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An Erotic Lullaby


This story contains sexual words, themes, and
actions. If you are under 21, go away. If you think
this is not "normal", go away. And if you don't like
sexy stories... GO AWAY! If, however, you are over
21, and you think its MOSTLY normal and you LIKE sexy
stories... keep on reading!

This is short, but sweet. If you like it, drop me an
email, ok?

I wonder if anyone can figure out which writer I am
talking about in my little fairy tale? Any guesses?

"An Erotic Lullaby" by Pami (
I got home from work that afternoon completely
drained. I had insomnia of the worst kind... where
you are tired until you get into bed and then you lie
awake until you give up sleeping, so you get up and
try reading, watching TV, just about ANYTHING to get
yourself ready for sleep. And then you get into bed
again and stare into the darkness, knowing that you
are simply not destined for sleep no matter how much
your body is screaming for it.

That was the past 48 hours. I hadn't slept a wink in
two days. I couldn't tell you why, other than things
at work had me a little stressed out. Third quarter
results were due in on Thursday, and not only was my
division the least profitable, but my particular
jurisdiction was ranked dead last. The bloodbath was
certain to begin soon, and I was concerned that I
might fall victim to it. Okay, maybe I was a little
more than a LITTLE stressed out. But I was
determined... TONIGHT, I was going to sleep!

So, I left a little early that afternoon, stopped to
pick up a turkey breast at the supermarket (isn't it
turkey that makes you sleepy?), and picked up the

Among the bills and junk mail was a tiny little brown
package. Small... less than the size of a letter-
sized envelope, and slightly bulky. I smiled... oh
yes, how could I have forgotten?!

As soon as I walked through the door of the apartment,
I went through my little getting-home ritual. Lock
the door, turn on the oven for dinner, pour a glass of
something cold (fruit juice, today), strip, turn on my
little rock fountain for white noise, and take a nice
leisurely shower. This evening I decided on the
vanilla-scented shampoo and conditioner, and vanilla
bean shower gel and lotion. I smelled like a big ole
butterscotch candy when I was done. I perused the
nightgown choices, and decided to just be naked. The
blinds were closed, and I just sort of felt like it.

I popped the turkey breast in the oven, and then
reached eagerly for the package. I ripped it open,
and out fell a small white object. It was only about
and inch and half long, and as thick around as perhaps
two of my fingers knotted together. A white cord ran
from one end of it to a controller. I dug through the
toolbox and found two AA batteries. Popping them in
while seated at my desk, I was startled by the sudden
jumping of the little white cylindrical object. That
sucker MOTORED! I felt my pussy dampen slightly just
at the thought of it, and I grinned.

I logged onto the computer and checked my email
quickly. Nothing exciting. I casually fingered my
pussy, mostly just to feel good, not to particularly
arouse myself...YET! I jumped over to the web counter
to check my site. I smiled... I was doing okay. Not
excellently or anything, but it was quite a thrill to
know that thousands of people like the way my dirty
mind thinks. And then I checked out new files added
to the site that day. One title in particular caught
my attention.

I wondered if it could be written by a friend of mine,
but thought that he wouldn't have done that without
telling me, could he? Not that he needed approval or
anything, but as a big fan of the way HIS dirty mind
thinks, a certain consideration would have been nice.

Sure enough, as I opened the file, I realized it was
indeed from him. Hmph, I thought. I also smirked
with pleasure. What better way to break in my new
toy? I dashed off a quick note to him to tell him I
was checking out his latest literary effort, and then
turned my attention to the story. I wasn't sure if it
was the absent-minded touching or if it was my brain
wondering what erotic scenario my friend had described
this time, but it was time for the towel.

I stretched over to the chair next to the desk and
pulled out a black bath towel. Well, it had turned
grayish from repeated washing, but was mostly black.
I lifted myself out of my chair and placed the towel,
folded in half, down on the seat, and then perched my
naked ass on it. I spread my legs out, the right on
top of the desk, and the left hanging over the arm of
the chair, and then I picked up my little egg.

I didn't turn it on just yet, but rather just ran it
up and down my pussy lips as I started reading. I
chuckled at a few places, but overall, I was enjoying
the pace of the story. As I proceeded, I flipped the
switch on, and my little pleasure-giver sprang into
life. I continued to run it over the outside of my
cunt as I shuddered. God, it felt good! I especially
loved it when I just held it over or to the side of my
clit. To be honest, I was starting to get totally
wrapped up in my own efforts, and had to make a
conscious effort to slow down. Sometimes pleasures
waited for are the strongest. I continued with the
story. As I read, I turned off the egg, and slipped
it inside me. As deeply inside as I could get it.
Then I just let it sit there for a little bit.

I finished the story, and smiled. Another good
effort, although not quite as much to my tastes. I
have always been a fairly heterosexual woman, and I
knew what I wanted to read right then. I quickly
clicked my way through my hard drive until I got to my
folder of saved stories. I selected three of my
friend's, and opened them, but minimized them. I
shifted in my seat and turned the little mischief-
maker inside me to a low setting. A strange buzzing
sensation went through my entire groin region. I
could feel the vibrations on the walls of my pussy,
vaguely against my swollen labia, an entirely
unexpected stimulation in my rear passage, and it felt
like my clit was being rubbed from the inside out. And
my pussy was dripping wet. Thank God for the towel!

I pulled up an early fantasy. It was written for his
slave, and detailed exactly how their initial meeting
might have been. It was heavy on domination and
bondage, and it made me so hot I wanted to come right
then. But I also wanted to wait. So I did. I closed
my eyes, and concentrated on the physical sensations.
I wondered if that was what electrical stimulation
felt like. I thought that I could feel every inch of
my cunt. With one hand, I controlled the speed of the
egg, and with the other I reached down and began to
caress my clit. I did it slowly, building up the
tension in my body. I giggled as an image of the egg
shooting out of me when I climaxed crossed my mind.
And then I turned to the next story.

Mmmmm... this one was just what the doctor ordered.
Full of descriptions of a bdsm scene that were so
erotic and vivid that I could imagine myself there, a
voyeur to the incident playing out in my mind's eye.
Indeed, part of me wished to feel the caressing sting
of a whip or flogger right then. I turned up the
speed on my little vibrating friend. THIS was what I
wanted to think about as I crested the plateau, and it
wouldn't take long.

I felt my pussy lips almost snapping together as I
could almost hear the moans and groans of pain and
pleasure mingling. My finger pushed hard on my clit,
and I came, moans of my own escaping out into the
quiet of the apartment. I flung my head back as I
orgasmed, continuing the massage of my nerve-laden
kernel of flesh to milk every single sensation that I
could out of the moment. The buzzing intruder inside
me continued to hum away, and despite the fact that my
cunt juices were dripping down the crack of my ass,
and even though I could feel my passage spasm around
it, my little buddy stayed put, not hurtling out of
me, but instead, prolonging my pleasure.

As I came down, my shaking fingers turned off the
remote control and I breathed deeply. The aroma of
roasting turkey wafted through the air to my nose and
I smiled a truly contented smile. I didn't know if it
was going to be the turkey or my new little friend,
but I was DEFINITELY going to sleep tonight!
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