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Accidental Pervert


The Accidental Pervert


I never started out to be a pervert. I was never normal as compared to
my peers, but there was nothing perverted about it. I started out liking
older girls who became younger girls, not that that makes much more sense,
maybe I'd better start at the beginning.

My name is David, and I live in a small town in Washington and work as a
computer programmer and applications trainer.

I started liking girls long before most of my friends. By the time I
was ten I thought girls were wonderful and I really enjoyed watching them.
Everything from Marsha on reruns of the Brady Bunch to the Pet of the month
in Penthouse.

But I didn't spend all my time watching. I enjoyed being with them and
learning as much as I could about the differences between boys and girls.
The girls I was most interested in back then were twelve and thirteen year
olds. After all, they'd started to get bumpy.

Sometimes I was amazed at how successful I was in getting them to take
off their shirts or pants, or submit to a full body massage. As I got
older my tastes changed. As a twelve year old, I was interested in
fourteen and fifth teen year olds. By the time I was fourteen, seventeen
and eighteen year olds were my target of choice. And then, for some
reason, my tastes stopped changing. As a high school senior, I was still
interested in seventeen and eighteen year olds. Even as I finished
collage, I would most likely be dating some high school senior. But that's
not the perverted part. At least I don't think that's the perverted part.

By the time I was twenty-four I was living in a mobile home park near
Long Beach, Washington (and dating this cute little red headed cheerleader from the local high school, but that's a different story).

Now I had always enjoyed kids. I know that you're going to take that
the wrong way, but I mean I enjoyed working with them and teaching them, I
didn't see them as sexual objects. I could set my own schedule, so I used
to go into work around 4AM and get off around noon, which meant my
afternoons and evenings were my own. I've always loved baseball (3 years
on Varsity and the state championship my senior year, not that that has
anything to do with the story) so I volunteered to coach a little league
team during the Spring and Summer, then somehow I got talked in coaching a
girl's volleyball and basketball in the fall and winter. Not that I
minded, they were a lot of fun.

The girls I was coaching were 9 and 10 year olds, small and cute and
funny and nothing remotely sexual about them. My boys on the baseball team
were 11 and 12 year olds and I had 3 undefeated seasons but that's not
important right now. Oh, and for the record, there was nothing remotely
sexual about them either.

The girl's basketball team is how I met Carla.

Carla was nine and you could have used her body like a yardstick it was
so straight. There wasn't even the hint of a curve. Carla was a mouthy
one, who always had a sarcastic remark for anything I or anyone else had to
say. But she was so cute, and usually so funny that no one ever minded.
She had short black hair and usually wore a pair of yellow shorts so bright
they almost hurt my eyes. And, as I was amazed to find out, she was my
next-door neighbor in the mobile park.

Over a period of months I got to know Carla and her mom. Her mom was a
remarkable person who'd finally had enough of her husband and thrown him
out when Carla was eight. She'd used a shotgun full of rock salt on the
taillights of his car to emphasize that his return was non-negotiable.
She'd been raising Carla by herself ever since.

So naturally I wound up driving Carla home from practice most nights.
Even after basketball ended, Carla would show up on my doorstep a couple of
nights a week looking for help with her homework or to play on my computer.
I didn't mind, like I said, Carla was a lot of fun. I even toyed with the
idea of marrying her mom so that she'd be my daughter. That idea didn't
last long since I wasn't interested in her mom who was at least ten years
older than my girlfriend (you remember, red-head, cheerleader, built like a
but that's another story). Her mom cooked me dinner about once a week, and
maybe twice a month, I'd get ambitious and cook up a feast (I was a pretty
good cook) and usually invite Carla and her mom along with Crystal, my

I'd known them about a year when Carla's mom asked me for a big favor.
She worked real early on the weekends, she was a waitress, and the lady
who'd been looking after Carla was moving away. She'd found somebody for
Saturdays but she wondered if I could keep and eye on Carla on Sundays. I
said yes without hesitation. First of all, I usually just hung around the
house on Sundays anyway, catching up on reading, doing laundry, that sort
of thing. Second of all, Carla was ten now and certainly didn't need a lot
of looking after. And thirdly, I still kind of thought of Carla as my own
daughter, even though I had no intention of marrying her mother. She
offered to pay me, but I told her I wouldn't do it if there was any money
involved since I probably made three times what she made anyway.

Now in some of the stories I've read, at this point I would be jumping
up and down and plotting the conquest of my victim, but it wasn't like
that. I still didn't think about Carla sexually. I thought she was cute
and that was the end of it. She used to sit on my leg at the dining room
table when she came over for homework help, but that wasn't sexual it was
convenience. She'd sit on my leg and I'd look over her shoulder as she did
her homework. In this position, I probably even looked down her shirt a
few times, but if I did, it didn't make any impression on me at the time
and not even the hint of an erection.

So anyway, Carla started coming over on Sunday mornings. I usually woke
up at six on Sundays, it was nice to sleep in. And Carla's mom would show
up, pushing this half asleep girl through my back door about a quarter to
seven. Carla would immediately crash on the sofa until ten or so, and then
I'd make breakfast. The rest of the day, we'd play cards, or work on her
homework, play basketball in the driveway or whatever.

No big deal. Until the party.

Crystal was history by now, she was nineteen and in collage, and way to
old for me. But fortunately she had a sister who I transferred my
affections to. Miranda had just turned seventeen, and was also a
cheerleader, though her hair was brown not red. Crystal and I were still
friends and even more fortunately her parents who hadn't had a clue that
Crystal was fooling around with an older guy, were even more clueless about

Miranda's cheerleading squad had just won the regional championships and
were on their way to the state finals, and to celebrate, they had a great
party. I went, with Miranda, and Crystal who was home for the weekend and
we had a blast. The definite high point of the evening involved Miranda
and her sister alone with me in a spare bedroom, but like I said before,
that's another story.

The point is, I didn't get home until almost three in the morning. I
dropped my cloths in the middle of the floor, slid into bed, and was asleep
before my head had made a dent in the pillow. Now I don't use an alarm
clock, normally I just wake up when I have to. I just think about what
time I want to wake up and I do, within a couple of minutes either way.
But when I went to bed that night, I wasn't thinking about anything except
maybe sisters in general and Miranda and Crystal in particular. So I
didn't program my mental alarm clock.

So at six o'clock I was still sleeping peacefully. At six forty-five
when Carla's mother shoved her through the back door I was still snoring
away. Carla wandered into the living room and was surprised that I wasn't
sitting in there reading the newspaper, so she went looking for me. My
trailer had three bedrooms, one of which I had turned into an office. She
checked there first, then the spare bedroom, the utility room, and finally
my bedroom. She says she knocked first, but if she did, it sure didn't
wake me, my dream mind was busy cataloging every set of sisters I'd ever

Carla decided instead of sacking out on the couch she'd climb in with
me. So she kicked off her tennis shoes and socks, then shimmed out of her
jeans. Dressed in panties and a t-shirt, she climbed in.

She says she laid there almost asleep for a long time, before she
realized that I wasn't wearing anything, and that something was poking her
on the leg. Now Carla knew the difference between boys and girls. There
was a boy in her school, a grade above her, who was always willing to drop
his pants and show the girls. So it didn't take long for Carla to figure
out what was poking her. But she was a little surprised because the thing
touching her leg felt hard, and the thing the boy at school had was soft.

So Carla, being a curious girl started exploring a little bit. She
reached down and felt my hard-on and balls. Now you need to understand,
that this wasn't sexual. Carla wasn't turned on, she was just curious. So
naturally, after a few minutes of exploration Carla just drifted off to
sleep, after all, it still wasn't seven in the morning.

Around nine, I woke up with a smile on my face. I had remembered an
awful lot of sisters. Along with the smile, I had a major hard-on. I
reached down to rub it and discovered that I wasn't alone. There was a
hand on my cock, and it wasn't mine. I tried to remember if Miranda or
Crystal or both had come home with me, but I remembered dropping them off
in front of their house. And I'd come straight home, there hadn't been
anybody in bed with me when I went to sleep.

The hand moved a little bit and I realized that it was a very small
hand. I opened my eyes and saw the top of Carla's head poking out of the
top of my blanket. I knew immediately what had happened, now the question
was, what the hell was I going to do about it.

My feeling about the situation still wasn't sexual, it was fear. I was
picturing a large grey building with lots of bars on the windows and a
girlfriend named Bubba who was a lot older than seventeen and not nearly as
cute as Miranda.

I gently removed her hand from my cock, which had softened a lot the
more I thought about Bubba. And as gently as I could, I climbed over Carla
and out of bed. I grabbed some shorts out of the bureau went out to the
kitchen, dressing along the way and made a pot of strong coffee and sat
down to think. I finally decided that I wouldn't say anything to Carla
unless she brought it up, but I was going to tell her mom the truth, well
most of the truth.

Carla woke up about ten and wandered out to the living room where I was
reading the paper. She hadn't bothered to put her jeans on.

"Good morning" she said with that cute little smile of hers, "You slept
in this morning."

"Yep." I agreed and told her that I hadn't gotten in until late from a
party. "You'd better get dressed now" but she didn't want to. I tried to
convince her, but she gave me that puppy dog look that little girls are so
good at and I said it was all right.

I made ham and cheese omelets for breakfast, and then took a shower.
The rest of day was pretty normal. I helped Carla with a report on South
Africa for school and then started to teach her to play chess since she'd
been wanting to learn.

When her mom showed up later that night, I explained that I had still
been asleep when Carla came in and that she'd crawled in with me. Her mom thought that was cute. Then I told her that I wasn't wearing anything at
the time, and her mom couldn't stop laughing from the look on my face.
Then I told the only lie, I told her that I didn't think Carla had even
noticed, her mom was still giggling but she told me that it was no big deal
and took Carla home after thanking me again for looking after her and
helping with her school work.

The story should end here. Everything should go back to normal and
continue just like before. But it doesn't..

Now that the story was out in the open and mom wasn't upset. The image
of Bubba was starting to fade and I found myself thinking about that little
girl in a completely different was. I remembered the feeling of her tiny
little hand on my cock. I remembered watching her walk, seeing her cute
little rear end moving beneath the thin cotton panties with pink hearts.

My cock started to ache as it expanded, confined in the jeans I was
wearing. I decided the thing for me was a cold shower. I stripped right
there in the living room and walked back to the bathroom, but by the time I
had gotten there the cold was out and I had a nice hot shower. In the
shower, I reached naturally down for my erection and started massaging it,
remembering the feeling of Carla's hand moving on it twelve hours before. I
couldn't help myself, I shut my eyes and pictured her cute little panty clad butt and started jacking off in the shower, faster and faster until I
came, the white goo mixing with the water on it's way down the drain.

"Good, I'm glad I got that out of my system." I said to myself, making a
resolution to see Miranda the next afternoon right after cheerleading
practice. But then I started thinking about Carla again, and how soft her
little hairless pussy would be. I realized that I could have slipped my
hand down the front of her panties very easily this morning. I grabbed my
now hard cock and started jacking off for the second time. It only took
seconds before I came again. A glorious release of the pressure that had
built up inside me. I was starting to wonder if maybe I could get Miranda
to stop off on her way to school tomorrow.

I got out of the shower but didn't bother getting dressed. One of the
joys of living alone. I went back to the living room and settled into my
easy chair. The chair was leather and felt cold against my skin. I turned
on the cartoon network hoping for a nice relaxing Scooby-Doo cartoon but I
got a commercial for some kid's record. A large group of kids were jumping
around in time to the music and one girl had on a pair of bright yellow
shorts just like Carla wore to basketball practice. Before I even realized
what I was doing, my hard cock was back in my hand and I was jerking off
for the third time tonight. Now I've had a very satisfying sex life since
I was twelve. For me, a bad week was one where I had to jerk off three
times a week, but I'd never done it three times in one day. I was really
feeling horny.

I checked the time and since it was only nine, I called Miranda and
asked her if she'd like to stop in for about an hour on her way to school
tomorrow. She giggled and said she would, asking slyly if I expected her
to bring Crystal too, before giggling again and hanging up.

After Miranda fixed me up the next day, I felt that everything was back
to normal. I had dinner with Carla and her mother Wednesday night and
afterward Carla sat on my lap while we all watched a movie and I didn't
think a thing about it. I was cured

The next night, Carla came over about seven and asked it I could help
her with some math and I said sure. She was wearing her yellow basketball
shorts and I had never noticed just how tight they were. She quickly
settled myself on my leg as we spread her homework out on the dining room
table. Normally when Carla is sitting like this, I sit with my arm around
her holding her side, but now, as if my hand had a will of it's own, I
found my hand sliding down, first to her hip, then to her butt cheek. She
didn't seem to notice, let alone mind. I didn't rub her, I just cupped her
butt cheek in my hand as we worked on fractions.

After she left, I didn't bother with the shower, I slipped my warm-up
pants down to my ankles and jerked off right there at the dining room

Sunday morning, I woke at six as usually, but I didn't get out of bed. I
lay there, thinking about Carla and the feel of her hand on my cock, the
feel of her butt. I tried several times to change the picture in my head
to Miranda or even Crystal but Carla kept pushing them away.

My cock felt like it was a foot long, normally it's only about five
inches and I was trying to resist the urge to grab it when I heard the back
door open. Carla came banging in and yelled hello. I could hear her as
she looked around the house for me, checking the office and the spare
bedroom. Then I heard a knock at my door, I shut my eyes until they were
just slits and pretended to be asleep. I hadn't consciously set up a
situation for Carla but my unconscious was doing my a big favor.

Carla came in and saw me sleeping. She didn't hesitate, she started
getting undressed. First the shoes and socks, then the cute little pleated
skirt and then the shirt. Underneath she was wearing one of those little
undershirt things that little girls wear when they don't need a bra or even
a training bra yet. The undershirt was white, and her panties were pink
with red and white candy canes. There was one candy cane just at the
bottom of her crotch like a "X" marks the spot, here there be treasure.

She climbed into bed with me and wiggled around trying to get
comfortable. It was all I could do not to make a grab for that candy cane.
As she wiggled, my cock poked her on the leg and her pelvis and then her
stomach. As she got settled, she reached out and wrapped both hands around
my erection. It took every ounce of control that I had not to come right
there, spraying sperm all over her tummy.

We lay like that for several minutes and then her breathing got slow and
rhythmic and I knew she was asleep. I waited for what seemed like hours
but was probably about fifthteen minutes. It was agony. I was laying
there with a little ten year old girl who had both hands wrapped around a
hard-on that could have shattered steel, the tip was just barely rubbing
against the cotton undershirt that covered her tummy.

Finally I decided to do a little exploring of my own. I reached out and
gently rubbed her chest. Under the shirt, she wasn't completely smooth. I
could feel the little bumps just starting to sprout. I thought of them as
bug bite tits, because they were only about the size of a mosquito sting.

I listened to her breathing, waiting for any change, then slipped my arm
around her, and down her back and inside her cotton panties. I felt the
smooth baby soft skin of her butt, rubbing both cheeks and then working my
finger between her cheeks and rubbing her tiny little asshole. She seemed
to like the feeling because she squirmed a little closer to me, her stomach
pushing at my cock. It might have been my imagination, but her hands
seemed to squeeze just a little tighter too.

Keeping my hand inside her panties I slid it around until I cupped her
little pussy mound. I was as warm and soft as I'd known it was going to
be. I felt myself losing control, so I pulled my hand out of her panties,
removed her hands from my cock and got out of bed as fast as I could
without waking her.

I rushed into the bathroom, grabbed my cock and shot what seemed like a
gallon of cum all over the counter. It was the best feeling I'd ever had.

When Carla came out about three hours later she was still wearing her
candy cane underwear and white undershirt, but I didn't tell her to cover
up, I really wanted to tell her to take them off.

"Well shorty, it's about time you dragged yourself out of bed."

She stuck her tongue out at me and asked what time it was. I told her
it was after eleven.

"No wonder I'm so hungry."

"Come here for a minute, then I'll fix breakfast." She came over and
climbed into my lap settling down on the cock which was half hard just from
her coming into the room.

"You told me that you really like gymnastics and wanted to be a gymnast,
didn't you?" She nodded. "I thought so, that's all I wanted." And I pushed
her out of my lap, she slid down my legs and landed on the floor.

"That was rude." She said and stuck her tongue out at me again.

"Yep, but I'm going to feed you, so it doesn't count against me." I
said. We had strawberry waffles and whipped cream for breakfast and all day
long she tried to get me to tell why I'd asked about gymnastics, but I was
a sphinx.

After she'd left, I called Miranda and she came over and we fucked til
almost two in the morning. This time I knew I wasn't cured but I sure felt

Carla came over twice that week to get homework help. The first time
she was wearing sweat pants and as she sat on my leg I very gently caressed
her butt. The second time, she was wearing shorts, but not the yellow ones
that got me so hot. This time I let me hand go to her inner thigh which I
rubbed while we worked on her spelling. She said it tickled, so I ticked
her ribs until she laughed herself right to the floor, then she got back up
and we worked on her spelling some more and I stroked her thigh.

I could hardly wait for Sunday. There was no question in my mind that I
was going to be "Asleep" when Carla got there. Sunday morning came very
slowly, but finally I was lying in bed listening, and I heard the back door
open. Carla came immediately to my room and knocked softly, then came in..
She was wearing a purple warm-up suit. In seconds, she had lost the shoes
and warm-up pants, but she hesitated on the top. When she made up her
mind, I saw why. She pulled off the sweat shirt and she wasn't wearing
anything underneath.

Wearing only panties, she walked over tp the bed and in the dim light, I
could see her little bug-bites. When she got to the bed she hesitated
again, not that I minded, because she was standing with her crotch right
across from my face.

She reached down and grabbed the blanket and sheet, but instead of
sliding in, she lifted them off my body. She was looking at my cock. My
incredible hard cock. She looked for several seconds, then slid in and
rubbed up next to me. She squirmed until my cock was pressing against the
V of her legs. She reached down and took it with both hands and then
amazed me by rubbing it, just a little against her crotch. I bit my lip
trying not to come and spoil the moment.

For a minute, I thought she was going to pull down her panties and rub
my cock against her pussy, but that turned out to be wishful thinking. She
rested her head against my chest and went to sleep, again holding on to my
cock with both hands. After I was sure she was sound asleep I again
explored her body. Rubbing her little bug bite breasts, her smooth ass and
little puckered asshole. And finally her pussy. I rubbed the outside and
pressed a finger against her lips, then I knew I'd had enough, I was about
to explode.

I pulled my hand out of her panties and tried to quietly climb over her.
But as I lifted my second leg over her sleeping body I lost my balance and
fell against her. Her eyes flew open and now she was treated to a close up
view of my crotch, and mine wasn't covered by anything. She giggled, said
"I see you", giggled again, and closed her eyes and was immediately asleep.
Ah, the innocence of youth.

I barely made it to the bathroom before exploding, and for the second
week in a row, I spent ten minutes scrubbing cum off the counter.

When Carla strolled out about ten she was still only wearing panties.

"Don't you think you should at least put a shirt on?" I asked

"No, it's nice and warm in here."

"Wouldn't your mother get made, if she knew you were running around my
house in only a pair of panties?"

Carla looked panicked. "You wouldn't tell her, would you?" she asked in
a voice that sounded about four years old.


"Okay then." she said and relaxed, and ran around in just her panties until after two when we went outside to shoot some hoops.

The next week was hard to bare, especially because I had a surprise for
Carla. (Not that kind of surprise, you dirty minded reader). Carla had
always wanted to be a gymnast and unfortunately there wasn't any classes
where we lived, but on Saturday, the Olympic Gymnasts Tour was coming to
Portland, a city about four hours away and I'd arranged with her mom to
take Carla. Saturday morning, before she left for work, her mom snuck a
small travel bag out to my car. Then about ten, I showed up at Carla's
babysitters and told Carla that I was taking her out for ice cream, though
the babysitter knew different, she played along. So Carla and I got into
my Mustang and started driving. We were twenty miles out of town, before
Carla wanted to know what was going on. All I would say was that I knew a
really great place for ice cream.

There are 240 minutes in four hours, but I'd be willing to bet that
Carla asked me at least 250 times what was going on. We got to Beaverton
about two, and stopped at the old Tyme Ice Cream Saloon where I bought
Carla a huge Banana split that took her almost an hour to eat. Then I
asked her if she was ready to go home.

"We drove all this way just to get a banana split?" she asked

"Of course. Wasn't it worth it?" she nodded but had that look that said
she didn't really believe me.

We drove into Portland, and I told her I knew a place that serves a
great hot dog, but I had one stop to make first. When we got to the hotel,
I told her to stay in the car, that I was just dropping something off.
Then I grabbed our bags out of the trunk, not letting her see hers, and
went inside and registered. I told the desk man to send our bags to the
room and went back to the car.

"You in the mood for a really great hot dog?" I asked and she nodded,
still not sure just what was going on. So I drove to the Rose Garden, a
huge coliseum, unfortunately as we got close, she started seeing marquees
advertising the Olympic Gymnasts and figured it out, but I really had her
going before that.

By the time I'd paid for parking, the tickets, a program, and 4 hot dogs
and sodas, I figured this may be the most expensive date I'd ever been on.
The show was great. I've always been fond of watching gymnastics, because
some times they seemingly defied the laws of gravity, and some of them are
real cute too.

After the gymnasts, somehow she talked me into a movie, so it was after
ten before we got back to the hotel. In our room, I ordered room service,
a t-bone for me and a hamburger for her (her choice). We watched some
television and went to bed. For the record, I was a perfect gentleman. We
had double beds, she slept in hers and I slept in mine, and I changed in
the bathroom and wore shorts to bed. (so there). Sunday morning we got up
about ten and went to the zoo, before heading home.

Actually, I had been very careful on the whole trip with Carla. I
wanted her to be able to tell her mother every little detail without
incriminating me, I really don't want to meet Bubba any time soon.

I really missed my Sunday morning feel, but the look on her face the
whole day made it worthwhile.

The next week was back to normal. Carla's mom thanked me over and over
again for taking Carla. Carla came over a couple of times for help with
her homework and I copped a couple of good feels. Life was good.

Sunday morning came, and when Carla walked into the house I was sound
"asleep" (and if you believe that, I've got this great bridge in Brooklyn
that you've just got to see.) She no longer searched the house for me, now
she just walked into the bedroom and started to strip. Today she was
wearing Jeans and a Tweety bird t-shirt and it was simply amazing how fast
they hit the floor. Her panties were yellow with little white flowers.
The candy canes were still my favorite.

She came and stood by the bed. Then lifted up the blanket and sheet and
looked at my erection for almost a minute. Once again, her crotch was
right in front of my face, I kept thinking that eight more inches and I'd
have my nose in her pussy. She lowered the blanket a little and slid
underneath until my cock was rubbing against her crotch. Then she put one
hand on my cock and the other gently grabbed my balls. She must have been
talking to someone, because then she started to rub her hand up and down
the length of my shaft. A ten year old girl was giving me a hand job and
doing a great job of it.

The problem was, and it was becoming more of a problem with every second
as her hand moved up and down, I really didn't want to cum with my cock
pressed into her panties. I was afraid the mess would scare her off. So I
moved around a little bit as if I was waking up and she let go. I opened
my eyes and she shut her quickly, then I climbed over her, letting my cock
trace it's way across her hip.

After I was out of bed, I took my time walking over to the bureau to get
some cloths and then a long stretch with my cock pointed right at her nose.
Then I rushed out and into the bathroom where I exploded all over the
floor. Well at least I missed the counter top.

Carla "woke up" about a half hour after I did and came out and wormed
her way into my lap. She spent most of the day snuggling right on top of
my cock and moving enough so that my hands were touching her everywhere
even when I wasn't trying.

We had lunch around one and Carla climbed back into my lap and announced
that she was expert on kissing. "Oh really?" I responded. Now Carla had
kissed me many times. She kissed me on the cheek or lips to say thank you,
and she'd kissed me in front of her mother, so that was no big deal.

"Yes" she said. "There's lots of different ways to kiss. There's
regular kissing..." and she gave me a quick kiss on the lips. "Then
there's butterfly kissing..." she leaned forward and put her forehead on
mine and leaned in until our eyelashes were touching. "The Eskimos kiss
like this, " and she rubbed her nose against mine. "And the French kiss
like this..." and she kissed me on the lips again but this time her tiny
tongue exploded into my mouth. I was shocked. My hand had been caressing
her hip but it dropped with a mind of it's own to her ass cheek as the kiss
went on and on. Carla broke the kiss after almost a minute, "to do French
kissing right you have to do it for a long time."

I admitted she was an expert but told her it was time to get dressed
because her mother would be here soon. She didn't know how close I had
come to ripping her little yellow panties off her body and teaching her how
to kiss and suck a cock.

I walked back to the bedroom and watched her get dressed. "How'd you
get to be such an expert kisser?" I asked as she pulled on her jeans.

"My best friend Melissa and I practice all the time. We want to be
ready when it's time to do it with boys." I had no trouble picturing
Melissa, she had been on my basketball team with Carla. She was a little
bit taller than Carla with blond hair that hung down past her ass, and she
had tits. They were only the size of golf balls, but they were real tits compared to Carla's bug bites. I also had no trouble visualizing Carla and
Melissa practicing french kissing. My cock started twitching inside my
shorts. "Can I practice some more with you?"

I tried to be good. I told her that her mom wouldn't like her kissing
an old man like that.

"You're not old, and besides, I won't tell her, and you won't tell her,
so she won't know and won't be upset." ah the logic of youth. I hustled
Carla out as quick as I could and called Miranda who hurried over and saved
my sanity and my sight since they say that masturbating can make you go
blind or crazy. I almost asked Miranda to bring the rest of her squad with
her, not to mention the girl's volleyball and basketball teams. I could
have fucked them all. Repeatedly.

The next weekend brought disappointment. Carla wanted to have her
friend Melissa spend the night with her on Saturday night, so that meant to
games on Sunday morning. But, to be nice I suggested that the girls sleep
in my spare room so they wouldn't have to move early in the morning.

The two girls spent most of the night gigging and talking together, but
I did catch them kissing a couple of time. About midnight I sent them to
bed and decided to go myself. I'd been laying in bed for about an hour,
trying to get the image of the two little girls kissing out of my head so
that I could go to sleep when I heard a noise out in the hall. I almost
yelled for them to settle down and go to sleep when I heard my doorknob
start to move.

Very slowly the doorknob turned and the door cracked open just a tiny
bit. I heard Carla's voice asking if I was asleep but I didn't say
anything. The two girls pushed the door open and came in. I'd left the
hall light on so I could see them both clearly.

"First" said Carla's voice, "You have to take off all your cloths."

"All?" asked Melissa.

"Well, everything but your panties." Carla whispered back. Since the
two girls were only wearing long t-shirts this posed no challenge, and
seconds later the two almost naked girls approached the bed. Melissa's
tits had grown. They were the size of small tennis balls instead of golf
balls. Carla was wearing lime green panties and Melissa's were white with
Tweety on them. "Close your eyes." Carla ordered softly and after Melissa
had closed them, Carla peeled back my sheet and blanket and then told her
to open them again.

Melissa stared at my cock. I was laying on my back so it was standing
straight up like a flagpole. Carla climbed over me and lay down on my
right side, then Melissa climbed in and lay on my left. "Can I touch it?"
Melissa asked.

"Yes" Carla whispered, "But gently. Last week I tried that thing you
told me about and almost woke him up." I felt a hand touch me very
tentatively, then a little bolder, finally she wrapped her hand around it.

"It feels so hot" Melissa whispered back. "Can you imagine sticking
something like this in your thing" and both girls gigged. They were loud
enough that I felt I had to remind them they were dealing with a sleeping
man, so I grunted a little.

"Shss." Carla whispered, "Or we'll wake him. We'd better go to sleep
now. I was amazed at how quickly the two girls fell asleep, Melissa with
her hand still on my cock. I lay there, unable to sleep feeling Melissa's
tiny hand wrapped around my cock. I didn't dare feel up either of the
girls because I knew I'd explode with the tiniest provocation.

So I lay there watching the digits change on my digital clock. Around
eight I decided that it was time to wake up, so I did. "What are you girls doing in my bed?" I yelled as I sat up abruptly. Melissa pulled her hand
away. "Melissa, your dad would kill both of us if he knew you'd gotten
into my bed.." Melissa jumped up and ran out of the room, not even grabbing
her t-shirt.

Carla got out of the bed more slowly and picked up both shirts. "You
wouldn't tell, would you?"

"Carla, you know I won't tell. But if anybody finds out you like to
sleep with me, and now Melissa is in bed too... I could get in a lot of

"I won't tell. And I know Melissa won't either."

"Okay then. Tell Melissa that I'm not mad, I was just startled."

"Good." she said, and leaned down to kiss me before skipping out of the
room. I got up and shut the door, then grabbed my cock and started pulling
at it. I came in about five seconds.

I got up, got dressed and went out to start fixing breakfast. Melissa
was supposed to get picked up about ten for church. A few minutes later
the two girls crept out of the bedroom. They were still only wearing
panties, but they'd swapped. Melissa was wearing the lime green and Carla
was wearing Tweety. "Melissa, you'd better put something on. Your parents wouldn't like you running around like that."

Melissa looked at Carla and then looked me straight in the eye, "I won't
tell if you don't tell." and she sat down at the dining room table. Which
is how I came to serve bacon and eggs to two half naked ten year olds.
While they were eating, I went back to my bedroom and jerked off again.
They were cute little tennis balls.

After breakfast, both girls climbed into my lap and we watched
television until I told them both to get dressed, Carla whined that she
didn't have get dressed, it was Melissa that was getting picked up, but for
once I put my foot down. And it was a good thing too. When Melissa's
parents got there, they wanted to invite Carla to go to church with them,
but Carla decided to stay with me.

As soon as they were gone, carla stripped back to the Tweety panties.
"Do you like them?" she asked. I nodded. "They're Melissa's, we swapped.
Maybe I should take them off now, so they won't get dirty." Carla hooked
her thumbs into the sides of her panties and toyed with me, pushing them
down just a little.

"I think you'd better keep them on." I said as sternly as I could
manage. If she was wearing panties, there was at least a chance that her
virginity would last another day. So she left them on and climbed back
into my lap.

I fucked Miranda every night that week, but I still couldn't get Carla's
picture out of my brain. Saturday night, while Miranda in full cheerleader outfit was riding me to glory, I was thinking about Sunday morning.

Morning came and I waited for Carla, finally I heard the back door.
Part of me wanted Melissa to walk in too, but part of me only wanted Carla.
Carla walked in and stripped so fast that I wasn't sure what she had been
wearing. But she was wearing my favorite, the candy canes. I knew it was
going to be a good day.

It had been a warm night and I was only using a sheet. Carla picked up
the sheet and stared. Then she climbed in with me, grabbed my cock in both
hands and started rubbing her crotch with it. I was ready to explode but
then she took her hands away and pushed her panties down. She grabbed me
again with both hands and started rubbing her little slit with the head of
my cock. I couldn't take it anymore so I woke up.

As I open my eyes and started to stretch, Carla closed hers and
pretended to be asleep. But her hands were still wrapped around my cock. I
pretended surprise that she'd done something like that in her sleep and
gently removed them, then climbed over her and rushed into the bathroom. I
turned on the water in the shower stall and stepped in even before it got
hot. I grabbed my cock and started rubbing it and came quickly.

I had just leaned back against the wall with a sigh of satisfaction when
the bathroom door opened and Carla walked in. "Did you want something?" I

"Just a shower" she answered. And she had her panties off and was in
the shower with me before I could speak again. While I was still trying to
get my voice to work and tell her to get out of the shower she reached out
and grabbed my soft cock. "It's so small, what happened?" she asked as it
grew in her hand. I almost expected her to say, "Watch that thing, it
could put an eye out."

"You really shouldn't be in here." I stammered.

"It's okay." she said, and started running her hand up and down the
length of my cock. Seconds later I came. cum sprayed out all over her
tiny chest. She pulled away and I tried to keep standing as my legs went
rubbery. "What was that?"

"You just made me feel very good." I answered.

"So that's what happens."

"That's what happens" I said as I knelt down in front of her. We were
eye to eye as I sat on my knees, but I kept going until I was eye to pussy.
"Let's see if I can return the favor." I said and buried my face in her
crotch. I started licked and soon my tongue discovered her tunnel.

With one hand I gently massaged her ass, trying to push my little finger
up her asshole. The other hand worked on her clit while my tongue stabbed
deeper and deeper into her cunt. Carla leaned back against the wall of the
shower and moaned, "Yeah, oh Yeah. Is this what comes after french
kissing?" I didn't answer, I just kept working on her pussy, until I felt
her quiver and she slid down the wall to the floor with me.

I shut off the water and carried her out of the shower and dried her
off. Then I carried her into the bedroom and laid her on the bed and
started exploring every inch of her tiny perfect body with my tongue while
she giggled, finishing with her pussy and her second climax of the morning.

We switched places and she explored me with her tongue, by the time she
got to my balls I was as excited as I'd ever been in my life. As her tiny
mouth moved over the tip of my cock I exploded into her mouth. She was
shocked as my cum gushed into her mouth but she swallowed tentatively and
decided she liked it. Then with only a little instruction she took my
whole cock into her mouth and started worked with her tongue, within
seconds I was hard again, but that didn't last long as that talented tongue
kept working at my glans.

We played with each other's body for several hours and then moved out to
the living room where Carla liked to sit with my cock between her legs
rubbing her tiny pussy. The next weekend Melissa stayed with us and
learned all about the good feeling as Carla called it. It was another two
months before I got up the nerve to fuck first Carla then Melissa, I was
afraid of hurting them.

Strangely, I didn't become a full-time pervert leching after every
little girl I saw. Most of them were just that, little girls. Carla's mom got sick a couple of months later and I started taking care of Carla when
she couldn't. She died a couple of months later from the big C and I made
it official by adopting my little nymph. Then to top things off, I married Miranda. Miranda knew nothing about Carla and my extra curricular
activities but other than that we were one big happy family and lived
happily ever after.


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