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After the Christmas Party


After the Christmas Party {Redman} {MF}
(c) December 2000
Comments welcomed at

Author's note: This is the first story I've been
satisfied with from a first-person feminine
perspective. Since I will be using this perspective in
the future, I'd appreciate any comments on where it
worked best and where it worked least. As always,
constructive criticism is welcomed at the Redman
After the Christmas Party
by Redman
I can feel John's hands on my thighs gently spreading
my legs farther apart. I can feel his warm tongue
parting me, teasing me with just a taste of what
I want. His nose nudges my clitoris every so often.
I don't know whether he's doing that on purpose or not,
but it feels good. It's not nearly rhythmic enough,
though. It's like listening to a drummer who can't
keep the beat.

John is normally very good at this, but it's not what
I want right now. He tries so hard to please me, but
sometimes he doesn't listen too well.

I was ready by the time we got home; long past ready
if the truth be told. There's something about a
Christmas party that gets me horny ... well, any party
does, really. I love to think about what each of the
couples look like together nude, trying to imagine
what they do to each other after the party. Then, as I
get a little more turned on, I start mixing and
matching the couples in my head. Who this man would
look better with ... who that woman would ... that
sort of thing.

I decided at this party that the best looking couple
would be Marcus and I, but it wasn't really fair.
I remember what Marcus looked like from when we dated
a long time ago, so it was more a memory than a mental
image. He has a nice thick cock and strong hands.
Marcus didn't spend much time on foreplay, which is
one of the many reasons that I left him, but also one
of the reasons that I'm thinking about him right now.

Because I wish John would quite eating me and just
fuck me already! Why is it that when I want them to
eat me they won't, but when I'm ready for the main
course all they want to do is dawdle?

It's all Marcus' fault. My lips had tingled
remembering how he liked to be sucked until he was
hard before we made love. So that's what I'd done to
get John interested. Not that it took much. I saw him
looking at Jennifer all night. Of course, she did look
very nice in that new red satin slipdress. With its
v-neck it was easy to think of her nude, sprawled on the
couch with every man walking by and tweaking her
chocolate brown nipples.

So when we had gotten home and after we had both
started taking off our party clothes, I pulled John to
the edge of the bed and unbuckled and unzipped him
just like I used to do with Marcus. I took John's
warm, hardening penis and rubbed it all around my
cheeks before taking him into my mouth. Just the head
first, just enough to get a taste of him.

I love to swirl the head of a nice hard penis with the
tip of my tongue, to rub it firmly around my lips like
I'm applying lipstick with the head. Afterwards, even
when we've moved on to better things, my lips tingle
with the memory of the warmth and the texture of cock.
Of all the parts of my flesh, my lips have the longest

But I really wanted him inside me tonight. Giving head
was just to get him ready. Not that I didn't enjoy it.
In fact, after I had started, my lips remembered how
much I used to enjoy doing this with Joey. Umm, Joey
had a marvelous, tasty cock. It was smaller than
John's and certainly smaller than Marcus'. Still,
there was something about the taste and the flavor of
Joey that was special. And Joey didn't move around a
lot, either. John likes to thrust into my mouth a
little too much. Or maybe it's that he seems to do it
at all the wrong times.

But my pussy wouldn't let me remember Joey too long.
Joey was great at some things, but he couldn't fuck
worth a damn and right now I want to be fucked bad!
I remembered the whole reason I started this. Tonight,
I just wanted to cut to the chase and pull John on top
of me. But I started out by eating him and now he
thinks he has to return the favor.

John can be too nice a guy. Sometimes I just want to
lay back and be screwed hard and he's so gentle all
the time. Still, it's better than with Marcus. Marcus
used those strong hands to pinch a little too hard at
times and once those brown hips started moving, they
were hard to slow down. That's why I never liked to
suck Marcus to orgasm. When I did, he was too rough.

Now John is putting a finger in me and it's starting
to feel nicer but it's still not a cock. Fingers are
fine and John knows how to use his, but what I really
want right now is to feel him on top of me, thrusting
into me.

It's because of Robert. He was so close when he was
reaching for the eggnog that was on the shelf beside
me. I was talking to Marsha and Robert, apologizing
for interrupting us, stepped right in between to reach
up to the shelf. He had smelled so nice, with his
spicy cologne ... and the way he hesitated just a
moment longer than he needed to ... then he looked
into my eyes with those deep brown eyes of his!

Even Marsha had smirked about how Robert was flirting
with me and we laughed it off. Still, for just a
moment, he was so close that I thought about what it
would be like to have Robert on top of me, humping
like a wild man. I imagined what it would be like to
look up into those deep brown eyes as we both climaxed

But it isn't Robert or Marcus or Joey between my legs
right now. It's John and he's touching me deep inside
now. He's sliding two fingers in and out and they're
hitting all the right spots. Finally his tongue finds
my clit and I'm riding it. Oh damn, that feels good
even if it isn't what I want -- wasn't what I wanted.
Oh God, I want it now!

Just when I'm ready for him to finish me, John shifts
gears on me again. Dammit! But he's suddenly over me
ready to come into me. It's easy to get him inside.
Between his tongue and my juices, my pussy is so wet
and open he could drive a truck through it. It only
takes a little nudge of my fingertips and he slides
right in.

Oh God, it feels so good inside me, so hot and so
hard. His cock is a smooth, slick curve that rocks in
and out of me. With each oscillation I feel his
testicles mash against me at the end. He's so damn
gentle! I hunch up my hips against him and take my
nails to his back and to his ass. He moans and moves a
little quicker, but still not enough.

I close my eyes and feel his warm ragged breath on my
neck, buried in my hair. I throw my legs around him,
but my legs are remembering Marcus and his powerful
thrusts. My mouth is remembering Joey and the
sensation and the taste of his cock on my lips. And my
eyes ... my eyes are remembering Robert standing so
near ... Robert wanting so much to fuck me.

I remember the feel and the taste of Joey shooting in
my mouth and I remember Marcus straining to fill me up
just as John begins to shudder. I sense his hot semen
flooding me at the moment of my own climax -- just at
the point when my body feels and remembers all three
of these men climaxing with me. A long, guttural cry
of release escapes me, calling out to all these vivid
memories and future dreams.

I hold John to me for just a little longer than is
comfortable. I savor the perception of his semen
starting to drip out of my vagina, but I'm so
lethargic I don't care if it stains the sheets. I'll
wash them tomorrow.

When John raises up, he won't look me in the eye.
That's when I know he's been thinking of Jennifer.

The bastard!


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