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About the Town 3


About the Town, Ch. 3
By Alden Bradley
Copyright May 2001
All rights reserved

This is a tale of erotic fiction. It is posted only on sites and newsgroups
in which erotic fiction appears. If you are reading this on a site OTHER
than one on which erotic fiction is posted, please stop now, or assume the
risk of being offended. The author bears no responsibility for your offense
if you continue to read on.

That’s how we wound up with me on my hands and knees looking at that
beautiful, firm and tanned thigh. It was Ashley’s. She was sitting astride
Larry with his cock buried in her well-eaten, sopping wet pussy, while her
husband pumped his dick into me from behind.

When Kevin and I returned from our ice-hunting expedition, we found Larry
seated on the bed with Ashley behind him. She had her arms wrapped around
his shoulders and one of her hands had stolen underneath his shirtfront.
She looked up at us and smiled as we came into the room.

“We’re not naked yet,” she said, almost gleefully.

“I can see that,” I told her. Checking my husband’s lap, though, I could
see he was nearly at full distention. I walked over to him and brushed my
hand down the length of his member. “I see you’ve got his attention,
though,” I joked.

Ashley giggled, then turned her head to kiss Larry’s ear. She whispered
something to him, then looked up at her husband and I. “Did you know he
kind of twitches when you rub your fingers across his nipples?” she asked
me. She demonstrated. Larry twitched.

“Quit that,” he said.

“What an amazing discovery,” I observed. I looked over my shoulder to check
out how Kevin was doing. His eyes were fixed on the scene in front of him.
The ice bucket he carried was swinging idly by his side. I pulled on his
other hand.

“Come on, sweetie,” I told him. “Let’s get that set down so we can join the

Kevin moved in kind of a daze, placing the bucket on the long bureau next to
the tray where the drinks were laid out.

“Anybody want anything?” I asked.

“Not right now,” Larry answered, his voice strangely tight.

“I can see Ashley has her hands full,” I commented. “How about you,
sweetheart?” I directed at Kevin.

“Uh, no, uh-uh,” he said.

“Well I do,” I told them, then turned toward Kevin, reaching my arms up to
encircle his neck. I put my lips to his ear and did my own whispering. “I
want you naked so I can suck on that marvelous cock of yours,” I told him.
I could feel his knees weaken under me.

Ashley piped up, “Can we get naked now, Sam?”

“I think that would be an excellent idea,” I answered, unbuttoning the three
buttons on my top and shrugging it off my shoulders. Kevin’s eyes were
fixed on my bra.

“Do you want me to help you, hon’” I asked him, “or can you do it yourself?”

“I’ll do it, I can do it myself,” he said quickly. He grabbed the hem of
his polo shirt and ripped it over his head. Meanwhile I reached behind me
and popped the two hooks on my bra. The bottom came loose. I pulled the
straps off my shoulders and let the thing fall away from my breasts. Kevin
slid off his blue shorts. He cocked a leg to untie his running shoes and
almost toppled.

“Here,” I offered. “Why don’t we strip down the bed. Then you can sit down
before you fall down. Kevin watched with fascination as I immodestly
walked, topless, around the bed to the other side and grabbed the covers.

“Are you going to help?” I asked him. He sprang into action, taking hold of
the bedcovers and pulling them down the length of the bed.

“Just roll ‘em onto the floor, baby,” I instructed him. “I don’t think
we’ll be needing them.”

When the covers were disposed of, Kevin sat on a corner and removed his
shoes and socks. I, meanwhile, pushed my shorts down my thighs, wiggled a
bit, then kicked them off. Kevin was clad in his briefs, and I had on only
panties. I hitched my thumbs in the waistband and tugged my panties off. I
walked over to stand in front of Kevin. I held my hands out to him and
pulled on him until he was upright.

“These got to go, too,” I said, pulling at his briefs. I tugged the front
around his cock and pushed them down his legs, finally kneeling in front of
him. When I looked up after he stepped out of his briefs, his cock was
bobbing only inches away from my face.

“Now this,” I said, taking gentle hold of his member, “is what it is all
about.” I placed my lips at the tip, sucked gently, and let my tongue lick
the dab of pre-cum that oozed from his slit. Kevin’s cock was about 7
inches, nearly two inches longer than Larry’s. I knew I was going to really
enjoy feeling it up inside me.

“You’d better sit on the corner of the bed,” I instructed my young lover.
“I wouldn’t want you to fall down when you come.”

As Kevin moved to the corner of the bed, I had a chance to look at Larry and
Ashley on the other bed. Ashley had gotten all the clothing off herself and
my husband. He was laying on his back on the bed, with Ashley astride his
face. Ashley was humping his tongue and giving out little coos of joy.
Larry is an excellent at eating pussy. I knew he was loving the taste and
feel of that young cunt on his tongue. His erect cock waving in the air
told me all I needed to know about his enjoyment.

Kevin sat on the corner and I pushed him backward so he was lying there, his
legs on either side of the corner. His dick was only semi-erect, and lay
across his thigh. I knelt down in front of his, cupped his balls in my left
hand, and spent a moment blowing cold air on them, licking them, then
blowing on them again. Kevin groaned.

“You want me to suck on you, don’t you?” I asked him. Kevin hummed an

As I took his member in my hand, I could feel the blood pumping into it,
stiffening it. I licked the underside of the head very lightly. Kevin
twitched. I smiled. I slid the slick underside of my tongue across the
bulbous head, swirling around it, making is wet and slippery. Then I placed
my lips at the tip and slipped him slowly into my mouth. I do so live that
feeling of the slick tip sliding between my lips. I usually hold it there,
my tongue pressing on the bottom, and my mouth compressed all around it,
just feeling it throb and grow in my hot, wet mouth.

Kevin groaned. I slid my mouth off him. “My, my!” I said. “You’re not
going to come already, are you?”

“No,” Kevin answered softly. “It just feels so good.”

“So I may continue?” I asked, with a grin on my moist lips.

“Oh, yes, please,” he responded.

As I slid my lips back onto his head, I heard Ashley let out a little
squeal. I paused a second, recognizing her little orgasm, then sucked her
husband’s cock deep into my mouth. I held him there, gently, rubbing the
underside with my tongue. Kevin’s hands came to rest in my dark, curly
hair. He held my head gently, stroking me and playing with my ears.

Have I mentioned how sensitive my ears are? That’s why I get such a kick
out of the whispering deal, you know, telling Ashley to whisper in Larry’s
ear, and then doing the same to Kevin myself. My ears are one of my trigger
spots. I’ve got others, but the ears are particularly sensitive. Kevin
probably didn’t know it, but he was turning on my internal fire, sparking
off sensations that zoom all down my body to the pit of my sex.

So, I went back to loving on Kevin’s member, almost dripping with desire
myself when the near silence in the room was split by Ashley’s screams.

“Oh, god, oh, god, oh, god!” she screamed in rapid-fire method. “Oh, god,
Larry, god, stop, oh, please stop!” she squealed. My husband, ever the
gentleman, stopped.

“No, no, no, no, no,” Ashley squealed, her blonde hair splaying about
wildly, her hips humping Larry’s face. “Don’t stop that,” she said,
urgently. “Not now! I’m cumming! I’m so close to cumming!”

I released Kevin’s cock. “I’m confused,” I told him. “Does she want him to
stop or not?”

Kevin hitched up on his elbows. “She says that, sometimes, when it, like,
gets to be too much. But, she doesn’t really mean it.”

“She needs to make up her mind,” I said, turning to watch the pair on the
other bed.

Ashley continued, sounding somewhat out of breath and on the verge of

“Oh, god, oh, god, oh, god, Larry! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oh, please! Oh,
please!” she screamed and wailed, her hips ratcheting forward and back with
true violence. Then she broke into sobs and fell forward into a full
kneeling position, her lovely hair streaming down onto the bed.

“Oh, god!” she sobbed. “Oh, dear god!” Her words were distinct now,
separated, no longer staccato, but broken by the sobbing.

“Is she all right?” I asked my new lover.

“Yeah,” he said. “She just does that, you know. She’s a sobber.”

“Oh, god!” Ashley was saying now. “I’ve got to have you in me.” She
hitched up her hips and started crawling back down Larry’s body. “I want to
have you in me, Larry. Please, put your thing in me.”

Larry was happy to oblige. As soon as her legs cleared his arms, he reached
for his cock and held it aimed right into her dripping snatch.

Kevin and I watched transfixed as she inched her way down his body.

“It’s right here for you,” Larry told her. “Just keep coming backwards
until you feel it.”

Ashley did. She pushed her way down Larry’s torso until she made contact
with his member. Then she stopped, raised up on her haunches, and Kevin and
I saw her slide down on Larry’s engorged meat.

“God damn!” Kevin said. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so hot!”

“Me, either. Come on,” I told Kevin. Then I crossed to the other bed and
knelt next to my husband and his blonde siren. “From behind, Kevin. Right
here. Get it in,” I ordered.

I felt him approach me and put his hands on my ass. He spread me, then
plunged his cock deep into my cunt. I felt him fill me up, then immediately
start pumping away.

“Slow down, baby,” I directed him. “We’ve got all night. We don’t want to
rush anything.” Kevin slowed down. He took up a regular, rhythmic pattern
and I enjoyed the slick, hot sensation of his distended member pumping away
at me. It was then that I noticed Ashley’s thigh right next to my head, the
strong muscles pulsating as she rode my husband’s cock.

Eventually, that long night, we paired up in various combinations. I had
Kevin in my mouth while Larry screwed me from behind. It was glorious.
Ashley did likewise, while I watched. Kevin and I sucked on Ashley’s tits
while Larry rode on her. I even got to lick her pussy while she sucked on
Larry’s cock. Kevin came up behind me and buried himself inside me while I
ate out his wife’s pussy. I know she could feel his thrusts into me
translated through my body to my mouth as I sucked on her. I never before
had the bi thing going on, but Ashley’s sweet young pussy was delectable. I
enjoyed it so much, I’ll actually consider doing it again.

We all fell asleep at about three a.m., completely spent. I woke at around
8:30 to hear Ashley and Larry engaged in one last joining before our
eventual separation. I got to wake Kevin by holding his flaccid cock in my
mouth until it stirred to erection. I climbed aboard, and rode him
mercilessly; bringing myself off at least four times before I relented and
let him spurt his seed deep inside me.

Kevin and Ashley left at around eleven. They packed up their stuff, then we
all did the hug and kiss thing before they departed. Ashley actually wept
as she kissed Larry goodbye. When she came to me, she just kept saying,
“Thank you,” over and over again.

“Just remember last night,” I told her. “When Kevin does something brutish
and stupid, remember what he gave you. Remember how much he loves you,” I
told the girl. “He does, you know. He loves you so much he gave you last
night’s passion. Remember that.”

“I will,” she promised. “He’s a pretty special guy.”

“That he is,” I assured her. “I’m going to miss you guys.”

“And, you take care of yours, too,” she said, sternly. “He’s a jewel.”

“Don’t I know it,” I affirmed to her. “One in several million. That’s my

As they pulled away, Ashley waved furiously from the passenger’s side and
hollered out, “We love you guys!”

Larry and I waved back.

We arrived home at about six that evening. We decided on tv dinners for
supper, being too exhausted to make a meal.

“A pretty special weekend,” I told my spouse as we picked at our dinner.

“It was,” he agreed. “We sure got more than we bargained for. Remember,
you were supposed to get laid.”

“And I did,” I responded. “Anyway, I’m glad it worked out the way it did.”

“It’ll sure make a hell of a story,” Larry said.

“Not exactly one we can tell the kids, though,” I commented.

“She sure was young and sweet,” he reminisced.

“Almost young enough to be your daughter,” I reminded him.

“I guess that make me a dirty old man,” Larry smiled.

“You always were.”

Six weeks later, we were having a quiet Thursday night at home when the
phone rang. It was Ashley.

“Can you meet us in Columbus?” she wanted to know.

“When? And, what for?” I asked, floored to hear from her.

“The weekend, two weeks from Friday. We’re going to be there. I miss you
guys,” she said.

“I’ll have to check with Larry,” I said. “But, Ashley, you were supposed to
go your way and all that. How did you get our number?”

“Oh, Kevin did that. He and Larry had a meet, like in the bathroom or
something? You know, that weekend? Larry slipped him a business card with
your number on it. Didn’t you know?” she asked.

“In truth, I didn’t,” I said.

Ashley sounded passionate. “Don’t be mad, Sam, please. We really do love
you guys. In fact, when we, you know, play those bedroom games? I play
you, and Kevin plays Larry. Like, not at the same time, you know. But,
you’re our fantasy.”

I laughed. “You’ve become quite the hussy,” I told her.

“Yes, I have,” Ashley admitted. “I even let one of those teachers come to
the house and do, you know, while Kevin watched? But, all the time, I was
wishing it was Larry. So, we didn’t do that anymore.”

“Ashley, this is, well, a surprise, really,” I said.

“I know, Sam. But, we love you, we really do. And, you know that thing you
did to me, like when I was doing Larry? Remember?”

“I remember, Ashley,” I said.

“Well, I want to try it, too. I never did it before. But, I want to do it
with you.”

“I’m flattered, Ashley. I really am.”

“So, you’ll meet us in Columbus?” she asked.

“Yes, sweetie,” I told her. “Whatever else is going on, we’ll be there.
I’ll go talk to Larry right now.”

I hung up the phone and went to find my husband in his little workroom.

“Got any plans for the weekend of the 21st?” I asked him, while he sanded on
a chair rung.

“I don’t think so,” he said. “Why?”

“We’re going to Columbus,” I said. “You’re going to get laid!”
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