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The following story describes GRAPHIC SEXUAL situations that are INTENDED TO BE

A note to the reader: Thank you for taking an interest in "Amanda's First." If
you have not done so, please read "Like Mother, Like Daughter" and "Kimi's New
Boyfriend," respectively because "Amanda's First" is a sequel following "Kimi's
New Boyfriend." To find this story and others, please use your web browser to go

Thank you. -Johnny


Part Four

It was another day at Grayson and Price. Not only did the real estate office
sell and buy property, but they also rented out apartments, too. Today, Janice
and her twenty-six year old brunette assistant, Beverly, were collecting the rent
from a couple of male college students who roomed together. It would have only
taken one of them to pay for the rent, but both college students knew that there
was always an extra treat when visiting the offices of Grayson and Price.

"So how many times has it been?" Janice asked. "Four... maybe five?"

"Nine," answered Dave. Dave was a twenty-year old college student who was
dropping off the rent check with his roommate, Russ. It was always a joy to see
Janice and Beverly since they always had a very "open" nature. Dave was sitting
naked on one of the office couches in front of Janice's desk while Janice was
straddling Dave's lap facing him. The only thing she wore were a pair of black
stockings since the rest of her clothes were hanging on the back of her chair
behind her desk. The blond thirty-six year old was stroking Dave's warm erect
penis with her right hand while her left hand was rubbing the back of his head.

"Well, hell!" exclaimed Janice. "I didn't know we'd already fucked nine times. I
guess you lose count when you fuck as much as I do," the blond vixen winked at

"This is probably Russ's sixth time coming here," said Dave.

"Are you boys keeping score, or what?" asked Janice.

"Nah, we just think it's cool we have you two as landladies," said Dave, and
Janice smiled in gratitude. "Hey, Russ?" asked Dave. "How many times have you
been here now?"

"Uh, six," answered Russ. Russ was a nineteen-year old college student. Russ
and Beverly were on the carpet between the couch and Janice's desk, and they were
already humping like rabbits. Russ was wearing only a yellow t-shirt while lying
on his back. Beverly was sitting on top of Russ facing away from him while
Russ's penis slid in and out of her pretty wet love hole each time she bounced up
and down. She was naked except for her bra that was unfastened at the front
revealing her soft round breasts.

"You boys... need to visit... more often," moaned Beverly each time she slammed
herself down on top of Russ. His nice hot cock felt so well in Beverly's hot
tight twat stretching her pussy walls wide apart. If only she could get his
balls in her, she'd fuck them, too.

"I told you it's been six," declared Dave.

"Well good for you," said Janice. "Let's just make sure you boys come back again
since you boys are some of our favorites." With that statement, Janice's and
Dave's lips met. Their warm wet tongues explored each other's mouths while Dave
ran his hands all over Janice's round perky breasts. Janice loved the feel of
warm hands over her smooth skin. When Dave pinched her erect nipples, sexual
flashes bolted to her vagina. "Mmmmm," Janice moaned while she was still
caressing Dave's college boy meat muscle. The more she stroked, the hotter it
got. This made the blond vixen's love hole wetter by the second, and she needed
something to quench the fire inside of her fast.

Janice broke off their kiss to draw her attention beneath her. As she looked
below, she lifted her right leg and guided Dave's eager sex rocket with her right
hand so it would be ready for take off. As she placed her leg back down, Dave's
sex rocket entered the void of Janice's black hole.

"Oh, sweet baby," moaned the twenty-year old college boy. Janice had a smile
from ear to ear as their heated sex organs became one. The oversexed blonde rapidly moved her body up and down while holding the back of the couch with both
hands. "Oh, God, Janice... you know how to work it... uugghhh...
uuUUuGGgHhhh..." moaned Dave. As always, Janice's friction felt great around
Dave's cock. It felt great around any cock for that matter. Quietly, Janice
closed her eyes and tilted her head back to let all reasoning go and to let her
sexual nature take over. It was going to be a wonderful ride.

"Oh... oh... oh... oh... oh... oh... oh... oh...," Beverly moaned each time she
impaled herself on Russ's cock. Her mouth was opened and her eyes were half
closed as she was hypnotized by the sexual energy radiating from beneath her.
Beverly had a firm hold on Russ's knees and continued to wham and bam her slim
body on the nineteen-year old's totem pole. The sweet brunette was indulging in
the lust of a college boy's cock. Each time the brunette assistant came crashing
down, her breasts jiggled like a bowl of jell-o begging to be sucked and eaten.
Russ just simply relaxed while enjoying the view of Beverly's beautiful bare
back. They fucked frantically on the carpet for the next several minutes. Then,
Beverly spoke.

"Hold on a second," said Beverly. She stopped to stand up, and Russ's man meat
fell out of Beverly's slippery love tunnel. This bra has got to go, Beverly
thought. She removed her bar and placed it on Janice's desk. Then, she turned
around to face Russ and found that he was smiling while stroking his cock to keep
his erection going. The brunette beauty stood naked from head to toe with her
maroon painted fingernails and toenails. And in no time, she sat back down to
resume her job, but this time she faced her lover. "Time to get back to work,"
Beverly winked. "Oh... oh... oh... oh..." She also resumed her sweet moans. The
twenty-six year old real estate agent was leaning forward with her hands on
Russ's chest. The first thing Russ took a notice of, besides the obvious
fucking, was Beverly's cute erect nipples. With both hands, he caressed the
brunette's breasts and tugged both nipples in opposite circular motions. Beverly
felt the sexual energies tingling in her chest. "I love it when a man plays with
my nipples," cried the brunette in a low voice. This made her shift to a faster

"OH, MAN!" cried Russ. The pressure of Beverly's love walls was about to drive
Russ insane, and the brunette bitch had no intentions of stopping

"FUCK, JANICE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?!!!" cried Dave. Janice was violently
pounding her insatiable thirty-six year old body on Dave's young hard glory rod.
If Janice kept this up much longer, Dave's glory rod wasn't going to be hard for
long. While Janice continued to sexually torture her sex prisoner, she gritted
her teeth with a look of evil in her eyes. The twenty-year old college kid had
the privilege for fucking Janice several times now, but never had she been this
wild with him. Dave continued to scream with uncontrollable ecstasy while Janice
continued to tear his penis to shreds. Holding both sides of Dave's head with
his blond hair running through her fingers, the blond bitch pressed her forehead
against his and glared into his eyes.

"DON'T YOU DARE CUM! KEEP FUCKING ME!!!" demanded Janice.

"OHH, YEAH!!!" responded Dave. It was tough, but he was doing the best he could
to keep cool. Now, Janice was getting a damn fine fuck finer than before, and
she was loving every inch of it. Looking behind her, she noticed that her
assistant, Beverly, and Russ were having a fucking good time as well. Of course
all she had to do was listen and hear them moaning and screaming in pleasure.
Sounded wonderful, Janice thought. For the next several minutes, both women and
their sexmates were fully engaged in passionate poundings. Later, Janice thought
that there should be a change of pace.

"Hey, Bev?" said Janice.

"Yeahhhhhhh?" moaned Beverly.

"Let's switch," said Janice. Beverly was in full agreement. Both ladies stood
up at about the same time, and Beverly playfully pinched Janice on the breast while on their way to trade fucks. This brief moment of exchange gave Dave just
enough time to relax before he was forced to untimely blow his load. Beverly
took her place beside Dave on the couch. She laid back on the arm rest, her left
foot on top of the back of the couch, and her right foot on the carpet beneath
her. With her slender legs spread wide and ready, the sexy brunette revealed her
shiny wet fucked pussy begging for some more good loving. Naturally, Dave moved
towards the wanton brunette. He sat right in front of Beverly's steaming hot
love hole with his left foot on the carpet. With his right hand, Dave guided his
sex rod and pointed it towards Beverly's snatch. It was penetration time.

"Ooooooooooooo...," moaned Beverly. She used both of her hands to spread her wet
love lips apart for some good fucking. The sight of a red blooded young cock
sliding in and out of her smooth muff aroused her even further. Beverly's heart
rate began to increase than what it was before. This was a joy for Dave as well.
With every thrust he imposed upon his lover, his cock burned even more. He
smiled at Beverly and admired her beautiful soft breasts jiggling each time he
rammed himself at her. It was time to increase tempo. Dave grabbed Beverly's
left ankle and pushed it towards her so he could drive himself deeper in her
fountain of sex. The twenty-six year old took a hint and lifted her right leg
only to be handle by Dave. Having a hold of both ankles, this only resulting in
a primed pussy that was at the mercy of a hungry cock. The hungry cock feasted.

"Oh, Dave... oh, Dave... oh, Dave... oh, Dave... oh, Dave," the fucking brunette cried over and over. With both hands, she caressed her own cute titties, and she
licked her lipstick red lips while Dave repeatedly slammed his body against the
back of Beverly's thighs. Sexual energy filled the air.

On the other couch that was positioned ninety degrees to the left of Beverly and
Dave, Janice and Russ were in the exact same sexual position but opposite of
their fucking counterparts like a mirror image. This time Janice was taking it
a little easier on Russ so she could savor every sexual blow that was dealt to

"You're doing a great job," Janice cooed. "Oh, yeah... that's it... oh, that
feels so fine... just a little harder... OH!!! VERY goOD!!! YouR Making my pussy FEEL so GOOD!! Ohhh... oohHHH!!!" Janice felt like her body was on fire, because
Russ was hitting Janice in all the right places.

Meanwhile at downtown, Amanda stopped by the photo processing center to have a
couple of rolls of film developed. All day she couldn't get the thought of her
mother and father having sex out of her mind. After babysitting last night, Kimi
returned home to find her parents naked and locked outside in the backyard
assuming they had sex out there. It was humorous at first, but after she got a
glimpse of her father penis, the whole situation had been bothering her ever
since. As she was leaving the photo processing center, Amanda thought that she
had to get this off her chest and decided to drive over to Kimi's. She didn't
think this would bother so much until now. The black haired teen called Kimi
from a pay phone.

"Kimi, I really need to talk to you!" exclaimed Amanda sounding distressed. "I
just came out of Photo Advantage, and I had to see if you were home."

"Is something wrong?" Kimi asked.

"No, but something has been really bothering me. Can I come over?" pleaded

"Sure, but if it's something real personal, you better hurry up because Jason's
coming over later on this afternoon," said Kimi.

"Thanks," sighed Amanda. "I'll see you when I get there. Bye."


And in record time, Amanda arrived at Kimi's home. After the two teen girls settled down in the living room, Amanda explained her situation.

"I think I caught my mom and dad fucking last night," declared Amanda.

"Cool! Tell me what happened?" inquired Kimi with an ear for juicy details.

"Nothing really, but that's not the point," responded Amanda.

"What do you mean 'nothing really'?" asked Kimi.

"Listen. What happened was that when I got back home from babysitting, I found
my mom and dad outside naked because they locked themselves out. And I had to
let them it," claimed Amanda.

"So they were fucking outside. What's the fucking deal?" wondered Kimi.

"Well, I know mom and dad 'do it', but I really never thought of them actually
doing it until last night. It's hard to explain, but I just can't stop thinking
about it," said Amanda.

"Let me guess. Now that you've been fucking your mom, you wanna fuck your dad,
right?" cooed Kimi.

"NO! That wasn't my point!" screamed Amanda. Why does Kimi always have to see
everything so sexual, Amanda thought to herself. Oh, yeah. She's a little
insatiable nympho.

"So what the fuck is it?" asked Kimi.

"It my dad's... cock." Amanda felt awkward talking about her own father's
genitals. "I've never seen a real one like right in front of me. I know we've
watch those porno stuff on tape, but seeing a real cock kind of got me turned on.
And it's my father's."

"All right! Mandy wants a cock up her cunt. Go for it girl!" teased Kimi.

"Will you shut up. I'm still talking." Amanda was starting to get pissed off at
Kimi. "Just listen to me, alright? Anyway, after when I saw my dad's cock, it
really made me think what it would be like to touch one and put it in my mouth."

"I thought so," remarked Kimi. "I knew one day you'd wanna get dicked by a real
dick, and I knew that's what you wanted to talk about. So you finally want it."
Kimi was proud of the fact that she knew how to read sexual signs of a person,
especially her best friend.

"Yeah. Especially after I saw my dad's. I wonder what it would be like to have
it up my pussy," pondered Amanda.

"Do you want to fuck you dad?" asked the sixteen-year old.

"I didn't say that!" yelled Amanda.

"But I bet you want to. I know I do."

"Shut the hell up. I'm serious."

"So am I, but why is your dad turning you on?"

"He's like... big."

"How big?" Kimi eagerly waited for an answer.

"I don't know. Just... big, and it wasn't even hard." Amanda felt even more odd
describing her father's penis.

"Yeah, my mom told me," sighed Kimi wishing she had gotten a piece of Amanda's

"What?" Amanda asked wide-eyed.

"You didn't know?" Kimi was astonished that this was all new to Amanda.

"Oh, shit. Are you serious?" asked Amanda. She didn't know if she really wanted
to hear an answer.

"Do I love to fuck?" remarked the sixteen-year old teen. For a moment there was
a brief pause of silence as Amanda turned her head away to think. Kimi sensed
that this may have been a shock for Amanda and decided to break the silence.
"Hey, don't worry about that now. If you really want to know what it's like to
fuck a guy, I'll let you fuck Jason." This conversation wasn't going anywhere
near where Amanda hoped it would.

"What?" exclaimed Amanda. "You know I can't do that. He's your boyfriend. And
will you quit being so horny? I came over because I needed your help, and you
think you can solve it by letting me fuck Jason." Kimi knew she had just touched
a nerve, but no need to fear. As long as Kimi knew Amanda, she always knew how
to be there for her no matter how strange the situation may be.

"Mandy, you know me. I normally wouldn't share my boyfriend with anyone, except
for my mother, but you're my best friend. I'll share anything with you, ok?"
Kimi gently looked into Amanda's baby-blue eyes.

"But because he is your boyfriend, I wouldn't feel right," cried Amanda. "Kimi,
you're not making this any easier for me." Apparently, this wasn't the solution
Amanda was hoping she'd get from her best friend, but the blond teen didn't have
to come up with another solution. She already had another one.

"Okay, okay, Mandy," Kimi tried comforting her best friend. "You're curious
about having sex with a guy, right?"

"Uh, huh," Amanda nodded. Eager to tell Amanda, Kimi was smiling from ear to

"Then, how about this. Do you want to watch me and Jason fuck?"


"Oh, FUCK!!!" cried Janice. "OhhHhhh... OoooHHhhhh... OooHHHhhhHhh... my
pussy... my pussy... fuck... FUCK MY PUSSY!!! OOOHHHHHhhhhHHH!!!" Laying on her
back, Janice screamed and cried as her womanhood spasmed uncontrollably while
Russ pounded himself inside of her. The blond vixen bit down hard on her lower
lip while she experienced a stronger orgasm coming right after the one she just
experienced. Each pulsating bolt of sexual energy that traveled up and down her
body caused her legs to tremble and shake high in the air. Janice's pussyquake
grew stronger and stronger burying Russ deep inside her natural disaster.

"UuuGGhhh... uuUuhhGgg... you pussy is so SWEET!!!" moaned Russ as the heat
around his dick burned him up. The college boy admired the matureness and
attractiveness of his lover as she moaned and buckled beneath him. Their eyes
locked with each other in a sexual trance that drove them mad. "UuggHhh...
UUGgghhh... ugh............ UUUUGGGHHHH!!!" His seed spewed the insides of
Janice's still pulsating hot box while slamming his body hard against hers. The
blond real estate agency continued to cum with her lover so hard she could hardly
feel the college kid's hot sex fluids filling her up. Eventually, Russ leaned
over to give Janice a long wet kiss of satisfaction while she still had her legs
and arms tightly wrapped around him. What a rush, Janice thought. Then, the
thirty-six year old looked into Russ's eyes.

"Go let Bev suck your cock so you can get hard again," smiled Janice. "We're not
finished with you." What a great idea, Russ thought. And with that statement,
Russ stood up to walk over to Beverly. Even though his penis was a little limp,
he knew that a little bit of sucking action will help get him back in shape in no
time. While Beverly was still feeling the friction of Dave's cock plummeting
inside her, Russ waved his sex tool in front of her beautiful face. I nice piece
of man meat always looked good to the brunette real estate agent so she decided
to gobble it up. Mmmmmm. Tasting the mixture of boy cum and girl cum was yummy
to Beverly's tastebuds.

"Oh, yeahhhhh," Russ moaned. Beverly's red lips were tightly wrapped around
Russ's member while her tongue tickled his purple head. The brunette real estate
assistance's dual fuck and suck action proved that she was multi-talented. With
the sexual radiance at her pussy and a fine cock in her mouth, this woman knew
how to satisfy her customers.

Janice was sitting on the other office couch watching her assistant get a double
dicking. It was a wonderful sight accompanied by the exotic sounds of sex.
Naturally, Janice feverishly rubbed and played with her own clit hoping she would
get off again with another explosive orgasm. While watching Beverly, Dave, and
Russ in a tantalizing threesome, the blond thirty-six year old let her fingers do
the walking. Soon, her moans of pleasure joined in with the rest of the choir.
Janice wondered if her secretary, Emily, could hear them and wondered if she was
playing with herself to their sounds of joy. For the next several minutes,
Janice continued to stroke her wet womanhood while Beverly was getting two for
the price of one. Later, Dave and Russ exchanged positions to get the most out
of the beautiful brunette, but this time Beverly was on her hands and knees.
Ready and hard again, Russ had himself buried deep inside of Beverly from behind
while Beverly was resting her arms on the side of the couch. By now, Russ was
giving her a fine pounding while Dave shoved his cock in Beverly's oral love
cavity. Again, she tasted the mixture of boy cum and girl cum. But this time,
it was Dave's pre-cum and her sex juices.

Russ had his hands firmly around Beverly's thin waist to make sure his cock went
in as deep as it could. With every thrust Beverly took, her breast jiggled back
and forth. Russ's hot love rod felt awesome separating her pussy walls while
siding in and out of her. Her moans were muffled by the other cock stuffing she
received in her mouth, but she didn't mind. The more cock, the better.

During all of this, Janice's sex fountain pulsated and quivered in pure orgasm
again from her own finger fucking and from watching the pleasure play before her.

"Oooohhhh," Janice moaned. She continued to increase the friction of her loving
finger while her wet swollen pussy shuttered. "Ooohh... OooohHhhh...
OoooooOOhHhhh," the blonde steadily cried. Her fingers were being coated by her
woman cum that oozed easily out of her sex fountain and on to the vinyl material
of the couch. And soon, her orgasm subsided. "Mmmmmmm," Janice purred. She had
just received a few nice little orgasms, but it wasn't enough. Janice wanted
more, and what she wanted she always got. Especially sex!!!

The blond bombshell had finally seen enough, and it was about time she joined in
on the action. Janice stood up from the couch and stepped behind Dave. Cupping
both of her breasts, Janice rubbed her erect nipple against Dave's bare back.
Their warm bodies met, and Dave looked behind him and smiled at her. Reaching
from behind, Janice ran her hands up and down Dave's chest while resting her head
on his back. Then, she spoke to all three of them.

"Why don't all four of us more to the floor, and do some fucking together." urged
end of part four...

Copyright 2001 by JCJoe
AOL IM: Joeblues91
ICQ: 76621216

Being an amateur writer, I'd really appreciated it if I'd get some feedback and
support. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions. It's great to be
able to write stories and share them, but it's harder to keep writing them
without any encouragement. I do have other stories I'm working on, so let's make
it worth wild. If you are going to write to me, please give me a first name and
an age so I would have some idea of whom you are. So please drop me a line
sometime. Thanks. -Johnny


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