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Title: Afternoon with the Sisters
Keywords: ff, inc, sister Author: Caesar
"Said a lesbian lady, 'It's sad;
Of All the girls that I've had,
None gave me the thrill
Of real rapture until
I learned how to be a tribade.'"
-author unknown

The younger sister aggressively confronts her older and much more
reserved sister.
#include "std_disclaimer.h"
All characters, and actions, are fictional and a figment of my
over-active imagination. Constructive e-mail is welcome.
Afternoon with the Sisters

by Caesar, copyright 1996-2002

$Revision: 1.7 $ $Date: 2002/04/15 14:07:21 $

"And she liked to lick my clit while pushing a small four inch
vibrator up my ass!"


Both ladies took a sip of wine, and the elder brunette again crossed
her long silk covered legs again. The blonde continued, "You haven't
had oral sex if you haven't felt this girls tongue between your legs."
The younger woman enjoyed confronting her sister with blunt sexual
images, it very much shocked the reserved woman.

The elegantly dressed brunette giggled almost girlishly, and to stifle
herself, she took another sip of wine. "My god, I don't believe you
did that! You were always the wild one but I never have even

The straight haired blonde interrupted, "What? You would not have
thought that the best sex of my life would come from a eighteen year
old lesbian?"

The sound of silk crossing as the brunette crossed her legs,
attempting to forget the tingling in her groin. "Yes, I guess that's
it. Does this mean your a lesbian?" She couldn't meet the others
eyes, embarrassed at having asked the question.

Laughing suddenly, "Lord no Sheryl! I can never get enough of my
husbands cock, its just that sex with that teenager was different and
very satisfying."

"Was it only the one time?"

"Yes, unfortunately. I thought it would be too dangerous since the
faculty takes a dim view of instructors that have sex with one of
their students." Sheryl nodded affirmatively, but still felt a little
light headed at the blunt images she had been presented. "Though I
used to have fantasies about you when we were teenagers." The blonde covered her embarrassment by bringing the long stem goblet up to take
another sip of the grape.

Sheryl felt her hands trembling and asked, "Your kidding right Becky?"

"No. Of course they were rather juvenile fantasies, but you were my
big sister, my idol. I wanted very much to be like you then." The
blonde never bothered to explain that those fantasies still exist when
she lay awake late at night.

"But you never said a word?" Sheryl put down her wine goblet, feeling
a bit light headed at the information she was forced to process as
well as the alcohol.

"What was I supposed to say, `I think about licking your cunt'?"
Becky was always had a fouler mouth than her older sister. "Or that I
used to lick my own fingers thinking the juices came from you?"

It was a bit too much to take all at once, Sheryl hardly felt prepared
for her sisters blunt admission. She tried to change the subject,
"Did you ever have sex with another woman before your student?"
Though the brunette would rather have changed the subject completely
away from sex, it was making her feel rather uncomfortable.

"No. I was too embarrassed."

It was Sheryl's turn to laugh, "Too embarrassed? You!" The younger
of the two was always the wilder of the sisters. Constantly having
new boyfriends, staying out to all hours, in trouble in school. Let
alone the rumours at her sexual conquests with her numerous boyfriends
and even with groups of men.

"Yes, embarrassed." Becky became indignant, "That I would have rather
been spreading my legs for you than for that jerk thirty-second-Bob!"
Bob had been her boyfriend for a quarter of her senior year.

"Thirty-second...", Sheryl laughed into her hand. It was the first
she heard the nickname of her sisters old boyfriend.

After the elder sister finished giggling, the room became unnaturally
quiet. Becky finished her third glass of wine while Sheryl simply
looked down at the carpet. Outside a bird fluttered near the window
causing the only sound, other than the gears of a antique clock, in
the room.

Again, Sheryl crossed her legs, the sound of the silk almost
thunderous as it echoed about the high walled room. Becky could not
help herself and stared again at the black silk covered lower limbs of
her older sister. A look that the elder woman did not miss.

"Did you tell Darren?" Becky's husband.

The blonde nodded negatively, she hadn't told anyone until her sister heard her admissions. "I'm not the crazy younger sister you thought

"Evidently!" Though Sheryl would have admitted that her younger
sister had stabilized very much since marrying her millwright husband.

"I did a lot of those crazy things just to see if you would notice
me." Becky scratched her two centimetre nails along the thigh of her
tight jeans, the sound again loud in the large living room.

"You didn't have to do that." Sheryl suddenly felt sympathetic
towards her younger sister. Always the wild one, that rarely left
anything alone. What could she say, "Why did you come here today

The two had become distant friends after the loud shouts and tempers
of adolescence. Yet, other than holidays, the two siblings hadn't
seen each other outside of family functions for several years.
Sheryl's husband, a partner in a successful law firm, didn't much care
for his wife's family. Though he was on a trip to the capital, and
wasn't due back for several weeks, Sheryl wondered, for the first
time, if her sisters surprise visit was merely coincidence.

For a long while Becky simply sat scratching her thighs and licking
her lips. When he finally spoke, she looked directly up into Sheryl's
blue eyes and whispered, "I want to make love to you."

Sheryl thought she had misunderstood something, and snapped, "What?"

"After I had my first affair with a woman, I suddenly knew what I had
desired all those years ago." Becky was thirty two years old, and her
sister three years older than her. "I wanted to come here and see if
it was possible to enjoy a fantasy that I have had for almost twenty
years." She had stopped breathing, watching for her sisters reaction.

It was too much for the dignified woman, "This is some type of joke
right Becky?"

"No, its not. I want to make love to you and let you know just how
much I have always desired you."

Sheryl uncrossed her legs, noticing her sisters quick glance down as
she pressed her own knees together. No one in her life, not even her
husband, had expressed such a thing to her. Surely she was pretty,
though she thought a bit on the thin side, her younger sister having
got all the sexy curves of the two. The elder woman knew she had to
stop her sisters perversion, as she thought of it, as quickly as

Before she could speak up Becky suddenly stood. "The house is empty
until your son gets home tomorrow from his band trip, so we won't be
interrupted. I'll be upstairs in your bedroom Sheryl." It was the
irritating personality that always plagued the older woman, but she
couldn't say a word as she watched her sisters shapely ass sway as she
exited the room. Becky had come to a decision about her life and she
was going to get her own way unless her sister found could tell her
that she just wasn't interested in a incestuous relationship with any
woman let alone her own younger sister. This intrusion into her
private life was unacceptable, Sheryl was nervous simply with her
sister being in her house let alone upstairs in her private room.

The grandfather clock was the only noise in the large house, and the
longer she sat the harder Sheryl's heart began to pump. When finally
the tall woman stood, smoothing out her skirt, and turned her
embarrassment and nervousness into another emotion - anger. An
emotion the elder sister understand, at least when it came to
confronting her own sister. As it was when they were teens, it was
often the best way to handle her sister. She told herself, the only
reason she was going up the stairs, to her own room, was to confront
her sister and possibly throw her out of her house until she had time
to cool down.

Sheryl's three inch black heels foretold of her arrive as she
aggressively approached her own bedroom. Finding the door wide and
the bed pulled down, she didn't find her sister as she predicted. It
was obvious Becky had been here, closing the shades and lighting a
candle, but there was no sign of the obsessed woman. Sheryl stalked
through the doorway of the master bedroom and stood staring at the
newly turned down bed, anger clouding her senses.

Hands encircled her body, trapping her arms against her sides. Becky
pressed her body behind her sisters. The full lips of the younger
woman quickly coming into contact with the sensitive skin of her
sisters neck. Sheryl hadn't time to defend herself and simply gasped
out in surprise at her sisters boldness.

The embrace only lasted a few seconds until Sheryl pulled out from her
sisters arms. Becky stood back and allowed her sister to view her.
So unlike the woman who sat downstairs, the younger woman was not
wearing an inch of clothing, her full natural beauty revealed solely
for her sister.

It was the first time Sheryl had seen her sister naked since their
teens, when Becky often walked around nude or nearly so with her
sister in attendance, and felt jealous at the younger woman's still
firm and toned body. Her long blonde hair, untied, hung almost to her
round hips. While the white skin about her breasts and crotch told of
the hours under the sun in a very skimpy bikini, leaving the remainder
of her body a dark bronze colour.

Sheryl had not been so lucky with time. Her slim, pale white almost
boyish, frame was starting to wrinkle sag and otherwise become rather
soft in areas. Looking directly at her sisters mature still strong
body was not like looking into the mirror. A part of her wondered why
Becky was even attracted to her, since she was definitely not
beautiful. Perhaps she could be considered striking, as long as she
was dressed for cocktails and not in sexy lingerie. Sheryl realized
she also felt jealousy at the teenager whom had enjoyed her sisters
sexy body.

Becky walked slowly over to the bed and crawled up into the middle of
it. Sheryl stood stunned as her sister dropped her shoulders down and
spread her knees apart. This presented a very graphic view of her own
sisters nearly hairless vagina and ass hole. A part of her said run,
but she only stood watching as her sister reached beneath herself and
the fingers began to manipulate the glistening folds of her vagina.

It was easily apparent that Becky was excited, the general area about
her crotch and even her fingers quickly became coated with a shiny
thick liquid, evidence of her sisters physical excitement. As the
seconds turned into minutes, Sheryl realized her sister was getting
very excited, her body humping upon her own exploring fingers and her
voice echoing that enjoyment. A river of female juice flowed from the
sexy blonde pussy. It slide down her spread tanned thighs, it covered
the fingers, and collected into drops upon the kinky coarse blonde hair. The elder sister realized her gaze was almost hypnotic, and she
could help that her mouth was practically watering. Two fingers
pumped in and out of the inviting hole in time to the sexual rocking
of her sisters body was enough to cause shivers to run randomly
through her thin body..

Becky started to moan into the bed, her face turned slightly to the
side and her older sister could hear every word. "Oh Sheryl! God, I
love you. Eat me, yes... eat me!" At first the brunette thought the
words were for her ears, but soon realized Becky was lost in her own
erotic mental fantasies.

The scream surprised the quivering standing woman, as her sister let
out a wail of pleasure and excitement. This revealed the initial
stage of the large orgasm Becky started to endure. From half a dozen
feet away, Sheryl could see the contortions that her sisters muscles
underwent. She could see the grasping muscles of her sex as well as
the claws her fingers turned into. It was the first time Sheryl had
ever witnessed a woman's orgasm, even her own were so rare that it had
been years since she had even heard or smelt the pleasure echoing
through the large room.

When Becky finally collapsed, Sheryl realized she had been holding her
breath and let it out in a gasp. It was the most erotic most
blatantly sexual sight she had ever witnessed. She also realized her
own body was sweaty and quivering uncontrollably.

Her younger sister dropped flat onto the bed, her legs still spread
and her body undergoing random spasms. Sheryl took the few steps that
brought her to the edge of her own king sized bed, merely a foot from
her sisters torso. It was like another woman controlled her actions,
at least that is how she would later feel about this moment. Perhaps
it was simply inquisitiveness that reached out her jewelled hand and
fingers towards that sweaty naked female.

The difference between the two female bodies had always been curves.
Becky had them, Sheryl did not. Since they had both developed into
woman, those curves had nagged at Sheryl's consciousness and she
attempted to ignore her own jealously towards whatever power that
chose the bodies they now owned. So, the first place that reaching
quivering hand touched was the round curve of Becky's sexy ass.

When she felt her palm touch the hot smooth wet skin, Sheryl jerked
her hand back as if the skin had burned her. She may have anticipated
something stronger, some reaction from her sister or maybe some
internal climax to her own sexual hang-ups. Yet, nothing happened,
she had simply touched another woman's skin.

Again the palm laid upon the whiteness of the bikini line, but didn't
pull back the this time. Sheryl watched her hand with a strange
remoteness, as if she was watching a television. For several seconds
that thin long fingered hand simply lay upon the white skin before she
moved her fingers inward, gasping the round firm bottom.

That was when she felt the first emotion towards what her sister had
initiated, it was desire. Though she very much covered it up, mostly
from herself.

Becky lay silent, her head facing the opposite direction, as she felt
the hand moved about her bottom. It grasped her firmly before moving
to another spot and again grasp. She hadn't moved or even
acknowledged the touches, afraid that her sister would go back into
her mental hole and retreat from this encounter. The younger sister was determined to show her sister just how much she was loved, and how
desperately she was desired. Becky was already amazed at how far she
had gotten, surprised and pleased that Sheryl had not stormed out of
the room but stayed to watch as a voyeur to Becky's self pleasure. It
had been for Sheryl, that she masturbated. The intense reaction she
enjoyed was because her older sister had been watching.

Another hand was placed on the opposite cheek and started to
manipulate that globe. Sheryl watched, her teeth biting painfully
into her bottom lip, as her hands freely amused themselves with the
round firm globes of another woman. They felt the familiar but alien
skin and the older sister wanted more.

Becky felt the hands part her bottom and tried not to moan in
pleasure. Sheryl's own hot breath touched her damp skin, giving the
naked woman a cool chill that ran up her spin. Her older sister was
bending over looking between the crack of her ass. It was kinky, it
was erotic, and Becky thought it was better than any of her adolescent
fantasies of her sister that she ever imagined.

Sheryl started to wonder if her sister was unconscious, if the orgasm
had been so large that she had been knocked senseless for several
minutes. It seemed inconceivable that such a thing could happen,
since she had not enjoyed such a tense moment, yet from the violence
of the spasms during her sisters climax thought it was plausible. It
added a new kinder element to her touches and she found her own sex
responding appropriately.

The breath stopped, and Becky was about to groan loudly for the loss
of that simple pleasure, until she felt the lips.

Again she kissed that naked white skin, just on the underside of
Becky's buttocks. Sheryl felt hot with her own fiery emotions, new
conflicting emotions, that caused her to press her red lipstick
covered lips again to the skin of her own sister. Then Becky groaned,
very loudly and from deep within her body. Sheryl froze, realizing
her sister had not been unconscious but lay allowing the sinful
touches of her big sister.

Sheryl stood quickly and removed her hands from her sister. That part
of her, that dignified and reserved woman inside her returned.


Again in the doorway, her back to her own room, the elder sister answered, "Yes." She had stopped at the sound of the blonde sister's
voice, her intention was to leave this house as quick as possible.

"Don't leave. Please."

It took several seconds before Sheryl answered, "I'm sorry Becky, I
must." Still she couldn't take another step, a part of her wanted
very much to stay, to enjoy the relationship her own sister attempted
to seduce her with.

Then the arms again encircled her and the lips kissed the smooth skin
of her neck. Sheryl's reserve couldn't hold out against her own fiery
passions and she felt Becky's hands turn her about.

The two mouths met in a open lipped passionate kiss that held little
but desire and love. Sheryl groaned as Becky's tongue speared slowly
past both sets of lips and the naked body pressed firmly against her
own clothed one. Soon her own tongue explored and foiled with her
sisters, while her hands returned to that round firm bottom to clench
at it positively.

Sheryl's younger sister had other ideas, she reached around and took
one of those thin hands and slide the hand down between them until it
rested above her love nest. The younger woman knew she had only one
chance to seduce her sister, to engulf her with passion so deep that
she would not ever want to leave. To do that, Becky manoeuvred the
hand until she felt the finger slide up into herself. It was but the
first step, Sheryl's reaction would be the second.

It startled Sheryl when she realized where her middle finger currently
was. It was as deep as it would go inside Becky's hot wet vagina.
Her younger sister began to wiggle her hips and groan into her sisters
mouth while also moving her torso up and down against her sister. The
finger moved in and out of her body and Sheryl was amazed at the
strange feeling of another woman. Having only touched herself like
that so rarely, it was a very foreign touch.

Becky pulled her mouth from her sister and grasped her in a huge hug,
pressing her lips near Sheryl's ear. She gasped out in pleasure as
she whispered, "It feels wonderful Sheryl! God, I want to make you
feel this good." It was enough to urge the older woman on and she
began to move the digit firmly in and out of the clenching orifice.

"Use another finger sis. God I love you!"

Sheryl did, with her eyes closed trying to picture what it must look
like. What her sisters vagina would look like with two of her fingers
pretending to be a cock and attempted to fuck her. The older woman
realized she was enjoying herself, that she wanted to continue to
finger fuck her own sister. She also realized the energetic movements
of her sisters naked body against her own felt very good and she
wanted more.

Again Becky surprised and took the initiative from her sister, she
reached back to the single remaining hand and moved in inwards.
Sheryl felt her other hand being manipulated and could not wait to see
what her sexy sister had in mind. She did not have long to wait, as
Sheryl's index finger pressed against the tiny hard muscle of Becky's

"Put a finger in my ass Sheryl! I'll do anything for you sis. Just
fuck me in both holes."

The elder woman remembered her sister's words when they had been
seated pleasantly in the living room, how the teenage lesbian put a
vibrator up her ass while licking her. For the first time she knew
she was doing something her sister had not shared with that young lesbian and she asked, "Did that slut do this to you Becky?" She
purposely shoved the three fingers firmly into her sisters body to
reinforce her question.

"No... she never fingered me. God, just fuck me senseless sis!"

Becky was very excited, but she was also hamming up her responses to
what her sister was doing to her. It was indeed very exciting that
she finally had her fantasy companion with three fingers in her body.
Yet, the woman also knew that it she wanted to seduce her sister and
ensure that the relationship lasted longer than one hand job. So, she
assumed that her sister would enjoy herself more if she saw just how
much her actions were effective in producing excitement.

"God your such a slut Becky."

The younger woman was humping herself against her sisters still
covered body, "Fuck yes. I'm your slut sis!" Becky was grinding, and
withering her body about when finally she gasped, "I can't take it any
longer." Then she began to lower herself before Sheryl.

When the three fingers were forced to pull from the wet slippery holes
between Becky's legs, Sheryl realized what her sister was doing. "No
Becky." She reached for the younger woman's arms, to pull her back
up, but Becky simply ignored her.

A hand lifted the front of her skirt and her sisters head disappeared
beneath it. Just when her fear was about to cause her to run, Sheryl
felt lips kissing her panty covered pussy and suddenly her knees
wanted to give out. She groaned out the years of frustration as her
hands held the head before her. "Oh god!"

The clothing covering the one spot Becky had always fantasized about,
was saturated with Sheryl's spend. She wanted to suck the juices from
the panty but forced herself to go slow by simply placing tender
kisses upon that sensitive mound. It was enough to get a taste of her
sisters sex, and she was thrilled beyond words. Becky had to have

Hands fumbled with the clasps holding the stockings up, and Sheryl
knew what was coming. She knew she had to stop her sister, yet a part
of her needed this. It had been years, since her initial discovery of
her own body as a teenager, since she felt so excited and free.

Fingers hooked themselves into either side of her tight panty and
worked their way down. Sheryl placed her hands over her own eyes as
her sister helped her step out of her undergarments. She never
resisted or helped when her sister pushed her skirt up to the hips,
exposing her naked loins.

Though she hide her eyes, Sheryl felt the gentle hands turn her about
and then guided her to sit down on the edge of the bed. Becky kissed
her sisters brow before pressing her until her back was upon the soft
sheet. Nothing was said, nor was there anything to say. Becky knelt
before her sister and placed a hand upon each silk covered knee.

Becky felt dizzy with expectation and excitement. This was too much,
her sister had been far more complacent than she would ever have ever
guessed or hoped. Now was the last part of this episode, as she
thought of it. If her sister enjoyed what she was about to do to her,
then Becky knew it would not be the end.

Sheryl groaned into her palms as the hands gently pried apart her
knees until they were almost parallel. There was no waiting, or time
to reconsider getting up to leave when a tongue slide all the way from
the edge of her ass hole to the top of her clitoris. She could not do
anything but groan and arch her back in pleasure. It was not the
first tongue to sample that region, but it was the first in years.
She noticed the scent upon the fingers of the hand that had been
between Becky's thighs, and felt an urge to taste them. She did, both
hands lowered and she opened her mouth and slid a finger from each
hand into her mouth.

Becky watched her sister and knew what she as doing, it thrilled her.
She took another lick, watching to see which touches her sister enjoyed the most. The younger woman wasn't about to stop until her
sister had her first orgasm by another woman.

The older woman started to arch her back and press her pelvis out to
meet the tongue that seduced her. It was the most fabulous feeling in
her life, and had never realized how much she had been missing by not
enjoying this part of her sexuality to the fullest. The teenage
years, when they shared the same house and their bodies had been young and beautiful - if only that had tried this then, Sheryl mentally
gasped. Becky moved over her sex with almost perverted knowledge of
every sensitive spot. Gone were the scared and nervous feelings or
even the apprehension of being labelled with words like "incest" or
"lesbian". Nothing mattered but the next lick, that accelerated her
excitement, and her enjoyment.

Hands grabbed at the head to try and hold it there, but two strong
hands came up and moved Sheryl's paws to the back of her knees. She
never even realized what she was doing as she lifted her legs, using
her hands to hold her knees by her breasts. She did realize the
tongue was now licking at more sensitive areas, randomly spearing into
the hungry vagina and teasing the puckered ass hole.

She looked positively sexy and Becky could not take her eyes from her
older sister. Sheryl was holding back her legs exposing her midriff
region and allowing easier access to the talented tongue. Her sister still wore her black stockings, which ended mid-thigh, and the black
heels. The long slim legs looked wonderful and she ran her hands up
and down the length of them.

Becky worshipped at the sex of her sister. She could have made oral
sex with her for hours. Her own heel was beneath her kneeling form
and was pressed into her sex, giving herself something to grind her
body upon as she made love to the wet cunt before her.

Sheryl squealed and her body suddenly tightened, her vaginal muscles
clasped at her sisters tongue, as the beginning stages of orgasm
began. Her legs suddenly straightened out pointed up into the air as
her sister, Becky, moved her tongue up to the over sensitive clitoris
and earnestly worked upon it.

That was it. Sheryl orgasmed beneath that unrelenting but pleasurable
tongue. Her body thrashed about and her hands clawed at her hair,
while her legs rotated in the air above her sisters head. The sounds
of her pleasure were loud as she squealed and then groaned, then
finally gasped incoherent words. The orgasm was huge, possibly her
largest and most certainly her most satisfying. Her mind went into a
pleasurable daze an she lay almost comatose upon the edge of her bed.

Sheryl was only barely conscious of hands gently pulling off the
remainder of her clothing, while leaving the stocking. She did
realize she was rolled over upon her stomach and helped up onto the
middle of the bed. Though it took a few seconds of recognition to
realize the tongue that was teasing her raised bottom. In her stupor
she simply groaned and arched her bum outwards, wanting to feel more
of the pleasurable touches that had given her so much enjoyment.

It was Becky, of course, and Sheryl took a few seconds to come to that
conclusion. Her younger sister had her rear cheeks pulled widely
apart and had her tongue pressed two centimetres into Sheryl's rectum.
The tongue went slow and gentle, but simply and firmly pressed forward
pass the thick anal ring.

It disgusted and embarrassed the older sister, but she arched her back
giving Becky easier access to that part of her anatomy. It seemed to
her, that her mind and body were working against each other. One
wanted to keep propriety and be reserved. While the other seeked out
pleasure and orgasm, which it had been lacking for many years. The
pleasure was winning, and her body wanted more.

The tongue began to move in and out of the relaxed hole, simulating a
small cock as it orally fucked the virgin entrance. Sheryl gasped
out, "God Becky!" She had wanted to tell her sister to stop, but was
surprised when the words didn't come out. Then she felt the tip of a
finger feel around the entrance of her vagina and she realized what
was going to happen to her body. She was going to get a finger fuck
just as she had given Becky.

The entrance was very wet and allowed easy access to the digit, Becky
slide her index finger all the way into her sister. Sheryl gasped in
surprised pleasure, not realizing how good that single finger felt
inside her sensitive folds. The tongue and the imitation phallus
began to work unison as they fucked both of her holes simultaneously.

It took surprisingly little time before Sheryl again orgasmed. It
wasn't near as large as the last, but almost as pleasurable. It had
the same nasty aspects that plagued the older sisters mind but they
were more easily overcome. In fact, as the organismic high started to
descend she felt rather good. She had just orgasmed with her own
sisters tongue in her ass, and that no longer bothered her, in fact it
rather excited her senses.

Those familiar hands gently rotated her body and them moved her limbs
out so she lay completely spread. Sheryl was not as brain dead as the
first orgasm and simply lay with eyes closed trusting in her younger
sister to give her more pleasure.

The sexy shapely body moved between the spread thighs and lowered
itself upon the tall thin woman. Beck pressed her very excited sex to
the now familiar mound below her. She held her sisters body and moved
her mouth next to Sheryl's ear. "I love you sis."

Sheryl smiled and replied with a whisper, "I love you sis." She also
came to the realization that she did indeed love her sister perhaps
more than siblings should enjoy. She wrapped her arms about her
sister and giggled when she felt he friction upon her clitoris.

Becky began to suck upon Sheryl's ear lobe even while her hips began
to rotate, continuing the delicious friction of the two hot sex
mounds. This was how she often fantasized Sheryl and her would have
sex, in this masculine position with their two hairy mounds pressed
together. For years, when her sister sat across from her at the
dinner table, she imagined her sisters face as it was now - sweaty,
tired and smiling. That look of a sexually content woman who had just
felt the pleasures of an orgasm was very exciting to Becky. Mostly
because it was her sisters face that revealed that look, and she
looked that way because of the pleasure she had just delivered to her.

The elder sister began to slide back into sexual bliss, as she wrapped
her long silk clad legs around her sisters thin waist and began to
pump upwards. The tender moment was quickly turning into a passionate
bump and grind, as the two ladies strained for a orgasm.

The sweaty hot salty skin clung together as hands, lips, and tongues,
slid about it. The orgasm, another small one for Sheryl but a larger
fantasy induced one for Becky, was not long in coming.

When it was over, Becky lay panting with exhaustion upon her sister.
Sheryl kissed the sweaty brow next to her head and whispered into her
younger sister's ear, "Relax sis, sleep if you want." The younger
woman held the thin body in a fierce possessive hug. "I'm not going
anywhere!" The hand squeezed the round firm buttock confirmed her

Becky suddenly relaxed, knowing that her fantasy had just become



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