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Andrea and Gillian. Part 1


Andrea and Gillian. Part 1 - by Tafod Arian, (MFf, NC, Humil)
********************D I S C L A I M E R ********************* 'Andrea and
Gillian. Part 1 ' contains graphic non-consensual as well as consensual
sexual scenes between adults and teenagers. This story is FICTION. It
does NOT depict the relationship between actual living people. It is NOT
intended for readers under 18 or those who are easily offended by
pornography. It is NOT for the squeamish. If you are UNDER 18, or if you
ARE offended by pornography, please DO NOT CONTINUE to read. If material
of this nature is illegal in your area and you continue to read it, it is
YOUR responsibility. All rights reserved: Permission is hereby given to
distribute this story via electronic means only, for non-profit use. This
header must remain intact. All rights for this story remain the property
of the author.
*********************************************************** Key-words :
MFf, NC, Humil.

This story is dedicated to Melanie - she knows why.

I had returned to Wales for a week to recover after the events in
Switzerland and I already had my flight booked to go back to finish the job
there before the end of Jonathan and Jane's honeymoon (see 'The Climbing
Hut'). I needed some entertainment while I was back in the valley and,
looking out of my window, I began to wonder if it had arrived!!

I saw a removal van pull up at the house next door. It was followed by
a small car out of which got a woman in her early thirties and a girl of
about fifteen. The woman was about five foot eight and blonde with long
hair falling to just past her shoulders. From what I could see at a
distance she looked rather pretty although her figure was hidden under a
loose sweater but she was wearing jeans which displayed a promising bottom.
The girl was slim and wearing tight jeans and wore a tee-shirt revealing
fairly small breasts which were just suited to her slender figure. It
seemed probable that they were mother and daughter and there did not seem
to be a man in evidence.

I spent the day on and off watching them move in and as it began to get
dark and the removal van had left I took my drink on to my porch looking
across from the shadow of my trees towards their lighted windows, on which
of course, they had not yet had time to hang curtains. I watched them
passing in front of the lighted windows from time to time. I was now much
closer and I was pleased to see that I had not been wrong about the mother at all. She was an extremely pretty woman with very fair colouring
admirably set off by her blonde hair. Now that she had taken off her
sweater it was clear that she was well-made indeed. Her breasts were
prominent although still not well displayed under a loose shirt but they
appeared to have a fine tilt and hardly any sag. Her legs and bottom were
now more clearly visible and as I was closer looked more than promising.
She had long slender legs running all the way up to a firm bottom, her
plump buttock cheeks well displayed by the tight denim.

I paid a little more attention to the daughter. As I had thought she
was slim, much slimmer than her mother with long legs and a rather small
firm bottom. Her breasts were not as small than I had thought earlier
making perceptible mounds in her tee-shirt. She was also rather pretty but
not as good-looking as her mother. She would benefit from the passing of a
couple more years to allow her to fill out and to mature a little.

I had just returned to Wales from Switzerland following my encounter
with Jonathan (see 'The Climbing Hut') and I had three days before I
planned to return to renew my acquaintance with him and to meet his wife Jane, a meeting that I had threatened, that he was terrified of but that
would happen anyway. I needed some entertainment for the next three days
and it looked as though it had just moved in next door. How convenient!!!
It was getting late and I watched the windows next door until the lights
went out. It was now becoming rather cold as the evening dew began to
form. I watched the moon rise over the shoulder of the mountain and went
into my cottage to make some provisional plans.

The daughter was probably too young and inexperienced to make her a
satisfying target but she was extremely useful in that her being around
would allow me to terrify the mother into doing anything I wanted.
However, one can never tell what may develop! Those of you have become
acquainted with me will know that physical domination is not enough for me.
I like to get into the heads of the people I encounter so that it changes
them and they are remade by their meetings with me. I poured myself a
drink and sat looking into the fire as I listened to the wind rattling the
windows of the old cottage. I slowly thought the situation through and
made some tentative plans, necessarily tentative, since I had limited time
and it was impossible really to foresee what tomorrow may bring. I
finished my drink, put out the lamp and went to bed falling immediately
into the dreamless sleep which seems the birthright of those who have no

The following morning I arose early and went for a walk up the mountain.
I watched the sun rise and looked down at my cottage and the small house
next door. I had taken a small but powerful pair of binoculars with me,
not really expecting to see anything. How wrong I was!!. The mother and
daughter appeared to think that the house already had curtains, or perhaps
they thought that the shattered rock and heather slopes of the mountain
which began at the bottom of their small garden were too uninviting for
anyone to be up there at that time.

The first one I saw was the daughter. I could see right into her
bedroom and she had already got up when I saw her first. She was wearing a
tight tee-shirt and a small pair of black panties which clung to and
outlined the soft curve of her young bottom. I paid more attention to her
breasts. Although she seemed a late developer for her age under the tight
tee-shirt she displayed very promising breast mounds. Her legs were long
and lovely and nicely complemented her tight young bottom. She had tied
her hair in a neat pony tail.

I switched my attention to the kitchen window and was rewarded by the
sight of the mother bending forward over the sink. I instantly saw that I
would not be disappointed!. They must have spent the day yesterday heating
the small house and left the heaters on all night because the mother was
just dressed in a shortie nightie and a pair of matching panties in black
nylon which left little to the imagination. The nightie had a low cut
bodice which clung to and accentuated her firm breasts. I could see that
my original impression had not been mistaken. She had very firm
outstanding breasts with hardly any sag, quite impressive in a woman her
age. They were so clearly defined by the thin nylon that even at this
distance I could see the prominent bulges of her nipples against the
material and the dark circles of what looked like rather large areolae. As
the morning light shone through the kitchen window it illuminated her
figure as though by a spotlight. Her hair was loose falling in blonde waves to just below her shoulders and I could see that her face was unlined
and as pretty as I had previously thought. Even at this distance my
binoculars showed that she had the wide blue eyes that so often accompany
fair colouring. She had a long slender neck supported on rather square
shoulders. The expanse of her prominent bosom tapered to a slender but not
thin waist and then broadened to roomy, but not fat, hips. As she turned I
could see the outline of a prominent pubic mound defined by the tight
high-cut panties. When her back was to me as she reached up to a high
shelf throwing the muscles of her calves and thighs in sharp relief. The
dimples in the soft flesh behind her knees disappeared as the skin
tightened as she stretched. Her bottom was shown to advantage in this
position as the nightie rode up and I could see the whole expanse of her
buttocks hardly hidden by a thin film of taut nylon which caught in and
defined the cleft between her cheeks.

"Very nice indeed," I thought, "that will do me fine for the next couple
of days until I return to Switzerland."

I went down the mountain to my cottage where I had a quick breakfast.
The windows were open and I could hear the sounds of female voices and
laughter from next door as they settled in. I began to think that it was
time that I introduced myself. I went round and tapped gently on the back
door. The teenager opened it and looked enquiringly at me. Since I saw
her from the mountain she had dressed in a short red pleated skirt about
five inches above the knee and another tight tee-shirt. Her hair was still
in the pony-tail. She looked even younger than I had originally thought.

"I live next door," I said, "Can I have a word with your mother?".

At this the mother came into the kitchen and gave me a ready smile. Her
hair was still loose around her shoulders. She had dressed in a thin
yellow house-dress, about an inch above the knee, fairly low-cut which
showed the start of her cleavage. Here legs were bare. She motioned me
into the room and I shut the door. She held out her hand with an
infectious open friendliness and said,

"We wondered who was living in the cottage next door. I am Andrea and
this is my daughter, Gillian. Please sit down, we were about to have some

I sat and chatted as she fussed about getting coffee for us. I was
watching her closely and my scrutiny was making her self-conscious.

"Just right," I thought, "A little off balance is just fine by me".

Andrea chattered on inconsequentially and I just sat and quietly drank
coffee watching the pair of them. It appeared that Gillian had been
invited that evening to the Chapel youth club so that she could get to know
some of the young people in the village. Things were working out quite

"You have an awful lot to do here, Andrea," I said quietly, "I have to
go into Caernarfon this afternoon but I'll be back about four. If Gillian
is going to be out why don't I come in and help you? You need some shelves
putting up and the curtains should really be up before tonight".

Andrea looked doubtful. I had introduced myself by name when I came in
and I now had an unexpected ally in Gillian.

"Go on, mum," she said eagerly, "if Mr Evans is here to help you, you
won't be alone and I can stay at the youth club a little longer".

"Thanks very much," Andrea said shyly, "come round when you are free and
we can have some supper before Gillian comes home".

She looked at me and blushed. It was clear that she feel a little
excited and uncomfortable at the prospect of being alone with me. These
were just the sort of feelings I wanted her to have. I left soon
afterwards and drove down the pass into the town where I completed
everything I had to do and returned to the cottage at about three o'clock.
I had a long bath and changed into loose trousers with no underwear and a
white silk polo-necked sweater. I went next door and tapped lightly.
Andrea opened the door almost immediately and smiled rather nervously at
me. She had changed into a short white pleated skirt and a rather
tight-fitting low-cut white blouse through which I could see the
tantalising lacy cups of her bra. She did not appear to be wearing a slip.
She had put on dark stockings or tights since the morning. I thought that
her attire was a little odd if she intended to do much in the way of
putting up shelves and curtains!.

Gillian was dressed in a very pretty pale yellow high-necked, rather
short, dress and was also wearing dark stockings or tights. her little
breasts bulging the dress front discreetly but sweetly.

"You look beautiful, Gillian," I said.

She blushed and smiled shyly at me. Just then we heard the sound of a
car horn.

"That will be my lift," Gillian said brightly, "have fun!"

"Just a minute, Gillian," I said, taking a twenty pound note from my
pocket and handing it to her. "Have a good time".

She gave a squeal of joy and pressed her slim young body against me for
a moment, kissing my cheek and then she was gone. I looked around the
room. They had clearly been working very hard since the morning and the
curtains were already up. The house was considerably tidier and a lot of
the junk of the move was no longer evident. I smiled at Andrea.

"You don't seem to need me as much as you did this morning," I remarked,
"you have got on very quickly".

"Yes," she answered, "once we started it all went well. I am really too
tired to do any more tonight. Would you like to stay for supper?"

I thanked her and sat down on the large comfortable settee in front of
the fire. Andrea got me a drink and was bustling around in the kitchen and
I could smell a delicious aroma through the open door. I got up and went
and stood in the open doorway watching her. As it had this morning it made
her uncomfortable. She seemed very shy. As she bent to the oven, her
blouse fell away from her chest a little and I looked straight down into
her bosom. She had really splendid breasts standing high and proud with a
very deep cleavage. She caught me watching her and she reddened under my
scrutiny. I just smiled to myself. She served an excellent casserole and
we had supper talking generally, or rather she was talking nervously,
almost compulsively, and I was listening. I got the history of her and
Gillian with no real difficulty. She was recently divorced and had come to
Wales hoping for some quiet and a change of scene to try to put her life
back in order.

We took our coffee and some rather nice brandy to the settee and I sat a
little closer to her than she perhaps expected. I put my glass down and
casually put my hand on her thigh just above the knee under the hem of her
dress, caressing the soft flesh of her inner thigh through her stocking with my fingers. She gasped and closed her thighs putting her hand over
mine and trying to move it.

"My God!" she gasped, "what are you doing? You can't do that!"

I tilted her chin towards me and looked into her frightened eyes.

"You just think I can't," I said menacingly, "don't even try to

I had gathered from her general air both this morning and this evening
that she was a submissive rather than a dominant personality which was
good. I wanted to have everything I wanted from her without having to
seriously physically hurt her too much. She looked terrified as her wide
blue eyes gazed with horror into mine.

"You can have a choice," I said, "I want some fun for the next couple of
days before I go away and it is either going to be with you or with

"Oh my God!" she gasped again, "you couldn't be so wicked as to touch my
baby. She is only fifteen".

"Well," I said, "the choice is yours. It is either you or your baby!".

She began to cry. Things were going rather well. Those of you that
know me will know that I am never crude. I could have simply stripped and
raped her but that would not have satisfied me. I needed to get inside her
head and to allow her to humiliate herself. I wanted to remember the next
couple of days. I took my hand off her knee and lay back looking at her.

"I could do with another drink," I said casually.

She jumped up as though the settee was red hot. Clearly she felt better
if there was some distance between us. What she didn't realise was that I
had also got up and followed her to the sideboard where the drinks were
laid out on a small tray. When she tried to turn she realised that I was
right behind her. She gasped and stiffened. I was also stiff and I moved
closer so that my erect prick was pressed against the cleft of her bottom.
I had her trapped against the sideboard and she could not move. I could
feel her trembling and could hear her terrified panting breathing. I
lowered my lips to her neck and gently kissed her just where her neck and
shoulder joined. She shuddered. I put my hands lightly on her waist, well
below her breasts and whispered into her ear,

"Now we are going to have a little talk. There are a few things about
you and Gillian that I want to know".

She gave a quiet sob. I kissed her neck again and as I bent forward I
could see down her cleavage. I could also smell the perspiration of a
frightened woman. I moved my hands slightly so that they were resting on
the soft swell of her hips; I could feel the elastic of her panties through
the thin dress and I could also feel the outline of a suspender belt.
Good, she was wearing stockings, not tights.

"When were you last fucked?" I asked casually. She gave a loud gasp and
stiffened in horror.

"You crude animal", she said harshly, her voice trembling. "You cant
use that kind of language to me". I laughed again.

"You will be surprised what language we will both be using in the next
couple of days, Andrea. Now, I don't usually ask questions twice but on
this occasion I'll make an exception. You don't really need to find out
what will happen if you are disobedient or if you annoy me. When were you
last fucked?".

There was a long silence and I just stood holding her hips and waiting.
I knew how frightened she was and that it would take her a moment or two to
adjust to the situation and to get her thoughts straight. She had one or
two attempts at answering and then stammered,

"I told you that I was divorced. My marriage had not been good for a
couple of years. My husband and I only made love about once a month and
towards the end it was much less than that. I haven't made love for about
a year".

"That's not what I asked you," I said, "I asked when you were last
fucked. Now get the words right or you'll be sorry".

She tried desperately to get the words out but found it almost
impossible. I knew how she was feeling but I also knew how important it
was for her to realise that I was in complete control and could make her do
anything I wanted. Finally she whispered wretchedly,

"I was last fucked about a year ago"

"There you are," I said cheerfully, "that wasn't so hard was it? Now
tell me about Gillian. She seems very young for her age. Do you think
that she is a virgin?" I heard her horrified gasp.

"Of course she is a virgin," she stammered, "she has never had a serious
boyfriend and her father was very cold towards her. She doesn't know how
to behave around men". I laughed again.

"I think that I can help to bring Gillian on a little for you. Would
you like that?"

She gasped with horror again and I could feel her body begin to tremble
more under my hands. I slid my hands from her hips round on to her plump
belly and pulled her firmly against my prick.

"Please leave Gillian alone," she begged, "I'll do anything". I just
laughed and slid my hands back to her waist and kissed her neck. I took my
hands from her waist, left her standing by the sideboard without touching
her further and went and sat down on the settee.

"Bring my drink over here," I commanded brusquely, "put it on the table
and stand in front of me".

She brought my drink and stood uncertainly in front of me twisting her
hands nervously.

"I don't want to have to sit looking up at you," I said. "kneel down
just in front of me".

The frightened woman did exactly as I had ordered her to without further
protest. It was interesting how much domination I had already achieved by
just holding her chin and threatening her with paying attention to Gillian.
She really was a truly submissive character. It was time to turn this more
to my advantage.

"Now we are going to talk but when you are kneeling in this position,
which you will be doing quite a lot, you put your hands behind your back
keep your head up, looking into my eyes so that your breasts stick out, and
you separate your thighs widely. If you forget I have ways of making you
remember that you will surely regret. Now do it!"

Against her will but to afraid to refuse, the terrified woman put her
hands behind her back and sat up with a straight back. Her prominent
breasts were nicely displayed. She reluctantly began to open her thighs
and, seeing the look in my eyes quickly continued until they were widely
splayed. I looked down at her with some pleasure. She was an exciting,
enticing sight for any man. Her blue eyes were wide with fear and her
blonde hair fell in soft waves to her bare shoulders. In the position she
had been forced to assume her breasts strained against the thin silk of her
white blouse and the lacy cups of her bra were prominently displayed
through the thin material. Her short skirt had ridden high on her plump
thighs and I could see the tops of her stockings just under the hem of the

"Were you a virgin when you were married?" I asked casually, "I want you
to tell me about your sexual experience with your husband before you were
married. Tell me what you used to do together and how far your sexual
experience extended. You better think carefully. I will give you one
chance to choose the right words and I will correct you once only. After
that I will punish you and you will be really sorry. Well, I'm waiting and
my patience is running out!"

She went pale and clearly found talking about intimate subjects with a
man difficult, particularly with a man who an hour after he had entered her
house had her kneeling submissively in front of him with her thighs spread.

"I was a virgin" she whispered, "my husband never fucked me before we
were married. He used to touch my breasts over the clothes when it was
dark and once, when we were swimming he put his hand down inside my top on
to my bare breast. He never touched my sex at all and I never touched his"

I sat looking down at her with a faint smile.

"That was pathetic, Andrea. I told you to use the proper words and you
know what they are. Now unless you want me to punish you, let's go over
that again, for the last time and properly this time. This is what
happened. You were last fucked a year ago. Your husband used to feel your
pretty tits through your clothes and once he got his hand on your bare tit.
He never felt your cunt and you never touched his prick before you were
married. Is that right?". She looked up at me with horror, her body was
trembling making her breasts quiver deliciously and nodded dumbly. I just
looked at her.

"My husband used to feel my tits through my dress," she whispered, "but
he never felt my cunt and I never saw or felt his prick until our wedding

"Did he have a big prick?" I asked, "how would you know anyway? How
many pricks have you felt?"

"Just his," she whispered.

"All right then," I said, "feel mine and tell me if it is bigger"

"I couldn't!" she gasped in horror, "I just couldn't".

"You don't have a lot of choice," I said, "have you forgotten what I
said about Gillian?" She began to cry quietly but took her hand from behind
her back and began to move it towards my thigh. I just lay back with my
thighs apart as she came between them to reach me.

"Pull my zip down and feel me properly, Andrea," I ordered. Her
delicate hand reached for my zip and as she did, she bent towards me and
the soft springy flesh of her tit pressed against my knee. She gasped but
slowly pulled my zip down. She looked up at me, blushing and afraid. I
pressed my knee against the flesh of her plump tit, making her gasp again.

"Don't move your body," I ordered, "just put your hands in my trousers
and feel my prick and balls".

The frightened woman put her soft hand into my fly and gasped as she
felt my hairy balls and the shaft of my semi-erect prick. Under her touch
it quickly became firmer and protruded from my trousers. She hastily
withdrew her hand. I just looked at her and she quickly put her hand back
on my prick.

"Did our husband like you to toss him off? I asked. She nodded, not
speaking. "Well why don't you just give me a nice wank while we talk.
Would you say that my prick is bigger than your husband's?"

She may have been naive but she knew what I wanted and she also knew
that she better not pretend. As the frightened woman bent forward, her
blouse fell away from her chest again and I could see right down her
cleavage to where her big firm breasts were encased in a flimsy lacy white
bra. She began to give me a nice slow wank, looking into my eyes.

"Much bigger" she whispered.

"And did you used to suck your husband off?" I asked. She looked
absolutely stunned.

"That is so filthy, he would never have asked me to do anything like
that," she said with horror in her tone. I just laughed.

"Stand up," I said abruptly. She reluctantly got to her feet. "Now
take off your panties and give them to me," I ordered. She hesitated,
until she saw the look in my eye and slowly peeled her white nylon panties down her legs and held them out to me. I just let her stand there holding
them, knowing how humiliated this was making her feel. Finally I took them
from her and slipped them into my pocket. "That will be something nice for
me to remember you by," I chuckled. I patted the couch beside me. "Sit
down," I ordered, " and carry on wanking me off"

She sat down and, putting her soft hand on my prick began to slowly toss
me off again. I immediately put my arm round her above her waist on to her
chest just below her tit. I could feel her trembling as I moved my hand up
until my thumb was brushing the lower curve of her full breast. With the
other hand I turned her chin towards me and, looking into her wide blue
eyes I put my lips onto hers and began to gently kiss her. She was
trembling violently. I slowly increased the pressure of the kiss until,
despite herself, her lips parted and brushing them with the tip of my
tongue I insinuated my tongue between her lips which reluctantly parted and
I took possession of her cool mouth which I began to leisurely explore. I
gently played around her cheeks and gums and sucked on her reluctant
tongue. Her hand tightened on my prick. I moved my mouth from hers for a
moment and said,

"Just wank me a little harder, Andrea darling, you are quite good at it
already but when I have finished with you, you will be perfect".

I casually moved my hand up on to her fleshy tit and began to feel her
through her thin blouse and bra. She gasped but did not protest as she
knew that it would be useless. I slid my hand down inside the silk of her
blouse until I felt the cup of her bra and then slipped inside that as
well. I could now feel the softness of her bare tit with the hard button of
her nipple against my fingers but her bra was too tight to give me much

"Unfasten your bra, Andrea, "I whispered into her ear through her soft
hair. She gave a sob, reached behind her and unfastened the clasp. I now
had complete freedom and I began to thoroughly feel her bare tit twisting
her nipple between my thumb and forefinger until it erected.

"You have lovely tits," Andrea, I said, "did your husband enjoy playing
with them?" She nodded. "I didn't hear that." I said warningly.

"He used to come up behind me when I was washing up and put his arms
round me and feel me," she said.

"And did he feel your plump arse while you were washing up?" I asked

"He sometimes put his hand up my skirt and felt between my legs," she
whispered "but he didn't do anything dirty!"

I just laughed and squeezed her soft fleshy tit until she gasped with
pain. I turned her face to mine and began to roughly kiss her, raping her
mouth with my tongue, and leaving her in no doubt how things stood.

"Listen Andrea, and listen good," I said quietly and menacingly, "you
are mine now to do as I like with. All that matters is my pleasure. If
you are a good girl and behave yourself and, most importantly, try to
please me, then I might leave Gillian alone - but I might not. I certainly
won't be able to resist doing something with her but if you are a good girl and do everything I tell you then I may not fuck her. How about that for a

"Oh God!" she whispered, "what have I done to deserve this? Please,
please leave Gillian alone".

I glanced at the clock and it was getting late. I knew that Gillian
would be home soon. I took my arm from around Andrea's trembling body and
casually zipped my trousers. I looked into her frightened eyes and, just
for the hell of it gave her another deep demanding kiss. I released her.

"You can tidy yourself up before Gillian comes home," I said to the
frightened blonde. Fasten your bra and pull your skirt down but don't put
any panties on. When Gillian comes in, invite me for breakfast with you
both tomorrow. I want to see Gillian before she goes to school. You and I
are going to spend the day together tomorrow and you are to wear your
sexiest, shortest low-cut dress with stockings and suspenders but no bra or
panties. You will wear high heeled shoes, as high as you have. You are to
be dressed like this when I come for breakfast and you better be dressed
like it when you get Gillian up. I want her to see how her mother is going
to look in the future".

She just looked dumbly into my eyes as she reached behind her and
fastened her bra.

"I couldn't dress like that in front of Gillian," she said, "what would
she think? She has never seen me without a bra, I would look like a tart".

"Exactly," I said, "now you are getting the message. From now on you
are my tart and Gillian will have to get used to it. What do you think
that she will think when she sees me feeling you in front of her? Suppose
that while you are serving breakfast I let her see me run my hand up your
thigh under your short skirt on the bare flesh and then feel your cunt. Do
you think that she would like that? Or do you think she would like it if I
just pulled you on to my knee in front of her and felt you up while I was
talking to her about school?"

"You couldn't be so wicked as to do that to a mother in front of her
daughter," she gasped with pleading in her broken tones.

"You have no idea how wicked I can be," I just laughed "now comb your
her, Gillian will be home soon". She rushed to do as I said and soon
looked well-groomed again. She had repaired her make-up and straightened
her blouse. I knew both that she felt naked and vulnerable with no panties under her short skirt. She sat on a chair opposite me and her short skirt
rode high on her slender thighs. She sat with her thighs together and
avoided my eyes.

"Andrea," I said, "when you are sitting you are never to have your
thighs closed, now spread them! The only exception is when Gillian is
around. For now, you can keep your thighs together but at all other times
I want be able to see up your skirt any time I want to look".

She looked into my eyes and slowly spread her thighs. Her skirt rode up
above her stocking-tops and I could see the groove of her hairy blonde cunt slightly gaping. She saw me looking at her cunt and blushed deeply.

"You have a very pretty cunt, Andrea," I said, "I shall certainly enjoy
getting to know it. You are much more hairy down there than I would have
expected. Don't you ever shave your cunt?" She looked shocked and her legs
were trembling.

"Never," she gasped, "I never even thought of such a thing". I looked
into her eyes again. I thought that I could entertain myself with her a
little more before Gillian came home.

"Get me a drink Andrea," I ordered and then go and sit down as you
were". She rushed to the sideboard and poured me a brandy and then returned
to her chair and spread her legs.

"That's a good girl," I said, "You are learning. Let's talk about
Gillian. Do you ever see her naked these days or is she too shy. Does she
have a hairy cunt like yours?" She gasped again and looked dumbly at me. I
just waited.

"I don't often see her naked," she whispered, "but I can see the hair
through her nightie sometimes".

Just then we heard a car and a moment later the door opened and Gillian
bounded in. She looked young and fresh and her cheeks were flushed from
the cold night air. I could see Andrea struggling to behave normally.

"Did you have a good time, darling?" she asked and I could hear the
quaver in her voice.

"It was lovely," she replied in her high-pitched voice and I could hear
the upper class accent of the Home Counties strong in it. Curious I had
not noticed this before in her mother but it was clear now that these were
two bitches from the upper classes who after the divorce had come down to
earth with a bang. "The money that Mr Evans gave me was so useful! I was
very popular tonight". I just smiled at her and looked significantly at

"Would you like to come and have breakfast with us in the morning before
Gillian goes to school?" she asked. Gillian gave a little squeal.

"Oh! Please do!" she begged. I just smiled.

"I'll see you both about seven thirty then, I will look forward to it".
I finished my drink and got up. "Don't worry," I said to Andrea, "I'll see
myself out. Good night and sweet dreams to you both" I closed the door
gently on Gillian's sparkling excited eyes and those of her mother, blue
and wide-eyed with concern.


This is a three-part story. If you would like any more on Andrea and
Gillian, let me know. I may add to this if there is enough interest.
Comments, criticism and suggestions for future stories are always welcome


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