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Alien's Gift Chapter 3


DISCLAIMER: If you are under 18, you are not permitted to read this!

Author's Note: This is the Third Chapter of my Alien's Gift story. I
highly recommend you read the first two chapters before reading this one.

Special Thanks to "jdw", who adds an extra edge with his proof reading.
My work now hits his desk before going final!

"Alien's Gift, Chapter 3" by JR Parz


Colt Winters was confused when he hung up the phone. Every other Sunday
morning he would call home to talk to either his mom or sister to see how
they were doing, and the impossible just happen... there was no answer.
If he hadn't 'pushed' them to make sure one was home specifically for his
phone call, then there wouldn't be a problem. However, he had conditioned
them, and the last thing he expected answer. Colt let it ring
eighteen times before hanging up. Something was wrong.

Colt moved into the kitchen for something to eat. Holly was up making
breakfast and the sight of her beautiful naked behind sparked a smile. He
had placed Holly, Monica and Leah on a rotating schedule and it was Holly's
turn last night. Their sex was loud and wild, much like every time he
slept with Holly. His mind reflected back to their first fuck... Holly
was a screamer. After their first tryst, he nicknamed her his own little
"Tigress". Holly blushed and giggled every time he called her this. While
Colt's eyes watched the lovely blonde prance around the kitchen like an
energetic child, a woman child that is, he patted himself on the back for
requiring the girls to be naked while inside the was such a

Monica and Leah weren't up yet, they were either still sleeping or
making love. They were in the other bedroom. Colt remembered that special
day when he and Leah moved in with Monica and Holly... Had it been three
months already? Funny how time flies when you're enjoying seemed
more like last week.

While Colt sat down at the table with a newspaper, his mind kept on
going back to his mother and sister. Why didn't they answer? Holly sat
down at the table directly opposite him and nibbled on some toast. Colt
sipped on a coffee and occasionally looked up to watch the rise and fall of
Holly's breasts. Naturally beautiful and with no assistance from him, they
were perfect. Not that assistance from him took away from the girl's
appeal, because it didn't. Holly simply didn't need the help in this area
where Leah and Monica did. None of the girls were allowed to wear a bra,
but if they did, Leah and Monica would have needed a 36DD while Holly would
wear a 34D. Holly glanced back at him and smiled. What a sexy smile! All
three of these girls brought him so much pleasure inside the bedroom, but
if Colt had to pick a favorite outside the bedroom, it would be Holly. She
possessed so much personality and exuded a natural submissive way about

Colt thought back to what he fondly called his first 'family
discussion'. He recognized some of the mistakes he had made when he first
received the 'gift', and wanted to correct what he could. Colt carefully
spent the time necessary to return to girls her own individuality and then
allowed them to verbalize their true feelings. They told him that they'd
much rather be themselves and learn to deal with their new life than be a
sex puppet without thought. They also told him that their constant
horniness was very uncomfortable unless he was going to do them constantly,
twenty-four hours a day. Based upon their comments, Colt lifted a lot of
the controls he had on them and with the exception of a few desires and
feelings, they were themselves now. In fact, Colt made it so they would
know when their feelings were artificial and when their feelings were real.
All three were still compelled to do and act certain ways, but now they
would be allowed to deal with these experiences as humans and not robots.

Colt loved his girls and his 'push' ensured they loved him. Not only
did the girls feel love for Colt, but they would remain totally subservient
to him. The girls knew these feelings were artificially induced, and they
understood why Colt wouldn't relinquish this aspect of their relationship.
They simply had to deal with it, although Holly dealt with it better than
the other two.

Colt also took advantage of Holly and Monica's high school experience.
The girls had been intimate before, and this was one feeling he wanted them
to think were their own. It took a careful amplification of their sexual
attraction and love they felt for one another, but the end result rendered
both girls passionately in love with one another. If he picked up and left
tomorrow, Monica and Holly would remain true lesbian lovers. They would
remain together for the rest of their lives. In Leah's case, she had been
a perfectly normal heterosexual girl before he came along. Now that Leah
was herself, she suddenly found sex with her own sex an internal struggle.
She recalled her sexual unions with her mother, Colt's sister, Monica and
Holly as if it were all a strange dream. Colt didn't want Leah struggling
with this, so he delicately 'pushed' her sexual chemistry in a way that she
would feel naturally comfortable with lesbian sex. He realized by doing
this he was permanently altering her sexual preference, but he wanted her
to feel natural about her sex with Monica and Holly. Leah would never
again doubt or struggle with her feelings for her own sex. This all worked
out best for all three of them.

All three girls were inseparable and their beauty complimented one
another, especially when the three of them were naked together in bed.
Monica was dark- haired and gorgeous, standing about 5'5". Her brown hair
came down to her shoulders. Holly was also 5'5" but blonde, blue eyed and
looked like your dream California Girl. Leah was the tallest of the three,
with her long brown hair coming down to the crack of her ass cheeks.
Monica and Leah sported the same matching pair of breasts...'pushed' to
perfection. Colt loved to watch his three beauties erotically intertwined
caressing and licking one another. He loved to then climb between their
legs (one at a time) and fuck their very wet pussies and give them multiple

Colt was startled out of his pleasant thoughts when his mind went back
to his mother and sister what was going on? He walked over to the phone
and made another call with the same results. Maybe he should go home for a
visit? Maybe something was wrong? Colt wondered if he should take the
girls with him? He did notice a charter service, and, if he flew down
there it would only take him forty-five minutes instead of four hours by
car. He'd have to borrow money from Monica. It certainly was convenient
to have one of your girl friends have a bottomless pool of money. He
decided to make arrangements to leave in the afternoon. Now with that
settled, he looked at Holly who putting some dishes away. Her very
beautiful ass had slight dimples as she stretched her lovely body up and
down. He felt himself getting hard watching her...then he 'pushed'.


Holly was in good spirits this morning, although she did wonder why Colt
was so quiet. Holly couldn't get over how much her life changed these past
few months...and every time she thought about it, she felt such pleasure.
Holly remembered the shock she initially felt when she walked in to see her
best friends Monica and Leah sitting on the couch naked. She didn't know
Leah at that moment, but by the time the night ended, she was real close
and personal with her.

Holly vividly recalled how Colt took her over and over again. He then
allowed Leah and Monica to pleasure her for the rest of the night. Holly
screamed out many orgasms. Holly remembered feeling like an automation for
weeks following. When she broke-up with her boyfriend, she felt no loss or
emotion. It wasn't until Colt lifted some of his controls that memories of
her old boyfriend resurfaced. By this time however, it was too late.

Holly reflected how she and Monica rekindled their feelings for one
another. They remembered their high school nights together. During high
school, they were both "knockouts". With all the time they spent together,
they eventually found themselves with a growing attraction for one another.
This led to a passionate, intimate exploration of their bodies. Now, given
their predicament, especially over the last month, Holly and Monica's
relationship grew. Holly knew Colt tampered with her emotions regarding
him and Leah. Holly found it very easy to bask in the pleasure that they
provided her. Colt always made sure she experienced the most intense
pleasures. As far as Holly was concerned, her feelings for Monica were
real...and she knew Monica felt the same way.

Holly had just turned the water faucet off when two hands clamped over
her wrists, pinning them to the counter. Holly's lovely rump was sticking
up when she felt Colt's erection nudging her slit.

"Colt!" Holly giggled, knowing what this would lead too. Holly had been
so busy day dreaming that she hadn't noticed that Colt stripped out of his
clothes. Holly stood there bent over the counter feeling the rush of
helpless pleasure flood her like an aphrodisiac. Holly quickly spread her
legs apart so Colt could have easier access...and as her feelings of
arousal built, her vagina grew wet.

"What's the matter Holly... Are you a tad bit horny this morning?"

Holly felt the tip of Colt's huge dick enter her wet slit and she tried
to thrust her pretty behind down on top of him. Colt laughed at her
attempt and backed up...teasing her; "You little Tigress." He whispered in
her ear.

" know...aahhhhh.... you made me so horny!" Exclaimed a
giggling Holly, as she again tried to maneuver her swollen lips on top of
his erection.

"What would you like me to do about it...huh Holly. Is there something
you need?" "God YES! You! I need YOU! Please Colt, I need you inside of
me! Please!"

Holly didn't have to wait any longer, and gasped as Colt slowly slid all
ten inches of him straight inside of her...

"Harder Colt... Please, me HARDER!" cried a frustrated

Holly wiggled her behind trying to get Colt to pick up the pace.
Sometimes she liked it slow, but right now she wanted him to ram her! She
wanted him to fuck her hard! Holly knew he was toying with her. Colt
eventually did pick up his pace, which creating an even greater need...a
greater passion...a greater desire. Now Holly twitched her ass sexily
every time Colt thrust deep inside of her! God she was wet!
"HARDER...HARDER!!" Holly screamed, feeling the most intense orgasm ever!
The next thing she knew, she felt herself being carried over to the couch.
She couldn't move as she lay there sated. She could feel her wet sex
dripping Colt's come, but she could make no move to do anything about it.
She smiled... Colt could make her feel so, so good...


"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH." Brandy cried out! Wow! That was absolutely
incredible! Sheri Winters, in all her naked splendor, was certainly well
versed in the art of fellatio! Brandy glanced over at Sheri's friend,
Tricia Naples. Tricia also naked, sat in the chair next to the bed.
Tricia was breathing hard. One hand was alternating between each breast,
pinching her nipples and the other hand had three fingers buried deep
inside her pussy. By the look on Tricia's face, she was real close to an
orgasm. Brandy could also tell the girl was confused. Brandy smiled up at
her, and the confused girl smiled back.

When Brandy walked into Sheri's home earlier, she caught them engaged in
a '69'. Sunday morning sex could be so stimulating. Brandy proceeded to
'push' Tricia into a chair and let her watch, while she 'pushed' Sheri to
feel lust for her. Brandy then moved herself down between Sheri's thighs
and licked the innocent looking girl. Brandy glanced up at Tricia, who
just sat in the chair. In between licks, Brandy 'pushed' Tricia to feel
aroused with what she was seeing, and instructed her that she could
masturbate if she felt the need. What she didn't tell Tricia was that she
wouldn't be allowed to orgasm until Brandy allowed it.

Brandy heard a noise and asked Sheri who it was. Sheri replied it was
her Mother, coming home from a night with her fianc‚e. Brandy 'pushed'
Sheri's mother to go straight to her bedroom, strip naked, and sleep.
Brandy wasn't sure what she'd do with Sheri's mother but one thing she
didn't want was an interruption. Brandy looked down at Sheri, who was
laying on her back, still breathing hard from her marathon sex session.
Brandy had to admit the young teen certainly made a stunning sight and gave
a new meaning to the term innocent erotica. Brandy knew damn well that the
girl's brother helped her look this way. Nobody looks this good without a
'push' here and there... Still, the girl's natural prettiness, huge
breasts, and sweet innocence affected Brandy like an aphrodisiac.

Brandy Snow was physically eighteen years old. Biologically however,
she was closer to thirty. She had been given the 'Alien's Gift' nearly
twelve years ago. She had been the first. In these past twelve years, she
was able to track down every new human that received the gift. All five
were young high school aged females. With the exception of one girl, Jade,
it had been easy to overpower the new girls. Their loyalty to her was now
absolute and they treated her like a Queen. Brandy permanently altered
their minds to fear her and never question her authority. Jade however,
fought her every step...and actually gave Brandy a battle. While Jade
fought her, Brandy found Jade's powerfully strong will and sexy looks very
attractive. Jade wore her black hair short, possessed a nice pair of 34C
sized tits, had an ass that epitomized erotic perfection, and a long sleek
5'7" body. When Brandy finally over-powered Jade, she forced the girl into
submission. Brandy made it so that Jade's body overruled her mind and
induced a strong passive nature in her. Jade would feel pleasure every
time she pleased Brandy and as the months wore on, Jade found it easier if
she didn't rebel. It had been three years since Brandy had enslaved Jade,
and she was now totally entrenched in her role as Brandy's own personal
pleasure slave. Now Brandy's mind focused on Colt Winters. This was the
first time that the Alien's had gifted a male. Brandy had had twelve years
to develop her powers, while Colt was a rookie. Brandy seriously thought
she would easily overpower him, but there was a small part of her that felt addition to arousal. Brandy 'pushed' Sheri to disclose her whole
relationship with her brother, and the lovely young teen blushed when she
told Brandy about the oral sex she provided Colt during the summer
mornings. Brandy smiled at the girl... She was precious and apparently
Colt thought so too. Colt cared for Sheri, which made her a valuable tool
in Brandy's battle against Colt. Brandy didn't understand these feelings
since she didn't have a brother or sister. Even her parents failed to
elicit this weak emotion called caring. Brandy entered Sheri's mind and
slowly shuffled through all of her manipulated thoughts and desires.
Apparently Colt cared so much, he even altered Sheri's sexual orientation.
Sheri was a virgin. Brandy could see the link Sheri shared with Tricia.
They were both under a powerful spell for one another. Brandy brought
forward their link...and severed it. If this was the best Colt could do,
he would be easy to defeat. Brandy then dove deep inside Sheri, going far
beyond Colt's link. (((Sheri, you love me with all your heart. You will
do anything for me and feel the most pleasure when you are pleasing me.
You are my little pleasure slave with only me on your mind)))

Brandy heard the phone ring and this startled her. Sheri tried to rise;
"Stay right here little girl. Who's calling you? "

"Colt" replied the sweet voice.

"Let it ring. He'll be home soon enough."

Brandy let Tricia orgasm and then instructed her to sleep. Brandy then
turned to Sheri, and they both pranced naked to the shower. While Sheri
stepped into the hot shower, Brandy took a moment to check herself out in
the mirror. Brandy smiled at the sight of herself. Long auburn hair that
came down just past her shoulders. Nice beautiful body, standing about
5'9". Her breasts were small and perky...obviously the way she preferred
them. Her hips were wide, and flared out superbly, enhancing her
well-rounded ass. Her greatest attribute though, was the fact that she was
encased in her eighteen year old body. Brandy had waited until she turned
eighteen before using her powers to slow down her aging rate. Brandy would
only age one hour for every year. She also did this to her other girls,
including Jade. Brandy wondered if she should wait until Sheri was
eighteen before doing it to her, and then decided she wouldn't wait.
Brandy didn't want to take the chance in losing the girl's innocent looks.
Brandy gave her reflection a kiss and then joined Sheri in the shower.
While the girls took turns lathering themselves up, Brandy thought about
Sheri's friend Tricia. She would make Tricia a chambermaid. Sheri would
be joining Jade. Brandy envisioned Jade and Sheri together...they made a
stimulating sight. Brandy smiled and moved Sheri's mouth down to her
sexually wet pussy...


Colt had never flown on a small plane like this. The number of seats,
including the pilot and the co-pilot, totaled eight. Colt immediately took
a seat in back and figured that he'd be home in about 45 minutes. Colt
wasn't expecting a pleasant surprise, but when a girl his age boarded the
plane, he found himself in for a treat. Colt quickly sent a 'push' to the
girl to sit in the back seat next to him. The girl smiled at him and

Colt introduced himself and the girl responded, volunteering her name.

"Hi. I'm Danielle."

Colt thought it was a pretty name for a very pretty girl. Colt flooded
Danielle with feelings of trust, friendliness, and an urge to talk about
her life. He wanted to know a little bit about this Italian beauty, who
was all of sixteen years old.

Danielle was blessed with an athlete's body, and ironically was on her
way to see her rich boyfriend. Her boyfriend's parents liked her so much
they flew her down there twice a month. Colt listened, finding the more he
talked to the girl, the more he was attracted to her. He wasn't quite sure
how tall Danielle was, but he figured about 5'8". She reminded him of Leah
in a way, but this girl had a lot more personality. She wore her long dark
hair in a pony tail, something he didn't particularly like, and wore very
little make-up. When Danielle smiled, she showed her dimples and her green
eyes sparkled. Danielle told him that she was the area's number one rated
soccer player and then blushed. Obviously the girl found her sudden
immodesty embarrassing. Colt glanced down at her heavy sweatshirt and
wondered about her breasts. Were they small? Colt concluded the girl was
way too busy with soccer to be in touch with her feminine side, something
he would have to correct.

Being in a closed atmosphere like this, Colt used his mind to 'send'
everyone on the plane the message that they wouldn't notice him, or
Danielle. With this instruction, Colt and Danielle could do anything and
be as loud as they wanted to be and nobody would notice. Colt decided he'd
first play with Danielle's breasts. ((("How big are you on top,

"I...I usually wear a 32"A" cup...but right now, I'm...ah...I'm not
wearing one. I...I didn't think anyone would notice with my sweatshirt on,
and I wanted to please Marc. He would like knowing that I wasn't wearing
anything underneath this sweatshirt. Plus...I...I...feel a lot more
comfortable without a bra." Colt smiled at the answer. Marc was lucky -
'was' being the operative word. First Colt worked on her libido. He made
it where she would soon start to feel an intense sexual arousal focused
strictly on him. He then 'pushed' her breasts to begin
growing...gradually. He decided to have them grow over the course of the
plane flight. Colt decided Danielle would look much sexier with a pair of
34"DD's". Colt continued to talk to her about trivial issues and waited
for the first signs of her induced desire. Within minutes, he saw Danielle
begin to fidget.


Danielle was looking forward to being with Marc tonight. They both were
honor roll students, and had been given permission to miss school on
Monday. They'd have a whole extra day to spend together. When Danielle
entered the plane, the last thing she expected was to be sitting next to a
boy her age. When she first saw him, she had intended to avoid him, but
strangely enough, and without even realizing what she was doing, she sat
right down beside him. Then she surprised herself by starting up a
conversation with him. He really did appear friendly, and there was
something about him that she felt she could trust... But why was she
telling him things that she didn't even tell her best friend? Danielle
told him all her secrets. How she was a virgin. How she wanted to wait.
How she didn't feel all that sensual. How she very rarely felt horny and
could count the times on her hands when she masturbated to relieve herself.
Danielle blushed at this, but continued on. When she started telling him
about Marc, she was totally stunned. Still, she heard the words tumble out
of her mouth. She disclosed how her boyfriend had fingered her once, and
loved to play with her nipples. Danielle confessed that she felt very
little arousal from Marc, and allowed him to fondle her more for his
pleasure than hers. Why did she volunteer this information about her and
Marc? The boy smiled a lot and she had to admit he made her feel
comfortable. She trusted him and then she felt the other feeling start
tickling her... Arousal.

Danielle was stunned. Not even Marc was able to elicit this feeling in
her, and this boy had yet to touch her! Danielle blushed and wondered why?
Danielle looked at Colt differently now. She gazed into his dark brown
eyes, which seemed to look straight into her soul. His hair was long, but
neatly styled...he looked kinda sexy. His body was lean and strong.
Danielle had thought that maybe the intimate discussion about her boyfriend
aroused these feelings, but now looking at Colt, she knew it was him.
Danielle wished she could leave as she felt her arousal grow - she was
becoming very uncomfortable.

" I you have a girl friend?" stammered
Danielle. Huh! Why did she ask this? The question surprised her! Why
would she ask him this!?!

"Actually, I have three." Colt answered

"THREE!?!" replied a stunned Danielle.

"Sure...but I wouldn't mind making you my fourth. You would like that,
wouldn't you?" asked Colt.

Danielle just looked at him with stunned silence. He had three girl friends and he wanted to make her his fourth! Who the hell... God she
felt horny... She felt it deep inside her crotch area. Why did he make
her feel so horny!?! Why was it growing stronger by the second!?! When
she thought about being his fourth girl friend, it did sound appealing in a
way. It certainly made her feel horny just thinking about it. He looked
so powerful and strong. She thought it would be great to be his girl friend. Danielle envied the other girls... It would be real nice,
especially the sex. How could she think this! This was absurd - she
didn't even know him! Still, it was a nice thought. 'I bet being his
fourth girl friend would be very pleasurable' she thought with a smile.
How nice... The idea made her feel real good inside...especially down
under...real good; "Y...yes...NO...I...I...I already have a boyfriend!"
replied Danielle, holding onto the Marc's image inside her head.

"What's his name?"

"Its...its...wait...why can't I remember?" asked Danielle in a small
voice, totally shocked that she'd forgotten her boyfriend's name. She just
knew it a second ago...

"You (((would like to be my fourth girl friend))), wouldn't you?"

"I...I think so...yes...I think I would." responded Danielle, gazing
deep into Colt's eyes. Danielle thought it would be so sweet to be his
fourth girl friend, but something in the back of her mind screamed
'no'...what was it?

He leaned over and whispered in her ear; "(((Prove it Danielle. Prove
to me that you want to be my fourth girl friend.)))"

Danielle felt her breathing getting heavier, and a strange fullness in
her breasts. Danielle brought her hands up and cupped them... Her
breasts! Had they grown!?! Danielle's breasts felt strange ... real
strange. She could feel a new fullness and size to them, along with a
growing sensation! Were her breasts actually getting bigger!?! Danielle
didn't hesitate in pulling her heavy sweatshirt above her head and off of
her. She gasped when she saw the size of her breasts! They had easily
grown an additional cup size! Danielle again cupped them and they felt
real good. She looked at Colt and smiled. Colt smiled back at her. See,
I'm proving it, she wanted to shout, but she still felt shy. Then it hit
her how bold she was being. Here she was exposing her beautiful breasts like this - she knew this was wrong, but she also knew that she had to
prove to Colt that she wanted to be his fourth girl friend. Danielle stuck
out her chest and still felt the sensation of growth. Hopefully Colt would
like them... Hopefully he liked big breasts... Danielle again cupped them
and offered them to him. They felt so good and her palms against her own
breasts made her feel even hornier. Did they just grow another cup? They
felt real nice in her hands and she couldn't help but squeeze and caress
them as she showed them to Colt. Colt reached over and kissed them one at
a time. Making sure to suck on the nipple in the process, Colt felt her
nipples grow several sizes due to her arousal. Danielle beamed with
pleasure...and gasped with more arousal.

"Your tits are nice Danielle. I like them big, and I can see you're
growing them for me. I know you've never ever done anything like this
before, and it pleases me that you are really trying to prove to me how
much (((you want to be my fourth girl friend)))."

Danielle felt a small sadness that Colt didn't totally believe her. She
also thought it was strange that she sat there on the plane, naked from the
waist up. What would prompt her to do this? She looked around and saw
nobody was looking at her. 'Good thing' she thought to herself...she'd
just die if someone were to see her tits exposed like this...especially now
that they were growing bigger by the minute. Danielle felt her a wet heat
deep inside her groin and she knew it was because of Colt. Danielle
unsnapped her seat belt and unbuttoned her jeans. She lifted her pretty
fanny off the seat and slid the jeans down and off of her. Her white
cotton panties followed them and she was now totally naked! Danielle could
smell her arousal, and she blushed. She couldn't believe how wet and horny
she was!

"Don't be shy about the smell Danielle. (((You please me with your
arousal))). In fact, you smell so incredibly sexy right now, (((I'd love
if you would come sit on my lap)))."

Danielle didn't need to be told twice. She quickly moved over to Colt
and sat her pretty fanny down on his lap. She was blushing due to her
nudity, but felt really good about the way she smelled. Danielle brought
her right hand down and touched her vagina and gasped; "God I'm so wet."
she said out loud, and then blushed again. "Danielle, you are quite a
sight and obviously horny. I bet (((you'd love to masturbate right now))),
wouldn't you."

Danielle glanced around but still nobody looked at them. She was
incredibly horny and she did want to masturbate. This would please Colt
and would prove that she wanted to be his fourth girl friend. Danielle
still felt the growth of her tits. They had to be "D" cups by now and the
sight of them elicited a smile from both her and Colt. She always thought
she'd prefer her little tits, but now that she knew Colt liked big tits,
and that she was going to be his fourth girl friend, she wanted them to
grow bigger and bigger. Danielle moved her right hand down and started
diddling her clit. A rush of pleasure flooded her. Danielle looked at
Colt with a lazy smile and proceeded to finger herself. In and
and and out... "I'm going to come!" "Not yet Danielle... (((Only
way you can come is to prove to me totally that you want to be my fourth
girl friend.)))"

Danielle looked at him in frustration, then love, then lust. She
quickly opened the zipper of his jeans and freed his erection. She quickly
pulled him out and gasped. He was so big! Danielle lifted her wet heat up
and on top of Colt's erection and slowly sat back down. "GOD YES!" she
cried out, while losing her virginity in the process. Then very slowly,
she started humping her body up and down...then quickly, riding him up and
down, and they both cried out with an incredible orgasm! Danielle passed


Colt looked down at the girl and smiled. She was spectacular! Colt
glanced at her breasts and smiled. They were nearly there, and would stop
growing any second. He came inside Danielle, so he scanned her ovaries to
make sure she wasn't pregnant. He let her conscious mind sleep and
directed her subconscious mind to clean herself up and get dressed. He
could still smell her sex, and he found himself getting hard again. No
time... Too bad.

Colt had been seat belted the whole time and finally unsnapped himself.
He reached over and palmed Danielle's breasts through the sweatshirt, which
now hugged her chest snug. Her growth finally stopped. (((Danielle...
Your tits feel heavenly on you. You love them and feel pleasure from them.
You will welcome the stares they'll receive. Your nipples are extra
sensitive... Sexually so, and you'll be able to orgasm from breast stimulation.))) Colt then used his powers to strengthen her back muscles.

(((Danielle... Everyone will wonder about your breasts. Tell them you
fell asleep on the plane, and when you woke up, your breasts had grown
three full cup sizes. You don't care as to why or how. You'll simply love
them and take pleasure in them. Regardless what people say, you will
accept their growth as normal and if they're ever physically examined,
you'll have your proof.)))

"Danielle... Have you ever been aroused by a girl before?" "No..."

Colt smiled. Two beautiful girls making it with one another was his
biggest turn on. (((Danielle, any girl you find pretty and attractive will
affect you sexually. Your arousal will increase and you'll want to make
love to the girl. Your love for her will feel as natural to you as making
love with a boy)))

Colt thought about how her tits might effect her soccer ability.
(((Danielle - soccer is no longer interesting or exciting to you. Instead,
your sensuality is. You'll strive to be the most attractive as you
possibly can. The pleasures of your body will be foremost in your mind.)))

Colt thought about her boyfriend; (((Danielle... You will remember our
sex and will find yourself wanting me again. When we get off the plane,
you'll notice me and seeing me will arouse you. Tonight, you will let your
boyfriend fuck you and then you will break up with him. You'll tell him
you wanted to make sure before breaking up with him. You'll tell him your
a lesbian and felt no sexual stimulation from your sex with him. If he
wonders what you are talking about, tell him you met a girl. Her name is


Brandy sat down on the couch with a sigh. Sheri laid out next to her,
placing her head on Brandy's thighs. Brandy had already placed Tricia and
Sheri's mom in a state of suspended animation. That feat was one of the
most difficult she had ever learned and had taken a lot out of her. They
stood in the kitchen at attention, stark naked, staring straight ahead.
They would appear in a coma. If a skilled Alien Gifted person were to find
them, they would find it very difficult to break them out of their state.
The safest way to bring them out without damage was to have the one that
placed them in this state, lift it...something she didn't plan on doing.
Not until Colt Winters was under her power.a

Brandy reached over without disturbing her new pet, and picked up the
picture of Colt off the coffee table. He looked very average. She
wondered why he didn't alter his appearance in some way. Brandy had
enhanced her rather good looks to make herself a stunning beauty...why not?
If you have the power, use it! She knew that Colt had the powers given he
made Sheri a work of erotic art.

Just then the door opened... In walked Colt Winters...and he wasn't

"Hi Colt... I'm Brandy, I've been expecting you."

End of Chapter 3.

Author's Note: Chapter 4 is already outlined and ready to write. Time
and other story priorities will delay the posting date until late November
- early December time frame.


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