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Abbys Suprise(mffteencons)


Abby's Surprise

(c)1999 Arine Buteft

Friday was finally here, and it couldn't have come any sooner. It was
the end of May, and finals were being given in classrooms all over the
country that week. Middletown wasn't any exception, all week long students
had grumbled and groaned, cramming, filling out crib sheets, hoping to
brave their last run at test-taking for the year. Abby Mitchell was
turning 18 years old in a few weeks, and couldn't wait to get the hell out
of high school. Finally graduating, finally getting onto college, she was
moving forward and she was pleased with how things had turned out. She was
cute, but not drop dead gorgeous, had good grades but not great grades, and
was a nice kid, but not a perfect one. She did hang out with some of the
wilder girls in the school, two of them, Jenny and Angie were cheerleaders,
Kelly was a bathroom smoker who also did a little pot on the weekends, and
her best friend Mindy always liked to get out and have a few beers at
whatever party was happening that weekend. Abby didn't quite feel
comfortable with some of their behavior, but they never forced it on her,
so it was OK. Of course she'd had a few drinks before (what high school
kid hasn't?), and smoked a joint once. She'd even gotten a little frisky
with one of the guys on the soccer team, he'd managed to get her bra off
and his hand down her panties before she left him with a bad case of
blueballs, but even while she was pushing him away, a part of her was
enjoying what he was doing. Still, she wasn't quite ready for that, she
told herself, and that was that.

Mindy and Abby were the closest of friends, they hardly spent a single
day without calling each other, talking in classes, or hanging out, going
to the mall, stuff like that. Mindy had a boyfriend, a track athlete named
Dan, and the two of them usually went out once a week. Mindy always told
Abby every single detail about what she and Dan did, and Abby listened,
getting an odd tingle in her stomach hearing her stories. Mindy was always
trying to set her up with one guy or the other, but Abby just didn't feel
any kind of connection with the guys she picked out. They were always a
little too dumb, or a little too macho for her tastes. Still, Mindy wasn't
quite ready to give up yet. Driving away from school that afternoon in
Mindy's car, the two of them hollered and shouted about how cool it was
that school was finally over!

"You know," Mindy started, "you're going to meet so many cute guys at
Northwestern, you won't believe it!" She giggled as Abby blushed, turning

"You always are so concerned about my love life, don't worry, I'm doing
just fine," she said with a smile. She sighed, leaned back, and closed her
eyes, thinking about the upcoming graduation, and the summer that lay
ahead. When she opened them again, she couldn't figure out where Mindy was
taking them.

Anticipating Abby's question, Mindy said "I'm going to my sister's
apartment, I had her get some stuff for the party tonight. You know, beer,
liquor, shit like that." Abby nodded and listened to the radio on the way
over. It was a short drive, and Mindy hopped out of the car, promising to
return in a minute. When she came back out of the apartment, she was
carrying a big garbage bag, hiding a case of beer and a sack with a few
bottles in it.

"What did you get, "asked Abby?

"Bud Light, tequila, and vodka... that should be enough for a little
party!" Mindy smiled broadly.

"And just where is this party, you know your parents would freak if you
tried to pull that at home!"

Mindy just smiled, and said, "don't worry." A few minutes later Abby
recognized Dan's neighborhood and realized where the party was going to be.
They got there, and Mindy hopped out first, excited at the thought of the
fun in store for the evening. Dan came out, just having gotten home a few
minutes earlier, and helped Mindy carry the stuff in. He also gave her a
deep kiss and squeezed Mindy's ass as Abby looked away, a little
embarrassed at their antics. There were still a few hours to kill before
things were going to get started, so the three of them went out for pizza,
and Mindy needed to run to the mall and look at a cool new top she'd seen
at one of the trendy little stores. Abby helped her pick things out while
Dan fidgeted behind them, uncomfortable in a clothing store. The girls noticed his behavior and giggled at his unease, and Dan shot them a dirty

It was about 7:00pm now, and the three of them were back at Dan's place
setting things up. Well there wasn't too much to set up, the case of beer
that Mindy brought plus another two that Dan had arranged to get, some
glasses and ice, orange juice, margarita mix, and the usual chips and snack
foods. By 7:30, the first guys started showing up. Abby was a bit
uncomfortable, all of the people who were arriving were friend's of Dan,
and she felt a little alone with Mindy and Dan sitting close on the couch,
leaving her alone on the other couch. Mike and Dave were the first two,
then Kevin and his girlfriend Laura came a few minutes later. Abby
couldn't stand Laura, she was such a bitch to her, always so stuck up and
snobbish. Finally at about 8:00 Abby's three other friends showed up,
already a little drunk. Giddy and giggling, they plopped down next to Abby
on the couch.

"Hiya Abi, hey, isn't it cool that we're done with high school? Woo
hoo!" Kelly shouted, bouncing on the couch. Abby giggled at her display
and agreed, and sincerely meant it. Kelly leaned over and whispered into
Abby's ear.

"Hey Abby, you wanna get stoned tonight?" She asked.

Abby was about ready to blow her off, when something stopped her. She
wasn't sure what, but a little voice said 'come on, live a little!', and so
Abby nodded. A little surprised, Kelly paused for a second, then jumped
off the couch and took Abby the hand, leading her back out into Dan's

"I can't believe you're getting stoned tonight, you've never even had
any before!"

"Yes I have you moron, remember last summer when you gave me a few hits
on your joint?" Abby said back, laughing.

"Ooohhh yeah, well hey I was stoned that night too, can you blame me for
forgetting?" They both burst out laughing, and Kelly lit the roll. She
took a few puffs, then one deep drag and passed to Abby while she held it
in. Abby did the same, and the two traded off for a few minutes like that,
not saying anything. Abby was feeling herself getting really lightheaded,
the only other time she'd had pot, she just took two or three puffs, and
hardly felt anything. This was very different, she felt very calm, and it
seemed like the whole world consisted of Kelly, herself, and the joint.
She sat down on a lawn chair on the patio and leaned back, eyes closed.

"Feels pretty fucking cool, doesn't it," Kelly asked her.

Abby just smiled and nodded, making a 'mmmm' sound. She didn't even
notice as Mike came out, beers in his hands.

"Hey Abby, you want one of these?" he asked, holding the can out to her.
She opened her eyes a bit, took the can, and mumbled "thanks" as she popped
the lid open. Mike came over to Kelly and asked to make sure that Abby was
really stoned, he couldn't believe it! Kelly just giggled again, grabbed
the beer and shooed him off. It was OK, Mike didn't want to smoke anyway,
he was just trying to play bartender, he loved doing that.

It was starting to get a little chilly out, and after their third joint,
Kelly and Abby wandered inside. They were a little surprised to find the
place almost empty, in fact, it was just Dan and Mindy making out on one
couch, and Kevin and Laura on the other. Jenny and Angie came out of the
kitchen, Angie helping to guide Jenny along. It was pretty obvious she'd
had too much to drink, fortunately Angie had stayed sober enough to drive
back home. Abby was shocked to look at the clock and see it at 11:00pm, it
had been almost three hours since she'd gone outside on the porch! It
didn't seem that long...

"Kelly, come on, I'm taking Jenny home!" Angie barked, a little

Kelly gave Abby a 'what can I do' look, shrugged, and waved bye to her.
"Don't have too much fun while I'm gone Abby!" she said as she walked out
the door, careful to use the furniture on the way over to guide herself.
Abby stood in the middle of the entryway, looking back in on the scene
before her. She sighed, knowing that Mindy was her ride home (she sure as
hell wasn't getting in a car with Laura!), and walked over to the makeshift
bar. She wasn't sure how many beers she'd had, or how much of her pleasant
fuzzy feeling was due to the alcohol and how much was due to the pot, but
she was past caring. She opened a beer, sat down on the easy chair, and
started flipping channels while the two couples were having their fun on
either side of her. She really didn't even notice, becoming fascinated
with some dumb movie on TV, you know, the ones about the wild and crazy
college kids who are up to no good. She wondered if she'd end up like that
next year, and started to giggle at the thought.

Dark and fuzzy, she opened her eyes and looked around. Abby had passed
out on the couch for about an hour, it was close to midnight now. There
wasn't anyone in the living room now, and she was starting to sober up.
The pot had worn off too, she didn't really feel sick, just a little off.
She walked over to the kitchen, and poured a glass of water from the
faucet. Sounds were coming down the stairs now, Dan and Mindy coming into
the living room again.

"Hey girl, Kelly says you got really stoned!" Mindy said, smiling.

"Yeah I can't believe it, you of all people, miss prim and proper!" Dan

Abby just groaned and told them to fuck off, and wandered back to the
living room to lay down on the couch. "So I let loose a little bit, what's
wrong with that?" she asked accusingly.

Mindy sat down next to her, opening a beer. "Hey I think it's cool that
you could have some fun, I'm all for it!" She smiled at Abby and started to
drink her beer. Dan came over and sat down on the couch too, this time
sitting down between the two of them. Abby wondered what he was doing,
there was plenty of room on the other side of Mindy. She looked at Mindy,
who was looking back with a strange expression on her face.

Dan leaned over and started to kiss Mindy, his hand reaching out to
squeeze her breast. Mindy gasped a little and returned his kiss, leaning
forward into him. She was now pushing on him, leaning him back against
Abby. Abby was frozen, she didn't know what to do as Dan's upper body
began to press against hers. Dan turned on the couch to face Abby, looking
at her intently as he leaned over. She caught the look in his eyes, and
didn't know what to make of it. Her heart was starting to beat harder.
Abby didn't move as he pressed his lips to hers, softly at first, then
firmer. Instinctively, she melted into his kiss and returned it, feeling
his hand running up her thigh. Realizing what was happening, she broke the
kiss with a start, backing away from him.

"Abby it's OK, I want to share Dan with you tonight, and I think he
wants you too, don't you honey?" Abby couldn't believe what Mindy was
saying! Her mind was racing at the though, totally unsure of what to do
next. Partially scared, and a little curious, she simply sat there on the
couch, waiting. Mindy sat up and crawled over to Dan, wrapping her arms
around his chest and rubbing it as she stared into Abby's eyes. Abby was
confused, but at the same time, those odd feelings in her stomach were
returning, thinking about the stories she'd heard about Dan and Mindy

"Just relax, Abby," he said, leaning back down to kiss her. Abby amazed
herself, she was kissing him back while at the same time her mind was
fighting to push him away. Seconds passed, and gradually, that voice in
her mind grew quieter and quieter, as Dan's deep kiss melted her. He broke
away, kissed Mindy again, and then returned to Abby's mouth. Abby had no
problem returning this time, she was kissing passionately, tongue darting
into his mouth, breathing harder. She reached out with her arms to take
his shoulders, and he leaned over her, pushing her back onto the couch.
The two of them continued to french as Mindy got off of the couch and
crawled on the floor to sit directly in front of the action, watching

Dan now had his hands up Abby's shirt, roaming freely over her breasts,
squeezing and fondling them through her bra. She gasped a little when he
pinched one of her nipples, but continued to kiss him back. She arched her
back a little, tits sticking out prominently. Abby had smallish ones, only
a B cup, but Dan didn't seem to mind one bit. Her shirt came off next, and
they broke the kiss, both panting as she held her arms up for him to remove
it. Abby lay back on the pillows, chest heaving, lacy white bra rising and
falling. Mindy's eyes were glued to the scene, and she licked her lips.
Abby could see Mindy's nipples poking through her shirt, she must have lost
her bra earlier tonight with Dan.

"Take off her bra, Dan," she told him. Dan didn't even acknowledge the
command, but obeyed just the same. He reached behind her back, never
losing eye contact, and unhooked it. He pushed it off her shoulders, and
tossed it aside. Abby waited, breathing hard, as her nipples stiffened in
the open air. She had dark, prominent ones, with little aureoles and stiff
points. She'd never been this naked before another person in her life, let
alone her best friend and boyfriend. The whole idea of what they were
doing seemed so strange and exciting at the same time, she found herself
growing wet. His hands reached out to touch her nipples, playing just a
little, rubbing and teasing. She leaned her head back and let out a little
whimper as the sensations flowed through her body. Eyes closed, she was
unprepared for his next action, feeling his mouth close around the left
nipple, she gasped and jerked a little, but did nothing to stop him. He
continued to play and stroke her nipples, kissing her breasts all over,
squeezing and fondling them. When she opened her eyes again, she was
shocked again: Mindy was topless too, playing with her own boobs while she
watched. Abby had never seen Mindy naked before, and she felt so strange
when a tingle of excitement flooded her brain, spreading through her body.
Her heart was racing, and she knew that without a doubt she would be losing
her virginity tonight. She was very damp now, she could feel the wetness
every time she shifted and moved her hips.

"Take her shorts off now." Abby's heart leapt in her chest at Mindy's
words, knowing what was to come next.

Dan again responded, reaching his hands down to Abby's waistline,
unhooking the button on her little denim shorts, and unzipping them. Abby
closed her eyes again, waiting for the inevitable contact on her pussy...
YES! His fingers brushed her clit as he pulled her shorts and panties off
at the same time, and she shifted her hips to make contact with his hand
again. Dan lifted her butt off the couch, and finished pulling the jeans
shorts off of her. The next thing Abby knew, his strong hands were on her
inner thighs, spreading her legs open. She could feel how wet she was,
juices lubricating her sex, hidden behind a tuft of dark hair. Abby began
to whimper involuntarily, wanting to feel something touching her clitoris
again. She was rewarded in a few seconds with a soft kiss on each thigh,
trailing in to her pussy. The kisses turned into licks, running up and
down her lips, probing her depths. She squeezed her legs a bit, trying to
force more contact, when she felt something strange. Realizing that the
lack of beard stubble, she opened her eyes to find Mindy's head nestled
between her legs, kissing her pussy! Abby jerked back, and Mindy looked
up, face wet with her juices, smiling. Abby was frozen, and could do
nothing to resist when Mindy lowered her face again. She groaned loudly,
as Mindy played her tongue across Abby's clit, applying just the right
amount of pressure. Abby had lost all resistance, she knew that she would
be powerless to Mindy and Dan's actions. She gasped again, as Mindy kissed
her clitoris, and sank down into the couch, giving in fully to her passion.
Dan was watching now, standing in front of both of them, stroking his
cock. Abby opened her eyes to look at him again, playing with himself.
Dan walked around the side of the couch, and stood right next to Abby, his
cock just inches from her face. Abby stared at it as he stroked it, and
reached out her own hand to touch it. It was hot, and she could feel it
throb as she grasped it around the base. Not even sure of what she was
doing, she started to jerk his cock, all the while being eaten out by
Mindy. Abby was unable to keep quiet now, and began groaning and gasping
with each movement of Mindy's mouth on her cunt. She had become so
disoriented that she let go of his cock and sunk into the couch even
further, legs on Mindy's shoulders. Dan took his cock in his hand again,
continuing to stroke it while he watched the scene.

Abby had never reached such a peak before, not even the few times she'd
played with herself, this was totally different, being eaten out, and by
her best friend too! Mindy was an expert at what she was doing, and Abby
half wondered if this was the first time Mindy had been with another woman.
She didn't really care, she could hardly think about anything with her
heart racing, chest heaving, as she grew closer and closer to coming. Dan
leaned over now, and began to suck and fondle her breasts like before, and
that put her over the edge. With a short yelp, her body exploded, every
nerve ending in her pussy coming alive as Mindy attacked her clit with her
tongue... Abby stiffened, muscles shaking as her body rode out the intense
wave of passion. Finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, she gasped
for air again, and felt her clit growing super sensitive. Mindy stopped
her direct kissing and sucking on her clit, and instead slipped a finger up
inside Abby. Panting as her orgasm faded, still feeling its effects, Abby
opened her eyes and looked down at Mindy, smiling up at her.

Mindy climbed up her body, running her hands over Abby's sensitive
breasts, coming up to kiss her deeply. Abby returned the kiss, tasting her
own cum on Mindy's lips. The salty, tangy taste excited Abby, and for a
moment she wondered if Mindy tasted the same.

Mindy sat over on the couch now, next to Abby, and motioned for Dan to
come over.

"Abby, aren't you going to thank Dan for what he did to you?" Mindy
asked, eyeing Abby mischievously. Abby didn't understand for a second,
then seeing Dan's cock pointing at her, she got it. Awkwardly, she got on
the floor in front of the couch, on her knees. Dan's cock swayed in front
of her, and he reached out to take Abby's hand and guide it to his cock.

"Good, start stroking it first, get him worked up, " Mindy said, her
hands trailing over her own breasts, pinching her nipples and sliding a
hand down to her pussy. She watched as Abby's hand circled Dan's cock,
barely able to get her fingers around it. She started pulling on it
slowly, then speeded up a bit. Dan let out a groan, and his breathing
picked up.

"Now start licking his cock," Mindy commanded, her hands playing with
her cunt as she watched Abby. Abby hesitated at first, then brought her
mouth close to his cock. Almost shyly, she stuck her tongue out and
started to lick around his cockhead. Dan groaned a bit louder now, and his
hips were beginning to jerk in response. Abby seemed to relax, and closed
her lips around his head, swirling her tongue around and sucking a little.

"Good girl, you know what he likes. Try and suck a little more, but
don't take too much in. Just play with his cock and do what you're doing."

Abby didn't even hear Mindy, she was in a world of her own. She had one
hand wrapped around the base of his cock, squeezing and pumping, while the
other one came up to play with his balls. She started sucking a little
more of his shaft, not too much, but enough to get Dan really worked up.
He was apparently plenty horny, no doubt from Mindy teasing him all night.
Abby could tell she was doing things right, Dan was groaning and gasping
with every swirl of her tongue. All of these new feelings and sensations
were wonderful, she was going beyond any limits she'd ever imagined herself
reaching, and she liked what she was doing. Her tongue was circling,
licking, lips smacking loudly. She experimented with squeezing his shaft
tight, until he thought his cock was going to burst, then letting it go,
taking more of him in her mouth. The third time she did that, he had had

"Oh shit!" he yelled, hips jerking erratically as his cock surged. Abby
was unprepared for his cum, it flooded her mouth and ran out. She took her
mouth away, keeping her hand tight around his shaft as he continued to
jerk. She was fascinated at the sight of cum shooting out of his dick,
landing on her face and tits. He gave a few more jerks with his hips, and
then finally stopped moving. Abby tasted the cum in her mouth, and found
it to be OK, not wonderful, but definitely something she could get used to,
if it meant getting the same in return! Exhausted, he flopped on the
couch, laying spread out, gasping. Abby stayed on her hands and knees,
playing with the cum all over her body. She rubbing it around, feeling how
slippery and sticky it was, still warm from being inside him. Mindy got
back on the floor, on her knees just like Abby, and started to kiss her.
Licking the cum, sharing it in their kiss, rubbing it into Abby's breasts.
Abby was so turned on by this, she almost came again just from the kissing.
Her heart was racing again, and she felt the wetness growing again between
her legs.

The two of them kissed for another minute, before Mindy broke the
embrace. She lay down on the floor now, parallel to the couch. She opened
her legs, and ran a hand down to play with herself again.. Her lips were
thick and reddish, engorged with blood and slick with her wetness. Pulling
a pillow off the couch to place under her head, she rested back, and
waited. Abby watched, knowing what she was to ask next.

"Abby, come over here and kiss my pussy."

Abby was there in seconds, lying down on the ground in front of Mindy.
She started to lick right away, tasting her wetness. Mindy had the same
tart, salty taste that Abby's own pussy had, and the smell of it was enough
to get her juices flowing out again, she could feel them running over her
cunt, sticky from Mindy's saliva.

"Abby, get up on your hands and knees. I want Dan to eat you out while
you do it to me," Mindy told her. Abby let out a pleased sound, and
responded immediately, rising up so that Dan could lie on his back and
scoot his head under to her pussy. Abby groaned again as she felt a pair
of lips make contact with her sex. "Ooohhh...mmm..." was all she said
before Mindy forced her face back into her pussy. Abby continued to groan
into Mindy's cunt as she felt Dan's mouth on her.

Dan had a totally different style than Mindy. He started by licking
deep strokes up and down her lips, and then inserted a finger, beginning to
slip it in and out. Abby felt her hips begin to move in response to his
finger fucking, while at the same time grinding her pussy into his face on
each downstroke. Abby was getting lost in her passion again, and Mindy had
to assist by using her own fingers to stimulate herself. Abby licked and
kissed Mindy's pussy between groans and moans, trying to taste every inch
of her.

Abby watched as she licked, as Mindy's fingers rubbed slow circles
around her clit, then fast up and down over it, alternating between light
and deep pressure. Groaning and gasping, Abby gave up on her efforts, and
just mashed her face into Mindy's pussy, letting Mindy do the work of
grinding her hips into Abby's face. Abby was almost screaming now, Dan was
doing a great job of teasing her clit, and she was anxious for more.

"Lick me Dan, ooohh yes, mmmm... that's so good..." she was saying over
and over, hearing herself talking like that was turning her on even more.
Abby couldn't last much longer, and Mindy knew it, so Mindy speeded up her
own orgasm, bringing herself to a quick but intense climax as Abby groaned
into her pussy. Abby did best to lick up the flowing juices as she came
closer and closer to her peak. When Dan took her clit into his mouth and
sucked deeply on it, drawing it in and tonguing it. That was too much for
Abby, and she came again, letting out a scream as her body exploded for the
second time that night. It was too intense for her, and she collapsed on
the floor, trying to catch her breath. Mindy and Dan crawled over to each
other and kissed deeply, Mindy still in the afterglow of her orgasm. Abby
recovered her strength and rolled over to look at Dan and Mindy kissing,
and Dan's cock stiff again. Mindy started tugging on it, much the same as
Abby had earlier.

"Dan, I think it's time you made Abby a woman, I think she's been
waiting long enough." Mindy caught Abby's gaze, staring at Dan's now erect
shaft. "On the couch Abby." Abby crawled up on the couch and propped her
head up on a pillow. She waited, staring at his cock, knowing where it
would be in just a matter of seconds.

"Good, now spread your legs, wide. Let Dan see that cute pussy of
yours." Abby felt a surge in her cunt hearing Mindy talk that way. "Play
with yourself. Good. Rub your clit. Faster." Mindy was clearly getting
off on directing the show. She was playing with her own pussy as she told
Abby what to do.

"Dan, I think she's ready." Smiling, Dan climbed on the couch, bringing
himself up Abby's body. She was breathing hard, anticipating what was
coming. She felt Dan's cock poking her inner thigh as he slid up her body.
His weight over her felt good, she felt meek and submissive. She stared
down the length of his body, still looking at his cock. "I think she likes
what she sees," Dan noted.

Mindy moved over to the side of the couch, and took Dan's cock in her
hand. Guiding it, she first rubbed it over Abby's throbbing pussy. Precum
had started to leak from his cock, and Mindy mixed their juices around, as
she moved his cock. Abby was whimpering as she felt his cockhead nestle
between her lips. Mindy felt Dan's cock catch in her opening, and paused,
driving them both crazy with anticipation. Dan and Abby were both slaves
to Mindy's control, she was in charge. She held Dan's cock tight, as he
began to enter her. Abby let out a deep sigh as she felt herself being
filled up with her first cock. Mindy held on, only allowing two inches
inside, before she tugged him out. She was tight, and very wet, as
slippery as any woman Dan had been with. Dan started to surge forward, but
Mindy stopped him. She was going to make this last for herself. They both
groaned as Mindy withdrew him, then groaned louder when she directed him in

She pulled him back out one last time, then simply gave one last
command. "Fuck her," she whispered, and Dan was deep inside of her the next
instant. Abby cried out at first, then relaxed as she grew accustomed to
feeling Dan inside of her. Mindy's relentless teasing had driven them both
to the edge, and she knew that Dan would not last long. He started out
with deep, slow thrusts, but after only a minute he had increased his pace.
He began pounding her pussy, their sweating bodies slapping obscenely as
they rocked together. His groaning picked up in intensity as he drove into
Abby, and she took every inch of him, grinding back with each of his
thrusts. They kissed for a moment, but couldn't maintain it, they were
gasping too hard. Abby closed her eyes, taking in only the sounds and
sensations of their sex, his moaning, the sounds of their bodies slapping,
his sweaty skin on hers, rock hard cock probing her pussy. She felt his
cock jerk again, and he yelled out as he came inside of her. His butt
tightened, pressing his whole cock inside of her, completely filling her
up. She groaned with him, her hands pulling him in, feeling his cock
spasming inside of her.

Gasping for air, he finally stopped grinding on top of Abby, pulling out
his softening cock. Abby looked down at the sight, his cock withdrawing
from inside of her, a sticky trail of white clinging to him as he pulled
away. She moved her hand down to her pussy, and she could feel the cum he
had left inside of her beginning to run out. Mindy knelt down at her pussy once again, and began licking the cum off of her. That was all Abby could
take, and she came for the third time, a quick, intense orgasm that left
her dizzy. When she regained her senses, Mindy was finishing cleaning up
her pussy with quick, catlike licks. They kissed again, and Abby could
taste the combination of Dan's cum and her own wetness in Mindy's mouth.
Abby felt Dan sliding his arms under her, lifting her off the couch. Abby
felt totally content, relaxed, and very, very tired. Together, they walked
up to Dan's bedroom, where they all fell asleep laying on each other. The
next thing any of them knew, it was morning. The three of them laid in
Dan's bed, covers strewn about. Dan was absent-mindedly stroking Abby's
breasts while Mindy watched intently. They all spent the next half hour
just playing around, thinking about what just happened that night. Abby
was the first to speak.

"You know, we've still got a whole summer together before college..."

The End


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