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An Afternoon in London


This story was produced as adult entertainment and should not be read by

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An afternoon in London by Carl Zak Brown

I went to London today to do some shopping.

I don't see many female beggars in London these days, but today there
was a young woman (perhaps 17 or 18) begging outside Waterloo station. On
an impulse I told her I would give her extra money if she came with me.

She got up and walked along with me. I asked her age, because I did not
want her to be under 16 for what I had in mind. She asked me what I
wanted, and I told her. At this point she started to walk away, but she
stopped when I told her how much I was prepared to give her. She insisted
that I got some condoms first, which I did in the Boots at Waterloo

We went to the County Hall Travel Inn. I was not sure that they would
have a room, it is one of the cheapest hotels in London, but luckily they

When we got to the room, I suggested that we have a shower, she was a
bit smelly (I didn't say that to her, I'm not totally stupid). We didn't
do that much in the shower, I washed her back and she washed mine, but that
was it.

After we had dried ourselves, she went and laid on the bed. I asked if
she would get pregnant if I didn't use a condom and she said she wouldn't,
she was on the pill. I told her that I was sure I didn't have any STDs and
asked if she had. She said she didn't, and it was OK not to use a condom.

I kissed down her body, then licked her pussy until she started to get
wet from her own juices. Then I gently pushed my hard cock into her, and
started fucking her. She came fairly quickly, my tongue must have got her
excited, and it wasn't too long before I came too. I thanked her very
much, and she offered to suck my cock to get me hard again, she wanted
another fuck.

I was not about to complain, I laid down while she sucked the semen off
my penis, then continued to suck until I was hard again. This time she
wanted me to take her from behind, she held on to the back of the bed,
while I put my penis back in her pussy and pumped away at her. It took me
longer to come this time, she had two more orgasms before I deposited more
sperm in her spasming cunt.

I offered to leave the keys with her so she could stay for the night at
the hotel, but she said she had somewhere to stay, she was not homeless,
just begging for money. I tried to give her more money than we had
originally agreed, but she refused, saying I had given her a really good

I left the hotel (taking the keys with me, I decided I would return them
later), and walked towards the Festival Hall, I wanted to buy some CDs at
the shop there. On my way, I saw a woman standing in a shop doorway. She
saw me glance at her and said "I'm a working girl, would you like me to
give you a good time?" I had not seen any prostitutes working on the South
Bank before. I still had money in my pocket, and she was quite attractive,
so I said "Yes". We agreed a price, and I escorted her back to the hotel.

We went to the room, and we both took our clothes off. She used her
hands and mouth to get me hard again, then helped me put a condom on (as
she was a prostitute, I did not want to risk catching anything). She asked
me to lie down on the bed, then she gently positioned herself so that my
cock slipped into her cunt. She moved up and down and round and round, and
eventually I came again. I thanked her, we got dressed, then we left the

I decided I could no longer afford to buy any CDs, so I went to Waterloo
station to get the underground to the West End, where I still needed to do
some shopping. At the station I went down to the Eurostar ticket office to
pick up the latest timetable for trains to Paris.

I picked up the leaflet and was turning to leave, when an attractive
French girl said to me "Excuse me, I have just arrived in London and I need
a hotel. Do you know where I can find one?" I told her that I had the keys
for a room at a nearby hotel and that (as I no longer needed the room) she
was welcome to use it. I tried to explain that the sheets might be wet,
but I do not think she understood me.

I walked with her to the hotel, and she asked me to show her where the
room was. When we reached the room, I handed her the keys, then turned to
walk away. Then she said, "Would you like to come in for awhile, you can
help me to relax".

If she meant what I thought she meant, I didn't think I could help her
at all, after all I had already come three times this afternoon. However,
she was attractive, and I wasn't sure I could explain my problem, as she
did not seem to understand what I was saying, although she spoke English
very well.

I went into the room with her. As soon as the door was closed and she
had put her bags down, she started kissing me and undoing my shirt buttons.
We helped each other undress, then she lay down on the bed. I think at
this point she understood what I meant about the sheets being wet, she had
to shift to the other edge of the bed to find a drier area.

I started kissing and caressing her attractive body. I put a finger in
her pussy, then two, then three as she got wetter. Although I am not an
expert at exciting a woman, I managed to excite her enough to bring her to

To my surprise, my cock was starting to get hard again. She saw that I
was not ready to penetrate her, and asked why. I lied and said that now
that I was older, it was harder to get an erection, even for an attractive
young lady like her.

She took my penis in her mouth, and sucked it to hardness again. I
think she must also have started to realise the real reason I was finding
it hard to get an erection, as she tasted the semen that was still on my
penis from my previous encounter - probably the wet patches on the bed
helped her to understand as well.

However, she still let me fuck her. As she climaxed, her cunt muscles
squeezed my cock, and I came too, not much this time, but enough to let her
know I had been there.

I got off the bed and pulled the bedcovers up to her chin, then kissed
her goodbye. By the time I was dressed, she was already asleep, so I let
myself out quietly and went home.

I never did get my shopping done, perhaps I will have to go again

Pursuant to the Berne Convention, this work is copyright with all rights
reserved by its author


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