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An Intimate Encounter


Authors Note: The following is a piece of original fiction that contains
ADULT content and should not be read by minors. This story is copyright of
the author. All names and places are fictional and any resemblence to real
persons or places is purely coincidental.

If you have any feedback I would be glad to here from you at the
following email address :-

An Intimate Encounter by LiteryRambler

The cold October night air caused Jane's breath to condense as it
escaped her mouth, forming large clouds of mist as she made her way home
from the party. It was a little after 1am as she travelled the short
distance through the deserted streets to the small flat that she called

The party had been good. Not great by any means, but Jane had certainly
enjoyed herself despite the fact that she now made her way home alone. On
the whole she had been very well behaved this evening, whilst still
managing to attract a reasonable amount of interest from the various men present. She hadn't gotten too drunk, although she could still feel the
alcohol coursing through her body, giving her at least some protection from
the bitterly cold temperature. She hadn't made a fool of herself at any
point or appeared too desperate, although she had to admit to herself that
she was rapidly getting desperate for even the briefest of lustful

Jane frowned as she turned left off the main high street and into the
long narrow lane that served as a shortcut to the road where she lived.
She couldn't understand it. She considered herself to be a very pleasant
woman; sociable, easy going with a sense of humour that seemed to get
people laughing so why was it that she oftend found herself making the trip
home unaccompanied.

Jane was a very attractive woman and always had lots of men drooling
over her gorgeous body. In the right circumstances she wasn't shy of
displaying her body to the full through her choice of revealing clothes,
and yet, she could never seem to 'close the deal'. Tonight she thought she
had looked especially stunning. and had managed to turn the majority of
male heads and even some of the female ones too. She was 5'5", with deep
blue eyes and long blond hair that, when allowed to run free, stretched
down to the middle of her back. Her body was slender but not skinny; curvy
in all the right places with a very generous bust and legs that apparently
'went all the way up'.

The slinky black dress she had worn with its non-existent back, plunging
neckline and hemline that barely reached the middle of her thighs was
complimented by her modest high heels which further arched her back and
calves. Her hair had been teased up into a complex affair and pinned in
place, with tiny wisps escaping here and there to give a soft, whimsical
effect. In short the two hours she had spent getting ready tonight, in her
opinion, had produced the overall effect of a sophisticated, intelligent
gorgeous woman who looked devastatingly sexy whilst not being tarty. At
least that was what Jane had been aiming for.

She pulled her coat tighter in around her against the cold and sighed
with frustration as she hurried on down the dark lane, her sigh the only
sound other than the rhythmic clicking of her heels on the pavement.

On the bright side, she mused, she would have a nice relaxing hot bath
when she got home and take her frustration out on one of her vibrators.
That thought cheered her slightly and she felt a warm tingle across her
nipples as she pondered on which vibrator would best sate her lust tonight.

"God, I'm dying for a shag" she exasperated to the empty night air.


Jane stopped dead, startled by the sound of another voice. She hadn't
noticed the man who had been approaching from the other direction and was
now standing a few feet in front of her.

"I didn't say anything.", Jane lied unconvincingly; flustered and
embarrassed by her most personal exclamation. She scanned the man who
stood in front of her, acutely aware that she was a woman alone walking
through a darkened street at 1am. Adrenaline started to flood through her
body and her stomach tightened as she tried to work out whether she was in
danger here.

The man before her was, she guessed, in his late 20's early 30s, a few
inches taller than her and had very short mousey brown, slightly thinning,
hair. He wore black jeans and a short jacket zipped up against the
weather. His face seemed pleasant enough and at that moment displayed an
expression of total shock.

"Sorry, I thought you just said that you needed a shag", the man said
looking uneasily at Jane.

Jane blushed deeply and shifted from foot to foot averting his
questioning gaze.

'Why am I still standing here' she thought to herself. 'Just apologise
and walk away'.

But Jane didn't walk away, she stood there for a moment unable to move
trying to think of something to say. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it
was shock, maybe it was the fact that she was dying for a shag and this
bloke was outstandingly qualified in the sense that he was a man and he was
here. Whatever the reason she stayed rooted to the spot.

"err.... well actually I did, but I was only thinking aloud and didn't
even notice you were there to be honest".

Not the greatest of retorts, Jane thought but it could have been worse.

"Oh, right" the man said and seemed to hesitate for a moment before
adding with a nervous smirk, "...anything I can do to help?".

Jane was even further shocked at this. Did he just proposition her?
She didn't even know his name. The man had obviously just noticed the
shock on her face because his smirk faded to an expression of concern.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry, that was totally out of order." he blurted his
face flushing to a crimson.

"I didn't mean...well I shouldn't have...oh god you must think I am some
sort of weirdo or something...shit sorry" the man babbled as he stepped
aside and hurried past her.

Jane turned as he swept passed her and did some very quick thinking.
Surely she couldn't press a liaison with this stranger... could she? it
was wrong and he could be an axe murderer or something. On the other hand
if he was an axe murderer, surely he wouldn't have just run away from a
veritable gift victim. The thought of having a stolen moment with a
complete stranger excited her dramatically causing a slight tingling
between her legs. He was rapidly disappearing out of sight though, so if
she was going to do something she decided she had to do it now.

"Hey, wait" she called after him and started to walk in his direction.

The man stopped and turned round with a puzzled look on his face. Jane
had made her decision and she knew exactly how she wanted it to go. No
messing around, no long chat or forced pleasantries, just lust and that was
it. As she walked she let her coat fall open revealing her outfit and
alluring towards her sexy body that lay beneath.

'I might as well get the ball rolling straight away' she thought to

"Yes?" the man asked, wide eyed and confused as he saw Jane walking
towards him, her coat hanging slightly open hinting at a gorgeous body

"I'm Jane, and actually you can help me out with my problem. " she
said. She was about 10 feet from him now and started to sway her hips
slightly as she closed in.

"The only thing I want to know is your name and that's"
Jane said slowly as she walked slowly towards him with a sexy smile and a
glint in her eye.

"My name is J-John" the man replied dumbstruck at what was happening.

"Well...J-John", Jane teasingly mimicked his nervous stutter. She
stopped a couple of feet from him and placed her hands on her hips pushing
her coat open revealing her lithe body and pushing her breasting out
slightly, "What about that shag then?"

Jane didn't even wait for a reply, instead she walked the final step
towards John and pressed her lips to his in a slightly tentative kiss.
When John didn't pull away she became emboldened and the kiss became more
passionate. Jane parted her lips slightly and John slipped his tongue
eagerly into her mouth. Jane let her hands encircle John and she pulled
him into her body feeling his chest pressing against her breasts and the
rough texture of his jeans against her thighs.

John's arms slipped under her coat and around her back caressing her
shoulders as the kiss intensified. He slowly ran his hands down her back
and onto her full buttocks. Jane moaned softly into John's mouth as his
hands stroked and squeezed her bum cheeks forcing her body even closer to

Jane was suddenly aware that they were standing in the middle of the
street and whilst it was deserted it was still to risky to continue this
out in the open. She broke the kiss off abruptly leaving John with a
startled expression on his face. She searched the immediate vicinity and
noticed a small alleyway between two buildings on the other side of the

"Come on" she said as she took his hand and led him across the street
and down into the small alleyway which was dimly lit by an ancient looking
wall lamp towards one end.

She dragged him down to the end of the alley and then turned, placing
her back against the wall. John moved to kiss her again but Jane placed a
hand on his chest and pushed him to arms length with a wry smile on her
face. She then proceeded to remove her coat, slipping it off her shoulders
and letting it fall to the ground. With her feet about a foot from the
wall she leant back and arched her spine letting her head rest against the
cold, hard brick. She ran her hands up from the tops of her thighs over
her hips, across her stomach, pausing briefly at her breasts to push them
together and squeeze them slightly, and then on up brushing her neck to her
head where she pulled out the pin that held her hair in place. She shook
her head and blonde hair cascaded down over her shoulders. She gathered it
all together and, leaning her head forward slightly, swished it round one
shoulder where it fell down over her breast. She leant her head back
again, closed her eyes and raised her hands back over her head leaving them
half bent, flat against the wall.

John gazed at the gorgeous woman in front of him with ardent lust in his
eyes. He felt the familiar stirring in his groin and stepped forward to
kiss Jane. Her lips parted the instant she felt his lips on hers and their
tongues battled urgently into each others waiting mouths. John brought his
hands up to her breasts and squeezed them firmly. His fingers cushioned
into the soft expanse of her large mounds which again illicited a moan from
her. John let one hand fall to her side and then around onto to her ample,
rounded behind while his other hand started to tease Jane's hard nipple
through her dress. Needing to feel the warm soft skin against his hand, he
reached up to the thin strap of her dress and slipped it off her right
shoulder. Jane brought her arm down and withdrew it from the strap leaving
her right breast exposed to the cold night air.

Soon, however, she felt the heat of his hand back on her breast massaging it and occasionally squeezing her nipple. Jane squirmed slightly
pressing her crotch into his. She could feel her pussy starting to moisten
and the heat building in anticipation of what was to come. John broke the
kiss and dropped his head to her breast instantly sucking her nipple into
his mouth and teasing it with his tongue.

Jane moaned, a cloud of condensation streaking from her mouth as he
increased the pressure of his suckling. She brought her hands to the back
of his head and forced it harder onto her chest serving only to spur John
on to be firmer with his attention. John brought her nipple to the
entrance of his mouth and clasped it lightly between his teeth, pulling
back and stretching the bud slightly causing Jane to gasp open mouthed.

"Let me feel you mouth on me!", Jane hissed as she pushed down on John's
shoulders indicating what she really wanted.

John sank to his knees, sliding his hands down her body until they
rested on her thinly covered mound. Jane sighed and spread her legs
slightly, pulling up the hem of her dress as she did so. His hands moved
down to the tops of her thighs as John was greeted with the sight of Jane's
black thong as she lifted her dress around her waist. He slid his hand to
the front of her knickers and massaged her lips through the flimsy

Easing the material to one side Jane's neatly trimmed pussy was exposed
to John's lustful gaze. Her lips swollen and red, her slit moist and
ready. He simply looked at the delicious sight before him and moistened his
lips with his tongue. Jane groaned as she placed her hand on the back of
his head and gently pushed him to her sex.

"Yes.." she hissed quietly as his tongued snaked into her pussy and
lapped at her inner folds around her clitoris.

She started to rock her hips slightly as his tongue flicked around her,
back and forth, from top to bottom. He lapped eagerly at her,drinking in
her sweet juices, but avoided direct contact with that most sensitive part
of her body. Jane's breathing quickened into a light panting rhythm as his
hands slipped around and squeeze the taught cheeks of her arse.

"Uhhh Yes...yes .yes" Jane panted as his tongue finally landed on her
clit and flicked it back and forth at a furious pace.

Jane lifted her right leg and hooked it over John's shoulder desperate
to somehow get him closer. John let one had slip from her arse and brought
it up between her legs to her pussy entrance, where it slowly circled; his
tongue continued it's onslaught on her hardening clitoris.

"mmmmmm, oh god." Jane blurted, oblivious now to everything other than
the tongue on her clit and the finger poised so deliciously at her
entrance. She could feel her climax building from deep within her and her
body started to tense to embrace it.

John could sense it too and stiffened his tongue as he sought to push
her over the edge. His finger ceased its teasing and slipped effortlessly
into her hole until it could go no further. That was enough to push Jane
over the top and her orgasm exploded causing her hips to buck violently
into John's face.

"OH , OH, yeeeessss" she moaned unaware of how loud she had become and
obviously past caring.

John continued to lap at her clit as her climax gradually subsided and
her body started to relax slightly. Jane opened her eyes and with a
renewed passion pulled john to his feet and kissed him deeply, her hands
sliding straight to his crotch. She could taste a slight hint of her sweet
juices on his tongue as she massaged the rapidly hardening bulge in his
trousers. Her arousal still high and her need to have him in her urging
her on.

She fumbled at his belt, wrenching the buckle undone and popping the
single button at the top of his jeans. She pulled the zip down and thrust
her hand into the opening searching out his manhood. Her hand snaked
through the opening in his boxers and hauled out his cock, now almost fully
erect, a small drop of precum forming on it's tip. She started to quickly
stroke it up and down and was soon rewarded with a fully hard erection.
She released her grip on him, pushed him away and quickly turned away from
him bending at the waist and placing her hands flat on the wall, presently
John with her well rounded arse.

"Do it...", she hissed, "Fuck me!".

John pushed his trousers and boxers down to his ankles and positioned
himself between her legs. Holding his cock in one hand he guided it to her
waiting pussy. Slowly and firmly he pushed the head of his shaft into her,
causing both of them to moan. On and on he went until he was completely
buried in her, his thighs pressed firmly against the back of hers. He
stayed there for a few seconds and then reaching round to grab her tits he
started to slowly pump his hardness in and out of her tight pussy.

"oh fuck that's good", he moaned as he picked the pace up slightly
causing their bodies to slap together.

Jane pushed back with every thrust urging him to go deeper and harder.
She threw her head back, her hair cascading over her back and panted
wantonly. John let his hands slip from her breasts and straightened up
grabbing her hips so he could slam his cock into her. He could feel his
balls tightening and knew his own orgasm was approaching.

"Oh god yes....fuck me....fuck me hard", Jane barked as John increased
his pace to a furious banging. Jane could feel another climax approaching
and deeply hoped she would get there in time.

"Arrgghh.... I'm gonna cum" John groaned and his body started to tense
as his thrusts slowed from fast and furious to deep and hard. He reached
forward and as he started to spill his load inside her, he grabbed a big
handful of her blonde hair and pulled it back.

"Ugghhhh" Jane cried her head forced back. The sudden shock and
adrenaline rush causing her own orgasm to rip through her body as John
pumped the last of his seed into her burning pussy.

Finally spent, John released Jane's hair and her head slumped forward as
she pushed back slightly milking every last single drop from his rigid

"Mmmmmm... oh yeah that was good" She purred to noone in particular as
she slowly came down from her climax. Suddenly she felt John pull out of
her and was left with a brief yearning empty feeling in her as his cum dribbled down her thighs. She stood up, still not facing him, and pulled
her dress down over her hips, pulling the top up to cover her breasts, she
bent down collected her coat. She tossed her hair back as she straightened
up and put the retrieved garment on.

She finally turned to face John who was doing up his trousers with a
dreamy smile on his face.

"That was ...... awesome", John said, a slightly glazed look in his
eyes. After a moment he continued, "I was wondering" he started, but she
silenced him with a finger to his lips.

"Shhhhh......don't spoil it....let's just leave it at that". She said
as she looked into his eyes trying to get him to accept the situation as it

John looked slightly crestfallen, but his expression soon turned to one
of satisfied resignation.

With that they walked out of the alleyway; John turned left and Jane
turned right each glowing with the deliciousness of their recent intimate



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