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Andrea and Gillian. Part 3


Andrea and Gillian. Part 3 - by Tafod Arian, (MFf, NC, Humil, Spanking)

********************D I S C L A I M E R ********************* 'Andrea
and Gillian. Part 3 ' contains graphic non-consensual as well as
consensual sexual scenes between adults and teenagers. This story is
FICTION. It does NOT depict the relationship between actual living people.
It is NOT intended for readers under 18 or those who are easily offended by
pornography. It is NOT for the squeamish. If you are UNDER 18, or if you
ARE offended by pornography, please DO NOT CONTINUE to read. If material
of this nature is illegal in your area and you continue to read it, it is
YOUR responsibility. All rights reserved: Permission is hereby given to
distribute this story via electronic means only, for non-profit use. This
header must remain intact. All rights for this story remain the property
of the author.

This story is dedicated to Melanie - she knows why.

I went for a long morning walk on the mountain after rising early to
watch the sun rise. I knew that I would be away from the valley after
today for several days and I always miss Wales so I take every advantage to
experience it whatever the weather. This morning was cold and there was a
hard frost with snow on the tops off which the red of the rising sun began
to glint as I walked back down through the heather. The curtains on the
small house next to my cottage were all closed and there was no sign of
life. I had already laid out their plans for today and no doubt they were
getting some rest after their exertions and anxieties of yesterday. (see
'Andrea and Gillian. Parts 1 and 2').

I went into my cottage and had breakfast. By then the sun had risen and
was lighting more of the valley. The temperature was rising and the roads
would be better in half an hour for the drive down the pass into
Caernarfon. I had a shower and dressed warmly for my visit to the small

My business went quickly and smoothly and before lunch I was back at the
cottage with my plane tickets for the night flight to Switzerland and my
car serviced for the quick drive to Manchester airport. I showered and
changed into my usual clothes for the afternoon entertainment, a white silk
polo-necked sweater and loose trousers with no underwear. I knew from last
night's conversation that Gillian would be out and that Andrea would be in
alone so about an hour before lunch I went to the back door and entered
quietly without knocking.

Andrea was standing with her back to me at the table. She was wearing a
tight white sweater and jeans which clearly outlined the cheeks of her
plump well-made bottom. Her long blonde hair was loose over her shoulders.
She turned and gave a gasp of shock when she saw me in her kitchen. I
beckoned to her and she hesitatingly walked over to me. I took her chin in
my left hand and with my right hand without warning I grasped her left
breast which I began to squeeze until she gasped with pain.

"You have got off to a very bad start this afternoon Andrea and you are
going to be sorry. You will have to learn to think more carefully or you
will never be able to sit down comfortably." She looked confused and
afraid, as well she might.

"I don't know what I've done wrong," she said wretchedly, "how can I
have done anything wrong? You have only just got here!".

"You really don't know do you?" I said, "You have not learned anything
from the last two days. I will tell you exactly what you have done wrong
before I punish you and you can pass the message on to Gillian as well
because the same goes for her and I am sure that you would not like her to
have what you are about to get". She began to tremble. I took my hand
from her chin, admiring the red outline of my thumb and fingers on her fair
flesh. I pulled her to me by her tit and began to squeeze her fat arse
cheek with my other hand as I whispered into her ear,

"You are wearing jeans Andrea. Women wear pretty dresses for their men,
they do not wear men's clothes. I thought that you would have understood
this after the last two days but clearly you need the lesson reinforcing.
Neither you or Gillian are ever to wear jeans or trousers if I am likely to
be around. You are to wear pretty feminine dresses like the little tarts
that you are. You can pass this on to your sexy little daughter because
nothing would give me greater pleasure that to give her what you are about
to get. It is up to you to see that I have no excuse". I could see that
she was being kept very off-balance by my changes of attitude to her, harsh
yesterday morning, more tender during the afternoon, becoming harsh again
in the evening and now she clearly felt that I was being downright cruel
this morning as I mauled her arse and squeezed her plump tit until tears
came to her eyes. This was good, I did not think that she would enjoy the
afternoon very much but that was all right, just as long as I enjoyed it. I
took my hand from her arse and led her by the tit across the kitchen until
I could sit on a straight chair. I let go of her breast and sat down as
she stood in front of me, visibly shaking. I looked up at her and made her
wait. her lower lip began to tremble and she wiped a tear from her eye.

"Take your jeans off," I said quietly. She sobbed and hastened to obey.
She stood shaking in front of me in a short tight sweater which reached to
just below her waist and a pair of very flimsy pale blue panties which
failed to conceal the blonde hair on her fleshy cunt, some tendrils of
which were escaping from under the high-cut hem.

"I am going to thrash you Andrea," I said casually, "so that you
remember this for ever and so that you never make the same mistake again.
It will help you to make sure that Gillian keeps my rules. I know that, in
spite of your pretending to struggle, you quite enjoyed the spanking I gave
you yesterday and I bet that you thought about it while you were in bed!
This is not a spanking, this is a punishment and you are not going to enjoy
it at all."

"Oh, please God!" she whispered, "don't! I promise I'll remember in
future. You don't have to do this. I'll do whatever you want."

I said nothing but slowly took my leather belt off looking up all the
time into her frightened eyes. I folded it in half in my hand making a
convenient strap.

"You can make this as hard as you like but you are going to be
punished," I said, "now pull your panties down to your knees, tell me that
you are sorry, that you deserve a good thrashing and ask me to punish you.
Then lie down over my lap. After I am finished, you will thank me for the
beating, tell me that you deserved it and tell me what lesson it has taught

She looked helplessly down at me and, bending, pushed the flimsy nylon
panties down to her knees, which I could see visibly trembling. I looked
up at her and waited, gently slapping the folded belt against the palm of
my hand. She knew from my eyes that there was no escape.

"I'm very sorry," she whispered, "I know that it was wrong to dress like
this and I deserve a good thrashing so that I'll remember what to do in
future, please punish me but please, please don't hurt me too much." She
moved to my side and lay down on my lap with her bare cunt against my
stiffening prick and her tits dangling. It was fun to make her wait. I
put the belt down on the table for a moment and began to feel her fat arse
squeezing and fondling the globes of her buttocks before moving to the
crack between them. With my other hand I was feeling her dangling tit,
gently torturing the nipple through her sweater and bra until she gasped
with pain.

"Spread your thighs a little," I ordered, and she immediately complied.
She was clearly terrified but also excited despite herself as I found when
I put my hand between her thighs from the back and felt her moistening
cunt. I drew my hand back and, having lubricated a finger with her female
moistness I gently pushed it into the dimple of her arse. She gasped a
little and wriggled on my lap, her cunt agitating my stiff prick but she
did not dare to say anything. I gently finger-fucked her arse as I
squeezed her nipple.

"Listen to me Andrea, and listen well," I said, "I don't mind thrashing
you, in fact I enjoy it. If you want to be able to sit down comfortably in
the future then you better make no more mistakes. You will have to
anticipate my desires and figure out what you can and can't do. If you get
it wrong I will thrash your fat arse. I will do it every day if I have to
until you realise that now you belong to me and that you have no life of
your own that does not involve wondering what you can do to please me and
then doing it. In the future I intend to extend this to Gillian as well
but for now she has just a little more freedom. Now for your first lesson
in obedience."

I picked up the belt and began to thrash the trembling plump white arse
spread out on my lap. I started relatively gently taking care not to land
too many stokes in the same place and as her arse reddened I began to
increase the force. At first she began to wriggle gasping with each stroke
but I held her cunt firmly against my prick by pulling down on her nipple.
Her arse began to be more clearly marked by the strokes of the leather belt
and her gasps became wordless moans as I continued her punishment. I
increased the force of my stroke more and she began to emit wordless
screams as each blow landed. I varied my target, thrashing the tops of her
slender thighs as well as her plump fiery arse. She was screaming loudly
now and I felt a tell-tale warmth in my groin. She was voiding a small
spurt of urine with each stroke. Finally she could not help herself and
her bladder emptied, soaking my trousers. I stopped thrashing her and her
screams subsided to a quiet but desperate sobbing. I let go of her nipple
and pushed her to her feet. She stood in front of me on wobbly legs in a
pool of pee that had saturated her flimsy panties and was still running
down her legs. Tears ran down her face as she sobbed, her eyes all puffed

"You have made a mess of yourself and of me," I said, "you should be
ashamed. What would Gillian say if I told her that her mother had wet
herself at her age?"

"Please, please don't tell her," she begged, "I just couldn't help it. I
couldn't stand what you were doing to me."

"Well," I said quietly, "do you think that you have learned your

"I have, I have," she said quickly, "I deserved the thrashing for
dressing in jeans and not for not dressing how I knew I should dress. I
will never do it again and I will make sure that Gillian knows what you
expect. Thank you for teaching me a lesson. I am very, very, sorry that I
made a mess on you but I truly couldn't help it."

"Very good, Andrea," I said, "I am going next door to shower and change.
You better do the same and make some lunch. I have some telephone calls to
make. I'll be about an hour. Get this place cleaned up, it stinks of your
pee. Make sure that everything is ready for when I come back." I gave the
frightened blonde a last harsh look and left her kitchen.

I showered and changed and had a drink while I made some telephone calls
and an hour quickly passed. I left it a little longer as I knew how this
would build up Andrea's anxiety. I had been relatively nice to her
yesterday afternoon but any consideration I might have felt like extending
had been negated by her morning performance. She was going to have quite a
hard time this afternoon and she might even get another thrashing to
remember me by before I left for Switzerland.

I left my cottage and went next door, entering the kitchen without
knocking as though I owned the place, I might just as well have done - I
owned the two bitches that lived there! The kitchen smelled clean and
fresh and there was a nice light lunch of cheese, rolls and smoked salmon
laid out with a bottle of chilled Chablis in a wine cooler. Andrea was
certainly learning! I looked round with approval at all her arrangements
before I turned my attention to her. She stood by the table looking at me
anxiously twisting her hands with sheer nerves. She was dressed in black,
a very short low-cut cocktail dress with the hem about four inches above
her knee. The fitted bodice clung to and accentuated her plump bosom and
the prominence of her nipples against the material demonstrated that she
was not wearing a bra or slip. The neckline was low showing a deep
cleavage. She wore dark sheer stockings and as her skirt moved I could see
the outline of her suspender. I knew without asking that she would not
have dared to put on panties. She balanced rather uncomfortably on
high-heeled patent leather shoes with about a five inch heel. Her blonde hair was loose around her bare shoulders and she had paid great attention
to her make-up. The after-effects of the tears of the morning were gone.
She looked very frightened but very pretty.

"You look beautiful, Andrea darling," I said with a faint smile, "if you
had taken the same amount of trouble this morning you would have saved
yourself a lot of pain." She smiled tremulously as I sat down at the table
and let her serve me lunch. I noticed with amusement that she was not
hurrying to sit down! She eventually gingerly seated herself opposite me.

"Sore bottom, darling?" I asked maliciously. She blushed and looked
down at her plate without reply. I finished my lunch, filled my glass with
the last of the wine and got up from the table. Andrea had hardly eaten
anything clearly having been taken over by her nerves after the events of
the morning. "Make some coffee and bring it through," I ordered, making
her subservient role very clear to her. It must have been obvious to her
that it was not going to be as easy as it had been yesterday when I had
allowed her to relax a little and had even got her to confess that she had
enjoyed herself. I could see that she had the feeling that today was going
to be very different. I walked through to the living room and sat on the
settee in front of the open log fire. In a few moments Andrea came in
carrying a tray on which was a pot of freshly percolated coffee and two
cups. The rich aroma of the coffee filled the room. I let Andrea pour me
a coffee but stopped her as she was about to pour hers.

"You won't need coffee just yet," I smiled, "that was a nice lunch but
you had no dessert so get down on your knees and suck me off like I taught
you yesterday." She gasped and stared down at me. "Just do it, Andrea," I
said quietly, "you don't really need your bottom to be more sore than it is
now, do you? If there is much more hesitation I can easily arrange it for
you. When I tell you to do something you should have learned by now that
you do it immediately."

The terrified blonde looked helplessly into my eyes and wordlessly knelt
down between my thighs. She pulled my zip down and my semi-hard prick
protruded from my trousers.

"Wait a moment," I said. She got to her feet, hope dawning in her eyes
that I had changed my mind and that she was going to be spared the ordeal.
"It is nice and warm in here, I think I'd be more comfortable if you
undressed me." I let her pull the sweater over my head and stood up. My
loosened trousers fell around my feet and I stepped out of them. "Fold my
clothes neatly, " I ordered, "and then get on with it". I drank my coffee
and watched as she folded my clothes slowly and put them on a chair. She
came back to me and knelt between my thighs without looking at me. I
reached down and gently tilted up her chin. "Another rule you have
forgotten," I said, "when you are wanking me or sucking me off you always
look into my eyes. I like to see how you are feeling while you are serving
me." She began to wank my prick which quickly stiffened and I felt her cool
breath as she brought her mouth to the tip. She knew what was expected of
her so she did not drag her ordeal out by kissing the shaft. She opened
her red lips and I felt the cool air on the head of my prick. It felt
good. "Just blow on my prick gently for a moment Andrea," I said, and she
automatically did as I asked and I felt a delicious wave of warmth as my
scrotal sac tightened under the stimulus of her cool breath. "Lovely,
darling," I said, "now get on with it."

She took the end of my prick between her red lips into the warmth of her
wet mouth and began to gently wank me into her mouth, sucking at each
stroke, like the expert little cocksucker she had so quickly become. As I
had taught her, she paused every so often and ran her tongue around the
ridge on the lower part of the head of my stiff prick. Then she went back
to the rhythmical sucking. She was really quite good. She began to fuck
her mouth with my prick moving it in and out as I sat and drank my coffee
and watched her.

"I am glad that you have learned this art so quickly," I said
conversationally, "it will be so much easier for Gillian when you show her
how to do it!" She looked wide-eyed up at me, her red lips stretched around
my prick and sobbed but did not dare to break the rhythm of her sucking.
"I am going to give you your dessert soon darling," I told her, "I am going
to come into your mouth. Don't dare move your mouth from my prick or I'll
give you another thrashing. Suck me off until I come and swallow all the
cum. Now get sucking a little harder." She was a long way from being able
to deep-throat me but she was taking more of my prick into her mouth with
each stroke as she sucked harder. I could feel the head of my knob rubbing
against her palate and the back of her throat and I knew that a combination
of this and the rhythmical sucking and wanking would make me come very
soon. I began to feel my legs stiffening as the warmth began deep in my
balls. I made no attempt to delay the ejaculation and Andrea's eyes
widened as she felt the tell-tale hardening of my prick between her soft
lips. I looked down with a satisfied smile as I filled the dominated
blonde's mouth and throat with spurt after spurt of steaming hot cum. She
clamped her lips around my prick, clearly terrified as she swallowed it
all. She just knelt before me with my softening prick held between her
lips. "Go and clean your teeth," I ordered, "and then come back and have
some coffee. We are going to have a little talk."

When she returned and had poured us both some more coffee I pointed to a
chair beside the fire, opposite to where I was sitting on the settee. It
was a low chair with upholstered arms about five inches high. She sat down
and looked across at me apprehensively.

"We are going to have a little chat, Andrea and I want something nice to
look at while we are talking. Spread your thighs and hook them over the
arms of the chair." She had realised by now that protests were useless and
she did as I asked. Without even looking at her when she had assumed the
humiliating position that I had specified I said, "Before we begin, pour me
a glass of brandy." She got to her feet again without daring to say
anything and poured my drink, returning to her chair and hooking her thighs
over the arms as before so that they were widely splayed. The position she
was in caused her short dress to rise way above her stocking tops
displaying the whites of her thighs thrown into sharp relief by the dark
sheer stockings. As I was expecting, she was not wearing panties and the
position she was in caused her the pink slash of her cunt to gape open.
"What a very pretty cunt you have darling," I said to the blushing blonde.

"By the time I leave for Switzerland tonight both you and your slut of a
daughter are going to be in no doubt as to how things will be in the
future," I said harshly, "I am going to spend the rest of the afternoon
playing with you and then when Gillian comes home I am going to play with
her while you act as our servant. I am going to do anything I like to her,
whether she likes it or not and if she makes too much fuss she'll get a
thrashing like you have had. If I feel really generous I may not fuck her
today but I am not promising anything. By this evening she will know that
her mother is nothing more than my tart and she will be well on the way to
becoming the same." Andrea's mouth slowly dropped open and she became

"Why are you being so horrible?" she whined, "I thought that you could
be quite nice yesterday. Please don't humiliate me in front of my baby." I

"Humiliate, that is exactly the word. By the time I leave for
Switzerland tonight you are going to know what humiliation really means and
you can be thinking about it while I'm away. Now while we talk you can be
playing with yourself." She blushed but was so afraid of me that her hand
immediately went between her thighs and she began to fondle her cunt. I
just sat and watched her as she made her cunt a little moist and then began
to gently finger-fuck herself with one finger while rubbing the area of her
clitoris gently. Now that her cunt was moist I beckoned to her. She got
up and came over to stand in front of me. I lay down on the settee and
motioned for her to kneel astride my thighs. She did as I commanded,
lifting her short dress so that it lay on her thighs, hiding her cunt from

"Toss me off until I am ready for you," I said, and she began her expert
wank. I soon became stiff. I reached out with both hands and seized her
tits through the thin material of her dress and began to squeeze them.
"Now, you sexy little slut," I said, "guide my stiff prick into your wet
sloppy hole". She raised herself on her knees while I held her tits tightly, took hold of my prick in her soft hand and guided it so that it
passed easily between the fleshy moist outer lips of her hairy cunt. I
pressed down on her tits so that she was forced to sit more firmly on my
prick and I slid easily up her to the balls. I pulled her down to me by
the nipples which I slowly squeezed more tightly through the dress as I
kissed the blonde young mother deeply as I lay stuck hard up her clinging
wet hairy cunt enjoying the sexy feel of her silk stockings on my thighs. I
took my lips from hers after a while and looked into her scared blue eyes,

"Now, fuck yourself on my prick," I ordered. She immediately began to
move up and down giving me a delicious slow fuck as I guided her by the
pressure that I was exerting on her sensitive nipples. "I must say,
Andrea, you are a quick learner," I commented, "have you ever fucked in
this position before?" She shook her head. I was in no hurry and just lay
feeling her soft tits while she was doing all the work. I began to smell
her perspiration and her dress was beginning to cling to her. I slowly
speeded her up by manipulating her nipples until she was bucking on me with
her head thrown back and her hair swinging. The room was full of the smell
of woman and cunt. She was gasping deep gulps of air and ramming herself
as hard as she could down onto my prick. I began to feel close to coming
so I pulled her down to me by the nipples and fastened my mouth on hers
giving her a deep hard kiss as I came up her cunt and shot a river of hot
cum up into her womb. She lay panting on me as I moved my hands to the
fleshy globes of her arse and began to pull her hard on to my prick. This
resulted in my prick rubbing against her excited clitoris and she came with
a deep gasp. She lay with her face in my chest, her wet sweaty hair
covering me. I moved her off me and pushed her up so the she was standing
by the settee. She looked a sight with her wet sweaty hair straggling to
her shoulders and her ruined perspiration-stained cocktail dress sticking
to her. Her dress was too sticky even to hang properly and I could see
rivers of white cum running down her thighs to the tops of her stockings.

"Fucking you like that has made my arse all sweaty" I said "I think that
it would be nice if you were to get down there and clean it up". I lay
back, spread my thighs wider and pushed a cushion under my arse so that she
had complete access to my hairy hole.

"Please, no!" she whispered, "you can't want me to do that. It is
absolutely perverted and it would make me sick".

"You will do it, Andrea" I said " because if you don't you know what I
will do to you if you give me any trouble. Have you forgotten the
thrashing I gave you this morning? Any more trouble out of you and another
one can easily be arranged." She very reluctantly knelt down between my
thighs and with a sob moved her head forward and I felt her begin to lick
my prick. "That's a good girl, Andrea," I said, "I want my prick and balls
nice and clean." The terrified woman began to wash all of my prick with her
soft little pink tongue even taking the end between her lips without my
having to force her and washing the knobhead. When my prick was clean she
moved down to my balls and began to lick the sweat from the large hairy
spheres. I enjoyed the touch of her cool tongue on my balls and even more
the look of horror in the eyes of the humiliated woman who could never have
imagined that she would be in this position. I could tell that she was
dragging things out so that she would not have to go further.

"Get on with it Andrea," I said warningly. With a sob she moved behind
my hanging balls and began to kick the sweaty area of my perineum, moving
reluctantly towards my hairy arse. I got fed up with her messing about so
I put my hand on her head and pulled her firmly between my thighs until I
felt her lips on my arsehole.

"Now just kiss my hole Andrea, running your tongue around the rim and
pushing it as deeply up me as you can". The unhappy humiliated young blonde sobbed brokenly but was too afraid not to do as I commanded and I
relaxed back with my hands behind my head as she sucked and kissed my
sweaty hole pushing her hot tongue deep inside me. She was crying quietly
and continuously. The sensation was incredible as I looked down at the
previously conventional young mother between my spread thighs sucking,
kissing firmly and deeply tonguing my sweaty arse. I lay back and watched
her as she humiliated herself, destroying the last vestiges of her
self-respect, enjoying the sensations that spread from my arse hole through
my body. I kept her at it for what must have seemed hours to her but I was
enjoying it too much to let her stop.

"That's fine, Andrea," I said quietly, "my hole is nice and clean now.
You can go back to sucking me off". She quickly moved from my arse, looked
up into my eyes, and took my soft prick deep into her mouth. She began to
automatically toss me off as she sucked me as I had taught her. In two
days she had become an expert little cocksucker. I put my hand on her head
and gently moved it back and forwards so that she was fucking my prick with
her mouth but I wasn't getting hard as it was too soon after my last
ejaculation. I took my hand away and she continued nursing at my soft
prick, her blonde head bobbing backwards and forwards and her hair
swinging. I just lay and relaxed while Andrea worked on my soft prick with
her hot mouth. I was clearly not going to get hard again yet so I motioned
Andrea to her feet, got up myself and turned her round so that her back was
against me. I put my hands under her sweaty armpits and began to fairly
roughly fondle her tits. I whispered into her ear,

"I know what would be nice. How would you like a nice souvenir to show
Gillian?" She trembled in my arms but was too afraid to speak. I chuckled
and began to gnaw at her neck giving her a very obvious love-bite on her
fair skin. "I can put these all over your neck if you like," I said
conversationally, "and then everyone in the village will know what you have
been up to."

"Please leave me alone," she whispered wretchedly, "I can't stand much
more." I looked at the clock.

"We have about an hour and a half before Gillian comes home," I said, "I
am going for a shower. You can stay sweaty like that until I decide
differently. Put your shoes on or I'll spank you." The dishevelled young blonde hurriedly put on her high heels and stood looking at me. She was
very different from the clean young woman in a smart cocktail dress who had
greeted me a couple of hours earlier. Her blonde hair hung moist and dank
with perspiration and her dress clung to her sweaty body. I could clearly
see the lines of dried white cum which had run down her stockings.

"Make me a sandwich and some coffee and bring it up to the bedroom," I
said, as I walked out of the door. I went upstairs and had a quick shower
and washed and dried my hair. By the time Andrea tottered into the
bed-room on her high heels I was lying relaxed on the bed. I had done
almost all that I could this afternoon to my unhappy plaything. I had hurt and humiliated her but as far as I could tell she had only come once, when
I had her fucking me on the settee. I thought that it would be nice for
her if she came a few more times before Gillian came home! She might then
be too exhausted to realise what I was doing with her daughter. I looked
up at Andrea who looked back warily at me.

"Go and have a shower and wash your hair darling, I said, "You have five
minutes. Don't bother getting dressed." She was back almost immediately. I
patted the bed beside me. "Come and lie down Andrea," I said, "you have
not had a very nice afternoon, have you?" She shuddered. "I think that I
can make it a little nicer for you before Gillian comes home," I said. I
gently kissed her and moved my hand down over her plump belly on to her
slender thigh just above the knee. As I kissed her I caressed the soft
flesh inside her thigh with the very tips of my fingers. She shuddered and
began to tremble. I took my lips from hers and put them to her soft clean
hair by her delicate ear,

"Pull your heels right up to your arse and spread your pretty thighs
wide, Andrea" I whispered into her ear. I could feel her shaking as she
did as I told her to. I moved down the bed until I was between her slender
splayed thighs and smiled up into her frightened eyes. "I think that you
are going to like this, darling" I said, as I pressed my mouth to her
fleshy hairy cunt-lips and began to explore the outer and inner lips of her
hairy hole with my lips and with the tip of my tongue. She gasped and I
could feel her thighs trembling. I began to deeply kiss her cunt pushing
my tongue up her clinging channel. She gasped again and I felt her thighs
tense further as her heels pressed into the bed. My hand was still on the
inside of her thigh and with gentle pressure I kept her thighs widely
spread. I continued exploring her sexy cunt at my leisure enjoying her
horrified reluctance but enjoying the taste and smell of her even more. I
gave her a thorough tonguing sucking every part of the fragrant lips until,
at last, I brought my tongue just inside the top of her gaping sloppy slit
and began to gently tease her clitoris.

"Oh my God!" she gasped, putting her small hand on my head "you can't do
that. No one has ever done that to me before!" I ignored her and gently
sucked the small bud with my lips and tongue. Without warning she gave a
great gasp and convulsed, clutching my head between her slender strong
thighs as she experienced the most shattering orgasm she had ever had.
With gentle pressure on the inside of her thigh I parted her legs again and
continued sucking her cunt. My face and lips were wet with her cunt-slime.
She gave another deep sigh and lay trembling, her heels drumming against
the bed but I continued to deeply tongue her wet hairy cunt. She began a
low wailing noise despite her efforts to control herself. I and slowly and
deliberately again began to tease her erect little clitoris. She had not
recovered from the last orgasm before the next one hit her. Her wailing
suddenly changed to a loud squeal and she burst into hysterical tears
clasping the bedclothes in her fists her thighs widely spread as her heels
drummed against the bed. Her head was thrown back and she was staring with
empty eyes at the ceiling completely shattered by the two quick orgasms the
intensity of which she had never experienced before. She was bathed in
sweat again and her deep gasping breaths began to calm down and her
hysterics muted to a gentle persistent sobbing as tears rolled down her
lovely cheeks. She looked down at me through wide staring blue eyes as I
lay between her thighs. I smiled up at her and deliberately put my mouth
back on her wet cunt.

"Oh God, no, not again!" she wailed. I began to very gently run my
tongue around her cunt lips without pushing it up her, moving it up and
down her gaping crack. Slowly and persistently I began to suck her drawing her juices into my mouth. I moved to the back of her cunt and began to
gently and delicately lick along her perineum, that delicate area between
the back of her cunt and the dimple of her arse hole. She began to tremble
again. I moved back to her cunt and casually pushed my tongue up her
drawing it forward and separating the lips of her cunt with my lips until I
had the hard little bud of her clitoris between my teeth. That was enough!
She gave a sudden scream and came immediately, clasping my head between her
strong but slender thighs and pulling my mouth into her cunt as though she
would never let me go. She burst into tears again and I could feel the
tension in her body as her heels pressed into the bed and her thighs kept
my mouth pressed on to her cunt. My face was covered with her slime and,
never one to waste an opportunity, I casually pushed my back tongue up her
and continued to kiss her convulsing cunt. I licked her clitoris again and
she gasped. She released my head and her thighs sank slackly to the bed.
She seized my hair in her hands and moved my head from her cunt. This time
I let her do it because I knew that she had had enough. I moved up the bed
and lay beside her kissing her ear through the soft curtain of her hair and
gently fondling her soft breast as she began to calm down. She gave a deep
sigh and the colour began to return to her cheeks as she stopped crying and
brought her breathing under control.

I glanced at the clock. We still had about half an hour before Gillian
could be expected home. I had a real hard-on again from the entertainment
I had had with Andrea's cunt and, as I didn't intend to have an ejaculation with Gillian on this occasion, I thought that I had better make the most of
it. I rolled on to my side and pulled Andrea towards me. I took her in my
arms and moved her leg so that it was over mine separating her thighs and
giving me access to her wet cunt. In a single movement I slid my stiff
eight inches up her until I was buried in her belly to my balls. She
gasped. I kissed her gently.

"Do you like having a stiff prick up you, Andrea?" I asked. She shut
her eyes. "Well?" I asked again, pinching her bottom. She looked at me,
her big blue eyes wide with tears.

"I can stand it when you are not being cruel to me," she whispered, "But
you can be so awful." I just laughed and rolled her on to her back. She
automatically clasped me around the waist with her strong thighs pulling me
into her and moving with me as I began to shag her hard. I mauled her
plump tits as I gave her a really rough ride. I knew that I might have
trouble coming after the efforts of the afternoon and I certainly did not
expect Andrea to come again. However, to my surprise, as I came up her
after a really hard ride I heard her give a little squeal and her thighs
tensed around me. I knew then that she had come again also. I lay
relaxing on her sweaty body as her limp thighs dropped from me and fell,
slackly splayed, on the bed. I just lay with my weight on her, our sweat
mingling, as we both got our breath back. I moved off her.

"Gillian will be home in a few minutes," I said, "go and have a shower
and put on the sheerest nightdress you have with no dressing gown. I want
Gillian to be in no doubt as to how we have spent the afternoon." Andrea
looked at me in horror.

"You can't make me do that!" she gasped. I just laughed.

"Get on with it or you'll still be naked when she comes home." Andrea
gasped and ran to the bathroom. I went downstairs and collected my
trousers. I did not mean to frighten Gillian too soon. While Andrea was
drying her hair I had a quick shower, slipped my trousers on and lay on the
bed. Andrea came naked out of the bathroom.

"Please let me get dressed before my daughter comes home," she begged. I
looked at her from my comfortable position on the bed.

"If you are not in a night-dress that I like within ten seconds," I said
quietly, "Gillian will find you across my knee being thrashed with my belt
when she comes in." Without hesitation Andrea went to her dressing-table
and slipped on a sheer black shortie night-dress. She looked hesitatingly
at me.

"Please may I put panties on," she begged. I smiled to myself. She was
learning. I nodded and she slipped matching panties up her long lovely
slender legs. She looked absolutely stunning. The black nightdress had a
low-cut scalloped neckline which clung to and outlined her prominent bosom
and displayed a deep cleavage. Her stiff nipples and areolae were very
evident through the thin sheer material. The panties were pulled tightly
up into her cunt outlining her fleshy lips and displaying the groove of her
cunt very clearly. She had drawn her long blonde hair into a pony-tail
which made her look very young.

"You look very nice Andrea," I said, "Gillian should be proud to have
such a pretty young mother." She shuddered.

"This is how things are going to be," I told her, "Gillian will have had
a shower after hockey training. You will be downstairs in the kitchen
preparing our supper, when Gillian comes home. When she comes in you are
to send Gillian to her room and tell her to put on the nightdress and
panties that she was wearing last night. She is not to wear slippers or a
dressing gown and you will then bring her to me in the bedroom. You will
bring her in and tell me that I have your permission to do what I like to
her and then you will watch as I kiss her and begin to feel her. You will
then go down and stay downstairs for half an hour while I play with your
daughter. By then you should have made us some supper. After half an hour
you can come and knock at the bedroom door with the supper and we might let
you in if we are not too busy. If you forget any of that, or get any of it
wrong, I will thrash your fat arse with my belt in front of your daughter"

"Please don't do this," she begged, "don't shame me in front of my
daughter." I looked at her and laughed.

"I don't repeat myself," I said warningly, "just go downstairs and get
on with it." Andrea went down the stairs and almost at once the outside
door opened and I heard Gillian's high-pitched teenage tones. After a few
minutes I heard a soft knock at the bedroom door. I got off the bed and
opened it, looking at the two frightened blondes almost identically attired
in black night-dresses. They could almost have been sisters rather than
mother and daughter. I stood aside and motioned them in. "Have you spoken
to Gillian, Andrea?" I asked. Andrea nodded. "Well?" I said.

Andrea said quietly, "I have told Gillian that she is to stay in here
with you while I make your supper and that she is to do what she is told,
and that I want her to do it. She doesn't really understand"

"Very good," I said, "she soon will understand." I took the teenager by
the arm and pulled her gently to me. I tilted up her chin to my face and,
looking over at her horrified young mother I began to kiss her virtually
naked daughter. I put my left arm round the girl and slid it down to the
slight swell of her under-developed bottom and began to fondle her buttock.
Her mother gasped again. I slightly turned Gillian so that her mother could see exactly what I was doing and put my right hand on the upper part
of her waist with my thumb brushing the underside of her immature but
fairly prominent breast. So far my kiss had been very gentle but now I
slightly extended my tongue so that it touched Gillian's soft lips. I
pressed slightly more firmly and the trembling young teenager's lips
parted. I slipped my tongue between her lips and took possession of her
sweet young mouth. As I began to kiss her more deeply I moved my right
hand slowly up on to her tit and began to feel her through the nylon of the
nightdress. As the teenager gasped under an adult kiss with the hand that
I still had on her arse I drew her more firmly towards me so that her cunt was pressed against my prick. She was a tall girl, about the same height
as her mother. I felt her nipple begin to stiffen under my hand so I moved
to the other breast. As I continued to feel her I took my lips from hers
and looked across at her mother.

"Well, Andrea?" I asked, "What is it like to have given your daughter,
practically naked, to me and giving me permission to do what I like to her?
How do you feel now that you can see her being touched up in front of you
and knowing that you are letting me do it?"

"You made me do it!" she gasped, "I'd give anything not to have it

I laughed. "You haven't got anything I want more than your pretty
daughter. Now get out and leave us alone. When the supper is ready come
bring up mine and Gillian's on a tray and knock and wait. Don't come in
whatever noises you hear until you are told."

I turned my back on her as she left the room crying and I led her pretty
young daughter to the bed. I lay down on the bed and motioned for Gillian
to join me which she quickly did. I enjoyed watching her lithe young body
so clearly revealed by the sheer sexy material of the night-dress. There
are few things more appealing than a fit young teen-age girl's developing
body. Her breasts moved appealingly under the sheer nylon and as she drew
her legs on to the bed I looked down to the join at the top of her legs and
let her see me looking. She began to blush sweetly. The tight panties outlined the fleshy lips and prominent mound of her young cunt and the soft
fleece on her pubic mound showed clearly through the thin material. She
appeared to take after her mother in this department, both had well
developed fleshy cunts with a prominent pubic mound well dressed with curly
blonde hair!

"Take your hair out of the pony-tail darling," I said, " and leave it
loose." She put both hands behind her head to loosen her hair and this pose
made her breasts stand out firmly against the nylon nightie. I could see
that her nipples were making hard little points against the thin material.
She may be frightened still, but this sexy little piece was excited despite
herself as well. I tilted the teenager's chin up and gently kissed her.

"Go to the bottom of the bed, darling and as I lift my arse pull of my
trousers and then come back up here," I said gently. She quickly did as
she was told and I lifted up my arse to make it easier for her. I was now
completely naked beside the excited young teenager..

"Now, Gillian" I said "you told me last night that you had never touched
your boyfriend's prick. I want you to feel my prick and balls gently until
I tell you to stop". She looked fearfully down. My prick was semi-erect
lying across my thigh and must have looked huge to her inexperienced eyes.
She did not move but just lay looking dumbly at it. "Do it" I said quietly
"or you know that I will hurt you".

She reached out with her small hand and gingerly touched my prick about
half way up the shaft. I made her close her hand around the shaft and
showed her how to wank me. My prick rapidly became fully erect under this
treatment. "Do you know what you are doing Gillian?" I asked. She shook
her head. I laughed. "I don't believe you, you little liar. You may
never have done it before but I bet that you talked to your posh Kent
friends. Well?" I tilted her face up to mine. The blonde teenager blushed
deeply and her wide baby-blue eyes looked into mine.

"I'm giving you a wank," she whispered shyly.

"That's right," I said, "now feel my balls with your other hand." While
the girl was wanking and feeling me I put my mouth down to her firm young breast and began to suck the nipple through it's nylon cover. She gasped
and her hand tightened on my prick. I took my mouth from her tit for a
moment. "Wank me harder, Gillian," I said and the girl lengthened her
stroke until she was tossing me off very nicely indeed. I went back to
sucking her tit, moving from one to the other. Her sexually-inexperienced
young body was wriggling excitedly under the unaccustomed caresses as her
nipples stiffened and I began to become aroused again. I did not intend,
however to fuck Gillian this time. It would be something for her and her
mother to worry about while I was away, what I was going to do to them when
I returned. Time was getting on and I had done all that I really wanted to
in the time I had. There was a slight noise at the bedroom door and a
gentle knock. Gillian's hand froze on my prick. I took my lips from her
stiff nipple.

"Carry on wanking me off, Gillian," I said and waited till she complied.
I then told her mother to come in and went back to sucking her daughter's
nipple. Andrea came through the door and gasped as she saw her young daughter tossing off a naked man. I lay back with my hands behind my head
and looked at the horrified young mother watching her virgin teenage
daughter tossing a man off and fondling his hairy balls.

"You can serve us our supper now Andrea," I said casually and the
trembling mother poured coffee and offered sandwiches to her daughter and
to the man who had so quickly and easily assumed control of their lives. I
made her stand by the bed as we finished our supper and she stood nervously
shifting from one foot to the other and twisting her hands anxiously. It
was now nearly time for me to go but there was one last act which would
burn the activities of the past days into the minds of mother and daughter and let them know how things were going to be as long as they lived in the
valley. I finished my supper and lay back with my hands behind my head
looking at Andrea. "Toss me off Gillian," I ordered, and the girl immediately reached for my prick and began to wank me back to stiffness.
her mother gasped with horror again. I looked up at Andrea.

"Give me your panties," I said simply. She reddened and then went pale
and began to tremble.

"You couldn't be so wicked as to make me do that in front of my
daughter," she gasped.

"Let me put it this way," I said quietly, "if your panties are not off
in ten seconds I will take my belt to both you and Gillian before I leave."
She did not hesitate but wriggled the panties down her slender legs and
held them out to me blushing. I did not take them at once of course,
knowing me would you really have expected me to? I let the young mother stand humiliating herself with her panties in her outstretched trembling
hand as she watched her daughter tossing off my stiff prick. "Do you think
that your Mummy has a nice cunt, Gillian?" I asked. They both gasped with
horror and I laughed and took her panties. "Get on the bed, Andrea," I
ordered. She lay on the other side of me so that I was between her and her
daughter, who was still giving me a nice wank.

"Pull your heels up to your arse Andrea and spread your thighs," I said,
"you should know the position by now." The frightened woman immediately did
as she was told and I put my hand between her thighs and gently
finger-fucked her as her daughter wanked me. Despite herself Andrea was
turned on and her cunt was wet under my fingers. I gently removed
Gillian's hand from my prick and moved down the bed so that I was between
her mother's spread inviting thighs. "You know what sex is about,
Gillian," I said, "you have had lessons at school and I am sure that you
and your friends have sniggered about it. Well now you are going to see

"No, please, no," Andrea whispered. I moved forward so that my prick
was brushing the outer lips of her hairy cunt.

"Open the lips of your cunt, Andrea," I said. I now had such complete
domination that, in spite of the presence of her daughter she immediately
did as I commanded. "Now, Gillian," I said, "take my prick in you hand and
push it up your mother's cunt." There was no hesitation now as the
frightened girl did as I told her and I slid my stiff prick straight up the
young mother, sheathing myself in her to the balls as she lay beside her
daughter. The humiliated young woman was as red as a beetroot as she
submitted under me in the presence of her virgin daughter.

"Well, Gillian," I said, "what do you think of your mother now, lying
with a man's stiff prick hard up her waiting to be fucked?" Gillian
trembled but did not reply.

I lay forward and began to feel Andrea's plump breasts as I began to
fuck her. I did not have much time now as it was already later than I
should have liked so I began to ride Andrea harder, making sure that my
prick brushed her erect clitoris with each stroke. I intended to make her
come in the presence of her daughter. I increased my stroke, shagging the
arse off her. She clearly was trying not to co-operate as she was ashamed
in front of her young daughter but the feelings emanating from my continued
agitation of her stiff little clitoris overcame her inhibitions and,
despite herself, her thighs locked themselves around my waist and pulled me
deeper up her hairy hole. She began to gasp with each stroke and then to
emit wordless squeals. I had also forgotten Gillian by now as I rode her
mother to her last shattering orgasm of the day. Andrea squealed loudly as
I came up her and lay panting on her, squeezing and mauling her sweaty tits through the clinging nylon as her thighs fell to the bed and lay spread and
wanton. The room smelt of cunt. While I was lying stuck up the fucked-out
mother I reached over and grasped her daughter's tit. Gillian gasped as I
pulled her to me by the nipple and began to deeply kiss her. I felt the
daughter's breasts thoroughly through her nightdress as I kissed her. I
was really enjoying myself but, sadly, time had run out and I had to go. I
released Gillian and pulled my prick from Andrea's sticky cunt and got off
the bed. As I put my trousers on I looked at the shocked mother still
trembling from the orgasm and at her pretty daughter who had learnt so much
in such a short time.

"I have to go now," I said, "as I told you, I'll be away in Switzerland
for a few days. We can continue this when I return."

I gave them a last look and left the bedroom. I collected my sweater
and shoes from the living room and went back to my cottage where I had a
quick coffee before loading the car for my quick drive to the airport and
my promised re-union with Jonathan and my meeting with his bride, Jane.
(see 'The Climbing Hut').


This is the third part of what was to be a three-part story but I think
that there may be more! If you would like any more on Andrea and Gillian,
let me know. I may add to this if there is enough interest. Comments,
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