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Amazon Adventure


WARNING: This story includes sexually explicit material.

Please note any unfamiliar spellings and phrases may be due to the
fact I am English, not American.

I would like to thank the proof-readers for all their help

Any comments, including constructive criticisms, would be
most appreciated. Please send to

This work is copyrighted by the author. You may download and keep
one copy for your personal use as long as my by-line and e-mail
address and this paragraph remain on the copy. Any posting or
reposting on a website, other than the archive or Dejanews, or
to a newsgroup requires my permission first (but I'll probably say
yes). This story should not, under any circumstances be used to make a
profit by anyone other than the author

The only phrase I thought might need explaination was 'tuppence
halfpenny'. It basically translates into American as two cents,
used to refer to something cheap and tacky usually.
REPOST NOTE: I wrote this while I was stuck in the house after snapping a tendon in my foot. I had some very strong painkillers that gave me the idea I could write humerous stories.

Amazon Adventure

For what felt like the hundredth time she tried to avoid his eye but
it was impossible. She glared as ferociously at him as she could
manage but to her horror he responded by winking at her. She cast a
furtive look around but fortunately no one else seemed to have noticed.
She kept her gaze firmly on the ground and tried to concentrate on
what she was doing.

All around her the other members of her tribe were whooping and yelling
in triumph at their successful capture of the intruders. She had to
remember that he was the enemy. He had come here to steal the gold
statue of their god, violating everything she held most dear. It was
sacrilege enough for a man to even enter the temple but to add to the
sin by stealing their idol made him totally evil and deserving only of
death. He didn't look like a villain though. Sparkling blue eyes,
tousled blonde hair, a strong chin and slightly weather beaten face
made him the perfect image of a hero. Nor did he seem to be
intimidated by his situation. His two female companions looked
suitably terrified as they clung to him, the blonde was even crying.
It was obvious that he had no doubts that he would escape, taking the
two girls and the idol with him. Well she was determined not to make
it too easy for him. She snarled at him as he grinned at her and
jabbed him with her spear. His grin just deepened and he looked her
up and down appreciatively.

She stepped back, trying to melt into the crowd and become just another
of the tribeswomen but his eyes followed her. Maybe it was her clothes
that were drawing his attention to her. As the newcomer she had not
wanted to be too pushy that morning so she had let everyone else
collect their clothes first and she had taken what remained. They
hadn't left her much. A tattered strip of hide was precariously tied
around her breasts. She had a skimpy triangle masquerading as
underwear and another piece of hide knotted around her waist that
barely covered the curves of her bottom and had a distressing tendency
to flap open as she moved. Her hair was an untidy tangle of curls down
her back with several bones twisted into it as decoration. Still the
rest of the tribe was similarly attired so she should have blended in.
There was no reason for him to pay her any attention. If he continued
she had a horrible feeling someone would notice and she would be in
trouble, maybe even thrown out.

There had been some discussion between the man and the head tribeswoman
and now they were preparing to move. The intruders were bound by their
hands and knees to stout poles and two Amazons assigned to carry each
pole. To her horror she was allocated to take one end of the man's

She hefted the wood onto her shoulder and tried not to look at him.
She couldn't help but be conscious that his face was swinging inches
away from her crotch. She risked a quick look down and discovered him
watching her with a knowing smirk. She growled at him, which just
seemed to cause him even more amusement. He tipped back his head and
gently blew. His cool breath stirred the sensitive hairs on the inside
of her thigh and she felt shivers run through every nerve ending. She
could feel herself beginning to get wet between her legs as erotic
images chased through her head. He did it again and the trembling
spread to her knees. She had no idea how to stop him without
attracting the very attention she was trying to avoid. Luckily they
had arrived in the village and eager hands were pulling him from the
pole to take him into the headwoman's tent.
Determined not to go anywhere near him again she busied herself helping
to tie the two females to stakes and piling firewood around them. To
her shame she realised that she was jealous of them. Despite the way
they had been treated they both looked stunningly beautiful. It was
hard to believe that they worked closely with him every day without
some kind of relationship developing. She took some satisfaction in
pulling the ropes around the redhead's wrists as tight as possible.
The redhead squealed and gave her an indignant look but she just
snarled back.
Feeling slightly guilty she reminded herself again that she was an
Amazon and she was supposed to hate him. She had to try to pretend
that she didn't find him attractive. To try to ensure that she did
her best to keep out of his vicinity, even when the fighting broke out.
Somehow he had managed to escape and to liberate his females and the
gold idol. The Amazons fought bravely but only succeeded in slashing
the blonde's arm and contributing to the destruction of the village.
At last it was all over, the tribe scattered in various directions and
she was left alone. She was on her way to clean herself up when a
movement in the shadows caught her eye. A hand reached out and grasped
her arm, pulling her into a dark nook and she found herself looking up
into familiar laughing blue eyes. Horrified she looked over her
shoulder but no one seemed have been close enough to notice.
'You've been driving me crazy all day.' she heard him say, then his
mouth descended. His hands were roaming over her exposed skin and his
warm lips were moulding hers in an intimate caress. For a moment she
tried to push him away, worried that someone could discover them.
Then his kiss became more insistent and his tongue slipped urgently
along hers. His hands stroked up her thighs and cupped her bottom,
pulling her hard against his unmistakable arousal. Desire swept
through her and she forgot her caution, returning his kiss
enthusiastically and rubbing her hips against him in a blatant
They sank to the floor in a tangle of limbs and discarded clothes.
His hands and mouth were eagerly exploring every inch of her body,
his caresses leaving a trail of arousal behind. She felt him shifting
position to move on top of her but she pushed him back to the ground.
After all she was an Amazon warrior. She straddled his hips and began
her own exploration of his body. She used her mouth to lick and suck
and her teeth to nip and graze his sensitive nipples and neck, showing
no mercy when he moaned and writhed beneath her attack. Her questing
hands discovered his penis and began a ruthless massage as her nails
raked along the inside of his legs. He tried to roll her over but she
evaded his grasp and dipped her head lower, plunging his pulsating
penis into her warm moist mouth. He groaned and began thrusting hips
as she used her tongue and teeth unrelentingly on him.
Satisfied he knew who was in charge, she knelt across his hips and
lowered herself onto him. The incredible feeling of him pushing deep
inside made her arch her back and give a moan of her own. She had
wanted this for hours and it felt even better than she had imagined.
His hands were on her hips moving her up and down. She growled at him
and took his hands and pinned them above his head. She moved slowly,
sliding him almost completely out then plunging back down with a swivel
of her hips. He matched her rhythm, moving his hips in time to her
thrusts. She felt his breath on her nipple and arched her back,
tangling a hand in his hair to bring his face to her breast. He needed
no second invitation to begin nuzzling and suckling the responsive nubs.

Her movements became faster and more frenzied until the mindlessness of
her orgasm swept over her. Within moments her convulsions had triggered
his climax and they clung together as the waves of pleasure crashed
through their bodies.
She was sprawled bonelessly on top of him when it belatedly occurred to
her that they had been extremely indiscreet. They must have made a
certain amount of noise and it seemed impossible that no one would have
heard them. Anxiously she sat up and surveyed their surroundings.
They were hidden in a dark niche and as far as she could tell no one
had noticed them.
'Hey, relax,' he said, trying to hold her back as she started to get
dressed again. 'Post-sex cuddling is supposed to be the best part.'
She turned and withered him with one scornful look but he just laughed
at her. 'No one's going to miss us, they're all to busy. Besides what
difference would it make if they did?'
'Well you would be all right,' she answered indignantly, 'after all
you're the star of this tuppence halfpenny programme. I'm the one who
would get all the hassle. I'd be kicked out of here quicker than you
could say Indiana Jones.'
'Unfair, you know you agreed never to use the IJ words. And I get more
than tuppence halfpenny for this.'
'I know, I do the accounts. We agreed not to tell anyone that I'm your
wife though, remember. That was the whole point of using my maiden
name. I want to make it on my own, not as someone's favour to you.
Once the cameras were rolling I should have just been another extra.'
'Ok, I'm very sorry. I just couldn't help myself. You looked so
incredibly sexy in that costume. I thought you were brilliant, by the
way, I can't wait to see how you look on TV. Did you enjoy being an
Amazon?' He was impossible to resist when he apologised so nicely.
She relented and snuggled back down besides him.
'Oh I liked being an Amazon very much; both on and off camera,' she
said, gently raking her nails along his inner thigh.
'Well neither performance has any complaints from me,' he responded,
pulling her closer.

Copyright Vickie Morgan, Jan 1999

This story is distributed free of charge for your entertainment. It does take quite a lot of time and effort to write, type, edit and post a story. All I ask is that you take a couple of minutes to e-mail me, let me know that you've read this and perhaps give some reaction. Thank you.


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