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Alien's Gift Chapter 1


DISCLAIMER: You must be at least eighteen years old in order to read this.
The story is a work of fiction and provided for entertainment purposes,

SPECIAL NOTE: The story was inspired by an idea suggested (Gerald
receives use of the other 90% of his brain) in the breast Expansion stories Archive Site. Thanks Mark T. You can contact me at my new e-mail address:

Alien's Gift, Chapter One by JR Parz


Up until last night, Colt Winters was your typical "C" average high
school student, who would be graduating high school at the end of the
month. He possessed average looks, a slim build on a 5'8" frame, brown hair
and brown eyes. He was considered a loner by his classmates while most of
his teachers, if asked, would find him hard to remember in one light or

Why Colt was bestowed this gift, he had no idea. What he did know, was,
now he possessed this incredible power. If Colt were to tell you how or
when he received this power, he would say it was on June 3rd. Colt was one
of the handful of residents from Lincoln County, who spotted the UFO. Like
sightings everywhere in America, the local papers buzzed with the news, but
the mainstream media downplayed the reports and eventually dismissed the
sightings as the imaginations of intoxicated witnesses. One sighting that
went unreported was by seventeen year old Colt Winters. Colt had been
cutting through the field in back of the general store when he came upon
the strange looking aircraft. No sooner had he realize the significance of
what he was looking at, when he found his body walking up the platform and
into the spacecraft. The realization of this act didn't sink in until Colt
was actually standing at attention inside a glass tube-like chamber.

A voice boomed in his head; "COLT. WE ARE FROM A PLANET MANY LIGHT

Colt was awestruck! Never in his wildest dreams could he even imagine
an experience such as this. Colt comprehended every word and although a
small part of him was frightened over what was going on, he felt a terrific
rush of energy flood his brain. After the hour elapsed, Colt felt strong.
Incredibly strong. Then it was over and he again was a passenger in his
body as he walked outside the craft. He turned to watch the saucer
disappear out of sight before regaining control of his body.


Colt walked home in a daze, and with every step he took, he would have
thought he imagined the whole experience. He knew this wasn't the fact
though, because the new knowledge he possessed inside his brain, told him
otherwise. Colt went to bed early and as soon as his head hit the pillow,
he fell into a deep sleep. When Colt woke up the next morning, he now
understood everything. Most of all, the power he now possessed. When he
went into the bathroom, he noted the physical changes. They were subtle,
which he somehow knew would prevent people from really being alarmed. His
body was free of blemish. He couldn't detect a single pimple. He still
possessed a slim look but he now sported muscle definition. His eyes
shined like never before. When he pulled down his briefs to take a leak,
he was stunned to note the size of his penis. Even in this state he could
tell it was much bigger. He waited until he got in the shower to bring
himself to an erection. "God damn!" he commented. He had to be ten
inches! When Colt came down for breakfast, he looked across the table at
his fourteen year old half sister, Sheri. For the first time in his life,
he looked at her a little differently. Sheri was very pretty and
developing nicely. The thoughts and sight of her when he looked up from
eating his cereal was arousing him. Sheri would serve nicely as a test

Simply by forming a thought and sending it to Sheri, Colt could make his
sister act or behave in whatever way he chose. After putting her through
paces to touch her nose, stretch and other silly stuff, he decided that
he'd really test her. He pushed the thought that she would be nice to him
by cleaning his room this morning, and within seconds of his 'push', Sheri,
volunteered quite happily to clean his room. Sheri left her breakfast food
unfinished and headed upstairs to start cleaning. Colt took his time to
finish his breakfast and then headed up to his room to check on her
progress. When he walked in, he noted how well she was cleaning and
couldn't resist some questioning.

"This is great! Sheri, you must want something from me.....why are you
doing this?"

"Oh....I don't know....I just thought I'd be nice to you and clean your
room." Colt saw a moment of confusion flash across Sheri's face when she
told him this, but she continued working.

Colt noticed that she didn't even change, and was still wearing her
bathrobe. He 'pushed' her to remove her bathrobe without thinking about
it. Sheri did, she wore a baby blue teddy. Her white panties were visible
given her movements while cleaning. Sheri's tits were on the small size,
so, he wasn't surprised that she didn't wear a bra underneath her teddy.
Colt was tempted to have her strip completely naked, but decided against
it. He 'pushed' Sheri to notice that she had taken off her bathrobe after
she was done cleaning.

Colt left the room to let her finish and went downstairs to watch a
little T.V. About two hours later, he heard Sheri coming downstairs and
called out to her. Sheri came into the living room, looking fresh and
dressed. Not to mention highly perturbed; "Don't get used to it.....I
don't know whatever possessed me do that for you, but it'll never happen

"Sure Sheri.....are you going somewhere?"


"Before you go, you need to get me a soda....and I want three ice cubes
in my glass." Colt said this with a 'push' from his mind.

"Sure Colt."

Sheri went into the kitchen and came out moments later with a glass of
soda. Colt counted the three ice cubes in the glass and smiled. He
'pushed' a delayed happy feeling into her and instructed the feeling to
trigger when she heard him say; "Thank you, Sheri."

Sheri felt a rush of happiness at pleasing Colt, and replied; "Your
welcome, Colt."

When Sheri left the house she thought about everything she had done for
her brother. She remembered being angered when she finished cleaning his
room, and then when she snapped at him he simply asked her to get him a
soda. Sheri for the life of her couldn't understand why she did it, but
she did and to top it off, she felt good about doing it. The good feelings
were fading though, and she internally questioned why she was behaving in
this manner. Sheri tried to make sense of this, and decided that she'd
confront Colt when she returned home.

Colt was feeling on top of the world. He was amused when he saw how
happy she became when he pushed this emotion in her. He thought about some
more things which led him to look at her in a different way. Sheri was
only fourteen, but possessed a natural prettiness. Although she could use
a push in her body development. He smiled at the thought. It certainly
would be nice to see Sheri with some rather large tits, wouldn't it. Colt
then considered losing his virginity with her. He'd have to think about
this. He would lose his virginity, but he wasn't quite sure to whom.


Later that night, Colt 'pushed' his mom to fall asleep on the couch and
gave Sheri the idea that she should write in her diary. While Sheri was up
in her room, writing in her diary, Colt walked into her bedroom and quickly
sent her a 'push' for her to ignore him totally as if he wasn't even there.
Colt 'pushed' her to strip down to her panties. Colt gazed at his younger
sister's breasts. Yes, they were nice, apple sized, but she could look so
much more erotic with a much bigger sized set! He was about to 'push' her
tits to grow a tad when the sight of Sheri stretching out on the bed
distracted him for a second. Maybe her small breasts added to her innocent
sexiness. He'd have to think about it.

Sheri didn't think twice about getting down to her panties. The only
thing different than her usual routine was that she usually threw on her
teddy, but the thought never entered her mind. She was a bit surprised to
feel this great lassitude enveloping her? She stretched out on the bed and
looked down at her body. When was she going to become more shapely? Sheri
gasped when she felt a rush of warmth spread itself straight to her groin.
Sheri had only masturbated a few times since puberty, and in all three
experiences, didn't bring her a single climax. Strange though, she never
felt this aroused before. She couldn't resist moving her right hand inside
her panties to her slit, which lightly grazed her growing bush. Sheri
inserted a finger inside her warm lips and groaned. She was wet and this
led to her second finger, joining her first.

Colt watched his younger sister pleasure herself. The sight of her was
making him hornier than he'd ever been in his life. He looked at her body
critically. She had a beautiful face and slim body, all she needed were
bigger tits and a more shapely ass to be a total babe. Colt slipped down
his own jeans and underwear, and couldn't help but grab his own new and
improved tool. He watched Sheri use her fingers to bring herself to an
orgasm while he used his right hand to work on one himself. Sheri brought
herself off by treating her two fingers like a piston deep inside her wet
hole while Colt shot his load high up into the air, spraying his come in
front of him. Both siblings took a good five minutes before recovering.
Colt looked down at the mess he left and 'pushed' Sheri to strip off her
panties and use them to clean the mess on the floor in front of him. Colt
took special delight in watching his teenage sister, naked, and down on her
knees, cleaning her floor of his come. Her own naked body glistened with
her own sweat and come, and he decided to let her go to sleep naked,
without cleaning herself up.


Colt spent the remainder of the weekend pacing Sheri through a few more
tests and other than 'push' his mom not to notice anything unusual, he left
her alone. He also found that he could send a 'push' through an e-mail
message, testing it on his best friend, Larry. Colt 'pushed' a command
with the written words, YOU OWE ME $10.00 and had the trigger set up the
second he opened his mail. Larry came over that afternoon with $10.00,
saying, here's the money I owe you. Colt then tested his power on Sheri
when she called from the mall to talk with Mom. He simply 'pushed' her to
tell him what she wanted, something she would never ever do before. Colt
jotted down a note to Sheri that she would instantly have an urge to take a
shower. He 'pushed' the command, and then handed it to her the second she
finished dinner. Sheri read the note and within minutes he heard the
shower running. Colt concluded that his power worked in all forms of
communication. His power also could work on a subject when they weren't
physically around, as long as he previously set delayed commands or set up
trigger words.

Colt 'pushed' Sheri to be horny all the time. He also played around a
little with her physical maturing process. On Sunday morning, before Sheri
awoke, Colt 'pushed' her ahead one year in her physical growth rate and
also 'pushed' her a bit more growth in the breasts department. When she
came down for breakfast that morning, he noted that his 'push' gave her a
more mature look in her face, but she was hiding her physical development
inside her bathrobe. Colt couldn't resist, and 'pushed' his mom to go
upstairs, while he 'pushed' Sheri to pose naked for him. Of course, he'd
erase her memory of it the second she was done. When Sheri stripped off
her bathrobe, Colt's mouth flew open in shock. Sheri had been a 32A, but
now she was a staggering 34C! He 'pushed' Sheri to twirl for him, and she
did so, showing of her ass and other assets. The year progression and the
breast expansion did her justice. Sheri was a fox and he was hard as rock
while he inspected his work. Sudden growth spurts in girl's were normal,
so, he didn't think she'd have too much of a hard time explaining her new
tits. He decided to leave her alone for awhile, not wanting her to freak
out at everything that was happening to her. Colt did keep Sheri in a
perpetual horny state, and that afternoon, he 'pushed' her to tell him her
thoughts regarding her new sensuality and new tits. Sheri, who wouldn't be
allowed to remember her confession to Colt, told him her deepest secrets
that she was masturbating every chance she could get and that she really
loved her new tits. She loved the feel of them, and couldn't get enough of
caressing herself all over. She told him that she was always soaked in the
crotch area of her panties and wanted to get fucked real bad. She
confessed that she was planning on making a move on one of her friend's
twin brother. Colt wasn't sure if he wanted his sister losing her cherry
just yet, but while he listened to his sister's confession, he decided it
was time to lose his.

Colt could have anybody, so, he decided on the high school's most
popular girl, Leah Conners. Colt had always fantasized losing his
virginity with the cheerleader, but prior to his powers, he would never
ever dream of approaching her. Fearing obvious rejection. Colt decided
tomorrow would seek her out after school.

The power he possessed simply made him a god. He knew he would leave
this town someday, but before he did, he'd have his fun with the town's
beauties and of course his sister. Leah's pretty face, and gorgeous body
filled his mind as he started walking to Leah's home after school. As he
walked, he thought about the potential of his powers. If he so chose, he
could alter her desires any way he so chose. He could alter her will or
wipe out her personality. He could do anything he wanted to do.

When Colt approached Leah's house. He knocked on the door. Nobody
home. He walked across the street and took a seat on the neighbors front
door's steps. Colt wondered how powerful his powers really were? Could he
change a girl's looks. Could he make fat girls skinny? Ugly girls attractive? Give girls huge knockers when they were already fully grown?
He knew he could make a girl physically respond without hesitation or make
them a mindless automation. He knew what he'd be doing to Leah. He would
control her, but she would be well aware of her actions. He wanted her to
know that she was being controlled by artificial means. His power could
instantaneously alter reality or provide delayed sequence instructions.
Colt smiled at the thought of his god like powers. Just then, a car pulled
up beside Leah's house. Two boys and one girl. Colt knew the boy in the
back seat was Leah's boyfriend, and he felt a little anger when he
witnessed their long kiss before she left the car. As the car was about to
pull away, Colt stopped the boy. He 'pushed' with all his might that they
both would totally forget they ever knew a girl named Leah. The car then
pulled out.

When Leah heard the knock at her door, she opened the door thinking that
it must be her boy friend, forgetting something. She stood stunned in the
doorway to see Colt Winters standing there; "Colt? Why are you here?"

"Hi Leah." Colt moved past her without asking for permission.

Leah wanted to ask him what he thought he was doing, but found herself
walking behind him into the living room. Leah didn't understand why she
was allowing this, and felt the beginning of fear when she couldn't tell
him to leave. She merely stood still, awaiting for him to say something.
Just then, Leah felt another feeling start building. Arousal! She was
powerless to move, but the arousal she was feeling for him at this second
bombarded her body like never before. Leah wanted to move away, knowing
that he was somehow doing this to her, but she stayed right where she

"Would you like to know what's going on?"

"Yes. I would. Please." Stammered Leah.

"First things first. Strip naked, place your arms down to your sides
and stand still."

Leah's mind raced in every direction. Never! Despite this, she quickly
undressed and stood naked before him. Her mother was due home any second.
Leah felt herself dripping down the inside of her right thigh.

"Well, knowing what has happened to you cannot change it, so, there is
no reason why I can't share this with you. You see Leah, I possess a power
beyond your comprehension, and to make a long story, short. Your beauty
has led me to turn you into my very own sex toy. Actually, I've never ever
seen a more beautiful girl before." Stated Colt, taking in all of Leah's
nude body.

"You will answer any and all questions I have with complete honesty."
Colt looked at Leah, noticing her juices leaking down her legs. He could
actually smell her sex. "Leah, are you horny?"

Leah turned beat red in embarrassment; "Yes."

"Are you uncomfortably horny?"


"Do you usually feel this way when you pose naked in front of a boy?"

"No....I....I....never did this in front of a boy before."

"Not even your big jock boyfriend?"

"I've never posed for him like this."

"I bet you need some relief from that sexual tension you feel, don't

"Please.....I need....I need you." Leah prayed he would take her soon.
The sexual desire continued to build. Her body flushed with this
unbearable need.

"Leah, you really are beautiful. There's very little I'll have to do to
perfect your look."

Leah looked at him with lust and confusion. Colt had her twirl around
in order to inspect her backside. Other than her breasts being slightly on
the small side, she appeared perfect; "I bet you wish you had bigger tits,
don't you?"

"No. I.......I never had a desire for bigger tits. I like mine just

Colt smiled at the naked girl before him. He quickly took off his
clothes, and just as he finished sliding down his boxers, Leah's mother,
Carla Conners walked in the house. Her eyes lit up when she saw that her
daughter and a boy she'd never seen before were stark naked, standing
inside her living room.

Before Carla had a chance to respond, he 'pushed'; "Carla. Go upstairs
and lay down. You won't remember what you just saw."

"Leah, come over here and kneel down. You know what I want. Do it."

Leah did as she was told, kneeling in front of Colt's huge erection.
She felt a strong desire to please him. Her horniness and desire was
overpowering. Leah never ever gave a boy a blow job before, but her female
instincts took over, and the desire she was feeling at wanting to please
him was unbearable. Leah proceeded to give the very best blow job of her

"Leah, you look so lovely and sexy there. Your mouth feels incredible."
Colt was about to cum and moments before he shot his load down her throat,
he added: "From this point on, anytime you go down on me, it will feel as
if someone is going down on you. You will feel the same pleasure in and
around your cunt as you are providing my dick. Even if nobody physically
is there, you will feel the sensations as if someone is going down on you.
You also want to swallow up all my come and will find yourself constantly
craving the taste. In fact, you'll find that the first swallow will begin
an addiction for it"

Leah moaned while her own ass started bucking up and down, reacting to
the unseen manipulations to her own pussy. Leah continued to lick and
suck, lost in a world of pure pleasure. She came three times before Colt
finally came, and as directed, she sucked him dry, swallowing every drop of
his semen. She never tasted anything better in her life.

Leah now sat on the floor stunned. She had never given anyone a blow
job before. She just did it to Colt and couldn't believe how it gave her
the best sexual experience of her life. She licked her lips savoring the
unbelievably awesome taste of Colt's cum.

Leah's eyes sparkled with more lust as she saw Colt's cock spring up
again. He led her into his bedroom and proceeded to pace Leah through a
variety of other sex acts. Colt ensured she not only did them, but did
them well. He always made sure she was sexually aroused by them, which
made her get into it with even more passion.

Leah was laying naked, snuggled up close to Colt on the bed. She
couldn't believe what had happened and wondered what was next. Colt had
her climb on top of him, and as if he was simply willing an erection, he
sprang up to attention again. Colt willed more arousal into Leah again and
she could feel her vagina swell with need again. Colt jammed his cock into
Leah, and she swallowed all of it deep inside her pussy. Leah pumped up
and down in ecstacy.

While Leah moved up and down on his pole, Colt looked at her small
breasts and decided no time like the present. He wasn't quite sure how he
would do this. With his sister, he simply progressed her physical
development, but with Leah, this may be the biggest she would become. So,
he concentrated on her breasts, gazing at them. Seconds later, Leah felt a
strange sensation in her tits, and right before their very eyes, they
grew.....and grew.....and grew.

"I....I can't believe it. My tits! You made me huge!" Leah continued
to hump one final time before both she and Colt reached another orgasm.

"Yes, I sure did." Colt said with a smile. "Now for some additional
rules. You love me and have no wish to tell anyone what I've done to you.
You won't wear a bra anymore. Not until I tell you otherwise. I've made
them supernaturally strong so they won't sag or hurt your back. I also
made them really sensitive. Sexually sensitive that is. And no more
panties, unless I give you permission. Anytime you see me, your arousal
for me will double in its intensity."

Before Colt left Leah's room, he 'pushed' her to forget she ever knew
that boy friend of hers, and that from now on her obsession in life was to
be the very best sex slave she could be for him. Losing his virginity was
the greatest and he wanted Leah on standby anytime he were to get an urge.
He walked over to Leah's mother's room and peaked in. She sat on the bed
fidgeting, but remained sitting. Colt 'pushed' Leah's mother, who was
still a very pretty lady, a memory lapse of what she saw tonight. He told
her to sleep and wake up the next morning not remembering anything other
than she went to bed early because she was tired. He watched her disrobe
down to her panties, and was getting aroused at the sight of her. He
'pushed' her to sleep completely naked and watched her slide her panties off. He then laughed at an idea. He 'pushed' her to have several erotic
dreams where she and her daughter were making love with one another. He
smiled. He checked in on his new toy before leaving and couldn't get over
the sight of Leah. She was his now. He gazed at her breasts. They must
be 38DDs now, and he smiled at their size. He 'pushed' Leah to dream
erotic dreams about her mother. He 'pushed' the desire to perform a '69'
with her. He wouldn't 'push' either one to act out their dreams, but he
thought it would give their relationship an interesting twist.


When Sheri woke up on Friday morning, she felt like a new girl. She
couldn't believe how her body was so horny all the time and how out of
control she was. She cupped her full knockers and tweaked her nipples.
The play of her breasts made her horny and she took in the aroma of her
musky sex scent. She was forced to open the windows and air it out. She
wondered if her mom could detect the smell. The memory of bringing herself
to multiple orgasms last night made her blush, but as much as she felt
embarrassment, she also felt incredibly alive. Sheri also noticed her ass
getting rounder and hips filling out. The mere caress of her contours
elicit an erotic rush to her pussy. Sheri blushed at her memory of last
night. She acted like an animal in heat, and wondered if a guy was around
if she would have been able to control herself.

Sheri went to school that morning on a sensual high. Now when she saw a
cute kid in class, the mere sight of him was enough to elevate her arousal.
Sheri wasn't prepared for this feeling, and throughout the week was forced
to masturbate in between classes just to relieve the built up tension she
was feeling. She knew her body was going through some changes, but she now
felt concerned that she was turning into some sort of nympho. On the way
home from school, Sheri took charge of her condition and asked Carl Temple
to walk her home. As their walk progressed Sheri confessed to Carl that
she was really attracted to him. Sheri couldn't believe she was being this
forward, but more than anything, she wanted to be fucked. Not make love,
simply fuck. These thoughts bothered her, but she couldn't help it. She
wanted sex and Carl was the only cute kid that didn't have a girl friend at
the moment.

Colt loved the fun he was having. He didn't want to all of a sudden
have every pretty girl looking at him differently, especially since they
wouldn't give him the time of day before his power. He decided to scope
out the girls and slowly push his pick to start liking him. As horny as he
was to get in their pants, he took solace in knowing that it would be soon
enough. Every time he saw Leah in school, she would gaze lustily at him
and pleaded with him to allow her to give him a blow job. Colt smiled and
made time for her, knowing that her addiction to his come would make her
very uncomfortable if she didn't get her fix. Leah would confess to him
how everyone was making a big deal out of her suddenly huge tits. Leah
admitted that she loved them, and loved the attention she was getting
because of them. She said her mother was treating her differently, and she
thought it was due to her tits.

On the way home, Colt spotted his sister hanging all over Carl Temple,
and something he couldn't quite identify stopped him in his tracks. Colt
was stunned that his sister being with Carl bothered him, but the emotion
was plain as day. He was jealous. Intensely so. He knew that Sheri was
behaving this way due to her increased sensuality, but hadn't counted on
his own reaction. Colt watched Sheri kiss Carl on the lips before they
separated in front of her house, and decided that his sister needed an
interrogation. Colt went upstair to find Sheri's door closed.

Colt knocked on the door; "Sheri.....I need to talk to you."

"I.....I....ah.....I'm busy.......I'll talk to later."

Colt figured she was fingering herself, and instead of smiling at the
thought that his sister was this new sex creature that simply couldn't get
enough of herself, he was getting frustrated. He then had an idea. This
would be awesome! Now, why didn't I think of this before!?! Colt
continued to stand outside her door and formulated his thoughts

Sheri couldn't wait until she got in her room. The walk home with Carl
had made her hornier than she had been all week. When they kissed, she
almost creamed her panties and had to rush right to her room to pleasure
herself. Colt's distraction didn't help. She had been thinking about what
her and Carl would be doing tonight when Colt knocked on the door. She was
so close to coming that the interruption frustrated her to the point where
she was ready to tell Colt to leave her alone. That was just about the
time a new thought entered her mind. Sheri was stunned. For reasons she
couldn't even fathom, she started visualizing herself and her best friend,
Tricia Naples, completely naked and performing sixty-nine with one another.
Strangely, the vividness of her imagination was turning her on even more
than she had been. She inserted three fingers deep inside her pussy and
like a piston, shoved them in and out of her wet pussy. The intensity of
this act coupled with her fantasy, flooded her hand. She screamed out a
powerful orgasm! Sheri couldn't understand why she was feeling this way
for her best friend, which confused her, but despite this, she spent the
next half hour masturbating. Later, when she finally relieved this
incredible burning desire she developed, she started licking her fingers,
cleaning her juices off of them. Her come tasted sweet and she wondered if
Tricia's come would taste like hers.

Colt listened for awhile, satisfied with his change of tactics. He
didn't want another guy getting into his sister's pants, but he didn't mind
another girl. In fact, the thought of her and Tricia together aroused him,
and he thought he'd have to delve deeper into this area. Colt went back to
his room with a smile. His powers were incredible! Through focusing his
thoughts and pushing them straight into Sheri, he turned a very horny
heterosexual teen into a pure lesbian. Sheri wouldn't realize it until she
noticed the lack of emotion around boys. In fact, the next time Sheri even
thought of doing it with a boy, she'd find herself feeling revolted with
the idea of the act. Colt 'pushed' Sheri to have a strong sexual desire
for Tricia, and figured that she'd soon be basking in her lesbian feelings
for other girls, too. Colt made her so horny for Tricia, that he could
hear her moaning from all a way from his room. Colt would have to be here
when Sheri had Tricia come over. He thought it would be neat to see if she
could seduce Tricia all by herself. Of course, if Tricia rejected her
advances, he'd quickly 'push' Tricia to feel differently towards his


On the night that Tricia was coming over, he decided to have Leah come
over. Colt knew his mom was getting ready for her date.

"Colt.......Make sure you lock up tonight before going to bed. I'm not
sure if I'll be home until morning, okay hun."

"Sure Mom."

Colt chuckled at his Mom. She wasn't bad looking, but because of her
loneliness, she hadn't really been taking care of herself. Of course, this
was before he gave her an attitude adjustment. He dug deep and surfaced
her fantasy to be married to her co-worker, Todd Stearns. Colt went to
work that night, after willing her to sleep. He exerted his will and
altered her looks only slightly. He tightened her body, gave her sagging
small breasts a perky look. He flooded her vagina with sexual desire and
made her mind want Todd Stearns. Colt laughed because his mom would wake
up tomorrow morning extremely horny. Colt programmed her mind not to
notice her physical changes, and to bask in her lustful thinking of Todd
Stearns. Colt dampened her inhibitions to make sure she would masturbate frequently, in order to relieve the tension her body would be constantly
under. Colt thought about fucking her, but the idea just didn't appeal to
him. He tried altering her age, but other than tightening or expanding
physical attributes, he wasn't sure how it could be done. Now his mom looked attractive and heading out the door on her first date in three
years. Within the hour, Leah and Tricia would be arriving. Colt was
starting to think about the possibilities.

Leah Conners knew that Colt turned her into his very own sex toy for
personal use. Her breasts were now huge, her waist slimmed down even more
than they already were, and her hips were perfectly rounded to give her
body the perfect bombshell figure. Leah also found herself constantly
caressing her body, especially her huge tits due to their increased erotic
sensitivity. Leah knew that he was making her feel this way, but knowing
it did nothing to prevent it. Leah was rapidly finding herself enjoying
her new role in life.

Tricia Naples was surprised when Sheri asked her to come over. She
thought that Sheri would be spending all her time with Carl this weekend.
Something must have gone wrong, so, she didn't waste time in jogging over
to her friend's house. As Tricia was approaching Sheri's house, she
noticed Leah Conners, the head cheerleader walking up to the door. Tricia
wondered what was up. When Leah told her she was here to see Colt, she
couldn't believe it! What could she possibly see in Sheri's brother? Colt
answered the door, and she noticed how Leah looked at him as if she was in
love. She shook her head and asked where Sheri was.

"In her room." replied Colt, letting her enter.

Tricia climbed the stairs and turned back for a quick glance at Colt and
Leah. Leah appeared to be on her knees, but she dismissed the thought and
headed to Sheri's room.

When Tricia entered Sheri's room, the last thing she expected was to
find her best friend, completely naked, reading a book and sitting Indian
style on her bed. The second thing she noticed was how big her breasts had

" want me to wait while you put something on?"

"That's alright Trish........I wanted to show you something."

Tricia slowly approached her friend, trying not to stare at her
nakedness. It was hard because Sheri had turned to face her, giving her a
clear view of her tits and lower regions.

"'about you get your clothes off, too. I'd like to
compare out bodies."

" Sheri, this is too weird for me..........I'm going to leave,
give me a call later."

Tricia heard Sheri scream to come back a few times, but she was quickly
took off down the stairs. When she got to the bottom, she turned to look
in the living room....the scene stopped her cold. Colt and Leah were
completely naked. Leah's tits were huge! Leah was busy giving Colt a blow
job. Tricia made eye contact with Colt, who smiled at her. Leah didn't
seem to notice her standing there, not slowing down from her slurping
performance. This was way too crazy for her to handle. Tricia spun around
to head out the kitchen door when all of a sudden she felt herself turning
yet again. Back up the stairs her legs propelled her. When she opened the
door to Sheri's room, she found her best friend on the bed. She was on her
knees with her right hand buried between her legs. Sheri's eyes were
glazed, and when she realized her best friend had come back, she smiled and
whispered; "Trish......come lick me.....please come lick me."

Tricia was stunned..............then she felt something she never
thought she'd ever feel. Arousal! In it's most intense form. Sheri was a
sight of erotic beauty, and Tricia found herself quickly climbing on top of
the bed, and then crawling right underneath her best friend.
Inadvertently, Tricia took the '69' position and proceeded to do just as
Sheri asked. Her first lick of her friend's pussy elicit a moan from her
friend. Seconds later, Sheri screamed out a tremendous orgasm. While
Tricia swallowed her friend's come....she couldn't get over how sweet it
tasted. Tricia continued to lap up her best friend's juices, as Sheri
reached down with her tongue, and returned the favor. Moments later,
Tricia also screamed out in passion, flooding her best friend's face with
her come........

Colt listed to Sheri and her new lover screaming out in passion. He
patted his pet sex toy on the head and smiled. Tricia was now part of his
special family. He looked down at Leah and asked; "Tell me Leah.....have
you ever made it with a girl before?"

Leah nodded her head 'no', but added; "But lately I've been thinking a
lot about making it with my Mom." Leah blushed as she realized she
confessed this secret. Then quite suddenly, Leah felt a desire to go
upstairs and join Sheri and Tricia. Colt smiled, giving her permission to
act on her desire. Leah went over to put her panties back on, but stopped
when Colt commented; "I don't think you'll need those."

Leah smiled again, and pranced naked up the stairs.

Colt smiled as he watched Leah's beautiful ass sway with every step she
took. Colt was going to treat himself to a show........lesbian love. He
could feel himself getting hard again. When he entered his sister's room,
all three girls were entwined erotically with one another. He had a clear
view of Tricia's nudity, and thought she was very cute. He could see his
sister's attraction....then laughed when he realized what he was thinking.
Colt looked again at Tricia, and turned his head as if something wasn't
quite right......he then smiled and 'pushed'. He heard a female voice
squeal in delight; "My tits!.....their growing!.....look!.....look!"

The End.......until his second adventures take him to college!


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