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Abandoned Women Volume One Chapter Ten
A story by davidb234

This work is the intellectual property of the
author davidb234 and he claims the copyright. It
may be posted or archived to any free site, but not
to any commercial or pay site or organisation,
without the authors express permission.
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This is a work of adult fiction and contains
descriptions of sexual acts between consenting
adults and others. If you are under the age of
consent where you reside delete this file
immediately. If it is illegal to obtain this sort
of material where you reside delete this file
immediately. Otherwise read and enjoy!

Chapter Ten

I was right of course! Mary and June had both stood by the door
and watched as I did my thing with the girls. As I climbed into
bed between them June turned to face me, slipped her arms round
me and kissed me warmly. "Jack darling, that was the most
wonderful thing I ever saw anyone do for four young girls." "He
does it every night June" said Mary softly "You should see the
state he comes to bed, sometimes. That's why I have such a great
sex life, I have between one and four girls getting him ready for
me." By now I had my arms round both Mary and June, and they were
snuggled up against my chest as we all drifted off to sleep. I
remember thinking, as I lay there, how surprised I was that I
didn't get dragooned into making love to June before we went to
sleep. I soon found out why, when I woke up the next morning. It
was the smell of fresh brewed coffee that woke me, and I opened
my eyes to see Mary and June sitting naked each side of me
sipping at their own. I waited until they were finished before
struggling to sit up myself, then gratefully took the cup that
Mary offered me. By the time I was done I knew what was in store
for me despite all my protests of fatigue. Mary gently pushed me
on to my back, leaned on to my chest, pressing her hard nipples
against mine, kissed me tenderly and said "Please Jack darling,
June would be so grateful, and I'm sure Sarah won't be
complaining either."

A few minutes later and Sarah was climbing into bed with us, and
snuggling up close to me with her mother on my other side. "You
three enjoy yourselves" said Mary as she slipped her dressing
gown on and made for the door. As she left the room I noticed
that she left the door open quite a way. "Sarah darling" said
June softly "Yes Mom" responded Sarah, "I was wondering if you'd
like to show me what happened when you gave Uncle Jack your
cherry. It's just that I'd like to try everything you did
yesterday." Now Sarah was up on one elbow, looking cross my chest
at her Mom. "Everything?" she asked, and June smiled up at her
and nodded. "Yes darling, everything, from start to finish" June
replied, and she sat up beside me looking at Sarah with a smile
on her face. Sarah looked down at me, grinned and said "Will that
be OK with you Uncle Jack, after all you have to do most of the
work?" "Oh, I think I could manage it with just the two of you
Sarah my love" I replied, and sat up, then climbed of the bed and
placed the upright chair next to the bed before sitting on it
waiting for the first one to come to me.

"You first Mom" said Sarah, "Just in case you get cold feet while
watching me." June chuckled, then said "Well, OK darling, but
you'll have to tell me what I have to do, this is my first time
doing this you know." A couple of minutes later and she was
laying across my thighs, my hand resting on her firm rounded
buttocks as I got ready to give June her first spanking. For a
first timer I have to say June did very well. She jumped at the
first couple of spanks, but the rest of her ten all she did was
twitch her cheeks and give a soft moan of pleasure each time my
hand landed on her butt. As with the girls I found that Junes
pussy was leaking like a sieve when I was done with her, and
after I'd lubed up my thumb and pressed my fingers into her
sopping wet pussy I placed my thumb on to her tight anal pucker,
waiting for her to flinch. When she did I pressed my digit hard,
slipping it past her sphincter, making her gasp with surprise
before crying out softly "Nooo Jack, not there!" "Shhh Mom, it's
all part of getting spanked, you wait it feels really great after
a couple of minutes" said Sarah from where she was suddenly
kneeling beside her mothers head. While Sarah was comforting June
I was gently moving fingers and thumb in and out of Junes two
orifices, then without warning she clamped her muscles tight on
my thumb, snapped her thighs together, arched her back and gave a
loud cry as she climaxed on my invading digits.

Quick as I could I slipped my left hand under Junes chest so I
could hold her up, instead of holding her down, and gently
lowered her to my thighs again as she slowly came down from her
orgasmic high. June lay still for some time, then she gave a hard
shudder, and a deep sigh before trying to get up off my lap. With
Sarah's help June went and lay on the edge of the bed, her eyes
closed as she gasped for breath, Sarah meantime came and lay
across my lap and received her ten spanks, crying out as she came
on my fingers and thumb, making enough noise to wake her mother,
and make her sit up and take notice. "You OK baby" asked June as
I helped Sarah to sit up on my lap for a moments rest. "Of course
Mom, I just had a bit of an orgasm the same as you did, that's
all." "Oh, is that all" said June with a chuckle as Sarah slipped
off my lap and walked over to stand in front of her mother. "Come
on Mom, we're not done yet, it's Uncle Jack's turn" and she knelt
on the edge of the bed, rested her head on her folded arms and
said "Like this Mom, with your knees apart like mine." June
looked at the position her daughter was in, grinned and did the
same after looking at me and smiling in anticipation.

Not giving them a choice as to who was first, I stepped up behind
June, touched the tip of my rampant cock to her swollen wet pussy
lips and, grasping hold of her hips, pulled her back as I thrust
forwards, burying my cock balls deep in a single stroke.
"Aggghhhh.. Ohhh… YES.. YES.. YES.. FUCK ME.. FUCK ME.. FUCK
ME.." cried June as she felt me bottom out inside her tight
passage. Sarah looked round and I saw her smile as she watched me
ramming my hard throbbing cock deep into her mothers receptive
body over and over again until she suddenly screamed out in
ecstasy as she climaxed harder than she had ever done before. I
rested my knees on the edge of the bed for a moment while June
was recovering from her orgasm. I then allowed her to collapse
slowly on to the bed, turning her over so she could see what else
was going on a few inches away from her face. "Hurry Uncle Jack"
gasped Sarah as she knelt there, her butt up in the air waiting
for me to take her. I obliged, and, standing close to her I
touched the tip of my still slick cock to her pussy lips and very
slowly pressed it forward until she gave a soft moan as she felt
me touching the mouth of her cervix. Where June was very vocal
Sarah stayed silent all the time I was humping my hips at her
butt. The only sound was the occasional grunt as I rammed against
her a little more firmly than usual. In the end though she made
just as much noise as her mother, screaming out loud as she
exploded in orgasm before collapsing in a limp heap in front of

In a flash June was laying beside Sarah, checking to see that she
was OK. "I'm fine Mom, honest" said Sarah when she was asked how
she was. Sarah then said "Right Mom, almost done now, all we have
to do is sit side by side, as close as we can, and lean back on
our hands, like this.." and she showed June how she should be
sitting. When they were both in place I smiled at Sarah then said
in a loud voice "Jenny, could you come and help me please
darling?" in a flash Jenny was standing beside me, naked and
smiling as she snuggled up to my side and wrapped her tiny hand
round the shaft of my cock and began to masturbate me. "Oh my
god.." gasped June as she realised what was happening. I then
heard the door opening wide and Mary, Sue and Lisa followed Jenny
into the room and stood watching as Jenny worked at getting me
off. It didn't take long, especially with all the stimulus I'd
received, and I was soon telling Jenny I was about to cum. When I
did June suddenly realised what Jenny had told her last night was
true, because I began to shoot a truly massive stream of hot
sticky semen across the gap between my cock and June and Sarah's

Leaning on her hands as she was June had no chance of preventing
my semen spattering her face and body as Jenny jerked faster and
faster at my spouting cock, waving the tip about as she did,
spraying my cum in all directions, but always on a naked body in
front of me. June was in for one more surprise, and that was when
Jenny dropped to her knees in front of me and sucked my shrinking
cock into her mouth and licked it clean of what cum was left on
it. "Oh fuck" gasped June, and she fell back on to the bed, her
arms having collapsed under her. This was the signal for Mary to
quickly kneel beside June, lower her head and begin to lick up
all my cum she could find. After a moment Sue and Lisa did the
same for Sarah, then Mary scooped up one big gob on her fingers
and wiped it against the inside of Junes lips before she knew
what was happening. As June licked her lips Mary returned to
licking her clean, finally stopping and laying beside June when
there was no more for her to get. "Well June my love" said Mary
softly "Was it what you expected?" June shook her head, turned to
look at Mary and said "It was simply wonderful Mary my love.
Before this morning I never thought I'd be getting spanked, and
well and truly fucked, watching my daughter get the same, then
having a young girl jerking a guy off until he came all over our
naked bodies. And I loved every second of it!"

"Me too Mom, but we're not done yet" said Sarah from beside her.
"Why baby, what's been missed?" responded June. "Why, we have to
get cleaned up, and we can only do that by having a shower with
Uncle Jack" replied Sarah who was now standing up beside me, one
arm round my waist and her other hand holding on to my slowly
stiffening cock. Mary pulled June to her feel saying "Come on
June, it's our turn to watch you shower with Jack and Sarah. All
you need do is just enjoy yourself." Minutes later and I was
sandwiched between mother and daughter getting a good scrub down
before I was doing the same to them. An hour later and I was
sitting on the sofa in the den, June and Sarah each side of me.
"Jack darling" said June softly "If ever Sarah comes and asks you
to make love to her, please don't think you have to ask my
permission, will you. I'd hate for her to miss out on something
this good anytime she can get some of it. I give you fair warning
that I'm going to ask Mary if I can come over now and then for
some of the same, OK?" Before I could answer her Sarah sat up,
looked at me and her mother and said "Can we make it a family
affaire please Mom, I'd love to have Uncle Jack make love to both
of us together. If you don't mind that is?"

With Mary having already having said yes, it would have been
churlish of me to contradict her, so I simply smiled at June and
said softly "So long as I have a bit of notice June darling, I'll
need to rest up for a few days if I'm going to be able to do you
both justice." A few minutes later and Mary came and joined us,
giving Sarah a reason to go up and join the rest of the girls.
"I've just been speaking to Kelly darling" she said softly "And I
was wondering if you could help her out later on this afternoon?"
Ever suspicious I looked at Mary and said "With what my love?"
Mary chuckled, peeped round Junes body and said "Why with a Tummy
Rub of course, what else did you think I meant?" "I really have
no idea my darling" I responded with a grin, and laid back
against the sofa and closed my eyes. It wasn't long before June
got up saying that she and Sarah had to go and do some shopping,
and Mary asked me if I'd go and fetch Sarah down so June could
take her home. When I got to the girls bedroom I knocked on the
door, entered when Sue called and found the four of them sitting
in a group on one of the beds. As they were all sitting crossed
legged I got a quick peek up a couple of skirts and saw that Sue
and Jenny at least had panties on. "Sarah darling" I said "It's
time for you to go, your Mom's waiting for you."

Sarah jumped up, stepped up close to me and wrapped her arms
round my waist, laying her head on my chest as she hugged me
tight. After a moment she looked up, smiled at me and lifted
herself up on tiptoe, touching her soft warm lips to mine in a
sweet tender kiss. "Thanks for everything Uncle Jack" she said
softly "I've had a really wonderful time, and I'd like to come
back again soon and do most of it all over again." I gave her a
pat on the butt and said "Why not darling, I'm sure Sue and the
rest would love to share some time with you, and I certainly
wouldn't say no to having you sit on my lap and give me a
cuddle." As I was about to leave the room with Sarah Sue called
me and said "Daddy, could you please come back when June and
Sarah have gone please, we need to have a word with you." I said
I would, then went down stairs with Sarah and began saying
goodbye to the two of them. It took longer than normal because
Mary and June ended up making arrangements for meeting up some
time during the week, so that by the time I was heading upstairs
to speak to Sue Mary was telling me it was time for lunch and to
bring the girls down with me.

When lunch was over I went into the den, quickly followed by Sue,
Jenny and Lisa, and having them sitting all round and on me as
soon as I'd sat down. "Right Sue darling" I said "What's this big
problem you have for me to sort out?" Sue looked at me from where
she was sitting, on my lap, kissed me tenderly and said "Well,
it's not mine darling, it's Jenny, she started her period this
morning, and wants to have a Tummy Rub, if you don't mind." I
turned to Jenny, smiled and said "Is this right Jenny my love?"
she nodded, then I held out my arms, and a second later she was
straddling my lap as she pressed her soft warm moist lips to mine
in a hot passionate kiss. While I was being severely kissed I was
being left alone on the sofa, so that as soon as Jenny calmed
down I was able to swing round, lean against the corner of the
sofa and tell her to come and sit beside me. As she leaned back
against my chest I slipped my hands round her body and began to
open up the buttons of her blouse, exposing her firm naked
breasts. I then opened up her skirt waistband and pushed it down
to below the waistband of her panties. I then started the Tummy
Rub proper, and soon found her sighing and relaxing in my arms as
she felt the true benefit of my massage.

It wasn't too long before she began to respond to my actual
touch. As she felt my fingers get close to her panties she curled
her hips upward in the hope I was going to be touching her mons.
When my hands were coming up her body she lowered her shoulders
so I touched the underside of her breasts. "You ready for a full
treatment Jenny my love?" I asked in a whisper "Oh, please Uncle
Jack, I've heard so much about it, I've got to see what it's like
now I have the chance" she replied softly. A moment later and she
was gasping with pleasure as she felt my hands covering her firm
warm breasts, and also felt my lips tracing a line of kisses down
her neck and across her bare shoulder. "Ohh.. god this is
wonderful" she gasped, then gave a squeal of pleasure as she felt
my fingers slip under the waistband of her panties and press
between her swollen pussy lips. When I began to rub the side of
my thumb against her swollen clitty, and roll and pinch her
nipples between finger and thumb Jenny quickly went over the top
and suddenly gave a loud scream of ecstasy as she exploded in
orgasm. Her cries didn't last long, because almost immediately
she collapsed against my chest, laying like a damp rag as she
fell into a dead faint in my arms.

It was inevitable that Mary would come in while I had Jenny
laying semi conscious in my arms. "Well, well" she said as she
leaned over the back of the sofa and looked down at the sensual
scene, "I wonder if you'll be able to do the same for Kelly when
she gets here in an hour or so darling?" I grinned up at her,
nodded and said "Just so long as that's all she needs darling, I
don't see why not." "Yes, well, that's something I was going to
talk to you about Jack my love" said Mary with a sly grin on her
face, "I think it might be better if we sort Kelly out upstairs,
it'll be close to the shower should you feel the urge to take her
there." By now Jenny was beginning to stir in my arms, and I
turned my attention to making her comfortable with what happened
to her. Mary stayed where she was, and smiled lovingly at Jenny
as she opened her eyes and looked all round her as she tried to
remember what had happened. "Did I faint or something Mary?" she
asked of the first person she laid eyes on. Mary chuckled and
nodded, "Yes Jenny my love, but don't worry darling, it happens
to a lot of people when Uncle Jack gets his hands on them. Just
be glad you've had a really good orgasm and your tummy doesn't
hurt any more." Jenny stopped for a moment, then she smiled and
said "WOW, it doesn't hurt, in fact I feel wonderful. Can I have
another one later on please Uncle Jack?" A moment later and she
was standing up doing her clothes back up, then she went with Sue
and Lisa desperate to talk about what I'd just done to her.

It wasn't too long before Mary was calling me to the kitchen to
sit down and have lunch with her. We were almost finished when
there was knock at the door and moments later Mary was bringing
Kelly into the kitchen to join us. I saw right from the start
what Kelly's problem was, it showed in the pained expression on
her face. "Cup of coffee first Kelly my love, or shall we go
straight up stairs and get started?" I said with a soft smile.
"Could we get started please Jack" she said in a quiet voice, and
a moment later we were on our way up to our bedroom where I sat
in the middle, took off my shirt and waited for Kelly to remove
what clothes she was going to feel comfortable without. That
turned out to be almost nothing. When she started to crawl up the
bed towards me all she had on was her panties, and I'd got a huge
erection before she got close to me. "I take it you want a full
treatment Kelly?" I asked with a grin, and she nodded as she
knelt in front of me, displaying her wonderful firm conical and
very naked breasts. Sitting there with her hands on the tops of
her thighs also brought my gaze to her crotch, and I could see
every crease and contour through the gossamer fine covering of
her underwear. I patted the bed between my thighs, smiled at her
and said "Come on madam, or I'm likely to end up doing more than
rubbing your tummy. We're likely to end up in the shower
together." As she lay back against my chest Kelly said softly
"Oh, I don't know that I'd actually mind that happening Jack
darling, not if what Mary has told me sometimes happens at a time
like this."

I began to stroke her abdomen as I kissed her on the neck and
shoulders, then said "Well Kelly my love, all you have to do is
ask, I'm quite sure Mary won't mind if I give you a little more
help than usual, do you?" She shook her head and gasped "Nooo
Jaaaack..!" She then let out a long low moan of pleasure as she
suddenly relaxed in my arms, laying her cheek against my chest
and allowing her arms to fall limply at her sides. By now it was
obvious that Kelly was completely relaxed, and it was time to
wake up her senses. To this end I gently cupped my hands over her
breasts, flicking her nipples with the sides of my thumbs as I
gently squeezed her titties with my fingers. "Ohh.. Geez.. that's
sooo good Jack darling, I don't want to stop." I chuckled in her
ear and said softly "Are you sure Kelly darling?" then moved my
right hand down her abdomen and slipped my fingers under the
waistband before cupping her hot swollen pussy in my palm. As I
also began to flick her clitty as soon as I made contact I wasn't
surprised when Kelly suddenly went stiff and gave a loud cry of
ecstasy as she exploded in a huge orgasm. It took Kelly a few
minutes before she was sitting up again, once more leaning back
on my chest. She was till relaxed, with my hands cupping her hot
alabaster smooth breasts, and my thumbs gently rubbing at the
tips of her hard nipples.

"Thanks for that Jack darling" she said softly "I get so damned
horny when I'm on my period, I guess I won't have to bother about
that now, so long as Mary allows me to come and have this sort of
treatment." I kissed her tenderly on her neck and shoulder, then
said "How about I show you how you can have even more fun, and
get rid of that horny feeling for a lot longer?" Kelly turned her
head, smiled and said "What do I have to do for that?" I grinned
and said "All you have to do is promise to do as I say for the
next ten minutes. I promise I won't hurt you, I won't spank you
or do anything other than what you might have done a week ago,
agreed?" She closed her eyes and thought for a moment, then she
said "OK Jack darling, I trust you, and I promise to do
everything you tell me for the next ten minutes." "Right" I said
briskly "First thing is stand up." She did, and I took her hand
and dragged her to the bathroom where I started the shower
running. I then knelt down in front of her and before she could
stop me I whipped her panties down to her ankles. "Feet up" I
said, as I looked up her body at her face. She was blushing
bright red, knowing I was able to look right at the heart of her
groin and see the string of her tampon. I stood up, kissed her
tenderly and said "This is where I turn my back while you remove
your tampon Kelly my love," and I suited the word to the deed and
stepped into the shower. By the time I'd counted twenty I felt a
gentle touch on my back as Kelly reached out to me. I turned to
face her, smiled and said "No need to be embarrassed Kelly my
love, no one's going to see what we're doing."

She just stood there for a moment longer, her hands moving
between her breasts and her pussy, unsure which part to cover,
and covering neither effectively. I reached out, took one hand in
mine and gently drew her close to me, turning her round and round
as I got the whole of her body nice and wet. Quickly I soaped her
wonderfully sexy body, making sure I stimulated her breasts and
most importantly her hot swollen pussy. She tried to resist me
for a moment as soon as I touched her between her thighs, but I
looked up at her, smiled and pressed a little more firmly, she
then relaxed and allowed me to wash her properly. When I'd rinsed
her off I knelt before her and placed my lips on her pussy,
flicking my tongue at her hard throbbing nubbin before she could
cry out and try to pull me away. I stood up, looked at her and
said "What's wrong Kelly darling?" "Not now Jack darling, I'm not
clean" she said in a whisper. "But I've just spent a couple of
minutes washing you, you're quite clean enough for what I was
doing" I smiled at her then kissed her tenderly on the lips.
"What's wrong Kelly my love, hasn't anyone ever done that for you
at a time like this?" She grinned ruefully, "Jack darling, I've
never been able to get a guy to get into bed with me when I'm on
my period, let alone want to eat me out." I smile, kissed her
again and said "If you turn round, place your hands on the wall
and bend over I'll do more than that for you Kelly my love" and I
took hold of her shoulders, turned her round and pressed her in
the middle of the back so she did a said said.

As she bent over I reached for the tube of KY and quickly lubed
up my hard throbbing cockhead. Before Kelly could say or do
anything I'd wiped my lubed up fingers between her pussy lips and
quick as a flash pressed my cock deep inside her yearning body.
Kelly's cries of pleasure reverberated round the bathroom, and
must have penetrated down the stairs because a few moments later
Mary came rushing into the bathroom to see what was happening. As
she tore open the shower door she stopped, then began laughing at
the state of Kelly who was laying on the floor of the shower
gasping for breath while I stood over her with a limp prick
stained with her menstrual blood. "Get yourself cleaned off
please Jack, then you can help me get Kelly dried and dressed." I
chuckled, turned round to face the shower jet and washed my cock
clean once more. I then aimed the water at Kelly where she lay,
washing off the cum that was still oozing from between her pussy

With a little help from Mary I got Kelly out, and sitting on the
edge of the bath tub, and between us we dried her off. By the
time we'd done this Kelly was almost conscious, and taking note
of what was happening. "Why are you dressing me?" she asked Mary,
when she actually realised Mary was there beside her. "Well Kelly
darling, you didn't seem as if you'd be able to do it yourself,
so we decided to give you a helping hand. Do you think you might
be able to finish doing it yourself now?" Kelly giggled, nodded
her head and bent down to slip on her shoes. "There you are, that
wasn't too difficult, was it?" she said, and joined in the
laughter when she realised that was all that was left for her to
do. Arm in arm we walked down to the den, where Sue brought us
all a fresh cup of coffee. "Feeling better Kelly my love?" asked
Mary softly, Kelly looked up at her, blushed hotly and said
"Never better Mary darling, that's a first for me, I have to
admit. What I don't understand is why you're not screaming mad at
me and Jack for doing what we just did?" Mary smiled at Kelly for
a moment, then said "Look Kelly my love, would you say that
you're my friend?" Kelly nodded "Well, yes, we've been friends
for a few years, why?" "Well darling, if I can't help a friend
out now and again, even if it means asking my loving husband to
do something simple, then why would I deserve to have a friend
like you?" She giggled for a moment then said "Besides, Jack
loves helping out my friends, and I'm not averse to joining in
myself. You just try coming over next weekend, and you'll see
what I mean."

Kelly chuckled, then said "You know Mary my love, I might just do
that, if you're serious." I leaned over, kissed Kelly on the
cheek and whispered "She's serious Kelly my love, and so am I,
please come any time from Friday evening on, OK?" Kelly nodded,
"I'll be here I promise" she replied, and a few minutes later she
got up and said she had to leave. It took some time for her to
actually go, we spent so much time saying goodbye, but eventually
the door was closed and Mary and I were back sitting side by side
in the den. "Well Jack darling, did you get rid of her shyness in
the end?" asked Mary as she lay with her head on my lap, looking
up at me. "Oh, I think so darling, I guess she now knows that she
might just enjoy getting naked with me there, just like the girls
have done." "How about you darling, not feeling too tired are you
my love?" Mary asked softly, and I saw a glint in her eye that I
knew meant she had something in mind for me to get involved in.
She smiled up at me and said softly "Well darling, your daughter
has been asking if you'd shave her pussy for her, just like Jenny
has. Lisa wants the same thing, and I think Sarah will too, when
she sees what the others are like. Do you think you could manage
to do that this evening?"

I chuckled silently, then said "I suppose you've told them what
it's like when it begins to grow back?" Mary nodded "Yes darling,
so did Jenny, but they said they'd give it a try, and if it feels
too bad, then they won't do it again." "OK" I said "I guess I
could make it pretty enjoyable for them, and me too of course. I
don't suppose you'd like to come and watch from the wings, would
you?" I then explained what I'd got in mind for the girls when I
did as they'd asked. Mary nodded her head enthusiastically, "Too
true Jack darling, that sounds really great. I might even have
some of it myself afterwards, unless you'd like me to help with
the best bit at the end?" I grinned, "Well, I was going to ask
Jenny to help with that bit darling, but I suppose you could join
in if you like, Sue and Lisa might just enjoy it even more."

By the time we had finished our evening meal Sue and Lisa were
champing at the bit to get me up into the bathroom and get
started on having their pussies shaved. I explained to them the
down side of doing this and Sue grinned as she said "Yes daddy,
we know all about that, like I said to Mom, if we don't like the
feeling of it growing back, we just won't have any more shaves.
The thing is darling, if we don't try it, we won't know if we
want to keep ourselves shaved or not, will we?" I nodded in
agreement, stood up and said "OK girls, lets go and set up the
barbers shop shall we." Once in the bathroom I placed a bottle of
baby oil in a bowl of hot water, set a couple of face cloths in a
sink full of very hot water and started to whip up a load of
lather. As I was changing the blade in my razor I turned to the
girls and said "Right, who's first?" For moment there was some
indecision, then Sue stepped forward and said "I guess it's me
daddy, where do you want me?" I patted the surface of the vanity
unit where I'd placed a folded towel, "Up here my love, sit with
your bottom as close to the edge as you can and open your legs as
wide as they'll go. OK?"

Sue jumped up to where I'd indicated and as she shuffled into
position she giggled and said "I don't think all this is really
necessary you know darling, I reckon you do this just so you get
a really good look between our legs. What say you Lisa?" Lisa
giggled softly "Sounds like a good idea to me Sue, you know I
like to give your dad a beaver shot any time I can. This is just
a nice big close-up." By now I was in the process of trimming
Sue's pussy fur with a pair of scissors and I looked up at her
and said "How much do you want me to leave baby?" She looked
down, frowned for a moment then said "How about if you leave a
little round patch about here.." and she pointed to the top of
her mons. "Golf ball or Tennis ball?" I asked with a smile,
getting a laugh from Lisa and Jenny as they stood watching what
was going on. Sue grinned then said "Better make it Golf ball
daddy, otherwise it won't be covered by my bikini." A few quick
snips and I had the outline done, leaving just the bits that
would have to be shaved off. I then leaned over, grabbed a hot
face cloth and squeezed it almost dry before gently placing it to
cover Sue's pussy. "Ouch that's hot daddy, I didn't want you to
burn the hair away you know" I placed a soft gentle kiss on the
inside of Sue's thigh then said "Sorry darling, but I have to
soften the stubble that's left as well as get your pores to open
for when I shave you. It really will make it a lot easier in the
long run, and it wasn't really hot, I bet you were more surprised
than burnt, weren't you?" "Yeah, well I guess so daddy, maybe you
can warn me next time, then I won't yell so loud."

While we'd been talking the hot cloth had been doing it's job and
I removed it and began to spread lather all over the area to be
shaved. As I picked up the razor I looked up at Sue and said in a
serious voice "Now's the time to keep very still darling, I don't
want to be putting too many Band Aids on when I'm done, do I?" In
a flash Sue had her hand covering her pussy as she yelled "What!
You can't cut me daddy. I don't think I like this idea very
much." I leaned forward, kissed the back of Sue's hand and said
"I'm only joking Sue darling, I won't cut you if you keep quite
still, I promise." "Well, OK, but just make sure you take care
what you're doing please daddy, I really don't want to go out
with Band Aids covering my pussy, it won't look good if I'm
wearing a bikini." The next few minutes were an education for Sue
and Lisa, not just losing their pussy fur, but the way I was
pulling and stretching the skin between their legs got them both
very worked up. When I was done with Sue, and before I helped her
to stand on the floor once more, I placed a soft gentle kiss on
her swollen clit and licked my way up the length of her warm
swollen slit, almost bringing her to an orgasm. It was when I was
done with both of them, Jenny refusing my offer of a trim, that
things got pretty hot.

"Right girls, I want you to bend over and rest your heads on your
arms on the vanity unit please" I said. When they were in
position I poured some warmed baby oil into the palm of one hand
and the spread it over both. I then stepped up behind the girls
and cupped their now naked pussies in my hands, spreading the oil
all over the newly shaved areas. "This is just so you don't get
sore after being shaved girls" I said, "Now, keep quite still,
and lets see if we can't have a little bit of fun." With that I
took hold of the shaft of my now hard throbbing cock and pressed
it between the soft smooth lips of Lisa's pussy. Her cry of
pleasure made Sue look round, and I saw her smile as she realised
what was happening. With all the touching and stroking I'd been
doing, it wasn't long before Lisa was crying out in ecstasy as
she came to a loud orgasm before slowly collapsing on the floor
at my feet. While Jenny was helping Lisa to sit up properly I
stepped behind Sue and did the same for her as I'd done for Lisa,
getting the same result as before. Gently I allowed Sue to sink
to the floor and sat her beside her friend, then I stood up in
front of them and waited for Mary to come and join us.

The bathroom door opened and a moment later Mary was standing
beside me looking down at the girls. "Well, you seem to have had
a good time, would you like me to make it a little bit better?"
she said with a smile. "Please Mom" said Sue softly, and Mary
turned to Jenny and said "How about if you join them Jenny
darling?" and a moment later there were three of them sitting,
looking up at Mary and I as they waited to see what was going to
happed. All Mary did was slip one arm round my waist and take
hold of my cock in the other hand, and Sue at least knew what was
going to happen. A couple of minutes later and Lisa and Jenny
cottoned on and suddenly the were all three sitting up taking
notice. And watching for the first signs of my impending orgasm.
Try as I might I couldn't stop myself from gasping out as I felt
myself about to cum, and as I did Sue hissed "Now girls, get
ready!" A scant moment later and I was shooting a stream of hot
sticky semen across the gap between us while Mary waved my cock
about in an effort to share it fairly between all three girls.
Before my legs gave way beneath me Mary had slid a chair behind
me so I could collapse into it instead of on to the floor. As I
sat there watching Sue and her friends spreading my cum all over
their naked bodies I thought that no matter how many times I do
this, it just seems to get better and better. Having Mary help
like she just did was great in itself, but I had to admit it was
much better from my point of view if I had a soft teenage girls
hand doing the jerking off bit.

".. get a shower, don't you Jack darling?" Mary's voice broke
into my reverie, and I realised she was suggesting we all had a
shower and get cleaned up. "Good idea Mary my love" I said, "Any
one want to join me?" As usual it took some time for me to get
out of the shower and into bed, and by then Mary seemed to have
an idea that I had something on my mind. In the end I gave in to
her constant barrage of questions and turned over to face her,
kissed her tenderly on the lips and said "To be honest Mary my
love, I've just been thinking about how much longer all this can
go on before someone gets fed up and drops out. After all it must
get boring for some of the women to have access only to one male.
And what about the girls? I'm sure they're going to want to get a
little more variety in their sex lives before too long." It was a
couple of minutes before Mary responded to what I'd said, then
she rolled on top of me, rested her chin on her crossed arms and
looking me in the eye said softly "I think you might just be
right darling. I tell you what I'm going to do, I'm going to get
all those concerned to come and have a chat, so we can see who
might want to drop out before they get bored. That way we might
be able to cut down on the amount of energy you have to expend,
by not wasting it on someone that isn't going to be around for
very long. How does that sound?" I smiled at her, nodded my head
and said "If you think it'll do some good darling, I'll go along
with it. When will you be having this meeting?" Mary stretched
up, kissed me and said "As soon as I can get them all together.
I'll let you know, OK darling?"
I woke up next morning to the smell of fresh coffee and opened my
eyes to see Susan sitting on the bed beside me. As soon as she
saw I was awake she leaned over, kissed me lovingly and said
"Good morning daddy, won't you sit up, I've got a early morning
cup of coffee here for you" I thanked her and laid back against
the headboard as I sipped my way through the coffee, then found
the empty cup being taken from my hands. "Come on daddy, it's
time for you to get a shower so you can come and have breakfast
with the rest of us. Don't be long please darling, or it will
spoil and that won't please Mom." As I was by now used to taking
such orders from the women of my family I simply complied without
question, despite wondering why we should be having breakfast at
such an early hour on a Sunday morning. I soon found out! As I
walked into the kitchen I was faced with Sue and Lisa handing me
plates of bacon and eggs and being told to take them into the
dining room. I followed the two of them and almost dropped what I
was carrying when I saw the crowd of women and girls sitting
round the expanded table. Every one of the women and girls that
was involved in our little 'club' was there, and all were
watching me like hawks as I came and sat down in the only empty
seat at the head of the table. Mary, who was at the other end,
told everyone to get eating as we had a lot to discuss, and it
couldn't be done on empty stomachs.

A short while later, the girls had cleared away all the plates
and replaced them with cups of coffee or glasses of juice. Mary
was standing up and looking round the gathering before saying
"Ladies, We seem to have a bit of a problem with our little
group. Jack has the idea that some, or all of you, are very close
to getting bored with having only one male member available,
something that will result in some of you looking elsewhere for
sexual stimulation. Has anyone any comment to make on this
subject?" Instantly there was bedlam as they all tried to speak
at once. Mary held her hand up for silence, grinning at me as she
did. She them looked round the table, smiled at Kelly and said
"What about you Kelly my love, how do you feel about this idea?"
Kelly blushed fire engine red, but still stood up, looked at me
then at Mary and said softly "Well, I guess I'm the one most
likely to fall out, seeing as I've had such a bad time with men,
or at least one man. But I have to say that with what I've
experienced her, in this house, with Jack and Mary, there's no
way I'm going to be looking elsewhere. Jack is the only man I've
ever felt safe with, and even if all I can ever have in the
future is the occasional Tummy Rub, I'm quite prepared to settle
for that. At least I know I'm going to be loved, and not abused
when I'm sitting almost naked and leaning against his chest."

Before Mary could say anything Lisa stood up and said forcefully
"The same goes for me. I was so scared of men when I first came
here that my mom almost had to drag me into the house. Luckily I
listened to what my best friend said to me, and I allowed Uncle
Jack to show me that all men aren't beasts, even when I'm having
my brains fucked out of me. At least I know I'm not going to be
hurt, even when I'm being spanked. Which I really enjoy, by the
way." This got a loud giggle from all the girls, and at least one
of the women, seeing as June had recently enjoyed a taste of my
hand on her bottom. "I guess I'm slightly prejudiced" said Sue as
she stood up, "But I have to say that I have tried to make out
with a boy from school since I've been making love with my dad.
All I can say is, that he, and every boy in the neighbourhood has
an awful lot to learn before any of them will be good enough for
me to abandon daddy and look to them for sexual gratification."
"Me too" said Sarah and Jenny in unison as Mary stood up and said
"OK then can we have a vote on this. Anyone that is getting bored
with only having Jack available, please raise their hands." Mary
smiled at me as there was not a single movement from anyone
present. "OK, how about.. hands up anyone that wants to find
someone else to get a little more variety in their lovemaking."
Once more, not a movement, and I got another self satisfied
smile from Mary. "Right then ladies, hands up anyone that would
like to have a quick ten minutes with Jack, on their own, in the

Instantly there was a sea of hands waving all round the table and
Mary laughed as she asked them to put their hands down. "Tell you
what ladies, how about we all have a couple of minutes alone with
Jack so we can all show him how much we appreciate having him
around, and I think Kelly can be the first one to have a try." In
the end I allowed myself to be convinced that I was imagining
things, and that they all wanted me to keep on doping what we'd
been doing for that past few months. It also became clear that
the original 'no discussion' rule had been abandoned when I was
asked to show some of the women some of the things I'd been doing
with the girls, such as shaving their pussies, spanking them and
also eating them out. It seemed that I was going to be having a
very interesting and enjoyable Autumn and Winter ahead of me if I
wanted it, and of course there was no real chance I was going to
turn down something like this, was there.

The end of Volume One of Abandoned Women.
Volume Two will tell of what happened when all the women
experienced all that the girls had been enjoying.

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