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Alien's Gift Chapter 5


Disclaimer: The usual underage warning that law dictates.

Author's Note: This is the fifth Alien's Gift installment and you really
should read the previous four to have a better understanding. In addition
to my web site you can also find this series on the BEstories Archive and
the Erotic Mind Control stories Archive. Given chapter four wasn't as
'popular' as the first three, it'll be interesting to see if chapter five
made up for it. An email to me to let me know would be

Alien's Gift, Chapter 5 by JR Parz


Colt pulled off the highway to the rest stop. He looked to his right
and saw Brandy appearing smug like. He knew that she'd been eyeing his
hard-on for the last hour and she must have thought that he was going to do
her. 'A lot she knew.' Colt turned his attention back to the rearview
mirror where he saw Sheri stretched out naked in the back seat. Colt could
smell her sweet scent and it played on him like an aphrodisiac. As Sheri
continued to work her fingers in and out of her self a groan from Brandy
distracted him. She too felt the affects of Sheri's perfume and this
pissed him off. Colt turned to Brandy and 'pushed', inducing sleep.

Colt saw a few cars in the parking lot...and he sent out a 'push' that
encompassed a hundred-yard radius...compelling everyone to leave. Colt
stopped the car and turned to the back seat. Sheri, stark naked and
masturbating was a sight to behold. Her long strawberry blonde hair was
wet and matted all along her body. Her right hand was buried deep between
her legs and her left hand squeezed and played with her tits. Her smell
played heavily on his senses.

Colt turned back to the front and slammed his fist hard on the
dashboard. "NOOOOOOOOO." He screamed as loud as his lungs allowed. "Sheri!
Stop playing with yourself and sit up!" His sister's eyes opened for a
brief second then closed again...while her fingers never missed a thrust.
Sheri wasn't subject to him...only Brandy. "Sheri, Brandy told me to tell
you to stop playing with yourself and sit attention to me!"

Much to Colt's relief, Sheri immediately stopped playing with
herself...and then opened her eyes. Slowly she pulled her cum slicked
fingers out of her wet pussy and sat up. Colt smiled, congratulating
himself for both his strong will and figuring out how to control this
panting beauty before him. Colt couldn't help it when his eyes wandered
down to her 'V', and was totally captivated with her glistening shaven
pussy. He wanted her...he wanted her more than he wanted anyone or
anything in his whole life...he wanted to taste her and then fuck her. Her
heavy breathing made her large tits bounce up and down on her chest and he
wanted to suck them. He wanted to piston all of his ten-inch cock deep
inside of and out...harder and faster. "NO!" Colt exclaimed...he
wouldn't...he couldn't.

Colt reached out and softly entered her mind. There she was...a
creature of incredible beauty and eroticism...yet lacking the very thing
that made her Sheri...intelligence. This girl may be wearing Sheri's
body...but she wasn't Sheri. He continued to dig deeper and deeper...and
yet even deeper until he felt himself break through a thick layer of
blackness. 'Huh? What the hell was this?" Colt was dazed for a second but
when he looked up. "SHERI!"

" shouldn't be here...go away and leave me alone. Leave us
both alone!"

Sheri still labored under Brandy's love spell. 'Not for long.' he
thought with a smile. Now that he had access to the real Sheri, severing
the love knot would be easy. Colt was ecstatic to know that he had his
sister back...and proceeded to look for Brandy's thread. When he turned
the corner of his sister's mind he stopped dead in his tracks. Sitting
unused and in a secure corner was POWER...Alien POWER! "Oh my god have the GIFT!"

"The what?" Sheri responded mentally.

Along side of the power, Colt detected the thread that tied Sheri and
Brandy together, and severed it...breaking the spell.


Sheri slowly opened her eyes...feeling as if she was coming out of a
deep sleep. The first thing she saw was her brother Colt, and she smiled.
"You did it!" she exclaimed.

"Welcome back had me worried."

Sheri looked down at her sweaty cum coated body. "Damn! Where are my

"Hey sis...calm down, it isn't like I haven't seen you like this

Sheri blushed while covering her lower region with her left hand.
"Colt...turn around!"

"Come on Sheri...after everything that we've been through, you're gonna
get modest on me?"

"I...I...just turn around you pervert!" Sheri snapped back while
reaching for her panties. Sheri quickly dressed, finding her own smell
strangely intoxicating. 'That's all I need' thought Sheri, thinking how
she was addicted to her own arousal. 'God, what she'd give right now for a
long hot shower. "Okay...I'm you have some explaining to

Sheri turned beet-red as she sifted through her memories...her time with
Brandy and everything prior. Colt recounted how he first obtained the
Alien's he had turned her into a sex he forced
her and Tricia to become lovers...even how he compelled her to give him a
blow job every morning throughout last summer. By the time Colt finished,
she was reduced to tears. "Why Colt? How could you do this to me? Even
my time with Tricia was artificially induced!" Colt just sat there silent
and let her cry.

"I'm sorry Sheri...I just...I'm sorry." Colt finally mumbled.

Sheri stopped crying and looked at Colt. "What next?"

"There is one more matter that we need to discuss."

"The Alien's Gift...right?"


"Well, I have no idea how to activate it."

"I do." Colt replied with a grin.


Danielle sat there on the couch...nervously twirling her hair. Sitting
beside her, real close, was a beautiful naked girl. The girl's name was
Monica and she kept on staring at her. Danielle then turned to see a
blonde girl appear from the hallway. The girl looked as every bit as
beautiful...and naked, as her roommate. "Hi...I'm Holly" giggled the
blonde girl, plopping herself down next to her. Danielle felt strange,
sitting in the middle of these naked girls...not really sure where to put
her hands. The blonde girl turned to her and said. "Leah is still in the
bathroom...she wants to look real pretty for you."

"I...I don't understand any of this...I feel like I'm in a dream."
Danielle responded, finding it unbelievable that she was sitting here, in
between two naked girls, and waiting for a girlfriend she had only talked
to on the phone.

"Oh don't worry...Colt said everything will feel alright once you see, tell us about yourself. Colt mentioned that you were a big time
soccer star?"

"I...I was...but I don't think I can play anymore."

Holly looked genuinely surprised and asked why. Danielle brought her
hands up and cupped her enlarged breasts. "I think I'm too big on top
now...wouldn't you? I mean I can't imagine running with these things."

"Oh...I'll talk to Colt...I'm sure he can do something about that."
Monica replied with concern.

"Oh NO! I didn't mean that! Don't tell Colt I don't like my tits! I
love my tits and if he doesn't want me playing soccer, then I don't want to
play soccer." Danielle responded, feeling frightened at the prospect of
upsetting Colt.

Just then from the hallway. "So, it looks like Colt went too far
again...didn't he?"

Danielle sprang up off the couch. "LEAH!" Never in her life had she
felt like this! Strong currents of loving warmth flooded her every sense
and she wanted Leah...she needed Leah.

"Hi honey." Leah replied with a smile.

Waves on top of love waves crashed over Danielle as she stood in
complete rapture of Leah and without even realizing it she had crossed the
room and was in her arms hugging her. Danielle felt so overwhelmed with
joy she began to cry and felt comforted as Leah hugged her tighter.
"Everything is going to be all right honey." Leah whispered, stroking her
long dark hair. "Everything is just fine now...just let it all out."


Jade Emerson hesitantly tapped on the door. "Who is it?" a cold hard
female voice yelled out from behind the door. "Mistress Nadia...this is
Slave summoned me."

"Enter." Nadia's commanded.

Jade walked into the room and the first sight she saw was Nadia, spread
eagle...sitting on a chair. Her roommate, Slave Carla, was naked and
kneeling down in front of her. The sight sent a flash of heat through
Jade's body, moistening her slit. Jade knew it was the conditioning that
elicited these responses in her but the intensity of them made them feel
real. Jade went down to a kneeling position before Nadia. "Mistress may I serve you?" Jade asked while wishing that she were the
one in Nadia's crotch.

"Carla here is doing such a wonderful job that I thought she should
receive a fact, she now has the distinction of giving me the
best tongue job I've ever, what I decided is that I'm going
to let you provide Carla some relief."

Jade's eyes lit up at Nadia. "What Mistress?"

"You heard right...slave. Get out of that robe and start giving Carla
some tongue."

The conditioning Brandy had placed on her was specific in nature. She
could receive pleasure from a slave's touch, but if she were the one giving
it, her true nature would take over...and in Jade's case, she was a very
active and happy heterosexual girl before Brandy came along.

Jade hadn't had a lot of time to experience the Alien's Gift before
Brandy swept her up and although she fought her every step of the way, she
was eventually conquered and turned into Brandy's personal sex slave. When
Jade went down on Brandy the very first time, she knew that the lust she
felt for her was artificial...but knowing this didn't diminish her hunger
in the least. When Brandy wasn't around, she left Nadia in charge...and
the sexual hunger and obsession that she felt for Brandy was transferred to

Jade opened up her robe exposing her naked form...and then let the robe
slip off her shoulders and pool down at her feet. She then crawled to
Carla and used her hands to spread her wet petals. Jade inhaled the sweet
perfume rising up from Carla's wet heat and then entered her with her the same time her nose buried itself into Carla's asshole.
Carla shuddered at the oral ministrations Jade provided her and in seconds
she thrashed and wiggled her pretty fanny...then the damn broke and Carla
came hard and long. Jade licked and lapped at Carla's leaking pussy until
she was completely cleaned up and it was only when she was done that she
noticed her roommate had passed out from her orgasm. Jade remained on her
knees and looked up at Nadia. "Alright Jade...that was easy...too easy.
Get another couple of slaves to help you carry her back to her room...then
come rejoin me...I've got some unfinished business you need to tend to."
Jade responded by squealing in joy.


When Brandy woke up...immediately she knew something had gone wrong.
Colt was driving and Sheri was up front in the passenger side. Now she was
the one that lay stretched out in the backseat...and she was the one
without clothes on.

"Wh...what did you do to me?" Brandy mumbled.

"Oh're awake." Sheri said with excitement as she leaned over
the seat to look at her.

"Sheri? What are you doing?" Brandy fearfully asked.

"I'm watching you play with yourself...that's what I'm doing."

Brandy could hear Colt chuckle as her hands began to caress, stroke,
pinch and play with every crevice of her body. She looked up at Sheri,
realizing that this wasn't Slave Sheri...this was the real one. "Tell me do you like being on the receiving end of your powers?"

Brandy was on the verge of orgasm as she continued to attack her
cunt...but this didn't stop her mind from racing. Colt had
won...somehow...he had fought the attraction he had for his sister and
resurfaced the real Sheri...and to make matters worse, Sheri had full
control of her former powers. "I...I don't."

"Didn't think so, but don't worry...I'm not as cruel as you. You
see...Brandy...we're going to make it where you'll never be a problem
again. Not to us...not to anybody!"

Brandy continued to masturbate while she struggled with the words.
"I...I'm sorry...please...please let me stop...let me stop and let's about...ah ...ah...ah unggggggghhhh." and exploded to orgasm
before passing out.


Colt had worked relentlessly with Sheri and by the time they arrived at
Brandy's, she was pretty much in sync with her powers. Colt had also
obtained all the details of Brandy's intended trap while she was under
hypnosis and had to hand it to the girl, voice-activated signal implants
was an ingenious way to compel obedience. Brandy would have been able to
control these girls without her powers and that was pretty impressive given
the girls he was going to do this to possessed the 'Alien's Gift'.

Colt wondered how many other human beings had the gift...and if they
did, were they abusing innocent people? Who could stop someone with the
Alien's Gift? The Federal Bureau of The
Colt knew the answer and smiled. He could stop them...but could he do it
alone? Sheri would help him...but would the two of them be enough?

Overtaking the girls at Brandy's mansion ended up being a piece of cake.
After putting Brandy to sleep he instructed Sheri to round up the slaves
and meet in the living room. Meanwhile, he would go after the leader
called Nadia.

When Colt burst into Nadia's chamber, she was in the process of 69'ing
it with one of the slaves. Colt was momentarily stunned at the pure beauty
of the slave. She wore her black hair short, modern like. She stood about
5'9" with a long slender sleek look, and possessed the cutest tits and
prettiest ass he's ever seen...barring maybe Sheri. Colt immobilized Nadia
by freezing her in place.

"Who are you?" Colt asked the slave.

"Slave Jade...what have you done to my Mistress?"

Colt was stunned silent! So this was Jade! He gazed at her naked
beauty and murmured. "Let me fix you."

Colt entered Jade's mind and wiped out all traces of Brandy and Nadia.
When Jade slowly opened her eyes she blushed and then retrieved a robe that
happened to be down by her feet. When Jade had the robe wrapped tightly
around her body she asked. "Who are you?"

"My name is Colt Winters...your nightmare is over...for you and your

"There not my friends...none of them...well, maybe except Carla.
Where's the queen bitch?"

"If you're referring to Brandy, she is sitting in her car...asleep. She
can't hurt you or anyone else ever again."

Jade looked at Colt. "You must be pretty powerful to defeat Brandy."

Colt looked at Jade and smiled...she'd be perfect. "Jade...I have a
proposal for you, but I can't get into it right now. My sister, Sheri, is
out front gathering up the rest of the slaves. I need to interview
them...and maybe you can help."

Colt watched the girl nod her head and then he turned to Nadia. "Follow
me". When they got to the living room, he was happy to see everyone
sitting there quietly...and even happier that all these breath-taking
beauties had robes on. "Thanks would have been difficult to do
the interviews with them stark naked."

"Sure big, what do you have in mind."

"First, let me introduce Jade...I've already returned her back to

Both girls nodded, sizing up the other before Colt looked at Sheri.
" you remember what Brandy did to transfer the Alien's Gift to

"Ah...yes...I think so."

"Do you think you could perform it?"

Sheri smiled and asked. "What do you have in mind?"

"I need to interview them first...but with the exception of Jade, I'm
thinking of transferring the powers from each of these girls to Leah,
Holly, Monica and maybe Danielle."

" certainly think big, don't you."

"Do you think you can do it?"


VII. (Two thousand miles away in a different part of the United States)

Special Agent Laura Peterson looked up at the monitor in disbelief.
Heather Sanderson, not yet 17, very pretty...twisted and turned on top of
the bed. Her hospital gown and white cotton panties lay in a heap at the
foot of the bed...while she groped, fondled and squeezed her tits with one
hand and attacked her wet pussy with the other.

The doctors had run every test and came up empty. If she had been
slipped an aphrodisiac drug...they couldn't detect it. She didn't appear
hypnotized but it seemed the only explanation. The office intercom buzzed
interrupting her thoughts. "Yes, what is it?"

"Ma'am...Amber Sanderson is here." Laura switched off the monitor and
turned to greet Heather's twin sister. "Send her in."

"Hi Amber...I'm sorry to meet you under these circumstances."

"Yes ma'am...thank you...and thank you for allowing me to do this."

Laura sighed...still not totally convinced that this was the right thing
to do. "I know you've been thoroughly briefed and your aunt has consented,
but I can't stress enough how terribly dangerous this man is...are you sure
you want to go through with this?"

"He...he needs to be stopped! If I can help you catch him then my
sister has a chance of returning to normal."

Laura looked at the girl sympathetically. "Amber...To this point you've
only been told about your sister...I believe before undertaking this
mission that you should see your sister." Laura switched on the monitor.
Laura and Amber turned to the large screen television monitor. Heather's
naked body was shiny with sweat...and cum. Her breathing was irregular and
it looked like she was on the verge of another orgasm. Laura turned to
Amber, who simply stared at the monitor in silence. "Are you sure?" Laura

"Yes...but...I think I should mention...something." Amber said with a

"What's that?" Laura asked.

"Well...ah...five days ago we wore the same bra size...and now...she's

Laura turned to look back at Heather. Her breasts jiggled with every
panting breath. If Laura had to guess, she would say they were either an
'E' or 'F' cup! What was going on here? There was no way she could have
gotten a breast augmentation and recover this quick! Laura felt a chill
and wondered now if this guy was even human? "Amber...we're going to have
the best surveillance money can but even this can't guarantee your safety.
Do you understand that you could very well end up like your twin?"

"Yes...I...I need to do this." The girl replied.


Rick Evans spotted the girl while he was walking through the Food Court.
Could that be...Heather's TWIN! What luck! He had learned that Heather
had a twin during her subjugation and wanted to seek her out but the
constant flow of police cars in front of Heather's house had kept him at a
distance. 'What did she say her twin's name was?' He tried remembering.

Rick scanned the mall and was surprised to see that she was alone.
Could this be a set up? Then he laughed...and so what if it was. He'd
been itching to test his powers out in a real fight. For now, he was going
to go have himself the other half of the twins.

Rick walked up to the girl's table and took a seat. He noted that her
hair was longer and less curly than Heather's but she had the same baby
blue eyes. Rick sent the girl a mental 'push' while introducing himself.
" name's Rick." The girl looked at him like a deer caught in some
high beams. "...And you are?"

"Amber...Amber Sanderson." replied the girl with a confused look on her
pretty face.

"Oh...such a pretty name for such a pretty girl...and to think that
there are two of you."

"Do you know Heather?"

Rick smiled as his eyes roamed the girl. "Amber...I know Heather real
good...just like I'm going to know you real good." Rick compared Amber with
the memory he had of Heather and with the exception of the girl's boobs, he
didn't see any difference.

"Have you fucked yet?" Rick asked.

"I haven't been with anybody." Amber whispered.

Rick couldn't get over it. "Are you saying you're pure?"

"Yes...I'm a virgin." She blushed.

"Heather wasn't when I took her."

"Wasn't what?"

"A virgin." Rick said with a smile. "Stand up." Amber did so. "Move
away from the table and pirouette for me...I want to see you." Rick watched
as Amber slowly did a 360, stopping momentarily to show him her very
curvaceous ass. "Amber, you're so beautiful...just like Heather and I'm
going to give you the very same gift I gave your twin. Normally, I'd wait
until we were alone but thanks to your baggy sweater, I think we can get
away with doing it right here in the mall. Now, come sit down again and
very discreetly, reach underneath your sweater and take off your bra."

Amber blushed as she reached underneath her sweater...within seconds she
handed him her bra.

"Now, move both hands up underneath your sweater again and this time cup
those small tits of yours."

Amber, still blushing, complied.


Amber couldn't believe this! There she sat with her hands inside her
sweater, cupping her breasts...and she had no idea why? Not only
that...she was telling this man every private thought she had! Amber knew
this was the man that had turned her sister but no matter how hard she
tried to break free of this power he seemed to have over her, she failed.
Then a strange tingly sensation flooded her boobs and Amber could tell from
her nipples protruding against her palms that she was growing! Soon
Amber's boobs were spreading out and overflowing beyond her palms while her
loose sweater turned tight! Amber kneaded them while they continued to
grow and couldn't resist rubbing her thumbs across her hard nipples. The
contact sent a shiver of desire straight through her and then settled
inside her wet vagina.

"Have you seen your sister since her change?"

"Yesssss." Amber moaned.

"Good...then you'll know what they'll look like."

Amber's arousal washed over her like a tidal wave. She could feel the
incredible fullness and firmness in her new boobs as they pitched forward
and jiggled against her palms. Amber wanted to move her hands down to her
crotch and touch herself but her hands remained pressed against her boobs.
Then her feelings shifted, and her desire centered itself on the man in
front of her! Amber felt an irresistible attraction for the man and wished
she could go to him. 'This is the man that turned my cousin into a
nymphomaniac!' she screamed at herself, but that was her mind talking, not
her body. Her body wished he would fuck her right here...right now!

"Plleeeeaassssssee...I...I need you...I need you."

"Need me to what, you need me to fuck you?"

"God yessssss...please hurry." Amber stammered...feeling a desire like
never before. Every thought...every desire...every craving centered on
this man.

Then he stood up and walked over to her side of the table. He grinned
at Amber's panting body and then offered her his hand. Amber gasped at the
contact. Her hunger cut through her like a knife. If he wanted her now,
she would have willingly stripped right here inside the mall and spread her
legs as wide as she could! Amber wanted to fuck! She wanted to lose her
virginity! Amber's eyes begged him to take her as they walked out of the


Amber moaned as Rick rammed his member in and out of her...while she
played non-stop with her boobs. She had felt a slight twinge at his
initial thrust but the pain quickly gave way to a flood of pleasure. Never
had she imagined it could feel this good...and her feelings for Rick grew
with every thrust there after. The fact that this man was a monster and
that he turned her sister into a lust crazed 'nympho' never entered her
mind...the fact that she was quickly being turned into the very same
creature also didn't faze her. Instead she begged for more.
"Ri...ungghh...Ricccccckkkkk...mmmmm...harrddderrr.unngghhh ...fuck me
harder!" Amber cried as Rick continued to piston in and out of her. When
Amber felt his hot globs of cum spray the insides of her vagina, she
screamed. "God yes! Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhh." and climaxed.

Amber opened her eyes. She felt spent...and sore. She looked over at
Rick and he was sleeping. Though her mind felt sluggish and slow, she was
still able to remember what had happened and Amber struggled to get up.
This man had just raped her and she loved it! How could she have allowed
herself to enjoy this? She looked down at her naked thighs and could see
dried up cum and a mingling of her own blood. Her virginity...gone. Where
was the OSO? Why weren't they here!?! Amber searched the room for some
clothes and while she did she had a sudden fear she was pregnant. When was
her last period...two weeks ago...ungghhh. Amber wanted desperately to
cover herself and she headed towards the door. "Amber...where are you

"I...I want my clothes." Amber replied...feeling fear creep in.

"Nope...I won't allow it anymore. No clothes from now on...and don't be

Amber looked at him in confusion. Suddenly clothes were no longer
important to her...and this didn't make sense. She also thought she should
be afraid, but that emotion was gone also. Then a pounding at the door
distracted them both.


Rick was just about to fuck Amber again when he heard the knocking.
"OPEN UP! THIS IS THE OSO!" Rick grinned at Amber...then winked. Using
his mind he detected three agents outside his apartment door. Quickly he
scanned their minds and he saw that they hadn't yet called for backup...two
agents were male and the other a female. He grazed the female's mind and
could tell she was smart...he just hoped that she was good looking. Rick
saw that the female agent felt responsible for Amber's involvement and
expected the worst. Rick grinned and decided to have some fun.

Rick made it where they wouldn't be able to see him. Rick smiled as
they broke down the door...the female agent was cute.

"She's in here!" screamed one of the agents. Rick followed them into
the room where he left Amber. The expressions on their faces were
priceless. Amber was completely naked and masturbating...unable to stop
fingering her pussy...and what made it extra sweet was that Amber knew what
she was doing but couldn't do anything about it. "I'll get her dressed,
you go call an ambulance!" the female agent shouted and then added. "Go
comb the area for that monster...we can't let him get away!" As the agents
ran out the door, Rick sent them a permanent case of amnesia...then turned
his attention to the female agent. Rick grinned as the agent searched for
some clothes...then he lifted the illusion of invisibility he was under.
When the agent saw him, she jumped...completely startled...especially given
he was still naked!

"Surprise." Rick said with a smile.

The agent was about to radio her other agents when he stopped her.
"Don't move and don't say a word."

The agent stood still and quiet.

"Now...what do you suppose I should do with a pretty agent like you?"
Rick walked around the agent, helping himself to a total view of her body.
"I could make you crave sex like Amber and Heather...or ruin your career
and give you a compulsion to have lots of kids? horny until
you're pregnant and then docile as a kitten when you aren't...that would
serve you right. Incidentally, what's your name?"

The agent responded. "Laura Peterson."

"I know what I can do Laura...yes! Perfect! So appropriate for a
caring beauty like you...but first, since you feel so responsible for Amber
here, I'm going to let you witness the new and improved Amber." Rick walked
over to the bed, forcing Laura to do the same...and then he pushed.
" no longer have the intelligence to go to college. In fact,
you're just a stupid bimbo and that is all you wish to be. A happy bimbo,
but a bimbo nonetheless. You will always crave sex...especially sex with
your sister. In fact, you can't go a single day without tasting her lovely
snatch. Do you understand me?"

"Yes...I...I'm so, so horny...god yes!" Amber stammered with a happy
grin on her face.

Rick turned back to Laura and smirked. "Now your turn...strip."

XII. (Later that night)

Rick was pleased. His recent brush with the law went well. Amber and
Heather were now identical in every way. The two agents he had given
amnesia too, no longer knew their names or anything else for that matter.
Rick was sitting at the bar and scanned the crowd. His eyes settled on a
table up near the dance floor. Not one, but two gorgeous blondes! Rick
turned back to the bartender and ordered a Bud. Yep, beer and pussy...not
a better combination anywhere.

Rick finished the beer and decided it was time to go get some evening
'ass' and walked over to join the gorgeous blondes. They were in the
middle of talking when he interrupted them...and sat right down at their
table. Flashing his most charming smile he said. "Hi Girls. I've been
admiring the both of you and thought it would be nice for us to get to know
each other."

Both girls looked at him speechless. Then one of them started to giggle
while the other grew tense. The one that giggled wore her blonde hair in a
ponytail while the other wore it down past her shoulders to the small of
her back. The girl in the ponytail had nice healthy set of tits...Rick
thought they looked 'C' cup. The other girl looked small. "My name is
Rick...and your names?"

"Hi...I'm Cynthia and my giggling friend is Tina...and you can consider
this little chat the closest you'll ever fucking get to knowing either one
of us. Now...LEAVE ASSHOLE"! Rick turned red at Cynthia's attack. 'Wow'
he had forgotten what embarrassment felt like.

Rick recovered quickly and smiled at Cynthia...she certainly had a 'I'm
superior than you' like attitude...then he turned his attention to Tina,
who giggled at him. "That was real rude and uppity of you...which tells me
you two are in need of an attitude adjustment." Then he turned back to
Cynthia again. "And in your case, a boob job." Cynthia looked at him like
she was going to say something but he didn't give her a chance. "From this
point on you are both submissive, passive and docile. You both feel an
overwhelming desire to please me...and each fact, you'll feel
this need with every fucking guy or girl that wishes to play with you.
Yep...your desire to fuck, lick and suck everything that smiles will
consume you...and you'll only feel satiation when you make your partners

Cynthia and Tina both leaned back in their chairs...breathing real hard.
Their eyes clouded over giving them that glazed look. Rick
smiled...knowing what that certain look meant. "So girls, would you like
to go back to my place." Tina giggled, but this time not at him...but
because of him. Cynthia joined in with a cute giggle herself drawing Rick's attention again. "What size bra cup you wear, Cynthia?"

"Between an 'A' and a 'B', depending on the make." Replied Cynthia.

Rick thought of Laura and got an idea. "Okay Cynthia...I'm going to
give you something that is going to bring you lots of pleasure...but you
won't get them until you see my maid. Now, let's go." and with that Rick
had a gorgeous blonde an each arm and headed off towards the exit. Just as
they were about to exit, Rick spotted a waitress standing by herself near
the doorway. She was pretty with a cute butt...and for a brief moment he
thought about adding her to his evening fuck feast...but then decided that
these blondes and his live in maid would be more than enough for one night.

"What's your name?" he asked the waitress.

"Suzi." The girl smiled.

"Do you have a boyfriend?"


"A girl as pretty as you doesn't have a boyfriend...why not?" Rick asked
in confusion.

"Because I have a girlfriend." replied the girl...still smiling.

"Oh...okay...nothing wrong with fact I think it is a turn on
when two girls have the hots for one another. Look at Cynthia and Tina
here...they haven't experienced it yet, but tonight they are going to
indulge in a little lesbo action themselves...and I'll have the pleasure of
having a front row seat. Now, can you tell me who is the more aggressive
in your relationship?"

"We...we take turns." The waitress replied, starting to look concerned
at the dialogue.

"Now, I think your lover is going to like the new you a little better.
After I'm done talking to you...go to your lover. I want you to tell her
that it has been your most erotic fantasy to be her very obedient sex
slave...and not only will you believe this with all your heart, but you
will cum every time you do something to please your mistress."

"Yessssss." the girl murmured while reaching down to rub her groin.

"And you like big tits?"

" girlfriend and I prefer small tits."

"You look like an 'A' I right?"

"Yes...and my girlfriend has a 'B' cup."

"Hmmmmmm...let's see here. I can't do anything about your girlfriend,
but I believe you'll be much more loveable if you had maybe a 'D'
cup...okay sweetie."

"Yessssss." Suzi replied, reaching up to cup her small titties.

"You are going to grow an extra cup size each time you cum for the next
three orgasms. Bye Suzi."

"Byeeee." The waitress replied.

Rick watched Suzi walk off and then glanced at his blondes...they smiled
back at him expectantly. All the way home, he imagined what he would do to
the girls and couldn't help press his hand down on his own throbbing
erection. He wanted them both to be his horny pleasure least
for the night. Then he would give them away to some lucky guy...or maybe
just let them loose in the world. He didn't think it would take long
before some lucky guy or girl picked up on their submissive traits and took
advantage of them.

As soon as they stepped into his apartment, Laura greeted them. She
wore high heels and nothing else...unless you count her new 'F' size boobs!
The blondes stared at them (Laura's boobs) in awe...and then Cynthia gasped
clasping her own hands to her chest. "I would suggest you take that bra
off as quick as you can." Rick said matter of fact like. Cynthia tore off
her shirt and bra leaving her naked from the waist up and watched in awe as
her boobs began to grow. Cynthia moaned the whole time and then palmed the
undersides of her new beautiful tits. Rick turned to Laura, who was pretty
much watching what had happened to her...and subconsciously she was
kneading her own huge tits. When Rick caught the attention of Laura, she
realized what she was doing and blushed...then lowered her hands. Rick
could see that Laura was trying to fight her condition...but given every
action and every feeling was no longer hers meant she was in a losing
battle...and there wasn't a damn thing that she could do about it. Laura
was his slave now...not to mention his sex toy, maid, cook, and anything
else he chose. He rationalized that he served her this fate because she
was a law enforcement agent, who needed to be taught a lesson. Of course,
that meant leaving mind and memories in tact to wallow in her new state.

Rick dismissed Laura and turned his attention to Tina. He swiftly
pulled down her pants and panties and opened his own fly. While his
throbbing erection sprung free he turned the girl around and bent her
over...then entered her! She gasped, groaned and then proceeded to buck
back in pleasure. He then turned back to Cynthia, who was playing with her
new boobs while masturbating. Her pants and panties were also in a heap at
her feet. Rick smiled thinking that all pretty girls should be reduced to
this state and then pointed in the direction of his bedroom. Cynthia
giggled and her new tits jiggled enticingly. Tina's tits looked small now
in comparison. He would have to rectify that later.

Rick fucked and sucked for hours. He had them lay on top of each other
with their legs spread wide while he penetrated one wet hole...slid out and
then penetrated the other wet hole...after several strokes they all cried
out in orgasm.

Now, unmoving and completely exhausted, Rick called out for Laura. She
entered. "Loose the shoes and come lick us clean." Laura flipped the shoes
off her feet and climbed on top the bed...her huge boobs hung down looking
monstrous. Then she began to lick. Rick didn't think he was that
mean...he made it where she loved the taste.

XIII. (Back at Colt's place...)

Colt lay on his back while Jade straddled him bouncing up and down on
his cock! She was beautiful...a breath-taking creature of erotica and all
his! And not because of his gift, but because she wanted him. He had done
nothing to alter her mind in anyway.

"God, you're incredible."

"You too, lover." She groaned.

After they both climaxed again...this made it four times!, Colt and Jade
cuddled close not saying a word.

It had been an incredibly long day. Sheri was a quick learner with her
powers and took charge of the transfers. Before he and Jade disappeared
into the bedroom, Leah, Monica and Holly all received the 'Alien's
Gift'...which meant that the three girls were no longer under his
influence. He could do to them what Brandy had done to Jade, Nadia and the
rest of the harem, but he wouldn't and now saw the horror in it all. The
days of taking advantage of a girl with his gift were over...and now he
would stop others from doing it.

At first, Leah, Monica and Holly said that Danielle wouldn't work out in
this new role and argued against her becoming a member, but Colt and Sheri
disagreed. Danielle had been a real tough competitor on the soccer field
before he tampered with her, and he expected she would be work out great.
Sheri simply told them that they couldn't afford losing a new member of the
team...but Colt suspected a different reason. Colt let Sheri take care of
the 'switch of powers' and then headed to his bedroom...just as he was
about to close the door, Jade stepped in. He was about to ask her what
gave when she suddenly pulled her tube top over her head exposing her
little tits. "I want you." she whispered. Colt smiled in response and
said. "Cool."


"Alright...give me a run down." Colt stated in a commanding tone.

"Okay." Sheri replied...proud of her brother and happy with her new
position. "We decided to return all four former slaves back to their home
town. They've not only been stripped of the 'Alien's Gift' but they've
been stripped of every memory they had since their abduction by the aliens.
I also restored their growth cells so they'll be able to age normally...but
the fact that some of these girls have been under Brandy's power for such a
long time, it may bring some attention to them."

"What about Brandy?"

"Leah wants to go back home and she said that she'd be more than happy
to take Brandy with her." Sheri stated.

"Is this true want out."

"For a little while anyway...Sorry Colt. I just want to go home for
awhile and be with my Mom. Brandy will help me ease these lesbian feelings
I'm still having. The fact is...I'd rather have Brandy available than
corrupt some innocent girl."

"I understand Leah...and you never have to apologize. You wouldn't ever
have been in this predicament if it weren't for me...I'll be forever
apologizing to you. And you are always welcome to join us...I really think
you'd make an excellent team member."

Sheri then jumped in. "We decided that we should sell Brandy's old place and use the money to buy a nice big house up here...and given we're
on the topic of lesbianism, you might as well know that Danielle and I are
an item. After I brought her out of it last night, we kind of hit it off.
She's going to go back to school and I'm going to transfer to her school to
be with her."

"Wow...I'm shocked...I didn't expect this."

Sheri smiled at her brother. "We're happy together. I must have had
latent desires for this even before you turned me on to Tricia. Anyway, I
can't imagine doing it with a guy anymore...and on that note, Monica and
Holly can fill you in on the rest...because I have a warm bed and even a
warmer body waiting for me."

Sheri walked down the hallway into a guest bedroom. Danielle lay there,
completely naked underneath the covers. Sheri stripped out of her clothes
and then slipped underneath the covers herself. Danielle's body felt like
it was on fire against her cooler body. When Sheri slipped her dainty
fingers down to Dani's crotch, it was like a furnace. Danielle moaned and
opened her legs. Sheri moved down Dani's body to her 'V' and began to


Colt turned to Monica...who had Holly sitting on her lap. "Well girls,
what else should I know?"

Monica answered. "I think we should set up some sort of communications
network with the government. Let them know that we are available to fight
these bad beings who are preying on the innocent."

"That's a good idea two have any suggestions where to

Holly giggled. "My aunt is a big shot in the OSO."

"Huh?" Colt responded.

"Some government investigation unit...something like the FBI."

"Oh...okay. We'd better get started." Colt replied then saw Jade come
out of the bedroom...wearing only panties.

Holly whistled at her and Jade smiled back at her.

"Jade, every girl in this place is either a lesbian or
walk around like that and you're gonna get hit on." Colt said with a smile.

"Don't worry lover...I only get horny with you." Jade responded back.

Colt turned to Holly. "I have a feeling that we shouldn't drag our
heels on this...why don't you call your aunt today."

"Okay boss...and incidentally, I still get hot for you if
Jade doesn't mind, I'd still love to do you from time to time."

Jade interrupted. "That's fine with me Holly...I'm not the possessive

"Hey, don't I get a say in this?" Colt asked.

"Nope." Jade and Holly said in unison and everyone in the room busted
out laughing.

Colt looked at Holly. "By the way Holly...what's your aunt's name?"

"Laura Peterson." Holly replied...then reached for the phone.

The End of Chapter Five.

Author's note: This concludes this particular story line while allowing
me to bring back our favorite characters to fight the less scrupulous ones
in future adventures. I have other writing projects that will be consuming
most of my time and don't foresee a future chapter in this Universe for
some time, but I would like to welcome other writers who wish to write in
this Universe to do so. Feel free to contact me at


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