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An Awakening of Hidden Desires

Authors Note: The following is a piece of original fiction that contains
ADULT content and should not be read by minors. This story is copyright of
the author. All names and places are fictional and any resemblence to real
persons or places is purely coincidental.

If you have any feedback, positive or otherwise, please email me at
literyrambler@yahoo.co.uk and why not check out my other stories at

Jane - An Awakening Of hidden Desires By LiteryRambler

When the P.A. job had come up Jane had been quick to submit her CV. It
had been nearly two years since Jane had started working for the firm in
the typing pool and she had been overqualified for that job even then. At
the time, however, money had been tight and she couldn't afford to be
picky, so she had taken the job in hope that something else would come
along. She hadn't expected to have to wait two years for an opportunity
like this to come along, but now it looked like her patience was about to
pay off.

Being the Personal Assistant to the Managing Director of the company was
about as high as you could go within the support structure and along with
the job came a lot of perks and quasi power. The flip side of this was
that a lot of the other members of the support staff tended not to like the
PA to the MD.

Jane had thought about this when deciding whether or not to apply for
the job, but had decided that the extra 10,000 on her salary and a company
car would soon heal any wounds caused by jealous underlings.

Naturally Jane had been offered the job. Her skills were on a par with
most of the other applicants, but she had impressed the interviewer by
being more level headed, having more common sense and being seemingly less
likely to flap under pressure. That is not to say that Jane was some sort
of superhuman who could never be flustered, nervous or unsure, it just
meant that she was very good at hiding it. On the outside she could be
calm, collected and confident, whilst on the inside she flapped, panicked
and lacked self confidence like the vast majority of people.

So here she was about to start her new job and already things weren't
going well. Jane struggled to find a parking space and was now running
late as she hurried down the corridor to the executive office suite where
her new working home would be. She opened the door to the office suite and
quickly dumped her bag behind her desk. Shrugging of her coat she
furtively glanced at the clock. Only 5 minutes late... not that bad. She
settled in behind her desk and flicked the switch on her computer to boot
it up. Her desk was positioned in the outer office area of the executive
suite which contained the offices of the MD and the Chairman. The latter
apparently only came into the office about twice a year so for all intents
and purposes she would only be working for Mr Peterson, the MD.

The intercom on her desk suddenly emitted a dull tone followed by the
voice of her new boss.

"Jane, would you step in here please."

"Right away Mr Peterson.", replied Jane her finger stabbing at the talk
button on the intercom. Perhaps she hadn't got away with it after all.
Jane hoped that this would not set a bad precedent for their working
relationship. She pushed back her chair and headed in to face her new

"Good morning Mr Peterson.", She smiled as she walked in and stood in
front of the huge mahogany desk. Her eyes flicked around the grand office.
It certainly was befitting of someone who ran a large company; decked out
with expensive items of furniture and works of art hanging on the walls.

Behind the desk sat David Peterson who she had only met twice before.
On both occasions she had found him to be polite and quite charming. He
must be in his late 30s Jane thought and judging by the ring on his finger
and the photo on the window sill, married with at least one child.

"Ah Jane, good morning indeed.", David beamed as he rose and extended
his hand across the desk. Jane accepted the handshake and then sat in the
chair that he then offered her.

"I'd just like to say how pleased I am that you accepted the offer and
hope that we can form an efficient and friendly working relationship."

Jane sighed inwardly as she realised this was just the 'welcome on board
speech' and not a dressing down for being late.

"Well, I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity and just
want you to know hat I won't let you down.", Jane cringed at her 'over the
top' gratitude and hoped it hadn't sounded to sickly.

The pleasantries over, David's smile faded slightly, "Excellent. Well
firstly let's just set a few ground rules. First you are to call me Mr
Peterson or Sir if you prefer, but you are not to address me by my first
name unless I expressly say it is ok to do so."

"Yes Mr Peterson.", Jane chirped in response.

"You will be smartly dressed at all times, hair and makeup tidy and
neat. Many important people come through this office every day and you and
I are sometimes the first impression of our company that they get. We must
both present ourselves impeccably. I am pleased to see that you seem to
have grasped this concept already... well done."

Jane allowed herself a small smile and congratulated herself on her
choice of the dark trouser suit, tied back hair and subtle makeup.

"Now...", David continued, "Everything else will be in the notes that
Sarah compiled before she left. What I expect from you, where to find
things, that sort of thing. You can spend the rest of the morning going
over those and finding your feet."

"No problem Mr Peterson, I have met with Sarah a couple of times as well
so I think I am up to speed on a lot of it.", Jane felt proud that she had
taken the initiative in seeking out Sarah for a few choice tips prior to
her starting.

"Excellent...", the smile had returned to David's face, "...see that is
why you got the job...initiative. There are only two things I prize more
than initiative and those are loyalty and punctuality." David said, his
smile fading again to be replaced by a stern look.

Jane's stomach flipped as she realised that she had already crossed her
new boss on one of his prized qualities.

"I don't want to get all heavy with you on your first day, but it is
important that you understand the rules and also that there are certain
things that I will not tolerate. I expect you to be at your desk at 8.30am
every single morning unless you are sick or on holiday. If that means you
get there at 8.15 every day to ensure being on time, so be it. If I buzz
that intercom at 8.30, as I did this morning, and find myself talking to
empty space again, I will not be impressed!", David finished his reprimand
and sat back to let Jane respond.

"I am so sorry...", Jane started to say but just then the phone rang and
David picked it up raising his hand indicating that she should stop. He
listened for a few moments then placed his hand over the mouthpiece and
addressed Jane.

"I need to take this call. This matter is not over though. We shall
continue this at another time and I expect you to remind me of that, is
that clear?"

"Yes Mr Peterson", Jane dropped her eyes to her feet and felt slightly

David's voice lightened up as he spoke again, "Ok, well off you go and
let's make this day a good day after all".

"Yes Sir.", Jane brightened up as she rose and left the office.

Back at her desk Jane busied herself going through the notes left by
Sarah and vowed that she would learn everything perfectly so as not to
disappoint Mr Peterson again. She hadn't expected the dressing down that
she had received but felt that he had been perfectly fair. He was never
once mean or rude to her, but it was just his voice. It just seemed to
carry so much authority. Well it wouldn't happen again, Jane was sure of
that. She would be the model Personal Assistant and wouldn't give him the
chance to reprimand her again.


David Peterson sat back in his chair and pondered on his new P.A. He
had been very firm with her this morning, probably more so than was
necessary. But David had learnt one thing working his way up the corporate
ladder which was that it was essential to stamp your authority on any
working relationship from day one. Make sure that people know who is in
charge from the outset.

Inwardly David was overjoyed that Jane had got the job. Her track
record in the typing pool had proven her to be an extremely efficient
worker and someone who was more than capable of working under pressure. On
top of that she was a damn attractive woman. Not that this made any
difference, David was a happily married man, but he mused that if he had to
sit and work in this office five or sometimes six days a week it made
things a lot more pleasant if his personal assistant was pleasant to look
at and had some form of a personality.

Sarah had been different. She was an excellent P.A. but had absolutely
no personality and was, quite frankly, over-blessed with the ugly gene. He
wondered whether Jane would remind him about the lateness issue. He'd give
her till the end of the week to see if she did the 'right thing' or not.
David smirked to himself. He would ease up a bit on Jane as the days
progressed and as her respect developed for him. He saw this becoming a
very productive and amenable working relationship.


The rest of the day had passed without event as indeed did the rest of
the week. Jane had quickly got into the swing of things and picked up on
David's routines. She soon realised that he was an extremely good
businessman; very firm at times but always extremely fair. He never
shouted or ranted and took everything in his stride. Due to her diligence
and hard work there had been no reason for Jane to be reprimanded the rest
of that week and by Friday the only thing that was weighing on her mind was
the lateness issue which she had not found the courage to bring up yet.
She resolved that she would do it before the day was out so as to wipe the
slate clean before the weekend.

Jane decided that there was no time like the present and was about to
reach for the intercom when Mr Peterson came out of his office with his
coat on.

"Right Jane, I am off to the Japanese lunch and I probably won't be back
until around 3 or 4. Knowing these people from old there will no doubt be
a bit of Sake floating around so I think you better clear my diary for the
rest of the day just to be on the safe side."

"Yes Mr Peterson.", Jane replied and then after a moment added, "I was
wondering if I could have a word before you went Mr Peterson?".

"Ah can it keep Jane? I don't want to be late for this lunch". She
couldn't be sure but Jane seemed to think there was a bit of an inflection
on the word 'late'.

"It will keep.", Jane said and handed David the file on the Japanese
company. David smiled and left in a hurry.

Maybe it would be better to do it when he got back anyway Jane thought.
He would probably be a lot more lenient with a few sakes inside him.


As David sat in the back of the taxi, staring blearily out of the window
he smiled at how productive his lunch had been. They had agreed, in
principle, on the terms of the contract and hopefully would have the deal
done and dusted by the end of next week. He slid the window down slightly
in an effort to clear his head from the effects of the alcohol. He hadn't
had that many, but it was enough to make him feel a little light headed.
The only bad thing about the lunch had been sitting through the intensely
boring idle chit chat. The CEO of the Sukomo Group was as dull as
dishwater and had proceeded to bore him senseless with stories about how
important discipline was and how he strongly believed in dishing out the
odd spanking to his children in order to gain their respect and obedience.

As he got out of the taxi and made his way back into the office block,
David mused on how simple it would be if business life was like that.
Being able to dish out the odd beating would probably knock some sense into
some people around here. David smiled at the idea....what nonsense.


It was gone 4 when Jane heard the outer door open and saw David walk in
looking a little bit ragged around the edges, a slight glaze in his eyes.

"How did it go Mr Peterson?", Jane asked as she stood up to help him out
of his coat and retrieve his briefcase from him.

"It went very well Jane. I think we shall have the contracts signed by
next week." David proudly replied. "Much happen while I was away?"

"John brought those research papers up and there is a pile of messages
on your desk...nothing of great urgency as far as I can see." said Jane as
she hung up his coat.

David hesitated slightly and then smiled and walked into his office to
deal with the messages. Jane retreated back to her desk; she was still in
two minds whether to bring up the subject of the lateness or not.

After a couple of minutes she decided that she had to get it sorted
before the weekend so she made her way to David's office and tapped on the
door. She stuck her head round the door when he responded and asked, "Is
it ok to have that word now?".

"Of course Jane", replied David, happy to be distracted from the mundane
messages awaiting his attention. "What's on your mind?"

Jane stepped into the office closing the door behind her and took a seat
opposite David's desk. Her stomach was tightening up and she could feel a
heat rushing to her face.

"You said I should remind you about the lateness Sir." Jane found she
couldn't meet his eyes as she offered herself up for a continuance of the

David paused for a second with a puzzled look on his face which quickly
turned to one of recollection. "Oh yes that", he said with a dismissive
nature. He had all but decided to forget about it as long as she had
brought it up which she was now doing. But he paused for a second and
stared back at her. Jane sat before him staring down at her feet awaiting
his lecture.

David felt a rush of power and suddenly a thought entered his head. He
pondered on it for a second and then decided to try something. He masked
his face with a stern expression and spoke as he stood up.

"I am glad you brought that up and I want you to know that, as I said
before, I do not take these things lightly. I have decided to deal with
this simply and quickly so that we can put it behind us and move on." He
made his way round the side of the desk and stopped a few yards from her.

Jane relaxed slightly, she liked the sound of this.

"Stand up please Jane and take your jacket off." Jane's eyes lifted to
his with a hint of confusion but then she quickly stood and did as she was
asked. David continued to walk around behind her, "I had a mostly boring
conversation at lunch today, but now I see that the content of that
conversation may well have given me a suitable resolve for this
situation.... Please lean forward slightly and place your hands on the

Jane slowly leant forward and placed her hands and forearms on the desk
aware that this presented a rather compromising view of her backside. She
thanked god that she had worn a trouser suit today.

David stepped up to her side and as Jane stared straight ahead, he
continued, "Yes, I think this may well deal with the situation rather
well....now I want you to know that I am firm but fair and therefore you
will receive only as much punishment as you deserve. You were five minutes
late therefore you will receive five."

Five what Jane thought to herself. She was very confused.

David lifted his arm back, paused for a second and then brought it down,
the flat of his palm hand making contact with the fullness of her backside.
Jane shrieked in surprise.

"Mr Peterson!! What..." but the second blow caused her to cut her
protest short as the stinging pain coursed through her.

"Now Jane, that is two...only three more and then this matter is all

Jane was totally humiliated and felt a full flush of embarrassment
sprint to her face. She shifted uneasily as the third slap made contact
and the air was forced from her lungs in another muffled shriek. What was
he doing? Jane knew she should leave the office this instant but at the
same time was fixed on the spot.

David felt a rush of adrenaline flood his body as he delivered the
fourth stroke to her curvy arse forcing her forward slightly over the desk
from the force. His cock twitched and he suddenly realised he was deeply
aroused by this. He felt ashamed of himself and embarrassed but couldn't
stop now, that would be even worse. Maybe he could ride it out. He
delivered the final blow and then matter-of-factly rubbed her buttocks
slightly to ensue the circulation returned quickly and the pain faded fast.

Jane was flush with embarrassment as the stinging pain in her rear faded
to a dull throb. Her breathing was heavy and she could feel herself close
to tears.

"Err thank you Jane, that will be all. I hope we can put this behind us
and move on now" David said slightly uncertain of his own words, as he made
his way back to his desk.

"....yes Mr Peterson", Jane whispered unevenly and quickly retrieved her
jacket and hurried out of the office unable, even for a second, to make eye
contact with him.

As she got back to her desk she was totally flustered and shaking with
shock. Her tender backside throbbed slightly and the blood pumped through
her body. But there was something else. She was soaking wet! Beneath her
dark business suit trousers her knickers were completely wet through. Jane
was totally shocked to realise that her body, at least, had found the
spanking an intensely erotic experience. She shifted slightly in her chair
and reached her hand down and briefly brushed herself between the legs.
She was indeed damp and as soon as her finger brushed over her engorged
clitoris a wave of pleasure ran through her body.

Now she was really confused. She thought she had found the whole
experience embarrassing and demeaning but her body was betraying this
thought. Her face flushed again with embarrassment as her mind started to
work through the dichotomy of emotions she was experiencing. Jane
considered herself to be an experienced lover but had to admit that she had
never tried any form of bondage or discipline before. What surprised her
even more was the fact that she had always thought that if she did try any
of that then it would be her taking the role of the dominant one. Instead
she found herself as the submissive and apparently was enjoying it!


David sat behind his desk and stared blankly ahead into thin air. What
had he just done? Had he really just spanked a grown woman? The answer to
that question was most definitely yes. Had he just spanked his own P.A.
Dave cringed and started to get nervous when he confirmed to himself that
the answer to that question was definitely yes as well. What was he
thinking? He must have been mad. This could be very bad. All sorts of
things rushed through his mind as he considered the possibility of being
hauled up on sexual harassment charges.

David's heart rate soared as he considered the possible consequences of
his actions. He could most definitely lose his job, possible face charges
and what about his marriage. David was seriously starting to panic now.

"Ok David", he soothed himself, "let's just calm down and think this
through". He got up and walked to the water cooler to get himself a drink.
He tried to rationalise the situation. He had been a little drunk, it was
a very minor incident. If he apologised and explained then surely it could
all be forgotten about. Maybe some sort of bonus or sweetener could be
arranged as a peace offering.

He tried to convince himself that this was just another business deal,
but couldn't think of another business deal that had made him so nervous.
For that matter no other business deal had left him feeling ashamed but
also extremely aroused at the same time. Dave groaned and decided it was
time to eat some humble pie. He made his way back to his desk and reached
for the intercom. He nearly jumped out of his skin when it buzzed....


Jane tried to focus on her work but was finding in very difficult to
think about anything else other than what had happened. On the one hand
she had just been sexually harassed and should walk out of this office now
and not come back. On the other hand the burning sensation between her
legs told her that she was going do no such thing until she had explored
this further. From the tone of David's voice when she had left, he was in
experiencing a certain amount of confusion and shock because of what he had
done. For this reason she was convinced that there was no malice intended
on his part and that he wasn't a sadist homicidal maniac who was gonna beat
her to within an inch of her life. There were so many questions that
needed answering but she needed more time to think. She wanted to leave
the situation open and in her control before she left to go home. Somehow
she needed to let David now that she wasn't going to go screaming rape, but
on the other hand that she wasn't sure she wanted him thinking that she was
now some sort of fuck-toy... at least she didn't think she did. She
reached for the intercom.


"Yes Jane?", David responded to the buzzing intercom trying to keep his
voice calm.

"Can I have a word Mr Peterson, Please?", Jane kept her voice light and
friendly, "It won't take a second".

David paused slightly before answering, "err ok Jane, step in". David
fussed and fidgety quickly trying to adopt a posture that suggested he was
relaxed and calm.

The door opened and Jane walked calmly in. She stood before his desk
hands crossed demurely in her lap and her head slightly bowed, her eyes
staring at the surface of his desk.

"Look Jane...", David started to say but Jane was quick to cut him off;
she wanted to lead on this one.

"Please, Mr Paterson, Sir, I just wanted to say thank you for being so
firm with me earlier. I really appreciate it and I believe that
administering me a spanking has served to act as a suitable and fitting
punishment as well as a deterrent from it happening again. I know exactly
where I stand now on the issue of punctuality." Jane never raised her eyes
once but could tell from the silence that David was slightly taken aback.

David was speechless and if she had been looking at his face, Jane would
have seen the total look of disbelief that the open mouthed expression on
his face clearly displayed.

Jane sneaked a quick peek at his face and fought hard to stop herself
from breaking into a wide smile. She could feel the heat in her cheeks
again. She hoped she hadn't thrown him too much as she desperately wanted
him to take back control of the situation and be masterful. Jane had
realised that this was what she wanted. She wanted to try the submissive
role and she wanted David to believe that he was really the dominant one,
that way he would continue with conviction and passion.

Jane needed to break the silence. "It is 5.30, Sir. I am about to
leave. Is there anything before I go?"

David snapped out of his stupor and quickly took the reins of the
situation again. "No that will be all Jane.", he said with a firm but
pleasant voice and then added, "I hope a lesson has been learnt here today
Jane, and I hope that you think about it over the weekend and come to work
on Monday ready to start anew."

"Yes Sir", Jane replied, "I will". Jane turned to leave and a sly smile
crept across her face as she knew she would be thinking about her spanking
a lot this weekend.


Jane did think about it a lot over the weekend. Alone in her bed, she
closed her eyes and let her imagination replay the spanking over and over
again as her fingers gently rubbed her throbbing clitoris. She tried to
feel each of David's strokes, remembering the stinging pain spreading
across her backside as she brought herself ever closer to orgasm. When she
finally came it was with a ferocity the likes of which she had not
experienced for a very long time. Afterwards she lay breathless and limp
for a long time before she finally drifted off to sleep.

David, too, found his mind wandering to the situation on more that one
occasion over the weekend, each time causing his heart to pound and his
cock to twitch. Alarmingly, he could not get the image of Jane bending
over his desk from his mind on Sunday evening as he and his wife made love.
Afterwards, his wife commented on his unusual passion and intensity during
their lovemaking that night. David had just smiled and assured her that it
was her who had made him so horny when the truth was that he was lusting
over the spanking he had given Jane.


Jane looked at her watch as she stood outside the office building. It
was 8.36. Allowing for the walk to her office that would make her nine
minutes late. She had been standing there for the best part of 10 minutes
now, deciding whether or not to be late. There was no going back now, she
was already late and knew that this would force the issue. Her heart was
pumping hard and she could feel her nipples hardening in anticipation.

She made her way into the building and towards her office, ready to face
the music. She could feel a slight dampness already starting to form
between her legs and hoped that it wasn't noticeable through her trousers.
As she stepped into the outer office the intercom on her desk was already
buzzing. She quickly through her bag to the floor and took her coat off,
before lurching for the intercom .

"Yes Mr Peterson?", Jane said breathlessly.

"Can I see you in here now please Jane!". There was that voice again;
stern and forceful. Jane practically went weak at the knees when she heard

"Right away Sir.", she responded and slipped off her suit jacket. She
stopped just before opening the door and with a wicked smile undid the top
two buttons on her blouse. She parted the neck slightly and looked at the
result. Jane was more than amply endowed and knew this would expose a good
amount of flesh to her boss.

She wiped the smile off her face, replaced it with one of apprehension
and walked into David's office. She made her way over to his desk and
stood before him with head slightly bowed.

David was, in some sense, furious that Jane was late again, but was also
exhilarated at the prospect of maybe delivering another spanking. He tried
to put this thought out of his mind as he stared at Jane before him. She
was devastatingly attractive and, he could be wrong but, she seemed to be
showing a bit of cleavage today as well. His cock twitched as he admired
the swell of her full breasts and the inch or two of flesh that peeked out
of the top of her blouse. He had spent the last couple of minutes
rehearsing the whole speech in his head and knew that if he went to town
enough and overplayed the importance of being punctual again he might get
to spank her again.

"Jane, I am very disappointed in you.", David said and paused for a
moment to let the words sink in. Before he had a chance to continue Jane
spoke up.

"I am dreadfully sorry Mt Peterson...". She brought her gaze up
slightly but avoided eye contact with David. "... I really did learn my
lesson on Friday and I tried so hard this morning to be on time. I know
how important punctuality is to you and that is why", she hesitated for a
second before finishing, "... I am completely prepared to accept any
punishment you decide to deliver.". With this Jane spread her legs
slightly and bent at the waist placing her forearms and palms flat on the
desk in front of him. She let her head lower to the desk in what she hope
was a totally submissive pose.

As Jane bent over the desk David had glimpsed a fantastic view down the
front of her blouse and could see her cleavage practically bursting out of
it. David was quick to rally to the situation and knew for sure that he
was now in control. He had suspected that Jane had in fact enjoyed the
spanking on Friday and now his suspicions were confirmed.

David slowly stood up and made his way around the desk until he was
standing at Jane's side where he was presented with the glorious view of
this stunning blonde bending over his desk. Jane's pert bottom was
sticking up in the air ready and waiting and her breasts hung down heavy
even within the confines of her bra and blouse. David reached out his hand
and saw that he was trembling slightly. He placed it firmly down on the
small of her back and felt her shudder at his touch.

"You will count as I deliver your punishment....is that clear?", David
said as he brought his other hand up and rested it lightly on Jane's curvy
bottom where he began to stroke it slowly.

"Yes Sir.", Jane replied in a hoarse whisper. The feel of his strong
hands on her body was sending shivers of pleasure down her spine. The hand
left her backside and for just a moment there was nothing... just an
anticipation that exhilarated Jane. Then the suddenly stinging pain as
David sent his hand down connecting with her right buttock. Jane jolted
forward her breasts mashing into the desktop. Her breath forced from her
lungs in a primal muffled groan. "uhhhh .....one", Jane managed to
splutter as she felt the fire burning between her legs. She longed to slip
her hand down and massage her pussy but she didn't dare.

A shot of adrenaline went screaming through David's body as he delivered
the first blow to Jane's quivering backside. And then she spoke, as
instructed, counting off the first of her punishment strokes. That was
almost more exhilarating than actually delivering the blow and David's cock
strained rigid against his trousers. He returned to massaging scolded
cheek of her arse before again lifting his hand back and delivering an even
harsher stroke; this time to her left cheek. Again he felt Jane lunge
forward into the desk, her arms having slipped apart she was nearly face
flat on the desk now and David marvelled at how her breasts were squashed
under her own weight. How he yearned to touch them, to squeeze and pinch
them, but he couldn't.

"Twwwwo!", Jane shrieked, panting heavily. She ground her hips in small
circles as the pain of the second stroke started to fade to be replaced by
a throbbing in her buttocks. Her breasts heaved and her pussy ached.

David pulled his hand from her pert bottom and briefly squeeze his cock,
somehow trying to ease the pressure that had built up there. Of course
this did noting to relieve his lust and he quickly resumed his task.

As he slapped her arse the third time a muffled 'Yes' escaped Jane's
lips which she quickly covered by hissing 'three' into the mahogany of the
desk. David left his hand on her backside and kneaded it's fullness for a
moment. He could see the outline of her swollen sex through her trousers
and slid his hand back slightly to briefly stroke its dampness. Jane
moaned and pushed back against his hand. David quickly took his hand away
and delivered a slap to her arse that resounded with such a crack that it
startled him. Before Jane could even get her breath to report the count,
David broke his rhythm and delivered another blow right across the middle
of both her arse cheeks.

Jane was slowly losing control and she knew it. She could feel her
orgasm hovering agonising close and knew that she would allow this man to
do anything he wanted at this point. "Oh yes, punish me!", Jane exclaimed
in rush of air.

"How many?", David barked.

Jane really couldn't remember and could not answer.

David slid his hand up and grabbed a handful of her long blonde hair and
tugged her head up from the desk and hissed in her ear, "How Many?".

"Four!!", Jane shrieked and hoped it was right. The pleasure and pain
mix was incredible, but she ached to be fucked and despite how open and
extreme the situation was, she didn't feel she could bring herself to beg
to be fucked yet, although inwardly that was exactly what she was doing.

Whilst still holding her head back by the hair, David delivered three
quick strokes to her luscious arse, each causing Jane to whimper and
shudder, and then she went completely rigid and tense for a moment. Her
eyes tightly screwed together and her mouth open in orgasmic pleasure.
David pulled tighter on Jane's hair and delivered one final last stroke to
her arse that sent a jolt of pain right through the middle of Jane's orgasm
causing it to intensify dramatically.

After a few seconds Jane's whole body went limp and she nearly fell to
the floor. David steadied her and straightened her upright.

Jane's head started to clear and she tried to put her hair back into
some sort of order with little success. David was staring straight into
her eyes, but she couldn't meet his gaze; a burning red flush enflaming her
cheeks. She dropped her head and she stared at her feet, though she could
hardly see her feet because of the front of David's trousers which were
sticking out under the strain of his erection.

David realised she was staring at his cock and quickly turned away and
walked back to his desk. "That will be all Jane and please don't let it
happen again.".

Jane didn't understand what he meant at first but then dragged her
consciousness back to the fact that there had actually been a pretext for
the delicious spanking she had just received. "Yes Mr Peterson, I won't Mr
Peterson.", she whispered and hurried quickly out of his office back to the
sanctuary of her desk.


It took Jane the best part of a couple of hours to fully calm down and
sort herself out. Her mind kept drifting back to the spanking she had
received and the intense orgasm it had given her. Finally though she had
managed to get her mind back on her work and regain her normal calm
composure. Thankfully every time she had to interact with David about
something or other he was always completely business like and showed no
indication of what had happened earlier. This made the working day a lot
easier for Jane, although her own mind was causing her to become distracted

By the end of the day she was already planning how late she would be to
work tomorrow and hoping that David would give her another spanking like
today. She found herself wanting more too; wondering what his cock would
feel like buried deep in her pussy or even in her ass. Jane had only ever
once tried anal sex before and hadn't really enjoyed but decided to herself
that if David wanted to fuck her in the arse then he could, just as long as
he spanked her and humiliated her and made her feel like a slut. Jane was
shocked at her own thoughts, but exhilarated to be discovering a seemingly
new side to her personality.


As Jane drove to work the next morning, she knew she was going to be
late. Even if she had wanted to be on time she wouldn't have been this
morning. The roadworks on the main road saw to that. As she sat in her
car stuck behind a line of cars leading to the temporary traffic lights,
her nipples started to tingle. She shifted in her seat and her short skirt
rode up around her thighs a little more. Jane had decided to wear the
skirt this morning so that if she was late, hopefully, David would be more
tempted to spank her bare arse and who knows where things might lead then.

Jane let a hand slip down between her legs as the traffic continued to
crawl along and gently massage her clitoris under her skirt. She was quite
damp already and was glad that she had taken the precaution of slipping an
extra pair of knickers into her bag this morning. She eased the crotch of
her thong to one side and slipped a finger into her pussy whilst dreamily
imagining David punishing her again.

A blast from the horn of the car behind brought her out of her dream
world and she noticed that the traffic had eased up and there was a patch
of clear road ahead of her. She reluctantly yanked her hand from between
her legs and drove on towards the office.

It was 8.45 by the time she had found a parking space and was rushing
through the corridors of the office building. She was aware that her
breasts were bouncing around rather obscenely as she hurried along. She
had chosen to wear a slightly more seductive top today and had left off a
bra altogether. The tight lycra top made her large breasts bulge and
created a good amount of cleavage. She kept her coat close to her chest as
she made her way to the executive office suite, aware that her hard nipples
were sticking through the thin material of her top.

As she got into the suite she immediately made her way to David's
office, not wanting to hold off any longer. She knocked on the door and
walked straight in when David beckoned her to do so.

"Sorry I am late Mr Peterson, the traffic was terrible this morning.".
Jane dropped her bag to the floor and let her coat slip from her shoulders.
She noticed a glint in David's eye as he took in the sight before his eyes.
David stared lustfully at Jane standing on the other side of the desk.
She was wearing a black tight skirt that only came down to the middle of
her thighs and a white top that was very tight and very revealing.
Combined with a pair of fairly high black heels that caused her legs and
back to arch slightly, her hair was pulled back into a ponytail making the
overall effect devastating. David said nothing for a full minute while he
tried to decide what to do. He could see Jane shifting uneasily but wanted
to let her squirm a bit longer. She hadn't seemed very sorry at all about
being late this morning. She was obviously hoping to get another spanking.
David wanted desperately to spank her, to bend her over and slide that
skirt up over her thighs to reveal..... what? David wondered what she was
wearing under there. Suddenly David realised he was in a position of power
and didn't need to wonder about these things.

"Turn round and bend over.", David said with a stern voice while keeping
his face blank and non-emotive.

Jane's heart fluttered as she realised it was starting. She quickly did
as she was told and turned so her back was towards him, She bent over at
the waist, resting her hands on her knees as there was nothing else to lean

As she bent over her skirt rose tantalisingly around her thighs, but not
quite high enough for David to see what was underneath.

"Pull your skirt up.", he called to her and watched with heart pounding
and cock hardening as Jane slipped her skirt over her hips to reveal that
she was wearing a black thong that disappeared invitingly between her
cheeks. David could see her pussy bulging out of the garment at the top of
her thighs. His hardness strained at his trousers and he ached to take it
out and stroke it.

Jane did her best to look as sexy as possible, keeping her legs straight
and arching her back so that her backside was pushed high in the air. She
heard David's chair move back and her pussy tingled as she realised he was
making his way around the desk towards her. She let her head hang loose
down and tried not to make a sound in order to work out where he was and
what he was doing. The hairs stood up on the back of her neck as she felt
him enter her personal space and come to a stop beside her.

A small silent gasp escaped her lips as she felt his hand touch down
lightly on her rump and begin to massage the fullness of her cheeks. His
touch felt gentle but firm and powerful at the same time. His hands
continued to smooth over her rear pausing only to inch her skirt just a
little higher. Jane felt them slide down over her arse and onto the tops
of her thighs agonisingly close to her sex which ached for his touch. She
closed her eyes and allowed herself to sink into the delicious feeling of
excitement and anticipation as his caress continued.

And then, suddenly, his hands were gone. Jane's heart pounded hard as
she waited for the onslaught of the pain that she had found herself craving
lately... but it didn't come. There was nothing; no pain, no movement
from David and no sound except the pounding of her blood in her ears as it
surged around her body. Still the emptiness continued and Jane felt
suddenly very vulnerable in her current position, but she did not dare turn
round for fear of killing the moment.

Finally Jane heard a slight sound and sensed that David had moved, left
her side and was walking around behind her. Her legs began to tremble
slightly as the feeling of anticipation and 'Not-knowing' grew. Her body
elicited a tiny spasm as she again felt his hands on her; this time on her
hips. From the feel of it, David was standing directly behind her. She
felt his hands slide from her hips over her waist and along her sides. As
his hands slowly moved higher she felt David step in to her and his body
pressed against her backside. She could feel the hardness of his manhood
straining against his trousers as it nudged into the top of her thighs.

David's fingers spread wider as they reached the side of her breasts and
then they slid down under her body and firmly grabbed her. Jane moaned as
she felt his strong hands massage and squeeze her firm tits. He thrust
against her slightly as he caressed her and occasionally caught her nipples
between his fingers. Jane pressed back against his hardness urging him on;
willing him to take her, have his way, do whatever he wanted...use her!

But his hands retreated, back onto her sides and then on down to her
backside again. Once more Jane felt a sudden void as his hands left her
and he stepped back away from her. She moaned in frustration and tried to
move her body back, searching him out, but a firm hand landed on her back
and made it clear that she was not to move. Jane relaxed again, resigned
to the fact that she was no longer in control of this situation. She heard
David move away but couldn't work out where he was going. Then she heard
the squeak of a wheel on his chair and the soft escapee of air from the
padded seat as he sat on his leather chair. Silence descended on the room
again. Each second that passed seemed to last for at least 10 as Jane
awaited her fate.

"Thank you Jane, that will be all, please return to your desk and start
work.", David's voice cut into the silence finally.

Jane's eyes snapped open and she paused for a second, not quite
believing what he was saying. She then stood up, pushing her skirt back
into place and turned to him with a look of disappointment and frustration.

"But Mr Peterson, I have broken your rules, I need to be punished.",
Jane blurted aware that she sounded like a little schoolgirl. David said
nothing and Jane was left standing there feeling very confused and
humiliated. she had just offered herself to him completely and he had
turned her down. She was reluctant to give up but floundered for what to
do or say. "B-but how will I ever learn, Sir, if I go unpunished?". Jane
knew that she was appearing desperate, but inwardly couldn't deny the fact
that she was.

"If I decide to punish you,", David finally spoke, "it will be when and
how I choose. Now please return to your desk..... I need that report in
done by 10 o'clock.". As he said this, David dropped his eyes to his desk
and started to sift through some papers.

Jane stared at him in open mouthed desperation for a second and then
realising that she could do nothing to alter the situation dropped her head
in resignation. "Yes Mr Peterson, right away sir". The disappointed
dripped from her voice as she turned, collected her things and left his


As soon as Jane had left the office, David dropped the papers he had
been leafing through, sighed and leaned back in his chair. How the hell he
had managed to get through that he did not know. He felt massively
powerful, that was for sure, but fighting the desire to spank Jane had been
very difficult. He knew he could have used her anyway he wanted to just
then; spank her, fuck her, shove his cock in her mouth or even more
degrading things, but he wanted to be sure that she realised that he had
absolute control.

He knew in his mind that before the day was out, Jane would get her
spanking and probably fucked too, but he wanted to build the sexual tension
more first. Besides, sad as it seemed, he really did need that report
finishing by 10 and as amazing as the prospect of spanking Jane was, he
couldn't let it get in the way of work; there was too much to lose.


Jane stood before the mirror and adjusted her hair and makeup. Her
whole body still yearned to be pleasured even now, over three hours later.
She was standing in the private bathroom that lead off the executive office
suite. She had gone back to her desk earlier, senses enflamed and every
nerve in her body tingling, but she had tried to focus and get the report
done. She had hammered through it and when, finally, David had signed it
off he had smiled at her pleasantly as if nothing had happened this
morning. Jane sighed. She knew she was so completely in his power, in all
senses of the word.

Jane had calmed down enough now to be able to stop thinking about it
every second and had resigned herself to the fact that David would do as he
saw fit with her. She felt confident that David knew she would be prepared
to do pretty much anything he wanted and just had to be content with the
fact that the ball was well and truly in his court now.

Suddenly the room was plunged into darkness. Jane froze and tried to
listen for any sounds. It was probably just a power cut or something she
thought and knew that if it was then the backup generators would take over
in a minute. The door behind her opened quickly and then closed again.
Jane realised that her eyes had been closed and therefore she hadn't seen
who had opened the door. She could sense a difference in the air...
someone had stepped into the room. Her heart quickened and adrenaline
started to flood her body. She felt afraid; unusually afraid of the dark;
suddenly afraid to be in a room with another person.

"Hello?". Jane's voice was high and trembled slightly, "Is there
someone here?".

"Do not be afraid.", a voice said behind her. Jane knew that voice;
could tell that voice anywhere. The stern, power laced voice belonged to
David and suddenly her fear diminished dramatically to be replaced by
excitement. She felt the air move around her slightly and guessed that he
was walking towards her. She held her breath and listened to her own heart
beat as it started to pound in her ears. Her nipples tingled slightly as
he grew closer and she could feel a familiar wetness beginning to form
between her legs. She was suddenly shocked when she felt something
covering her eyes and in reflex started to reach her hands up. She
realised it was a blindfold and relaxed as the material snaked around her
head and was tied tightly underneath her ponytail.

David's hands smoothed the material one more time over her eyes and then
slipped down her body until Jane felt his hands rest on hers. She shaking
a little as he slowly pulled on her hands causing her to turn round and
face him. He took hold tightly of her hands and brought them up and
together so she stood with her arms stretch out with her palms touching
each other. His hands disappeared again and Jane shifted uneasily from
foot to foot. They returned and Jane felt the fabric of a thin rope being
coiled around her wrists. Her nipples instantly hardened as she realised
what he was doing. Over and over the rope coiled around her wrists until
eventually it was pulled tight and tied securely.

Jane heard the door open and she was lead by the wrists out of the
bathroom. Her heart skipped a beat, as she knew she was entering a part of
the offices which other people could wander into and felt panicky at the
thought of being seen. David brought her to a stop and then she felt his
hands on her shoulders. He roughly spun he round in a complete circle.
Again he did it, and again and again until Jane lost count and started to
feel very dizzy. Finally he stopped and Jane felt very unsteady on her
feet. She was breathing heavily and feeling very disorientated.

David lead her through a door and then they walked a few paces, all the
time Jane clung to David's arm for support. She was very nervous about
where they were going but also exhilarated at being so completely in the
charge of another person. They went through a further door and then David
spun her round again. A few paces further forward and they went through
yet another door. The sound never seemed to change much and Jane really
had no idea where she was or where she was being taken. Through another
door and a few paces forward and Jane could definitely feel a change in the
environment of this place. There was a warm breeze coming from somewhere
and...people....Jane could hear people.

Her heart raced as she strained to hear better. There was definitely a
mumbling of voices from somewhere. It seemed to be coming from more than
one direction. Jane felt very nervous.

"W-w-what is going...", Jane started to say but was silenced by David's
voice in her ear, "No talking!".

Jane bit her lip and tried to fight the anxiety that was building inside
her. David released her hands and she let them fall into her lap and stood
silently. Thoughts raced through Jane's head. Who was in the room? Where
was she? Where was the breeze coming from; she must be outside, or at
least near an open door or window; on a balcony maybe. What is he going to
do? How well did she really know him? Could she trust him? Amongst all
this Jane realised that despite all these questions and her anxieties, she
was still standing here with a blindfold on and her hands tied. She could,
if she wanted, lift her hands and remove the blindfold, but she didn't...
Why? The quivering in her hands told her that it was because she was
nervously excited as well as anxious.

Once again she felt his hands on her. Both hands landed lightly on her
shoulders and hung there for a second before moving slowly down her arms.
The sides of his palms brushed against the side of her breasts and a shiver
of arousal went through her body. The hands made their way fully onto her
breasts and moulded their shape. Jane relaxed slightly and let the feeling
wash over her, although she was still very aware that there were other
people in the room. His fingers brushed her nipples and then grasped each
one between thumb and finger, squeezing slightly causing her mouth to open
silently and her head to rock back.

The hands moved down, leaving her breasts heaving, and moved down over
her bound hands to her hips. They grasped her hips tightly and spun Jane
round so that she was facing the other way, One strong hand rested in the
centre of her back and pushed gently, causing Jane to bend over slowly.
David's hands were immediately on her behind, rubbing and squeezing the
cheeks sending a rush of blood around Jane's body that manifested itself in
a flush to her face. Jane was really not sure about this. A spanking was
one thing, but a public spanking was quite another.

The sound of mumbling voices grew louder as David moved his hands to the
hem of her tight skirt and started to slide it up her thighs.

"No...no...please?", Jane whimpered, "Not like this...the others..."
Jane was so torn between the anxiety and humiliation she was feeling mixed
in with the anticipation of feeling David's hand pounding against her arse,
delivering the spanking she craved.

"I said no talking.", came the reply from David in a soft but firm

The skirt was completely over he hips now and her arse was exposed to
the eyes of David as well as anyone else's eyes who were in the room. His
hands moved back onto her arse cheeks and slid down towards the top of her
thighs. Jane whimpered in both desire and pleading to stop the
humiliation, but David did not stop. His hand continued on and into the
gap at the top of her thighs where it cupped her sex and rubbed her swollen
pussy lips and protruding clitoris through the material of her thong. Jane
moaned with lust. At last, the feel of his touch as she had longed for all
day, but still she was afraid; deeply embarrassed and afraid.

The hand quickly left her pussy and her head shot back as she felt the
pain shoot through her as it slammed down against her backside. A warm
tingling coursed through her veins and the heat in her buttocks started to

"No....don't!", she tried to mumble but it was such a feeble protest
that Jane herself knew that she had resigned herself to the humiliation and
degradation of a public beating.

The hand left her and was immediately back with a crack, and then
another followed in quick succession which caused Jane to pant open mouth
and stumble forward slightly. She blindly reached down to steady herself
and felt the floor meet her hands. She balled her bound hands into fists
and pushed them into the soft carpet bracing herself for the next blow.

It came quickly and with a loud slap.

"Ohhhh yes.....thank you sir.", Jane deliriously panted as the fire in
her pussy burned. His hands were rubbing her arse cheeks and one slipped
down to her pussy again. It roughly pulled aside the thin material o her
thong and dove for her aching hole. A gasp escaped Jane's lips and she
threw her head as she felt the finger plunge deep into her sending streams
of pleasure through her.

The next blow came while the finger was still embedded in her and the
mixture of pleasure and pain soared to a level not reached before. Jane
thought she would collapse but desperately wanted to stay upright and
receive more.

Another, another and yet another vicious blow stung against her left
cheek as the finger slowly pumped in and out of her. Then the finger was
gone and Jane whimpered at the loss. But now there was something else
nudging between her legs. She widened her stance slightly in anticipation
of maybe two finger entering her. But it wasn't two fingers. Jane hissed
a 'Yes' and thrust her hips back as she realised she could feel the swollen
head of David's cock nudging at her opening.

"Yes.....do it.....fuck me sir....use me, fuck me like a slut in front
of all these people... I don't care anymore....just don't stop.". Jane
was so close to orgasm she was almost delirious with lust.

Her pussy and clitoris exploded as his cock thrust deep into her in one
movement and stayed there buried to the hilt. Jane felt completely full,
more full than she had ever felt, but clamoured for more. David withdrew
his cock almost to the tip and then plunged into her again. Gradually the
slow deliberate thrusts became a rhythm, banging into her with a great
force and a steadily building pace.

Jane panted open mouthed and grunted each time the large member impaled
her. A sting of pain reamed through her backside as she felt David's hand
slap her hard. Again he slapped her whilst he continued to pump his erect
cock into her with a furious pace. His other hand shot forward and caught
her long ponytail tightly in his grasp. Jane jerked her head back as he
pulled sharply on her hair which sent millions of tiny pleasurable pain
signals from the scalp of her head through her body and mashed with the
throbbing heat in her pussy. Her orgasm started to explode from deep
within her as she felt David furiously hammer his shaft into her, his
thighs slapping loudly against her arse. On and on the pulsing orgasm
ripped through her body and just when she thought it was subsiding she felt
the heat as David started to cum, pumping his seed deeply into her. Her
orgasm renewed its intensity as he continued to milk every last drop into
her, slowing his pace to a steady thrusting.

Jane felt the cum overflow out of her pussy and start to run down her
thighs. She felt the sweat beading on her back. She felt the tears
welling up in her eyes as she came back down to earth with the realisation
of what she had just done and collapsed off his cock into a heap on the

As Jane lay there for a couple of seconds the tears running down her
cheek in a mixture of humiliation, deep satisfaction and sheer exhaustion
she suddenly heard the voices disappear. She was puzzled by this and
lifted herself to her elbows. David was behind her and she felt his hands
untying the blindfold. She squinted as the darkness disappeared and the
bright light flooded into her eyes. As her eyes slowly began to focus she
realised that she was in David's office and there was noone else there
except David.

She turned her head towards him and looked into his eyes with a
questioning look.

"Where did they all go?" she whispered.

"There was never anyone here Jane....just you and me." he replied

"But the voices?", Jane was confused.

"Just a sound file I download and looped it around..... I might harbour
a tendency to punish and mildly humiliate, but I am not a total sadistic
arsehole." He said playfully.

Jane suddenly realised it had all be a charade simply to make her
believe she was being publicly humiliated. The warm breeze came from a fan
by an open window. The tears welled up again; this time with relief. She
buried her head in David's chest.

"I have never felt that way before.", she mumbled, "so intense, so
charged.....it was incredible".

David didn't say anything but merely held her close and smiled for a

"I am afraid, though, Jane that we are going to have to find you other
employment. I think we will both agree that we can't really work
effectively together with this sort of intensity between us.", David said.

Jane pulled away from him and struggled to wipe the tears from her eyes
with her still bound hands. She sighed and sagged slightly. David leant
over to untie her hands

"I suppose you are right.", Jane said, "...not after today".

"I have lots of contacts around.... I am sure one of them will be happy
to see you, you were over-qualified to be a P.A. anyway....it is the least
I can do.", then after a short pause, "Maybe we could still meet up once in
a while and .....well you know". For the first time Jane saw David blush
slightly and become furtive.

She smiled broadly and turned to him as he finally removed the rope from
her wrists and simply said, "Maybe.".


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