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An Aunt's Story


AN AUNT'S story

For my dear friend, Katie, whose idea it was.

She had on a grey wool bathing suit, one piece, and was lying on her
face with the bathing suit pulled down to her waist, showing off her
beautiful back with the beauty spot on the shoulder. It was hot with just
a faint breeze blowing from the lake but getting towards sunset. I had
just showered and changed into a dress and I walked over to Katie and stood
over her, my shadow falling across her back. "Want to come to the club?" I
asked. "No," she said, squinting adorably against the sunlight and shading
her eyes with one hand, her two plump peaches of breasts hanging engagingly
beneath her. " They're presenting the cup for the ladies doubles," I said.
"You pick it up - you won it on your own," she said. "Nonsense, you were
good at the net." "Nothing HAPPENED at the net" she said sulkily I would
have loved to kneel down beside her, could almost feel the pine needles
through my stockings, just maybe put my arm on her shoulder. But she was
still so defensive, keeping me out.

My sister Jane was dressed casually, sitting at the bar and she looked
mockingly at my conservative dress, stockings and heels as if to say, Sis
is still looking for a date. "Where's Katie?" she said. "I think she's
going down to the lake with the other kids," I said. "What about the
prizes?" "She's still sore with me over something." "You were pretty hard
on her in the semi-finals." "Hell, she has to learn," I said. "I carried
her a bit for the first set, but when I got to three love in the second
there was no point in prolonging the agony." "She hasn't forgiven you,"
Jane said. I didn't like to say that Katie was a sore loser and that I had
begun to get a perverse satisfaction out of seeing her pretty little butt
in the air as she bent sullenly to retrieve the balls I had smashed past
her into the heavy steel mesh around the court. "I helped her win the
doubles" I said modestly. "if you were a mother you'd understand," Jane
said pityingly. We ordered another round of drinks and Jane's husband
Patrick joined us and we discussed Katie's change of school for a while.
Then the club secretary got on the bandstand and started making one of his
idiotic speeches in which he seemed to think that mentioning the names of
as many club members as he could would bring a laugh and he was usually
right. Mine, in particular, drew both laughter and catcalls. I was
something of an embarrassment in the club because nobody could beat me.

In my twenties I had spent eighteen months on the professional circuit,
but had not won enough money to keep up. I was too good to be an amateur
and not good enough to be a professional. After the microphone had
shrieked a couple of times, the secretary got it working again and started
to call out the prizewinners. I went up to be presented with the silver
rose bowl for the ladies singles and the cup for the doubles. Mercifully I
had been knocked out of the mixed doubles at an early stage, due to a more
than usually incompetent partner.

Jane was beginning to irritate me and wouldn't shut up about Katie.
Yes, I admit it - I was jealous and would have much preferred it if Katie
were my daughter. When Katie was born, Jane queened it in our family, my
mother and father making the most enormous fuss over her, as though nobody
had ever had a baby before and Patrick kept calling her "clever puss" and
she really did lap up all the cream there was to be had, all the
admiration, as she nursed her adorable baby in her arms. I had only just
come off the tennis circuit, not yet established in a career and Jane
seemed to have everything that I had not. "Obviously the main concern is
that Katie will be happy," Jane said, with Patrick nodding inanely as he
always did when she spoke. I felt like saying that it was of some
importance that I should be happy too, but, after all, I had suggested the
arrangement. "She can do some paperwork for me on Saturdays," I said , "I
don't mind paying her for that." "As long as it doesn't interrupt her
studies," Jane said. "I promise I'll do my best.." I said. I wasn't
usually this tactful with Jane, but I didn't want to lose this chance to
bond with Katie. For some reason I was aching to make her like me, to try
to get through to her in some way. Apart from the fact that she was the
daughter I never had, her attitude towards me had always puzzled me, the
way she kept watching me with covert glances, then tossing her head
arrogantly when I tried to approach her. "Katie should really be here,"
Patrick said, looking around the dance floor where some of the younger
members were circulating, giving me a nostalgia for long ago Saturday night
hops. "To hell with her," Jane said, already one drink past caring. "I'll
see if I can persuade her," I said, putting my hand on Patrick's knee. He
liked that. Years ago I could have had him and maybe some other Katie as
our daughter. "Want me to come with you?" he asked, but Jane quelled him
with a glance and started waving her empty glass for a refill.

There was a cool breeze I could feel on my arms and legs and under my
skirt. Only a couple of very young kids were on the courts, their bare
legs lightly coated with red dust from the surface, the little girl protesting that the boy was hitting the ball too hard. I was thinking of
my days on the circuit when we always tried to get practice games against
the better players - how else could you improve? My coach always told me
that if you played anyone often enough you would eventually beat them -
even if only once. And I remembered Janna and being on my knees in the
toilet between her legs. I had tried to hitch myself to her fading star,
but this wasn't the ending I had expected. She had come from Macedonia or
some such place as a teenager and worked her way up the professional
ladder. A Wimbledon final, where the top seeds were knocked out in the
second round and the quarter finals was her highest finish, but she got to
curtsey to Princess Alexandra or somebody and was now part of tennis
history. I crossed now between the trees and the landing-stage and could
see no sign of Katie. Damn her, what was she playing at?

Janna had bet me two hundred dollars she could beat me in one set with
her only using her backhand. I needed the practice, but I also needed the
money. The first game she had aced me four times. Then taking my serve
backhanded she had gone to fifteen-love. I hit one past her, but then she
passed me twice, her return of serve so heavy that I couldn't place it to
her forehand. Then I hit the next one out. I scraped through the next
game, but nothing after that. When I was serving at love-thirty and
five-one down I went to the net and told Janna that I hadn't got two
hundred dollars - in fact I would be lucky if I could pay for my hotel room
with the way I had finished in the last three tournaments. She turned to
flick up a ball into her hand with her racquet. She was in her late
thirties now, with dirty blonde hair and a big ass and the back of her
short skirt was caught up on her pants. "You stupid bitch," she said, her
swarthy face flushed, "you could get thrown off the circuit for this." "I'm
sorry," I said, quailing before the angry look in her eyes. She dropped a
ball and slapped it into the net with her racquet and stood with her legs
wide apart, scratching her bottom, the sunlight glinting in the heavy gold
hairs on her legs. "Okay, you can go down on me," she said bluntly.
"Whaaaa..?" I quavered. "You heard," she said. "Just the once....?" "You
think you're that good?" she said. "No, as many times as I want."

Our holiday cabin had the smell of mice and dry rot and cigarette smoke
and all the careless women who had played housekeeper in it during at least
fifty summers. I thought I had heard a sound before I came in, but there
was no sign of Katie. Then I heard it again, a dull thud, thud, thud. I
turned into the small corridor that led to the bedrooms and the sound
stopped for a few seconds, then started again a rhythmic thudding sound
that reminded me of something I couldn't place. I felt a sudden flush of
anger, although I couldn't place its source and at first could only
remember Janna. I had expected we would go to her hotel room. On the
circuit it was often lonely and some of the girls got together like this
and some of the older ones preyed to some extent on the rookies, using
their money, prestige and the inducement of practice time to ensnare the
younger girls. I thought I was still interested in boys, but I never had
the opportunity for more than fleeting relationships with them and if Janna
wanted to be my protector, who was I to complain, particularly as I was
having trouble paying my hotel bills.

I moved quietly down the worn carpet of the corridor and opened the
bathroom door. Katie looked up at me, her face red, then it drained pale
in utter shock. She was sitting on the closed lid of the toilet, her
panties were around her ankles and her hand was between her legs as she
masturbated furiously, her foot banging against the wooden unit under the
washbasin. And I thought of Janna again. She had difficulty getting her
panties off over her heavy tennis shoes and then stuffed them into the
waistband of her skirt as she motioned me to my knees on the floor of the
cubicle, the ground damp under my knees and a yard or so of toilet tissue
adhering to the tiles. She lifted the hem of her skirt so that it was
resting on my head and gripped me by the pony-tail I wore my hair in back
then and pulled me between her legs, into the coarse blonde pubic hair that
grew so profusely in her crotch.

"What are you doing, Katie?" I said, as severely as I could.
"Just...just using the toilet, Auntie," she stammered. "With the lid down?
And what about these?" "They...were on the side of the bath." "You're
lying, Katie," I said sternly. "These are my best stockings. You have
taken them from my dressing-table." I knew that this wasn't so, these
nylons HAD been in the bathroom, but I knew Katie occasionally "borrowed"
stockings and items of underwear from my panty drawer. And now I knew why,
and Katie knew that I knew. I felt a surge of triumph. No longer would
she look at me with that sulky urchin's face and make me feel she was
looking at me with contempt, because now I knew for certain that she had
been looking covertly with the eyes of desire. Oh, I know she had never
expected to involve me, the nearest she could get was my stockings, my
panties, my garterbelt in her squalid little fantasies and I was determined
to teach her a lesson she would never forget. She half-rose from the seat,
making as if to pull her panties up, but I pushed her down again and she
nervously pulled the skirt of her dress over her thighs. "I want you to
continue," I said. Her pretty jaw dropped and she pushed her hair back
from her eyes. "I....I wasn't doing anything." She said. "You're lying
again, Katie," I said. "Just as you have lied about the stockings. I know
what you were doing." "Please," she said. "Please what?" "Please, Ma'am,"
she said. "That's better," I said. "Or you may call me Auntie, if you
wish." "All right, Auntie," she said in a whisper. "What you were
doing...most girls do it at some time or other. I know I did..." She
looked at me with surprise and relief on her face. "You thought I was
going to tell your parents?" She nodded and then put her hand between her
legs in her little slit and began moving against the back of her thumb,
gradually swallowing thumb and index finger in her soft, moist flesh. Her
foot began to bang against the plywood cupboard under the sink.

Two players had come off the court and into cubicles on either side.
Janna made a sort of half-sobbing sound and one of them called, "You got
someone in there, Janna.?" "Is she a pupil, Janna," the other one called
and the two of them started giggling, while Janna gave a hoarse laugh and
turned me around so that my back was to the door. Then she half-straddled
my face, gripped my ponytail with both hands and, as the first girl called
out, "Will she go all the way, Janna?" I found my head forced against the
door of the cubicle and a rhythmic thumping could be heard as Janna humped
my face against the heavy plywood. I had tried to give her pleasure the
way I thought she would want it, to open her with my tongue and softly lap
her into a state of arousal, but she stood straddle-legged so that my nose
and mouth seemed to be claimed as though by right of conquest by her
muscular crotch and I could feel her slime on my eyelids and eyelashes, my
nose and throat choking on her heavy female smell. I tried to cry out, but
she pushed me back relentlessly against the door, pulsing her chunky body
slowly back and forwards with her powerful legs until she came with a harsh
keening cry of satisfaction, then continued to rub my face between her legs
as she twitched through a second, long-drawn out orgasm. She stood still
for a few moments, gasping. "You were okay," she said, when she had got
her breath back and helped me to my feet. "See you in the showers"

"What's wrong?" I asked Katie as she looked up at me anxiously, still
trying valiantly to reach her climax, but at the same time bent over as
though she had a stomach-ache, trying to hide as much as possible from my
view. "I ...I don't think I can, Auntie," she gasped. "You have to," I
said. "You're not leaving there until you do. And don't try to
pretend....I'll know." Poor child, why was I talking this rubbish? How
would I know, as everybody has their own way, their own sound, their own
shame? I was trying to keep her at a disadvantage - I think I dimly
recognised that, but I was not yet in full command of the situation and was
acting mainly on instinct. I saw her desperately glancing at my sheer 15
denier stockings hanging limply from the basin as if beseeching them for
that little extra impetus we have all prayed for at times to boost us over
that invisible barrier to fulfilled desire. Almost without conscious
thought I took a step forward so that my right hip was within inches of her
nose, then I bent to catch the hem of my skirt and lifted it up above my
thighs. Her startled eyes stared up past her nose at the sturdy beige
garter-strap on my thigh, the nubbin of the garter button in the heavy dark
welt of my stocking. My eyes followed hers down my thigh, over the shapely
knee and down the slim calf to the shapely ankle and the narrow foot with
the elegant Italian shoe. I placed my left hand on my waist and held my
skirt bunched like a dancer in my other hand against my right hip. Katie
gave three little whimpering gasps and then a long-drawn out groaning sigh
as she reached the plateau she had been desperately seeking. I felt an
almost overwhelming desire to bend down and crush her adorable lips under
mine, but instead I ordered her to kneel on the floor in front of me.

I didn't really expect Janna to kiss me when we had finished, unless she
wanted to kiss her own mess on my face. If she had even kissed me before
we started it wouldn't have been so bad, but I had never expected to be
taken as casually and ruthlessly as that. Any foolish schoolgirl fantasies
I might have had about a growing passion, sharing her bed and, yes, using
her to further my tennis career, maybe coming eventually to love her, had
been dismissed out of hand. I staggered out of the cubicle and hardly
dared look at my face which was a sight, my hair messed up with her sex and
a sticky drying film on my face and eyebrows. I turned on both taps hard
and began to scrub my face, paying no attention when the other two girls came out and started to wash their hands, keeping my ashamed face hidden with scoops of water. But one of them said brusquely to me as she left,
"Better hurry before she starts hollering for you in the shower!"

When Katie was on her knees before me I reached out and caressed the
back of her head. "I know you have been borrowing my underwear" I said.
"Do you admit that?" She nodded dumbly. "You are attracted to me in some
way, but you do not know why. Perhaps because I am a mature woman and you
feel I am experienced, is that it?" "I guess so," she mumbled. "Have you
ever gone down on anyone?" I asked. "Yeah, with boys,." She said. "Never
with a girl?" "When I was a kid a bigger girl made me do it once," she
said. "Did you like it?" "She wasn't that clean..." "And you didn't like
that?" "No...I don't know." "It excited you, is that it?"
"Auntie...Please...!" "Now, I want you to put your face into me down
there," I said. "Just against my panties. I don't want you to do anything
else. You may feel a desire to kiss me, to use you tongue, isn't that so?"
"Yes," she said "Yes, what?" "Yes, Ma'am...Auntie," she mumbled. "You are
to resist that temptation, do you understand?" "I do, Auntie." "Very well,
and you are to answer as honestly as you can any questions I may ask you."
"Yes, Auntie," she said as I lifted my skirt again and placed it over her
head, holding her snugly against me with my hand gripping her hair.. I
moved my legs further apart into a more comfortable position and could feel
her moist, warm breath between my legs. "Now I'll guide you to the right
place." I moved her head until her nose pressed against my clitoris and her
mouth was at the entrance to my moist aperture. She had to tip her head
back in order to maintain contact in both places, but I was quite pleased
at the thought that some discomfort should be part of this experience for
her while giving me pleasure. I admonished her, "Just stay right there
until I tell you to move. That's right, just surrender yourself to the
perfumed darkness, fall deeply in love with it." I couldn't tell for sure
if the growing warm dampness in my panties was caused by the release of my
secretions or Katie's hot breath, as she seemed eager to drink in my aroma
through mouth and nostrils. Was the little minx trying to excite me? I
would certainly not have put it past her, but I was determined to remain in
command of both myself and her.

."Can you smell me?" I asked. "Yes," she mumbled into my pussy. I
inhaled sharply. "Yes, what?" "I'm sorry. Yes, ma'am." "That's better.
I've already told you that you may call me ma'am or you may call me Auntie,
but you must talk to me respectfully." "Yes'm" "That's better, my dear.
"Do I smell very strong?" "Yes, Auntie, you do." "Just think about how
dirty they are as you bury yourself in them." She just grunted something,
too deeply embedded in me to speak. It was as though she was trying to
gain entrance to my womb and all the envy I had for the womb that had
produced this charming girl was now washed away as she quite clearly
demonstrated to me where her deepest desires lay. "There's something else,
while you're kneeling there with your face in my lap, I'd like you to get
into the idea of worshipping me there. It's is the center of womanhood,
and you need to..." here I gulped - I was going to have to control myself,
"to respectfully adore it." The poor child tried to nod her head.

"Think of both things at once. You're sitting there with your mouth and
nose pressed into my soiled underclothes. It's dirty, yet you keep on
doing it. At the same time, underneath my dirty panties is my warm vagina.
You love it, and want to show your respect to me by honoring it. You press
your mouth against it as a symbol of your esteem." I released her head for
a moment and she mumbled "Yes, Auntie." "I'm disappointed in you, Katie," I
said. "Please Auntie," she said, "I...I'm sorry. Have I said something
wrong? " Perhaps I have a strong body odour, Katie, but I checked my
panties in the ladies room before I came here. They are scrupulously clean
as my underwear always is. Perhaps they are slightly moist, but that is
hardly surprising, with your mouth pressed into them. Is that
understood?." "Yes," she whispered. "You apologise, then." "Please,
Auntie, yes."

I was pleased with the extent of my control. I had made two conflicting
statements to Katie and she had accepted both of them I knew that I now had
her exactly where I wanted her and I had not let her see that I was in any
way aroused by our intimate encounter from which I was now about to release
her. I slipped my skirt from over her head and smoothed it down over my
thighs while she stood up, blinking in the light. Not for me the unbridled
passion of Janna as she almost raped me in the showers that same afternoon,
pounding me against the tiled walls while the hot shower jetted powerfully
down on us, before again pushing me to my knees and gripping my soaking
hair in her experienced hands and pulling me into her. With Katie I was
playing a much longer game - I was playing for keeps. "You still have a
lot to learn," I said, "But you are a good pupil," She smiled at me, an
enchanting smile which showed she was now totally at ease with me I lifted
the stockings and said "You may keep these as a souvenir." She took the
sheer nylons from me, holding them to caress her cheek "By the way, we have
been discussing your education," I said. "Your other education." When told
her that she was to come to live with me, for the next two years at least.
her smile became even more radiant. Then she did something beautiful. She
took one of the stockings and knotted one end around her neck, handing the
other to me like a leash. I leaned forward impulsively and kissed her
hard, forcing my tongue into her mouth and feeling her soft breasts against
mine, her supple body within my arms. I could taste myself on her lips and
tongue and in that moment it was delicious. "I'm so glad I was right about
you," I said gratefully.



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