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Akiko Takes a Holiday


Akiko Takes a Holiday (mc, nc, FF, MF, MD, anal)

By Aerosol Kid <> Visit me at The people and events in this story come from
my brain, not the real world. Regardless of what that tells you about my
brain, it means that I'm not writing about you, your mom, your friends, or
your friend's friends. So you can't sue me. Neener neener.

If you're under age in your territory (and you know what I mean), then
read something else.

This is the third part of a story about a secret agent, Akiko Masumi,
and the evildoers who love her. The first parts are "Akiko In Blue" and
"Akiko Sells Out".

(c) 2001 Aerosol Kid

Ever sleep with someone you don't really like? Maybe you got drunk,
knocked boots and woke up the next morning next to someone repulsive?
Doesn't that suck? Well, imagine hanging out with some guy (or girl) that
you hate even before you have your beer goggles on. You're on a date,
doing whatever, and all the while this person is irritating the crap out of
you. Then they say, "Take off your clothes." And you do it! You don't
want to, but you find yourself dutifully doffing your duds. Like you're
under some kind of spell. You are someone's new toy, so they play with you
for a few hours, then throw your underwear at you and laugh at you. Can
you even begin to fathom something like that?

Such are the joys of being hypnotized by horny bad guys. And that's how
I was spending my evening, with that revolting Agent Pink creep.
Hospitality was being provided by Soporo Health Spa, a subsidiary of Min
Sect (my sworn enemies, FYI).

It was like watching a bad movie, only my body was in it. I felt like
the part of me that could still think for myself was crammed into a few
backwater neurons of my brain. The rest of me - the "other" Akiko -
clearly felt that Agent Pink was the lay of her life. The skank. Worse,
this asshole was obviously fulfilling his longtime fantasy to Fuck An asian Girl. It was hard to separate my total repulsion from the pleasure that
Bimbo Akiko was experiencing. It didn't help that there was a huge mirror
on the ceiling where I could watch this humpfest in all it's tawdry,
technicolor glory.

But believe me, I was trying hard to fight it.

We were screwing in a huge, expensive bed in his office. What kind of
perv has a bed in his office? I passed the time by thinking of all the
nasty ways I could kill him, while I listened to myself encourage him like
a seasoned porn queen.

"Oh, Pink baby!" I creamed in his ear, as he pounded away. Ick. Let's
see, ice pick to the temple...

"Unh! So... So fucking beautiful," he wheezed. Aren't you done yet?
Bullet to the brain. Asphyxiation...

"C'mon, Pinkie!" I urged. That's what I'm talkin' about. Finish up
already! Decapitation, Poison...

About this time, I flashed on something. The more I thought about
killing this guy, the more together I felt. If I could stay pissed long
enough, maybe I had a shot at blowing this popsicle stand.

And rescuing Max and Keeley. I didn't even want to think about what was
happening to them right now.

Agent Pink was groaning and squeezing my ass way too hard. Finally, he
was shooting his wad into me. I hoped they had some wicked good
contraception on hand here. No way did I want a love child with this
cretin. It was a challenge to stay focused on my anger as I wilted under
the force of a savage climax.

Pink collapsed on me like a beached whale. I was just waiting for him
to shrivel up and let me get on with my life. His icky cum was already
leaking out along my ass crack. My body was supine, waiting for further
instructions. I guess I could thank the Blue Room for that, but hopefully
my next orders would come from me.

After a few minutes of sweaty afterglow, he finally got off me and began
to clean up. I couldn't get up, but I could feel my fingers twitching. I
think I was doing that! I kept trying to move, hoping that Agent
McFuckhead wouldn't notice.

He was off in the corner, putting his suit back on. Whistling some
idiotic Ricky Martin song. I curled up my index finger. Uncurled it. And
very, very slowly, I made a weak fist with my right hand. It sure felt

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Pink cross the room, straightening his
tie. In the ceiling mirror I could see my right hand, clenching and
unclenching. Homefry was still whistling. Livin' La Vi-da Lo-ca. I
started to move the fingers in my left hand.

The whistling stopped. In the mirror, I could see him looking down at

"The balls on you, Akiko!" he exclaimed. "You spent enough time in the
Blue Room to make the brains dribble out your ears, and you can still fight

Got that right! As soon as I can move my legs I'm gonna make you cry
for yer mommy...

"Look at me."

My head swiveled automatically on the pillow and I met his gaze. My
fingers relaxed. Fuck. There went what little control I had over my body.
"How do you feel?" he asked me.

I found I could voice my true feelings. "Like I want to kill you," I

He put his hand to his heart, feigning hurt. "After our wonderful
evening together?" He smiled the smile that made me want to hit him. "I
know just the thing to make you feel better." And with that, he rotated the
face on his wristwatch.

Everything went blue.

Really! Everything I could see was suddenly colored blue. It was like
I was wearing tinted lenses. As I looked up at the mirror, it seemed like
that was exactly the case. They'd put some kind of freaky, color-shifting
contacts on my eyes. If my sisters ever saw, they'd be sick with envy - I
was suddenly a Japanese chick with blue eyes.

"Yes, Ms. Masumi, those are special lenses for those times when you
feel... not so obedient," he explained, as if reading my thoughts. And he
sounded like a fucking douche commercial.

"Remember now, Akiko," he intoned, kneeling down next to me. "You are
powerless to resist me."

"Powerless..." I whispered. My head was like a helium balloon, and I
felt the strength leak out of me as my body melted into the sheets.

"Remember your instructions, Akiko."

The muscles in my poo ring twitched. "Powerless to resist you," I
slurred. My eyes drooped shut as I was overtaken by a dreamy, cool wave
of... something. The part of me that reasoned had been shut down to
almost nothing, like the last speck of light you see after you turn off a

"Your instructions..."

I could once again feel the foundation of what they'd done to me, in my
head. A system of scaffolds erected carefully around my free will, fending
off bothersome decisions, tedious self-reliance. I felt cool and relaxed.
There was nothing I could do but slip deeper into this waking dream-state.

"Akiko, when I speak your keyword, you will once again be my property.
You'll have no desire to fight me. Because you love me," he murmured into
my ear.

It was too much work to answer. I could only nod and wait for the end.

Lucky for me, there was a knock at his door.

Agent Pink cursed under his breath, rose to his feet and hurried around
the corner to his office door. I heard it open.

"Agent. Where have you been?" someone demanded. The voice was
familiar, but I was so out of it, and they seemed so far away.

"Ah, Chairman Korjdaan!" Pink answered. I remembered who it was. The
nice old man whose lap I sat on a couple of days ago. Agent Pink was
obviously scared shitless of him.

The Chairman sounded tres pissed. "You disregarded my orders, didn't
you? You've been molesting that young operative." The question sounded

"No no! I assure you," Agent Pink lied. Lucky for him I was around the
corner, out of sight. If the old man found me like this in Pink's office,
I wouldn't have the little asswipe to worry about any more, at least that's
the way the Chairman was coming across to me.

"Come with me at once," Korjdaan ordered. "We must find Ms. Masumi. I
have work for her."

"Of course," Agent Pink responded. "Where could she be?" So full of
shit! Then I heard the door close.

I opened my eyes - my vision was clear again. As in not blue. I was
having a hard time remembering exactly what had just happened. I was alone
and naked on a big bed in the corner of an office, perplexed as hell. I
guessed that being around Agent Pink intensified whatever-it-was they did
to me in the Blue Room. Now that he was gone, I felt addled, empty. And
he hadn't told me what to do next, I noted, with a nagging feeling in the
pit of my stomach.

So I stretched, got up and started looking for my clothes. Obviously,
Pink had just done me (ew), so I also looked around for a towel or
something. I decided to clean up with his expensive bed sheets, then I
spied two slivers of clothing on the floor. It was a neon-green string
bikini (double ew). I would have been happier with something two sizes
bigger, but in my current state of mind I couldn't really be too pissed
about it. I nearly did lose it when I saw the matching pumps, but I just
rolled my eyes and stepped into them. I vaguely wondered how bad my case
of sex hair was, but I was getting the urge to roam.

Stepping out of Pink's office, I took a random path through the
compound. There were lots of people going to and fro, but no one seemed to
notice me. I was disappointed - no one would tell me what to do! Then I
remembered that the old man was looking for me, so I figured I should hang
out somewhere he was likely to go.

After wandering through a few more narrow, curving halls, I found a big
metal door labeled "Observation Room". On a hunch, I tugged it open and
slipped inside.

No one else was here. It was dark except for the light that came from
four large flatscreen LCD monitors on a wall. A row of black leather seats
faced the screens. It looked like a couple of feeds from other rooms were
being piped in. Either that or they were porn flicks, because two of the
screens had some hot action going on!

I slid into a chair and tried to pick up what was going on. The scene
on the left monitor involved a blonde girl strapped to a table in an
austere white room. This bald guy was rubbing some kind of oil all over
her and she looked like she couldn't decide whether to like it or not.
Periodically, the angle would change. Apparently it was someone's job to
watch this stuff and capture the action on a few different cameras. I
wanted that job!

The right screen was harder to make out. Some chick with curly hair was
on her knees somewhere hazy and blue. That was about all I could see,
until something stepped into the light in front of her, cutting the glare.
The woman's face was dollish - flushed cheeks, pale skin, and glassy eyes.
Her tight curls were a complete mess.

Omigod! Keeley! No!!!

I was lucid again, the instant I recognized my boss. And if Keeley was
on the right screen, the blonde on the left had to be... Shit! My best
bud Max was trapped in some bondage nightmare, while some creepy bald dude
oiled her up! I had to find out where they both were and rescue them. I
stood up, getting ready to kick out of my high heels and bust some heads,
but the monitors held my attention for another sec. Then I realized
something else.

I was horny.

I was starting to soak through my bikini bottoms, my eyes darting from
screen to screen. I was licking my lips involuntarily, squeezing my thighs
together. The only thing that'd make this better was... sound! It didn't
take me long to find a little console with volume faders, and I cranked up
the levels. The room was instantly filled with a deafening twin chorus of
women in the throes of ecstasy. I'm not sure, but I think I let loose with
a noise of my own.

I faced a dilemma then. Should I track down my pals and get them the
hell out of this place, leaving a pile of Min Sect bodies in my wake, or
should I play with myself while I watched them get forced to do awful
things on TV? The choice seems obvious now, of course, but at the time it
was a real stumper.

The bald guy in the White Room was crooning to Max like a dirty old man at a playground. "The oil I've just applied to your skin will make you
highly reactive to my touch. In concert with the drugs in your system,
your body will learn to respond to the instructions of my hands. Your mind
will follow." It was so gross, watching him talk into her ear while he
palmed her boob like that. I was sure his breath must be terrible. But
Max was breathing hard, eyes shut, and her head was leaning in toward his
voice. I felt a stirring between my legs. I looked down and discovered
that I'd slipped a hand into my bikini bottoms.

I sat back down.

This constant pinging against the walls of my conditioning was wearing
me out. The Min Sect boys who worked on me were very smart to get at my
brain through my pussy - in the end the call of sex was too strong to
resist. My resolve was eaten away. They were doing the same thing to my
friends right in front of me, and it was so hot I couldn't look away.

On the right screen, the action was harder to make out thanks to all the
bright, pulsing blue light. There was a lot of hissing, churning machinery
drowning out the voices as well. I could see Keeley crawling seductively
around on the floor, looking for something. A bright searchlight swept
over her bare back, revealing a constellation of little bug bites. Someone
else stepped into view, knelt behind Keeley. Slowly fed his cock into her
asshole. My old pal Mister Blue man was getting some more action. I
played with myself a little faster.

The bald perv on the left screen was methodically groping Max from head
to toe. He'd unstrapped her and rolled her over on her stomach, and now he
was kneading her inner thighs and ass, teasing around her binary pleasure
places. With every exhalation, she made a brief, pleading sound. These
wordless requests for her tormentor to stop teasing her became a rhythm
that guided my fingers over my engorged clit.

This guy was merciless, though. While he worked her feet with one hand,
he reached under the table and produced a vibrator - some kind of Euro
Sci-fi number. He switched it on, then placed it between her thighs just
out of reach of anything fun, and pressed her legs together. Max
whimpered, and it looked to me like she was going to crush that poor thing
between her legs. He was whispering things to her now, and I could only
hear Max answer "no" every so often. Evidently she was still putting up a

Meanwhile, Keeley was cramming her tight rear tunnel over Blue Dude's
unit with intimidating efficiency. For a second I could make out his face.
He had the look of someone skydiving for the first time. He hung onto her
hips for dear life. Every so often, she'd suddenly stop at the bottom of a
stroke, denying him completion. Her face was expressionless, but her
motions suggested defiance. I think she was resisting in the only way left
to her - frustrating the hell out of the guy at her back door. The way she
was slamming her ass into his groin made me flood with the warmth of a mild
climax. I had a feeling that was the first of a series, so I kept working

I'd missed a crucial turning point on the left monitor. Max was nodding
her head while the bald man rested his fingertips between her thighs. He
was speaking softly to her, and I still couldn't hear what he was saying.
He rubbed his other hand up and down her oiled back, and I swear I saw
these iridescent trails in the wake of his motions. I sure wanted to get
my hands on a bottle of that shit! There was a pause, and the man folded
his arms across his chest and regarded her silently. A moment passed, so I
took the opportunity to appreciate Max's sweet behind. Then she nodded and
said, "Yes," unsteadily.

At which point her interrogator slid the vibrator deeply into her sex. I
saw her twitch, then we both came together. I was soaked in sweat, and my
ass hurt from the way I was sitting in my chair. It wasn't fair that Max
and Keeley had these neat things to play with and all I had was my fingers.
Speaking of Keeley, she was on her knees again, slurping on Mister Blue
Man's rod. I guess he got tired of her messing with him like that. I
still couldn't hear their voices over the loud machines, but Keeley was
doing her best to answer a lot of questions and still service him. Every
so often she'd grip his cock tightly in her hand and point it at her face,
while she looked him in the eye and responded. When she was really
passionate about her answer, she'd jerk him off vigorously. The third or
fourth time she did this, he abruptly unloaded into her face and hair. She
looked stunned for a few seconds as the sticky cum pelted her, but her eyes
rolled back in her head and she started to shake.

Just then I head Max moan "Yes sir," so I glanced over at the other
screen. I was building to something incredible and I couldn't figure out
where to focus my attention. I was just in time to see the bald guy insert
a second vibrator into Max's ass and leave the room. I remember guessing
it was going to be a long night for Maxi. She began to wail in disbelief
as her second climax clobbered her.

I looked at the right screen. Keeley was soaked in cum, writhing on the
floor with both hands on her pussy. Her back was arched and her mouth
worked wordlessly. And that was pretty much it for me.

There were three distinct screams filling the air of the observation
room. That's the last thing I remember.

"Akiko-san," a voice prompted. Before I opened my eyes, I knew I had an
egregious headache.

"Yes sir," I heard myself answer, before I even knew where I was. I sat
up on one elbow and looked around. Seemed like I was in some medical
examination room. My naked bod rattled around on that nasty paper they put
down on the examination tables. It was cold in there.

Chairman Korjdaan and some flunkies were standing in front of me with
poker faces on. One of them was a woman wearing a lab coat. So they do
hire girls in this place after all.

"Your conditioning held together well," the Chairman explained. "Even
with Agent Pink's meddling, you still performed as expected.
Unfortunately, your enthusiasm to adhere to your instructions incapacitated
you for a short while."

"Where is that butt pirate, anyway?" I asked. I hated the thought of
him getting his paws on Max or Keeley.

"He is being... disciplined," was the answer. Even though I was
someone's puppet, I still found I could smile broadly.

"Yes." Chairman Korjdaan was resolute. "Apologies for his earlier
treatment of you. Our values differ from those of Nepthys, but we are not
cavemen." He paused, a disdainful look on his face.

"In that case," I ventured, "some clothes would be nice. And I don't
mean some slutty rags for someone's jerk fest."

The Chairman looked a little irked. Maybe he wasn't used to someone
with my... lack of dainty charm. I didn't care; he was still the enemy.
Even though he smelled of Yardley's Lavender Soap. "Of course, Akiko-san.
But please do not get too used to our lose hold on your leash."

"Huh?" I asked, suddenly feeling clueless.

"Your conditioning is not an absolute, all-or-nothing affair." His
cronies smiled knowing little smiles. "There are degrees, depending on
what is appropriate. Right now, we're having a little chat, because we
want to ascertain your well being. Other times, we can control your every
thought. As was the case when we had you bring your friends to us. We can
switch from one intensity to another, and you'll be none the wiser. Agent
Pink took advantage of this with his meddlesome watch. We have no need for
such 'hacks', however." An unfamiliar nastiness crept into his voice.

"Whatever, dude," I answered lazily, playing it cool. "All that's
happened to me so far is lots of sex. Did you enjoy making me like girls?
'Cause I sure didn't mind." I raised my eyebrows at him, upping the ante.

His mouth tightened almost imperceptibly. "It is time for your next
assignment as a Min Sect operative." He snapped his fingers, and the room
went blue. Those fucking contacts. I guess they were coded to him.

"Yes sir," I murmured. Suddenly I didn't feel so flip. My body
slackened on the table.

"So you're ready for further instructions?"

"I'll do anything for you, sir." Looked like I was going to be a slave
girl awhile longer.

Next thing I knew, I was squinting into spotlights. There was music
playing. It was a Johnny Cash song. And I started singing into a
microphone. As I made my way through the tune (not a bad job, if I don't
say so myself), I got my bearings. I was wearing a cowboy hat and another
slutty outfit (groan). Standing in front of a pretty big crowd, singing
karaoke. And I was pretty sure I was drunk.

As I got done paying tribute to the man In Black, polite applause and
reserved, respectful hollering washed over me. Not that I'd know, but that
doesn't seem like the response one would get in a Country and Western bar.
Then my inner ears gave me another useful piece of recon - I was on a ship.
"Big hand for Ms. Anzai! Ain't she the purdiest lil' thing?" the MC
gushed in a pale imitation of a Southern accent. Apparently I was

I smiled and gave the prom-queen wave, then stepped off the stage. What
the fuck was I supposed to do now? Someone else was already walking on
after me, going into some Merle.

Then I saw Max, waiting for me a few steps away. She was trashed and
she had her fist wrapped around two beers. She lurched toward me and
pressed a cold brew into my hand. Judging from the familiar taste, I'd had
enough already. I took another sip anyway, wondering about Keeley.

"That was so fucking cool!" she enthused, then she leaned in and kissed
me. Before I could answer, she started to yell into my ear over the music.
"Akiko, listen carefully. You're on a yacht. We're here to neutralize the
owner. He's a small time weapons dealer who's been making trouble for Min
Sect. We're posing as a couple of dangerous, gun-toting lesbians - Mayumi
Anzai and Zandria Shaftake. We're here to buy some guns. Remember now?"

The words seemed right, but no thanks to Min Sect's mind control antics,
I couldn't remember how I got here. Max was wearing this delightful
Powerpuff girls top, and the drunken aura coming off her was making me hot
for her. She seemed to pick up on this, and she leaned into my ear and
yelled "Pound that beer down, chickie, and let's get out of here!"

We sat through a few more songs, then made our way out.

"Mmmm, you're making me crazy," Max opined, pausing for a second to stop
cramming her tongue down my throat. We were standing on the moonlit deck
of the yacht, making out in front of God, country and the open sea.

"I'm pretty fucked up," I admitted, weaving treacherously in front of my
cute blonde friend.

"I think it's time for bed," she said, a wicked grin on her face.
Telltale pink blotches were visible on her décolletage.

"We have one of those?" For all I knew, little gray guys flew me out
here in their spaceship.

Max giggled, belched, and giggled some more. "Yup. This way, ma'am."
Then she began to lead me across the slowly rocking deck. On the way, we
had to stop for a couple of kissing breaks.

When we finally made it to our cabin, I slid gratefully into bed without
even taking off my boots. Max pounced on me, reminding me that I was
shitfaced at sea.

"Oooh. I think I'm gonna spew..." I threatened.

Max seemed to ignore me, choosing to take my pants off. After
struggling with my uncooperative, drunken legs, she grinned lewdly up at me
between my cinnamon thighs. "Well, we'll just have to distract you
somehow, won't we? I mean, we have to stay in character, right?" Then, for
the second time in as many days, my best friend went down on me.

"Oh. Maxi darlin'," was all I could manage, as I slid my cowboy hat
down over my eyes.

"Be cool. He's coming," Max warned under her breath. We were in one of
the ship's many lounges, awaiting the arrival of our mark. The deal was,
we were here to buy weapons.

The man in question and his entourage made a smooth entrance. He was a
tall, stylish guy who bore more than a passing resemblance to Jean Reno.
His name was Anders Milic. While a couple of his men locked and flanked
the door, he greeted us across the coffee table. "Ladies. I trust that
you've enjoyed yourselves on my boat, so far."

We stood up and he kissed the backs of our hands in turn. Smoothie.
Max piped up. "Oh my, yes! It's been ages since we've been able to let
our hair down."

She gave him her sunniest smile, which he returned. "Of course. I
enjoyed your performance very much last night, Ms. Anzai." He looked at me
impishly, no doubt picturing me with my cowboy hat on. A waiter
materialized with cocktails. "It's a little early in the day for me, but I
thought we might drink to a successful deal." Max and I raised our glasses
to him and took a sip. It was some kind of cordial. Yummy!

He seated himself and regarded us for a moment. Then he leaned forward,
drink in hand, and got things rolling. "And what sort of armaments might
you lovely ladies be in the market for?"

I answered as rehearsed. "We're looking for some explosives of a...
certain potency. Something discreet."

"Are we talking about blowing up buildings, dams, or cities?"

I looked at Max, then answered, "I'd say we're looking at the 'dam'

His interest piqued, we discussed some different options, then started
haggling. It was no surprise to me that Anders was a smooth businessman.
Right about the time we were settling on a price, I noticed that Max was
acting funny. Glancing over at her, I saw that she was rubbing her
forehead. It looked like she was having trouble focusing her eyes.

"Ms. Shaftake, are you all right?" Milic asked politely.

"...M'okay. S'just. Feel. Warm," Max said. Just then, I had a hot
flash of my own. The room was spinning. Max dropped her glass and slowly
fell onto her side.

"Ms. Shaftake?" Milic prompted, standing up.

"Oh shit," I mumbled, as I slid over onto Max. I couldn't move and I
felt very warm all over. My ears were buzzing like there was a bumblebee
in each one.

"Ms. Anzai? Ladies?"

Max and I were a melted ball on the couch. My face was crammed against
the feverish skin of her arm. Milic studied us for a moment, then his look
of concern abruptly disappeared.

"I think they are under," he said to his boys. I sensed weapons being
reholstered. Then he sat back down. "I think it's time you two told me
why you're here. You go first... Ms. Masumi."

And just like that, our cover was blown. If I could've cursed it would
have been impressive, even for any sailors within earshot. I heard myself
answer, a sensation I was getting pretty familiar with. "We're from Min
Sect," I murmured shyly.

"Go on."

"We're here to kill you," I said in a voice I hadn't heard since middle

"I see." He looked at us for a few seconds. "But there's something I
don't understand. My intel shows that you are not Min Sect agents. You
are from Nepthys. But I don't think it's possible for you to lie under the
influence of the drug I've administered. Explain this to me, Max."

I felt my partner draw a breath under my weight. "They captured Akiko
and... compromised her. She took me to them by force and they did the
same to me. Now we work for them."

Anders sat there, incredulous. Then a goofy smile slowly spread across
his face. He started to laugh, softly at first, but pretty soon he was
roaring. All his goons joined in. It seemed to go on for ten minutes
while Max and I lay paralyzed on the couch. Too bad I couldn't bust him in
the puss.

"So tell me," he inquired, "what methods did they employ to break two
such capable and deadly operatives?"

Sounding like a drunken teenager, I went through the whole story. The
spa. The dragonflies. The cock gobbling. Everything. Then Max told her
tale. Even through my drug-addled haze, I was fascinated to hear her side
of things. It sounded like she'd been more turned on by her ordeal than I

Speaking of being turned on, there was a conspicuous bulge in my man Ander's pants by now. I couldn't help but think this whole thing would
make a pretty hot book or something. When Max was finished, he spoke up.
"This is too much. I had the same thing in store for you, but it seems
that my adversaries beat me to the punch." He leaned back, stroking his
chin. "Or perhaps, they've merely softened you up. Tell me, Max, did you
enjoy your time in the... what was it - White Room?"

I felt Max's pulse quicken. "Yes," she said.

"Does it make you excited to think that I might do more of the same to

"Yes." Hell. She sounded more than excited; homegirl was going to start
begging for it soon.

"And what about you, Akiko?"

I gulped. My panties were suspiciously moist. "Yes sir," I answered
coyly. This creature that Min Sect had molded me into sure was a ho.

"So. You two will willingly accompany me belowdecks, for some...
further education?"

"Yes sir!" we chorused.

At this point, I was mostly occupied with thoughts of getting laid. I
didn't really care who it was with - Maxie, Anders, a chair leg. But in
the back of my mind, I knew we were in even bigger trouble than yesterday.

And where the fuck was Keeley?

I remember being carried for a long time, then having my pretty new
sundress peeled off. Then there was buzzing, and a feeling like I was
submerged in honey.


By Aerosol Kid <> Visit me at


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