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Abandoned Women Volume One Chapter Eight
A story by davidb234

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

Chapter Eight

"Daddy darling" she said softly in between placing soft warm
kisses on my eyes cheeks and lips. "Yes Susan my love" I replied.
"Daddy, do you think you feel strong enough to show Jenny how you
and I make love?" "That depends Sue darling" I replied, giving
her a wink on the blind side of where Jenny was sitting. "Depends
on what?" Sue replied, suddenly understanding and beginning to
play the game. "On whether and just how much she wants to learn"
I replied as I let my gaze drift over to where Jenny was standing
watching every single move Sue and I were making. Sue grinned up
at me, then she slid down my body until she could cross her arms
on my chest and rest her chin on them as she looked up at me. She
then reached over and kissed both my turgid nipples, looked back
at me and said "Well daddy, she did say that if she uses her safe
word more than once she will deserve to be spanked just like Lisa
was." I lay there for a moment or two as if I was thinking,
during which time I pulled Sue's nightie up her back and, when
she lifted herself up, over her breasts, to her chin. I then
slipped my hands between our bodies and gently palpated her
breasts as I said "Well, OK darling, but you know the basic rule,
don't you?" Sue nodded, rolled off my body and sat upright.
Despite the fact her breasts were now on display Sue grinned at
Jenny and said "OK Jen, it's all yours" then lay back against my
chest pressing her hard nipples into my side as she snuggled up
close to me.

Jenny took a deep breath, knelt on the edge of the bed, leaned
forward so I could get a good look down her nightie at her firm
hard nipple tipped breasts and said "Uncle Jack, will you please
show me how to make love, just like you have Susan, Sarah and
Lisa?" She blushed prettily, then continued "I also want you to
me my first lover, and help me get rid of my virginity, no matter
how much it might hurt me, and show me how I can start learning
how to please the man I love." I leaned forward, touched my
fingertips to her cheek and my lips to hers and said softly "Of
course I will Jenny darling, I'd be proud to do all you ask, and
it will be my pleasure to be your first lover." With that I
opened up her side of the bed. She scrambled in beside me and sat
there not quite sure what to do next. Sue grinned at her, then
lifted her arms and quickly removed her nightie, nodding at Jenny
to do the same. With her face and chest covered in a charming
flush Jenny stripped off her nightie and sat there, her head held
high and her chest pushed out as she proved to herself she could
enjoy showing her naked body off to an adult male.

"OH, WOW" I gasped softly, then reached out and touched Jenny's
naked nipples with my fingertips, "I didn't know you had such
great breasts" I said almost breathlessly, "Can I kiss them
please Jenny darling?" Jenny shut her eyes and nodded, then sat
rigid as a post as I placed my lips over first one, then the
other firm rounded titty that was being offered to me. When my
lips touched her nipples Jenny grabbed my hair and pressed my
face closer to her chest, making as firm a contact between my
mouth and her breast, as she could. I took the opportunity to get
her on her back, and as she grabbed me I began to press her
backwards until she was finally laying beside me, with me half on
top of her body with my mouth firmly clamped to her firm young

When I was able to remove her hands from the back of my head I
moved upwards and pressed my lips to hers in what was supposed to
be a soft sweet kiss, but which ended in a hard passionate one
when she decided to take control. While our lips were locked
together I took the opportunity to allow my free hand to move
down her body, over her abdomen, across the soft smooth swell of
her belly, and finally to rest for a moment on her firm swollen
mons. It felt strange to feel no pubic fur at first, then when I
finally managed to cup her pussy with my hand I realised she had
none at all. I suddenly wondered if Sue and the rest of the girls
knew that Jenny shaved her pussy, and just how much I suddenly
wanted to do it for them. I wasn't too sure if I was the first
male to come into contact with Jenny's pussy, naked or not, but I
was quite sure she knew what it meant when a hand came into
contact with it like mine was now. Quick as a flash Jenny's legs
spread wide, her hips moved off the bed and her wet swollen pussy
was being forced against my palm, wetting it with the copious
amounts of lube juices that were suddenly flowing from between
her labia.

Quick as a flash I shuffled down the bed until I was laying with
my head between Jenny's thighs. Carefully I placed my hands on
the insides of her thighs then gently lowered my face until I had
my lips pressed firmly against her wet swollen pussy lips. This
brought a scream of pleasure from Jenny's lips, loud enough to
bring Lisa and Sarah into the room. By the time they were
standing beside the bed I had Jenny writhing and humping against
my lips and tongue as I sucked and flicked at her suddenly
engorged clitty. Suddenly, giving a final scream Jenny collapsed
in a limp heap, her knees falling on the bed, displaying her
pulsating pussy lips to her three best friends without realising
it. By the time Jenny recovered she had been washed and dried,
then laid snuggled up close to my side as I sat chatting to the
others about what they wanted to do over the weekend. "You OK
Jen?" asked Lisa, who was sitting beside her. Jenny nodded, "What
happened, did I fall asleep or something, what's going on?" I
gave her a hug, bent and kissed her on the top of the head, that
being the only place I could reach at the time, "Something like
that Jenny my love" I replied. "Did you.. you know, do it?" I
laughed softly, as did Sue and the others, "No of course I didn't
darling, that wouldn't have been the right thing for me to do,
now would it?" Jenny blushed prettily, shook her head and said in
a whisper "No, sorry Uncle Jack, I didn't think. When can we do
it then?" and she struggled to sit up beside me, despite the fact
she was naked, and her friends were sitting looking at her.

"Why not now?" asked Sue, with a grin, "We can help daddy get
ready, and also help you if you get stuck or something." Suddenly
Jenny's breasts were suffused with blood as she realised what was
being suggested. She already agreed to have an audience, but only
of one, and that was going to be Sue, now it seemed the others
were there, showed no sign of wanting to go back to bed, and she
didn't really want to wait much longer. After a moment Jenny
turned to me, and said "Do you mind Uncle Jack, having them watch
what we're doing, I mean?" "Jenny darling, it's entirely up to
you. If you want it to be just the two of us, then I'm sure the
girls will go back to bed. Sue has a point though, you might
suddenly need some help I might not be able to give, depending on
what we're doing." Jenny thought for a few seconds, then grinned
at Sue and said "Well, OK Sue, I guess it might pay to have an
expert handy to show me what to do, and maybe the others might
learn something too." When the catcalls and jeers had died down
Sue leaned over, kissed me passionately and said softly "Right
daddy, I think woman superior is best, don't you?" I nodded, and
allowed her to gently press me on to my back while Lisa and Sarah
pulled the bedclothes down to the bottom of the bed out of the
way. "OK girls" said Sue as she knelt beside my hip, "Lets show
our virgin how to get a guy nice and hard" and before I could
protest she had engulfed my semi erect cock in her open mouth
while Lisa kissed me hungrily and Sarah stroked my naked body
from nipples to scrotum with her fingertips.

Sue knew quite well what effect this was going to have on me and
despite having a real hard erection by the time she lifted her
head she called Lisa and Sarah to have their turn. By this time I
was in no state to do anything for Jenny, I knew the instant my
cock touched her virgin pussy I was going to explode and waste my
cum on spattering her labia and anything else that was in range.
Fortunately Sue also knew this and as I tried to tell her softly
to stop she looked at me, gave me a sly wink and giggled as she
turned back to the girls. "Right Jenny, why don't you have a try.
Don't take too long though because I don't think daddy will last
too much longer, and I think you need to see what happens when
you really get an adult male properly wound up and horny." Jenny
seemed a little reluctant, but after being encouraged by Lisa and
Sarah she lowered her head, opened her mouth and slowly lowered
herself on to my hard throbbing pre-cum oozing penis. As soon as
Jenny felt the slick secretion on her tongue she lifted her head,
screwed up her face and said "Was that his cum I tasted?" Sue
smiled, shook her head and said "No babe, that was what's called
precum. It's something that makes his cock slippery and helps it
get inside us a lot easier than if he were dry. It helps if we're
nice and wet as well, the two seem to work very well together, as
you'll no doubt find out sooner or later." While Sue was talking
to Jenny, Lisa and Sarah were continuing to work on my cock.
Suddenly Lisa looked up and gasped "He's going to cum Sue, what
do you want us to do with it?" "Shower of course" cried Sue, and
she drew the others into a huddle over my suddenly pulsating cock
and began to jack me off as hard as she could.

Seconds later I was crying out as a wave of pleasure rippled up
and down my body, beginning in my groin and bouncing off the top
of my skull to return to it's point of origin. Over and over
again my orgasm rippled up and down my body, and I was so
overtaken with it I almost missed a most erotic happening just
above my groin. I had been so aroused all the time I was playing
with Jenny that when I came it was like a fire hose as spurt
after spurt of hot sticky semen pulsed from my cock, spattering
on all the girls faces as Sue moved my cock around while she
continued to jerk me off. When the final dribble of cum was
oozing from me Sue made Jenny gasp as she lowered her head and
took my cum soaked cock into her mouth, sucking and licking as
clean as she could. She then sat up and copied what Lisa and
Sarah where doing, wiping their faces clean with their fingers,
and sucking them clean when they were fully coated with my
ejaculate. Seeing that Jenny was sitting there in a daze Sue
wiped a finger over her chin, then touched it to Jenny's lips,
saying with a smile "Now this is daddies cum, and it tastes
really scrummy, try it." Jenny shook her head and clamped her
lips tight shut. "Oh, come on girl, don't chicken out on me now.
You did promise to give it a try. Honest Jenny darling, it
doesn't taste bad, ask the girls." Jenny looked at what Lisa and
Sarah were doing, and before she could say anything they both
nodded their heads and Lisa said "Sue's right Jen, and it's best
while it's still warm."

Almost reluctantly Jenny turned back to Sue, opened her mouth a
fraction and put out the tip of her tongue. Sue grinned, shook
her head and touched her cum coated fingertips to Jenny's tongue
tip, allowing her to then draw it back into her mouth. Jenny
moved her tongue round her mouth, then sucked it before
swallowing. After a moments pause she smiled, reached out and
grabbed Sue's hand sucking her friends fingers on to her tongue
and sucked hard at them until they were well and truly cleaned
off. A moment later and all three friends were wiping their
fingers over Jenny's cum soaked face, and feeding her over and
over again until she was clean, if a little bit sticky. As she
sat back on her heels Jenny grinned at her friends and said "OK,
don't gloat, I admit you were right. Maybe next time I can get
some straight from the source if you'll show me what to do."
"Well, maybe now would be a good time to try Jen" said Sue softly
"Daddies gone limp as a noodle and needs to be revived for you.
Come here and I'll tell you how to do it." With that the girls
all turned their backs to me and bent down in a huddle as Sue
explained her 'cunning plan' for getting me ready for Jenny to
lose her maidenhead. It was quite simple, the plan I mean. All
that happened was that Jenny straddled my chest, bent down and
took my flaccid cock in her mouth as she opened her thighs as far
as she could displaying her still swollen and cum oozing pussy
lips a few inches from my face. As Jenny worked her newfound oral
magic on me Sue and the girls stroked and kissed any part of my
naked body they could get to, each of then cupping my balls turn
and turn about as Jenny worked her head up and down the amount of
my rapidly hardening cock she could take in her inexperienced
young mouth.

"Enough" cried Sue eventually, Lisa and Sarah sat up beside me,
Jenny lifted her head and threw one leg over my chest so she
could also kneel beside me, looking at me with a wide grin on her
lips. "OK Jen, show time" said Sue firmly, and without a pause
Jenny shuffled down the bed and straddled my hips, holding her
sopping wet pussy lips a couple of inches above the swollen head
of my pulsating manhood. Sue Lisa and Sarah all placed their
fingers against the rigid shaft of my cock, holding it still
while Jenny moved her hips about as she tried to position my
cockhead against her virgin love tunnel entrance. In the end Sue
wrapped her fingers round my cock and placed her other hand on
Jenny's hips saying softly, "OK Jen darling, lower yourself
slowly, I'll aim it." Jenny giggled self-consciously as she
leaned forward slightly and rested her hands on my chest while
she moved her hips lower until she could feel my cockhead
pressing at her tight pussy entrance. All of a sudden Jenny
gasped, and I felt her labia snap tight round my cockshaft as my
glans lodged inside her. "Oh, WOW" she gasped as she felt the
first piece of male flesh enter her young body, "I didn't know it
was going to be that big. I don't think it will fit all the way
in Sue, what should I do?"

Sue and the girls tenderly caressed Jenny's back and buttocks
while I stroked the back of my fingers over her firm swollen and
very flushed breasts. "Well, you can bounce up and down a few
times to get used to daddies cock moving inside you, then, when
you think you're ready, you can ask daddy to do it. The other way
is for you to sit up, then press down hard until you're sitting
on daddies hips, it's up to you baby, no one can make this
decision for you I'm afraid." Jenny looked at Sue, then looked
down at me. She smiled as she began to slowly move up and down on
my cock then said softly "Please Uncle Jack, do it now." I
nodded, and as she began to move down I gave a hard thrust
upwards with my hips and burst through her hymen, destroying it
for all time. "Owww.." gasped Jenny as she collapsed, sitting her
butt on my hips and lowering her head as she tried to hide the
tears that began to flow from her eyes. As tenderly as I could I
drew Jenny's body down to rest on mine, then I gently lifted her
head so I could make contact with her soft warm lips, before
kissing away her tears. "I'm sorry that hurt Jenny my love, I'm
afraid no matter what happened it was going to be the same. Just
remember that it only happens once, from now on it's mostly going
to be lots of fun."

Jenny giggled into my chest, then she lifted her head and said
softly "Uncle Jack, please don't tell mom I cried. She told me it
was going to hurt the first time, but it was going to be less
painful doing it with someone like you than if I got some boy to
do it. At least you tried to make it as nice as possible" she
paused for a second then, with a wide grin she said "Now, can we
fuck please I'm really hot and horny and I want to feel you fill
me with you hot sticky and very tasty cum." A moment later and
Jenny was wriggling her hips round and round, and back and forth
as she sought for that one position where she was going to be
able to bring herself off on my manhood. Suddenly she stopped,
grinned broadly and began to move to and fro, rubbing her
engorged clitty against me, and bouncing up and down on my shaft,
until she was screaming out loud as she exploded into another,
different type of, orgasm. This time Jenny didn't collapse, she
just jerked against the base of my shaft as she tried to prolong
her climax for as long as possible. Eventually she was spent, and
with her head hanging she slowly sank against my chest, her own
breast heaving as she fought for breath after the greatest sexual
experience of her young life.

As Jenny lay on top of me I lifted my hips as high as I could,
allowing Sue and Lisa to move her legs from being bent under her,
to laying alongside mine. Grasping one hand on her butt, and the
other one round her back I rolled the two of us over so I was
laying on top of her, with her open thighs allowing me to keep my
cock firmly embedded in her grasping pussy. Taking my weight on
my elbows and knees I began to slowly press my cock in and out of
her cunt, getting faster and harder as she opened her eyes, and
realising what was happening. With a loud cry of ecstasy Jenny
wrapped her legs round my back as high as she could, opening
herself to me even more than before. She threw her arms round my
neck and mashed her lips to mine in a long hot passionate kiss
that seemed to be lasting forever. It didn't, but it did last
until I gasped into her mouth "I'm going to cum Jenny darling,
I'm cumming, I'm cumming NOOOWWWW..." and I suddenly rammed my
hips to her groin pressing my cockhead hard against the mouth of
her cervix and began to shoot a massive stream of cum deep into
her receptive womb.

By the time Jenny and I were rested then showered, Sue and the
others had changed the bed so no one was sleeping in a wet patch,
of which there were a number. When we went back into the bedroom
it was to find they were in bed waiting for us to join them. As I
lay down between Sue and Jenny I suddenly thought that there was
one of them that had yet to have an orgasm, and that was Sue, the
one that had been doing all the organising as well as most of the
cooking. I rolled over to face her, pressed my lips to hers in a
soft sweet kiss and said "Susan darling, there is something that
has been missing this evening, can you think what it is?" Sue
screwed up her face as she thought, then shook her head, "No
daddy, sorry I can't, what is it you're talking about?" I
chuckled, kissed her warmly and said softly "You screaming as you
cum darling, that's what's missing. How about I do something
about that right now?" Sue grinned, "Well, I don't mind darling,
but won't it keep the others awake?" I kissed her again, a little
more warmly, shook my head and said "Why don't we forget about
them darling, just lay still and let me see what I can do, OK?"
Sue nodded, then whispered "Oh, yes please daddy, I'd love that."

I kissed her on the lips once more, then moved down, kissing her
chin, along her throat, across her shoulders and all over her
suddenly flushed chest until I reached the swell of her breasts.
As I covered each nipple with my lips I held her arms in my
hands, almost pinning her to the bed as I worked my way around
each breast, then down her ribs and abdomen until I reached her
navel. After licking all around and in her belly button, which
made Sue giggle softly, I slowly licked my way over her belly and
found myself with my tongue buried in amongst her soft downy
pubic hair. It was there that I was hit by the strong aroma of
her arousal, and I paused for a moment to take great deep breaths
as I flicked the tip of my tongue all over her firm swollen mons.
By now I'd had to release Sue's arms, so brought my hands down to
help spread her thighs, and hold them apart, knowing that I was
likely to get a squashed head if I wasn't careful. Once I had Sue
thighs apart I slid down that extra few inches and without any
warning covered Sue's clit with my mouth and began sucking and
flicking the tip of my tongue at her hard erect nubbin.

By now Sue's cries of pleasure had grabbed the attention of her
friends, and they were all sitting up watching what was
happening, and I suspect Jenny was also taking notes, if only
mentally. As Sue came to her first crashing orgasm I held her
legs apart and continued my assault on her tender young sex by
moving my mouth down a fraction and pressing my firm fleshy
tongue as deep into her pussy as I could. This made Sue come
again, and there was almost no gap between her orgasms as I moved
from one form of stimulation to another without a pause. In the
end all I was doing was wiping the flat of my tongue up, and in,
her wet swollen slit, from her love tunnel to her hooded clitty.
Each time I got to the top Sue gave another groan and a ripple of
pleasure travelled up and down her frame. Eventually even Sue had
had enough, and she placed her hands on my head and weakly pulled
at my hair as she tried to make me stop. I did so, mainly because
my tongue was getting tired, and my jaw was beginning to ache.
Slowly I shuffled back up the bed, lay beside Sue and said softly
"Feel better now baby?" she opened her eyes slowly, smiled
lovingly up at me and said in a soft voice "Yes daddy darling, I
feel wonderful. Like always it was worth waiting for" she giggled
then said "Maybe we should have done this in private daddy, I
think someone is going to want the same very soon." I looked up
at the other girls and saw their grinning faces, even Jenny
seemed to enjoy the prospect of having herself seriously eaten
out by me. I chuckled, then said firmly "Sleep girls, or no one
is going to be in any fit state to do anything in the morning."

I slept like the proverbial log, only waking up when I felt I was
being sucked into a vacuum cleaner. I opened my eyes and was
surprised to see it was Jenny sucking hard on my hard throbbing
cock, as she tried her best to make me cum in her mouth. Sue and
the others were nowhere to be seen, and I wondered if Sue had set
this up as a rite of passage for Jenny, especially considering
how reluctant she had been the previous evening and night. In an
effort to assist Jenny I bent my thoughts to anything that might
help me cum a little quicker, and suddenly remembering that as
yet Sarah had yet to have her cherry popped seemed to do the
trick. "I'm cuuummmiiinnnggg Jenny darling, I'm cuummiinngg.." I
gasped, and immediately began to shoot a stream of hot sticky
semen deep into her throat, most of it landing there before she
could withdraw her head enough to prevent it. As the final couple
of spurts landed on her face Jenny let go of my cock and allowed
it to flop back on to my belly as she sat back on her heels, a
well satisfied grin spreading across her face. "God, that was
great" I gasped as I look down my body at where Jenny was
kneeling. She giggled and blushed saying "I didn't think I could
do it Uncle Jack, but Sue told me I had to try this or I couldn't
join in everything else." I sat up, grinned at her and said "Was
it just Sue, or did the others agree with her Jenny my love?" She
smiled sheepishly, "Well, I suppose it was all of them going on
at me, I just didn't want to seem to be a wuss or anything. Mind
you Uncle Jack, I'm glad I did, because I think it's really
great, especially now I know how your cum tastes when it's nice
and warm. Can I do it again some time please?"

By now I was up and slipping my bath robe on. I grinned at Jenny
and said "Of course you can Jenny darling, there's nothing I'd
like better. Just make sure your mom doesn't mind, and ask Aunt
Mary if it's OK too please. I'd hate to upset anyone over
something so simple." As I got to the bedroom door I turned to
Jenny and said "Want to come and have a shower with me Jenny
darling?" She jumped off the bed and yelled "Whee.. yes please
Uncle Jack" and dashed to the bathroom where I found her stripped
naked and turning on the shower to get the temperature right for
us. As it was Jenny's first time showering with me, or anyone I
suspect, it took longer than normal. She spent a lot of time
washing my hard bouncing cock over and over again, and I spent
almost as long soaping, scrubbing with my hands, then rinsing
off, her breasts and her puffy naked pussy. In the end the water
went cold, and we had to get out and dry off, then we went to our
own rooms to dress, ending up walking down the stairs hand in
hand, and sitting at the kitchen table side by side and eating
our breakfast. When we were finished I helped Jenny do the
dishes, at least load the washer, then we went to find the girls,
who were sitting in the living room watching TV.

As we sat side by side I held Jenny's hand, gave it a squeeze and
then said "Susan, can I have a word with you please dear?" Sue
turned to look at me, suddenly looking slightly worried as I
normally didn't call her 'Susan' to her face. Slowly Sue stood
up, came and stood with her knees touching mine and looking down
into my eyes said quietly "Yes daddy." The fact I wasn't smiling
told her there was something going on, and when I said "Susan my
love, do you remember what the very first rule is, regarding what
you girls and I get up to?", she was quite certain. As it was she
just nodded. "What is it?" I asked, "Why don't you say it out
loud so everyone can hear it?" Sue went pale, took a deep breath
and said in a soft voice "No one is forced to do anything they
don't want to." "When we first discussed this whole course of
action, didn't I say that any form of coercion was unacceptable,
darling?" I said gently, aware that Sarah and Lisa were now
taking notice. "Yes daddy" Sue said, a tiny tremor suddenly
appearing in her voice. "And what do you think I've found out
today?" I continued, still keeping my voice low and calm. "That
we pressured Jenny to do something she didn't really want to do,
we made her feel like she was a coward if she didn't come and do
what she did this morning." "Was that really fair of you?" I
asked, and Sue shook her head as I saw tears suddenly well up in
her eyes. "You know what that means, don't you darling?" I asked,
a smile almost starting to appear in the corners of my mouth.
Sue's eyes opened wide, as did her mouth, then she gasped "We get
spanked daddy?" I nodded, "Why don't you take the other two
upstairs and get ready, skirts and panties will do I think, don't
you?" the last bit I whispered to Sue, and she grinned broadly
and nodded "Oh, yes, I think so daddy, I'll get things started
now." With that she turned to Sarah and Lisa, said "Come on
girls, we have to talk, now!"

"What's going on Uncle Jack?" asked Jenny as the others
disappeared out the door. I explained about our most basic rule,
and how it had been broken when the girls had coerced her into
having oral sex with me this morning. The result being that they
were now going to be spanked for breaking that rule. "But I don't
want them to be punished Uncle Jack, after all I ended up liking
what I did, that wouldn't be very fair, would it?" I smiled at
Jenny, pulled her into my arms and held her close to me, "Jenny
darling, do you remember what happened to Lisa, when she got
spanked?" Jenny nodded, "Yes, of course, she ended up having an
or... Oh! I see. Sorry Uncle Jack, I guess I'm being stupid this
morning. They're not being punished, just reminded they broke the
rule, then rewarded for giving us a nice time. Will you make love
to all of them Uncle Jack?" I chuckled, "No Jenny darling, I
don't think I can do that, you see my love, Sarah hasn't had her
cherry popped yet, and I don't think she'll want to do it under
these circumstances." Jenny giggled, "Oh, I don't know Uncle
Jack, knowing her so much better like I do now, I think she might
just think it's so different as to be extremely erotic. Why don't
I ask her?" before I could answer Jenny was running up the
stairs, returning shortly, a very wide grin spread across her
beautiful young face.

It seemed that Sue's ever inventive mind had been working
overtime. When Jenny went in and asked if Sarah wanted to lose
her virginity today, and did she want to do it after being
spanked, she was surprised to find that the girls had already
discussed the matter and had decided to ask me to do it anyway.
Jenny explained how the girls had worked things out, and when I
demurred over one part of it assured me that that's the way they
all wanted it to be done. Nothing loth, I agreed, and the two of
us made our way upstairs, me to my bedroom to strip off and get
into my bathrobe, Jenny to go and tell the girls I was going to
do it their way. What a way it turned out to be.

When I finally walked into the girls bedroom it was to find Sue,
Sarah and Lisa standing there dressed in only their skirts and
panties. They had their heads up, and their luscious firm, hard
nipple topped, breasts on display, something that gave me an
instant erection, and brought a smile to all their lips as they
watched it grow. Silently I went and sat in the hard backed chair
that Sue had placed in the centre of the room, turning it
slightly so I'd have a view of the bed as I spanked them. "Who's
first?" I asked as I got comfortable and laid my back against the
chair upright. "Me daddy, as it was my fault it happened. I'm
sorry I didn't follow the rules, and I won't do it again if you
spank me properly now." With that she came and laid herself on my
lap, her thighs pressed against my right one, and her breasts
laying over my left where I could gently cup them as she held
tightly to my left calf. When Sue was comfortable I placed my
hand on her the back of her thighs and began to slide it upwards,
catching the hem of her skirt and pushing it all the way up and
over her buttocks until it was laying on the base of her spine.
As I slid my hands back down her body I caught the waistband of
her panties with my fingertips and pulled then over her butt and
down to her knees in a single movement. I used the next few
seconds to move my hand back up Sue's legs until it rested on her
butt, covering the swollen lips of her pussy that peeked out from
the back of her firm smooth thighs. That Sue enjoyed this, I knew
from the soft gasp of pleasure that I think only I heard. I also
had the feeling of her nipple stiffening in the palm of my hand
at the same time, so knew I was correct.
I spanked Sue ten times, each one noisy, but not painful enough
to make her yell out, just give a tiny jerk of her hips. When I
was done I placed my palm over her swollen pussy lips and rubbed
it round in circles for a moment or two before lifting it to my
lips and licking it clean of the emissions it had been coated
with. Sue got off my lap, smiled at me and went to sit on the bed
to wait for the others. Sarah and Lisa gave me the same apology,
and I gave them the same treatment Sue had received, getting the
same reaction from each of them. When they were all sitting on
the bed I stood up, by robe falling to the chair, leaving me
naked and with my erection pointing at their faces as I stood in
front of them. "Right girls, up you get" I said with a smile, and
the three of then jumped up, turned round and knelt on the edge
of Sue's bed, their heads resting on their hands, their knees
slightly apart and their butts sticking up in the air. God, what
a sight, three firm young bottoms, with their pussy lips
glistening as they peeped out from between their thighs, all
three sopping wet and expectant of what was to come. Quickly I
stepped up behind Sue, touched the tip of my hard throbbing cock
to her pussy, grabbed her hips and impaled her on my cock in a
single thrust that made her cry out with pleasure. Without a
pause for any sort of foreplay I humped my hips at Sue's butt,
fucking her hard and quick as she'd requested, until she suddenly
reared up, cried out that she was cumming, and then exploded as
her climax hit her. As soon as she'd cum I pulled back from Sue's
pussy and stepped sideways to do the same for Lisa, this time
having to spend a little more time with her before she came, just
as hard and vocally as had Susan.

By now my cock was as hard and swollen as it had ever been, and
when I stepped behind Sarah I paused, leaned over her back and
whispered "Are you quite sure about this Sarah my love. I don't
want to hurt you any more than is necessary." I felt her giggle,
then she said "Please Uncle Jack, I know it's going to hurt the
first time, so why not like this, please do it, I really want it
like this and now." I stood up, held her hips with one hand, the
shaft of my cock with the other and aimed the head to her hot wet
open pussy lips. "Let me do that Uncle Jack" said a soft voice
from behind me, and I felt a soft warm hand grasp my cockshaft
and I removed mine and used it to hold Sarah's other hip as I
prepared to enter her body for the first time. As Jenny touched
my cockhead to Sarah's pussy lips she dug her nails into the
flesh of my butt making me move my hips forward in a quick jerk
as I tried to get away from the pain. This of course made my
thrust my cock into Sarah and straight through her hymen, lodging
myself as far into her as I would fit. I was surprise when I
didn't hear a cry of agony from Sarah, until I saw that she'd
buried her face in a pillow and muffled whatever reaction she was
going to give, quite effectively.

Even as Sarah lay with her face covered I began to hump firmly
but gently at her newly violated body, all the time stroking her
hips and back, until she began to respond in like manner by
pressing back to meet my forward thrust. By now her head was
lifted, and she was beginning to enjoy what was happening, so
much that she was soon crying out in ecstasy as her orgasm
overtook her and she ended up collapsing in a heap, pulling
herself of my still rampant erection. "Well daddy, I think we can
say Sarah enjoyed that, don't you?" said Sue softly as she and
Lisa moved to sit each side of their friend. I nodded the felt
Jenny move her naked body to my side and take hold of my still
hard throbbing penis saying "How about we don't waste this Sue,
why don't you and Lisa sit up with Sarah between you and I'll see
what I can do with it?" Sue and Lisa looked at each other,
grinned and scrambled over the bed, lifting Sarah, sitting her
upright and holding her tight to themselves. In the mean time
Jenny had begun to gently jerk me off, stroking her body and her
hands against my side and back, occasionally kissing any part of
me she could get her lips on, until I began to groan softly
saying "I'm getting close girls, I'm going to cum any second, I'm
cuuummmiiinnnggg NOOOWWW..." and began to pump a massive stream
of hot sticky semen across the gap between the girls and me.

End of Chapter Eight


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