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An Akiko to Remember


An Akiko to Remember

*By Aerosol Kid ::*
Visit me at

The people and events in this story come from my brain, not the real
world. Regardless of what that tells you about my brain, it means
that I'm not writing about you, your mom, your friends, or your friends'
friends. So you can't sue me. Neener neener.

If you're under age in your territory (and you know what I mean), then
read something else.

Note: This is Part 4 of secret agent Akiko Masumi's second serial. It
follows "Akiko in the Afternoon," "The Trouble with Akiko" and "Love
with the Proper Akiko." You don't need to read the first series to
follow the second, but it helps. Thanks again to fans of Akiko who've
written in. It's nice to know I've sustained your interest ^_^

(c) 2001 Aerosol Kid

"How do you take your coffee, milady?" asked Nina from my little kitchen.
We had overslept, and I hurried through a shower while she raced around
my bungalow anticipating my every need. I'd never had a slave girl before,
and her devotion to me was both funny and frightening in its intensity.

"Black, please," I yelled over the running water. My head was pounding.
Seems an Intransic hangover is just as bad as your regular booze hangover.
Maybe even a little worse. And this one hung around the rest of the
goddamn day.

"Something to eat, milady?"

"No thanks, Nina." Her eagerness to please was kind of working my
nerves. I mean, she had pleased me plenty the night before. Her skills
in the sack interested me more than her culinary finesse.

"Lady Ophelia said I could move into your servant quarters today,

"That's fine." I had abrasions on the inside of my bottom lip, scratch
marks down my back, and my asshole was alarmingly tender. Nina and I
had both dispensed some rough love, tackling each other and yelling and
screaming and fucking until sunrise. I smiled as I rinsed my hair,
recalling my earlier bout that night with Miyu and Akemi. That hayride
seemed so tame in comparison. Nina had definitely raised the bar on my
notions of sexual satisfaction.

Unfortunately, the whole island would know about it if I had to parade
around in a bikini again today. I surveyed the random bruises and
scratches that showed so clearly on my otherwise unblemished skin.
"Hey baby?" I called to the kitchen.

"Yes, milady?" came the response from the other side of the shower door,
which made me flinch. She knocked twice, then opened the door just
enough to slip me my coffee and hungrily peek through the narrow slit
at me.

"Thanks," I said, turning off the water and taking the cup. "Stop looking
at me like that, or I'll never get out the door today."

She blushed, smiled into her hands, then stepped aside for me as I
emerged from the steam-filled shower stall. I grabbed for my towel, but
she got to it first and began to efficiently rub me down. I figured the
only thing Nina wouldn't do for me was drink my coffee, so I resigned
myself to that while she attended to me. "Milady," she cooed, fussing
over my sex boo-boos, "perhaps you should wear something discreet today?"

I checked out the green sport bra and panties she had on. "Is there any
such thing on this island?"

She held up a finger at me, then dashed off, eager to be charged with
another errand on my behalf. I looked at the dazzling assortment of
makeup I'd been provided with, then wrinkled up my nose and decided I
didn't want to fuck with it. Nina reappeared, beaming, holding a
shimmery indigo dress against her outstretched arm.

The kid had a funny idea about what constituted discreet. I wiggled
into the thing and pulled at the hemline, hoping to stretch one more
inch out of it. I figured I might just as well walk down the street
shouting, "Look, girls! I have a *vagina!*" The dress did conceal
most of my scrapes, but the material was transparent. Nina could just
as well have raided J-Lo's Grammy dress closet.

"Oh, you look delightful!" Nina gasped, backing me into the vanity and
slipping her arms around my waist.

"Hey, we have to be somewhere!" I protested, hoping she wouldn't indulge
her curious habit of chewing on me through my clothes. But I failed to
prevent five more minutes of feverish making out in the bathroom. I'm
surprised we didn't break something. Again. When she tried to lead me
back to the bedroom, I put my foot down. "We are *not* going back in
there, Nina."

She was disappointed, but obedient. "Yes, milady," she sighed, looking
at the floor.

An unfamiliar voice said, "There's a good little Green," and Nina snapped
to attention. I spun to face the intruder, reflex winning out over
conditioning. It was that Violet from last night: Ophelia what's-
her-name. She smiled primly at me, eyes bright with whatever it is
that fuels Tops, control freaks and sadists. "Compromised Spy Stance,
please." She invoked my trigger with a smirk.

I stood very straight and held my arms down at my sides. My alarmed
expression faded away, as my attention centered on my tight, scratchy
dress and how much it revealed.

Ophelia prowled to and fro in front of us, like a drill instructor. "It
appears that our little Nina was effective in helping you recover from
the Indigo conditioning?" It was like a question, posed to me, only not
really. Just Ophelia's weird, patronizing style. She poked at my scrapes
and bruises, appreciative. "Yes, our Nina is quite vigorous, quite
enthusiastic." Satisfied, she moved on to my new slave girl. "Yesss...
I think you'll be instrumental in maintaining Akiko's attitude." Nina
smiled nervously at this, clearly terrified of Ophelia. "But you are a
Green, and Greens are entertainers first, pleasure slaves second. The
dance routines in tonight's variety program will not choreograph
themselves, will they?"

"N-no, milady," Nina stammered. She bowed at each of us in turn and
scurried off.

This nasty Ophelia bitch and I clearly shared some history, but because
of whatever she'd done to my brain most recently, I couldn't remember
ever seeing her before last night in the bar. Still, it didn't take a
rocket doctor to see that she supervised my "training" on this island,
and that she could make things very nice for me (private condo, blond,
blue-eyed raging nympho sex slave) or very, very bad.

With Nina gone, she fussed over me some more, stroking my arms. "I'm
pleased with you, Akiko." This caused a surprising pulse of pleasantness
between my legs. All of a sudden I was struck by her beauty pageant good
looks, and her wispy, Violet ensconced physique. In her contemptuous way,
she was kind of hitting on me, and for a minute I thought she might want
to jump my bones, but she had other plans. "You're doing so well that
someone very important wants to see you. Come with me."

As she led me out of my bungalow and across the Indigo sector, she
entertained herself by picking on me. Things like, *That's a slutty
dress,* or *Why can't you look when you cross the road?* As she continued
this mild litany of abuse, my trance started to fade. My body was
conditioned to respond to her praise, her taunts, hell, her mere
proximity, so I noted my reactions when she pushed the appropriate button,
in a distant way. But her teasing putdowns were less and less effective
in such quantity.

I wondered about this as we walked in the beautiful sunshine, through
streets that looked more like an island resort than a brainwashing camp
(especially to spy satellites and recon planes). Then it hit me: Nina
was around to make me forget things and keep me docile, with the standard
hypnosis and hot sex. Only she did her job so well that she'd actually
desensitized me to this whole game of getting at my brain through my body.
In other words, she was so good in the sack that Ophelia's technique had
backfired! For the moment, anyway.

Still, there's something to be said for walking around in a daze - with
the trance wearing off I grew more and more conscious of passers by
checking out my rear, as my little Indigo skirt flapped in the hot breeze.

Right about the time I started to break a sweat, we reached the center of
this prison camp in sheep's clothing. There were several upscale looking
hotels, with lots of Blues and Violets wandering between them. Equidistant
between the hotels was a gorgeous little square full of colored fountains,
palm trees and brightly colored flags. In the center of the square was an
impressive statue of a nude woman.

At least, it was impressive from behind. My first reaction was an
appreciative leer; whoever sculpted this thing knew a great deal about
asses. The little dimples where cheek turned to thigh were simply divine.
And since the whole thing stood about five meters tall, there was a lot to
like. As we got closer I noticed the intricate braids, twisted into loops
behind her ears. She was made from some kind of pearlescent white stone,
and she was spotless. Not a single speck of birdshit. Nothing.

When we were right beside her I noticed the small group of girls - of all
colors - seated reverently at the statue's feet. I felt a familiar tugging
at my feelings: the artificial pull of the conditioning, to make me feel
this way or that. Really, it was starting to get old. I still couldn't
remember much past the last day or so, but I was tired of being *compelled.*
I frowned, irritation on the rise as we stepped past the adoring girls and
I looked over my shoulder, up at the statue's face.


I was stunned by how perfect and beautiful and wise she looked. So
stunned that I didn't feel the smack of concrete as I fell to my knees.
Even though I couldn't remember ever seeing her before, I'd obviously been
conditioned to love her. I wanted to be like her, to do anything for her.

A hand gripped my elbow. "Come on, Akiko. There'll be plenty of time
for that later." Ophelia pulled me to my feet and we continued through
the square. Thinking back, it was a good thing I saw that statue when I
did. The nagging doubts I had that morning were the first signs that I
could resist their techniques. Coming out of it when I did - after Miyu
and Akemi - then trancing out on Kali's statue like the perfect little
slave helped maintain my cover and save my life. But I'll have to explain
that later.

Ophelia steered me toward the oddest of the hotel buildings. It was
conical, sort of like a giant button mushroom, and made of sleek steel
with a few large windows in seemingly random places. The "stem" of the
mushroom was mostly tinted glass. Somehow I knew this was the command
center for the island, and that I'd been here before. I paused at the
revolving door to let Ophelia enter first, then dutifully plodded in
after her. The lobby was spacious and sunlit, and the voices of many
Violets and Blues echoed in the air. I noticed that some Indigos were
quietly stationed at key points, here and there. To my trained eye,
their deployment was unmistakable.

*So that's what I am. Muscle.* I felt silly for not realizing it
sooner. I was here to be part of the militia, or something. Then I
remembered Miyu and Akemi, and everything they'd said about escaping
suddenly made sense. I froze for a second, staring at one of the Indigo
guards, and that fucking bitch Ophelia seemed to read my mind. Smirking,
she grabbed my wrist and tugged. "Akiko, honestly, you're going to make
us late for your appointment." I put on my best blank expression and
just let her lead me along.

A short elevator ride took us to the top floor, and into a lavish office
suite. A bevy of Blues and Yellows worked behind a long reception desk
reminiscent of a hotel's. No one seemed particularly intimidated or
impressed with Ophelia, which gave me secret, teensy bit of pleasure.
She growled something to a pretty, red-haired Blue, who pointed at a
hallway behind us. Ophelia marched me down the hall to a set of
nondescript doors, and let go of me. "In you go," she prompted.

I frowned. "What's in there?"

She looked at me as if I were her pet cat saying its first words. "What
do you care? I'm telling you to go in. So. Go." She poked my
breastbone, and I considered breaking all her fingers and her wrist for
good measure, but I couldn't seem to feel pissed. So I nodded and went

It was dimly lit in there, sparsely decorated in black. Standing against
the far wall, looking sullen and absolutely gorgeous, was Siobhan.

"You!" I sputtered, because seeing her evoked a whole lot of feelings that
I didn't understand. I knew her, but I didn't know where from. She wore
a black suit, which meant she was above the rules and concerns of the

She gave me a warm smile and crossed the room. "Ms. Masumi, my lovely
and dangerous treasure." I let myself be drawn into an embrace that
threatened to turn to a grope session. Lately, I'd delighted at this
kind of attention. Why did I want to break this woman's neck?

She held me, and the reasons began to flood into my head faster than I
could track. All kinds of memories came rushing back, and I pushed
against Siobhan to free myself.

"You brought me here," I accused.

She gave my head a condescending pat. "Poor dear. Your pretty head's
been all scrambled up by all the sun, sex and drugs. You're just now
starting to understand. Now that it's too late, of course." Blithely,
she led me to a lounge on the far side of the room and pointed to a
stylish black couch. "Do sit down."

I found my butt hitting the fabric before I could even formulate a
sentence. "Why did you do this to me?"

Siobhan took the opposite chair and looked me up and down. "We've been
watching you for a long time, Akiko. The London mission was an
evaluation of your abilities. There never was a real assassination
attempt on that witness. And you were sublime."

"I kicked your ass, if you remember," I pointed out.

"Yes!" she laughed. "I was programmed to use all my abilities to
neutralize you. When you beat me, we knew we had to have you. Imagine
our pleasant surprise when you were reassigned to our neighborhood, as
it were."

"You mean Marlin HQ in Tokyo." I played along, wondering if Miyu and
Akemi had found some way out of here.

"Indeed. Once you arrived in Tokyo, Kali decided to involve you in our
plan to bring down Marlin. She instructed me to wait until you gained
higher security clearance, so I focused on your lovely colleagues." She
licked her lips, teasing.

I put my hand to my forehead. "That night we were staked out. You took
Miyu away and brainwashed her!"

"I suppose it does no harm that you remember that, even if I ordered you
to forget." Siobhan lit a cigarette. "Yes, I spent a few lovely hours
with Agent Ohmori." She toyed with the hair behind her right ear,
remembering. Took a drag. Exhaled. "I'm a Recruiter, you see, and I
love my work. I programmed Miyu to bring Agent Mitsuya back to us,
because Kali wanted two of Marlin's best."

"Miyu fucked up then, right? She kidnapped me, too."

"She took you sooner than we would have liked," Siobhan admitted, "but
you interrupted her with Akemi. You would've ended up here sooner or
later, and now you're nearly ready to serve Kali."

I sat up. "Who's this Kali, and where are my girls?"

"Kali is the new lord of your life, my reason for living, and the eventual
ruler of the world. As for your associates, their little attempt to
escape didn't fare so well."

I gripped the coffee table between us, very hard. "Where are they?"

"We found them inside one of our satellite towers, attempting to contact
Marlin. I'm afraid we had to start them all over again." She smiled at
the notion.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean they've been demoted from Indigo to Red. They'll undergo two
days of very special conditioning. And they'll remain Reds until we're
quite sure they've lost the will to escape."

I groaned, because I was sick to my stomach at all the crazy shit going on
in this place. I was worried about my sisters-in-arms having their brains
zapped 'til they ran out their ears. But in the back of my mind, I
couldn't wait to fuck them both again, and that made me ill with myself.
"You crazy little bitch," I whispered.

"It wasn't my decision, Akiko, it was Kali's. We all live to serve her
now. And I don't see why you're so upset. You can play with your
friends whenever you like." She offered me a particularly lascivious
grin. "Besides, you should be proud. You've turned out to be the
perfect Indigo initiate. Ophelia says you've far exceeded your

I clenched my teeth. "But I want to rip both your hearts out and show
them to you."

Siobhan took another drag. "But... you're not doing it are you? You're
sitting on that couch, meek and pretty as a picture. You haven't even
raised your voice at me. And I'm sure you're more preoccupied with
deciding which one of us you'd go down on first."

I couldn't believe this chick. "This fake feeling that you rammed down
my throat? This 'devotion' I feel for anything in a purple bikini?" I
thumped my chest. "Is this the best you can do?"

She raised an eyebrow. "So far, it's been more than enough. You were
the best fuck I've had in months." She looked past me and nodded.

Ophelia spoke from behind me. "Now be a good little girl and breathe."
She slipped a mask over my face and sweet, perfumed air tickled my nose.
"That's it. Go to sleep. Kali looks forward to meeting you."

Siobhan stood over me, her figure weirdly distorting as the gas took hold.
"I wanted to see you today to tell you how well you've done, Akiko. As a
reward, I'm going to oversee your final induction." She stroked my
forehead, as my limbs grew heavy and cold.

I felt really alone, just then.


"Mmmbph?" I heard myself mumble as I tried to focus my eyes on the blurry
shape in front of me. I was way fucked up on something.

"You're coming out of a very deep trance, Akiko." The blurry thing had
Ophelia's voice. "You just told us some nice things that you'd like to
do to me, to Lady Siobhan, to yourself." She made a pleased little noise,
completely counter to her usual frosty tone. "This is going to be fun."

I tried to move, but I was strapped to a chair. My scratchy indigo dress
was long gone. My head was pounding and I was super groggy. The bad
taste of that sleeping gas lingered on my tongue. I groaned as Ophelia
clipped something cold to each of my earlobes. "These will make you feel
*much* better," she said. An intense buzzing filled my ears, relaxing
all the muscles in my face. My headache vanished, and the vibration
expanded to my neck, through each vertebra, then down to my butt, my
thighs, my calves, my toes. My whole body tingled, while my nipples
began to swell. "Mmmmmm," I commented, as the room came into focus.
I was instantly dumber and hornier, and boy, did I ever feel better.

Ophelia and Siobhan stood over me in a smallish, spherical room, kind of
like a padded cell. No, it was more like a room designed for kids to
play in. There were no sharp corners anywhere. And the walls, the
chairs, even the wires hanging down from the things on my ears, were
completely black. This had the effect of focusing my attention on the
two ladies; naked except for the little black things clipped to their
ears, and the thigh-high black vinyl boots. Kinky.

Siobhan stepped over my thighs and straddled me in the chair - just
like she had during my stakeout in Shibuya. She was really, really wet.
"Let's play a game," she proposed, shivering slightly as she set her
smooth ass down on my bare lap. Her tourmaline eyes held me spellbound.
"At the moment, Ophelia and I are in complete control of you." I nodded,
making her smile. "The three of us are linked together via a special
machine, of Kali's design. Put simply, it arouses us, and the intensity
will gradually increase as we go on." She paused to run both hands from
her belly to her neck. "Naturally," she sighed, "this will start *you*
toward a deep hypnotic state, but it's much harder for Ophelia or I to
be entranced by simple arousal. That's for initiates."

She paused to fumble with the straps holding my wrists to the chair.
When she got them loose, my arms flopped uselessly to my sides, tingling.
Then she slid off my lap (leaving a moist little trail on my thighs) and
knelt before the restraints around my ankles. "Here's the interesting
part," she said, tugging. "The machine also monitors the depth of your
trance, Akiko. And as you go deeper, and deeper..." She gave Ophelia a
wicked wink, and Ophelia scowled. "...the machine will put Ms. Woo here
into a trance as well."

I felt my eyes widen as the bitchy prom queen in question gently knelt
and finished loosening my straps. She fixed me with a predatory stare,
and said, "Most of our initiates find the sight of another girl
entranced very stimulating. Predictably, you told us of your fantasies
about Lady Siobhan." Oops. That was a little embarrassing. "Stimulation
deepens arousal. Arousal deepens trance. You will be stimulated by our
submission. This will complete your induction, and you can begin to serve
Kali." As she continued to speak in soft, even tones, my eyes opened
wider and wider. Her words were going in my ears right along with the
buzzing from those clip-on thingies; it all mingled together.

Siobhan put her hands on my knees. "Stimulation deepens arousal. Arousal
deepens trance. Trance deepens obedience to Kali. And since you're
stimulated by thoughts of me hypnotized, here's the *really* interesting
part. Take Ophelia deep enough, and *I'll* start to follow."

My eyes fluttered upward a bit. They were talking in circles and the
buzzing was deep, deep inside me, and even though they were just
explaining the rules to me, they were already hypnotizing me. Of course,
I couldn't remember everything after my kidnapping in Tokyo, but I felt
like this was the most intense brainwashing I'd been subjected to so far.
Everything in this round room seemed to be moving in circles. And
Ophelia - that hot, hateful cunt - picked up on this. She rose up on
her knees, cupped my breast in her hand, and began to slyly lick my nipple,

*Stimulation deepens arousal...*

No shit! My head buzzed at the hot mouth at my breast. Hands pulled me
out of the chair, propped me up on the floor. Since there were no ninety-
degree angles to be found in this crazy, hamster exercise ball of a room,
I was sort of lying on my back and sitting up at the same time. In the
dim light, I watched Ophelia bury her face between my boobs. The wires
from her electrodes brushed my skin. Siobhan perched on the chair, where
she masturbated and watched. Periodically, Ophelia's eyes would dart up to
meet mine. Her gaze was sharp, lusty. The rest of my body ached for her

A few minutes of Ophelia's meticulous licking and sucking really worked me
up, but I was paralyzed on that floor. So I just whined and arched my back,
praying for release. Then, she spread my legs and crouched between them,
ass in the air. She slid her knee up to my pussy, began to rock against
it as she cupped my boobs in her hands and licked her devious circles. I
slipped my hands around the backs of her legs and pulled, encouraging.

It didn't take much rocking. I screamed just before I creamed, and I felt
Ophelia flinch in surprise, then I forgot about her for a little while
because I came for what seemed like hours. When I looked down at her
again everything was just like before: she rocked against my pussy and
licked and sucked and looked up at me every so often. Only now, her eye
movements were clumsy, less focused.

*Arousal deepens trance...*

Holy fuck! The buzzing in my head got louder, and the wave of pleasure
that assaulted my nervous system almost made me faint. I went *much*
deeper into my trance and my head bumped the padded wall. Ophelia's
tongue suddenly slowed to a crawl, and she grunted in an invisible
struggle. She pushed against me and fought to sit up. With great effort,
she rose to her knees. I was fascinated, because the little smirk
Ophelia usually wore was fading away, and her big brown eyes blinked
worriedly. "No!" she insisted weakly.

Siobhan rose from the chair and slipped behind Ophelia in one smooth,
feline motion. She grasped Ophelia's head and rubbed her snatch up and
down her bare back. Her boots creaked as she dipped and rose. "Don't
be such a bore. All our slaves graduate sooner or later. Why not
enjoy it?"

Ophelia bristled at the blond cherub's molestation, but her eyes were
glassy, her head tilted to one side. "This one's dangerous. Isn't it
obvious? We should put her back in the red camp with the others." I
didn't feel very dangerous. Maybe if I could've lifted any of my

"You're questioning Kali?" Siobhan was amused. I could tell she fucked
with Ophelia like this all the time. Can't blame her, I would have too.
She was kind of an easy target.

"N-no..." Ophelia stammered. I felt the tangible, ghostly sensation of
pulling her after me as I sank deeper. It was fleeting, but I could sense
my effect on her, through the fucked up little network that connected us.

"Good," Siobhan said. "I'd hate to have to report your impertinence to
Milady. I'm so used to seeing you in Violet."

Ophelia shivered and gave a little moan. I stayed just where I was and
buzzed and buzzed and buzzed...

Then Siobhan stopped humping Ophelia long enough to see that neither of
us was about to remember to do anything. "Akiko, be a dear and finish
what you started. Sit up and show Ms. Woo how grateful you are for her
guidance this past week."

*Trance deepens obedience...*

In my zeal, I misjudged my center of balance and plowed into Ophelia and
Siobhan, knocking them to the rounded floor like a spastic Saint Bernard.
I covered Ophelia's mouth with wet, sloppy kisses. Siobhan, at the bottom
of the pile, seemed not to care. "Fabulous. Show her how much you
appreciate your little gift. That button-nosed Pacific Rim firecracker
who made all those delightful marks on your skin."

I was so thankful for Nina that I slipped my thumb and middle finger into
Ophelia's very receptive pussy and extremely tight brownie, respectively.
If she'd had one more hole I'd have felt like I had my hand in a bowling
ball. Strike! She ground her butt down on my hand and whined as Siobhan
wiggled her way out from under us, commenting, "That's pretty good, love,
but you'll have to do better than that to trance me too."

Ophelia squealed and quaked on my fingers while I lapped at her neck. We
made out in the afterglow for a while, and I enjoyed her pliancy. I'd
melted her resistance, and my buzzing head kept melting it further. She
really was putty in my hands.

I looked expectantly at Siobhan, who had returned to the chair. She
wiggled her eyebrows at me and gave the tiniest shake of her head. I
hadn't done enough of a number on Ophelia to even faze her.

Then the damndest thing happened. Behind Siobhan, a panel in the curved
wall slid open noiselessly to reveal a window. I could see some kind of
tiny control booth, and as the panel rose upward, I saw someone sitting at
a console. If I hadn't been so far gone, I would've dropped Ophelia and
screamed like a groupie, because the person at the controls was *Kali!*
In Person!

She was so much more beautiful than her statue. Chinese, with full lashes
and big, pouty lips. Elaborate braids with colorful bows orbited her head.
I felt like I do whenever I meet someone famous. If I could've spoken to
her I'm sure I would've said something stupid. Siobhan hadn't noticed
anything because my expression hadn't changed, thanks to my stupor, so she
was still giving me this cocky attitude when my Beautiful Leader put her
finger to her lips, gave a sly wink, and twisted a knob.

Ophelia's eyes rolled back in her head and she slipped out of my arms.
*Thunk.* That was it; she was catatonic. Siobhan frowned and twisted in
her seat a little, as if she'd eaten something that didn't agree with her.
"Huh," she commented, then fell out of the chair onto her knees. Her green
eyes locked to mine as she shimmied over to me. Out of the corner of my
eye, I saw Kali speak into a microphone in the control booth. Siobhan's
mouth popped open, and out came, "I am irresistibly beautiful, but I am smug
and overbearing. My Supreme Lady Kali wishes for me to have my ego checked,
from time to time. I am sure that you would like to do the honors, Lady

The buzzing from the ear clips increased to an absurd level: I knew that
Kali's device was set to "fry." I had a private little moment while I
adjusted to the new level of crazy sexual goodness. When the spasms
subsided I regarded my vacant little nemesis. Now, you can probably
imagine all the things I could have done to her then, after all the
trouble she'd personally caused me. But Kali had me right where she wanted
me, and there was only room in my head for whatever she wanted to put in
there. I did feel vaguely lucky though; I was starting to wonder if poor,
prone Ophelia had been permanently damaged.

I rose to my knees and put my hands on my hips. "You," I pointed at
Siobhan. "Get on your hands and knees." My orders had the desired
effect: her nose was tantalizingly close to my crotch. "I'm gonna borrow
your mouth for a while, alright?"

"Yes, milady," she mumbled, staring intently at my navel.

I began to grind into her face, thinking of all the things that Nina had
taught me the night before, and what order I wanted to try them in now.
Before my eyes shut, I saw Kali nod approvingly and smile. I was *so glad*
she was happy with me.

I stroked Siobhan's head and murmured, "Stimulation deepens arousal.
Arousal deepens trance. Trance deepens obedience to Kali..."


"Are you sure they said it was okay?" Nina asked me. She had just
finished moving what few belongings she had into the slave quarters of
my bungalow. Now she was putting them back in her little suitcase.

I smiled at her as I fussed with my new black fatigues. The pants were a
little snug in the rear. "You don't need to worry about what Lady Ophelia
or any of those girls have to say anymore." I tossed a garment bag to her.

She peeked inside. Her eyes lit up and she clutched the bag to her chest.
"For me?"

"You're not a Green anymore. There's a different protocol for servants,
where we're going."

Nina pulled the outfit from the bag excitedly. A white blouse, a white
pleated skirt with a subtle gray plaid, a black belt, white stockings and
black maryjanes. Puzzled, she wrinkled up her nose at me. "Am I going
to school?"

"Sorry, it's a thing of mine."

She gave me this "awww, so cute" look. "I see."


That night, Nina and I were whisked off to an airfield and herded onto
a charter jet I'd never seen before. Kali and her huge posse boarded a
larger jet, after she blew me a kiss and told me she'd see me on the
ground. I guess she didn't want me on the same plane with her yet. We
were the only passengers on our flight, so we had the stylishly appointed
cabin all to ourselves. All the window shades were locked down (to keep
us from figuring out where the hell we were), so it was a little
claustrophobic. As we left the ground, I silently wished Miyu and Akemi
the best of luck. Kali had been quite adamant about them staying on the

My whole body still hummed sympathetically from my crazy afternoon. I was
in that little round room for eight solid hours, and even though Kali
never came in there with me, she chatted with me from the control room
just before she let me go. She said that I'd passed my initiation by
completing Black Level Conditioning. The rules of the island no longer
applied to me. She also told me that I'd be reassigned to her mobile HQ,
where I would answer only to her and her Advisors.

I suddenly outranked all the Recruiters now, including Siobhan. Shit, I
outranked almost everyone in Kali's, well, whatever-it-was. She seemed to
think I was her most important acquisition in months. It all made sense
to me, but at the same time my memory had fully returned. I recalled my
life before, knew that I'd been kidnapped by force, and I just didn't give
a shit, because I'd been subjected to some of the strongest conditioning
in existence to ensure that I'd lay down my life for her.

I loved Kali.

Still, there was a nagging feeling that wouldn't go away. I felt *free*
somehow. I couldn't tell if it was from suddenly being higher in the
pecking order than almost everyone around me (after a week of being every
color in a bag of Skittles), or from something else. I was confused and
disoriented, to say the least.

Nina was too hyper to let me brood by myself for the whole flight, so I
took advantage of the privacy to induct her into the Mile High Club.

To Be Continued...

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