there
for a moment or two Mary asked Sue to go and fix us all a cup of
tea for when Kelly regained her senses, while she helped me to
get from beneath Kelly's limp body and allow her to lay full
length on the sofa. In the mean time Mary covered Kelly with a
light blanket we always kept handy and the two of us just sat
back and allowed things to take their natural course. It was more
than ten minutes before Kelly showed any signs of life, and that
was just a few soft moans, and the occasional quiver as memories
of her orgasm flitted through her mind. Eventually though she sat
up, very slowly, holding the blanket round her as she realised
she was almost naked. Then she looked round, realised where she
was and grinned self-consciously when she saw the three of us
sitting watching her every move. "No use trying to hide your
womanly charms Kelly my love" said Mary with a grin, "We've all
seen everything you have to show, and heard everything you said
while you were asleep. You have no more secrets from us baby."
Before Kelly could say anything I stood up and said "Why don't
the three of you get dressed, then maybe Kelly won't feel so
awkward, Sue darling, come and tell me when you're all decent
will you please" and I walked slowly back to the kitchen and got
myself a beer.

It wasn't long before Sue came and fetched me, and my beer, which
I hadn't been able to finish. When I was back, sitting on the
sofa Kelly came over to sit beside me, slipped her arms round my
neck and kissed me passionately then said "Jack darling, I'd like
to thank you for being so patient with me. I have to tell you
that you're the first guy to touch me since I got my divorce two
years ago. The thing is you see, I had a very bad time with my
husband, and after I got out of hospital for the second time, I
was convinced I had to get away from him so I got a divorce. I've
been scared of men ever since. Mary got me to agree to come and
try this as a way of helping me see that all men aren't the same.
Angie and June did the same after Mary said it was OK for them to
talk to me about it. To be honest, I nearly ran off, until Sue
came and offered to show me what it can really be like. Then I
just had to try it even if I was a bit shocked at you bringing
your own daughter to an orgasm like that. I guess it was just too
good to miss, even for me." I smiled at her, lifted her chin with
the tip of one finger and touched my lips to hers in a soft
tender kiss. "Don't mention it Kelly my love, the pleasure was
all mine, believe me" I said, then kissed her again before
allowing her head to fall on to my shoulder as I gently hugged
her to me in a loving embrace.

Kelly eventually went home, and walked a lot more sprightly than
when she'd arrived. As she went I thought I heard Mary tell her
to give her a call if she(Kelly) got really hard up, or began to
feel any period pain. It occurred to me that Mary was getting as
much fun out of this as I was, and I have to admit I was
beginning to enjoy the prospect of getting my hands on a few more
pairs of firm naked titties. An hour later and I found I was
going to get it sooner than I anticipated. I was sitting in my
den reading what was left of my paper when Sue came in and
inserted herself between me and my paper, sitting on my lap and
snuggling up as close as she could. "Daddy" she said in a voice
that I knew meant trouble for me. "No Susan my love, I don't have
any" I said as I tried to look over her shoulder and continue to
read. Sue giggled like a little girl, which I knew she wasn't,
and that told me I was heading for a good old fashioned little
finger twisting. "Of course you have daddy, all you have to do is
say yes now and I'll go away and let you carry on reading your
mouldy old paper. It's obvious that you think more of that than
you do of me" and she buried her face in my chest and pretended
to cry. I heaved a huge sigh, as if I was resigned to giving in,
then I folded my paper with Sue still pretending to cry. I then
gently lifted her off my chest, kissed her on the forehead and
said softly "Susan darling, I hate to see you cry for no real
reason. You haven't asked me to do anything that I could refuse
you yet. I'll tell you what I'm going to do" and I quickly rolled
her on to her stomach across my lap, whipped her skirt over her
back and pushed her panties down off her soft smooth and very
firm bottom.

Before she had time to protest I'd landed a firm loud spank on
her left buttock, leaving a nice pink handprint, then put an
identical one on her right cheek. "OWWW.. that's not fair daddy,
I'm not due a spanking yet, I didn't do anything wrong" she
cried. I held her down firmly, bent down and placed a wet sloppy
kiss on each cheek before allowing her to stand up and adjust her
dress. I have to admit I like to watch Sue, and Mary for that
matter, when they get dressed. It's almost as sexy as when I'm
watching them undress. Knowing this Sue turned her back to me,
bent over and slowly wriggled her butt side to side as she drew
her panties up her thighs and eventually covered her wet swollen
pussy lips. As Sue shook herself to settle her skirt over her
hips she turned to me, stepped up close and straddled my thighs,
sitting down gently on my very obvious erection. "I know you
didn't darling" I said softly as she laid her head on my
shoulder, "I just wanted to get my hand on your naked bottom for
a couple of minutes, that's all. Now what's the real reason
you're going to try to twist me round you little finger?"

"Weelll.. mom said to come and ask you if it'll be OK for me to
have a couple of friends for a sleepover next weekend. It's mid
term break so they'll be here from Friday to Monday evening." "I
don't see why not darling, all I ask is that they don't make too
much noise, and that they behave themselves while they're here. I
don't want anything broken this time, OK?" "Oh daddy, you know
that was an accident, and I was only eleven, and anyway you never
liked the vase from the day you got it." What had happened was
that there was some minor horseplay between the girls that were
sleeping over and a pillow fight caused a vase given to us by
some friends the year before, to get smashed to pieces. As Sue
said, we didn't like the damned thing, but I still used it as an
excuse to bring most of the more active games to a halt. And as
she said the girls were only ten and eleven years old and
beginning to feel their way around others of their own peer
group. "Well, OK darling, who were you thinking of inviting?" 'as
if I didn't know' I thought. "Well, Lisa, Sarah, and Jenny" she
said, "I think any more will be too many for you to manage, and
they've all promised to be good and behave themselves." I nodded
my agreement then found myself in a hot passionate kiss that made
Sue giggle and wiggle her hips to and fro as she felt my
burgeoning erection press against her pussy. "Thanks daddy" she
said as she hugged me, "Oh, mom said to come and get washed up,
it's time for dinner."

End of Chapter Five


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