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Akiko in Blue


Akiko in Blue (mc, nc, MF, MD, oral)

(c) 2001 Aerosol Kid

The people and events in this story come from my brain, not the real
world. Regardless of what that tells you about my brain, it means that I'm
not writing about you, your mom, your friends, or your friend's friends.
So you can't sue me. Neener neener.

If you're under age in your territory (and you know what I mean), then
read something else.

Note: This is a departure from my first stories into kitschy secret
agent territory. It's also a rewrite. After I finished the third part of
this story, I felt like going back and tidying up a little ^_^

By Aerosol Kid <> Visit me at


I hate the weather in San Fran sometimes. Specifically the fog and
drizzle. Sometimes it just goes on and on for most of the day before it
burns off. On this particular afternoon I was hurrying from a parking deck
to a gym, where my mission was to take place. I was wet and cold and my
umbrella was basically useless. I just wanted to yell "rain already!" up
at the sky, but I just kept my head down and trotted to the entrance.

Pushing my way into the revolving door, I fussed over my damp outfit.
Once through, I was accosted by a girl in a red uniform. "Welcome to
Soporo Health Spa! Please enjoy your stay!" she gushed. It gave me a
little case of deja vecu, because her whole vibe was Japanese, only she
wasn't. That uniform seemed out of place here.

My own threads were pretty nice. A sharp jacket, blouse and string tie,
rounded out by a black skirt and sensible shoes. I had my workout crap in
a black bag thrown over my shoulder. I was the perfect little executive
gal on the go, indistinguishable from the bland, young dot-commers around

Only I'm really a secret agent.

No really! My name's Akiko Masumi, and I work for Nepthys, this
ultra-secret intelligence agency you've never heard of. We're employed by
different world powers to keep Min Sect (bad guys of the worst sort) from
causing too much trouble. Less than a thousand people in the world know
about us. We're way more secret than the NSA, so it's real 007 stuff.
Kinda corny, but that's my job and I'm pretty good at it.

Soporo Health spa was really a front for Min Sect. We found this out
after investigating the disappearance of several young women, and I was
here to see what was really going on.

I made my way through the lobby, looking for the locker room. The place
was pretty swank, done up in tasteful Euro-gray. The locker room door was
pretty easy to spot - it was fire engine red - so I slipped through it and
started to change. It was good to get out of those conservative duds and
into something a little more comfortable. I checked myself out in the
mirror when I was done. My two-piece outfit wasn't really the best thing
to exercise in, it was more for show. The kind of thing you'd see on that
slutty blonde tennis star, Anna what's-her-name. The guys in the weight
room were gonna be happy with me.

In the mirror, I caught sight of my Badtz Maru wristwatch and I sort of
spaced out for a minute. I wondered how I might have ended up if I'd
stayed back in Shibuya with my grandparents. You see, I didn't choose to
be a Nepthys operative, I was recruited. When I was little, I wanted to be
an idol singer. As it happened, I came to California with my parents and
went to college at UCLA. Before I could finish my upper grad work in
Biochemistry, I was whisked away by a strange woman and trained in several
schools of ass-kicking. I guess it was all for the best - if I was an
idol-singer in Japan I'd be way past kawaii at twenty-five, I'd be out to
pasture already. There are enough Namie Amuro's in the world. How many
girls with my looks can sink a three-point jumper or handle an AK?

I gave myself a little smile in the mirror. That was enough 'what if?'
for one day. I was on the clock.

So I headed for the weight room. Predictably, every male head in the
room locked onto me when I made my entrance. Don't mean to brag, but I'm
used to that. I went through the motions on the nautilus machine for
awhile, trying to make it look like work. My fitness regimen at Nepthys
keeps me pretty buff, and on top of that I'm a fiend for basketball. But I
was trying to fit in here, so I toned it down a little. While I huffed and
puffed, I tried to see if anything suspicious was going on. There were
some weird unmarked doors, a few characters in lab coats (huh?) and a lot
of guys looking at my boobs.

After awhile I got bored with the weights and decided to kick back a
little. So I headed for the pool. Soporo Health Spa had a nice Olympic
dealie, complete with fake palm trees and this weird-ass fake sunlight.
Near the shallow end was a door, flanked by two Baywatch-looking goons.
What was so special about that door, that it needed guards? I dragged a
deck chair to a strategic place where I could keep an eye on it.

It felt good to chill out in here, so I closed my eyes and considered my
options. I had to figure out a way into the guts of this place. Find out
what these baddies were up to. I was thinking of a discreet way to get
those guards away from the door when something cold stung me.

I jerked upright, my back audibly peeling away from the rubber chair.
Something was fluttering against my tummy. Looking down, I saw this crazy
looking blue dragonfly thing - all metallic and glittery. And it was
stinging me right near my belly button! I gasped as it pulsed the last of
its venom into me and I tried to stand up, but a wave of drowsiness hit me
like a ten-footer in the California surf. Then the little bastard yanked
its stinger out of my abdomen and buzzed off, leaving me all kinds of
fucked up.

That's when my heart started pounding. I thought I was having an
allergic reaction - I didn't know how much trouble I was in yet. My blood
was burning in my veins, the tiny wound was ice cold. My stomach was in
knots and I felt my gag reflex flare up. I was gonna spew.

But then the vertigo subsided. I was so glad I'd avoided the
Technicolor Yawn that I ignored all the alarms going off in my head. I
took a few deep breaths and rubbed my temples. Mercifully, my thoughts

Then I knew what I had to do. The door on the other side of the pool
was calling to me. It was cracked open invitingly, revealing a dark
hallway. I thought I remembered it being closed earlier, with a
ridiculously buff guard on either side, but I guess I was wrong. There was
this cool, dreamy blue light flickering at the end of the hall. Calling

I lurched off the deck chair and tried to maneuver my wobbly legs around
the pool. As soon as I got two steps into the hallway, the door slammed
shut after me, leaving me in the dark. What I should've done then was turn
around and get the hell out of there. Find my gun and call for backup.
But that blue bug had done something to me and I couldn't think straight.
Before I could talk sense into them, my feet carried me down to the end of
the hall into a small room. The walls gave off a chilly, fluorescent blue
glow, which was apparently attracting me like a moth to a bug-zapper.

Why was I drawn to this room? What could it possibly be for? As I
fought to clear my head and understand what the fuck was going on, I was
surrounded by a swarm of the glittering blue dragonflies. I grimaced as
most of them stung me. I flailed around wildly, trying to swat them away,
but I felt sting after icy sting on my calf, my thigh, my neck, my
shoulder. I could feel my veins burning as the poison raced through my
bloodstream. I tried to shuffle back through the hall and escape, but my
legs folded up on my second step. I'm pretty sure I was out before I hit
the floor.


My head hurt. A lot. I was laying down somewhere, coming out of a deep
sleep. I was so far out in Sleepyland, I wasn't quite inside my body yet.
Somewhere out there I heard my name.

"Masumi, Akiko. Age. Twenty-five. Blood type. A-negative." It was
like someone was reading my stats in a hospital! I freaked and started to
come to, wondering if I'd had an accident. As I stirred the voice said,
"She's waking up!" It didn't seem like whoever-it-was wanted that to
happen, which led me away from the hospital theory.

"Konbanwa, Akiko-chan" a new voice said, inches from my right ear. "So
glad Nephthys' local representative could be here." Whoever it was, he was
a smug asshole. Talking to me like I was a little girl.

I heaved myself up onto an elbow and tried to size things up. My
nervous system kicked into overdrive as it tried to contend with more icy,
itchy bug bites on my body than I could count. This was no fucking
hospital - I was on an operating table, bathed in blue light. It hurt my
eyes, the same way ultraviolet does when you stare right at it. I could
see the shapes of people around me, but I couldn't make out faces.

I decided to play dumb. And angry. "Who *are* you people?" I demanded.
"I'm a member of this health club! I was just trying to work out and these
blue bugs came out of nowhere and attacked me! You have a serious pest
problem, and you're going to need a crane to get my lawyer's foot out of
your ass when I'm done with you!"

"Akiko-chan," the voice tssked. Damned if I still couldn't make out his
face. "You're one of Nephthys' loose cannons, come to expose us
cockroaches to the light of day, yes?"

Oops. Busted. But I stuck to my story. "What kind of *shit* are you
talking about? If you don't get me outa here right now..." I tensed up,
looking for the exit.

"Please try to relax for a moment," the voice requested, as hot blue
light flooded up my spine.


When I could open my eyes again, I lifted my head and looked down to
find I was naked as a jaybird, strapped to a gurney with lots of
nasty-looking black straps. That relentless blue light beat down on me,
reminding me what an ass-whooping I'd taken. My head plopped back down on
a sweet-scented pillow. Suddenly, the odds of me getting home in time for
"The Daily Show" didn't look good.

"Akiko, my dear, so glad you could join us," someone purred. I vaguely
remembered that I wanted to punch the owner of this voice in the box. "Are
you ready to proceed?"

What kind of a question was that? I was going through a list of my
all-time favorite insults ("You're one fuck short of a fuck-fuck... you're
a fuck!") when I heard my voice say "Yes."

"Wonderful," came the reply. "You'll find yourself quite unable to
resist my voice."

I was starting to get it. It was the you-are-getting-sleepy routine.
And this guy probably was probably going to take certain liberties with me
in the process. I groaned inwardly, while I heard myself speak again.
"All right."

"Akiko. You are becoming aroused, just now." See! I knew it. Mr.
Disembodied Voice wanted in my pants. The perv. But he was right! I felt
my anus clench and my nipples begin to stiffen.

"All right..."

I swore I could hear laughter coming from somewhere. Assholes. They
were probably betting on me. Passing a hat around. Then: "Akiko. You're
feverishly horny. You want to cum more than anything. But the only way
that will happen is if..." The voice trailed off. The light around me
surged painfully and the insides of my head disappeared...

*What? If what??* I was going to go insane if I didn't know how I could
cum! Already, my hips were writhing against the restraints. Spasms
coursed through my tummy to the tips of my toes. *For chrissake, tell me
how I can cum!*

There was whispered, hurried conversation. Then the sound of a throat
clearing. "The only way you can cum is if..." the voice continued, "I
shoot off all over your lovely face."

*That's IT! Yes!* I shuddered at the notion. *I have to make him cum all over me! How delicious.*

I rose from the gurney, my restraints suddenly gone, and found my feet.
In front of me was the most gorgeous guy I'd ever seen. He was bathed in
blue light. Very tall, very Alpha-Male. The kind of man I usually avoided
like the plague. Right now I had some serious needs, so he was flavor of
the month as far as I was concerned. I flashed my best pickup smile at
him. Did I mention he was as naked as I was and rock-hard?

Thinking back, that would have been a good time to reach for my Magnum
(wherever it was) and blow the place full of holes, but what I did instead
was kneel down in front of this total stranger, take his cock in my hand
and swirl my tongue around his head. My body reminded me I was on a
mission with some helpful tingling in my pussy. "Mmmmmmm," I sighed, which
made him pulse in my mouth.

But he pushed me away. It was the first time any guy had stopped me
from giving head, that's for sure. "Here," Mister Blue man instructed,
handing me an econo-sized bottle of lube. Kneeling slightly, he drew a
hand along the side of my breast. This guy was kinky, but I liked the way
he was thinking. Squirting a generous amount of the clear gel onto my
fingers, I started coating my boobs, smiling up at him the whole time.
When I was sure I was ready for him, I grabbed his huge thighs and pulled
him toward me.

I squeezed my slick globes around his generous cock, looking down. The
whole scene was lit by the eerie blue light. I started to grind up and
down, pressing my legs together and pinching my nipples. "Don't hold
back!" I implored. I worked him like that for quite awhile, getting more
and more frustrated that my salvation depended on getting this guy off.

He looked like he was enjoying himself, but he had other news for me.
"It's... Going to take... More than... That."

Wasting no time, I bent over and took him in my mouth. Held him there
briefly. Then he started tit-fucking me again, only now every time he rose
up, I nabbed as much of his unit with my lips as I could. I palmed my boob
in my left hand to catch some lube, then picked up the slack, grabbing him
just over his balls. But that still didn't seem to do the job.

"C'mon, don't hold back!" I growled at him. Jeez! What was it going to
take with this guy? I started breathlessly repeating "Don't hold back,"
over and over, as a kind of mantra. To be honest, I sounded kind of

Then I realized I had a hand free. I was burning for release, so I
slipped a finger inside myself. Rubbing hard on the little pebble that was
my frustrated, useless clit, I gave up on the boob action and started
jerking Mister Blue man off as fast as my hand would move. I plunged my
lips over his cock and started whacking myself in the face with my fingers
in my zeal to bring him off. "Hmmmmm?" I begged. I was sure I would die
soon if I didn't cum.

Lucky for me, he hissed, slipped out of my mouth, grabbed my shoulders
roughly and began to unload. My eyes screwed shut in anticipation as a
skein of white hot semen unraveled across my lips, down my neck, all over
my dÈcolletage. I half-expected it to sizzle on contact with my feverish
tits, but then I felt an ominous spasm in my walls as... pelvis jerked upward with the first throes of a well-deserved
orgasm. Peculiar shrieks echoed off the walls of the small blue room. As
the room went all fuzzy, I realized they were coming from me.

I sprawled onto the floor in a sticky heap, writhing, and slowly blacked
out in front of the tall man. Anybody got a smoke?


I can't remember anything else after that. I'm sure I'm missing several
hours, and I can only imagine what they did to me. The next thing I
remember is standing in a chilly hall in front of an absurdly thick door. I
was wearing a ridiculous Race Queen costume. A buzzer sounded and the door
creaked open in front of me. A female voice crackled over a PA, saying,
"Please come in."

I made my way into a tasteful office, where two men were seated. A
young guy and an older, distinguished looking dude in a very expensive
suit. The young guy waved toward the other man and said, "Akiko. This
gentleman will be your master, for now." As I looked over at him, I was
filled with the urge to do naughty things with the old man. I honestly
couldn't imagine life without him, and I didn't even know his name! I
beamed at him, then sashayed up to him and perched in his lap. I hoped he
thought I was pretty.

"Well?" The young guy seemed about to explode with satisfaction. "Isn't
she tremendous?"

The old man looked me, making me giggle. Then he addressed the other
man. "Agent Pink. Am I to understand," he seemed to be choosing his words
carefully, "that you have succeeded in capturing one of Nepthys' most
renowned, deadly operatives..."

"Yes?" Agent Pink prompted, grinning.

"Expertly trained in heavy weapons, explosives, assassination


"Fluent in four languages..."


"With an intimate knowledge of biochemistry..."


"And turned her into a fuck doll?" he wrapped his mouth around the last
two words with subtle, yet profound distaste.

Agent Pink's face fell. A bead of sweat rolled down into his shirt collar. "Yes," he answered, obviously afraid for his life.

"This won't do. Please get up, my dear," he harrumphed at me.

"Yes sir!" I burbled, and came to attention beside him.

He continued, leveling a finger in the direction of Agent Pink. "This
operative will not be used as a sexual plaything. At least, not yet. She
will be conditioned as a double agent and returned to her people. We will
use her to secure other key operatives of Nepthys, and we will slowly rot
out the organization from the inside. Won't we, my dear?"

"Yessir!" I chirped, bowing slightly.

"Get on it," the old man suggested, as he turned on his heel and left
the room.

"Yes, yes," stammered Agent Pink. "Right away!"

With apparent relief at not being dead, he buzzed the door attendant
again. "Janeen! Please come and prepare Ms. Masumi for another session
in the Blue Room."

I was sad that the nice old man didn't like me, but I sure was excited
about seeing Mister Blue man again!


By Aerosol Kid <> Visit me at


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