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Abandoned Women Volume One Chapter Six
A story by davidb234

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

Chapter Six

When I got to the dining room where we were having dinner for a
change I saw that there was two more people than I expected. Mary
had told me that a couple of her friends were coming over for
their turn at a tummy rub, but there were actually three women
and one teenage girl at the table. The girl I knew, she was
Jenny, one of Sue's oldest and best friends. I'd also met Trish,
her mother many times, and always liked her. The other two were
Janice and Carol, two of the Saturday group that I'd never met
before. As I sat down I looked at Mary, raised my eyebrows and
got a tiny grin and a slight nod. It seemed as if my evening had
been decided for me. The meal was over all to quickly for my
liking. I hadn't minded having mother/daughter pairings to deal
with, but having them come in small crowds was a bit too much for
me right now. I was suddenly feeling 'put upon'. When dinner was
over I helped Mary to clear the table while Sue took our guests
into the living room. "What's going on Mary?" I hissed quietly
"You taking group bookings now?" Mary giggled, "Of course not
darling, it was only going to be Janice and Carol tonight, and
then only for a Tummy Rub. Then Sue asked if Jenny could come and
sleep over this weekend as well, so I asked Trish to bring her

With the dishwasher full and running we went into the living room
to find that Sue had got them all sat down and was taking orders
for after dinner drinks. In the end she and Jenny went and made a
large pot of tea for all us adults, and fixed sodas for the two
of them. It was pretty obvious that Mary had got things pretty
well organised because as soon as we all had our drinks Sue took
Jenny and went up to her room to do teenager things, leaving me
with the four women. "I think the den would be a little more
cosy" said Mary when all our cups were empty, "Besides which Sue
won't come barging in there and disturb us. Shall we go ladies?"
Jeez I thought, she'll be having us doing close order drill soon.
I was still grinning at this thought when I sat on the sofa,
finding myself alone as the rest of them spread themselves among
the arm chairs. "Right girls" said Mary "I just want to make sure
you all understand what happens when Jack gives a Tummy Rub. When
I'm done explaining will be a good time to change your mind
rather than when you might suddenly feel you're in a compromising
situation." She then slowly removed all her clothes down to her
bra and panties and faced the rest of them again. I saw that Jan
was beginning to colour up slightly, and so did Mary who smiled
at her and said "There's no need to be embarrassed Jan darling,
lets face it, Jack would see a darn sight more of you if you wore
that new bikini than if you're just down to you underwear.
Besides this is as far as you really need to go, and even then he
could manage with your dress on if that was the only alternative.
Why don't you wait until I'm done before you make up your mind?"
Jan grinned sheepishly, nodded her head and averted her eyes for
a moment.

"Right, girls, as I said to Jan, this is really as far as you
need to go for a basic Tummy Rub, and to be honest I didn't need
to take my skirt off. I only did it to save time in a few
minutes. When you start you need to sit like this.." and she sat
between my thighs, put her hands behind her back and leaned back
against my chest. That she sighed softly wasn't lost on the other
three as they watched intently at what was going on. Mary gave a
little shudder then turned her head, "You have to keep your hands
out of the way and having them behind you back is the best way.
Just watch what you grab hold of please, I don't want to lose the
family jewels." This got a good lot of giggles until they saw me
place my hands on Mary's abdomen and begin to stroke down her
body from just below her breasts to the waistband of her panties.
Despite the fact that Mary didn't have her period just now it was
very obvious that she was enjoying what was happening, and that
she was very relaxed about having an audience. After a few
moments she held my hands and stopped me massaging her, she
turned to the others and said "Now ladies, comes the part that
you all have to keep quiet about Jack doing for you so we don't
have axe wielding husbands hammering at the door." "My lips are
sealed Mary" said Carol with a grin, "I'll tell him some story
about a magazine article if I want him to do it for me."

I saw Mary grin, then at a glance from her I flicked open the
catch of her bra and she shrugged her shoulders and allowed it to
fall to the floor. "Now comes the interesting bit girls" she said
softly, "If you don't want the full treatment then you keep your
bra on. If you do, take it off before you start that way there's
no getting your signals crossed." Once more Mary put her hands
behind her back, lay against my chest and whispered "Go for it
tiger, see if you can make me cum." I bent down and kissed her
tenderly on the neck and shoulder as I began to caress her
abdomen and her sides once more. After just a few normal strokes
I began to make this a fully sexual treatment, doing my very best
to bring Mary to a climax of some sort as quickly as I could. By
the time I had one hand caressing her breasts and the other one
buried deep inside her panties Mary was pretty well worked up.
When I pressed my middle finger between her pussy lips and began
to flick her clitty with the side of my thumb she was soon ready
to cum. As I kissed her neck I whispered "Which one's staying the
night and coming to bed with us darling, I sort of fancy Janice,
her tits look a lot firmer than the other two?" This was enough
to take Mary over the top and bring her to a pretty respectable
climax despite the forced nature of the situation. As I held Mary
tight I heard a few gasps of surprise from across the room and
had to smile when I looked and saw how intently they were all
watching the action. Even Janice had stopped blushing and was
staring wide eyed at the little tableau before her.

After a few moments Mary sat up, turned to face the others and
said "Right girls, that's the demonstration it's now up to you to
decide what you want. Whatever you decide, you don't have to have
everyone present. Just me, and I'm only there for Jack's
protection against false accusations. The only other thing I
would insist you do and that is to formally ask Jack to give you
whatever level of Tummy Rub you want. Anyone have any comments or
questions?" "Err.. did you actually cum at the end there?" asked
Trish. Mary grinned and nodded "Yes love, I did, but I have to
say, when I have my period and Jack does it, I actually cum a lot
harder than I just did. Have any of you noticed that you get a
whole lot hornier during your period?" they all nodded, "Well,
this is the perfect way to scratch that itch, even for the more
mature female." This brought a chuckle from the audience, then
Mary said "Right, who wants to go first?" the three of them look
at each other then Carol said "I'll go first, and I guess I won't
mind an audience, I'll feel a bit safer the first time." She then
stood up in front of me, stripped down to her panties and said
softly "Jack, will you give me a Tummy Rub, and make it a full
treatment please." I must have looked a right idiot as I sat
there stunned and unable to speak as I looked up at the wonderful
naked body standing in front of me. All I could do was nod my
head, put out my arms and wait for her to understand I was saying
'YES'. As she sat between my thighs Carol grinned at me and when
she leaned back against my chest she took hold of my hard
throbbing cock that threatened to stab her in the back.

"You ready for this Carol?" I asked softly. She nodded and gave
my cock a gentle squeeze "Too damned right I am Jack, I want you
to make me cum as quick as you can, OK?" I chuckled softly, then
whispered in her ear "That's not the way I do things Carol my
love, I have to try to take away your period pain first, then
when you're really relaxed I give you that final bit of pleasure
that makes you feel fit to take on the world for the rest of the
day, OK?" Carol nodded, then laid back and began to enjoy
herself. Her tummy rub was soon over as she was almost asleep in
my arms after less then five minutes. I blew gently in her ear to
wake her up, then said softly "You OK Carol, all the pain gone
now?" "Oh, god, yes" she gasped "I feel really good for the first
time in years." I chuckled, then placed a soft warm kiss on her
neck saying "Right, you ready for the next bit then?" All she
could do was nod so I began once more to caress her abdomen a
couple of times before cupping my hands under her firm conical
breasts and tweaking her nipples between finger and thumb until
the stood out like cropped bolts. "Aggghhhh.. Oooohhh.." she
gasped as I rolled her nipples and palpated her titties for a
moment or two. I then went straight down to her panty covered
pussy and slipped my hand under the waistband until I could cup
it over her swollen fur covered mons and press a finger on to her
hooded clitoris. This made her hump her hips up against the
pressure of my hand, and she opened her thighs to allow me more
and freer access to her sex.

With my left hand still working on her breasts turn and turn
about my right moved further down until I was cupping the whole
of her vaginal mound. Slowly, so as to allow her to stop me if
she felt I was going too far, I pressed my middle finger between
her pussy lips and began to move my thumb from side to side
across her now turgid clitoral bud. Given that this was the first
time Carol had been touched in this manner during her period it
wasn't too surprising that she should come to a screaming
crashing climax almost as soon as I had hold of her cunt. Her
back arched like a bow. She went stiff as a board, and her thighs
clamped tight round my hand as I worked my thumb at her hard
swollen nubbin. She also began to scream out loud as her orgasm
overcame her senses, and I was hardly able to stifle her
vocalisation enough to stop the girls from getting curious and
coming down to see what was going on. "Oh fuck", "Holy fucking
Mackerel", gasped Jan and Trish from where they sat, and I smiled
as I guided Carol's spent body down on to the seat of the sofa
once more.

After a few minutes Carol opened her eyes, looked around as if
trying to remember where she was then slowly started to struggle
to sit upright. I helped her from behind and when we were both
sitting facing the front she looked up at me and fell against my
chest as tears began to stream down her cheeks. After a couple of
minutes Mary was kneeling in front of Carol saying "What's wrong
Carol darling, did Jack hurt you or something?" Carol sat up,
sniffed and smiled at Mary, "No Mary it's just me being stupid
and crying because I felt so good. I almost didn't come tonight
because I thought what you said to us was a load of old rubbish"
she shook her head, "I have to say now that everything you said
is perfectly true, and I just hope I can get that husband of mine
to learn how to do this for me. I don't care if he's only one
tenth as good as Jack, that'll be good enough for me." With that
Carol stood up and Mary helped her collect her clothes as she
went to sit down and watch what else was going to happen.

Mary looked over to the other two, smiled and said "Jan, how
about you come and have a try?" Hesitantly Jan stood up and began
to remove her dress, that being all she was wearing apart from
her panties. As she stood there, her hands covering her breasts I
held out my hand and said softly "Come on Jan darling, I won't
hurt you, you know, you might even enjoy it." She grinned shyly
and came and sat between my thighs, all the time glancing over to
where Mary sat helping Carol to dress, and Trish sat watching
what Jan was doing. As she laid back against my chest Jan said
softly "I don't know if I want the full treatment Jack. I just
didn't know I needed to wear a bra. I don't as a rule, as you can
see I don't have very large breasts." That was true, her breasts
were about the size of half an grapefruit, topped off by hard
nipples set in the centre of dark pink and very crinkly aureoles.
I leaned forward and whispered in her ear "I think your breasts
are really wonderful Jan darling, if you noticed Mary's aren't
much larger, and that's how I prefer them." She giggled softly
and visibly relaxed as I laid my hand on her tummy for the first

It wasn't long before Jan was completely relaxed against my chest
and was even allowing me to brush the underside of her wonderful
titties with my thumb as I brought my hands up wards. When I was
finished her massage I pushed things a little by stroking my
fingertips over and round the base of her breasts as I whispered
"Well Jan, shall I stop here, or would you like me to go the
whole way?" I felt her body tremble slightly, then she nodded
"Yes please Jack, make it the full treatment please" and she lay
back, closed her eyes and pressed her hands against my manhood
that was pressing against the base of her spine. Despite having
watched and listened to every second of Carol's Tummy Rub, Jan
cried out at each new experience as if it was new to her. As it
turned out it was. She had never had anyone touch her while she
was on her period, all her boyfriends had considered her to be
untouchable at that time of the month. The instant I touched her
pussy Jan went over the edge and I had another fainting female
laying in my arms as my wife looked on with a broad grin on her

When Jan recovered, this time to the offer of a glass of water
that Mary had fetched, she climbed all over me and smothered me
with hot passionate kisses, her naked breasts pressing against my
chest, and her crotch rubbing against the bulge of my erection.
In the end Mary came over and gently removed Jan, who suddenly
realised what she'd done and began to apologise profusely to Mary
for taking advantage of her good nature. As Mary helped Jan to
get dressed Trish excused herself and went to see if Jenny was
OK, as well as go to the bathroom. By the time she returned Jan
and Carol were about to leave, as Carol had to get back for when
her husband got home and Jan was getting a lift from her. As we
stood at the front door first Carol then Jan came and gave me a
hot passionate kiss goodnight, and asked Mary if they could come
and have another try next month. "Lets talk about it at our next
meeting girls" said Mary with a smile and we waved them both
goodnight and closed the door behind them. "Right" said Mary, as
she took hold of my hand and pulled me into her arms and kissed
me, "Now we have to go and have a nice chat with Trish before she
goes home too."

Back in the den Trish was waiting for us, sitting in the middle
of the sofa and looking a little tense despite what had gone on
earlier. "Second thoughts Trish?" I asked softly. She shook her
head, "Not really Jack, I was just thinking about whether to have
a full treatment or not, after all it's been a long time since I
had anyone get their hands on me like that. I think I might not
last very long." I took her hands in mine, grinned cheekily at
her and said "Tell you what Trish, how about if I start off with
a proper Tummy Rub, then quickly get into the full treatment.
That way you can have the best of both worlds." Trish turned to
look at Mary, who smiled and nodded, then turned back to me and
said "OK, lets see what happens" and stood up to start divesting
herself of her clothes. Moments later and Mary went to sit in an
arm chair while Trish sat between my thighs and laid herself back
against my chest, tucking her arms behind her.

As mostly happens Trish gave a gasp as she felt my hands come
into contact with her naked flesh for the first time. When I
began to stroke my hands up and down her abdomen she kept holding
her breath in anticipation of me starting to caress her naked
breasts, or laying my hand on her panty covered pussy lips. It
wasn't long before Trish relaxed completely, and was laying her
head on my chest, her eyes closed and a smile on her soft warm
lips. That was the moment that I began to make the massage
sexual. As I brought my hands up her tummy I went a little
further and stroked my fingertips round the base of her titties,
then ran them in a spiral up the conical mounds to flick her hard
swollen nipples into throbbing life. "Oooohhh.." she gasped, then
she thrust her chest out as I cupped my hands over her breasts
and began to gently squeeze and palpate them as I continued to
nip her nipples between finger and thumb. After a few minutes of
this I released her right breast and slid my hand down her
abdomen, over her belly and under the waistband of her panties.

As she felt my hand moving closer to her mons Trish opened her
thighs and allowed me more room to cover her vaginal mound with
it. Despite still being on her period Trish was producing quite a
lot of lubricant, and I soon had a nice moist finger and thumb
that enabled me to start frigging her pussy and working her hard
swollen clitty without making her in the least bit sore. Trish
was right; she was very close to climax even before we started,
and despite doing all she could to hold back it only took a few
strokes of my hand between her legs to bring her to a very loud
orgasm I had little chance to stifle. It was fortunate that Sue
was out of the habit of crashing into rooms where screams
emanated. This gave Trish a chance to recover her composure and
be sitting between Mary and I when the girls joined us a little
later. By then the three of us had managed to have a discussion
that told me what sort of weekend I was going to be in for when
Sue had her sleepover.

When Trish was dressed again she bent over and kissed me tenderly
and thanked me prettily, then sat down next to Mary and twisted
round to face the two of us. "Mary, I know we've talked about
this happening for what seems like forever" said Trish softly. "I
guess by now I should accept that you're OK with what just
happened." Mary smiled and nodded, "Trish darling, if I wasn't OK
with it, it would never have happened. You don't know how hard it
was for me and Sue to convince Jack to agree to do what he does
so well." Trish grinned, "Well, I can attest to the fact he does
it very well indeed. The thing is, what about when Jenny wants
it. You see she's actually finished now and is a bit miffed she
missed out on getting a treatment this weekend." Mary grinned
again, "Oh, I don't think that will be a problem Trish, I'm sure
Jack would enjoy giving her a full treatment next weekend, won't
you darling?" I shrugged my shoulders, trying to look as
nonchalant as I could, "I suppose so, just so long as she wants
me to, and actually asks for it." Trish smiled her thanks, then
she turned to Mary and said "Er... what about that other matter
we spoke about during the week Mary, has a decision been made

Mary put her a to hand her mouth and gasped, "Oh, I'm sorry
Trish, I forgot all about it I've been so busy. I guess we might
as well put it to him now" and she turned to face me, took my
hand in hers, showing me I was in trouble, and said "Jack
darling, I know it's a bit of an imposition, but would you do
Trish a really big favour next week please?" I had a gut feeling
about what was coming up, but played along anyway; "And what
might that be Mary my love?" I replied. "Well, it's Jenny, you
see darling, she's a bit worried about losing her virginity. Like
so many girls she's been told how much it hurts, and how bad an
experience so many of her friends had, she's really scared." "Why
don't you get Sue to tell her how good it can be?" I suggested,
and wished I'd cut my tongue off as soon as I said it. Mary
chuckled "Oh, she did darling, that's why Jenny talked to Trish
about it, and Trish talked to me and we all agreed that if Jenny
should come on to you to do it, will you please?" I laid my head
on the back of the sofa, closed my eyes and tried to think how I
could get out of this. Not that I was averse to getting a bit of
teenage pussy you understand. I wasn't. It was the thought of
having two other girls there who would soon cotton on to what was
happening and want to get into the act.

After a couple of minutes I opened my eyes, looked at Mary and
said "I don't suppose you have arranged to be away for most of
next weekend, have you darling?" Mary grinned, "Well, not all
weekend darling, just part of Saturday and Sunday. And before you
even ask, yes Angie and June have both said they won't mind if
their girls get involved. They know full well the girls will be
safer with you than with almost anyone else they know." I gave a
rather ironical grin at this statement then said "I suppose if I
objected to what you're suggesting you'll just send in you big
guns again, and I'll end up surrendering anyway. OK, I'll go
along with whatever happens, but I will not try to seduce Jenny,
and I won't go to bed with her alone. At least one other person
has to be there even if it's just for my protection, OK?" Mary
nodded seriously, and I saw Trish sitting there goggle eyed at
the suggestion I might get into a threesome with her daughter and
another teenage girl. Mary also saw it and shooed me out of the
room while she had a chat with Trish. When I came back in it was
to find the two of them in a very hot embrace and their lips
locked together in a passionate kiss.

A few minutes later and Trish was calling Jenny down, telling her
it was time for them to go home as it was getting late. When they
had their coats on Jenny came and gave me a hug, then stretched
up to place a soft warm kiss on my lips saying "Thanks for
letting me come next weekend Uncle Jack, I'm really looking
forward to it." I patted her gently on her bottom and said "I
think I am too Jenny my love, I'll let you know when it's all
over." This got a giggle from her, and a smile from Trish, who
also came for a kiss. Trish's kiss was much more passionate, and
lasted so long it was Jenny that pulled at her coat and said "Oh,
Mom, stop that, he's a married man!" Trish stepped back, smiled
at Jenny and said "I know Jenny darling, OK, I'm coming." She
then gave Mary a very warm kiss before saying a final goodnight
and walking down the path behind her daughter.

A little later, when we were in bed wrapped in each other arms I
said softly "Want to tell me about it Mary my love?" "About
what?" she relied so innocently I almost thought I'd been seeing
things. "About that very close clinch you and Trish were in when
I came back into the den. It looked to me as if you were both
trying to relive some old memories or something." Mary giggled,
then she rolled on top of me, crossed her hands under her chin
and looked me in the eye. "Well, in a way we were darling, You
see, when I explained about the way we've been doing things Trish
got all dreamy and told me how she used to do the same thing with
her sister and some of their boyfriends. Most of her teenage
sexual experiences was in threesomes, mainly because she always
felt safer with another girl there." "I can understand that
darling, that's the way I feel to be honest. Not for my physical
safety, but so I have less chance of being accused of doing
something I didn't do." Mary grinned, shuffled up my body so she
could kiss me tenderly then said softly "Would you feel safe with
me and Trish in bed with you?" The fact she was laying with my
cock trapped between her thighs prevented me from lying.
"Oooohhh, I can see you think the idea has some merit" she said
with a chuckle as my cock began to swell too quickly for my
liking. "Hmm, I'll have to see what I can arrange. I have to
admit I rather like the idea myself. Would you mind if she and I
had a bit of fun ourselves?" "Not in the least darling" I replied
"Especially if I'm there watching and maybe even participating.
I'd rather enjoy watching you getting well and truly eaten

With the weekend over I was back to work and the girls were back
to school. I have no doubt that Sue was going to be spending most
of her free time working out some sort of game for the following
weekend when she was having her friends sleeping over. Despite
everything that had been going on for the past few months I was
still a little uneasy about what might happen when Jenny came to
me for what she'd got her heart set on. When I got home I was
surprised to find that Sue wasn't having supper with us, but was
going over to eat with Jenny and a couple of friends. What was
more surprising was that a few minutes after Mary and I had
cleared up the kitchen there was a knock on the door and I went
and let Trish come in. When I closed the door behind us Trish
turned to me and leaned over to kiss me tenderly on the lips.
Before I could say anything there was a giggle behind me and Mary
was very soon elbowing me out of the way and taking my place
attached to Trish's lips. After I'd taken her coat and hung it up
Trish was being hauled upstairs by Mary, closely followed my
myself, mainly because I was more than a little curious as to
what was going on. Oh, I knew that basically the two of them were
going to be in bed by the time I caught up with them. I was just
wondering what my role, if any, might be. I soon found out, and
definitely wasn't at all disappointed.

As I suspected the minute I walked into the bedroom the two of
them were laying on the bed wearing just their panties and very
big grins. I sat on the edge of the bed, looked down at them and
said softly "Am I invited, or is this ladies only?" Trish looked
at me and suddenly seemed embarrassed, but Mary just giggled and
said "I don't know about you Trish darling, but I think he might
be able to join in at the right moment, don't you?" Trish nodded,
"Yes Mary my love, but not too soon, or he might miss out on some
good bits." This got the two of them giggling, and I bent down,
kissed the pair of them tenderly and said "OK ladies, I'll go and
keep out of the way for a bit, but I insist on watching in case I
see something I might like later on." With that I went to sit in
an easy chair by the wall and relaxed while I watched my wife get
it on with another woman for the first time in our marriage. Of
course I wasn't counting the times we had both enjoyed a
threesome, just that this time it was the two of them enjoying
true lesbian sex.

Mary's figure was stupendous considering she'd had a child, the
same went for Trish. Her breasts were firm, conical and had no
discernable sag in them whatsoever. Her nipples were like cropped
bolts, and stood out from the centre of her aureoles almost half
an inch when she was fully aroused. I was very glad to be wearing
jockey style underwear as it left little room for my cock to move
about as I watched what was happening, I was therefore able to
hold off from popping my wad until I was ready. I wasn't sure if
they'd worked out some sort of routine beforehand, but there
seemed to be no hesitation or awkwardness as they began to make
love to each other. As Trish lay back after I'd kissed her Mary
simply rolled on to her side, slipped an arm over Trish's abdomen
and placed her lips on Trish's in a long hot passionate kiss. At
the same time Mary began to caress Trish's breasts with her
fingertips, circling the base of each one, then working her way
up then in a spiral until she reached the hard pulsating nipples.
Unlike me Mary didn't pinch and roll these nipples, she simply
scratched them with her fingernails, and sometimes bent them over
as far as they would go before allowing them to spring back into
their natural position. I did notice that this made Trish gasp
with pleasure each time it happened and made a note to try it
myself on Mary and any of the girls I may end up making out with.

It wasn't too long before Mary was moving her lips down to cover
Trish's hard throbbing nipples, and suckling them as she caressed
the firm smooth tummy and abdomen laid out beneath her. As Mary's
hand worked lower I looked and saw that Trish had shaved most of
her pubic hair off, just leaving an inch wide band of fur running
from the top of her vaginal slit up to the start of the swell of
her lower belly. I chuckled silently as I thought how handy that
would be if I ever needed to identify her in the dark. I was
surprised at how quickly Trish climaxed the first time, almost as
soon as she felt Mary's hand covering her pussy, although I
didn't actually see what Mary had done with her fingers, just
that they were well hidden and that her lips were very busy a
little higher up Trish's body. While Trish lay there gasping or
breath after what was probably the best orgasm she'd had in a
long time, Mary slowly moved down the bed until she was able to
lay between Trish's wide open thighs. Before Trish knew what was
happening Mary had her lips clamped tight to Trish's cum oozing
pussy lips and was licking and sucking as hard as she could,
while at the same time trying to work her tongue as far into
Trish's open love tunnel as she could. Once more I grinned as a
thought struck me, Mary was going to find out what it's like to
get her head trapped between a pair of firm female thighs as soon
as Trish began to have her rapidly approaching orgasm.

I was partially correct, in that Trish's thighs did clamp tight
as soon as she began to cry out in ecstasy, but Mary had managed
to get her arms inside Trish's thighs and was able to hold them
far enough apart to stop her losing her ears. Once more Trish
collapsed after her orgasm, but only for a few minutes, because
Mary moved her mouth up slightly and began to flick her tongue
at, and occasionally suck on, Trish's turgid clitoris as it stood
out from it's protective hood. What made this an even more
intense orgasm I later discovered was that Mary did what I'd
often done to her in the past, and that was to press a lubed up
finger past Trish's dark pink tightly wrinkled sphincter just as
she began to reach her climax. This time it was quite a long time
before Trish recovered from her fainting fit, and to help pass
the time Mary got up on her knees, straddled Trish's hips and
pressed her groin between Trish's open thighs. The next thing was
I saw for the first time how one woman could get off by rubbing
her pussy mound against another one. This was so erotic that I
had to sit on my hands to stop me from jerking off as I watched
Mary suddenly go stiff as she had a small but vocal orgasm. this
was the moment that Trish opened her eyes and realised what was
happening, and immediately came again as she wrapped her arms
round Mary's waist and pulled their naked bodies tighter together
until they were both finished cumming.

When they were both recovered Mary rolled off Trish and lay
beside her, then found Trish laying half on her chest as she
kissed Mary and began to lick her face clean of Trish's own cum
and lube juices. Mary slipped her arms round Trish's back, pulled
her down into a hard passionate kiss and said softly "How was
that then Trish darling?" Trish grinned, kissed Mary once more
and said very softly "Mary my love, that was the best sex I've
had in over five years. I had more orgasms than I ever had in one
day, and all without being prodded by a hard throbbing male
member. I don't know if I can make it as good for you darling,
but I'm going to try, so just lay back and relax for a while."
With that she kissed Mary on the lips then moved her mouth down
to cover Mary's hard throbbing nipples turn and turn about. Mary
allowed Trish to work her oral magic all down her body until
Trish was about to make contact with her pussy. Mary then held
Trish off for a moment as she squirmed round until she had her
head against the side edge of the bed, and a pillow under her
neck for support. She then spread her legs wide, and held out her
arms as Trish came and straddled Mary's head with her knees and
lowered her head between Mary thighs. As Trish clamped her lips
on Mary's pussy Mary was able to lift her head a couple of inches
and do the same to Trish, leaving me sitting there watching my
wife lapping at a friends wide open and sopping wet vagina.

End of Chapter Six


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