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Afraid of Sleeping Alone


Afraid of Sleeping Alone

By Mandil

Until she reached the age of twelve, my young sister and I used to sleep
in the same room. Linda, that's my sister, is two years younger than I am
and until that time we had been living in a two bedrooms apartment and
there was no other choice on the matter. When she turned twelve, mother and us two kids, we moved into a larger apartment since mother got a
promotion at the statistics agency where she was working and we now could
afford it.

After moving into our new apartment with its three bedrooms, mother felt
much better since my sister and I, we no longer had to sleep in the same
room. More often than once, I had heard mother say that it was not proper
for a boy of fourteen to be sleeping in the same room as his sister. Of
course at the time I couldn't exactly see why she was making such a fuss
about a small detail like that, it certainly wasn't bothering me that much.

Just before we moved to our new apartment, she was even considering
having Linda's bed being moved into her own room which was not very big.

During the first couple of nights in our new apartment there were no
problems as each of us had its own bedroom. I immediately saw the
advantages of being alone in my own room since now I could look at my girly
magazines without risking being discovered by Linda. But on the third
night, Linda who until then had never slept in a room of her own, began to
have bad dreams and she no longer wished to sleep by herself in her room.
For half a dozen nights in a row she would come barging into mother's room
in the middle of the night refusing to return to her own room. Linda
definitely didn't want to sleep by herself, ever since she had been a baby
she had been used to have me in her room and she now found all sort
ofexcuses to climb into mother's bed barely an hour after she had retired
to her room.

I must say here than mother was a widow and ever since the death of my
father, four years previously, she didn't go out on dates very often. But
she probably expected to get married one day and she still kept the large
bed in which she and father slept when he was alive.

Linda and I, we each had a single bed and because of the fact that
mother had room to spare in her bed, Linda would go there whenever she was
afraid and this was mostly every night.

Soon mother got tiered of being awaken at all hours of the night and she
decided one night to lock her bedroom's door from the inside.

When my sister realized that mother's door was locked she felt that she
had no other choice but to come into my own room.

I will always remember that first time that she quietly opened my
bedroom door well after midnight. Even though she didn't make any noise
when she entered my room, I still heard her enter, I even watched her
slowly approaching my bed in the dim light coming from my window.

She was very scared, it was plain to see since she was shaking and the
minute she realized that I was awake she begged me to let her climb in bed
with me.

I became angry at her since there was barely enough room for me in my
bed, but I was so sleepy that without thinking further I threw the blanket
over and I made room for her next to me. Half a minute later I was fully

But a couple of hours later, I got up to go to the bathroom and when I
came back Linda was taking most of the space in my bed and I had to squeeze
in next to her.

Without even being fully aware of it, my cock was pressing against her
developing bottom, I could even feel the heat of her bottom's cheeks
against my groin and soon my cock was very hard. I knew that there was
only the thin material of my pajama as well as her own pajama that was
separating my cock from her girly rump.

Before that night, it had never occurred to me that my sister could be
sexually attractive, but now that I could feel her round buttocks, - in the
last year Linda's body had begun to change into that of a woman - I began
visualizing her in a completely new perspective. Her hips had begun to
flare out and her breasts were now the size of large oranges, even the baby
fat around her thighs had begun to be replaced by muscles.

To make matters worse, she was constantly trying to shove her bottom
against me as she tried to seek my body heat inside the cold apartment.

For the remainder of the night I wasn't able to sleep at all, as soon as
I felt her bottom against me I had trouble restraining myself from shoving
my cock against her warm behind. I knew that it wouldn't have taken more
than a dozen shoves before I would have paid tribute to her bottom with a
load of cum, but I feared too much what the consequences would bring

Finally in the morning, I heard mother calling us from the kitchen. As
soon as Linda heard mother, she turned toward me and she begged me not to
say a word to mother about her coming into my room. She wouldn't leave my
room until I agreed to keep my mouth shut about it.

As soon as she was gone I seized my cock in my hand and I began to pump
it until I experienced the relief of a climax.

That same evening, not very long after I had climbed in bed, I heard my
sister entering my room once again. The previous night I had enjoyed her
presence in bed with me, but at the same time I knew that while she was
lying next to me it was difficult if not impossible for me to sleep with
her so close to me.

But before I had given her my approval, she was already cuddling against
me and I hadn't the heart to tell her to leave.

In a few minutes she was sound asleep whereas my cock was stone hard and
pressing against her bottom once again. For the next two hours I fought a
battle of will in my mind, one part of me wanted very much for me to rub my
cock against her full bottom, while the other part was trying to prevent
this. I knew that if I was to succumb and to give in to my desire, it
would be incest, but as the minutes went by I could tell that my pulsating
cock was getting closer to tip the scale in its favor.

Then at last, being no longer able to restrain myself, I slowly began to
shove my twitching erection in the crack of her bottom. It didn't take
very long for my boiling spunk to spurt out of my cock in jets and thus
soaking my pajama. Even as the last pulse of pleasure was squirting my
seed against my sister's bottom, I knew that the thin material of both of
our pajamas was now very wet.

My sister never realized what I had done to her that first night. Again
in the morning, just before the light of dawn, I fucked her bottom one more
time and by now I knew that the material of her pajamas over her bottom
must have been soaking wet.

When she got out of bed about an hour later, she kept pressing the flat
of her hand against her bottom and I knew that she was investigating why
she was so wet.

But she didn't say a word as she left for her room. Surely I told
myself she must know by now what I had done this to her and she certainly
wasn't going to come back into my room again.

But she did come back that same night. It was later than the previous
night and I knew that she had probably tried to stay in her room. But her
fear of sleeping alone was greater than the fear of feeling my erection
pressing against her and once again she was soon lying close to me in my

I was a little disappointed when she remained on her back instead of
lying on her side as she usually did. In this new position her bottom was
no longer available to me.

After a little over half an hour, I still couldn't sleep, my cock kept
twitching in my pajamas as if it was trying to remind me of the presence of
my sister lying next to me. But during the night, while she was sleeping,
she turned over on her side and her rump was pressing against my cock once
again. By now she seemed to be sleeping and I was very careful when I
began to shove my eager cock against the crack of her bottom. But all of a
sudden, I felt her body moving. She suddenly turned on her back and in
what seemed to me at the time as a much too loud voice, she asked me what I
was doing.

"I was just turning around." I said in a trembling voice.

"No you weren't. You were pressing yourself against me and I want you
to stop doing this."

I knew then that she hadn't been sleeping at all and when she had turned
on her side she probably thought that I was sleeping. She seemed very
angry at me and by the high pitch of her voice I could tell that she was
close to tears.

"Well you know that my bed is too small for the both of us, why don't
you go into your own bed if you don't like it here."

"I will tell mother what you were trying to do if you ever try this
again." She was in tear now.

"Fine with me. mother will probably want to know what you were doing
here in the first place. Remember you are the one that is in the wrong
bed, not me."

There was more crying and I really felt sorry for her, but I had to act
this way with her since I knew that mother was going to kill me if Linda
was to tell her that I was rubbing my cock against her.

"Why are you doing this to me? You know that I can't sleep in my room
all alone."

"I can't help myself. Each and every time that you are lying next to me
I have trouble falling asleep unless I..., well you know I have to find
release somehow otherwise I will remain awake all night."

I knew that she and her friends often talked about sex in school and
being twelve she certainly was well informed on the matter. She knew
exactly what I had been doing to her.

"You're my brother, you can't do this to me. This is incest, it's
horrible of you to treat me in such a way."

"Listen Linda, I can't help myself. As long as you are in my bed, I
find it impossible to sleep unless I get this release first. Even though
you are my sister, you are a beautiful and sexy girl, you can't blame me
for finding you attractive."

This seemed to calm her a little but I could tell that she was still on
edge, even as we talked she was trying to keep her body as far away as
possible from me.

"Well I want you to stop doing this. If you promises me that you will
never do it again, I won't tell mother."

"You know I can't promise that since I have no control over my

Never before had I used such a word in front of her and now that it had
escaped from my mouth it made me feel even more lewd.

"I don't like it when you do that. It's wrong."

"Then go back to your room and I won't bother you. It's also wrong for
a sister to sleep in bed with her brother."

Again she began crying, I now felt very bad about the whole thing.
Without thinking much about it, I shoved my arms around her and I pressed
her against me in a protective manner. There was nothing sexual about it
and it was an expression of genuine brotherly love. But even as she kept
crying in my arms, I could feel my cock twitching more than ever. I knew
that it was certainly not out of brotherly love that it was doing so.

As I tried to calm her down a little, my lower body, as if having a mind
of its own, began to rhythmically press against her waist and even though I
knew what was happening, I couldn't stop myself. Linda was now behaving
like a trapped animal, even though she was trying to get as far as possible
from my poking cock, her resistance was weak but at the same time I could
tell that she was finding comfort in my arms.

Then the crisis was upon me and while I felt the intense pleasure of a
climax, I also felt my spunk jetting out of the tip of my cock. Even after
the grand crisis was over, I continued to hold her tightly in my arms while
keeping my now soft and sticky cock pressed against her waist.

We both fell asleep while she had her head resting on one of my arms and
with my other arm holding her tightly against me.

When I woke up a couple of hours later we were pretty much in the same
position and Linda was still sleeping. As soon as I placed one of my hands
between our two bodies so as to investigate the mess, I was horrified to
see that both of our pajamas were soaking wet.

Again I felt a strong desire for her and my cock was getting harder by
the second. To make matters worst, my sister turned on her right side,
which I knew was her favorite position, she thus had her round bottom
facing me. Less than a minute later I was once again dry fucking her, this
time with my cock pressing in the crack of her bottom cheeks.

I couldn't say if she was aware of my doing, but as soon as I unloaded
my spunk against her bottom, I fell into a deep sleep.

When mother called us from the kitchen the next morning, Linda was the
first to get out of bed. As she hurriedly left for the washroom, I noticed
that the back of her pajamas was stained with the proof of my deed of the
night, even the waist appeared soaked.

She didn't mention that fact to me later and I was grateful to her for
that. That night I dry fucked her again and I knew that she was aware of
what I was doing but she didn't try to stop me. She probably figured that
this was the price to pay for sleeping in my bed and she was willing to pay

But after a week of this I became more demanding of her. I would often
dry fuck her two or three times during the night and then I gradually began
to let my hand roam over her bottom. One night, while I was rubbing my
cock against her bottom, I carefully brought my hand over her breasts. Of
course it was over the material of her pajamas but still I could feel her
hard teats underneath and when I began to play with her nipples, I felt her
body move a little thus revealing to me that she was not sleeping.

She let me climax while my left hand was fondling her bosom, when I was
done I fell asleep with my hand resting against her breast. For the next
three weeks she came in my bed every single night and ever since I had
threaten her to send her back to her room, she never once tried to stop me
from rubbing my erection against her. But now that she was letting me play
with her breasts, I didn't know exactly what to expect from her. One thing
I knew though, I shouldn't be going too fast with the exploration of her
body since it could panic her.

This went on for some time, she was now accepting the presence of my
hands on her bosom even while we were talking in bed. One night, I made my
mind to move one more notch in the exploration of her body and to let my
hand roam into unexplored territories.

While I was shoving my cock - always over her pajamas - into the crack
of her bottom, I carefully slipped my hand under the top of the garment and
before she could stop me, I had one of her warm breast in the palm of my

"Please take your hand away, I don't want this to go any further than it
has already gone." As she said this she brought both of her hands over her
bosom trying to prevent me from fondling her breast underneath.

"What's the difference if my hand is over or under your pajamas top. Is
it more proper when I fondle you with my hand over the material?"

She didn't answer and I could tell that she was debating in her mind so
as to what to do next. Then I felt the pressure of her hands over mine
decreasing and I knew that I had won.

It then occured to me that if I was patient enough and didn't proceed
too quickly, I would probably be able to fuck her in the not too distant
future. Now that she was letting me play with her nipple, I could tell
that she was beginning to enjoy the feeling of my hands over her naked
breasts. Most of the time she would even press her bosom against my hand
while I did this.

Until then, every time that I fondled her while rubbing myself against
her, she was always stretched on her right side with her bottom toward me.
I then began to try to make her stretch on her back while fondling her. It
took me a couple of evenings of coaxing her by applying pressure with my
hands, but finally one night she conceded to my will and from then on while
I would play with her breasts, I began kissing her on the neck at the same
time. Lower and lower went my mouth until my lips were soon allowed to
kiss her breasts with her pajama top fully opened.

I could tell that she loved the pressure and suction of my mouth on her
breasts, then I felt for the first time ever, one of her hands at the back
of my head as I sucked on one breast. I knew that victory was near. Yes I
was going to fuck her and I was not going to have to wait much longer.

One thing I did to her was probably responsible for greatly accelerated
things though.

She was lying on her back one night while I was kissing her bosom all
over, it then occurred to me that I had never kissed a girl on the lips
yet. Being aroused as I was, I couldn't care less at the moment if the girl was my sister or if she was only twelve.

Slowly, I moved my mouth along the length of her neck until I was
kissing her chin. My sister then surprised me by tilting her head a little
toward me thus giving me easier access to her lips. Had she done this on
purpose or was it only her instinct. I couldn't tell and I didn't care.

When my mouth actually came to rest on her lips, she remained very still
and even though she didn't cooperate by parting her lips or applying
pressure, she neither tried to stop me.

I kiss her again and again and I could tell that her reluctance to open
her lips was decreasing by the second and just like I had expected, she
soon let me slip my tongue between her lips. A second later I was
exploring her mouth with my curling tongue.

This was a decisive moment for Linda since it marked the complete end to
her resistance.

From than moment on, she even assisted me in removing her pajama top as
soon as we were in bed, and for the next couple of nights I did everything
to her except to touch her cunt.

But that was my next conquest and I think she was expecting it since the
very first time that my hand went between her legs over her pajama she
remained very still and further more she even parted her legs to give me
better access.

I then knew that she was sold on the idea of having my hand fondling her
cunt. On that same night, I was even permitted to place my hand directly
on her cunt under her cumbersome pajama, and soon I made her remove them
completely. Now that she was naked in my bed, the next step was for me to
fuck her.

But before I did this, I wanted to kiss her virgin cunt. I didn't let
her time enough to realize that this was my intention, I had my mouth glued
on her cunt before she could even begin to protest and soon I felt her own
hands around my cock as she began to toy with it and with my balls.

I didn't fuck her that night since she made me come twice with her mouth
while I was sucking and licking her cunt. For over an hour I made her
twitch her lower body over my mouth, and every ten minutes or so I could
hear strange noises escaping her mouth as she inundated my tongue with her
abundant secretions.We spent the rest of the night in each other's arms and
by early morning, just before she left for her room, she looked at me and
after throwing her arms around my neck, she whispered in my ears that she
loved me.

The following night was the night of our initiation. By now, I knew
that she was aware that I intend to fuck her that night even though she
didn't say so, and when I helped her remove her pajama, she asked me to be
gentle with her. And gentle I was. First I made her lie on her back then
I made her hold my erection while I stood on my knees between her parted
legs. After telling her to aim my cock between the slippery lips of her
cunt, I began to apply pressure until I felt the head pop inside.

At that instant, she asked me to stop pushing since she felt stretched
to the extreme. After a couple of minutes, during which time we both
remained very still, I began once again to apply pressure.

I felt my erection gaining another half an inch then the head of my cock
was prevented from going deeper by her maiden membrane.

From the many talks I had had with my friends at school, I was expecting
this. It seemed - by what I had heard them say - that the solution to
overcome this barrier, was to give a hard shove so as to break the membrane
as fast as possible and thus get it over with.

But for some reason that I can't explain, I couldn't do this to Linda, I
didn't want to cause her any pain.

Instead, I kept on applying pressure until she told me once again to
stop pushing since she felt funny inside and the stretching of her passage
was beginning to hurt again.

It took me well over fifteen minutes before I finally felt the head of
my cock enter the central hole of her maiden membrane. By then I knew that
from now on, it was only a matter of shoving deeper and the already pierced
membrane would be completely ripped forever. She felt no more pain as I
got deeper within her and soon I was fucking her properly.

What heavenly delight. Never would I have imagined that fucking could
be so wonderful.

Linda was also in the seventh heaven of delight judging by her constant
deep breathing and moaning. She came before I did and soon she threw her
legs around my waist and with her heels she helped me shove deeper within
her. Before I came within her I hesitated for a second, I was aware that
she could well become pregnant from me since she had already began to have
her periods a couple of months earlier. But what was the use of delaying
the inevitable I told myself, if not tonight it was going to be tomorrow
night or the night after, but one thing was sure, I was going to inundate
her vagina sooner or later. Therefore my reasoning was that I might as
well enjoy it to the utmost since I was going to do it anyway later on. I
slid my cock, slick with her sweet juices fully inside and release my sperm
filling my sister's virgina with my seed as we kissed deeply and fell in

Linda was twelve when we began fucking and this went on for a year an a
half before she became pregnant. When she announced the news to mother,
she was almost fourteen then, all hell broke loose.

She told mother that an older boy had forced her into his car after
school and he had raped her. Of course she didn't know the boy and he was
not from her school. Since she was now well over two months pregnant,
mother figured that it was now too late to have the police investigate the
matter. Beside mother didn't want everyone knowing that her daughter had
been raped.

Linda gave birth to a baby girl and before she did, we kept on fucking
until the week before the birth of our daughter. Although mother didn't
suspect that I was the father, she later figured out the truth when a year
later Linda became pregnant once again. Of course I was the father of her
second child as well since during all that time we had been fucking each
night and sometime during the day as well when mother wasn't around.

But now I was almost eighteen and I had a good joy working as an
apprentice reporter, even though I knew that mother didn't approve of what
Linda and I we were doing, she pretended to be ignorant of the whole

Today as I write this I am twenty and Linda and I still live together
with mother. Of course we moved to another part of the city and to
everyone we are married to one another.

Oh yes, never once was I or Linda ever tempted to go out with someone
else. We are deeply in love with each other and I believe we will always

The End


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