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The following story describes GRAPHIC SEXUAL situations that are INTENDED TO BE

A note to the reader: Thank you for taking an interest in "Amanda's First." If
you have not done so, please read "Like Mother, Like Daughter" and "Kimi's New
Boyfriend," respectively because "Amanda's First" is a sequel following "Kimi's
New Boyfriend." To find this story and others, please use your web browser to go

Thank you. -Johnny


Part Three

"Go get a blanket, and I'll meet you by the old swing set," said Annie. Jeff's
pussy juice coated cock fell out of Annie's pussy when the black haired beauty
stood up. "And hurry up," winked the vixen as she opened the sliding door to the
backyard. Annie had a beautiful backside. And without hesitation, Jeff grabbed
a clean blanket from the laundry room.

When Jeff stepped outside, he found Annie standing in front of the swing set. It
was an old swing set. The two swings that were once hanging from it were now
sitting in the storage shed waiting to be repaired from years of exposure to the
elements. What remained outside were the legs that were planted firmly in the
ground and the horizontal bar that rested just a few inches above Annie's head.
The blue-eyed woman stood there naked with her hands holding the horizontal bar
above her. Jeff walked towards Annie.

"So where do you want this?" asked Jeff referring to the blanket.

"Just set it on the ground beside the swing for now," said Annie. All around the
perimeter of their backyard was a six-foot tall fence so they still had to be
watchfully of any eavesdroppers. Annie and Jeff glanced around them to make sure
no one was watching. What they really need to worry about was not making too
much noise.

After Jeff placed the blanket on the ground, he walked towards Annie and wrapped
his arms around her bare back. Annie felt the heat of her husband's cock on her
tummy while Jeff felt Annie's huge breasts pressing against him. The two stared
into each other's eyes and passionately kissed. Jeff ran his hands up and down
Annie's unblemished back. It felt so soothing in contrast to the cool night air.
Annie returned the favor. The beautiful black haired woman slowly ran her hands
down Jeff's back until it reached his backside. Then, Annie tightly squeezed his
firm buttocks pressing him harder against her. Jeff like this so he also grabbed
Annie's voluptuous ass. Annie liked this, too.

The twosome continued to kiss, and the heat between them increased. Then,
Annie's right hand wedged its way between their bodies and found its way to
Jeff's beast waiting to be tamed. As often as she has taken a hold of it, she
can never get used to its warmth and size. Jeff backed off a few inches to allow
Annie to do her thing while still kissing her. The cock hungry vixen slightly
parted her legs to slide Jeff rock hard woman tamer against Annie's swollen pussy lips. But who was about to be tamed? The beast or Annie? Both of them grew
even more eager to receive their sex. With their quiet moans muffled, Jeff slid
his monster cock back and forth. It felt great against Annie's swollen wet pussy lips. Wanting more from her husband, Annie wrapped her right leg around Jeff's
waist. And then, she hopped up to wrap her left leg around him. Holding Annie
firmly and securely by the ass, Jeff now had Annie's in his arms, and she leaning
against his chest. Then, he broke off their oral engagement.

"I'm going to fuck you," said Jeff.

"Alright, then fuck me," replied Annie.

"Grab a hold of the bar," commanded Jeff. Annie looked above her to make sure
she knew where it was. Without wasting another second, Annie firmly grabbed the
horizontal bar above her with both hands. Now, she was hanging from the old swing set while being held by her husband from underneath. Then, Jeff worked his
hands from Annie's ass to hold her by the back of Annie's knees leaving Annie's
lower legs dangling. Next, Jeff adjusted his body just enough to where the head
of his cock was barely rubbing against Annie's wet eager pussy lips, but he still
wasn't in an easy position to slide in. That's when Annie's gave Jeff a helping
hand by reaching down below her with her right hand and positioned Jeff's hot
cock firmly against Annie's hot love hole. Now, Jeff was ready, and he pushed.

"AaaahhHhhh," Annie moaned. The beast entered into the love cage. Annie's wet
warmth grasped it until Jeff's pelvis was touching his wife's. And for another
night, Annie felt so complete with Jeff's man member deep inside of her.

The couple broke their kiss to look into each other's eyes. Their hypnotic
stares were the evidence of a sexual passion that was about to released again. As
Annie continued to marvel at her husband, Jeff started to move his hips up and
down sliding his love muscle in and out of his wife's mature womanhood.

"Oooooooo," Annie moaned. Her body jerked several times in erotic pleasure. The
warmth of Jeff's beast rattled Annie's cage sending erotic sensations up and down
Annie's spine as it parted Annie's sweet pussy walls. "Oh, Jeff, you make my
pussy feel so good," cried Annie. "Oooooo... ooOOOoooOooo...," cooed Annie. Her
breasts were heaving up and down with every deep breath she took of the night
air. She can never get enough of Jeff's big pussy plugger, and the more she got,
the better. The long, deep, and slow strokes were making Annie's oversexed body

"You are so beautiful, Annie," Jeff complemented his wife. Annie smiled in
appreciation. It was an erotic slow burn for Annie and Jeff as Annie moaned in
sexual delight.

For several minutes, Jeff continued to slide his prime USDA beef in and out, in
and out, in and out, in and out, over and over while enjoying the look of ecstasy
all over his wife's beautiful face. Like every time they had sex, they wanted
their pleasure fuck to last forever.

The slow burn produced a chain of small orgasms in Annie's twat. Annie's moaned
and cried with each trembling force of sexual orgasmic blow. "Oh,Jeff...
Oh,Jeff... Oh,Jeff... Oh,Jeff... Oh,Jeff...," Annie cried over and over throwing
her head back every time she got shafted. Jeff could feel the pressure of
Annie's pulsating orgasmic cunt taming his love beast.

"I love your, pussy," cried Jeff. "Mmmm... MmmMmmm...," the fucking stud moaned.
Annie's hot womanhood continued to pulsate and tremble as she experienced one
small trembling orgasm after another.

"You're making me cum," cried Annie.

"Good," replied Jeff. This encouraged Jeff to fuck her harder and faster.

"OH, HONey... ohHhh... just like THAT!!!... YEAH!... ohh, YEAH!!!... that's it...
fuck me... fuck ME!!!" Annie begged Jeff to treat her well, and Jeff was. While
Jeff fucked, Annie kept it "cumming." The heat of their loins was about to burn
them any minute now. The baby blue-eyed voluptuous woman loved the pussy impaling her husband was giving her, but she thought it was time for a little
variety in their outdoor love making.

Annie released the horizontal bar to wrap her arms around Jeff neck and gave him
a wet kiss of thanks for such a sweet series of orgasms. Then, Jeff hands worked
its way from the back of Annie's knees to Annie's ass again. The thirty-six year
old mother made sure her legs were tightly wrapped around her husband's waist.
Soon, she felt Jeff's right hand working toward the crack of her ass and felt his
finger against Annie's little backdoor.

"Ooooohhhh," Annie moaned. And in a soft passionate voice, Jeff spoke.

"I want to fuck you from behind," said Jeff. Annie liked the sound of those

"You mean my ass?" asked Annie.

"Yeah, your wonderful ass," emphasized Jeff.

"Oh, Honey. I was thinking of the same thing," declared Annie. After hearing
this, Jeff released his wife's legs, and again, his beast fell out shining into
the cool night air. Annie walked over to the blanket and unfolded it across the
grass. First, the beautiful vixen laid on her back and parted her legs to finger
her own wet pussy. While she did this, Annie licked her lips while she stared at
her fine husband. Jeff stroked his rock hard man muscle while enjoying the sight
of his wife lying on the blanket, big breasted, legs apart, and her index finger
jutting in and out of her swollen womanhood. Then, Annie removed her finger from
her soaked swollen pussy and brought it to her mouth. Her tongue licked and
sucked the pussy juices clean from her finger. She continued to stare at her
husband as she beckoned him to come forward to take what rightfully belonged to
him. The black haired beauty rolled over on her hands and knees and padded her
sweet ass twice. Then, she rested her head on the blanket to expose her parted
ass cheeks revealing her eager asshole. With her pussy lips swollen and her
pretty asshole puckered up, Annie was ready for a big cock kiss from behind. Now,
it was Jeff's turn to make his move. He walked towards the blue-eyed wanton and
straddled himself above Annie's back. Then, he squatted just low enough to
"meat" with Annie's eager asshole and held his penis steady for the backdoor
plunge. Jeff drove himself in.

"OoooooooOoOoHhHHhhh...," Annie moaned. She felt Jeff penis pressing against her
asshole, but her asshole gave into the pressure when Jeff's penis slid it. Annie
felt her sweet little asshole stretched as Jeff buried its cock within her. It
was sensational. Jeff felt a tightness engulfing his rectum wrecker while he was
pumping his wife's back gate. The thirty-eight year old husband held his wife's
waist for some fine anal penetration. With her right hand, Annie reached below
her and rubbed her swollen clit. Sexual energy built around Annie's love tunnel
and her backdoor at the same time. The feeling so was divine.

"Oh, yeah Jeff... keep fucking my ass... keep fucking my ass...," Annie cried.
Her body was at Jeff's mercy, and she loved every fuck of it. Her fingers
continued to play with her own swollen clit, and it was sexual dual delight. For
several minutes, Annie enjoyed Jeff's manly ramrodding.

Jeff slammed his body hard and fast against the black haired bitch's wide ass. He
felt the sweet sexual sensations of Annie's asshole wrapped tightly around his
huge cock. It didn't fit like a glove. The hand was too big. Every thrust sent
waves up and down Annie's beautiful back. There was no stopping the wrath of the
rectum wrecker as he was tearing Annie's ass to shreds.

"Your ass," Jeff moaned. "Oh, God, your ass is so fucking good." It was getting
hotter and hotter between the two of them.

"You... you can just call me... call me 'Anal Annie,'" moaned the ass fucked
bitch. "AaaAAHhhhhh... aaaAaaahhHhhh," cried Annie. Annie thought Jeff was
doing an awesome job behind her. She loved how Jeff filled her up deep from
behind. Every time Jeff shoved himself all the way inside of her from the back,
Annie felt that Jeff's dick was going to be forced out of her mouth. Sexual
energy pulsated around Annie's pussy and ass while she was still vigorously
rubbing her swollen sex bud. Tonight, Annie was going to sexual heaven.

After several more minutes of hard ass pounding and finger fucking action, Annie
felt the sexual pressure building inside of her to the point where her beautiful
body could take no more. Violently and more suddenly that she had expected,
Annie's pussy shuttered and pulsated like a mini earthquake.

"AaaaHhhhh... AAAAaaHHhhhAaa... Aaaaaahhh... MmmmmmmmmM... JEFF, FUCK MEEEEEE!!!
HARDER!!! TEAR MY ASS UP!!!" Annie's screamed in orgasmic ecstasy. Sexual
flashes ran up and down her thighs as her pussy erupted, and her female cum flowed out of her sweet sex fountain spilling on to her hand and dripping down
her forearm. She was still moaning and screaming each time Jeff pounding himself
against Annie over and over again. Annie's pussy was still quivering from a
powerful orgasm while Jeff relentlessly sodomized his helpless wife beneath him.

"Uugghh, UuGgghhh, UugGggHh, uUuuGgHh," Jeff moaned each time rammed his anal
probe straight in Annie's ass. Then, he felt his raw fucking cock about to
explode. And now, it was his turn. "OH, YEAH, ANNIE!!! OH, YEAH, UUUGGHH...
UUUGGGHHH... AAAAHHHHHGGGG!!!" Jeff screamed. Globs of his hot sex seed shot out
and deposited itself inside of the black haired vixen, and Annie felt his hot cum oozed inside of her. For several seconds, Jeff continued to hose down the fire
in Annie's hot voluptuous ass. When this was over, he was finally able to catch
his breath now that he had fulfilled their anal desires.

Jeff slowly pulled his penis out of his wife's fucked up asshole and laid on the
blanket beside her. Feeling so satisfied and complete, Annie climb on top to lay
on her sex machine. As they looked into each other eyes, they passionately
embraced while experiencing the aftermaths of their love play. But with Annie,
not only did she receive and enjoy a powerful orgasm, she also enjoyed the feel
of Jeff's hot cum inside of her ass like a mini enema.

For the next several minutes, Annie was still laying on top of Jeff enjoying
their warm bodies and the cool night air. They talked about several things in
casual conversation while not giving a care to the world and its problems. As
Jeff ran his fingers up and down Annie's back, Annie rested her head on Jeff's
muscular chest while listening to his heartbeat. Then, Jeff spoke.

"Do you think anyone saw us?" asked Jeff.

"I really don't care," replied Annie without looking at her husband. Jeff smiled
while enjoying the natural scent of his wife's silky black hair.

"You know, I've noticed you've been more sexually active for some time now,"
declared Jeff.

"Yeah, I know," sighed Annie.

"And it's been great," added Jeff. Annie enjoyed his comforting words while
still lying on top of him.

"I love you," said Annie.

"I love you, too," replied Jeff. Annie looked up to stare into her husband's
eyes. Not once had Annie ever told a lie to her husband, and she wasn't about to
start now. But was not tell him something telling him a lie? It's not telling
him the truth, and Annie rationalized not telling him the truth must be a lie.
She knew that eventually she would have to tell Jeff that she's been having
sexual affairs with their own daughter. It was going to be hard for her, but she
felt that it had to be done. As Annie worked up the courage to reveal her
secret, she felt a sinking feeling in her chest.

"I love Amanda," said Annie.

"I love Amanda, too," replied Jeff.

"No, honey. You don't understand," said Annie. She knew that what she just said
was vague but thought that it might help break the ice.

"What do you mean?" Jeff asked.

"I mean I LOVE Amanda," Annie repeated herself with a stress in her voice. Jeff
noticed a look of anxiety in his wife's eyes, and then, he asked an awkward

"You don't mean you love Amanda like how Janice loves Kimi, do you?" inquired
Jeff. There was a brief moment of silence. Afraid of saying a word, Annie
reluctantly nodded her head twice, and Jeff's eyes widen in astonishment. "Oh,
man," uttered Jeff as he looked up at the stars.

"I'm sorry," cried Annie. "If you want me to stop, I will." Annie started to
panic not knowing how her husband would react.

"How... how did all of this happened?" questioned Jeff.

"Well... um...," Annie was at a lost for words. She felt a huge lump in her

"Well, what?" urged Jeff.

"Janice and I have been teaching her sex," answered Annie.

"I should have know," said Jeff. If there was anyone who was involved in this,
it was more than likely Janice.

"I'm sorry. I really am sorry," Annie felt like she wanted to cry. She started
to run her fingers through Jeff's hair hoping it would comfort him.

"Annie, why are you telling me all of this?" asked Jeff.

"Because I love you and was afraid you'd be mad at me for doing something you
didn't want me to do. And I just had to let you know because I'd rather have me
telling you instead of you finding out on your own," said Annie.

"Alright, then. Just let me think about all of this, okay? I'd hate for us to
end up on one of those stupid talk shows." This was definitely a situation Jeff
never thought he would have to face. "You've been having sex with Amanda,
right?" Jeff asked his wife. Annie nodded in agreement. "How does she feel
about it?"

"Oh, she loves it. Every chance she gets, she'd ask me to make love her,"
declared Annie.

"And you... make love to her?" Jeff reluctantly asked.

"Yes, but only when I have time to," replied Annie. She rested her head back on
Jeff chest feeling dirty and ashamed of herself. Jeff could tell that it was
very obvious that Annie was very burdened by all of this. Jeff loved Annie and
always will love her no matter what happens. What's the point of them being
married if they can't work through their problems, Jeff thought.

"Annie, I'm not mad at you. I'm a little shocked to say the least, but I'm not
mad. I promise," said Jeff with all honesty behind his voice. Annie always knew
when Jeff told the truth and turned to look at him.

"Thank you," Annie said with a smile.

"Hey, gorgeous, why don't I get us something to drink, and let's can talk about
it a little more out here, okay?" asked Jeff as he brushed his wife's hair.

"Sure," Annie said. She felt as if a burden was lifted from her shoulders. Then,
Annie rolled off of Jeff to let him stand up. While Jeff walked to the sliding
door of the house, the blue-eyed beauty stared at Jeff's cute backside. But when
Jeff finally reached the sliding door, he found that it would not open. Puzzled,
he tried again. The door still would not budge. Annie wondered what was taking
Jeff so long to get in.

"What's wrong, Honey?" asked Annie.

"I can't get this stupid door to open," replied Jeff. Annie stood up from the
blanket and walked over to Jeff. Jeff tried the door again. Still, he had no

"Let me try," said Annie, and Jeff stepped aside. She couldn't open the door
either. Then, she turned to Jeff. "You didn't lock us out, did you? You were
the last one out."

"I don't think so," responded Jeff. "But I guess I could have." Then, Jeff
thought maybe he did lock them out. Annie didn't like the look on Jeff's face.

"Now how are we going to get back in?" cried Annie. Annie and Jeff were both
locked outside of their own house naked without a way of getting back inside.
Then, Jeff asked a question.

"Now, what time did Amanda say she was coming home?"
end of part three...

Copyright 2000 by JCJoe
AOL IM: Joeblues91
ICQ: 76621216

Being an amateur writer, I'd really appreciated it if I'd get some feedback and
support. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions. It's great to be
able to write stories and share them, but it's harder to keep writing them
without any encouragement. I do have other stories I'm working on, so let's make
it worth wild. If you are going to write to me, please give me a first name and
an age so I would have some idea of whom you are. So please drop me a line
sometime. Thanks. -Johnny


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