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DISCLAIMER: By reading this story you hereby release the author (ShadowKing)
from all liabilities related to this story. This story contains
adult content and should not be read by anyone under the legal
limit for pornography in your country. This story is fictional
and in no way based on any real person(s), any resemblance is
purely coincidental. This is a fantasy creation of the author
and is not meant to exploit or make profits from the characters
and/or name of the following story.
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Afternoon Treat - (Saved By The Bell > mf)
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Kelly sat slumped to one side of her desk doodling in her
notebook. She had tuned Mr Forchalen and his boring recollection of the
first world war long ago. Taking a moment to glance at the clock, Kelly let
out a sigh, there was still another two hours until the school day was over.
On top of the long wait was the fact that the classroom was boiling hot
and the air conditioner was broken.

Kelly hated to be trapped in a classroom. Sure, back in the earlier
grades she hadn't cared all that much but now she was eighteen, she
wanted to go out and experience life and all its pleasures. Her mind began
to daydream, thinking about where she would rather be right now. Kelly
glanced to her left and saw Zack starring at the same point on the wall he
had been fixated on for the past thirty minutes.

The thought of her and Zack making love instantly popped into her
mind; they had had sex nearly a dozen times over their current two year
relationship. Kelly suddenly felt her panties become moist under her tight
dress. The thought of Zack pounding his cock into her pussy was making
Kelly hot as she tensely shifted about in her seat. She was horny as hell
and desperately needed to do something about it. Ripping out a piece of
paper she scribbled down a message and passed it to Zack before raising
her hand.

"Yes Kelly?" Mr Forchalen said, interrupting his own lecture.

"May I please go to the washroom, sir?" Kelly politely asked.

"Sure," he responded, returning his attention to the textbook he

Kelly quickly rose from her seat and strode out the door. She
walked down the quiet hall and pushed open the bathroom door. Checking
the three stalls for anyone who may be inside she waited for Zack. She
leaned against the wall and sure enough there was a knock five minutes

Kelly yanked open the door and pulled Zack inside deeply kissing
him in the process; her tongue exploring his mouth. With her other hand
she locked the door to make sure no one stumbled in on them. Kelly
immediately reached down and undid Zack's pants while still in the midst
of their kiss. She felt Zack's hands running up her shapely body, resting on
her firm ass.

Zack sensed the cool air on his legs as Kelly dropped his pants to
the ground. He ran his hands up her back and quickly found the zipper.
Planting kiss after kiss down her neck he pulled the zipper down and let
her dress fall off of her young body. Zack guided his hands to Kelly's bra
and had it unhooked in seconds; her beautiful C cup breasts falling loosely
from their home.

Kelly unbuttoned Zack's shirt and took it off. She could feel Zack's
gentle lips making their way to her exposed tits as she lead him to the
counter. She pulled down his underwear, letting Zack's erect cock slap
against his bare skin. Moments later she let her own panties drop to the
floor, the crotch soaking wet. Kelly kissed him deeply on the lips once
more before turning and placing her hands on the counter, bending over

Zack got the idea as Kelly turned and braced herself against the
counter; her gorgeous ass and pussy sticking out in front of him. Gently
taking hold of her hips, Zack guided his raging hard on into Kelly's damp
cunt. He heard her gasp as his head slowly entered her tight pussy.
Pushing himself forward, her cunt loosened to allow him access.

Kelly bit her lower lip to restrain herself from crying out in
pleasure. She felt Zack's hard cock sink deeper into her until his pubic hair
tickled her outer lips. Then, as quickly as his dick entered, it vanished;
only to reappear a moment later, pushing deep into her. Kelly took hold of
one of her breasts and brought it close to her mouth so she could lick the
nipple. The extra pleasure went shooting through her body.

Again Zack thrust his dick into Kelly's wet cunt and again she
moaned in pleasure. Suddenly, Kelly turned sideways and raised her right
leg up and put it on Zack's shoulder. Grabbing her acrobatic leg, Zack
knew that Kelly got extra pleasure from this position and kept his sturdy
rhythm. Using his free hand, Zack began to stroke Kelly's clitoris which
was now practically in front of him.

Kelly felt the hand rubbing her clitoris and lost it. She orgasmed
and began to shake. Wave after wave of pleasure travelled through her
entire body. Her cunt gushed out juices onto Zack's cock which continued
to pummel her. After her orgasm subsided she felt Zack drop her leg,
putting her into the doggy style position again, and then his cock left her
wet pussy. A second later she felt his warm cum hit her firm ass, slowly
dribbling down between her ass crack, through her pussy, and slithering
down her thighs. She couldn't help but moan as the warm sticky liquid
rolled down her body.

Zack watched his cum slithering its way down Kelly's body in front
of him. Wasting no time he put his wet dick head to the now drenched in
cum ass that lay before him. Zack pushed himself forward and entered
Kelly's tight ass. He heard her cry out, unable to contain the pleasure she
felt. He returned a finger to Kelly's soaking wet snatch and started to rub
her clit again; his cock stretching Kelly's ass to limits unknown to her.

Kelly felt like passing out from the pleasure. She was unused to the
feeling of Zack's cock in her ass, but already she liked it. When the finger
returned to her clitoris and began rubbing and stroking it like mad Kelly
though she'd climax again, but some desire for more kept her from
orgasming. She reaped the pleasure that assaulted her and eventually gave
in. Kelly orgasmed again and more juices came spewing out of her already
drenched cunt. Yet unlike last time, Zack didn't stop and climax, he kept
going. Kelly quickly came again and then again, her knees starting to

Zack felt Kelly started to buckle under him and he tried to hold her
up, but they were both to slippery that she slid to the floor. She turned to
face him and grabbed his legs. Zack felt her hand guide his cock into her
mouth as Kelly gladly returned the favour. For the second time in his life
Zack received a blow job and loved every second of it. The pleasure from
fucking Kelly and his first orgasm reduced the time it took for Zack to
climax. He grabbed the back of Kelly's head, pushing his cock deep down
her throat; then he spurted three long, warm shots of salty cum which she
eagerly drank down.

The bell rang and both Zack and Kelly jumped up. Quickly getting
cleaned up and dressed they checked the coast was clear and exited the
bathroom like nothing had ever happened.


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