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Alley Cat


Alicia’s story (FfmmM, cons. inc)
© 2000
by Abelard

[Warning: If it is illegal for you to read sex stuff, my condolences, but
fuck off. The events depicted in this story are performed strictly in the
imagination of a professional. No not try this shit at home. If you read on,
please maintain at least one hand on your controls at all times. If you
wanna’ publish this story for profit, ya’ better ask me first. Finally, tell me
what you think at <<>>.]

The tale of an army family who REALLY love each other.

ALICIA'S story
Well, of course, Carl and me was married real young. I was 15
and Carl was 17. You realize, we had to get married...Carl Junior come
along about four months later... From the first we called him CJ. Soon as
Carl Senior (that's my husband) was old enough, he joined the army. We
made a career of it ever since, moving to a new base about every couple of
years. Tony was born in Manilla two years after Carl Junior. Then finally
we had us our girl, Julie, two years after that, in Germany.

So we been an army family for 14 years now, and I'm 30 and CJ is
15, etc., I guess you can figure the rest of it out. Well, in case you can't,
Tony is 13 and Julie is 11. Master Sargent Carl L. Hubbard, that's my
husband, he's 32. We all call him Sarge. Oh, my name is Alley, which is
short for Alicia, but Sarge says it's short for alley cat. Sometimes I get so
horny I think I got the morals of one, too.

Not that Sarge don't have his share of gettin' horny, you
understand. Hell, he was fucking me since I was 12 and he was 14. When
we first started, I hardly didn't even have hair down there very much. But
we didn't get a bun in the oven for nearly three whole years, though. Just
lucky I guess, 'cause let me tell you it wasn't for lack of trying. We
probably fucked in just about every place there was in Auburn Falls. Carl
(that's what I called him back then) shot his juice all over that town, day or
night... sometimes up my cunt, and sometimes (after he showed me how to
jack him off proper) just out in the open air. One time he had me do it to
him right under the stands, right during a football game. Carl come about
the same time we scored a touchdown. I got the giggling fits when Carl
said maybe they was cheering for the world record distance he shot. That
boy was proud of how far he could shoot. So was I, I guess. 'Cept I didn't
have nothing to compare it to, not at that time anyway. Come to think of
it, he probably didn't neither, but that didn't occur to me then, neither.

He could get me good too, you understand. He could finger me
into cumming in about two minutes flat right there in the movies, or fuck
my brains out in my family room with my parents right upstairs. And I
DO mean fuck my brains out. I'd get so gone I practically passed out.
Carl was that good with me. Shoot, sometimes he'd only have to look at
me a certain way and I'd be half way to cumming.

In case your curious, I am a sort of small woman. About 5'3".
When I was 15, before I got pregnant, I weighed about 90 pounds. That's
been sneaking up, of course, in the last fifteen years. So now I weigh
about 110, a little soft, but not too bad. Sarge is 6'1", 200, lifts weights.
I'm brown haired (cut short kind of pixy like, and frosted up real pretty on
the ends). He's sort of carroty headed. I don't have a very big chest, just B
cups, but Sarge says more than a mouthful is a waste anyway. I think he
means it too, because, this one time when we did this threesome with Gail
(this friend of mine with big tits?) Sarge didn't go all gaga over them.
Well, he did tit fuck her, but hell, like Sarge says, you might as well take
advantage of what the natural terrain offers. In fact, I was the one who
was real interested in Gail's tits. I sucked 'em, and squeezed 'em, and
generally used them for pillows for when I sucked Sarge off after he tit
fucked her.

Oh, I know, you're saying to yourself, whoa! Wait a minute.
What's all this about threesomes and shit. Right? Well, I have to tell you,
for all of Sarge's horniness, I'm just as horny. Must be all that early
training. If I don't get laid regular, like 4 or 5 times a week, there's hell to
pay. There's times when I feel like I could fuck a doorknob. And what
with my sons growing up into fine young studs and all, I just can't help
looking at them too. Hell, even little Julie looks good to me sometimes. I
get to thinking about Sarge's big old rough body, and all three kids smooth
young bodies, and I get to moaning and groaning, and everybody knows:

Ever since I can remember, when I get randy I just walk around the
house in something sexy. Like a sheer shorty nighty and no panties. Or a
pair of lacy panties and no top. Just advertising for it. Not that any of the
boys ever minded, of course. When they was younger, of course, the kids
didn't seem to notice much. These days all three of "my men" do a lot of
looking...and I do a lot of prancing and posing like. Sometimes Sarge will
grab me and sit me in his lap at the kitchen table. He cups my tits and
says, "Look at these, boys...the finest pair of hooters in creation. Wouldn't
you like to suck 'em just a little?" Well, I get to blushing, but feeling even
more horny, too. Especially when I see that CJ is getting a hardon in his
pants. Even Tony sometimes starts squirming and adjusting his jockey
shorts. Like this one time when I was wearing a shortie nighty and no
panties. We was all in the livingroom, and Sarge run his hand between
my legs, took a swipe of my cunt and smelled his finger. He said
something like, "Ah, ambrosia of the gods. (He talks like that sometimes.)
You boys better get you some of this, soon. Looks like you about to
explode in your pants." We all laughed and seems like all of us got even
more randy feeling. I know I did.

One time in particular, one Saturday about a month ago, I
remember, I had just shaved my pubic area full clean like usual, and I was
strutting around in the kitchen in a little string bikini, making lunch for
everybody. I waved my butt at CJ and dared him to pull the bra string,
just flirting and fooling around like I always do with my big manly 15 year
old son. Well, this time he did it, pulled the strings in back, and the bra
just collapsed down the middle of my chest. Then Tony (that's my brave
little 13 year old protector in white armor) he jumped up and tried to put it
back around me. Well, I was feeling pretty hot, and I moved so when he
reached for the bra in the middle of my chest, what he got was my left tit.
He switched from "protect-her" to "go-get-her" real quick.

He kind of grinned and kept his hand where it was for a while,
getting a good feel, even though I was his own mother. Just thinking
about that made me hotter and wetter, and I leaned up against him some
and ran my hand across his pants, just joking like. I was thinking, "the
little 13 year old stud." Well, he pushes his crotch up against my hand and
I can feel his hardon. Then he sort of moves his mouth toward my
mouth... and I realize, my own 13 year old son wants to fuck me. What's
more, I want to fuck him. Hell, I was so rammy by that point I wanted to
fuck all of them...even Julie.

Well, the situation was heating up, but I wasn't real sure how Sarge
was taking it, and I sure as hell don't never want to piss him off. He's a big
son-of-a-bitch. Mind you, he's never beat me up, least not very much, but
he can bump you around in ways that you know what he's thinking. So I
back off. But Sarge is sitting there with Julie in his lap, kind of bouncing
her a little, and laughing, and he has a kind of a gleam in his eye. He
moves Julie off slowly and I can see a lump in his pants. She hung by his
shoulder, with her hand still on his neck. He pulled me down onto him so
I was sitting with my back to him, facing the boys. My legs just sort of
naturally spread on each side of his knees, just like Julie's had done. He
run a hand around each side of me and down into my crotch. He kind of
bounced me on his growing hardon and looked back at Julie. He said to
Julie, "Well, Pumpkin, what do you think of your sexy momma? You
gonna grow up and be just like her?"

Julie got a sly look and glanced at her brothers. And I knew, right
then and there, that she was already being 'Just like her momma.' They
was fooling around with her already. Well, I thought, why the hell not just
get all this right out in the open where we can all have a little fun? So I
say, "Julie, what you and your brothers doin’ with each other up there in
the dead-of-the-night?"

And Julie sticks out her little chin and says, "Ain't no dead-of-the-
night about it, Mama, sometimes its broad daylight." She always was a
feisty little thing.

And then Sarge says, grinning and all kindly like, "What you mean,
Sugarbuns? You and your brothers been exploring strange continents
together?" (I think he talks like this on account of all the various places all
over the world we lived.)

Tony picks up the terms and snorts, "Hell, CJ and me is regular
Marco Polos of exploration, ain't we, CJ?"

CJ laughs,"Yeah, and some of us been checking out some pretty
strange rivers, too, right Jul?"

Julie picks it up: "Travelling some mighty peculiar backwaters, if
you ask me," she giggles, looking right at Tony.

Well, Sarge is laughing, and looking right at me, and he says, "You
know, Alley Cat, in Australia, one time, I saw a mother and a daughter do
a little dance together. That was something special."

That randy son-of-a-bitch husband of mine wants to re-live his
past, looks like. And not only Australia, but the past of him and me. I
mean, I wasn't much older than Julie when him and me started fooling
around, after all. I guess he wants me and Julie to dance together so he
can get a sort of "before and after" kind of view of things.
"So put the music on, Big Boy," I say. "Come on, Julie, honey,
let's show these boys we can boogie down better than some old outback
kangaroo sluts." My fires are pretty stoked by now and besides, I have
always liked petting my sweet pretty little girl myself, anyway. She's so
smooth and light.

I am still, of course, in just my string bikini bottoms (I had just
plain took the top completely off). Julie is wearing a too-small black tee
shirt and shorts. It's mid-summer, and we're all barefoot. Well, Sarge puts
on some Michael Bolton torchy CD, kind of slow dance stuff, which
surprised me some because I was thinking go-go type stuff. But then I see
what he has in mind, and I get hotter and wetter just thinking about it.
The kind of "mother-daughter act" that that horny son-of-a-bitch husband
of mine wants to see is his wife and his daughter making love to each

So Julie and me start dancing together, slow dancing, chest to
chest. Julie is tall for 11. She is actually about the same height as me, but
flat as a board, of course, and she weighs about 85 pounds soaking wet.
Still, she's rounding out a little in the bum, and her nipples are just barely
beginning to bud. She's got short dark hair on her head, and none
anywhere else at all. Her underarms are naturally bare and smooth as her
So we start dancing together, and hugging, and rubbing against
each other. My nipples are at about the same level as Julie's, and we are
brushing our nipples together with only her cotton top in between. I'm
getting hotter and hotter, just thinking about my pretty little11 year old
daughter, all smooth and light in my arms. It looks like she's getting going
too, 'cause she is moving her cunt area right in on me, like she's feeling
around with her cunt for something. Something I ain't got... We slow
dance around the kitchen.

I take her head in my hands and kiss her on the mouth, just real
friendly like, still a little mother-daughter but a little more than that too,
sort of experimental, just to see how it feels to her and to me. Well, I
must say, it feels pretty damn good, and before I know it we've stopped
moving and are just kissing. Then she opens her mouth (mine's been sort
of open for a while), and I just naturally slide my tongue into my 11 year
old daughter's pretty pink mouth. And then we are really going at it,
Frenching full out, mouths wide and lips slippery. All wet and juicy and
wonderful. Julie sort of brings one leg up on my hip, like she needs to
wrap it around me.

I feel that delicious sliding feeling. My cunt is getting hot. My
knees are getting weak. I know right then, I'M GONNA GO FOR THE

We pull apart and I turn Julie around so her back is to me and her front is
to the boys. She reaches up and back with her arms when I start kissing
her neck while I slowly slide my left hand up under her tee shirt and my
right hand down her shorts in the front. I hold her by the chest as I finger
her little slit. I can feel she is wet.

She giggles as I peel her shirt up over her head and her shorts down over
her hips so they slide to the floor. She's not wearing any underpants, so
she's now completely naked. Her little hairless mound is right there in
front of the boys and Sarge. I am in a warm purple haze myself, especially
when I look at the three guys sitting at the table. Well, they wanted a
show! And we're gonna give it to 'em!

I slide my hand over the point of Julie's sharp little hip and feel the
incredible smoothness of her flat belly and soft inner thigh. I pull on her
thigh and she takes a wider stance, opening her cunt a little. She reaches
back again with her arms around my head so her pretty white underarms
are exposed and her chest is thrust way out as I finger her cunt, so it's right
there full on display.

When I look up again, both CJ and Sarge have opened their pants and are
playing with themselves, right out in the open air. I already know that
Sarge has got him a man-size prick, but I swear, Carl Junior's looks almost
as big. Even Tony is sitting there rubbing his bulge through his pants with
a kind of stupid-ass grin on his face.

Well, the music is still playing, and we all stand up and everybody takes
off all their clothes. Sarge has this big boner waving around in the midst
of his red curly pubic hair. CJ isn't far behind, but he has dark brown hair
like mine and Julie's. So far, I notice, his pubic hair is more just above his
cock and hasn't spread out around and down his balls yet. Tony has
lighter brown hair on his head, but none yet down below. But, surprise,
surprise, he, too, looks like he's inherited the size of the family jewels.
His half hardon ain't a whole lot smaller than CJ's. I seen grown men with
smaller cocks than that.

Well, three cocks, big, bigger, and biggest, and one sweet hairless little
pussy. All for Alley Cat! Who will I DO first?

I start dancing with CJ, and he's rubbing into me pretty good. He's taller
than me, and his stiffening man/boy cock is lying along my stomach so the
base of it is about at my belly button. The top of it is practically between
my tits. He's sliding it around, and dividing my legs with his leg, so my
cunt is rubbing his leg, just above his knee. I am getting dizzy as I watch
Tony start dancing with Julie. She's looking up at him as she mashes his
hardon on her belly. He's got his hand around, rubbing her back and down
on her sweet little ass. Sarge is watching on, slowly stroking his cock as
he grins first at me and CJ and then at Tony and Jul.

We switch partners around some, and when Sarge starts dancing with Julie
he picks her up under the butt, and she wraps her legs around his waist as
they waltz around the floor. Sarge's prick is waving around just under
Julie's little butt. I am sure he can feel the heat she is giving off right
above the head of his cock, 'cause he stiffens to full attention as she curls
her head in on him and kisses him on his neck. My husband and his 11
year old daughter are gonna fuck. ... I'm gonna watch my husband fuck
my sweet eleven year old daughter. I am so hot inside that I am all wet
and slippery practically down to my knees.

So we swap around dancing a little more, and then Julie and me start
kissing again. But this time we go sit down on the couch, through the
archway in the living room. I decide I am going to show her how to make
our cunts kiss each other. I say, "Lie back, Julie, honey, Momma's gonna
show you something that feels REAL good." She's kind of giggly and
dreamy as I turn her a little on her side facing forward toward the guys,
who are gathering around to watch.

I lie back too, so our heads are at opposite ends of the sofa. I slide my left
leg down behind her and I lift her right leg and so it runs right up my body,
just like my right leg runs up hers. Our legs are apart and our cunts are
inching toward each other as we scissors each other up the middle.

We push in together, so her plump little eleven year old hairless cunt and
my hot, newly shaved, thirty year old cunt touch together. We rub and
squeeze and kind of buck together so that it really does feel like our cunts
are smooching away on each other. I can feel her heat, and I can see her
sweet juices wetting her pink little cuntlips...or are they my cunt juices
wetting those precious little cuntlips? I don't know, and I don't care... It
feels so good, rubbing hard, my clit rubbing into her vagina, hers on the
side of mine, rubbing, sliding, sucking, kissing cunts. I feel the first wave
of orgasm myself, just a little one.

The two boys move in closer. They sit, one on each arm of the couch. CJ
is at my head, Tony at Julie's. I raise my head and tell CJ to sit down so I
can put my head in his lap. When he sits, I just turn my head so my mouth
is on the underside of the shaft of his big stiff boy/man hardon. I sort of
open my mouth and let my lips go loose as I browse along the underside
ridge of my fifteen year old son's cock.

Meanwhile Julie has slid forward along the inside of my leg a little, so my
right knee is more bent, and my cunt is exposed behind her. She's
humping the back of my leg. Tony reaches down and begins exploring his
mother's (MY!) cunt with his fingers. I am totally "gone" now. The
Virgin Mary could walk in here now and I'd probably just try to DO her
too. I start fingering Julie's cunt with my fingers.

So here we are, at last! My sex fantasies come true. I'm sucking my 15
year old son's cock and fingering my 11 year old daughter's cunt, while my
13 year old son fingers my cunt, and my husband watches on, slowly
jacking himself off. I tell you, I am in total ecstasy. Between the physical
enjoyment and the thinking about how lewd and how taboo it all is, I cum
about three times.

I'm browsing along on CJ's cock when he starts to stiffen up his legs and
thrust upward. From right underneath it, I can see the head swelling and
the channel along the underside looking more and more swollen out. I
take my hand out of Julie's cunt and reach up to give him a few light
strokes. Lying in his lap, looking up, I want to see him explode right over
my head. I want his cock out in the open air, untouched at the moment of
that first spasm. I am not disappointed. His first spurt makes it
practically to the ceiling before it falls back on me. And my fifteen year
old son comes and comes all over my face and hair. Lovely sticky
incestuous juices smeared on my lips and on my cheeks, and everywhere.

As Julie and I disentangle, Sarge disappears and then comes back a minute
later with a warm, wet washcloth. He bends over me as I am lying there
on the couch and gently wipes my face and chest as I suck in the last of
CJ's cum from my lips. Sarge and I kiss, with his big hand resting lightly
on my chest. He says, "That was something special, alright, Babe.


We decide to take a break for lunch. The kids line up on the couch, in the
nude, eating burritos and drinking milk. They look so sweet and innocent,
so angelic, that I can hardly believe that we were so recently doing all
those nasty, taboo things....and it makes me horny all over again.

After lunch we all go into the big bedroom. Julie looks so sweet I just
have to kiss her some more. She smiles at me and her little pink tongue
runs along her upper lip as she gets the last crumbs of lunch off her mouth.
We lie down together, and I finish off cleaning her face with my tongue,
licking around her mouth myself, and lying sort of on top of her.

Suddenly, I get a good idea. Something I've wanted to do for a long time
it seems like. I kneel up quick and flip her over onto her stomach, and
spread her smooth thin legs. I kneel between them and begin kissing her
sweet little eleven year old bum. Slowly I work my way into the crack,
until I am tonguing her fresh little asshole. She starts gasping as I
continue to tongue fuck her asshole while I slide my thumb into her hot,
tight little cunt and spread my fingers over her pubic mound. She pushes
her butt up to me, and I am able to lick the area between her ass and her
cunt. I gently squeeze my hand, lightly pinching her clitoris between my
thumb (inside her) and fingers. My precious little girl has an orgasm right
there on her mother's thumb.

Pretty soon I lie back and Julie crawls onto me and starts drowsily sucking
my right tit. CJ is lying next to us, and Julie reaches over and starts
stroking his cock while she's still sucking my tit. I watch as my lovely
little daughter starts to masturbate her brother.

She seems to be a little awkward about it, so we all sit up, and I have CJ
lie back on the pillows at the head of the bed. I get on his right side and
Julie gets on his left. I take my son's cock in one hand, and reach for
Julie's wrist with my other. I have her hold CJ's cock with her hand just
above mine so her little fingers brush the rim of the head on each
upstroke. I instruct her on how to give a good handjob. My daughter and
I gently masturbate my son, slowly picking up speed as he responds.

He moans and begs for somebody's mouth. I hold my son's cock and put
my other hand on the back of Julie's head, coaxing her head down to take
her brother's cock in her mouth. She takes that big purply swollen head
into her little pink mouth, and I move up to offer my left tit to CJ's mouth.
My son sucks my tit while his little sister sucks his cock. We're all lost in
the world of sexual pleasure as CJ erupts for a second time that day,
spewing his cum all over his little sister's pretty face.

When he's fininshed, I look around and there is Sarge, grinning at
me. I say, "Come on, Julie, let's get your old man!"

… with any encouragement, this could be continued…




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