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The following story describes GRAPHIC SEXUAL situations that are INTENDED TO BE

A note to the reader: Thank you for taking an interest in "Amanda's First." If
you have not done so, please read "Like Mother, Like Daughter" and "Kimi's New
Boyfriend," respectively because "Amanda's First" is a sequel following "Kimi's
New Boyfriend." To find this story and others, please use your web browser to go

Thank you. -Johnny


Part Five

After hearing Janice's suggestion, Beverly, Dave and Russ stopped what they were
doing to continue their sexual romps on the carpet.

Using simple math, two wet cunts and two throbbing cocks equal a lot of fuck
loving lust. Starting the chain, Russ was on his knees pumping Beverly's sex
organs. Beverly was laying on her back being drilled by Russ while she was
giving Janice a licking that kept them both ticking. Janice was sitting on her
assistance's face while she was bent over stuffing her mouth with Dave's beef.
And Dave's face fucker was getting an awesome blow from the blond bombshell.

Holding Beverly by the ankles, Russ had her legs spread wide apart for some
maximum hard pounding. As always, Beverly savored every slam of it. Her pussy made sloppy slurping noises each time Russ pulled in and out of her repeatedly.
The sexual electricity was rapidly generating inside her loins, and it only
encouraged her to lash her tongue more wildly at Janice's wet and eager twat.
Also, the sweet scent of sex that permeated from the blonde's blossom entranced
the brunette beauty. Because Beverly was doing such a great job driving Janice's
pussy mad, Janice sure was glad she hired her as an assistant to her sexual
desires as well as the job. No regrets whatsoever.

For the next several minutes, the fantastic foursome fucked, licked, sucked,
fucked, sucked, licked, sucked, licked, and fucked. It wasn't long until someone
had to give in to the sexual pressures that was building up in this little sex
filled real estate office.

Janice's experienced mouth was taking its toll on Dave's manhood. Her hot tongue
and tight lips was rubbing Dave almost raw.

"My dick looks good in your mouth. Ooohhhhhh..." moaned Dave. Janice didn't
speak back, but she did continue to suck the college boy dry. And suddenly,
Dave's balls busted in an orgasmic explosion forcing streams of love seed to
shoot out into Janice's cum hungry mouth. "UUGGHHHH... UUGGGHHH...
UGGGGHHHHHH!!!" the college boy grunted. The orgasmic ecstasy radiated around
his cock. He was in oral heaven which was Janice's mouth. And in Janice's mouth
is where she enjoyed the sweet taste of her lover's sperm swimming around her
teeth and on her tongue and then flowing down her throat into her tummy. Yummy!

That was it for Dave, and for now, he had taken all he could. Slowly, Dave
pulled himself back and climbed on the couch where it all started for him.
Without a cock to suck, Janice sat up straight and played face sitter on top of
Beverly. The blond beauty was still enjoying the tongue lashing beneath her
while her pussy was reaching that special breaking point again. With cum still
coating her lips, Janice caressed her own breasts as she felt the tongue loving
sensations beneath her.

"Bev, baby, mmmmm... mmmMMmmmm," Janice cried. Even though Beverly was holding
her own, it was getting harder and harder to maintain her oral loving with the
sexual tingles what were increasing between her legs. To make matters more
difficult for her, Russ was dicking the brunette beauty faster and faster because
he was ready to fire his sex pistol. Suddenly, Beverly's pussy wall went out of
control as it quivered violently around Russ's cock.

"MMMMMM!!! MMMM!!! MMMMMMM!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!" moaned Beverly still eating
away at Janice's delicious fruit. The sexual intensity was too much for Beverly.
It traveled from her wet fucked pussy, up her body, around her breasts, and out
of her mouth where it flowed into Janice's eaten pussy. The blond bitch welcomed

"EAT MY PUSSY, BEV! Eat IT!! EAT IT!!! YA... YAAAAAA!!!" moaned Janice. Once
again, the power of the female orgasm took its toll on the blond bombshell. She
could still feel her assistant sucking the swollen clit vigorously while her
tongue flickered up and down driving Janice insane. As the blond vixen continued
to orgasm, her love juices flowed out of her, on to Beverly's lips, dripping down
both cheeks, and some fell into Beverly's mouth. While all this was going on,
Beverly's pussy was still experiencing the pleasure of Russ's pussy pounding that
helped prolong her pulsating orgasm. Soon, the shuttering effects of her tight
pussy walls forced Russ's man meat into submission.

"OH, GOD! OH! OHH! OHHHHHHHH!!!" Russ yelled. His white, hot love seed ruptured
through his swollen pistol and spilled though out Beverly's sex chamber. He
slammed the brunette beauty as hard as he could every time a stream of cum shot
forth from him. This helped Beverly reach a more powerful orgasm as her body
shuttered repeatedly. It was orgasmic heaven, but all good things must come to
an end. Now, the nineteen year old college boy was drained, and he slowly
pulled himself out of Beverly's sweet womanhood leaving his cock wet and limp.
Soon, Janice, too, removed herself from Beverly and sat beside her assistant.

With her head spinning, Beverly was exhausted. She remained on the carpet trying
to catch her breath from all the sexual excitement she had just experienced. Her
breasts heaved up and down with every breath she took, and she could still feel
the cum oozing around inside of her. Sitting up while looking down at Beverly,
Janice smiled at her assistant with a joy of satisfaction.

"Job well done," comment Janice. By this time, both college boys were getting
dressed. Soon, Janice had her black silk panties, her green skirt, and her black
bra partially on when she saw the two young college boys out.

"Now don't forget your rent is due again this time next month," winked Janice.

"We'll make sure we won't forget," Dave said.

"Bye-bye," Janice waved. Dave and Russ waved back and walked out the door. Then,
Janice turned to Beverly who was still lying on the floor. "So how do you feel?"
Janice asked.

"Oh, a little tired," replied Beverly. Janice sighed.

"Yeah, but I still feel like I need to get off again," said Janice as she

"You are too much!" Beverly declared. "I'll tell you what. I'm going to get a
glass of water. When it's close to quitting time and it looks slow, get your
pussy ready because I wanna eat you up."

"Mmmmm," moaned Janice. "I like the sound of that." Having an assistant with
certain common interests is definitely a plus when working together. And
fortunately for Janice and Beverly, tomorrow was going to be another day of fuck
and suck because the Randle sisters, Cindy and Morgan, are due in to pay for
their rent.


Back in Kimi's bedroom late in the afternoon...

"Okay, guys. Don't forget that this is Mandy's first time watching a live fuck
with me and you two so put on a good show. If you do, she might be nice to the
both of you," cooed Kimi. Earlier, Amanda expressed a strong interest in sex
between two people of the opposite sex since she had only had sex with females.
Both Amanda and Kimi agreed that Amanda would have the opportunity to watch Kimi
and her boyfriend, Jason, have sex just to get an ideal of what it was like in
real life. Little did Amanda know that Kimi had a little extra planned for
Amanda when Kimi also invited Jason's best friend, Tommy. A while back, Kimi
told Jason that he had permission to ask Amanda to have sex with him if Kimi was
allowed to have sex with Tommy. Jason agreed so Kimi decided to take this
opportunity to help satisfy Amanda's curiosity.

Amanda was sitting in Kimi's beanbag eying the teenage trio. Both Kimi and Jason
were standing just a few feet from Amanda while Tommy, sixteen years old, was
already lying on Kimi's bed behind Kimi and Jason. The pillow end of the bed was
pushed up against the left wall adjacent to Amanda's view. The teenage trio were
naked, and the anticipation of sex filled the air. Even though she wasn't
participating, Amanda felt her heart thumping as she waited for the action to
take place.

"Are you ready for this?" Kimi asked Amanda.

"I'm watching. Go right ahead," responded Amanda acting cool trying hiding her
nervousness. Kimi smiled at her best friend. The blond teen then turned to wrap
her arms around Jason's neck. Kimi and Jason's lips met while Jason ran his
hands down Kimi's back and grasped her sweet round ass. With her body pressed
against his, Kimi felt the heat of Jason's penis pressed against her small tummy.
Jason liked the pressure he felt on his enlarged sex member and wanted more, but
he will have to wait because Kimi had something else in mind. Soon, the horny
female teen broke away from Jason to turn her attention towards Tommy. Tommy was
leaning back on the headboard with his head against a pillow and his right leg
hanging off the bed. Kimi sat her sweet little self between Tommy's legs and
gave him a wanton look that sent a chill down his spine. Kimi got him where she
wanted, and she wrapped her small right hand around the base of his hard teen
cock went down on him immediately.

"Oh, fuck!" exclaimed Tommy. He felt the strong pull of a vacuum that only a
girl like Kimi can bring. The blond vixen's head bobbed up and down while her
tongue rubbed the underside side of Tommy's shaft. He didn't know a girl could
suck this good. Watching Kimi giving head was an awesome site to see.

"So what do you think?" asked Jason.

"She's awesome," claimed Tommy. The sandy blond boy could hardly believe that he
was getting sucked by another guy's girlfriend. It's one thing if she was doing
it behind Jason's back, but it was another that she was being shared. Kimi
stopped for a second to make a proclamation.

"You know I'm the best," declared Kimi. Then, she continued her oral love play
making Tommy moan. Soon, Jason sat on the bed behind Kimi and ran his hands up
and down Kimi's smooth back reaching in front of her to grab her perky teen
breasts. The feel of Jason's warm hands added to the sexual intensity Kimi was
feeling all over her eager young body. "Let me get on the bed," said the horny
girl. Jason stood up to allow Kimi to climb completely on the bed while resting
on her knees. With her knees apart, Kimi's moist pink folds were exposed to the
cool air. This gave Jason the perfect opportunity to take advantage of it as he
sat back down.

While Kimi continued to suck, Jason kissed both of Kimi's ass cheeks. First the
left, then the right. Then, he placed his left hand on Kimi's left ass cheek and
rubbed Kimi's teen pussy with his right hand. Sliding his fingers back and forth
brought wetness to the teen vixen's twat. Kimi liked it. The more Jason rubbed,
the wetter Kimi become. And when Jason thought Kimi was wet enough, he used his
forefinger and his middle finger to invade Kimi's little love chamber.

"Mmmmmmmm...," Kimi moaned while she still gobbled the sandy blond teen's swollen
dick. The blond slut held the base of Tommy's cock with her left hand while her
right hand massaged his testicles. Sometimes, Kimi would stop sucking just to
run her tongue up and down Tommy's teen shaft while she eyed him with a gleam of

"Do you always like to suck cock?" asked Tommy.

"Only when I'm not fucking it," declared the wanton bitch. And she continued to
take Tommy's whole member into her mouth. On the other end, Jason shoving two
fingers in and out of the teen twat while marveling at the perfect form of Kimi's
swollen pink pussy lips. Sometimes, Jason would pull his fingers out just so he
could taste the sweet love juices on his fingers and from its source. Kimi loved
it when a warm tongue was caressing her clit, but she wanted more. She always
wanted more. So it was time to move on to the next step. The blond sixteen year
old turned her head to look behind her.

"Fuck me, Baby," the beautiful blond teen said told her horny boyfriend.

"I was just thinking about that," said Jason. So Jason straighten himself up to
aim his poker into the fireplace. On his knees and behind Kimi, Jason helped
himself to a roaring fire.

"Oh, yeah," cried Jason. The brown haired teen held Kimi around the waist with
both hands and slammed his loins hard and deep inside of her. The blond slut
welcomed the hot pussy poker as she moaned in sexual delight. For the next
several minutes, Kimi sucked and fucked her two male mates while she almost
forgot that she had an observer in the room. The experienced female fucking
machine could tell by Tommy's expressions that the sexual intensity was about to
get the best of him. Kimi didn't want him to blow his load too soon so she
decided to change position to give him a breather.

"Come fuck me while I suck his cock," Kimi told Tommy while referring to Jason.
Both boys backed off for Kimi to get into position. The wanton teen rolled over
on her back and, in no time, spread her legs wide apart. Tommy and Jason quickly
exchanged positions. The blond vixen reached beneath her to pull apart her wet
pussy lips while Tommy held the vixen's legs apart by the back of her thighs.
Kimi's right hand reached forward to steady Tommy's eager cock. When he was
ready, Tommy pushed himself inside.

"Oh, God...," moaned Tommy. Kimi's got one hot pussy, Tommy thought while he
shoved himself in and out of the horny bitch.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh...," cried Kimi as she watch her lover fucking her. Both of her
hands ran up her body to cup her perky teen breasts and pinch her hard nipples. A
cock in her cunt was always a wonderful thing, but it was twice as good with a
cock in her mouth in the same time. That was what she had before. So now, she
wanted it again. "Gimme your cock," begged Kimi as she looked up at Jason. Jason
replied by pushing his penis southward while Kimi pulled it towards her sex
hungry mouth.

"OOOhhhhhh...," moaned Jason as he felt his girlfriend's tongue running all over
the head of his cock. He decided to just relax while allowing his girlfriend's
tongue to take control. Kimi could taste the precum combined with her own sex
fluids. Cock should be a part of every girl's diet, Kimi thought. She's sure
Jason and Tommy would agree. She's also sure that taking two cocks and calling
them in the morning wasn't a bad ideal either since she could take them again and
again and again. As she sucked Jason, she was indulging the friction of Tommy's
cock in the other end.

For Jason, it was a beautiful sight to see. His teen sex muscle in a beautiful
girl's mouth, and her legs spread being banged and slammed by his best friend.
Tommy didn't have a bad view either. The sight of his cock sliding in and out of
Kimi's tight wet pussy was so erotic, and Kimi's teen breasts bounced every time
time he rammed his meat muscle inside of Kimi's meat grinder. And that's not
mentioning Jason cock getting an awesome blow from the blonde. Tommy loved the
way Kimi worked her lips around Jason's swollen member. As Tommy continued to
thrust himself deep inside of the oversexed fucking machine, the sexual heat
inside of Kimi's love chamber was about to explode.

"MMMMMMMM... MMMMMMM... MMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!" Kimi's little body trembled in an
orgasmic wave while she continued to suck a cock and pinched both of her nipples.
This cause her sweet teen pussy to quiver and spasm over and over again with
every thrust she took. Tommy felt the pulsating pussy doing wonderful things to
his growing manhood, but he wasn't about to give in, yet. He wanted this to last
as long as he could take it. The three teenage hardbodies were so absorbed in
each other's lustful desires, they were about to drown in their own sex as the
ecstasy level raised higher and higher. But where does all of this leave Amanda?

Every second that passed by, Amanda was getting hornier and hornier watching her
best friend taking on two guys at once. She could feel her young teen vagina getting wetter and wetter aching for someone to stroke and touch it. As much as
she wanted to join in, she didn't feel that she was ready to take a real cock
inside of her just yet. If nothing else, the horny fifteen year old wanted to
masturbate so she could climax while watching the sexual performance before her,
but she was still too self-conscious in front of Jason and Tommy. Eventually,
Amanda had to leave because she needed to release her sexual tension real bad.
The black haired teen stood up from the beanbag.

"Hey, Kimi, I need to run home," said Amanda. Kimi broke away from her oral
engagement with Jason to speak with Amanda.

"...why?" asked Kimi. "We're not..... finished, yet. It gets..... even better,"
said Kimi while she was still getting her pussy stuffed.

"This is like really cool and all, but I really need to get some stuff done,"
hastily responded the black haired teen.

"Don't go!" cried Kimi. She paused for a second to catch her breath. "FUCK with
us." Then suddenly, Amanda felt as if her heart had skipped a beat. Looking
into Kimi's glassy eyes, Amanda can sense her best friend's urgency. Kimi wanted
Amanda to join her in their sexual romps so bad, but Amanda just wasn't ready for
all of this.

"Sorry, Kimi," said Amanda regretfully. "You know I love you, but I can't. Maybe
later. I'll think about it." Then, Amanda leaned forward to kiss Kimi on the
lips. As she looked up, Jason's rock hard cock was right in Amanda's face. Oh my
God, Amanda thought. But she resisted and left the room while saying "Bye".

"Awe, shit!" cried Kimi. "I was hoping she'd fuck with us." Then, she turned
her attention back to her lovers. "I WANNA cum SOME MORE!!!"

Amanda wanted to get off so bad. Diving home, she stopped quickly at every stop
sign and red traffic light and sped at every chance she got. Whenever she had
the chance, she took the opportunity to rub her warm wet crotch through her blue
jeans. All Amanda wanted to do was to get back home as soon a she could to
masturbate in the privacy of her own bedroom. It was one thing when Kimi and she
got together to watch adult videos, but it was a different experience to actually
see live cocks fucking her best friend right in front of her. She had never been
so aroused before.

Back in Kimi's bedroom, Kimi was sitting on top of Jason facing away from him
while riding his cock fast and hard. At the same time, she feasted on a mouthful
of Tommy's teen sex meat. If Tommy's cock wasn't in Kimi's twat, it was being
sucked. If Jason wasn't fucking Kimi's face, he was stuffing Kimi's pussy.
Either way as long as Kimi had cock, she was satisfied. Even though Kimi's
little lips were tightly wrapped around Tommy's penis, all she had to do was hold
her head still while Tommy forced his teen sex member in and out of Kimi's hungry
mouth. Kimi firmly held on to Tommy's thighs while Tommy's fingers were buried
in Kimi's blond hair as he fucked her little mouth. Jason was having a blast as
well. Kimi repeatedly slammed herself down on Jason to get his sex muscle as
deep as she can inside of her. Having two heads were better than one, Kimi
thought. Both teen boys felt the Kimi doing an awesome job bringing their
penises to such high sexual intensities. The blond female bitch kept up her
multi-talented feat that brought all three of them sexual joy for the next
several minutes, but Kimi hungered for cum.

end of part five...

Copyright 2001 by JCJoe
AOL IM: Joeblues91
ICQ: 76621216

Being an amateur writer, I'd really appreciated it if I'd get some feedback and
support. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions. It's great to be
able to write stories and share them, but it's harder to keep writing them
without any encouragement. I do have other stories I'm working on, so let's make
it worth wild. If you are going to write to me, please give me a first name and
an age so I would have some idea of whom you are. So please drop me a line
sometime. Thanks. -Johnny


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