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Alien's Gift Chapter 2


Disclaimer: This story is for adult entertainment and you must be 18 or
older to read it.

Author's Note: The first Alien's Gift received a lot of positive
feedback and pleas for more, therefore, you readers are the reason for part
two. I do suggest you read the first part if you haven't already done so.
As far as this story going further, let me know!

Alien's Gift, Part 2.

Colt loved waking up to a throbbing erection! As his eyes opened, the
first thing he saw was his half sister's glorious ass positioned up above
his head, and what a glorious ass it was. Firm, exquisitely shaped and
begging to be fucked! Directly above his mouth was her glistening cunt.
When he gazed down the length of his body, he saw how Sheri straddled his
body on her hands and knees. Hanging down, unsupported at the moment, were
a pair of 38DD tits - her most prominent feature. Sheri had become a true
talent at fellatio. Thanks to his 'push' to eliminate her normal gag
reaction, she easy wrapped her mouth around all of his ten inches. His
nostrils picked up both their scents, as sex permeated the air. Colt used
his free hands to spread her wet petals and used his tongue to lick her
clit. The mere contact of her very wet pussy sent Sheri a powerful orgasm,
and her lust juice squirted into his mouth. Three licks more and Sheri
came again, even stronger, flooding Colt's entire mouth. Her sweet nectar
was pleasure to his taste buds as he continued to lick her pussy. Sheri in
the meantime, greedily sucked his cock and moments later; "God.......Yes!
Unnnnnnngggggghhhhhhhh!" Colt's came himself, as globs of his come went
deep down Sheri's throat. After Sheri lapped up every drop, she collapsed
on him. Her face still buried deep in his crotch. Both of them,
exhausted, just laid there, motionless.

Sheri finally picked herself up off Colt's bed. Colt gazed at her naked
beauty and still couldn't get over her development. Usually he would let
his sister leave in silence, but not today. This very moment would be the
last time he would be seeing her for awhile and the thought saddened him.

"Sis....." Called out Colt.

Sheri turned around, giving Colt a spectacular view of her incredible

"I know I don't tell you often enough, but I want you to know how
wonderful you've been this summer. You're a wildcat in bed and are without
a doubt, the most gorgeous fifteen year old on this planet! Your body has
really developed into a sexy young lady......I love you more than you'll
ever know."

Sheri's naked body turned beat red with her blush and she stammered;
"Thank you, Colt." and then she turned and left.

Colt, who was also naked, laid back on his bed gazing at the ceiling.
What a summer this has been. He constantly reflected on all his 'pushes'
over these summer months. Was he abusing his power? Then he thought about
all the good it was doing. Sheri benefitted a great deal. Not only did
she now possess a body that would make a twenty-year old model envious, he
had given her breasts expansion even a greater 'push', and she was now a
38DD cup. He made sure to shape them after his favorite squeeze, Leah. In
the early goings, Colt had 'pushed' her entire physical growth a full year,
but decided against aging it during the summer. If you just looked at
Sheri's face, she looked like a very pretty innocent teenager, but when you
took in the whole picture, she possessed a body that belonged in the
centerfold of playboy. Colt also kept her sexual arousal level well above
normal, and with the exception of her desire to give him a blow job every
morning, her only sexual relief came from her lover, Tricia and her
fingers. Colt grew fond of his half sister over these summer months, and
knew he would miss his mornings with her.

Colt also ensured that his mother was happy. He remembered how happy
his mom was after spending a night at Todd Stearns house, and under no
circumstance was he going to let that happiness disappear. He 'pushed' his
Mom to maintain a religious-like dedication to work-out and to start
spending some of her savings on herself. He also 'pushed' her to buy him a
new car for a graduation present. Colt made sure Todd treated her very
lady like and possessed a genuine passion for her touch. Simply put, his
Mother glowed now and spent very little time at home. Colt wondered when
the two lovers would finally tie the knot.


Sheri gazed at herself in the full length mirror. She still couldn't
believe the dramatic changes her body went through during these summer
months. She vaguely remembered her nubile young teen body, which was on
the verge of blossoming. Now, in three months time, she possessed the
figure of a woman in her twenties. Strangely her face, which was very
pretty, still appeared teen innocent. As Sheri continued to gaze at
herself, her sensuality was again arousing her. She had just got done
having oral sex with Colt and she wanted more! Sheri reached up to cup her
tremendous breasts. Sheri found she didn't need a bra, but if she did, she
would be wearing a 38DD cup. She couldn't understand how her huge tits supported themselves on her small frame, but they did and she never felt
any soreness. When her thumbs lightly grazed her enlarged nipples, Sheri's
breathing became heavier. Sheri hands left her breasts and went down
around the contours of her lovely ass, as her right hand used her rear
entrance to get at her went pussy. Sheri inserted two fingers deep inside
herself making her gasp and heighten her arousal. A powerful jolt of
pleasure encouraged her to work her fingers in and out of herself even

Later that morning, after Sheri caught a few more hours of sleep, she
trotted naked to the bathroom. Tricia would be over in an hour and she
wanted to be fresh for her. Sheri still found her aching pussy uncomfortably horny and sat down on the toilet for another finger fuck.
The thought of Tricia coming over was exciting her all over again. Tricia
had gone away with her family for a few days and Sheri found herself
missing Tricia very much. While Sheri continued to play with herself, her
mind wandered and settled on her brother. What was this magic that Colt
seemed to have over everybody. She remembered everything going wacky just
before school let out for the summer. Sheri reflected on how her body
seemed to develop overnight just before school was let out for the summer.
Then that crazy afternoon when she started to have fantasies about herself
and Tricia, and how soon after she made the fantasies a reality. The act
was so natural and beautiful, they never questioned the love they felt for
one another, other than Tricia's comment one evening that she couldn't
believe how much she needed her. Sheri also noted how Tricia's breast also
grew. Although they didn't grow nearly as big as her breasts were now,
they both took pleasure in them. Sheri remembered the strange sensations
her body went through during her physical transformation. She first
noticed it one night taking a shower. Almost like magic, a new lushness
could be seen. As the months progressed, the curves developed and her
newly enlarged breasts had even grown bigger. Throughout the entire
transformation, Sheri found herself constantly turned on and took turns
with Tricia, as to who would sleep at who's house. When Tricia wasn't
available, she spent a lot of her free time just lazily masturbating
herself to powerful orgasms. It was about this time when she started to
feel an attraction towards Colt. Colt had gotten better looking. As like
her early physical changes, Colt also appeared to change overnight. Sheri
remembered being surprised when Colt and Leah, who was the school's
prettiest girls and a cheerleader, started coming over. Colt and Leah
spent a lot of their time in his room, and based on the noises she heard
coming from the room, she knew they were fucking. When it dawned on Sheri
that she was attracted to her brother, she tried ignoring the feeling and
also lectured herself that it was wrong, but the feeling grew daily and
coupled with the fact that she was constantly horny, Sheri went to Colt one
night to confess her desire. Colt didn't take advantage of her state right
away, which only made it more frustrating. It was nearly a month ago when
Sheri woke up at six a.m. with a burning desire to give her brother a blow
job. For reasons she didn't understand, but didn't question, she just
stripped out of her panties and walked naked to his bedroom. Sheri crawled
on top of Colt's bed and proceeded to give him her very best blow job.
Something she's never done with a boy before. Colt woke up with a smile
and Sheri relished the pleasure of seeing him smile. This morning, she
thought that it would even heighten Colt's enjoyment if she positioned her
pussy directly above his face. Based on his reaction, he seemed to love
it. Sheri finally managed to climb into the shower and prepare herself for
her best friend's arrival.


Colt saw Leah, and her very beautiful Mom, kiss at the door. Leah was
his very devoted sex slave and knew why the two of them kissed. They were
lovers. Colt had 'pushed' their fantasies towards the two of them making
love to one another at the beginning of the summer, and the very day he
decided to have his sister start giving him blow jobs, he 'pushed' Leah and
her mother to change their fantasies to realities. It wasn't the first
time he 'pushed' Leah to have sex with another female, but given he erased
her memory of the time she spent making love to his sister and her best
friend, Tricia, it would be the first time as far as she was concerned.
Leah also kept her relationship with her mom a secret. If Colt wasn't the
one responsible for their relationship from happening in the first place,
he probably wouldn't even know the mother - daughter thing was going on.

When Leah got in the car and leaned over to give him a kiss, he 'pushed'
into Leah's mind as hard as he could. (((Leah, your past prior to me
doesn't hold any emotional value to you. Your tie to your mother no longer
binds you. Your love and devotion to me is all that matters.))) Colt
watched Leah's eyes flicker for a second and then she smiled.

"Stay here for a second......I'll be right back."

"Okay." Leah responded with a smile, leaning back in her seat.

Colt walked up the driveway to the door, and knocked, waiting for Leah's
Mother to answer.

Carla Conners opened the door. "Oh....Hi Colt, did you forget

Colt noticed how beautiful Carla really was and replied; "No......just
need to make a few adjustments, and then 'pushed'. (((Carla, You are happy
that Leah is leaving to live with me. You will miss her as a mother would
normally miss a daughter, but you'll also miss her touch. To replace her
touch, you will pursue other female lovers.))) Colt watched the flicker of
Carla's eyes and then went back to his car. Leah's was his now to do what
he chose with her.


Colt and Leah checked into a cheap motel along route 9 near the
University. Given the fact that there were three major college's in a ten
mile radius, one being an all female college, Colt figured that he'd have
many beautiful girls to choose from. He sent Leah to scope out the all
female college while he checked out the other two. One evening he spotted
a very pretty girl in a hot spot nearer to the rich kids college up north.
Throughout the evening, the girl was always surrounded by young men and
pretty girl friends. He observed for awhile and then 'pushed' her to get
some fresh air on her way back from the restroom. He approached her
quickly and 'pushed' her to answer a few questions. After he found she
lived in an apartment off campus with a female roommate, he decided she
would be the one. He erased her memory of their exchange and decided to
confront her at her favorite coffee shop the next morning.

The next morning at the coffee shop, he noticed a very pretty blond girl talking to her. He wondered if this was her roommate. He could only hope.
He decided to ask his subject about her, but for now he wanted to establish
his new relationship. So Colt 'pushed' for the blond to leave and a second
later, watched as the girl quite suddenly told her friend that she forgot
something and had to leave.

Colt simply walked up and sat down where the blond sat seconds before.
He smiled while sitting across from her.

"Hi......I'm Colt."

The girl looked up with a smile, probably used to the attention her
beauty drew, and replied;

"Please don't think I'm being rude, but I really would like to be

Colt smiled back at the girl, taking in her very pretty face. He
'pushed' for her to respond to him. To be friendly to him and with every
passing moment, feel an arousal for him. The girl closed her eyes for a
second and then looked back up at him.

"I'm was rude. I've never seen you before, do you go
to the University?"

"No I don't, I just happened to be walking by the shop when I spotted
you. I couldn't help myself given your exceptional beauty."

Monica internally struggled with this pick-up line, knowing that she
would normally tell someone off for such a stupid line, but instead, she
found herself responding to his line, and stranger yet, she felt a warmth
and pleasure from being near him. Monica couldn't understand it. One
minute before, she was thinking he must be just out of high school, but now
she saw him quite differently. It seemed that the more she gazed at this
boy, the more his appearance appealed to her. His self assurance also
turned her on and she found herself feeling........horny?

"I was wondering if you'd give me your phone number. I really would
like us to get together."

Monica found herself quickly jotting down her phone number on a piece of
paper and slipping it over to him.

"Monica Thompson. Thank you. You are so beautiful, I just had to have
this information...and please, call me Colt."

Monica was pleased with Colt's compliments. Wow. She was happy that he
was going to call her. Then her mind questioned this.....why? What was
going on? Her mind tried to rationalize her happiness. It couldn't, but
yet, she still felt it and the feeling sustained her.

Colt felt really excited and could feel his erection straining against
his jeans. Monica's beauty was breath-taking. He was convinced he
preferred nice ample tits, and hers were on the smaller size, so, he
decided that he would gift her a pair tonight. Monica had dark brown hair
that she wore down to her shoulders and brown eyes. He'd leave her eyes
alone, they looked nice, but her hair was too short. He continued to smile
at Monica as thoughts of Leah flooded his mind. As he's been doing ever
since he and Leah became lovers, he mentally compared the two. He left
Leah back at the motel this morning and told her to stay put until she
heard from him. Soon he and Leah would be moving in with Monica and her
roommate.......then he remembered the blond.

"Tell me Monica, that blond that was with you before I came
she your roommate?"

"Yes. Her name is Holly, and we grew up together."

"Are you two intimate?"

Monica blushed and then replied; "I....I don't see where any of that is
your business."

Colt 'pushed'; (((Are you two intimate?)))

"No.....not anymore. We experimented when we were in high school, but
found that we really preferred boys."

Monica's eyes lit up! Why did I just tell him that! Monica started to
slide out of the booth, but before she could even lift herself up off the
bench, she felt something alien-like slam deep inside her mind.

Colt 'pushed' with an extra boost of mind power; (((Monica, you will not
draw attention to yourself, nor discuss or attempt contact with anyone
other than myself. From this point on you will do everything I tell you do
because anything else isn't possible. This attraction you're feeling for
me will continue to grow until you are uncomfortably horny for me. You
will maintain this perpetual state of readiness and feel jolts of
additional pleasure when you do something that you feel will please me.
Anytime you talk to me, it will be in a calm respectful manner. Now, as a
sign of our new relationship, I want you to get up and go to the rest room.
Once inside the rest room, you will strip naked, then redress without
putting back on your bra and panties. You will return to this booth and
hand me back your bra and panties as a gift.)))

Monica responded very calmly, as not to draw any attention to herself;
"Okay." while her mind thought Colt was crazy and questioned why she was
doing this? Monica stood up and walked towards the restroom. When she
realized where she was doing, she tried to stop herself, but her legs
continued on as if having a life of their own. Monica gasped as her hands
starting stripping and when she was naked as Colt had instructed, she then
started redressing, leaving off her bra and panties. Monica looked down at
her breasts moments before she put her white blouse back on and noticed her
nipples standing straight out. She looked back at her reflection in the
mirror and turned red with embarrassment. Anyone looking at her would know
she wasn't wearing a bra, and would also see her nipples pushing hard
against her blouse. As she continued to stare at how sexy she looked, she
smiled, she felt this would please Colt and the thought flooded her with
pleasant warmth. Monica new that this feeling was artificial, but as hard
as she tried to remind herself of this, the feelings was there nonetheless.
Monica returned to her booth, then very discreetly, as not to draw
attention to herself, handed Colt her under clothing. Monica sat stunned
and wanted to cry, but that would draw attention to herself, and her body
wouldn't allow it.

Colt had the biggest smile, not to mention, an uncomfortable hard-on.
He could easily see that Monica didn't have a bra on, and knew that
everyone else who looked at her would notice her braless condition. Colt
knew that Monica would normally feel frightened, but his instructions not
to be alarmed, nor draw attention to herself, would make this experience
easier for her to deal with. He decided to have a little more fun, and
'pushed'. (((Monica, every time you think of me, I want this horniness you
feel to get so intense, you'll feel an urge to masturbate.))). Colt then
looked at his watch, and back to Monica. "I suggest you be your phone at
6:00 o'clock tonight."

Monica nodded her head, still blushing from this experience and replied;
"Yes......I will."

As soon as Colt left the shop, Monica felt relief. How was this
possible? This stuff didn't happen in real life, did it? As she continued
to think about Colt, she could feel herself getting more sexually aroused.
The sensations flooding her lower region lapped at her clit and made her
wetter than she could ever remember feeling. She wished she were wearing
her panties, but thanked god she wasn't on her period and that she was
wearing jeans. Monica looked down and had an incredible urge to kneed her
breasts. Her nipples pointing straight out against her blouse and her
breathing was almost to the point of panting. How? She thought without
any real emotion; 'He hypnotized me.', but the intelligent part of her
realized it was much more than simple hypnotism. The thought that he had
this power over her was increasing her horniness and she looked in the
direction of the bathroom.

Monica wanted to rush to the bathroom, but she walked instead and hoped
that nobody would think it strange that she was making her second trip
there. She couldn't draw attention to herself. Monica went into the
stall, stripped down her jeans and jammed a few fingers deep into her
soaking vagina. She rubbed hard against her clit, and brought herself to
an earth shattering orgasm. "Mmmmmmmm" She hoped nobody was outside,
because the moaning escaping her lips were loud. She quickly redressed and
headed back to the dorm. She needed a new bra and panties. Colt had taken
hers. As she headed back to the dorm, she wondered whether it would be a
good idea to put new underwear on. This may not please him. Finally, she
changed directions and headed to college. She had no choice. She couldn't
take the chance of displeasing him.

Monica didn't want to go to classes today, knowing that she was going to
have a tough time, but his damn command not to draw attention to herself
meant that she had to stay as close to her normal routine as possible.
Internally, Monica was a wreck. She couldn't help thinking of Colt, and
her body flushed with sexual desire for him. She had to relieve herself
one more time at the college. Her constant state of arousal and without
panties to catch her juices, she could only imagine what people who stood
close or sat close to her were thinking. She could smell her arousal and
knew that others could also. When she got back to the dorm, she rushed
into her bathroom and masturbated for her third time. Monica had just
finished a salad and sat by the phone. At 6:00 o'clock, the phone rang.

" this Colt"

"Hi Monica. Are you alone?"

"Yes....but my roommate and her boy friend will be here in a couple of

"Great! I really look forward to meeting Holly....she really is a


"Well, give me directions to your place....I'd like to spend some time
with you. I also want you to meet my girl friend, Leah........I know
you'll just love her."

Monica understood the double meaning of those words, and the thought
felt strangely exciting to her.

Within a half hour, Monica heard the knock on the door and knew it was
Colt. Her intellect kept questioning her lack of fear over everything that
was happening, but Colt's instructions were clear and concise. She would
not feel alarmed and would act naturally.

Monica opened the door.

"Come in, Colt." Monica said while relishing the flood of warmth and
pleasure at seeing him. All day she had felt extreme desire for him,
helplessly fingering herself several times. Now upon seeing him, her mind
and body cried out to kiss and caress every crevice of his body. Monica
looked at Colt with pure lust.

"Monica.....this is my girl friend, Leah." Introduced Colt, while
bringing attention to the girl that walked in behind him.

Monica's eyes moved off of Colt and rested upon the most beautiful girl she'd ever seen. Monica couldn't help but gape at her
breasts............they were huge!

"Hi Monica......Colt has told me so much about you." a soft sexy voice
said with a smile.

"Er....hi Leah.........." Stammered Monica. Blushing at being caught

Leah smiled at her and went over to her couch and sat down. Colt joined
Leah on the couch. Monica went over to the chair opposite the couch but
before she sat down, Colt stopped her.

"Monica.....before you sit down......I've been dying to see you naked.
Take off your clothes for me."

Monica looked at Colt in silence, then slowly stood up, moving to the
center of the room. Monica was feeling such intense arousal at the moment,
she would literally do anything he asked of her.

Monica slowly unbuttoned her blouse and then let it fall to the floor.
She then stripped off her jeans. Monica now stood in front of Colt and
Leah in her panties and bra.

"Stop for a second Monica."

Leah leaned over to whisper something to Colt. Colt smiled and nodded
yes. Leah smiled. Colt turned to Monica; "Leah just pointed something out
to me. You want to know what she said?"

Monica nodded her head 'yes'.

"Leah pointed out that she hasn't worn panties or a bra ever since I
fucked her back in June. She thought that it would be nice if you could
experience the same sexiness feeling as she gets too."

Monica calmly replied; "But...I don't feel comfortable without panties or a bra."

Colt smiled, loving the fact that Monica still took a stand. He felt
that Leah was totally entranced in her role as his toy, that it could get
boring. Colt 'pushed' (((Monica, take off your bra.)))

Monica felt the command and immediately unsnapped her bra, letting it
drop to her feet. Monica's breasts were absolutely a work of art. They
reminded of him of what Leah's looked like before her enlargements. Colt

Monica looked down when she felt the sensation start in her breasts.
They were growing and expanding right before her very eyes. Her hands went
up to cup them, feeling an urge to feel their growth. Monica felt her sex
juice soaking her panties and took it upon herself to strip down her
panties to be completely naked. Although she wasn't alarmed at her nudity,
nor obvious arousal, she still felt embarrassment at being turned into a
sex creature before them. Now she stood still, standing before Colt and
Leah. Her breasts huge, beautiful and incredibly erotically sensitive.

"Aren't they pretty?" Asked Colt, glancing at Leah.

"Yes. Very pretty.....they look familiar." Commented Leah with a smile.
Leah knew that this was the second time he used her tits as a model. The
first time was with Colt's sister, Sheri.

Colt looked back to Monica.

"What do you want to do more than anything at all, right this very
moment, Monica?"

Monica's breathing had picked up and she couldn't help watch her new
tits moving up and down on her chest. She looked back at Colt and
whispered; "Fuck."

Colt smiled and replied; "Do you mind if Leah join us?"

Monica's eyes lit up with a new desire (thanks to a little 'push' from
Colt) and nodded her pretty head 'no'.

Colt and Leah quickly stripped themselves and joined Monica in the
center of the room. Leah and Monica almost looked like sisters, with their
matching pair of tits. Leah walked behind Monica and took her hands to cup
Monica's new tits. The contact of Leah's equally huge tits against her
back and the cupping of her new tits sent a rush of pleasure straight to
her groin. Leah leaned Monica back as Colt moved in between Monica's legs.
His huge erection made its way straight to Monica's very wet pussy, easily
poking through her lips. Leah pinched Monica's nipples with every squeeze
of her tits and Colt started a piston like action, in and out of her.
Monica moaned loud, then louder and screamed out her passion as Colt
continued to jam his huge member in and out of her. Leah let Monica's head
rest between her own legs and with her own arousal dripping down her
thighs, she repositioned her pussy above Monica's head while her own head
moved to Monica's glistening pussy and Colt's huge dick. With every
outward movement, Leah stabbed her tongue partly across Monica's lips and
Colt's dick while her own pussy felt Monica's shy tongue turn aggressive,
stabbing against her clit. While Colt's toys came again, and again, Colt
finally shot his load deep inside Monica. All three screamed in ecstacy!


Colt threw on his underwear as he sipped his diet coke. Both Leah and
Monica stayed naked, quietly resting in each other's arms on the couch.
Colt occasionally glanced at Monica and was happy he made her part of his
new family of toys. All three heads turned as a couple walked through the
door. Colt 'pushed' at the man, who he figured was the girl's boyfriend.
(((You saw us all clothed and will immediately go home.))) Colt turned to
Holly and 'pushed'. (((You cannot move or say a word.))). Colt watched
the man leave and then turned his attention back to the pretty blond knockout standing at attention just inside the door.

"Hi Holly........I'm so glad your home..........please, come join us."

The End of Part Two.

Hope you is always welcome!


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