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The following story describes GRAPHIC SEXUAL situations that are INTENDED TO BE

A note to the reader: Thank you for taking an interest in "Amanda's First." If
you have not done so, please read "Like Mother, Like Daughter" and "Kimi's New
Boyfriend," respectively because "Amanda's First" is a sequel following "Kimi's
New Boyfriend." To find this story and others, please use your web browser to go

Thank you. -Johnny


Part Two

Immediately, Kimi slammed the front door shut between her and Jeff.

"Oh, shit!" Kimi cried. For sometime now, Jeff's wife, Annie, had been engaging
in lesbian sex with her best friend Janice. Along with this, Annie and Janice
have been having sex with their daughters Amanda and Kimi, respectively. Annie
had been very fearful of her husband's disapproval. She had asked the other
girls to keep quiet about the whole thing until she was able to find an
appropriate way to tell Jeff since he wasn't supposed to know anything about
this. Now that Jeff had seen Kimi with a strap-on around her waist, Kimi feared
that this would lead to Jeff thinking that there was more to Janice and Kimi's
relationship as mother and daughter than met the eye.

"What wrong?" Janice yelled from her bedroom.

"Mr. Walker's outside, and he just saw me with this fucking dildo on me!" yelled
Kimi. Janice got up from the bed and walked into the hallway. Naked, she leaned
on the stairway banisher and looked down towards her daughter.

"Did he see you?" asked Janice.

"Yes," cried Kimi.

"Well, hurry back upstairs and take that thing off. I'll handle it," said
Janice. Kimi started back up the stairs. Janice hurried to throw on her
bathrobe and trotted down the stairs to the front door. As she stood there, the
thirty-six year old woman took a second to catch her breath. Finally, she opened
the door.

"Hello, Jeff," Janice greeted Jeff in a very friendly manner as if nothing had
just happened. "Are you here to see me?" the blond woman winked at Jeff. Sex
was very tempting to Jeff since he and his wife have participated in several
threesomes with the blond wanton.

"Maybe some other time, Janice. I was on my way home from work to pick up some
books Annie asked for. Do you know which ones she's talking about?" asked Jeff.

"Of course I do," claimed Janice. "Come on in, and I'll get them for you." Jeff
walked in and Janice closed the door behind him. "They're in the den. Just
relax, and I'll get them for you." Barefooted and in her robe, Janice
disappeared from sight Jeff's site. Janice must have just come out of the
shower, Jeff thought. But did Jeff saw what he thought he saw? It was very
clear to him that Kimi was standing in front of him naked wearing a strap-on.
Were Janice and Kimi having sex with each other? No one else appeared to be in
the house so they must be the only ones home. Strange. Maybe he mistook the
strap-on for a towel. No way, it can't be. And his daughter, Amanda, was best
friends with Kimi so it was a little discerning to think what Amanda might know
about this if anything at all.

"Here you go," said Janice as she reappeared with a small box full of used novels
in her arms. "I though Annie told me she was going to pick these up tomorrow."

"She probably was, but she called me while I was at work and asked me to pick
them up if it wasn't going to be a problem," said Jeff. He took the box from

"Not a problem at all," declared Janice. "You know you are welcomed here
anytime." The blond seductress was very suggestive in the tone of her speech,
and Jeff knew exactly what she meant.

"Thanks, but I need to get back. Annie's cooking tonight, and I don't want to be
late," said Jeff. "But I do have one question."

"Yes?" Janice listened anticipating whether or not Jeff was going to ask about
Kimi's "nakedness" just minutes earlier tonight.

"This is really not of my business, but when I first came to the door, Kimi," and
suddenly, Jeff heard a voice coming from behind him.

"Did someone say my name?" asked that voice. Jeff spun around to find that Kimi
was walking down the stairs wearing an oversized t-shirt and a pair of cutoff
blue jean shorts. "Sorry about earlier, Mr. Walker. I just got out of the
shower and wasn't thinking. Didn't mean to slam the door on you," Kimi said
nervously. Jeff took it as a humble apology when Kimi was probably trying to
cover a lie. Great. That explains everything, Jeff sarcastically reassured

"That's alright, Kimi. It happens sometimes," said Jeff. Yeah, right. Who was
Jeff trying to kid anyway? "Thanks for the books, Janice. You two have a good

"You too, Jeff. Bye-bye," said Janice as she showed Jeff out. Then, Janice
turned toward Kimi. "You need to be a little more careful next time."

"Sorry, Mom," apologized the sixteen year old teen. But Janice wasn't angry. She
was about to phone her best friend Annie to inform her of what had just happened.
"You know, Mom," said Kimi "I really do hope that Mr. Walker does find out and
is totally cool about it."

"And why's that?" asked Kimi's mother.

"So I can fuck him," cooed the horny teen.

"I don't know about that," responded Janice. "He's almost more than I can handle
so he might be too much for you."

"Awesome!" smiled Kimi.


Jeff finally arrived home and gave his wife the books she had asked for. That
night, Jeff, Annie, and Amanda sat at the kitchen table for supper. After
finishing a well prepared home cooked meal, Amanda had to leave to go
baby-sitting for some friends of theirs. This left Jeff and Annie at home as the
clean up crew for the kitchen. The couple talked for a while as they put away
leftovers and cleared off the kitchen table. Side by side, husband and wife stood in front of the sink washing and drying dishes. As they continued their
conversation, Jeff felt a need to bring up what he discovered at Janice's house.

"Honey, call me crazy, but when I first arrived at Janice's house and knocked,
Kimi answered the door naked wearing one of those strap-ons you and Janice would
use when the three of us have sex," recalled Jeff. "I guess if Kimi wanted to
have sex with another girl, that's her call, but only Janice and Kimi were home.
Do you know anything about them, well... you know..." It was hard for Jeff to
come right out and say that Janice and Kimi were having sex with each other
because of their relationship. Then, Annie words burst forth from her lips in

"Since Janice is very sexually active and Kimi is very sexually active, sometimes
maybe they express themselves sexually with each other," Annie's words blurted
right out as if it were a runaway train speeding down a track.

"How did you know that Kimi was having sex with her mother?" asked Jeff.

"You said Kimi was having sex with her mother," the nervous wife claimed.

"I was about to until you interrupted," said Jeff.

"Well, it was implied," said Annie. She was too afraid to look her husband in
the eyes when she spoke. Sensing a little anxiety from his wife, Jeff paused to
turn and face Annie.

"Are you alright?" asked Jeff.

"What?" Annie responded by acting as if she didn't hear her husband.

"I said, are you alright?" Jeff asked again. Annie turned around to look at
Jeff. Her blue eyes rolled around for a second as she tried to say, "yes"
without sounding too awkward. And as hard as it was for her to show that nothing
was bothering her, Annie responded.

"I'm fine. Not a problem here. Nope, not me," said the black haired wife. She
hastily grabbed a damp dishrag to wipe the kitchen table clean in order to avoid
making eye contact with Jeff. This left Jeff standing by himself to wash the
rest of the dishes. What's gotten into her, Jeff thought to himself? With his
back turned away from his wife, he continued to speak.

"Well, this seems to be bothering you as much as it's bothering me. Maybe you
should talk to Janice or something if she and Kimi are having... sex with each
other. You know, it would be hard for me to imagine you and Amanda doing the
same thing," said Jeff. Hearing this, a lump formed in Annie's throat. If Jeff
found out, Annie was going to be in trouble for molesting her own daughter. Jeff
continued to express his concern over the whole matter without once turning to
face his wife while finishing up the last of the dishes. Jeff went on and on and
on until Annie could take no more.

"Shut up!" cried Annie.

"What did you just say?" asked Jeff.

" I said, shut up," repeated Annie.

"What is with you tonight?" asked Jeff as he turned to face his beautiful
blue-eyed wife. And to his surprise, Annie was leaning on the kitchen table with
a tear running down her face. Quickly, Jeff dried his hands and rushed to place
an arm around her. He tired to look at her, but she kept turning away in shame.

"I know!" cried Annie. She turned around with her back toward Jeff.

"Know what?" asked Jeff.

"I know that Janice and Kimi are having sex with each other, and I was afraid
that if you had found out, you'd be mad and won't let me see her again." Annie
buried her face in her hands and tears steamed from her beautiful eyes. Jeff at
the time didn't know what to say. "She my best friend, and Kimi is Amanda's best
friend. I've known Janice for so long and hate to not be able to see her just
because of this."

"Honey, don't worry about it" said Jeff as he gently wrapped his arms around
Annie to comfort her. "Maybe I said a few things that didn't sound good, but I
know she means a lot to you. I... I would not do anything to ruin your
friendship with her. You know that," Jeff reassured his wife. Annie was
starting to feel a little better. "Besides, I kind have been enjoying the little
threesomes we've been having." With watery eyes, Annie slowly turned around to
face her husband.

"You bastard," whispered Annie. She smiled and started to laugh. Husband and
wife talked for a few minutes about Annie's knowledge of Janice's affairs with
her daughter, but during the conversation, Annie was still too afraid to tell
Jeff about her affairs with Amanda. Soon, Jeff was able to convince Annie that
he was not angry at her for hiding what she knew about Janice and Kimi. For now,
the black haired beauty found peace within.

The two of them were sitting at adjacent edges from each other at the kitchen
table when the conversation came to an end. Annie leaned towards Jeff to hold
his hand while she stared into his eyes.

"Thank you for being very understanding," said Annie with a warm smile. "I want
to make love to you before Amanda gets back." Jeff liked the words that flowed
from his wife's mouth.

"Maybe we should have more conversations like this," Jeff said.

"Maybe," winked Annie. Annie and Jeff stood from the table. Jeff started to
lead Annie out of the kitchen, but Annie resisted. "Let's do it here," she
whispered, and the two embraced each other in a passionate kiss. The natural
scent of Annie's black hair smelled sweet to Jeff. She was always such a turn on
for him. Annie was one woman who was hard to resist. The thirty-eight year old man worked his hands down his wife's back and on to her round voluptuous ass.
Annie felt Jeff's manly hands tighten behind her. It felt so nice. She wanted
him, and the two kissed more. Then, Annie slowly pulled away and looked into
Jeff's eyes. Without looking down, Jeff felt his wife working on his pants. As
soon as Jeff's button and zipper was loose, the buxom babe slipped her right hand
inside, and she found a beast trying to break free from its cage. And with her
key of love, Annie's unlocked its cage allowing it to run wild.

"I love your cock," cooed Annie. Her warm fingers were very sensual to the
touch. Jeff sighed. Annie smiled at her husband and got down on her knees to
face the beast. There it was in front of her, ready to pounce at any second, but
Annie was here to tame it. The thirty-six year old woman stroked the beast
several times while keeping a close eye on it. Then, she let go of it to
unbutton her blouse and to unhook her bra from the front to reveal a dynamic duo
that will stop anything dead in its tracks. With her left hand, the black haired
beauty raised her left breast and rubbed the head of the beast against her
swollen nipple. Then, she grabbed her right breast and rubbed her right nipple
against the beast again. To help, Jeff grabbed a hold of his own monster cock.
Now, Annie cupped both breasts and rubbed each nipple alternatively against her
husband's penis. Jeff could feel the tingle running up and down his shaft. It
was an erotic tease for the both of them.

"Look me in the eyes, Jeff," cooed the wanton wife. It was hard to resist eyes
that were as pure as Annie's. Jeff felt he had no choice but to comply. "Am I
beautiful?" asked Annie.

"Yes," whispered Jeff.

"Do you love me?"

"Always," Jeff responded. Then, Annie parted her breasts to snuggle Jeff's love
muscle in between them. The warmth of Annie's love muffins excited Jeff.

"Now, look at me real hard, and tell me the truth," said the blue-eyed babe. "Do
I remind you of our Amanda?"

"Oh, yeah," moaned Jeff. Annie was starting to fuck Jeff with her titties.
Because Jeff's penis was so huge the swollen purple head stood clearly out in
front of Annie from between her monster breasts. "Every time I see her, she
reminds me of you when we first met."

"Good," said Annie. Then, Annie lowered her head and took the head of Jeff's
cock into her mouth and began to suck. She tightened her lips past the head and
licked and sucked like a lollipop.

"UuugggGhhhh...," Jeff moaned. Annie increased the intensity. She had Jeff's
penis trapped between her boobs rubbing them while she continued to suck away.
The sexual friction in Annie's oral delight was incredible. Jeff slowly moved
his hips back and forth while letting out small moans and cries. Annie made sure
her mounds of joy were tightly entrapping the beast. A couple of minutes have
passed in a face fuck tit fest. Annie was getting that special warm feeling
between her legs, and she felt it was about time that something was done about
it. Then, Annie released the beast leaving it hanging wet in the cold. She
stood up.

"Let's get the rest of these clothes off," said Annie. Jeff complied. Only good
things are about to come. The couple stripped each article of clothing one by
one and laid them on the kitchen table. Then, Annie pulled up a chair just a few
feet away from the table.

Annie stood before Jeff naked from head to toe. The blue-eyed, black-haired
woman radiated with passionate beauty. Her voluptuous figure justified her
finely round buttocks and her huge melon sized breast. And upon closer
inspection, Annie's love chamber between her legs nestled below the black mound
can house some of the wildest beasts. Of course, Jeff had seen his wife numerous
of times naked, but it was something he can never get used to. Before him was a

The eager buxom woman eyed her husband. His body was toned from his daily
routine in the gym, and his huge love muscle was standing straight and strong in
front of him ready to be loved. Annie was one of the very few ladies who is
prepared enough to handle his love. Her long legs took a few steps in front of
her husband.

"Sit down, Honey," Annie told her lover, and Jeff took his place on the chair. He
slowly stroked his cock while Annie readied herself. Then, the beautiful black
haired woman threw her left leg over Jeff's lap to straddle him with her back
towards him. This gave Jeff a view of Annie's beautiful ass and back. Annie
reached below her to hold Jeff's swollen cock steady while she lowered herself,
and the beast felt the pressure of Annie's swollen wet pussy lips pressing
against it. And not a second too soon, the beast entered Annie's love cage built
especially for it.

"Oh, yeah," moaned Jeff. Annie's warmness grasped the huge male member inside.
The blue-eyed woman kept silent and continued to lower herself until the beast
was completely inside of her. And when it was, Annie held on to Jeff's knees and
started to move up and down. She enjoyed the fatness beneath while her pussy walls were pushed apart every time she came down on her husband.

"Mmmmmm," moaned Annie. Jeff sat there while Annie did all of the work. She
closed her eyes and gave into the cunt stuffing she brought upon her. Once
again, Annie felt complete. While Annie continued to shaft herself, Jeff ran his
hands sensually over his wife's back. Annie's skin was tanned and smooth to the
touch with hardly a blemish to be found. Then, his left hand found its way to
Annie's left breast while the other hand lost itself in Annie black forest
between her legs. Each hand found a bud to play with. One was the cherry sized
nipple and the other was Annie's swollen sex button. Jeff's fingers toyed with
both buds at the same time bringing his beautiful wife to a higher stage of
sexual enlightenment. Annie continued to moan and cry and her whole body
trembled with sex for the next several minutes. Then, Annie leaned forward to
grab the edge of the kitchen table for greater support so she could move her body
faster and harder than before. Between the two of them, they were generating a
love that would be contagious to anyone who walked into the room. Sex filled
every corner of the kitchen. Now, Jeff had both of Annie's melon sized breasts in his hands, but his hands were not large enough to contain them. Then, he
fondled and caressed them both while tugging away at the nipples. Annie's breast were always sensitive. Sometime she would have an orgasm from the friction of a
sweater if she didn't wear a bra. All this was so good to Annie.

"How does my pussy feel around your big hot cock?" said the black haired bitch
while she continued to pound herself on her husband.

"Good..." moaned Jeff.

"Is that all?" cried Annie.

"It feels fucking great!" declared the husband.

"You want to know why it feels fucking great?" asked Annie as she started to fuck
her husband faster.

"UuugggHHhhh... why... does it... tell me..." Jeff barely got the words out in a
mix of ecstasy.

"Because you taught me how to fuck a real man!" yelled Annie. She closed her
eyes as her mind drifted, and she slammed herself down as hard as she could on
Jeff's steel hard lightning rod. Annie's mouth was partially opened while she
moaned of pleasure and held on to the edge of the table as tight as ever while
pounding Jeff. The thirty eight year old husband was fighting the urge to spew
his hot cum inside of his wife, but how much could he take? The big busty bitch
pounded and pounded and pounded while her breast flopped up and down.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh... Ohhhhhh, YEAH...... YOU MAKE MY pussy FEEL SO FINE!!!" Annie
screamed. That was it. Jeff could not take any more. His dick was about to
make the ultimate sacrifice. But just before Jeff was about to spill his heart
and soul inside his goddess, Annie stopped. She let go of the table and leaned
back against Jeff's warm muscular chest. From there, Annie turned her head
towards her stud husband, and the two tongued each other. Jeff rubbed his hands
all over Annie's warm stomach and huge breasts. He grabbed both of Annie's
nipples and pinched and twisted them more. Sexual tingles ran from Annie's
boobs, to her still stuffed pussy, and back to her breasts again. The black
haired she-devil did not want this to end anytime soon. Without opening her
eyes, Annie whispered a few words.

"Let's go fuck outside!"
end of part two...

Copyright 2000 by JCJoe
AOL IM: Joeblues91
ICQ: 76621216

Being an amateur writer, I'd really appreciated it if I'd get some feedback and
support. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions. It's great to be
able to write stories and share them, but it's harder to keep writing them
without any encouragement. I do have other stories I'm working on, so let's make
it worth wild. If you are going to write to me, please give me a first name and
an age so I would have some idea of whom you are. So please drop me a line
sometime. Thanks. -Johnny


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