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Abandoned Women Volume One Chapter Seven
A story by davidb234

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

Chapter Seven

It was a good thing I was watching Mary so intently otherwise I
might have missed what happened next. As Trish was sucking hard
on Mary's clit, Mary was looking back at me upside down, smiling
and gently waving for me to come and join in. I quickly stood up,
stripped my clothes off and stepped up close to the bed, my now
hard throbbing and very naked cock bouncing up and down above
Mary's smiling face. Gently Mary took hold of my cock with one
hand and pulled me forward far enough to guide it between Trish's
slick swollen pussy lips. Her other hand she slipped between my
thighs and pulled against my butt until I pressed forward and in
a single stroke buried my manhood deep into Trish's welcoming
vaginal passage. Even before I hit bottom in Trish's cuntal
passage she was screaming into Mary's pussy and beginning to
writhe as she exploded in orgasm with me holding her hips tight
as I pressed her butt against my hips and shot wad after wad of
hot sticky semen deep into her womb as my cockhead pressed
against the mouth of her cervix. I knelt there for a few minutes
as I recovered some sort of control over my legs. Then, very
gently I withdrew my still half hard cock from Trish's grasping
pussy, slowly falling back to sit on my heels my cock gently
slapping Mary between the eyes as it followed me backwards.

After a few deep breaths with my eyes closed I opened them and
got another erection almost immediately as I saw Mary lapping at
the steady stream of mine and Trish's mixed effusions that was
flowing from between Trish's twitching pussy lips while Mary was
rubbing the tip of her index finger against Trish's anal pucker.
In the end Trish could no longer maintain her current position
and almost in slow motion she fell on to the bed on her side,
with Mary still holding a lip lock on her cunt as she tried to
finish up what was still oozing from Trish's love tunnel. Even
that had to stop eventually and soon Trish was laid on her back,
legs wide open and gasping for breath with Mary laying her head
on Trish's thigh as she tenderly caressed the almost bald vagina
that was inches from her face. Slowly I crawled across the bed
and lay my head on Trish's other thigh, then joined Mary in
caressing the soft wet mound between our faces. "Now what are we
going to do about you Mary my love?" I asked. "We can't have you
being the only one not to have an orgasm, can we?" Mary looked
across at me, smiled and said softly "Oh, I don't mind really
darling, getting Trish off was the most important thing, it's
been so long since her last time. Lets face it my love, I can
come to you anytime I like and cum like a freight train, even if
there is a pair of sharp ears in the house with us."

Mary was still giggling softly when Trish opened her eyes, lifted
her head slightly and said "I heard that Mary, and I don't think
it's fair, no matter what you say. I couldn't go home and leave
you not getting off, especially after what I've just experienced.
Jack darling, will you help me please?" I nodded, grinned at
Trish as I helped her to sit upright, then between us we
manhandled Mary round to lay in the centre of the bed. Trish and
I then lay each side of Mary and inch by inch we kissed our way
down her body starting at her eyes. We paused for some time when
we got to her breasts, and often knocked our heads together as we
worked our mouths and tongues over and round Mary's firm swollen
and very flushed breasts. I could see that Mary was very close to
orgasm as Trish and I kissed and suckled on Mary's titties, so
made a point of moving down over her abdomen, taking Trish with
me, and allowing Mary to cool off somewhat. When we got down to
Mary's hips Trish and I began to lick our way into the centre of
her lower belly along the creases at the top of her legs. When
our heads met once more we both pulled gently on Mary's knees,
spreading her thighs as far as they would go, and opening her
pussy lips wide displaying the coral pink interior that glistened
in the half light of the bedroom.

Turn and turn about Trish and I kissed then licked at Mary's
pussy, and turn and turn about we stroked our fingers down her
wide open gash, or tickled her twitching anal pucker until she
suddenly screamed in ecstasy as she exploded in orgasm under our
constant barrage of arousing caresses. Slowly Trish and I sat up
and looked down at Mary as she twitched and writhed in the
aftermath of her orgasm. I leaned over and kissed Trish, licking
at and savouring the taste of Mary on her lips and tongue. I
heard Mary gasp as she opened her eyes and watched our lips
caress each others mouths, lifting her hands to touch us both to
show her approval of our actions. When Trish and I separated I
looked at Mary, then at Trish and said softly "We're not finished
yet, but I think I'm going to need your help for a few minutes
please Trish." I then shuffled round until I was kneeling between
Mary's thighs. I gently lifted her knees and pulled her limp body
closer to my knees then continued until her pussy lips were just
an inch or so away from the head of my half hard penis.

Trish looked at where Mary's thighs were, then up at me, still
frowning and slightly perplexed. She then looked down at my half
limp cock and a smile spread across her face as she suddenly
realised what she needed to do. Turning to face Mary, Trish
grinned then moved her head so her cheek was resting against my
belly and then she lowered her wide open mouth over my cock which
she was holding in position with her soft warm hand. I was the
next one to be surprised, closely followed by Mary, as Trish
began to lower her mouth over my cock, and continued down until I
could feel, and Mary could see, Trish's nose buried deep into my
coarse curly pubic hair. Sitting there with my cockhead engulfed,
and deep inside Trish's tight throat, almost made me cum on the
spot. Almost but not quite, because I suddenly felt a sharp pain
as I got pinched on the inside of my thigh, obviously by Trish
who seemed to have a good deal of experience of this sort of
thing. Very slowly Trish drew her head back, stopping when my
glans was resting on her tongue, where she clamped her lips round
my shaft and spent a few seconds sucking, and licking at my man
flesh, while her hand moved between my thighs and gently cupped
my swollen balls, rolling them against each other by moving her
palm in a circular motion.

I have to admit Trish was better at oral sex than any woman I'd
ever known, Mary included. In the next couple of minutes she
brought me close to orgasm, then managed to back me away seconds
before I could start shooting into her engulfing maw. All the
time I was able to see the expression on Mary's face, and I could
see that she was getting as aroused as I was, and that was just
from watching what Trish was doing to me. Eventually Trish
stopped working on me and sat back to admire her handiwork as my
cock slipped from between her lips and began to bounce in time
with my beating heart, touching Mary's oozing pussy lips each
time it got to the bottom of it's motion. Needing no telling
Trish then took hold of my cockshaft, pressed it down until the
tip was touching the lips of Mary's cunt, and held it there as I
grasped hold of Mary's hips and pulled her slowly up my thighs
and impaled her on my hard throbbing saliva slicked prick.

When Mary was filled to the hilt with my cock Trish bent down and
kissed her firmly in the lips. Then she turned round and lowered
her head to the junction on Mary and my sex and alternately
sucked and tongue lashed Mary's clitty until she suddenly
screamed out as she once more exploded in orgasm aided by Trish
and my stimulation. Before Mary could do more than collapse in a
limp head in front of us, I lifted her hips as high as I could,
put on hand on the bed and slid my knees backwards until I was
able to lay between Mary's still wide spread thighs. Taking my
weight on knees and elbows I started to hump away at her supine
body, alternately kissing her nipples and lips as I rammed my
hard throbbing cock balls deep into her grasping, cum slicked
cuntal passage. On and on I pumped, until I suddenly felt a soft
warm hand cupping my balls once more, just a second or two before
they were drawn close to my body, and I began to pump an almost
never ending stream of hot creamy semen deep into my loving
wife's cum sucking vaginal passage. As the first wad of cum
splashed against her cervix, Mary opened her eyes and cried out
as yet another orgasm hit her, and continued until I no was
longer hosing her insides down with my emissions.

I lay there for some time, my head hanging, and my breath coming
in short gasps, until I felt myself being pulled to one side, and
allowed myself to be rolled off Mary's limp frame. As I lay on my
back beside Mary I suddenly heard her beginning to moan with what
I knew was pleasure rather than pain. I lifted my head as far as
I could and gasped as I saw Trish with her head between Mary's
thighs, and heard the slurping sounds as she tried to suck Mary
dry of our mixed cum. Before I could offer to help Mary put her
hands behind her knees and slowly lifted her legs up as far as
she could, opening her groin wide, and allowing Trish more and
easier access to her cum oozing pussy. When at last Trish lifted
her head, we saw it was covered with a broad grin and a good deal
of cum spread over her chin and cheeks. Mary dropped her legs,
then held out her arms to Trish, who fell into them and clamped
her lips to Mary's in a long slow passionate kiss that also
included a good deal of sucking and licking. Eventually Trish's
face was clean, or almost, and she was laying between Mary and I,
as we all slowly recovered from our exertions.

After a while I sat up, then rolled off the bed saying, "Anyone
want to join me in a shower, I suppose the girls will be back
before very long, and I'd hate to think that Jenny might catch us
in flagrante, so to speak." By the time I had the shower to
temperature I'd been joined by two exhausted women, and spent
most of the time washing them down, back and front, before being
subjected to the same treatment by them. We were just finishing
dressing when I heard the front door slam, a sure sign the Sue
was home, and led Mary and Trish down stairs in as normal a
manner as we possible could under the circumstances. When we were
all sat down in the living room Trish said "Well Jenny my love,
how was the movie, did you enjoy yourself?" Jenny glanced at Sue,
then at Mary and I, then said "The movie was fine Mom, and we
enjoyed ourselves, but not as much as you seem to have done."
Trish blushed slightly, then said "Ah, well, that's the way it
goes darling, maybe some day you might enjoy a visit this much,
who knows."

It wasn't long before Trish and Jenny were getting up to leave.
At the front door Jenny reached up and gave me a chaste kiss on
the cheek saying "Thanks for entertaining mom so well Uncle Jack,
she really needed it, and so did I." Trish chuckled as she batted
Jenny on the bottom telling her not to be so rude. She then came
and pressed her lips to mine, slipping her arms round me and
pulling us tight together. This brought a soft gasp from Jenny,
then a bigger one as Trish did the same to Mary, this time
getting hugged just as tightly all the time their lips were
locked together. As Mary and I stood at the open door and watched
the pair of them walk down the path to Trish's car Mary giggled
softly as we saw the way she was walking, looking as if she was
having trouble putting one foot in front of the other. With a
final wave and a blown kiss Trish drove away and Mary and I
turned, went in doors and I went round the house locking up
before joining her and Sue back in the living room where Sue was
telling Mary all about the movie they'd been to see.

When we finally went up to bed and Mary and I were laying in each
others arms there was a soft knock on the door and Sue came in
asking if she could come and get in with us as she felt in need
of a bit of loving. Mary said yes, and a moment later Sue was
snuggled up close to my other side, her naked body pressed close
to mine, and her upper thigh over my upper leg as she pressed her
down covered pussy against me. Sue was slightly surprised when
she laid her hand on my flaccid penis, Mary's was there first.
"Don't bother Susan my love" said Mary softly, "There's no way
you'll get anything out of daddy tonight, he's completely spent,
and quite exhausted." Sue giggled, then sighed, "I guess you and
daddy had a really good time with Trish then" she said. I
chuckled, gave the breast I was holding, a gently squeeze and
said softly "Come now Susan my love, you know we don't discuss
what goes on with others, just as we don't discuss what goes on
between you and us." I felt Sue nod her head, then she shuffled
up the bed slightly and kissed me on the lips, "Sorry daddy, I
forgot. It's just that Jenny's been worried that her mom doesn't
get out very much, and seems to be a bit sort of twitchy just
lately. I just thought that you might have been able to put her
in a better frame of mind, that's all."

After a few minutes Sue shuffled back down the bed, laid her head
on my shoulder slipped her upper arm across my chest, and her
lower arm behind her, clasped her upper leg tightly round my
thigh and after kissing me where her lips were whispered "Good
night daddy, I love you." I craned my neck, kissed Sue on the top
of the head and responded in like manner. I then felt Mary moving
beside me, and soon felt the soft warm touch of her lips on mine
as she whispered "I love you too darling, thanks for everything
tonight, it's been one of the best times I've ever had." Moments
later and we were all asleep, and eventually woke up in exactly
the same positions when the alarm went off next morning.

The rest of the week was spent relaxing and gathering my strength
for the coming weekend. Seeing as Mary was going to be out most
of the time, including Friday evening, Sue spent a good deal of
time discussing with her what was going to be acceptable
behaviour from the girls, and what was going to be prohibited. I
was still almost totally bemused by the thought of my wonderful
wife not just allowing, but actually conniving with our daughter
in getting me to have sex with a group of fifteen year old girls
as well as a number of her adult friends. When Friday came around
Mary kissed me as I left for work as usual, maybe just a little
more passionately than normal, then whispered "Have fun darling,
I'll see you very much later on when you can tell me everything
that happened."

When I got home it was like walking into Bedlam. There were half
naked females dashing around between the kitchen and the bedrooms
being used for the sleep over. I poked my head into the kitchen,
smiled at Sue and said "Hello Sue darling, anything I can do, or
should I keep out of you way for a while?" Sue came over to me,
put her arms round my neck and kissed me warmly. "Hello daddy, No
darling, I don't need any help here, but it would be nice if you
could go and keep the rest of them busy until supper is ready.
Maybe take them into the den and give them a cuddle or
something?" I nodded, "OK darling, I'll just go and get changed
into something a little more comfortable, then try and do some
babysitting." I had a quick shower, wrapped myself in a towel and
made my way to our bedroom. As I stepped out of the bathroom Lisa
appeared in the passage, launched herself at me, throwing her
arms round my chest and lifting herself on tiptoe to give me a
warm passionate kiss on the lips. She was still hugging me, and
wriggling her hips against mine when Sarah opened the bedroom
door to see what was going on. "Uncle Jack" she cried, and tried
to emulate Lisa, who was somewhat reluctant to release her hold
on me. In the end I managed to get free, but not before I'd
kissed both of them properly, and also managed to grab hold of my
towel before I was left naked by their bodily gyrations.

As I was about to escape to my bedroom I saw Jenny standing at
their bedroom door, smiled at her and said "Well, don't I get a
welcoming kiss from you too?" she smiled shyly, stepped up to me
and reached her face up touching her lips to mine in a soft sweet
tender kiss that made my cock begin to grow and brought a soft
flush to her beautiful face. "WOW" I gasped, "You don't get many
of those to a pound, I'll have to make sure I get my share before
some young hunk discovers them." I then turned, went into my
bedroom and dressed as quickly as I could. When I was ready I
went and knocked on the girls bedroom door, went in when called
and said "OK girls, who wants to come and make out, while the
cook finishes off our supper?" it was then that I noticed that
Jenny wasn't there, and when I asked Sarah said, with a grin "I
think she's gone down to help Sue in the kitchen. She went all
funny after you kissed her, and said she needed to get some
help." I grinned, then said "Oh, well, that makes it a little
more simple, I can handle two of you much easier than three, if
you want to come that is?"

I'd hardly sat down on my old leather sofa before I was
sandwiched between Sarah and Lisa, my arms round their shoulders,
and my lips locked tight to theirs turn and turn about. After a
couple of minutes kissing they both snuggled up close to me, half
turned inwards so I could easily get my hands inside their open
blouses and cupping their naked breasts. I have to admit, and I
did later to Mary, that I felt really good as I relaxed with my
hands on a pair of firm conical young girls breasts, feeling
their hard prominent nipples as they pressed into the centre on
my palms, or pulsated between my finger and thumb as I tweaked or
rolled them into pencil eraser sized nubbins. The fact that I had
the girls hands caressing my steadily swelling cock also helped
the feel good factor as they worked together to bring me to a
full erection.

After a few minutes of this treatment I lowered my head and
whispered "Right girls, I want you to lay down with your heads on
my lap and your legs over the arms of the sofa" they looked at
each other, giggled and then quickly did as I asked, making sure
that the hems of their skirts rode as far up their thighs as they
could manage without being too obvious. I bent down, kissed them
both tenderly on the lips and said softly "Right girls, I want
you to close your eyes and be as quiet as you can. The first one
to make a sound gets a public spanking before bedtime, OK?" with
their eyes wide open, and smiles on their lips they both nodded
then screwed their eyes up tight and clamped their lips together
as they lay there in anticipation of having a really good time.

As they lay there I opened up their blouses as slowly as I could,
making sure I scraped my fingers across their now turgid nipples
every time I came close enough to them. When I had both garments
fully open I placed a hand on each far breast, pressed down as
gently as possible while still flattening their mammary mounds to
their chests. Very slowly I began to move my hands round in
circles, making sure their nipples were in the centre of each
palm. As I rubbed their titties I gradually lifted my hands until
all I was doing was rubbing the tips of their nipples with the
palms of each hand. Eventually I lifted my hands and, after
placing my fingertips on their chests, I slowly dragged them over
to each girls other breast and repeated my actions from the
beginning. When I was done with both breasts I began to roll and
tweak their nipples between by fingers and thumbs, and smiled as
I saw how hard they were struggling in their efforts to keep
silent. When I finally removed my fingers from their nipples Lisa
and Sarah visibly relaxed, and both girls gave deep sighs of
relief when they thought I was done. Still neither of them
uttered a sound, in case I wasn't actually done with them, which
I wasn't.

What I was doing was moving my hands down to their legs, and as
soon as they felt my fingers moving up their thighs they took a
deep breath and opened up their knees to allow me free access to
the centre of their sex. I guess I shouldn't have been surprised
to find they had no panties on, and instead of having to struggle
with underwear I was able to place my hand on naked pussy. Not
just naked, but now trimmed pussy. As their skirts were now so
high I was able to get a peek of each vagina, and grinned when I
saw they'd both trimmed, but not actually shaved their pussy fur
so that their labia were almost free of any sort of covering.
When I pressed my hands to their soft wet hot and very wet mounds
they both took in deep breaths, being as quiet as they could
whilst filling their lungs with fresh air. I was sitting there,
rubbing my hands up and down both pussies, pressing my middle
finger between soft wet lips, and rubbing the side of my thumb
against two hard erect clitoral buds, when the door to the den
opened and Jenny walked in and stood in front of the three of us.
Why it happened I don't know, nor did Lisa, but when Jenny saw
what we were doing, she gave a loud gasp of surprise, and this
somehow broke Lisa's concentration, allowing her to succumb to
the stimulation she was receiving, and making her suddenly cry
out as she exploded in orgasm, clamping her thighs tight round my
pussy invading hand.

Realising that Lisa had lost made Sarah also relax, and seconds
after Lisa came, so did Sarah, and just as vocally, trapping my
other hand as her thighs came together like the jaws of a bear
trap. Before Jenny could do or say anything Sue came into the
room to see what was holding us up after she'd sent Jenny to call
us for our meal. When she saw what was happening and the shocked
expression on Jenny's face, she slipped an arm round Jenny's
shoulder, steered her to an arm chair opposite the sofa and
pressed her down into it. It wasn't long before Lisa and Sarah
were sitting up and doing up the buttons of their blouses. When
they were dressed once more Sarah looked at Lisa, grinned and
said "Beat ya!, now I get to see that big butt of yours turn
bright red while you scream yourself hoarse." "In your dreams
sister. You'll hear no screams from me, I don't care how hard I
get it." They then turned and kissed me on the cheeks saying that
they had to go and freshen up before supper. "What were they
arguing about there daddy?" asked Sue as she sat huddled up close
to Jenny "Loser gets spanked, and the loser was the first one to
make a sound, which was Lisa, who cried out as she climaxed.
Nothing to worry about darling, just some good clean fun to start
the weekend."

Through this exchanged Jenny was still sitting in total silence,
and I stood up, said I had to get cleaned up and would be down
for supper in a couple of minutes. When I was out of the room Sue
turned to Jenny and said "What's the matter Jenny, you seem
worried about what was going on here. Don't you like the idea
that daddy just made two of our friends come to orgasm?" Jenny
shook her head, "No Sue, it isn't that so much, although I was
surprised to see it happening so openly. It was you daddy saying
he was going to beat Lisa for making the first sound. It just
doesn't seem fair that she should be punished for doing that when
he was trying to make her have an orgasm." Sue giggled, then said
"Jenny darling, did Lisa look at all worried that she was going
to get spanked?" Jenny shook her head slowly. "In that case my
dear, I should wait until it happens before you pass judgement.
Believe me darling, I don't complain when daddy spanks me, in
fact sometimes I do things to make him do it."

Jenny still didn't seem convinced, so Sue said firmly "Look
Jenny, I promise you that at no time will daddy hurt you, or do
anything to put you in a position where you might get hurt. If
you want him to stop at any time, no matter what he's doing, all
you have to do is say the magic word, and I think that 'Elephant'
would be as good as any. I know it may sound silly, but believe
me it works." She looked at Jenny, smiled and continued, "What
did your mom say to you before you came over today. About daddy,
I mean?" Jenny blushed, then grinned, "She said I was to trust
him not to hurt me, and believe her when she says that he is the
best lover I'm ever likely to meet this side of the Rockies."
Jenny giggled, "I guess all that noise she was making the other
day was her doing some research on the subject, wasn't it?" Sue
grinned, nodded and said "It sure was, but that's all I could
find out, mom and daddy never talk about what happens when they
have fun, and if you ask daddy to be your first this weekend he
won't talk about that either. You see Jenny my love, we all have
to keep what happens a very deep secret so that our parents don't
get into trouble with the law." She paused for a moment, then
said "What you just saw hasn't made you change your mind has it?"
Jenny grinned, shook her head then said "No Sue, but I want to
see what happens when Lisa gets spanked first, just in case I can
pick up some tips from her."

With supper over, and having insisted that I help load the
dishwasher so I couldn't be called a slave driver, the five of us
went back into the den where we all sat on the sofa. It was a bit
crowded, but also quite nice having Sue and Jenny pressed up
close to me, with Lisa and Sarah on the outside. I put my arms
round all four backs, and Jenny and Sue rested their heads on my
chest, holding each others hands across my lap, resting them
right on top of my swelling manhood. After a short while just
sitting and relaxing Sue made Jenny giggle by letting go of her
hand and grasping my hard throbbing cock and giving it a gentle
shake. "Don't you think it's time a certain person gets a
spanking daddy" she said. I nodded "What a good idea Sue my love,
why don't you go and set things up, and the rest of you get ready
as well?" Sue jumped to her feet, "Come on girls, it's time for
some action" and led the other three out of the den and up stairs
to the bedroom they were sharing.

By the time I got there after changing out of my sweats and into
just my long bathrobe, Sue, Sarah and Jenny were in their sleep
t-shirts, while Lisa was wearing her dressing gown which was tied
loosely at her waist. This allowed me to get a good look at her
wonderful firm conical orange sized breasts as she turned to face
me as I entered the room. Sue had placed a hard backed chair in
the centre of the room, and I went and sat on it, facing the bed
where all but Lisa were sitting. I sat down, looked at Lisa and
said softly "Ready Lisa?" she grinned, nodded and said "Yes Uncle
Jack, as ready as I'll ever be" then she came and stood by my
right thigh and slowly undid the tie of her dressing gown,
allowing it to drop to the floor, then leaned over until she was
laying across my now open thighs. As I had also opened my
bathrobe I felt her wriggle as she got into a comfortable
position, and murmur as she rubbed her naked abdomen against the
head of my now rampant cock. When Lisa was laying still I slipped
my left hand under her chest, cupped my hand over her right
breast and said softly "Nice and comfy Lisa darling?" she nodded,
murmured "Hnnn Hnnn" and I laid my right hand on her now
stretched and naked buttocks then gently started to caress her
firm smooth cheeks.

Slowly I lifted my hand, paused for a second then brought it down
smartly on to Lisa's bare buttock with a resounding 'Splat'.
Lisa's body jerked, she took in a sharp breath, then relaxed once
more as she waited for the second blow to land. This wasn't long
in coming, and as I landed it I looked up and looked at the other
girls as they sat watching what was going on. As I expected Sue
and Sarah were quite relaxed, even if they were rubbing their
thighs together as they sat back leaning on their hands as they
watched their friend getting spanked. Jenny was rather more
attentive. She also looked as if she was waiting for Lisa to
start crying with pain as my hand landed on her bottom with each
loud slap. I don't know if she was disappointed, I do know she
was beginning to get aroused as she watched Lisa begin to wriggle
and squirm each time my hand landed on her naked flesh.

After I'd landed six blows I changed what I was doing. On the
seventh spank I allowed my hand to lay on the spot I'd just
landed on, then started to move my hand in circles over Lisa's
warmed up cheeks. I also moved it down slightly so I could feel
her swollen pussy lips with the palm of my hand. The instant she
felt me touch her there Lisa gasped and opened her thighs a
little more as she tried to press harder on my palm. What I also
felt was what I expected, and that was a slick coating of Lisa's
lube juices covering my palm. After a moment more caressing
Lisa's pussy I restarted the spanking, and continued until she
had received a total of twenty. By this time Lisa was almost
humping my right leg, as she held tight to my left, holding
almost as tight to my hard throbbing cock with one hand slipped
between my open thighs. My left hand was still cupping her right
breast, and I was rubbing it round and round so her nipple was
getting the full benefit of my attentions. After the final blow I
rested my hand on Lisa's bottom, holding it just below the
junction of the swell of her firm buttocks and her firm smooth
thighs. By now her pussy was running with her juices, and she was
so aroused that as soon as I covered her lips with my hand she
cried out with pleasure. I bent over and placed a kiss on the
base of her spine, using this action to cover my slipping my
thumb between her pussy lips and getting it well moistened.

As soon as I sat upright I placed my palm over Lisa's pussy,
touched my thumb to her tight puckered anus and gently slipped my
middle finger between her slick labia. As my finger slowly
entered her vaginal passage I pressed my thumb to her butt and
seconds later had both digits buried hand deep inside her. Giving
Lisa no chance to think I then began to thumb and finger fuck her
pussy and her ass, all the time gently squeezing her right titty
as I supported her at both ends. Lisa was so aroused that I
didn't think it would be very long before she reached a climax.
In fact she was quicker than even I anticipated, and her back
arched and her thighs clamped tight in less that a minute of
having my finger and thumb buried deep inside her. Her cries of
ecstasy as she came were so loud that Sue shot across the space
between us with a pillow in her hand to use in an effort to
muffle her friends vocalisation. She succeeded quite well, and
after a couple of minutes she helped me to get Lisa on to the bed
and in a fairly comfortable position in which to sleep.

As I was covering Lisa with the comforter I heard Sue say to
Jenny, "There you are Jen, now you know what it's like to be
spanked by my daddy. Feel like having a go soon?" Jenny giggled
softly and I saw her shake her head, "No, not just yet Sue, but
it certainly seems like something to look forward to, doesn't
it?" Having finished making Lisa comfortable I stood up, pulled
my robe round me and tied it tight. I then said "Right girls,
anyone want tucking in before I get into bed?" Sarah put up her
hand and dived into bed beside Lisa, leaving Jenny and Sue
sitting on the edge of their bed still chatting. I stepped over
to where Sarah was laying, sat on the edge of her bed and bent
over to kiss her tenderly. "Uncle Jack, would you please kiss my
titties for me please. You know it makes me sleep much better." I
smiled, nodded and bent down to where she was lifting her nightie
up to her neck, baring her luscious firm comical breasts with
their puffy aureoles that almost buried her pointed nipples. As
tenderly as I could I engulfed each nipple in my mouth and
flicked them as I sucked on them as gently as possible. When I
had treated both breasts the same I drew Sarah's nightie down,
pulled the comforter up to her chin and then kissed her tenderly
on the lips before wishing her a soft goodnight.

I then stepped over to where Sue and Jenny were still talking in
low voices, lifted Sue's chin so I could kiss her soft warm lips,
and wished her a soft goodnight. "'Night daddy" she said softly,
and smiled as I turned to Jenny who watched our every move. With
a gently warm smile on my lips I put the tip of my index finger
under Jenny's chin, lifted it gently and lightly touched my lips
to hers in as soft gentle and tender a kiss as I could ever
imagine. "Goodnight Jenny my dear" I said softly as I pulled
away. She looked me in the eyes, threw one arm round my neck and
pulled me back into contact with her lips, only very much harder
than I'd done it. After giving me a toe curling kiss Jenny leaned
back and gasped "Goodnight Uncle Jack, and thanks for being so
understanding." I gave her a quick peck on the cheek and said
softly "You're worth it darling" then stood up and walked back to
my own bed.

I hadn't been in bed long before the phone rang; it was Mary,
telling me she wouldn't be home until just before supper on
Saturday. It seemed she had been invited to stay with Trish for
the night, and anyway didn't like the idea of disturbing me and
the girls too soon. It seems she was still laughing ten minutes
after she put the phone down when I told her I was laying in bed
on my own having done little more than spank Lisa and kiss them
all goodnight. I have to say that wasn't true for very long,
because a couple of minutes after replacing the phone myself
there was a knock on the door and on answering it I found Sue and
Jenny creeping in and closing the door behind them. Jenny sat on
the edge of the bed while Sue climbed on and wriggled herself
under the covers beside me, slipping her arms round my chest and
lifting her face to mine to be kissed. This time when I kissed my
daughter is was warm and passionate, with a good deal of lip
nipping and tongue wrestling as we normally did when in bed

End of Chapter Seven


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