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Abandoned Women Volume One Chapter Nine
A story by davidb234

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

Chapter Nine

This was also the moment that Sarah opened her eyes and gave a
cry of pain, suddenly finding she was catching a mouthful of my
cum as Lisa pinched her tender bottom. Jenny was definitely
enjoying this, jerking me faster as she waved my cockhead from
side to side, spraying her friends with my semen until there was
no more than a few drips left hanging from the end of my cock.
Smiling broadly at Sue and Lisa, Jenny knelt down in front of me,
opened her mouth wide and slowly engulfed my cock, wiping her
tongue over the head as it passed her lips, and clamping down
tight as it touched the back of her throat, where she stopped
moving and started sucking. Much as I was enjoying this I stopped
her after a few minutes saying "Sorry Jenny darling, I've just
got nothing left to give right now." She looked up at me, grinned
round my cockhead and slowly pulled back, releasing my into a
colder environment than it had just been in. Ten minutes later we
were all trying to cram into the shower. Big though it is, there
wasn't room for all of us at once, so Sue and Jenny sat out and
waited until I'd finished scrubbing Sarah and Lisa down, before
taking their turn.

How time flies when you're enjoying yourself. By the time I'd
escaped from the bathroom and managed to get dressed I realised
it was almost time for lunch. As I went to go downstairs I called
to Sue, and asked her to sort out what her friends wanted to eat,
then come and help me get it ready. We were all sitting round the
kitchen table picking at the mound of sandwiches she'd prepared
when we heard the sound of a car pulling up into the driveway,
and a few moments later Mary appeared, followed by June and Trish
both of whom looked to be in excellent spirits. I suggested to
Sarah and Jenny that they take their mothers into the den and
bring them up to date on what had happened, while Sue and Lisa
put Mary in the picture. The one thing I was determined to do was
make sure the girls mothers were always kept informed so they
kept their trust in me. A little later the girls all went
upstairs to Sue's bedroom, leaving me with the women, sitting on
the sofa in the den having a cup of coffee while they chatted
between themselves for a while.

When I put my empty cup down June came over to me, sat herself on
my lap and proceeded to try cleaning my tonsils with her tongue.
When she was done she looked at me, smiled sweetly and said "Jack
darling, I don't know how to thank you for what you did for Sarah
this morning." She giggled, then said "I don't mean the spanking,
though she seemed to enjoy that as much as any of them did. I
mean the way you made her a woman. The way she described it was
so sexy it started to get me hot just thinking about it." She
grinned, then whispered in my ear "I don't suppose you'd consider
doing the same for me, would you Jack darling?" I grinned
wickedly and whispered "How about I do it for both of you at the
same time, or is that a bit too kinky for your taste?" June
blushed like a fire truck, then laughed out loud saying "You
dirty old man, I'm going to tell your wife what you said, you see
if I don't." With one last quick kiss on the lips June slipped
off my lap and was almost immediately replaced by Trish who gave
me a self conscious kiss on the lips, then laid her head on my
shoulder while she talked to me.

"Jenny seems to have enjoyed herself Jack" she said softly, I
nodded, "Yes my dear, she certainly did, and I think she may well
want to continue getting more experience. I think a quiet word
with Mary might be a good idea, don't you?" Trish sat up, smiled
at me and nodded "I agree" she stated, and jumped off my lap and
stepped quickly out of the room as she went to find my wife. I
lay back, closed my eyes and tried to relax, after all it had
been a pretty tiring couple of days, and I could do with a decent
rest, even if I knew I wasn't going to get one. It wasn't long
before I felt someone sitting on my lap, and I opened my eyes to
see it was Mary, with Trish standing behind her. "Jack darling,
Trish has to go very soon, her mothers been taken ill and she has
to go and look after her for a while. Do you mind if Jenny stays
with us while Trish's away?" "Of course not Mary my love, just so
long as she promises to be a good girl" I replied with a grin.
Trish chuckled at that and replied "Oh, I don't doubt that she'll
be all of that Jack darling, especially if she knows she can have
a little more access to you. She seems to be quite taken with
you, especially the way you deal with naughty girls. It makes me
think I might be missing something myself. Perhaps we can find
out when I get back?" I grinned wickedly, "And why not" I said,
"Who knows, you might even get to enjoy it." That's when Mary
leaned over and whispered into Trish's ear, and Trish began to
grin broadly as she nodded enthusiastically.

The next thing I knew, Mary was kneeling behind Trish, her hands
up Trish's skirt. A moment later and she was standing up with
Trish's panties in her hands grinning at me as she gently pushed
her friend towards my right side. Suddenly realising what was
happening I grabbed Trish's hand, pulled her over my lap and
threw the hem of her skirt over her back uncovering her naked
butt. As I looked up at Mary's smiling face she held up one hand,
all five digits showing to indicate I should give her five
spanks. I nodded, lowered my head to place a soft tender kiss on
Trish's naked bottom, then placed my right hand on her cheeks and
gently stroked it round in circles. This brought a groan of
pleasure from Trish, shortly followed by a yell as my hand
landed, applying the first of her five blows. As always I tried
to make them loud, but fairly painless, just wanting to warm her
bottom rather than cause her pain. I succeeded, and when the
final blow landed I allowed my hand to remain in place for a
moment. When Trish was breathing steadily I once more stroked my
hand over her butt cheeks, this time making sure I made contact
with her pussy lips. I have to admit I was surprised to find them
swollen and moist, my experience being that it usually took at
least ten to get one of the girls this aroused.

Nonetheless, I did for Trish what I had done for the girls and
tenderly cupped my hand over her hot, swollen, dripping, pussy
lips, pressing my long middle finger between them as I moistened
my thumb with her flowing juices. Before Trish could realise what
was happening I had my thumb pressed through her anal sphincter
and the tip of my middle finger rubbing her turgid clitoral bud.
Despite the strangeness of what I was doing it only took Trish a
couple of minutes before she was screaming out in ecstasy as she
exploded in orgasm. Having a tight hold of her butt I only needed
to hold her shoulders down to prevent Trish from throwing herself
off my lap as she thrashed about, her climax having control of
her body. By the time we were invaded by everyone else wanting to
know who was being murdered Trish was sitting beside me wriggling
as she tried to replace her panties without standing up. This was
mainly because she didn't trust her legs to hold her for a while.
I took the opportunity to slip out and wash my hand, and when I
returned it was to find I was getting some longing glances from

When Trish was fully recovered she came and kissed me
passionately as she said her goodbyes, doing the same to Mary and
June, something that I determined to speak to Mary about in the
very near future. Jenny went with her mother to collect all she
would need for school while she stayed with us, promising to be
back as quick as she could. Sue took Lisa and Sarah up to her
bedroom for the rest of the afternoon, and I ended up with Mary
and June beside me on the old leather sofa in the den. Despite
having so much to talk about we spent most of the time in
silence, mainly due to the fact that a few minutes after sitting
down Mary and June had shifted round to lay their heads on my
lap, and their feet over the arms of the sofa. Being able to take
a hint I soon had their blouses open and my hands on their
already naked breasts, gently caressing their upper bodies, and
playing nice games with their wonderful firm nipples. As I looked
down into their eyes I saw Mary lift her knees, allowing the hem
of her skirt to fall down her thighs and collect in a bunch
across her hips. It wasn't long before June did the same, and I
saw that neither of them was wearing panties, confirming my
thoughts that they had planned this all along.

I slowly lowered my head and placed a soft tender kiss on each of
their lips, at the same time moving my hands down their bodies,
stopping only when I had them resting on their hot swollen and
very moist vaginal mounds. June gave a loud gasp as she opened
her thighs a little more, pushing her hips up to press herself
harder against my hand as she felt my finger press between her
lips and the tip enter her slick love tunnel. I did the same to
Mary, getting a loud moan of pleasure as she allowed her thighs
to fall apart, opening her sex fully to my hands. I guess I was
getting used to this two handed action, because I soon had the
two of them humping and writhing about as I frigged them both to
a screaming crashing orgasm. Ever the gent, I allowed them to
relax, and come down slowly from their orgasmic heights, all the
time tenderly squeezing their spasming pussy lips with my
fingers, and stroking their clitoral buds with the sides of my

When at last they were recovered the two of them shuffled round
and snuggled up close to my sides, dragging my hands over their
shoulders and round their fronts to cover their breasts. That's
how the girls found us some time later when they came down to see
what was for dinner, as they were getting hungry again. When she
saw the situation we were in Sue grinned, and said "Would you
like me to fix something for supper Mom?" Mary opened her eyes,
smiled up at Sue and said "Yes please darling, that would be very
nice of you. It will give us big girls a chance to get a little
of daddies time for a change, don't you think?" Sue giggled
nodded and said "Well, OK Mom, do I take it that we should ignore
any strange noises we may hear for the next hour or so?" Mary and
June giggled at this, and Mary said firmly "Oh, most definitely
Susan my darling, if you need to speak to us just knock loudly on
the door and wait until we call you in, OK?" "OK Mom" Sue
replied, and a moment later she and the girls were giggling their
way out of the room, closing the door firmly behind them.

"Time to get nekkid" said Mary as the door closed, and she stood
up, pulled June to her feet and the two of them quickly stripped
off in front of me. They then attacked me, and before I knew what
was happening I was in the same state, my hard cock bouncing up
and down as they pressed their naked bodies up tight to mine.
After a couple of minutes cuddling I sat down and gave them
specific instructions as to what I wanted them to do. That they
were grinning broadly, told me they liked what I'd suggested, and
a moment later June was backing on to my lap while Mary held my
hard throbbing cock down out of Junes way. As June began to lower
herself on to my lap Mary looked into her eyes, smiled and
released her hold on my manhood, allowing it to spring up and
slap along the length of Junes vaginal slit. June gasped out
loud, and Mary grinned as she saw that my cockhead had landed
firmly on Junes clitoris, with the shaft pressing at her slit,
and getting very moist indeed. Mary then placed her hand under my
cock, pressed upwards, forcing my shaft between Junes lower lips
as she began to move her hips to and fro. Each time June got to
the top of her stroke she gave a groan of pleasure, just as her
clit rode over the ridge of my glans, upwards on the up stroke
and down, on the return.

"Lift up slowly" hissed Mary as she knelt between my knees, and
June began to do as she was told, gasping as she felt my cockhead
slipping between her labia as she got higher. Suddenly she
stopped, gave a soft cry and reversed direction, lowering herself
on my cock that was now entering her hot wet and very swollen
pussy. "Oh, jeez that feels so wonderful" June gasped as she felt
my cock filling her insides, and she leaned back against my chest
as she felt my hands covering her breasts, and stroking her tight
stretched abdomen. Using one hand to stimulate her titties and
nipples I slowly moved the other one down her body until it was
covering her swollen, fur covered mons, and I could press my
fingers on her hard swollen nubbin and make her scream in ecstasy
once more. As I gently caressed Junes clitty Mary began to wipe
the flat of her soft wet tongue up the underside of my cock, only
stopping when she reached my fingers, before moving back down,
this time licking at Junes swollen stretched labia until she
reached my stretched scrotum. The next time I felt Mary moving up
my cock I moved my hand from Junes clitty and brought it up to
her breasts again, allowing Mary to begin working at June nubbin
for all of twenty seconds.

That's all it took for June to be arching her back, and start
screaming out loud as another massive orgasm overtook her,
forcing me to cover her mouth with one hand to try to lessen the
noise she was making. After all, it didn't matter about the girls
hearing, but we didn't want the neighbours getting the wrong, or
even the right, idea. Almost as suddenly as she started to cum,
June stopped, collapsing against my chest, gasping for breath as
Mary continued to lap at our joined sex trying to clean us up
before we separated and caused a flood of Junes orgasmic juices.
Realising she wasn't going to succeed, Mary grabbed my shirt and
slipped it under Junes buttocks as we slowly eased her off my
cock. Sure enough there was a minor tsunami as we disconnected
and Mary said softly "God I'm glad you didn't cum too darling, or
it would have been even worse."

Gently Mary and I eased June off my lap and sat her down on my
moist shirt beside me. I slipped my arm round her shoulders and
leaned her head against my chest while Mary knelt at my feet
tenderly stroking my slowly softening cock. We sat like this for
some minutes before June eventually opened her eyes and began to
take notice of what was going on. As soon as she saw what Mary
was doing she grinned self-consciously and said softly "Did I do
that Mary darling?" Mary grinned back at her and said "Not really
June my love, he just began to relax while we waited for you to
wake up. Are you fit enough for us to carry on?" June nodded her
head as she slipped off the sofa and on to her knees beside Mary,
who immediately stood up, turned round and backed on to my lap as
June had a few minutes before. Knowing what was needed June held
her hand on my still half hard cock until Mary was poised above
it. By then she'd managed to get me nice and hard by her gentle
touch, and she smiled up at Mary as she quickly moved her hand to
one side. As before my cock slapped up at Mary's swollen pussy
lips, making her gasp with pleasure as she felt it press between
her labia. As June cupped her hand under my cockshaft Mary began
to move herself to and fro, rubbing my glans over her clit over
and over again.

After a few minutes of this Mary's thighs began to weaken, so she
lifted herself up slowly, feeling my cockhead sliding between her
lower lips, until she felt it touching the entrance to her
sopping wet love tunnel. With a long low gasp of pleasure Mary
lowered herself on to my cock until she was sitting relaxed with
her buttocks on my lower belly. I slipped my hands round Mary's
body, cupped them over her firm rounded breasts and began to
palpate them gently. As Mary groaned with pleasure June lowered
her head between Mary's thighs and pressed the flat of her tongue
against the base of my shaft then slowly dragged it upwards until
it was resting on Mary's rigid clitty. I knew when this was by
the loud cry of pleasure that Mary gave, and I tried to make it
last longer by nipping and rolling her nipples between finger and
thumb all the time June was tongue lashing her down below. We
succeeded between us, as Mary suddenly came to a screaming
crashing climax that made the girls come and knock of the door,
it was so loud. As Mary collapsed against my chest June got to
her feet and went to the door, she opened it a fraction, peeped
out and hissed "Go away girls, you're putting us off our strokes.
No ones hurt, just enjoying things very loud, OK?" The girls were
giggling as June closed the door, and she was almost doing the
same as she came and knelt between Mary's and my thighs once
more. By this time Mary was sitting, gasping for breath, her eyes
wide open and staring into space as she slowly recovered from her
orgasm. when she could finally speak she said softly "God, what
happened there, I never came like that before, not just sitting
on a nice hard cock." June knelt upright, leaned forward to kiss
Mary then said softly "It was the same for me Mary, I guess it
was the combination of a nice hard cock, and a wonderful soft
female tongue. I do know I want to do it again, and I'd like
Sarah to try it too sometime. Perhaps one of the other girls
might like to help her out?"

Mary sat up slowly, and as she raised herself off my slowly
softening penis June slipped my damp sticky shirt under her to
catch the flood of Mary's cum juices. Once Mary was sure she
wasn't going to be losing any more from her pussy she took a pair
of panties from the pocket of her skirt and slipped them on. June
did the same, then removed my shirt from the sofa and the two of
them came and sat beside me, taking my hands and cupping them
over their outermost naked breasts. After a few minutes rest June
lifted her head, looked at Mary and said "I guess we ought to do
something about relieving some of the pressure on this husband of
yours, don't you Mary my love?" Mary nodded, and was about to
lower her head on to my lap when I said softly "Mary darling,
much as I'd like to be continuing this tryst a little longer,
could I suggest that you might leave me like this so I have a
little more for the girls this evening?" Mary looked up at me,
grinned and said "Did you have something special in mind
darling?" "Sort of" I replied with a grin, and left it at that.
After a few minutes Mary and June shuffled round until the were
once more laying with their heads on my lap, and their feet over
the arms of the sofa. We then spent the rest of our time with me
gently caressing their naked breasts, and occasionally sliding my
hands down their bodies to stroke their still swollen pussies.
This came to an end when there was a knock on the door, and I
called 'come in' as I held Mary and June down, allowing the girls
to catch us in what we had been doing.

Sue came into the room, stood behind the sofa and leaned over to
kiss me tenderly on the cheek. She then looked down into her
mothers eyes, grinned and said softly "I can see you've been
enjoying yourselves Mom. How about you all come and get cleaned
up ready for supper, it'll be ready in a few minutes." Mary
looked up at Sue, smiled and said "Slight problem there my love.
Daddy has us pinned down to his lap, and won't let us up. I don't
suppose you have anything you can do to help, do you?" Sue
grinned, then lowered her lips to my ear and whispered "Daddy,
after supper would you take Sarah and Lisa up to their beds and
show them what it's like to have oral sex please?" I immediately
relaxed my hold on Mary and June as I turned my head to look Sue
in the eyes and said "Really darling, when did they suggest doing
that?" By the time Sue had said "This morning daddy" Mary and
June had rolled off the sofa and were kneeling in front of me as
they reached for their shirts and skirts, then taking hold of my
hands and pulling me to my feet. "Come on Jack darling" said
Mary, "We don't have a lot of time before supper is ready, and I
want to enjoy a shower with you, as does June."

I stepped into the shower having got the temperature right, and
Mary quickly followed me, rubbing her naked body up against mine,
allowing the warm water to roll between our bodies as we kissed
passionately. After a moment or two Mary turned to see June
standing there looking unsure about joining us. With a grin Mary
reached out and took Junes hand, pulling her close, then pressing
her forward to stand tight against me, her back to my chest. Mary
then passed me the soap, and I began to rub it against Junes
front, before handing back to Mary and starting to rub up a
lather on Junes abdomen and round her breasts. When my hands were
nice and soapy I slipped one down and covered Junes pussy,
washing it vigorously until she started to gasp with pleasure as
I got her closer and closer to another climax. "Hey, we don't
have time for that now, you two" said Mary with a chuckle. "Damn,
I was just beginning to enjoy it too" said June as she pushed
herself away from me. She then turned, reached up and kissed me
softly saying "Thanks so much Jack darling, I've really enjoyed
myself today, and not just with you." "June darling" said Mary as
we all dried ourselves off, "There's no need for it to end here
you know. You could always stay the night along with Sarah. In
quite sure that we could find something to entertain us, even if
it's just watching what Jack's doing with one of the girls."
That's when I told them what Sue had asked me to do for Sarah and
Lisa later that evening.

I ended up going down to the kitchen first, Mary and June taking
longer to dress than even I expected. It wasn't until after
supper was finished and the kitchen cleared up that I found out
why. I was sitting in the den with the girls all round me, Sarah
and Lisa sitting closest holding my hands to their breasts as the
started to get themselves and me aroused in readiness for their
lesson. Mary and June came in, pulled their chairs up close to
the sofa and smiled at the scene before them. "Sarah darling"
said June softly "I believe you want to learn how to please Uncle
Jack orally. Is that right?" Sarah blushed bright red, but nodded
anyway. "Yes Mom, why, don't you think it's a good idea?" June
chuckled "Oh, yes darling, I think it's a wonderful idea. I was
just wondering if you'd like me to help you learn how to do it.
That's all." "OH.. WOW!" gasped Sarah, as her eyes almost popped
out of her head in surprise. She then grinned and said "What
about Lisa, Mom. Can she join in too please?" June chuckled, "Why
not darling, the more the merrier. How about we make it a family
party and all of you be there, I'm sure Uncle Jack won't mind."
Before I could say anything Mary said "Of course he won't, he'll
enjoy it more than anyone, won't you Jack darling?"

"If you say so Mary my love" I replied, and a moment later I had
Sue sitting on my lap, her nose almost touching mine, and saying
"Don't be such an old grouch daddy, you know you like nothing
better than having a group of naked girls round you. Having mom
and June there too will be a bonus." I grinned at Sue and said
softly "Yes Sue darling, I promise to enjoy myself." She smiled
back at me, kissed me tenderly and said "I should think so too."
This made all of them laugh, and Sue snuggled up to my chest for
a moment or three before getting off and allowing me to go back
to caressing the naked breasts I had cupped in my hands. It
wasn't too much longer before I found myself being dragged
upstairs where I was very quickly stripped and gently shoved back
on to our bed. When I was comfortably settled in the middle Mary
said "Right girls, I think Uncle Jack needs some stimulus. Anyone
got any ideas how to get him ready?" "That's easy Mom" said Sue,
and she bent over, flicked the hem of her skirt over her butt and
quickly pushed her panties down, and off her cheeks, showing me
her swollen fig like pussy lips. By the time the rest of the
girls had done the same Mary and June were laughing fit to burst,
"Jesus Christ" said June, "I don't think I ever saw an erection
grow that fast before. I guess I still have a lot to learn, don't

"Gee Mom, and I thought you knew everything there was to know
about sex" said Sarah with a giggle. June laughed, "Apparently
not darling, I wonder if you could teach me anything. Maybe we'll
have to compare notes when we get home." Sarah grinned and
nodded, then said "How about you show me what to do with
something like this Mom" as she wrapped her fingers round the
shaft of my hard throbbing cock. I spent the next half hour being
stroked, licked and sucked, all the time gritting my teeth as I
did all I could to prevent myself from blowing my lot. In the end
I had to admit defeat and gasped "June darling, I can't hold on
any longer. I'm going to cum, and soon.." As June heard this she
told Sarah to take the head of my cock in her mouth and hold it
there, no matter what happened. No sooner had Sarah done as she
was told than I groaned out loud and began to blast a huge stream
of cum at the back of Sarah's throat, taking her by surprise and
making her gag before she could think about swallowing, let alone
sucking. As Sarah drew her head back June yelled at Lisa to take
over, pressing on the back of her head as she moved forward.

Despite getting a blast of cum in the face Lisa soon had my
cockhead in her mouth and was sucking hard until she could hold
no more in her bulging cheeks and had to pull back. June
immediately took over and finished me off, sucking my cock clean
as it began to slowly shrink. When I opened my own eyes it was to
see Lisa bending over Sue, kissing her. This didn't last too
long, and I watched as Lisa moved over to where Jenny was
sitting, watching what was going on with a smile on her face. As
Lisa offered to kiss Jenny she demurred for a moment, then Sue
got up, whispered in her ear, before sitting back and continuing
to watch. She watched as Jenny grinned, turned to Lisa and locked
her lips to those on offer. It wasn't until I saw a tiny dribble
of semen escaping from between the two sets of lips that I
realised what was going on. Lisa had retained a mouthful of my
cum, and had shared it with Sue and Jenny, knowing there was no
chance of me being able to perform for the two of them before
sometime in the morning. As all this was happening June was
sitting beside Mary, watching in awe at what the girls were
getting up to between them. I managed to find the strength to sit
up, resting myself against the head board, and soon finding
myself sandwiched between Mary and June. "I can see these girls
have really learned how to share" said June with a soft chuckle.
"Yes June my love, that's Jack's doing. Having so many women to
satisfy means we have to do things three or sometimes four at a
time, so we have to share whatever is on offer" replied Mary,
"And believe me June, it's really something to see, having Jack
satisfy three girls all at the same time."

Just then Jenny, who had heard this exchange turned to June and
said, "June, you really should have been there when Uncle Jack
spanked the three of them, then made love to Sue and Lisa, before
takings Sarah's virginity. What made it special was when he asked
me to help him give them a cum shower" she paused and smiled as
she remembered what had happened, then she said "I don't think
I'll ever see anything like it again. There was so much cum
shooting at them, I didn't think it was going to stop. It was all
over their faces, and running down over their nipples, down their
tummies, and ending up soaking into their pussy hair. Mind you, I
think he did it on purpose so he could spend a long time washing
everyone when we all got into the shower with him." By now June
was sitting up, and staring open mouthed at Jenny, who had turned
back to pay attention to what the others were doing. June turned
to Mary and said "And I thought I was going to have to teach
Sarah all about enjoying sex. I think I better have a nice long
chat with her and see what I've been missing all this time." Mary
smiled at June, leaned over and whispered in her ear. I caught
the words 'sleep', 'try it yourself', and 'tonight', before I saw
June grin and nod her head. Shortly after this exchange Mary told
Sarah and Lisa it was time for them to get cleaned up. "Come with
us Uncle Jack" said Sarah with a grin, "I think mom would like to
watch what happens when we shower together." "Too true I would"
said June with a grin, and she and Mary followed the rest of us
into the bathroom sitting wherever they could as Sarah and Lisa
joined me under the jet of water.

It was quite funny watching June out of the corner of my eye as
her daughter leaned back against me while I soaped her front,
from shoulder to pussy, almost bringing her to orgasm when I
spent far too long with my hands between her open thighs. When
her front was done Sarah turned round, slipped her arms round my
waist and hugged me close as I washed her back. This time I
pressed my fingertip to Sarah's tight puckered rose hole, hearing
a gasp from June as Sarah pressed her buttocks back against my
probing digit. As I finished with Sarah and switched to doing the
same for Lisa, I saw June whisper something in Mary's ear. Mary
grinned, shook her head then whispered something to June, who
grinned and nodded as she blushed prettily. The two of them then
looked at me and grinned, as they shared some secret or other. By
this time I'd finished washing Lisa, then she and Sarah did the
same for me, spending far longer than necessary washing my
suddenly rigid cock twice each. "Come on girls" I said softly
"Time for bed, and it's your own tonight, I think I'm going to be
busy." This brought a giggle all round, as Sarah and Lisa quickly
dried themselves before heading off to bed, quiet as a couple of
lambs. Jenny got up to follow the others, and Sue came up to me,
hugged me close and said softly "Would you come and tuck us in
and kiss us goodnight please daddy?" I nodded in agreement, and
followed her to her bedroom where I found all four of the girls
were sharing the two beds. As I sat on the edge of Sue's bed and
bent over to kiss her goodnight she grinned wickedly and pushed
the top edge of the comforter down showing me her bare breasts.
"Please daddy" she said softly, and I smiled lovingly, nodded
briefly and lowered my lips to her breasts, kissing her nipples
one by one then covered them up before moving up to her lips and
kissing her tenderly. "Goodnight Susan my love" I said softly
"'Night daddy" she replied, "I love you."

"I love you too" I whispered as I moved round the bed to sit
beside Jenny. As I bent down to offer her a kiss she blushed as
she smiled, then did the same as Sue in offering me her breasts
to kiss. When I'd kissed her nipples and her lips I placed my
cheek close to hers and whispered "You know Jenny darling, doing
that sort of thing used to get young ladies a spanking. It's a
good job I've changed the rules, isn't it?" As I lifted my head I
saw her grin and shake her head as she whispered "Not really
Uncle Jack" before she turned over and slipped her arm over Sue's
body and hugged her close. By now Sarah and Lisa were almost
frantic as they lay in bed waiting for me to kiss them too. When
I sat beside Lisa she did the same as Sue and Jenny, and got the
same treatment, almost coming to climax as she felt her nipples
being suckled. When I kissed her lips and said "Goodnight Lisa
darling" she closed her eyes and said softly "Goodnight daddy I
love you." It wasn't until I was halfway round the bed that I
realised what Lisa had said. I grinned inwardly, shook my head
and sat down beside Sarah. For some reason she seemed reluctant
to offer her breasts for a kiss so I gently pulled the edge of
the comforter down, baring them for her. "You too Sarah darling?"
I asked softly "Please Uncle Jack, I'd love to have you do that
for me." I bent down, attached my lips to her nipples one by one,
giving them both a nice hard suck, then moved up and kissed her
tenderly on the lips before wishing her goodnight. As I stood up
and turned to the door I saw a quick movement in the passageway
as either Mary or June stepped back from the crack it was open. I
turned off the light, wished the girls a final collective
goodnight and quietly closed the door before heading to bed.

End of Chapter Nine


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