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All Dad' s Fault


All Dad’s Fault (incest, nc, M/t, t/t)

Chapter 1

I used to love pussy, now I love cock and it was all dad’s fault! I’m a
15 year old kid who lives used to live with both his parents but now just
my father. I consider myself good looking. I know girls do, as I have
dipped my wick in quite a few. Trouble seems to follow me around. That’s
were dad came in.

Earlier in the day, a kid picked a fight with me at school. Being one
not to back down, I kicked the shit out of him. His parents called my
parents and they were downstairs arguing about me. This was not the first
time. My mother was complaining that my dad had to do something. He was
yelling back that I was a kid and these things happened to kids. I didn’t
hear the rest. It was the same old thing so I closed my door to my room
and opened some books to study.

I heard my father’s heavy steps stop outside my door. Forcefully
opening my door and slamming it shut behind him, he entered. “Fucking
bitch,” he spat referring to my mom. At me, he vented, “All because of
you. I’m going to teach you a lesson that you’ll never forget.”

Grabbing me by the hair, he threw me to the floor. He unbuckled his
belt and I thought he was going to beat me. Instead, he dropped his pant,
exposing his cock. Stroking it, he leered at me, “You’re going to suck my
cock and when I cum, you better swallow.” He was fully erect. His cock
extended from his body a full eight inches. The thought of sucking a cock,
especially his cock, made me sick to my stomach. I felt bile rise up into
my mouth.

He advanced on me and grabbed my hair again, forcing my mouth toward his
member. I kept my mouth closed and when it touched my lips, it slid off.
That angered him even more. With his free hand, he pinched my nose,
forcing me to open my mouth. He didn’t hesitate forcing me onto his cock.
It hit the back of my throat and I gagged. Pulling the violator out of my
mouth, he thrust back in only this time, down my throat and kept it there.
I was gagging, I couldn’t breathe. I tried to fight him off but he held my
head tighter to him. I was choking. Instinctively, i started breathing
through my nose. The gagging lessened. He continued to force my head back
and forth on his hardness, each time ramming himself as far down my throat
as possible.

My initial response was repulsion. The idea of eating cock repulsed me
so much that I wanted to bite down to get rid of the “thing” but I was in
no position to do anything about it. If I did bite him, I knew it
wouldgetr alot worse. I sighed around his rod, accepted my fate.

He was grunting as he fucked his cock in and out of my mouth. I was
surprised that my mouth and throat adjusted so easily to accept his pole.
The feeling of repulsion lessoned and I found myself getting hard. That
freaked me out more than his mouth rape. My body was responding to the
mouth fucking. I kept telling myself “I’m not gay, I’m not gay” but my
dick got even harder.

He was really pounding in and out of my mouth. I could tell he was
getting close to shooting.I did the same thing when I fucked the girls.
With one mighty thrust of hips, he forced all of himself into my throat and
shot his man cream straight into my belly, jerking his hips as he spurted
and spurted.

I came too!

I felt the stickiness spread against my underwear. I felt so
embarrassed even though he’d never know. My whole body relaxed and he
slipped even further down my throat. He pumped a few more times and pulled
himself out of me.

Standing there, his limp dick, covered with my saliva and his goo, he
admonished me that as far as mom was concerned, he had given me a stern
lecture and that was our story. He continued that if he had to confront me
again, I wouldn’t sit down for a week. I assumed that he would whip my ass
with a belt. Little did I know that was not what he had in mind.

I just nodded. I was in shock. My dad had just raped my mouth,
shooting his seed down my throat and I had cum in my pants. I didn’t know
what was more shocking; the blowjob or my orgasm. I just sat there, the
taste of him in my mouth as he pulled up his pants and left.

Chapter 2

During the next week, I got a blow job and gave a blowjob. I finally
got a date with this girl that I had been pursuing and had convinced her to
suck me off. While she was eating my meat, All I could imagine was that I
was her, giving some guy head. I concentrated on how she sucked me and the
techniques she used. The more she sucked the more I concentrated and lost
my erection. She attempted to resurrect me but to no avail. I felt
humiliated in presence because I had a reputation as a stud which I knew
she would knock down as soon as she got to school the next day. She even
called me “limp dick”. That night in bed, I beat off, replaying the scene
where I was sucking her cock. It was the most intense cum I had ever had
and lapped up my boy goo, savoring the taste.

The next day in school, I heard girls whisper “limp dick” and then
giggle as I passed. I wanted to crawl into a hole. I made it through the
day and went to the gym to take my daily run. I ran longer and harder than
I ever did. It was late when I got back to take my shower. I heard the
showers running so I knew I wasn’t alone. The boy had his back to me, his
tight ass cheeks and hips moving back and forth. He was definitely beating
his meat. I moved to a shower farthest away from him when he turned
around. He was in one of my classes but I didn’t know his name. His chest
and stomach were as tight as his ass. He had let go of his cock and my
gaze was glued to his crotch. He was still hard and stuck out from like a
flagpole. His was only the third hard dick I had seen; mine and my dads
were the others.

“What are you looking at “limp dick”” he demanded. “You want some of
this” shaking his boy pole at me. I was mesmerized. Something in me made
me nod and walk over to him and fall to my knees with out taking my eyes
off his cock.

“Jesus, you really do,” was all he said, amazement in his voice. I’m
sure he expected me to respond in kind. I graqbbed his dick and I stroked
him, feeling the veins under fingers. He leaned back against the wall,
allowing me do what I wanted. A drop of precum had emerged from his
pisshole and I licked it. It tasted salty. My dick own dick rose to the
occasion . I took just the head into my mouth and bathed it with my tongue
remembering how my date did it. I was hot, my dick was as hard as it had
ever been. I was amazed at the lust I felt as well as the overwhelming
desire to eat this boy meat.

Moving my head forward, I slowly took more and more of him in my mouth.
I felt him hit the back of my mouth. My throat opened as if by magic and
allowed him to pass. My nose hit his belly, his bush, tickling my lips.
Remembering how my date did it, I puckered my lips and slowly withdrew. By
the time he was halfway out of my mouth, his knees got weak and he was

When he was fully out of me, I licked the head and engulfed him fully
again, repeating the process over again. I was so focused on what I was
doing that the only things I was aware of was his cock and my mouth. I
sucked him in and out, picking up speed each time. Somewhere along the
way, I had grabbed my own cock and was stroking to the movements of my

“Sweet jesus” he cried and I tasted the first squirt of his boy goo.
Holding just the head in my mouth, I frantically stroked him. Liquid
poured into my mouth forcing me to swallow as fast as I could. When there
was no more boy juice to swallow, I bathed the head with my tongue, lapping
up any goo that had escaped me.

Letting him fall out of my mouth, I stood. Grabbing his now shrunken
dick and squeezing, I told him that if he told anyone, I would tell
everyone that I caught him beating off in the shower crying a boy’s name.
He just nodded. I let him go and he hurried out of the shower. I finished
my shower, stroking myself to an orgasm as I relived the blowjob in my

What can I say? I loved it!!!!!

Chapter 3

Little did I know that it wasn’t the only blowjob of the day I was to
give. I was up late cramming for an exam the next day. My parents had
gone to sleep a little while earlier when I heard them arguing. I heard
their muffled voices and a door slam. My door slammed open as well and dad
stormed into the room, naked.

“From now on, when that bitch doesn’t open her mouth, you will, you
cocksucker” he spat.

He was on me in two quick steps reaching his hands for my head. I
parried his hands and in the same motion grabbed his cock and started
stroking him. The look of shock and surprise on his face was a “Kodak”
moment. Bending slightly, I took him my mouth. He was bigger and thicker
that the kid in the shower and he smelled like a man. My cock tented my

“So you like sucking daddy’s cock. eh boy? I must of left a better
impression than I thought” he said chuckling. I wasn’t going to tell him
about the shower scene and besides my mouth was full of man meat. I again
used the technique as I had on the boy. Taking him fully down my throat, I
applied suction and slowly pulled my head back.

“You’ve been practicing?

I didn’t respond, I just nipped the head of his cock. Playfully this
time, he slapped at my cheek

“You like daddy’s cock?” moaning. I just applied more suction.

“God, your better that any girl!” I could feel myself leak.

I sucked him for all I was worth. Again, it was just my mouth and a
cock. Swallow, suction; swallow, suction; my mouth moving on and off his
cock. Before I knew it, he tensed and exploded in my mouth. His man juice
hitting the back of my mouth with such force that it flowed back out of my
mouth down my chin and into my lap. It fell right on my jean covered
dickhead and I exploded into my underwear.

I was sucking for all I was worth, gulping down his man seed as fast as
possible. I felt him go weak in the knees but he caught himself. I seem
to have that effect when I give a blowjob. He stopped cumming and pulled
himself out of my mouth. In his best Arnold Swartzenager, he said “I’ll be
back” and swaggered out of the room closing the door behind him. I sat
savoring his taste for a long time then went to bed.

Chapter 4

A few days went by and trouble reared it’s head like a bad penny. I had
an argument with my mother and I blew up, storming off to my room. Within
minutes,My dad slammed into my room. He started to undo his belt and I
figured I had to give him another blowjob which made me erect.

Instead, he said, “Well boy, now that you know you’re a cock sucker, how
would you like to be a pussyboy too?” It was a statement not a question.
Grabbing my hair, he flung me towards the bed telling me to take off my
pants and bend over. Seeing the venom in his eyes, I complied. Using the
bed as a cushion, I looked over my shoulder. He had taken off his pants
and was stroking himself, his eyes On my boy ass

“No, please don’t” I cried in my head. He was going fuck me in the ass.
Stuffing my cum stained underwear in my mouth, he put his hand on my back,
holding me in place. My anus, instinctively, tighten.

Then he struck. He forced himself up my ass and I screamed into my gag.
I felt like a pole was shoved up my ass and he only had the head of his
dick in me. Thrusting again he fully impaled me on his cock. I screamed
again. I wanted him out of me. Instead of a pole, I felt like a column
had been shoved up my ass.My body responded by pushing back trying to force
him out of me. Instead, it just spurned him on. He fucked in and out of
me. The pain was so intense that tears come to my eyes. He moved his hand
to my hips and then really started pounding me. I bit down on the
underwear and tasted my own cum.

I was being fucked and nothing in the world would stop it. Realizing my
fate, I tried to relax and accept the hard cock sawing in and out of me.
The pain, immediately, lessened and I started breathing again. I just lay
there getting pounded.My asshole opening and closing around him.
Stilltrying to force him out of me with my asshole, I kept tightening and
loosening my anus. Suddently the pain had stopped to be replaced by a
sensation of pleasure, His cock suddenly felt so good in my ass. My hips
rose to meet his fucking and I was moaning into my gag.

“I knew you’d like it, pussyboy. Your ass is mine!

He continued fucking me, pulling cock almost out of me and slamming back
in. The pleasure intensified and intensified. It go so intense that I
couldn’t stand it anymore! I shot my boycream onto the bed beneath me. I
went limp. I just lay there as Dad continued to pummel me until his hips
bucked and he deposited his semen into my well fucked ass.

Pulling out of me, he put on his pants and headed for the door. As he
closed the door, he whispered “see you soon, my pussyboy.”

Spitting the underwear out of my mouth, I whispered back, “I hope so”

Chapter 5

After that, every night, I expected him to appear at my bed. I stayed
awake until I was sure that he wouldn’t be coming then turned over and went
to sleep.Finally one night I heard him fighting with my mom again and knew
he would visiting me. With anxiety and lust, I got out of bed and knelt on
the floor, my ass pointed at the door. I wasn’t disappointed. Entering,
he chuckled, in his hand a jar.

“Get on the bed, on your back. I want to look at you as I fuck my

Scrambling to the bed, I lay back, my ass hanging over the edge, my legs
spread as wide as possible.

“Good pussy, you know your place and with a hard-on, no less.”

I was embarrassed. I had been waiting for him to fuck me again and it
showed. Moving between my legs, he applied whatever it was in the jar to
his rigid member. Grabbing me by the ankles, he raised my legs up and out.
I felt so exposed.

“Put me in, pussyboy”

Reaching down, I grabbed his cock, understanding what the jelly was for
and placed it against my hole. I felt so humiliated and excited. With one
quick stroke he was in me. A groan escaped my lips. He fucked me hard and
fast. Pounding in and out of me, not caring about me, just his own
pleasure.. I was panting like a bitch in heat. It felt so good. When he
rammed into me. it felt like his cock reached my belly. I wanted him to
hit my belly everytime. I felt so full. I wanted to feel him in my belly
with every thrust and when he didn’t I bucked my hips trying to force him
there. I was so hot, so filled with lust that I grabbed my cock started to
beating off as he slammed me.

“So, pussyboy, you can’t get enough of my cock".

He was hitting my belly with every stroke.

"yes” i screamed and shot my boy juice all over my chest. I stroked my
self even harder, squeezing every last drop out of me. This was too much
for him and I felt him coat my insides with his jism. Fucking into me a
few more times, he pulled out of me, letting my legs fall with a thump.

I just waited, limply for the comment to come. I wasn’t disappointed

“You’re ass is mine now, pussyboy, whenever and wherever I want”

And he was right.

Chapter 6

I stayed out of trouble but my father continued fucking me almost every
night and I was always ready. I continued to date girls but my heart
wasn’t in it. Instead I would undress the guys wondering what their cocks
looked like.

It was a Sunday. My mom had gone out shopping and we were watching the
football games. Unzipping his fly, dad pulled out his cock and stroked it,
My mouth watered. Our relationship had change so that the simplest gesture
tuned me into his pussyboy.

In a flash, I had his cock down my throat. Like my ass, I needed him in
my mouth. I had been horny to begin with so I was really sucking down his
root when the door opened and mom came in.

She dropped what she was carrying and rushed upstairs.Pushing me off
him, dad raced up the stairs. I could hear his voice but not hers. Then
she stormed down the stairs, a suitcase in her hand and left, slamming the
door after her. She never came back and that night I slept in dad’s bed.
And every night after!

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