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Alien's Gift Chapter 4


Disclaimer: This story contains scenes of explicit sex and adult dialogue.
You must be 18 years of age or older to read it.

Note: This is the 4th chapter in a Continuous Series... If you haven't
read the first three previous chapters, I urge you to do so. You can find
the "Alien's Gift" stories on either my own website, or archived at the
Erotic Mind Control Archive or breast Expansion Archive.

This is a 'jdw' proof read.

Alien's Gift, Chapter 4 by JR Parz


Brandy Snow had just placed Sheri's friend, Tricia, and Colt's Mom, in a
state of suspended animation. Both of them now stood there, stark naked
like statues. For the time being, Brandy left them inside the kitchen,
knowing that with a single command, she could have their bodies performing
anything she wanted them to. Brandy made sure to bury their very persona
deep inside their minds. Only a thin thread held them from sinking into
total oblivion.

Brandy did this because she felt it might give her the upper hand in her
upcoming confrontation with Colt. All it would take would be a mere flick
from her mind, and Brandy could severe the threads and seal their doom.
Brandy didn't think Colt would react much regarding Tricia, but having his
mother mindwiped was a different case altogether.

Brandy walked into the living room and took a seat on the couch. Brandy
patted her lap and quickly, her sweetest and most erotic treasure scooted
over, placing her head on Brandy's lap. Brandy smiled down at Colt's
lovely half-sister, Sheri. Brandy slowly stroked Sheri's long strawberry
blonde hair with one hand, while the other caressed Sheri's ample breasts.
Sheri responded with a sweet purring sound, reminding her of a little sex

As Brandy continued to take liberties with her slave, her attention was
drawn to a picture on the coffee table. The picture was of Colt and Sheri,
and Brandy was surprised that Colt was only average looking. Why hadn't he
altered his appearance? By looking at Brandy, she found it strange that
Colt would transform his sister, but do nothing to enhance his own

Brandy remembered beautifying herself soon after she acquired her gift.
In addition, she also slowed down her aging process in order to maintain
her youthful looks. Brandy looked down at Sheri, feeling good that this
young erotic piece of female beauty would stay this way for almost
eternity. 'If you have the power, use it!' was Brandy's motto, and thought
that Colt was a fool for not using his powers in this respect.

Just then the door opened...and in walked Colt Winters...and he wasn't

"I've been expecting you Colt...I'm Brandy." she stated, while
confidently moving up to confront him.


Suspecting danger, Colt stood outside his mom's house. He used his
'gift' and scanned inside. Tricia...his sister's best friend and lover,
was the first mind he touched. When he 'pushed' to do a quick surface
scan, he was startled to find her...empty? Huh? For the first time in his
new life, Colt felt fear. He then dove deeper into Tricia's mind and after
several seconds of darkness, he suddenly came upon a small box. The box
was held by a thin thread, and when Colt nudged the contents of the box, he
discovered the Tricia.

<"Colt, please help me!... Please Colt... Please get me out of here!">
screamed Tricia's mind.

Colt felt elation at finding her, but there was still a lingering fear
of the unknown. Colt telepathically calmed Tricia down, relaxing her, and
then quickly shuffled through her memories. Colt saw it all; Brandy's
seduction of Sheri, Brandy forcing Tricia to masturbate while watching
Brandy and Sheri have sex, and Brandy turning his mom into the same
robot-like creature as Tricia.

His first priority was to terminate Brandy's control. Colt 'pushed'
again, going further down into Tricia's psyche and located the root of
Brandy's work. With the exception of one thin string, every thread had
been severed. Colt turned angry at this malicious act, but also felt a
sense of relief that he could save Tricia. Sure, it would be a project,
but it could be done. Colt manipulated the small cage-like box, and in
place, provided Tricia a luxury suite. Colt quickly explained what he had
planned and told Tricia that he'd return for her. Colt didn't have the
time to reestablish Tricia's connections, but at least now, Brandy wouldn't
be able to control her, and as an added safety precaution, Colt coated her
lone thread with a impenetrable protective barrier.

Colt quickly entered his mother's mind, finding her in pretty much the
same condition. As quickly as he could, he used the same procedures, and
left his mother's mind to go locate Sheri. Suddenly, Colt stopped. Brandy
was with Sheri, and this meant it was time. Colt built himself a very
powerful mind shield and proceeded to step inside his mom's house.


The second Colt stepped inside, he spotted Sheri on the couch, laying
there naked like a piece of erotic art. The sight of her stole his breath
away, and he could feel an erection growing inside his jeans. Colt shifted
his attention to his adversary and couldn't help drinking in her cold
beauty. Brandy looked like she was in her late teens, tall and vivacious.
Her long auburn hair caressed her shoulders and by looking at the way her
hips flared out, he could tell that she possessed a nicely rounded ass.
The only thing that didn't meet Colt's approval was her small perky
breasts. Brandy responded by his slow inspection by attacking but Colt was
ready for her.

It didn't take long before Colt realized that Brandy lacked the mental
power to sustain a long battle, so he shifted his tactics and sent out an
additional string of power...and snuck it around her back, entering her
from behind. Instead of attacking her mind, Colt opted to strike her
pleasure centers, focusing on her pussy, nipples, and anus. Colt found his
dick getting harder as he sensed a delicious thrill flood Brandy's lithe
form. Colt continued tearing down Brandy's defenses, knowing that it would
be a matter of minutes before he over-powered the girl. Colt had learned a
lot since acquiring his gift, and most importantly, the secret to enslaving
females. He knew, that by simply filling a girl with uncontrollable sexual
desire, he could render a girl into submission.

Colt smiled as Brandy's eyes lit up, reading and smelling her
excitement. Moments later, Brandy began to openly squirm, and then she
dropped down to her knees. Colt continued to bombard her pleasure points
with strong sexual currents, eliciting a groan from the girl. Colt
approached Brandy, feeling his own sex throb with desire, and looked down
at her.

Suddenly, Colt saw a small flicker of Brandy's power head out towards
the next room. Colt knew that Brandy was reaching for his mother and
Tricia, but was confident that they were safe. Colt let Brandy think that
she knew something he didn't and continued to 'heat-up' her pussy. With
each panting breath Brandy took, her body shuddered...and her small little
tits jiggled on her chest.

"Lo...look behind" Stammered Brandy.

Colt decided to humor her and turned to see his mother and Tricia
standing there, zombie-like, at attention. Colt turned back to see a small
smirk on Brandy's face, and now was curious to see how far Brandy would go.
Of course, throughout the small distraction, Colt made sure not to let up
on Brandy's avalanche of arousal. "Sto...stop!
You' STOPPPP... or...or...I'll killllll

The threat from Brandy that she would permanently destroy their
personalities pissed Colt off, as he wondered how someone could be so cold?
Colt decided he was done playing games, and drove a hard penetrating 'push'
deep inside Brandy's pussy, eliciting a powerful orgasm. "Whaaaaattttt!
Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh" Brandy cried out as the orgasm washed over her.
Brandy fell forward, head first to the carpet while her right hand
frantically reached down between her legs. Brandy rubbed hard up against
her pussy until she exploded again with another massive orgasm.

Knowing that the timing was now ripe, Colt 'pushed', meeting very little
resistance, and easily tore through her weakened force field...and then
slammed down hard on her. It was over. (((YOU ARE MINE... BITCH)))
Brandy lay there, sexually exhausted, and unable to move.

Colt could smell Brandy's scent and welcomed the aroma. "I'll bet
you're shocked at this...aren't you? I bet you're not used to being on the
other side of this type of power...huh?" Brandy just looked up at Colt with
anger...and a smidgen of fear.

Colt's own desire was starting to get to him, so he 'pushed'
(((Strip...BITCH))). Brandy's eyes lit up and she proceeded to take off
her clothes. Colt gazed at Brandy as she took off her bright red shirt,
followed by her small red bra, which prompted Colt to exclaim; "Where's
your tits?!?!"

"What?" Brandy responded, looking confused and angry.

"I said, where's your TITS! You know, hooters! JUGS...BOOBS! Where
are they?" Colt snapped.

Colt watched as Brandy's face changed from confusion to anger, and she
replied; "I...I...don't like having big tits. I...I like the size I have."

Colt grinned and then "pushed". Brandy's gasped, and then quickly
cupped her growing boobs! Larger and larger Brandy's tits they
quickly went from small apple size, to grape fruits, and didn't stop until
they grew to the size of cantaloupes!!! Brandy screamed; "Why!?!"

"Because I like big tits." Colt calmly stated.

Brandy, still under the compulsion to strip, finished taking off her
black boots, socks, jeans and finally her very *wet* panties. Colt gazed
at her nude form, and decided he rather liked her new set of knockers, and
then asked; "Hey Brandy, if I were to guess, based on how smitten you are
with my sister, I'd say you are a lesbian...which leads me to ask, are you
a virgin?"

"None of your fucking business." whispered Brandy, trying to catch her

Colt chuckled at Brandy's angry response and decided that he should get
her in a different mood. When he did a quick check on her body, he noted
how her earlier arousal had dissipated after her orgasms. 'Can't have that
now, can we.' he thought with a smile, and then 'pushed' again, penetrating
deep inside Brandy's core; (((You must always obey me, you want to obey me,
and are not allowed to use your gift against me or anyone else, ever
again.))). Colt added; (((You're feeling hot and bothered down there in
that pussy of yours, Brandy...and you want me to fuck you. So, go assume a
nice doggy position for me on the couch and show me what an obedient bitch
you are.))) Brandy closed her eyes in shame and then walked over to the
couch. A very surprised Sheri moved over, allowing Brandy the room to
kneel down while thrusting her beautiful ass up high. Colt nodded his
approval and 'pushed'. Seconds later, Brandy was squirming around on the
couch and moaning.


Brandy couldn't believe this! 'Please Colt...God, I need you so bad!'
she said. She never been fucked by a man before, but right now she wanted
Colt deep inside of her more than anything else in the world. 'Hurry...'
she pleaded internally, hoping he wouldn't torture her with making her
wait. 'Now... Please Colt...Now.' she whimpered. Brandy turned her head
and saw Colt beginning to strip out of his clothes...this sent her desire
climbing yet higher, and her moaning grew louder. By the time Colt was
completely naked, Brandy was panting in anticipation...then she felt fear
when she saw the size of him. 'How's that going to fit into me?' she
wondered with panic. Wishing now that she wasn't a virgin. As Colt
approached her, she couldn't help staring at his huge erection, which stuck
straight up from between his legs. 'He's Too BIG!' she thought, and in the
next instant she screamed "AAAHHHHHHHHHH!" as Colt tore through her hymen.

Colt slid in deep, and deeper and finally, as deep as he could go, while
Brandy screamed out with the combination of pain and pleasure! Colt stole
her virginity...and Brandy cried with joy! 'He's making me like it!' she
thought as she continued to cry. 'That asshole is making me 'come'!!!'
Brandy cried out with another orgasm! While Brandy bucked her firm ass
back against Colt's hard ten inch cock, pleasure washed over her. Brandy
then felt Colt start to slide back out of her and she panicked, and thrust
her ass back in an attempt to keep him inside of her. Then she heard
him...but not with her ears. Brandy heard Colt deep inside her mind as he
took control of her will. (((Brandy...You will always remember how my cock
has made you feel and you will crave it...always))). Brandy's eyes glazed
and she whimpered as Colt continued to thrust in and out of her with
piston-like action.

As Brandy experienced the fucking of her life, she slowly turned her
head to see Sheri openly masturbating along side of her. Brandy felt good
knowing that Sheri was pleasuring her self, and as Colt continued to pound
into her, Brandy experienced yet another orgasm. Seconds later, she felt
Colt shoot his thick load deep inside her pussy...then she passed out.

(((Wake-up...BITCH))) was what brought Brandy out of it. Brandy's first
sensation upon collecting her senses was Colt sliding out of her slick
sheath...and for the first time in twelve years, Brandy cried as a result.
Now that Colt's cock wasn't inside of her, she craved it, and as much as
she understood that this strange desire to have him inside of her came from
his 'push', it didn't matter. Brandy wanted Colt to take her again...and
the thought scared her more than she ever thought possible.

While Brandy tried not to think of her own sex begging to be filled
again, she noticed that Sheri hadn't moved, and was spread eagle and lazily
playing with her sweet young pussy. She must have 'come', given the look
of satiation on her face. Brandy turned back to Colt, and saw how he gazed
at his sister, and it was at this moment that she realized that Colt had
incestuous feelings towards his sister. "Sheri, go put some clothes on."
she heard Colt say.

Brandy turned to Sheri, waiting for her little sex pet to do what Colt
asked, but Sheri didn't move. 'Yes! Brandy exclaimed to herself. Sheri
was still her slave and not subject to Colt!' Colt then turned to her and
instructed her to have Sheri put something on...Brandy complied. Sheri
pouted, but didn't hesitate to spring off the couch and climb up the
stairs. Brandy couldn't resist eyeing Sheri's huge tits, now comparing her
new set with hers. Sheri's jiggled with every step she took, while the
sway of her incredibly gorgeous ass hypnotized Brandy as Sheri climbed up
the stairs.

Brandy turned her attention back to Colt and was verbally slapped in the
face. "Get that fucking smile of your face bitch! You'll pay for what
you've done to my sister." Colt stated, sending a shudder of fear through
her, then added. "You have caused me a lot of problems...can you tell me

"I...I...wanted to take control of you." Replied Brandy, unable to lie.
"You're a threat...and I don't like anyone but myself having access to the
Alien's power...nothing personal." Brandy winced at the last comment,
wishing she hadn't sounded so damn flip with her response. Brandy watched
Colt get angry, but his attention then shifted to his Mother.

"You'd better pray that I can restore everyone back to
normal...otherwise, I'm gonna make it personal!"

Without hearing any verbal instructions, Brandy saw both Tricia and Mrs.
Winters turn towards the stairs, and proceed to walk up the steps. Colt
then walked back over to her; "How would you like it if I make you believe
that you are a know...a bitch, and I'll even make it where you're
in heat!"

Brandy's eyes lit up; "Please Colt...please don't...I..I...can be an
asset to you...I can..."

"Shut up bitch! Until further notice, you aren't allowed to talk to me
unless I ask you a specific question." Colt snapped.

Brandy sat there stunned, speechless and horny. Moments later she heard
Sheri coming back down the stairs, and when she turned to look at her, she
was pleasantly pleased to see her wearing a sexy teddy. Brandy hoped that
Colt would allow Sheri to sit back down with her, and when Sheri took it
upon herself to join her, she felt a pleasurable thrill when Sheri snuggled
up close to her. Colt only glared in response. A few moments later,
Tricia came down the stairs. She, on the other hand, wore clothes.


Despite Brandy's beauty, and a rather enjoyable fuck, Colt found himself
hating her more with every second. She was evil and didn't deserve the
power she possessed...which obviously meant that the Alien's didn't
discriminate. Colt turned back to Tricia and dove deep down into her mind.
After a few moments he withdrew and turned back to Brandy; "It wouldn't
have been so bad if your work was clean...but it isn't. Your work is
sloppy, rushed and because of that, you're dangerous."

Colt would have to concentrate on his task before him, and didn't want
to be concerned that Brandy or Sheri would stray; "You are both to remain
on the couch until I say otherwise." He knew he didn't have any power over
Sheri at the moment, but having power over Brandy meant that she would keep
Sheri in line. Colt again dove into Tricia's mind, and immediately began
fixing the damage. Colt reconnected the threads, used artificial
extensions, and worked on her non-stop for what seemed like hours. When he
was finally done, two hours later, he brought Tricia to the surface. Colt
smiled, knowing that he had succeeded in bringing back Tricia, and watched
as she opened her eyes...

" it over?"

"As far as you're concerned...yes."

Tricia looked around the room and then her eyes lit up when she saw
Sheri's head buried in-between Brandy's legs on the couch. "What's going
on?!?" Brandy quickly sat up, pulling her wet pussy away from Sheri's mouth
and glared back at Tricia. Colt could see the confusion on Tricia's face,
and decided to get this over with. "(((Tricia, face me.)))" Tricia did as
she was told. "Tricia, I'm going to send you home. Your memory of today
will be that *you* broke up with Sheri because you've been having
heterosexual feelings."

Tricia's stammered; "But...but I...I've only been with Sheri and I love
Sheri. I never been with a man before...I don't even like men."

"Yes Tricia." Colt responded, and then proceeded to exert the last
'push' he would ever allow on her. (((You do love Sheri and always
will...but as a friend. From this moment forward, you will no longer crave
her sexually...or any other female for that matter.))). Go now...go home,
go to sleep, and (((dream of your ideal male making love to you... You'll
wake up tomorrow morning feeling so aroused, you'll want to know how it
feels for real and when you masturbate, you will think of a man taking

Colt looked at Tricia like she was his little sister and felt she
deserved something nice. "Tricia, before you fell in love with Sheri, was
there any particular boy you liked?"

Tricia blushed and murmured; "David Starsky."

Colt remembered that he was one of the school's super jocks...not to
mention a real asshole. Colt smiled, knowing that thanks to his gift,
people change. "Okay Tricia...goodnight." and he watched Tricia leave his

Colt then turned to Sheri, and 'pushed'. His mind grazed the outer
barriers of Sheri's mind, and he quickly withdrew. He turned to Brandy;
"Do you realize the damage you inflicted? Do you!?!" Colt was disgusted.
"You can't just go in and do this to people, unless you make provisions to
return them their normalcy. You had better pray that I can fix Sheri,
otherwise you'll pay more than your worst nightmare could ever imagine."
Colt dove into Sheri's mind again, continuing his scan, and hoped to see
something positive...but the deeper he went, the more confusing it became,
and he concluded that fixing her now would be too exhausting for him. Colt
wanted Sheri to have the best chance at full recovery, which meant he need
a lot more energy than he possessed at the moment. Brandy had literally
raped Sheri's mind and Colt wondered if even his powers would be able to
reconstruct her mind. It was one thing to patch some holes up, but another
thing altogether to materialize artificial links. Colt decided that he had
no choice, and for Sheri's sake, he'd allow her to remain Brandy's little
slave. As long as he controlled Brandy, he'd be able to control Sheri.
Colt 'pushed' Brandy, commanding her to send Sheri upstairs to her bedroom.
Seconds later, his sister was walking up the stairs...leaving him alone
with Brandy.

"Brandy...I won't deprive Sheri, given her condition, so you'll sleep
with her tonight. Just to make sure you understand what I expect. You
won't harm her in any way, and make sure you allow her access to your horny
pussy all night...understand?"

'Yes sir."

"Then go..." and he watched the naked, beautiful Brandy, climb the

Colt felt drained, but he needed to do one more thing tonight. Colt
locked the house up, shut off the lights, and headed to his mother's room.
He wouldn't allow her to remember anything that had happened here today.


Colt woke up exhausted. His brain felt sore. Before turning in last
night, he was able to return his mother back to normal, and implant his
intentions regarding Sheri. It had taken a toll on him. Colt struggled
out of bed and took a long, hot shower. When he peeked in on his sister's
room, he saw that they were '69'ing' each other... moaning, and obviously
on the verge of orgasm. Colt couldn't help be taken with the scene in
front of him, and his own cock sprang to attention, making a tent of the
towel he wore around his waist. Colt couldn't deny it...he wished that he
was the one with Sheri right now. But for the time being...that's all it
would be...a wish. Colt wouldn't allow himself to take Sheri in her
present condition.

Colt seriously doubted that he'd have the strength to work on Sheri
today, which meant he'd have to tolerate their behavior for another day.
Colt 'pushed' Brandy to glance up at the doorway, and as she did, he opened
up his towel for a second to show her his erection. Colt knew that
Brandy's craving for his cock was a lot more powerful than her desire for
Sheri at the moment, and took a special satisfaction in depriving her.
"Bring Sheri off and then I want you both showered and downstairs."

"Yes sir." Brandy whispered.

Colt then went to his old bedroom, quickly got dressed, and went
downstairs to make a couple of phone calls.

"Hi...has David left for school yet?" Colt asked the girl answering the

"No...he's in the shower. Who's this?"

Until Colt heard the female voice on the phone, he had forgotten about
David's younger sister...and wondered if this was her? From what he
remembered, she was 'hot'. "(((Never mind who this is, instead, who are

"Jennifer." replied a voice softer than a second ago.

'It was her' thought Colt with a smile. "(((What are you wearing,

"I haven't dressed yet...I have my panties and a bathrobe on."

Colt couldn't resist; "(((Tell me Jennifer...have you ever had sex?)))


"(((Do you masturbate?)))"


"(((Do you get off when you finger yourself?)))"


"(((Who do you think of when you masturbate?")))

"I...I...think of Joey...uh...Joey Barr."

"(((Is he a boy in your class?)))"


Colt decided to have a little fun. "(((First, I want you to go tell
your brother that he has an urgent call...and then I want you to go back to
your bedroom, take off your robe and panties, and lay down on top of your
bed. How big are your tits?)))"

"I...I wear a 32A cup bra."

"(((Okay. When you lay down on the bed, make sure you stay on top of
your covers. You will first feel yourself becoming very, very horny as you
think of Joey Barr. Then you will feel your tits start to grow...and as
they do, you'll feel compelled to rub and caress them. Make sure you pinch
your nipples. You'll use one hand to masturbate while the other hand
continues to play with your growing tits. After a full minute of this,
your virgin pussy will explode with a mind blowing orgasm. When you
recover from your orgasm, you'll find your tits will have grown two full
cup sizes bigger, and you'll love the way they look on you! They will be
incredible, erotically sensitive and you will be able to orgasm from having
them played with or sucked on. You'll love playing with them, and showing
them off. As time goes on, the mere thought of Joey Barr will fill you
with arousal and you'll want him to pop your cherry...and one last thing.
You'll always remember it was this phone call that turned your life upside
down. Okay Jennifer?)))"


"(((Good girl, now go do what I told you to do.)))"


Colt waited for about five minutes and then heard an angry David state;
"This had better be good!" he exclaimed into the phone.

"(((David Starsky, the next time you see Tricia Naples, you will fall
madly and passionately in love with her. Your only wish is be with her all
the time.)))" Then Colt hung up the phone. Now for his next call.


Colt spent some time talking with Monica and Holly, while making sure to
elicit an orgasm from each of them, and then talked in length to Leah.
When he was at the end of his conversation, he saw his mother enter the
kitchen, so he finished up his phone call. "Sure Leah, enjoy her." Then
added "I figure I'll be gone for about a week, so take good care of all
three of them."

Colt hung up the phone and turned to his mother. "Good morning Mom." he
said with a smile.

"Good morning Colt...listen honey, I have to get going. I'm meeting
Todd for an early morning breakfast before work."

Colt had made sure to give her pleasant memories of the three of them
having a good visit yesterday. Colt got up from his chair and hugged his
mother good bye. "Remember Mom, Sheri's taking a trip with me...okay?"

"Sure honey, I'll talk to you later." his mother responded while heading
out the door.

Colt didn't like having to continually keep his mother in the dark, but
he couldn't ever imagine telling her the truth. Colt finished up his
coffee and his mind wandered back to Danielle. He wished that he could be
there for her when she showed up at his apartment today. Oh well,
unfortunately he had a mess on his hands...which made him think about

He realized that while Sheri was under Brandy's power, she was very much
in love with Brandy...and he didn't like it. But until he could do
something about it, he'd have to tolerate it for Sheri's sake. As much as
he despised Brandy for turning his sister into a slave...any revenge was
placed on hold.

"We're ready, Colt." Brandy stated, as she entered the kitchen.

"Alright Brandy. Since I didn't drive, we're taking your Mustang."


Danielle Stearns stood naked before her mirror. Her hands cupped her
new set of tits. Between her thumbs playing with her nipples, and the
caressing motion of her palms, Danielle felt her arousal wet her lower
region. If she wasn't feeling them and seeing them with her own eyes, she
wouldn't believe it...but she was, and she giggled at the reality.

Yesterday, on the plane trip down to see Marc, she had grown from small
'A' cup sized breasts to her present set of cantaloupe sized breasts! If
she had to wear a bra, they'd easily be 'DD' cups! As strange as all this
was, Danielle loved the feel and the size of them. She couldn't stop
pinching her really super sensually sensitive nipples...which elicited
another groan, and for the third time this morning, Danielle's hand again
snuck down to her wet pussy.

After Danielle masturbated to yet another orgasm, she reflected on how
her whole life had turned upside down...and as mind boggling as the reality
of it was, she wondered why she was so calm about it. It was irrational to
feel this strongly about Colt while feeling absolutely nothing for Marc.
Was this love at first sight? Colt Winters...when she thought of him, she
found herself getting horny again, thanks to her vivid memory of their sex
on the plane. Danielle brought her hands up to cup her huge tits and

The fact that Colt took her virginity was over shadowed by how
incredibly horny she felt during it. There was something special about
Colt Winters...that proved irresistible. She remembered talking to him one
moment, then stripping the next. Danielle blushed when she recalled what
happened next. How could she finger herself in front of him like that?
Then she climbed aboard his huge ten inch shaft and impaled herself on it.
She remembered how she bounced up and down, like she was riding a wild
stallion and whimpering for more. The clear picture inside her mind and
the feelings over-taking her body again forced Danielle to reach for her
hot pussy again, and in mere seconds she finger fucked herself to another

Danielle finally managed to get under the spray of the shower...but
still her mind reflected on the strange day. Her tits, growing incredibly
huge, and growing incredibly sensitive. How she felt saddened when Colt
told her that he had to go see his mom and sister, and wouldn't see her for
a few days. Then her strange compulsion to see Marc after all that she had
been through.

Danielle laughed when she remembered Marc's expression upon seeing her
new tits. Danielle also remembered how horny she felt when he let Marc
touch them. Danielle blushed again at the memory of her wanton behavior.
She had practically raped him in order to get him to fuck her
yesterday...and finally, just before dinner, Marc gave in...and they
fucked. She remembered how she envisioned Colt with every thrust Marc made
into her, and how loud she screamed out her passion. She was quite
confident that Marc's parents were aware of what they did, as she sat at
the dinner table. They obviously didn't condone this behavior and when
Danielle announced that she wanted to go home, Marc's parents were all too
quick in accommodating her.

What really shocked Danielle was the things she told Marc on the way to
the airport. Why would she say these things? Danielle remembered saying
"I'm sorry Marc...I just can't see you anymore...and please don't try and
call me." She remembered his desperate response "But Danielle...I don't
understand? How can you be a...a...lesbian? I don't believe it!
Especially after the sex we just had! God, acted like you
couldn't get enough of me. I know you enjoyed it!"

"I'm sorry Marc. I love Leah...and what we had was only sex. I...I
just wanted to make sure. I'm sorry if I hurt you." Danielle remembered
replying, while at the same time wondering who Leah was?

Danielle remembered that during the plane trip back, how her mind had
replayed the fantastic sex she had that day. She had never realized that
sex could be so intense...and the memory of both 'fucks' made her wet and

When she had arrived home that night, Danielle had to deal with her
parents and their constant barrage of questions regarding her enlarged
breasts. Danielle remembered trying to convince them that her breasts had
grown normally and that they weren't some new implants. They didn't
believe her, and told her that they'd schedule an appointment for her to
see a doctor.

Danielle told them that she had broken up with Marc, but didn't want to
discuss why. She didn't mention Colt...or Leah, thinking that they
wouldn't appreciate her explanation. She giggled when she envisioned what
she'd say; 'Hey Mom, hey Dad... I just wanted to let you know that this
complete stranger popped my cherry on the plane trip down to Marc's
yesterday and I broke up with Marc because I'm really in love with some
girl named Leah, who I haven't met yet.' Danielle continued giggling and
said out loud; "Yeah, that would go over well."

Danielle was finally getting out of the bathroom when she heard her
mother yell up the stairs; " call." Danielle wondered if it
was her best friend, Maria "I'll be right there."

"Hi..." Danielle said into the phone.

"Hi Danielle...I'm glad I caught you. My name is Leah and Colt told me
to call you."

Danielle was hit by three very powerful feelings. First, the mere
mention of Colt's name flooded her body with intense passion. Second, she
felt shock at the fact that there really was a Leah! And third, at the
warmth and love she started to feel towards Leah. " Colt

"No honey, but he told me to call you and have you come over. You may
find this a shock, but I'd really like to see you. Do you think you could
cut school today?"

"Yes...God yes! My teachers aren't expecting me anyway!" Danielle
responded with excitement.

"Great. Go find a paper and pen. I'd like you to take down some

"Oh...wait a second." Danielle looked around in panic, not wanting to
make Leah wait. When she found what she needed, she ran back to the phone.
"I'm ready!"


Colt had Sheri sit in the back seat in order to keep an eye on Brandy.
He felt confident that Brandy was quite harmless, but one never knew. He
then instructed Brandy to tell him everything about herself, before and
after receiving the *gift*. As Brandy told her story, he sat pretty much
bored until she mentioned her own abduction 12 YEARS AGO! Colt was
shocked! "You mean you aren't eighteen!?! exclaimed a confused man.

"No...I'm thirty."

Colt had played a little with advancing Sheri's maturing process last
summer. He had also done some breast development before he understood that
he didn't have to go to that extreme, but never once had he considered
turning the normal age progression rate down so low that he could virtually
freeze their look. "Are you telling me that you've had this gift for
twelve years!?!"

"Yes." Brandy replied.

Brandy went on to disclose a lot more...which included her little harem.
Colt listened as Brandy explained how she had enslaved five girls over the
course of the past ten years. Brandy's final victim was a girl named Jade,
who, according to her, was feisty and fought her much more than the other
four. Brandy then told him how she performed the procedure to slow down
each girl's age progression rate, and Colt could see the usefullness of
such an act. "Did you do this to Sheri, also?" Colt asked, already
figuring she did.

"Yes." Brandy replied.

At first Colt was angry that Brandy tampered around with
Sheri...thinking that she was forever doomed to walk around a young teenager. Colt glanced up in the rearview mirror and saw how Sheri was
playing with her long beautiful hair by twirling strands of it around her
fingers. Sheri looked sweet, innocent, and epitomized the word, bimbo; and
Colt fully understood now, why one would want to preserve her.


Brandy was hoping she wouldn't be forced to disclose her small harem.
She thought that she could use a few of her girls as weapons...but when
Colt asked her to talk about everything, she had no choice but to comply.
Brandy figured the car ride would take about two hours before they got back
to her place. Brandy feared that Colt would immediately start looking into
the minds of her other girls, and would soon would discover that the girls weren't merely allowed not to use their *gift*, but their *gift* was
actually rendered dormant. Brandy knew that this procedure was much safer,
and that Colt would undoubtedly ultimately imprison her in this manner.

Brandy's last twenty-four hours as his obedient slave was hell
enough...and the thought that he would do much worse down the road made her
shudder. Brandy knew that the only reason she'd been spared any extreme embarrassment or pain to this point was because of Sheri.

Brandy had thought about what he said regarding Sheri's torn mind, and
honestly didn't think that what she did was all that bad. When she
channeled her power deep down to enslave the young beauty, she never ever
once considered returning her.

Brandy still found it weird that her mind and body still cried out for
Colt's cock, and sitting this close to him, was frustrating her. He had
made it so that she craved him, something she knew that she would normally
detest. Brandy still felt shock that she could be made to feel this
powerful artificial attraction for him. Her mind went back to last night,
where she and Sheri made love. She 'came' and Sheri's touch did elicit
pleasurable feelings. But the second she saw Colt's big throbbing erection
this morning, she almost cried out her desire for it.

Brandy also was surprised that she didn't feel angry that Colt stole her
virginity...but the strangest thing of all was the fact that he didn't make
use of her again. What was stopping him? She knew she possessed a 'hot'
body, and when she looked into Colt's eyes, she would swear that she saw
lust underneath that burning hatred of his.

Brandy felt that allowing her to sleep with Sheri last night was
probably as stupid as she was when she tried to fight him head on. Little
did Colt realize that sex wouldn't be the only activity going on in
bed...there would be much, much more.

Brandy would never underestimate Colt's power again. Obviously, Colt's
male gender provided him a much stronger power than her own. If she wanted
to beat Colt, she would have to use her twelve years of experience to her
own benefit. She had gone into her initial battle like a rookie! Well,
she wasn't the rookie...Colt was, and she was going to prove it!

Brandy would have to outsmart Colt, and this meant taking advantage of
Colt's lack of experience. Brandy remembered how she caressed, licked and
sucked Sheri, but she also 'pushed' her to one orgasm after another. What
she had in mind, required Sheri to be completely still, and what better way
to immobilize her sweetheart than pure pleasure.

Brandy used a full ten minutes of concentration and then
'pushed'...quickly transferring all one hundred percent of her power into
Sheri's mind. She didn't even leave the telepathy between them, knowing
that their communication would have to be completely verbal now.

Brandy was confident that her programming of Shari would insure that
Sheri loved her more than anything in the world. She figured that Sheri
would do and be anything she wanted and this was critical to Brandy's plan.
Brandy couldn't use her *gift* against him, but this didn't prevent someone
else from using it...and by transferring her powers to Sheri, it wouldn't
be her using the powers, it would be Sheri. There was nothing in what Colt
had commanded that prevented this and she blamed that on his lack of
experience. There was another factor that supported this plan...Sheri's
attention span. It had been reduced to that of a mere toddler's and
because of it, Brandy knew that Sheri couldn't focus. This being the case,
Sheri wouldn't be able to exert the *gift* unless, of course, she received
specific instructions.

Still, there plan could easily be destroyed if Colt got wind of it, and
this meant that every move they made would have to be carefully thought out
and subtle. As a result, Brandy decided to steal a page from Colt's book,
using sex as a vehicle to weaken him. Brandy knew damn well that Colt was
entranced with his sister's beauty, and she watched on more than a few
occasions how Colt looked at his sister with lust. His high morals
probably wouldn't allow him to be the aggressor but if Sheri were instead
the pursuer, would this change Colt's attitude towards sex with his sister?
Would Colt succumb?

Last night, Brandy had filled Sheri in on her initial plan. At first,
Sheri balked at the prospect of seducing her brother, but Brandy explained
the importance of everything. Brandy did make it easier for Sheri to
perform by having her implant a trigger inside her four pleasure points.
Brandy made sure the trigger released a powerful aphrodisiac every time she
looked at, heard, talked to or touched, her scent, which would
be boosted by the aphrodisiac, would induce the same response in the people
around her. Brandy didn't necessarily like this approach, but she knew
that Colt would probably detect any of the more direct ones. Brandy also
banked on Colt's mind shield being down. Brandy's plan was to strike hard
when he was in the throes of a powerful orgasm. Brandy now glanced back at
Sheri, and smiled. Sheri winked back, knowing that it was time to move.


The real Sheri, deep down, found her self feeling the same way the
surface Sheri felt. She was constantly horny, sickeningly submissive and
totally in love with Brandy. The only major difference was that the
surface Sheri found it hard to think and focus...and was very much a bimbo.
The real Sheri deep down recognized that these things were wrong, but
unfortunately, Sheri's devotion and love for Brandy didn't allow her to
pass judgment. When Brandy told her to do something, both the real Sheri
and the surface Sheri, basked in the pleasure of pleasing her.

Yesterday scared Sheri like never before. She remembered her brother coming through the door and she became frightened. Not for her brother,
but for Brandy! Instead of Colt's presence being a welcome sight, she
found him an intrusion...and a threat to Brandy and her relationship.
Sheri wished that Colt would go back where he came from.

Sheri cried with joy and almost *came* when Brandy's naked body slipped
in beside her last night. They immediately made love and Sheri couldn't
stop the juice from flowing out of her hot, wet, juicy pussy. After
several orgasms, as they lay in each other's arms, resting, Brandy told her
that she needed to try something, and for her not to be afraid. Sheri was
so wiped out from her orgasms that she could hardly move, so she just lay
there and let it happen.

Brandy called it 'the transfer', and Sheri gasped at the sensations it
elicited. Pure energy poured over her mind like a tidal wave, and when
Sheri came to, she immediately knew something was very, very different.
Sheri giggled... 'I can do anything' she thought to herself, and when
Brandy told her to try doing something, Sheri giggled again, and tried
focusing her mind. It didn't work and Sheri found herself getting a
headache with all the thoughts jumbling around in there. Sheri was finding
it too hard to concentrate and giggled nervously in her failure. Brandy
smiled in response, making Sheri happy to see that she hadn't displeased

"Okay Sheri...what was it you were trying to do?" Brandy asked her.

Sheri said that she was trying to make her blonde like herself. Brandy
giggled and replied; "Okay may make my dark hair blonde."

Without really consciously realizing it, Sheri found herself focusing
her mind and 'pushed', and quite instantly, felt the power flow from her
mind and watched with a smile as Brandy's dark hair turned blonde, and grow
a lot longer than it had been. Brandy smiled back at Sheri and calmly
said; "Now Sheri...return me to a brunette." Seconds later, Sheri

Sheri listened intently as Brandy explained her plan. She told her how
Colt had a certain power over her, and how important it was that she do
exactly what she was told. When Brandy told Sheri that she was to seduce
her brother, she frowned. She vaguely remembered that she used to perform
orally on him, but no any form of sex with her brother repulsed her.

Brandy told Sheri that she would have to seduce Colt in order for their
plan to work and she spent two hours explaining everything. Sheri knew
that she would do whatever Brandy wanted, but still felt uncomfortable at
the prospect of having sex with her brother. Brandy told her she could
make it so that she would have real desire for Colt, and it would be easier
for her to be more convincing. Sheri excitedly nodded 'yes' and Brandy put
her through the various paces and in minutes, she found that the mere
thought of her brother filled her with arousal. Instead of fearing her
role, she now looked forward to it.

Sheri was sitting quietly in the back seat, not really paying attention
as Brandy talked to Colt about her life...but when her lover turned around
and winked at her, Sheri almost gasped with anticipation. Sheri unbuttoned
her shirt part way, and then unsnapped her jeans. Sheri lay back and
stretched out, taking on a provocative pose. Quite slowly, she began to
caress and finger herself. Sheri didn't have to fake her arousal, as she
felt her desire climb. Sheri glanced up to make sure Colt could see
everything, and smiled seductively at him every time he glanced in the


As Colt drove, he found himself glancing more and more into the mirror.
His sister must be very horny, he thought to himself. Every time he
glanced in the mirror, she was copping a feel from her own body! Colt
couldn't help but get turned on by the blatant display of his sister. He
reached down and rubbed his own hard cock as it painfully throbbed inside
his tight briefs and jeans. Was this because he didn't get any this
morning? This was the longest he'd gone without sex for quite sometime.
Colt glanced over at Brandy, but he wouldn't do it, despite her beauty. He
knew it was very difficult for Brandy that he didn't fill one of her holes
with his cock, and as much as he would have liked to relieve himself, he
wouldn't give her the satisfaction. He fucked her yesterday, only because
he wanted her to taste the, fill her with the hunger.
No...he wouldn't give Brandy the satisfaction.

Then whom could he fuck? This Jade girl sounded interesting... His
eyes again lingered back to the mirror, where Sheri was openly
masturbating. Her hands caressed her luscious breasts and then made their
way down to her 'V'. The sight made him even harder and he wondered if
Sheri could be enticed? A sign indicating a rest stop ahead elicited a
vision of Sheri and him fucking in the back seat. A blow job wouldn't cut
it this time...he wanted more. He wanted to fuck his sister, and the
feelings to act on this grew stronger with every second! 'What was he
thinking?' he thought to himself. This wasn't like him at all, but as
quickly as the thought surfaced, it disappeared. Colt saw the turn off
ahead and had to make a decision. When she heard his sister groan in the
back seat, he again glanced in the mirror. She was licking her coated
fingers...and he could see her *come* glistening off of them. Colt turned
the steering wheel to the right.

The End of Chapter 4.

Chapter 5 is in production...and due out in April/May 1999.


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