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The following story describes GRAPHIC SEXUAL situations that are INTENDED TO BE

A note to the reader: Thank you for taking an interest in "Amanda's First." If
you have not done so, please read "Like Mother, Like Daughter" and "Kimi's New
Boyfriend," respectively because "Amanda's First" is a sequel following "Kimi's
New Boyfriend." To find this story and others, please use your web browser to go

Thank you. -Johnny


Part One

It was a Tuesday night. With the shower curtains pulled to, Janice Price stood
in the bathtub with her back to the shower head. She enjoyed the soothing warm
water that flowed down her body and collected on the bathtub floor. But there
was something else she enjoyed. Underneath was Kimi, Janice's sixteen-year old daughter, who was on her knees making oral love to her mother. With this, the
thirty-six year old blond mother was massaging both of her breasts with her both
hands. Janice made sure Kimi had easy access to her vagina by propping her left
foot on the inner edge of the bathtub. She always looked forward to her
daughter's tongue loving at the end of a hard day's work.

Mother and daughter had just finished giving both of their vaginas a nice clean
shave. They were smooth, hairless, and soft, and now, they are enjoying the
fruits of their labors. Both blondes have enjoyed each other sexually ever since
Janice introduced her daughter to the wonderful world of sex. While kneeling
beneath her mother, Kimi got a taste of Janice's sweet ripe vagina. It tasted as
good as ever.

"Mmmmm...," Janice moaned. She enjoyed Kimi's flickering tongue up and down her
mature love tunnel. Kimi knew how to give some of the finest pleasures of sex
for her young age since she was taught by the best, her own mother. "... just
like that... oh, yeah... mmMMMm...," Janice cried. The sixteen-year old teen
rested her right hand on her mother's left foot while her left arm was wrapped
around her mother's slender thigh. Janice pulling her own swollen pussy lips
apart with her right hand to exposed herself ever further. It was more than
enough exposure for Kimi to get what she wanted. Kimi continued to eat as water
droplets rolled down her face. As she looked up as her mother, Kimi listened to
her moaning in delight, and Janice felt the sexual energy channeling through her
pussy. It felt great.

"Oh, yeah, Kimi," said Janice. "You're such a good girl. I'm glad you're my
good little daughter." Ecstasy flooded Janice's mind. She enjoyed every wiggle
of Kimi's young teenage tongue. "Ooohhhh," Janice moaned again. It was a
wonderful sight to see her own daughter making love to her from below, but there
was more. Behind Kimi on the outer edge of the bathtub was a blue dildo waiting
to be wrapped inside some lucky pussy. Janice happened to be that pussy tonight.
Kimi briefly stopped her oral loving to reach behind her for the blue dildo.
Janice waited in anticipation. Then, Kimi opened her mother's sex gate with her
left fingers while holding the artificial male member with her right hand.
Janice's pussy was ready for an invasion of privacy.

"Aaahhhhhhh...," cried Janice. She felt big blue pushing her love walls apart
while penetrating her deeper than what Kimi's tongue could accomplish. Kimi was
sliding the dildo in and out of her mother. As long as Kimi was around to fuck
her mom, Janice allowed Kimi to do almost anything she wanted to her to get her

"Like that, Mom?" inquired Kimi.

"Yeah, that's always good," responded Janice. She felt the dildo sliding faster
inside of her.

"How's this?" asked Kimi.

"Mmmm... much better," said Janice. Friction was building underneath.

"I should have asked you earlier, but do you mind if Jason came over tonight?"
asked Kimi.

"Why? Did you... already... oh... ohhh... invite him... mmmmm...?" Janice moaned
as she spoke.

"Yeah, he should be here soon," said the blond teen.

"That... fine... Sweetie. As long... as we... we get to fuck... him," cried

"I had that in mind," Kimi said proudly. "Thanks, Mom." Ever since Kimi and
Jason have been dating for the past few weeks, Janice, Kimi, and Jason have been
sexually indulging with each another. Sometimes it's Janice and Jason. Sometimes
it's Janice, Kimi, and Jason. And sometimes it's Janice and Kimi like now. But
sometimes it's just Kimi and Jason. Anyway, all three have been enjoy a life of
love fucking ever since the day Kimi and Jason first fucked each other. Kimi
shoved the dildo deeper and faster up her mother's sex tingling twat.

"OhhHHhooOOhhHhooOooHhhh... HARDDDEEERRR!" screamed Janice. Kimi obeyed. She
was rapidly burying the blue dildo in and out of her mother. Janice loved it.
Her pussy was being shafted over and over, and she stood tip toed when the sexual
intensity increased. Janice continued to moan while Kimi continued to fuck. It
wasn't long that Janice experienced a series of orgasms rupturing inside her
making her vagina tremble and shake. She tightly held the shower curtain rod
with her right hand while the fingers of her other hand parted her sweet pussy lips. Janice was thankful for having a wonderful daughter as she shuttered more.
Finally, Janice felt like she had had enough for now and stopped Kimi's

"Oh, God,' cried Janice. "That was so sweet." She pulled the dildo out of her.
While her orgasms subsided, the blond mother fell on both knees on to the bathtub
floor to thank her teenage daughter with a kiss. Kimi gladly welcomed it. Both
of their wet warm bodies touched one another as they held each other tightly
exchanging their moist wet tongues. Slowly, both females pulled away while
staring into each other's green eyes.

"Do I get a turn?" asked the blond teen.

"Sure you do," replied the blond woman. From underneath, Janice splashed warm
water against her daughter's floodgate. Then, she touched Kimi where it really
counted and rubbed her fingers up and down the teenage pussy.

"Mmmm," Kimi moaned. A mother's loving touches is always the best, she thought.
Janice's fingers moved towards the teenage sex bud. "Wait a minute," said Kimi.
She got into a crouching position because her knees were starting to ache on the
hard bathtub floor. Now, the young blonde was ready. Janice's fingers
immediately tickled the young hairless twat. "Ohh, yeah," moaned Kimi. Her face
was just inches away from her mother's, and she aggressively slipped a tongue
into Janice's mouth. Kimi braced herself by holding on to both sides of the
bathtub while her mother's left arm was wrapped around Kimi's neck. The two
continued to passionately kiss while Janice's forefinger flickered Kimi's clit
rapidly. The young teen's moans were dampened with loving kisses, and she felt a
warm fuzzy feeling in her body as the excitement build. And soon enough, it
finally happened. Kimi's pussy pulsated in sexually delight as her first orgasm
of the night overcame her.

"Mmmmmm...," Kimi moaned in ecstasy while her pussy pulsated for several
seconds. Then, she broke their oral engagement and let out a sigh of sexual
relief. Janice was still rubbing her daughter's little delight.

"Did you do it?" asked Janice.

"Yeah, Mommy," Kimi replied with a satisfying smile. Their foreheads touched as
Janice placed both hands around Kimi's waist. The thirty-six year old mother looked into her daughter's green eyes and spoke.

"Let's dry ourselves, and move to my bed," suggested Janice.

"Okay, Mom," responded Kimi. Janice turned the faucet off, and both females
grabbed a couple of towels to dry each other leaving their hairs damp. When they
were finished, Janice and Kimi walked into Janice's bedroom with Kimi's small
hand in hers. Kimi quickly climbed on the bed first. She laid on her back with
her head on at the foot of the bed. Janice followed by getting on top of her
daughter with her face above Kimi's young vagina and hers over Kimi's face.
Mother and daughter were horny and eager to love one another as they both got a
great view of one another's shaven and smooth womanhoods ready to be eaten. There
was no time to lose so the two blond females went to town on one another.






Mother and daughter were having an all you can eat pussy buffet. Kimi's arms
were wrapped around her mother's waist, and her hands were firmly on both ass
cheeks spreading them wide apart. Janice had her arms wrapped around Kimi's
thighs and parted Kimi's sex fountain with both hands. This made it easy for
some good old fashion oral loving. Their tongue teasing muffled their moans and
cries. In no time, the two lovers were as wet as wet can be in a mix of pussy juice and saliva. Tongues darted in and out parting each other's sex walls as
they quivered and shook. Both sex buds were being nibbled on, and their private
parts were being invaded. The more they loved, the more intense it grew. When
one blonde climaxed, she was driven to make the other blonde climax. And when
that blonde climaxed, she was driven to make the other blonde climax stronger. It
was an exchange that brought both girls to a high plateau of sexual enlightenment
over and over. The combination of their hot trembling bodies made the bad shake.
Everything was going perfect, but Janice had something special for her daughter.

"Get on you hands and knees," Janice told her daughter. The thirty-six year old mother rolled off her daughter and was sitting on the right side of the bed.
Janice pulled open the nightstand drawer and took out one of her long penis
shaped dildos. When Janice turned around, Kimi was already on all fours facing
towards the foot of the bed. The female teen looked back at her mother anticipating for a little penetration, but it wasn't what she had expected. "Now
pull your ass wide apart," Janice instructed the teenage girl. Kimi rested the
right side of her head on the bed while she brought both hands behind her. Her
ass was up high, and her parted ass cheeks exposed her pretty little asshole to
the cold air. When Janice sat behind Kimi, she sucked the tip of the dildo to
help lubricate it. Then, Janice aimed the artificial cock at Kimi's tight little
backdoor. "Relax," she said. And Janice pushed.

"Ohhhhhhhh...," Kimi's moaned. The young teen felt her asshole being stretched
while her mother twisted the dildo slowly inside. Kimi smiled in a mix of
pleasure and pain while Janice slowly slid the latex cock in and out. The blond teen breathed long deep breaths as her ass relaxed, and she closed her eyes to
let go of her thoughts. The invasion of her backdoor felt so wild.

Janice was in control of Kimi's asshole. She continued to ram her play toy fast
and deep in one of the most intimate regions of her oversexed daughter. Still
holding her ass with her left hand, Kimi brought her right hand around her to
play with her wet pussy while mother was still doing her from behind. Kimi
shoved two fingers inside of her. It easily slid in and out and in and out for
some fine finger friction. For several minutes, Kimi was getting a dose of
double pleasure for the price of one. It was so erotic. As the pressure build,
her pussy exploded in orgasm while her ass was being fucked. It happened over
and over again. The sexual thunderstorm was pounding mercilessly at her loins
and taking its wrath on the teenage blonde. All of this left Kimi on a sexual
high as she gave into her natural instinctive sexual reactions. Feeling so
satisfied, Kimi wanted to return a favor.

"Let me fuck you, Mommy," said the horny blond teen. Janice didn't argue. She
pulled the dildo out of her daughter and laid it on the bed. Immediately, Kimi
climbed off the bed and headed towards her mother's walk-in closet. When she
entered, Kimi turned on the light and examined the array of sex toys neatly
organized on the upper shelf. Janice had quite a collection ready to be used in
the case of an emergency. Kimi reached up to grab one of her favorite strap-ons.
It was made of white leather with gold buckles that when worn exposed the woman's
pussy and ass. It this case, it was a teenage girl. The artificial cock on the
strap-on was made of pink latex. Ridges ran from the base of it to the end where
it resembled the head of a real penis.

Having the strap-on in her hand, Kimi walked out of the closet and closed the
door behind her. She found her mother lying on the bed with her knees bent and
her legs slightly parted. Janice smiled at her daughter while she rubbed her
swollen sex bud with one hand while gently fingering her eager sex gate with the
other. The horny mother wanted to make sure her pussy was primed and ready for
some good hard daughter loving. Kimi stood beside the bed while fastening the
strap-on around her waist. When she finished, she climbed on the bed to join her
mother. Janice eagerly pulled both legs wide apart giving her daughter and open
invitation to her pretty shaved love well that glistened with sex juices. On her
knees, Kimi rubbed the tip of the strap-on up and down against her mother's

"Oooooo," Janice moaned. "Don't tease me too much."

"Just relax, Mom," assured Kimi. "I'm gonna make you scream." The blond teen
had a smile from ear to ear, and her mother was looking forward to it all. For a
while, Kimi would rub the artificial cock up and down her mother and circled it
against her clit. Janice felt the sensations building around her mature pussy.
She rubbed her breasts while her daughter continued their foreplay. The deviant
child placed her hands behind her mother's knees and pushed the strap-on inside.

"Oh, yeah, Kimi," cried Janice as she threw her head back. She felt Kimi's
intrusion while Kimi pumped her at a good tempo. It was a joyous site for the
blond teen to see her mother trembling in ecstasy. In their present position,
Kimi was only able to get a little more than half of the strap-on inside of her
oversexed mother, but that's alright with Janice because it still felt great. The
thirty-six year old moaned and cried while Kimi was doing her. Then, Kimi
released Janice's legs. The sixteen-year old teen laid on top of her mother and
was now in better position to give Janice the maximum length of her sex toy.
Janice felt her pussy walls forced further apart, and Kimi shoved her toy faster
and harder. Their foreheads touched. Kimi felt Janice's warm breath against her
face as Janice moaned and screamed in delight. Staring into each other's eyes,
mother and daughter shared their love and lust for each other. They made a
perfect pair. daughter fucked while mother got fucked. Sometimes, it was the
other way around. They couldn't be any happier. The sexual intensity and
friction grew between the two of them, and Janice was reaching that point of
glory. Her arms were wrapped tightly around her daughter's back, and her legs
were almost at a hundred and eighty degrees from each other. Kimi wildly pounded
her mom's pussy.

"Oh, YEAH... OHHH... OH... OHHHHHH!!!" Janice screamed. Her pussy walls
shuttered and trembled as she felt the sexual eruption taking over her whole body
in orgasm. Kimi was not about to stop. The ecstasy she felt radiating from her
mother encouraged her to go for the long haul, and Janice was right with her.
Janice repeatedly came to climax giving in to the teen sex machine. She laid
there allowing her daughter to do what she knew how to do best. Their sexual
romp of lesbian incest continued for several minutes until the doorbell rang.
Immediately, Kimi spoke up.

"That's Jason," cried Kimi. "I'll get it." Regretfully, she pulled the strap-on
out of her mother and climb off the bed. Without bothering to remove the
strap-on, Kimi ran down the stairs. With each step she took, her breasts jiggled
while the latex cock on the strap-on bounced up and down. Kimi just knew it was
Jason at the door. She couldn't wait to get his cock inside of her as well as
her mother. Without checking through the peephole, Kimi unlocked the door and
threw it wide open. To her surprise, it wasn't Jason. It was thirty-seven year
old Jeff Walker, father of Amanda Walker who happened to be Kimi's best friend.

"Hi, Mr. Walker. I didn't expect to see you," said the blond teen.

"Hello, Kimi," greeted Jeff. "Is your... mother... home?" Jeff's voice trailed
off to his discovery before him. Kimi was standing in the doorway with one hand
on the doorknob and the other on her hip, but then, Kimi just realized something.
She was standing near naked wearing a strap-on in front of her best friend's

end of part one...

Copyright 2000 by JCJoe
AOL IM: Joeblues91
ICQ: 76621216

Being an amateur writer, I'd really appreciated it if I'd get some feedback and
support. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions. It's great to be
able to write stories and share them, but it's harder to keep writing them
without any encouragement. I do have other stories I'm working on, so let's make
it worth wild. If you are going to write to me, please give me a first name and
an age so I would have some idea of whom you are. So please drop me a line
sometime. Thanks. -Johnny


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