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Andrea and Gillian. Part 4


Andrea and Gillian. Part 4 - by Tafod Arian, (MFf, Ff,
NC, Humil, Spanking)
********************D I S C L A I M E R
'Andrea and Gillian. Part 4 ' contains graphic non-
consensual as well as consensual sexual scenes between
adults and teenagers. This story is FICTION. It does
NOT depict the relationship between actual living
people. It is NOT intended for readers under 18 or
those who are easily offended by pornography. It is NOT
for the squeamish. If you are UNDER 18, or if you ARE
offended by pornography, please DO NOT CONTINUE to
read. If material of this nature is illegal in your
area and you continue to read it, it is YOUR
All rights reserved: Permission is hereby given to
distribute this story via electronic means only, for
non-profit use. This header must remain intact. All
rights for this story remain the property of the


This story is dedicated to Melanie - she knows why.

I returned to the valley from Switzerland at about one
o'clock in the morning after having been away for about
five days (See 'Andrea and Gillian Part's 1-3). The
waning moon threw it's cold light over the mountains as
I parked my car outside my cottage and stood for a
moment looking down the valley towards the sea. I could
see the dim glow from the lights of Caernarfon on the
horizon. The night was clear and cold and the stars
were shining brightly like jewels. I looked up at Orion
and the stars of the hunter's belt led my eyes down to
Sirius, glinting like a sparkling diamond over the
shoulder of the great dark bulk of Pen yr Oleu Wen.
Although the night was cold I had had a fast drive
through the night from the airport in Manchester in a
hot car and I relished the freshness and chill of the
Welsh mountain air. The night was silent apart from the
sound of water tumbling over the stones as it flowed
down the valley from Llyn Ogwen to the sea.

I looked over the dark valley. There were few trees and
the only movement was from the occasional indistinct
white bulk of a timid but inquisitive sheep nosing
around the edge of the hillside by my fence. I looked
at the dark house next door. It looked completely
lifeless and yet I knew better than anyone what
potentialities it held. I had already experienced some
of them and as I now had just one full day to enjoy
myself with my pretty pair of sluts and then after that
one full day's climbing before I had to leave for the
States to attend to unfinished business there (See 'A
Week in London'). On the way to the States I intended
to stop in London to tie up some loose ends there also
(See 'Derek and Susan'). I took a last look around the
cold beauty of my native valley and went into my
cottage where, after a hot drink and a shower to ease
the aches of the journey, I fell into a dreamless

When I awoke it was still almost dark. I arose,
showered and had coffee but no breakfast, that would be
provided for me. I dressed as usual when I had some
entertainment in mind, polo-necked silk shirt and
loose trousers with no underwear. I put on my boots and
anorak and, taking a powerful pair of binoculars, I
left the cottage and went for my usual long morning
walk up the shoulder of the mountain taking in the damp
cool freshness of the morning. The sun was rising
although the floor of the valley was in darkness still
and the shafts of early light threw the marble veins on
the harsh upper slopes of Pen yr Oleu Wen into rosy
prominence. The air was filled with the sound of
rushing water and the noise of sheep. I climbed for
about three hundred feet until I was pleasantly tired
and then began to descend. I came to the very special
place in the dry stone wall which had been formed over
years into a kind of a seat - Y Gadair o'r Bardd, the
Poet's Seat. Legend had it that a local bard used to
write poetry here many years ago until one morning just
about this time of year he was found by a shepherd
lifeless in the seat, his pen still in his hand and his
notebook on his knee. I always made a point of resting
in his seat. It gave me a good view of the valley
below, and particularly of the small house next to my

Time was getting on and I could now see signs of life.
The curtains were drawn back and I could see glimpses
of Andrea and Gillian as they prepared for the day. I
watched them for a while until the sun rose over the
bulk of the mountain ridge and then I strolled back
down the hill enjoying the fresh morning air and went
into my cottage to make some calls. I finished my
business and at about seven thirty I left my cottage
and went to the house next door entering the kitchen
quietly, as usual, without knocking. I stood just
inside the kitchen door. Andrea was standing at the
sink with her back to me and had not heard me. I could
hear Gillian upstairs. I walked quietly over to Andrea
as she was washing up and, putting my arms round her
under her armpits I gently but firmly cupped her
breasts. She saw my reflection in the window, gave a
gasp of horror and stood rigid in my arms.

"Hello, Andrea darling," I said quietly, my mouth close
to the soft blonde whispy strands covering her ear,
"I'm back again. Are you pleased to see me?" She did
not answer but her body was tense with anxiety. I
laughed softly and began to fondle the big soft breasts
in my cupped hands through the thin material of her
dress and bra. I pressed my prick against the full
globes of her soft arse and began to feel myself
becoming erect. She was standing rigid with fear and I
knew that she was remembering the events of the last
afternoon and evening I had spent in her house before I
went to Switzerland. She was too tense and afraid at
the moment to provide any real sport and I began to
wonder if I had her in such a state that she was so
completely cowed that there was no more real
entertainment to be had with her. Of course I could
always continue to entertain myself with Gillian.
Andrea had no real idea of the degradation and shame
that they could both still undergo. She thought that on
the evening before I left for Switzerland she had been
as humiliated in front of her pretty young daughter as
was possible. After all, she had had to submit to
watching me fondling her daughter and to being fucked
with her daughter lying beside us. I could see in her
wide eyes the questions,

"How much worse can things really get? When is this man
going to leave me alone?"

The answers were simple. It was going to get an awful
lot worse, much worse than she could never imagine and
I would only leave her alone when the family ceased to
amuse me. I gave her big plump tits a last squeeze and
walked over to the table sitting down on a plain chair
and watching her as she fearfully turned to look at me.
She was wearing a short yellow dress rather low-cut
about three inches above her plump knees and sheer
black stockings. I wondered if she had dared to put on
any panties. I already knew from fondling her tits that
she was wearing a flimsy bra. Her tits needed the
support really if the truth be told. Her dress was
rather pretty, the neckline low enough to show her
cleavage and thin enough to show the outline of her
plump sexy legs as she stood back-lit by the light from
the window. She did not appear to be wearing a slip and
was barefoot. She had put up her long blonde hair
emphasising the lovely column of her slender neck.

"Go and put on your shoes," I ordered quietly. She
didn't hesitate but went into the living room and came
back almost immediately in five-inch high stiletto
heels on which she balanced precariously. "In future,"
I said, "you will wear those in the house at all times
unless I tell you that you can take them off. If I ever
find you without them again I'll thrash your fat arse.
Do you understand?" She nodded fearfully and stood
looking at me. She was trembling gently and I knew that
she was apprehensive about what might happen when
Gillian came downstairs Just then we heard Gillian on
the stairs and Andrea looked nervously at me.

Gillian came in the door and stopped short when she saw
me sitting at the table. She went rather pale. She was
dressed for school as usual in a in a short pleated
grey skirt with dark tights and a white blouse,
unbuttoned at the neck with just one button unfastened.
Her blouse which was sufficiently thin for me to see
that she was wearing a bra, the lacy cups of which
showed tantalisingly as her young breasts thrust
against the front of the cotton blouse which formed
part of her school uniform. As usual, her long blonde
hair was caught in a pony-tail.

I motioned to Gillian and she crossed the kitchen to
stand beside me as I sat by the table. Looking into her
mother's wide anxious eyes I put my hand on the inside
of Gillian's leg just above the knee and just below
the hem of her short skirt. She was standing with her
legs slightly apart so I did not have to adjust her
position. I let Gillian stand with her legs spread
while I ran my hand up the inside of her plump youthful
thigh until my thumb brushed the edge of her panties
which I could feel through her thin tights. I moved my
hand slightly higher, cupping the warm flesh of her
thigh through the thin nylon of her tights until my
knuckle brushed against the fleshy lips of her cunt
which I could feel through her thin tights and panties.
I heard her gasp and I began to gently rub my knuckle
against her young cunt, working her up, while I talked
to her horrified young mother who was watching me, yet
again, fondling her virgin daughter and not daring to
intervene. I let her stand for a while watching me
feeling her daughter and knowing that she was getting
more and more anxious. Finally, still with my hand up
Gillian's skirt I pulled her down on to my knee and
cupped her hot young cunt in my hand. mother and
daughter's eyes met and Gillian gave a deep gasp. I
began to more firmly feel the teenagers cunt through
her underwear as I looked at her mother.

"Are you wearing panties, Andrea?" I asked casually. If
possible she went even paler as she nodded. "That is a
very big mistake as you will shortly discover," I said,
"I thought that you would have learned your lesson from
last time but you just don't seem to learn, do you?"
She looked down at the floor in front of her and stood
twisting her hands together with anxiety.

"I wonder if I should thrash your fat arse again," I
mused, looking at her shaking figure.

"Oh God!, please don't," she whispered. I just sat with
her daughter on my lap casually feeling the teenager's
hot young cunt while the anxious humiliated mother
watched helplessly. I slipped my hand from under
Gillian's skirt, slid it into the opening of her blouse
and began to fondle her springy young tit through her
thin bra.

"Take off your panties, Andrea," I said quietly. Her
daughter and I watched her trying to balance on the
ridiculously high heels as she slipped the sheer
panties down her nylon-sheathed legs and held them out
to me. I ignored her. I slid Gillian to her feet and
said to her, "Open my trousers and give me a nice wank
Gillian darling." She looked at her mother still
forlornly holding out the handful of delicate lacy
nylon and turned back to me. Her soft hand slid into my
groin and she gently and carefully pulled my zip down,
freeing my semi-erect prick. I nodded to her and she
grasped it in her hand and began to wank me with the
instinctive skill that she had shown last time. I put
my hand on the teenager's blonde head and gently pushed
her down so that she was kneeling beside me as she
continued her slow delicious wank. I spread my thighs
and motioned to the floor between them.

"Kneel down between my legs, Andrea," I ordered, "and
suck me off." It was a measure of my control over the
plump blonde that she did not hesitate. Manoeuvring
herself on her high heels, she carefully knelt down
between my thighs. "Keep your hands by your sides," I
said, "Now, Gillian, feed my prick into your mother's
mouth and wank me as she sucks me off." I felt Andrea's
cool breath as she blew gently on the head of my prick.
She was clearly trying to remember what I had told her
to do last time. Then she opened her red lips and moved
her head forward so that her daughter could feed my
stiff prick into her hot wet mouth. I felt the head of
my stiff knob enveloped in the soft warmth of her mouth
and keeping her wide blue eyes fixed on mine she began
to rhythmically suck me off as her daughter wanked me
into her mouth. I looked down at the two sexy blondes
working on my prick and smiled with satisfaction. I
gently put my hand on Andrea's bobbing blonde head and
pressed slightly and she immediately got the message,
beginning to take more of my prick into her mouth with
each stroke. Gillian instinctively began to wank me
harder and I made no attempt to delay my ejaculation.
Quite suddenly I felt a wave of warmth begin in my
balls and pass up my back and down my legs.
Simultaneously my prick spasmed and I filled Andrea's
mouth and throat with jet after jet of hot cum. She
knew better than not to swallow it all and she kept her
mouth on my prick with her wide eyes fixed on mine
until the storm of my ejaculation was over. I nodded to
her and she let my softening prick slip from between
her red lips. As it did so a thin stream of white cum
ran from the corner of her mouth. Incongruously, she
was still holding her panties which she unconsciously
used to clean herself up. I let her get up and go and
clean her teeth.

Gillian was still kneeling beside me holding my
softening prick. I took a firm grip on her girlish tit.
She gasped but I didn't let go and I lifted her from
her knees to her feet by the tit while she gasped with
pain. Still holding her tit I stood up, pilled her to
me and gave a long deep slow luxurious exploring kiss.
I was still kissing her and squeezing her tit when her
mother came back into the kitchen . She stopped just
inside the door and stood watching us. I finished
kissing Gillian and released her, sitting down again. I
looked at the two women.

"Gillian, make me some coffee and then it will be time
for you to go to school." She hastened to obey me as I
looked at her mother. "Well, Andrea," I said, "you have
been a bad girl again haven't you? You knew that you
were not supposed to wear panties if there was any
chance that I would come round and I find that you have
disobeyed me. Don't you think hat you deserve a

"God! No, please," she whispered, her face going even
paler. I knew that she was remembering the severe
thrashing she had had a week ago. I would not be
surprised if her arse were still marked and sore.

"Well, would you like a different punishment?" I asked.

"Yes, yes," she said, "anything else please, just don't
hit me on my bottom again, I couldn't stand it." I
thought for a moment as Gillian brought me my coffee.
To entertain myself while I talked to the mother I
pulled her daughter on to my knee and slipped my hand
inside her blouse and fondled her tit through her bra.
I had decided what to do.

"Strip to your stockings and suspender belt, Andrea," I
ordered. The now completely compliant blonde slipped
her dress off and put it on a chair then she unsnapped
her bra and stood before us virtually naked. I looked
at her leisurely as I continued to feel her pretty
daughter. She was an incredibly erotic sight as she
stood balanced on her high heels naked in front of us
apart from a lacy black suspender belt supporting sheer
black stockings. Her plump breasts were, perhaps,
beginning to sag a little but she was no less
attractive for that. I looked at her cunt. I could see
the virtually closed groove surmounted by soft fleecy
blond pubic hair covering her prominent pubic mound.

"Right Andrea," I said, "this is your punishment. You
will stay dressed exactly as you are for the rest of
the day. Keep your shoes on and don't put anything else
on. In addition, by the time I come tonight you are to
have shaved your cunt completely. I want to see it as
bare as a baby's and if it isn't you will get a sound
thrashing." She looked absolutely appalled. I let her
stand there and think about it as I continued to feel
her daughter. I tilted Gillian's face towards me and
began to deeply kiss her again as I played with her
springy teenage tit. After a while I took my lips from
her daughter's and looked at Andrea.

"I'll stay naked," she promised, "but please don't make
me shave myself. It is just too, too humiliating."

"Just do it!" I said simply. She looked crushed and
nodded compliantly. "What are your plans for this
evening Gillian?" I asked. She looked at her mother.

"I was going to go to the Youth Club and I'd be back
about eight thirty," she said in her high girlish

"That's fine," I said, "I am going climbing this
afternoon and then your mother is going to make me
dinner, aren't you Andrea?" The naked blonde nodded.
"When you come home from the Youth Club Gillian, I'll
be in the bedroom fucking your mother. Get changed into
the nice nightdress that you were wearing last week and
come in and join us. Do you understand?" The teenager
nodded and just then we heard the sound of the school
bus drawing up outside the small house. I gave her tit
a last squeeze and pushed her to her feet. "Off you
go," I said, "I'll see you tonight." She went out,
giving her naked mother an unreadable look as they

I finished my coffee and looked at Andrea. She looked
back at me uncertain of my mood or what I was going to
do next. She certainly had an idea what I was capable

"Go and stand by the sink looking out of the window
with your back to me," I ordered. The naked blonde
tottered across the kitchen on her high heels and stood
as I commanded. I moved behind her and ran my hand over
her arse. She shuddered and I gave her arse-cheek a
shark slap. The sound echoed like a pistol shot through
the small kitchen. She gave a gasp and jumped and I saw
the creases in her flesh as she reflexly clenched her
buttocks. The red mark of my hand stood out plainly
against her white skin. To amuse myself I began to
fairly gently but firmly spank her, first on one cheek
and then on the other, gradually reddening them. She
gasped with each slap and began to gently sob although
I knew that it was mainly from the fear of what might
happen rather than from any real pain. She clearly
remembered the thrashing that I had given her last week
very vividly. I was only really amusing myself but the
spanking served the purpose of getting me hard again.

"Reach behind you and toss me off, Andrea," I said. She
hurried to do as I commanded and I enjoyed her
practised hand as she wanked me. She was really very
good at it. "I feel like a nice fuck before I go out,"
I said, "put your hands on the side of the sink and
bend over, spreading your thighs." The naked blonde
arranged herself into the humiliating position that I
had specified and I reached between her spread thighs
and felt her cunt. In spite of herself she had been
turned on by some of the things that had happened. I
suspected that it may have even been the spanking once
she realised that it was not really going to hurt. I
began to feel her moist cunt gradually become wetter
under my fingers as she wanked me.

"Right, Andrea," I said deliberately harshly, "stick
your fat arse out." I felt the plump cheeks of her
bottom against my stomach and I bent my knees slightly
and guided my stiff prick straight up her moist cunt
until, with one movement, I was buried in her to the
balls. "Keep hold of the edge of the sink and move with
me," I ordered as I began to slowly fuck her. I reached
round under her armpits and began to fairly roughly
squeeze and fondle her plump swinging tits. I gently
tortured the nipples to bullet-hardness between my
thumbs and forefingers. I held her by the tits pulling
her back against me as I began to fuck her harder. I
heard her gasping breathing becoming deeper and more
ragged and, despite herself, she was now moving more
rhythmically with me as I directed her by pressure on
her tits. Again I did not try to prolong things as I
had plenty to do that day. I felt the ejaculation start
and I shot spurt after spurt of hot cum up into
Andrea's womb. I heard her gasp as she came in spite of
her anxiety. It was not a powerful orgasm but I had
felt the velvet wave of her climax as the walls of her
cunt gripped my prick. I gave her tits a last rough
squeeze and withdrew from the shaking blonde. The smell
of sex mingled with female sweat filled the kitchen. As
she held herself up against the sink I could see rivers
of white cum running down her inner thighs to her
stocking tops. I zipped up my trousers and looked at

"You can have a bath but be sure to dress exactly as I
have told you. I shall be out climbing today but I'll
be here for dinner about five thirty," I said, "then we
will have a couple of hours until Gillian comes home.
See that you have done everything I told you and that
you have a nice dinner ready or you will be really
sorry." I zipped my trousers, looked once at the
trembling naked blonde I had just fucked and left her
kitchen to return to my cottage to prepare for a day on
the hills.

I put on my mountain gear and boots. I did not need my
ropes as I intended to free-climb. I wanted to check
out a climb that I thought that Julia (see 'A Week in
London') would be able to cope with when I next
brought her to Wales. I packed a light lunch in a small
ruck-sack and drove to the cottage at the head of the
pass which was the traditional collecting point for
climbers. As it was quite late now not many people were
about, most having already left for the hills. I
climbed over the stile and quickly walked the two miles
along the rough track into Cwm Idwal. I passed round
the east end of Llyn Idwal and followed the steep path
along the side of the lake to the granite mass of the
Idwal slabs on the sheer north face of the Glyder
ridge. The rocks towered over me and some climbers were
already on the face. Luckily no-one was on the route
that I intended to lead Julia up in the near future. It
was a fairly simple 'beginners' climb and I went up
without difficulty, free climbing for three hundred
feet before I got to the top of the great slab.
Normally I would have abseiled down but I had something
much more interesting in mind today.

I climbed another hundred and fifty feet up the steep
rock-strewn slope until it suddenly levelled out into a
small deep narrow dark mysterious cwm. This was the
Nameless Cwm. Very few climbers ever came here. I sat
in the mouth of the Nameless Cwm and had a light lunch
looking about five hundred feet down into the sombre
depths of Cwm Idwal with it's dark brooding lake.
Finishing my lunch, I packed my ruck-sack and went up
the narrow funnel of the cwm to the great rock wall of
the Glyder North Face at the end. From here it was a
steep but not difficult climb of two hundred feet which
bought me to the crest of the Glyder ridge close to the
shattered rocks of Castell y Gwynt, The Castle of the
Winds. I thought that Julia would be able to manage
this. I turned west and scaled the summit of Glyder
Fawr before going down the steep north ridge to the top
of the great crack of the Devil's Kitchen. I went down
the Kitchen back into Cwm Idwal and back to the
climber's cottage and my car. The whole climb had
lasted five hours. I would allow seven for Julia and it
would take the whole day. I was very satisfied with the

It was now about two-thirty and I drove down the pass
past my cottage and Andrea's small house into
Caernarfon to see to a few business matters, returning
at about five o'clock. I had about three and a half
hours to amuse myself with Andrea before Gillian came
home. I showered and changed into my usual uniform of
loose trousers with no underwear and a silk polo-necked
sweater. I wore loose sandals with no socks.

I went next door and quietly entered the kitchen.
Andrea had taken a lot of trouble with the dinner. The
table was nicely laid and there was a bottle of white
wine cooling in a wine-chiller. I could smell the aroma
of salmon steaks gently grilling and she had made a
crisp green salad. All-in-all a splendid nourishing
light dinner which would leave me in good form for the
evening's entertainment. I looked at Andrea. She was
dressed as I had left her earlier in the day, in a lacy
black suspender belt supporting sheer black silk
stockings and balanced precariously on five-inch
stiletto heels. The high heels had the effect of making
her arse stick out rather deliciously.

Spread your thighs, Andrea," I ordered, and as she did
so the plump lips of her shaved cunt were thrown into
sharp relief. As she parted her thighs the groove of
her cunt opened slightly and the pink inner lips were
evident. I looked at the anxious blonde.

"Because you were a bad girl earlier today," I said
conversationally, "you are not getting any dinner. It
will be your job to serve me and to entertain me while
I eat. Do you understand?" She nodded quickly. She
quickly served me my dinner and poured my wine. I
pointed to the floor. "Get down in the position I
showed you," I ordered. Andrea went down on her knees,
put her hands behind her back and, with her head held
erect on her long slender lovely neck, looked into my
eyes. In this position her prominent breasts stuck out
beautifully and as she separated her plump thighs
widely the groove of her naked cunt gaped open,
displaying the inner lips and the hard little button of
her clitoris protruding slightly at the top of the
crack. I sat and enjoyed my dinner as I watched her.

"Now, Andrea," I said to the totally submissive blonde,
"I want you to play with yourself until you come. If
you have not come by the time I have finished my dinner
and my wine, I will take my belt to your fat arse. Now,
get on with it." She looked at me wordlessly and one
hand went to the open crack of her cunt and the other
began to fondle a bare erect nipple. She began to play
with her cunt, slipping first one finger and then two
inside herself and running her fingers repeatedly
gently but insistently from the soft smooth skin of her
perineum at the back of the crack of her cunt along the
groove of her cuntal opening riding gently on the soft
inner lips until she flicked the hard bud of her
pouting clitoris. Each time she did this she gave a
small gasp and I saw her grip her nipple between thumb
and forefinger. She began to lose control of her
breathing and her head began to move rhythmically in
time with her sawing finger. Her hair swung forward
like a curtain, moving as she swung her head from side
to side, lost in the sensation, She was a stunning
site. A totally submissive blonde who had completely
lost control of herself, at my feet with her thighs
spread masturbating frantically. She came with a gasp
and a shudder that racked her whole body. I could see
the sheen of perspiration on her shoulders and
forehead. She knelt before me panting, trying to bring
her breathing under control. I finished my dinner and
looked down at her.

I stood up and walked over to the kneeling blonde and
reached down and grasped her prominent erect nipple
between forefinger and thumb. I raised her to her feet
by pulling upwards on her nipple. She gasped a little
and struggled to her feet to try to relieve the tension
I was putting on her breast. There was just under an
hour until Gillian came home, just enough time for what
I had in mind. I led the frightened blonde upstairs by
the breast, drawing her after me like a bitch on a
lead. She was stumbling a little as she tried to keep
up with me balanced on her high heels.

When we reached the bedroom I stood beside the bed and
looked at Andrea. She looked back at me and then
dropped her eyes, a gentle trembling of her whole body
making her plump tits quiver deliciously.

"Undress me," I said quietly. Andrea pulled my sweater
over my head as gently as she dared and then unfastened
my trousers and drew them slowly down my legs, gasping
as my half-erect prick became visible. I stepped out of
my trousers and lay on the clean neat bed. I patted the
bedclothes and Andrea lay down alongside me.

"Would you like to know what is going to happen
tonight, Andrea?" I asked her. Her big blue eyes filled
with tears.

"Please don't hurt us," she begged. I laughed and
nodded downwards. The compliant blonde immediately took
hold of my thick shaft and began to toss me off. I
could forgive her a lot because she really was an
expert wanker. I drew her towards me and began to kiss
her, enjoying the clean softness of her mouth. As she
lay in my arms wanking me and submitting to my caresses
I slid my hand between her thighs on to her bare cunt
and began to work her up a little. She gasped as I
fondled her cunt and gasped even more loudly when I
slipped a finger inside and began to gently finger-fuck
her, flicking the hard bud of her clitoris from time to
time. Having moistened my finger in her cunt I gently
slid it back along her soft perineum straight up her
clinging arsehole. She gasped. I held her in my arms
and carried on kissing her as I thoroughly finger-
fucked her moist clinging arse. She blushed deeply as
she clearly felt that this was a very shameful thing
that I was doing to her. I carried on playing with the
body of my submissive partner and enjoying her wanking
me until we heard the kitchen door open downstairs. We
heard Gillian go to her bedroom and I knew that she
would be too afraid not to carry out my orders exactly.
I put my mouth to Andrea's ear and whispered,

"I told Gillian that I would be fucking you when she
came in. When she knocks at the door you can tell her
to come in." I took my finger from Andrea's arse and
lifted her thigh so that it was over mine, then pulling
her towards me, I slid my stiff eight inches up her in
one smooth movement until I was buried in her to the
balls. I slid my moist finger back up her greasy tight
little bottom. She bit her bottom lip and gasped, still
blushing from my fingering of her bottom as I began to
gently fuck her. It was clear that when I was gentle
with her, in spite of her uncertainty and anxiety,
Andrea enjoyed sex. She almost immediately began to
move with me in the rhythm of a deep slow satisfying
fuck. "Do you like this, darling?" I whispered into her
ear. Her cheeks flamed as she confessed,

"I like it when you are being nice to me, but you can
be so cruel. I am frightened about what you are going
to do to Gillian." I laughed softly and kissed her ear.
I slipped my finger from her arsehole and put my hands
round her clasping her rounded buttocks in my hands and
pulling her hard on to my prick. Just then we heard a
gentle knock at the door. I looked significantly at
Andrea. "Come in, darling," she called hesitantly. I
pulled her closer and began to kiss her as I pulled her
on to my stiff prick which was buried deep in her sexy
belly. I looked over the body of the young mother that
I was busy fucking to her shy daughter standing just
inside the bedroom door watching in fascination. I
began to fuck Andrea with more purpose making sure that
my prick rubbed her hard little clitoris at each
stroke. She began, in spite of the presence of her
wondering watching daughter, to move with more purpose
in my arms. I heard the gasping of her breath becoming
mixed with little squeals on each exhalation of air. I
felt the muscles of her velvet cunt becoming more moist
and clinging and I could sense the waves of orgasm as
they passed through her body. She came on my thick
stiff prick with a final squeal and a gasp and lay
trembling and sweating in my arms. I had not come as I
was saving myself for later!

I looked across at Gillian. She had followed my
instructions exactly. She had left her blonde hair
loose and flowing was wearing the same sheer black
nylon nightdress which she had worn last time I saw her
ready for bed. It reached the level of her hips an the
close-fitting bosom clung tightly to her proud firm
young breasts. The neckline was very low and showed the
start of her cleavage. The nightdress was very simple
with no lace or other decoration but it was stunningly
effective on Gillian's firm young body. The glamorous
night-gown was complemented by a pair of very tight
high-cut panties which outlined and clearly defined the
firm plump lips of her young cunt. I could even see the
soft fleece on her pubic mound through the thin
material. I remembered the delightful view from the
last time I had seen her so attired. I lay stuck hard
up the cunt of her gasping mother as I smiled across at

"I have just fucked your beautiful mother, Gillian," I
said, "would you like me to do the same for you?"
Andrea gasped and I felt the velvet walls of her
yielding cunt grasp at my softening prick.

"You mustn't!" she whispered in horror. I withdrew from
the sweating Andrea and lay on my back with a small
pillow tucked under my arse.

"Clean up my prick and balls with your sexy little
tongue," I said to the trembling blonde in my arms, "
and then give my arsehole a nice licking so that it is
really clean." She blushed to the roots of her soft
wavy hair.

"You couldn't be so wicked as to make me do that in
front of my daughter," she gasped. I laughed and put my
hand on her blonde head moving her slowly but firmly
down my body.

"Just get on with it before I decide to spank you
again," I said quietly. Andrea reluctantly moved her
blonde head between my legs and I felt her reluctant
breath on my balls as the young mother began to
delicately lick my prick and balls with her moist pink
little tongue. I put my hand on her blonde head and
moved her firmly against me. She got the message and
began to kick my balls with more purpose, passing
backwards with her tongue until she was licking around
the rim of my arsehole. Her daughter was watching in
amazement. I held out my hand and then patted the bed
beside me. The sexy young teenager reluctantly crossed
the room towards me and lay down with my arm around

I put my arm round her straight under her armpit
relishing the smoothness of her skin and the delicate
feel of her fine underarm hair on my forearm as I began
to feel her soft springy teenage tit. I tilted her head
towards me and began to kiss her gently but deeply
exploring her cool fresh young mouth. Her mother's
mouth and lips were exciting sensations in my prick and
balls. I took my lips from those of the teenager and
said quietly to her mother,

"Start sucking me off Andrea, get me ready to fuck your
daughter." mother and daughter both gasped but Andrea
obediently took my prick in her soft hand and fed it
between her red lips. She began to wank me into her
mouth, sucking me off expertly as I went back to
feeling her teenage daughter and exploring her young
mouth. My prick was as hard as an iron rod now. Gillian
was lying in my arms submitting to my kisses and to
being felt. I gently moved her so that she was lying on
her back.
"Take your panties off and spread your legs, Gillian
darling," I said, taking my lips from hers The
frightened teenager mutely complied and I put my hand
between her plump thighs and began to feel her sexy
young cunt. In spite of her fear she began to get moist
and I began to gently finger-fuck her using just the
tips of two fingers. Her cunt began to get very moist
indeed and she began to pant raggedly. She was a very
excitable young girl! I wound my fingers in her
mother's soft blonde hair and gently moved her mouth
from my prick, which she still held in her hot hand
arranging her so that she was lying beside us. I moved
down the bed until I was between her plump childish
thighs and Gillian looked down at me with anxiety. Her
mother was gasping with horror as she watched me
feeling her daughter's cunt but she continued to wank
me. "Now, Andrea," I said, "You are going to help me
give your daughter her first fuck".
"Please don't make me do this" she begged. I just
looked at her and she paled and gave a soft sob as her
hand fell from my stiff prick.
"Take my prick in your hand, Andrea," I ordered, "and
bring it to Gillian's cunt. Open the lips of her hairy
little cunt with your other hand so that you can put my
prick in her." The mother was now so frightened that
she was completely submissive and under my control and
clearly would do anything that I ordered her to. She
hesitatingly put one hand on her daughter' cunt and
began to spread the outer lips. Gillian bit her lips
and gasped loudly as her mother grasped my stiff prick
and slowly pushed the head between her outer lips.
Gillian gave a loud gasp and screwed her eyes up. "Open
your eyes and look at me," I snapped. She opened her
blue eyes and fixed them on mine. I slowly began to
push my prick into her tight cunt. She gasped and
shuddered but kept her eyes on mine. It was hard going.
I don't think that a prick the size of mine would have
gone into her tight little channel without tearing her
if I hadn't stretched and moistened her with a decent
finger-fuck so recently. I was now about an inch up her
and I stopped pushing and started to very gently fuck
her fresh young cunt with the end of my tool. It felt
great and her channel was slowly becoming more relaxed
in spite of her terror.
"Do you like that Gillian?" I asked. She shook her head
in mute fear. Her face was red with shame and she was
trembling. I pressed a little harder and slid a little
further in. Suddenly I felt resistance. I was in about
two inches and was at her hymen. She flinched and I
knew that she had felt it too. I withdrew again and
started gently fucking her so that the end of my prick
was touching and stretching her hymen with each stroke.
I knew that her cunt was becoming more stretched by
each stroke of my prick. I looked at her horrified
"While I am fucking your daughter Andrea," I said, "you
can be feeling my balls and I'd like a nice kiss." The
sexy blonde mother immediately began to caress by hairy
balls and offered her lips. With my stiff prick partly
up her teenage daughter I began to slowly and deeply
kiss the young mother as she was feeling my balls.
Gillian was so tight and hot inside that I was already
beginning to feel a tingle in my balls and I knew that
this might not last very long. While continuing to kiss
her sexy mother, I pushed forward once more sliding in
and continuing to meet resistance at around two inches
deep. I pushed a little harder against her tight
virginal barrier. The feeling was so intense for me
that I couldn't think of anything but how great it
would feel to be all the way inside of her. I pushed
Gillian's legs down flat against the bed and climbed
between her thighs in a traditional missionary position
moving her mother with me so that I could continue
kissing her.
My hard stiff prick was still nibbling at her
maidenhead, slowly forcing an opening. Her whole body
squirmed and trembled, as my invading organ kept
pushing and pushing. And then, with one hard shove I
penetrated her more deeply. She gave a sharp yelp and
her eyes widened as she desperately tried to throw me
off but I just pushed her back into the bed and thrust
harder. I forced my way deeper inside her squirming
hips, pushing past her torn and ruined hymen. She
gasped loudly as I drove my prick harder up her. With
my left hand I seized her by the hair tightly twisting
her soft loose hair in my hand, now wet with the sweat
of fear, to keep her still, my weight pressing down on
her. With the other hand I began to firmly fondle her
right tit as I continued to kiss her gasping, horrified
mother. I decided that I needed to concentrate on
Gillian and I took my lips from Andrea's and looked
deeply into Gillian's clouded frightened eyes.

"Carry on feeling my balls while I finish fucking your
daughter," I ordered the young mother who submissively

Despite her fear and pain, Gillian's nipple was erect
under my fingers as I felt her through the thin
material of her nightdress. Inch by inch I forced my
way into her no-longer virgin body, gradually impaling
her on my stiff prick. She struggled as I slowly
entered her. In a couple more seconds my cock had
completely disappeared between her plump childish
thighs up to my balls. She was tight, but still I was
able to get the whole thing in. I now had the beautiful
teenager, lying flat on her back, her thighs splayed
wide apart, impaled on my large cock as her cowed young
mother fondled my big hairy balls as they lay against
her daughter's violated young cunt. Although Gillian
was so tight I could move in her. I began to slowly
fuck her, moving my prick out about four inches and
pressing hard into her until the end of my prick rubbed
against her cervix. She was sobbing and her whole body
was shaking. I could smell the terrified girl-smell of
a deflowered virgin coming off her heated body. The
smell of the sweat from her armpits was strong in my
nose and the whole room seemed to be filled with the
scent of cunt. I carried on fucking her, slowly
lengthening my stroke until she was getting six inches
and at the end of each push I could feel her cervix
rubbing my knob-head. I began to fuck her a little
harder, but still just using about six inches. She
gasped and her hips began to move. I pulled my prick
right back so that the tip was just inside her outer
lips. I looked down and saw my prick and the bed-spread
stained with her virgin blood. I rammed my prick deep
in her to her cervix and felt my balls nestle against
her soft arse. Her hips jerked spasmodically.

I began to fuck her harder, pressing her arse deeper
into the bed and giving her a full eight inches. Her
eyes were screwed up and she was biting her lip. I kept
pressing deeper and deeper, my knobhead brushing her
cervix with each stroke. She was sobbing convulsively.
I could feel the pressure beginning to build up in my
balls and my knob hardened even more as the spasm
began. I withdrew to the opening of her violated young
cunt and, and with the spurts of cum with beginning to
flood her from my rigid tool I pushed my prick deep up
her and spewed my potent sperm against her cervix and
straight into her womb. I lay on her with my prick
buried to the balls in her and I could feel her
horrified gasping breathing. Her damp hair was soft on
my cheek and the smell of girl-sweat from her armpits
and forehead was stronger.

"Just lie quiet for a while, Gillian darling" I said
feeling my prick becoming softer in her cunt. "Now," I
whispered into her ear, "give me a nice kiss". She
shuddered and her whole body began to tremble. After
one or two wordless noises she licked her smeared lips
and offered them to mine. I began a slow luxurious deep
kiss lying on the fucked teenager with one hand buried
in her hair and the other squeezing her plump tit, the
nipple of which I could feel hard and erect against my
palm and my softening prick deeply buried in her
violated cunt. I just let her lie there and took my
time exploring her mouth and fondling her springy tit.
I could feel her sweaty thighs splayed under me
sticking to mine as I moved slightly relishing the
feeling of her mother's cool hand on my balls.

With the sensations of her girlish mouth and her
mother's cool fondling of my balls it was not long
before I could feel my prick hardening in her cunt so I
began to move slowly in her, just an inch or so. She
was moist and easy now as her cunt was lubricated by my

"No, please," she whimpered, "not again". I smiled and
moved my right hand under her thigh so that I
approached her arse. Looking into her shocked eyes I
pushed the middle finger of my right hand straight into
her still virgin hole. She gasped loudly. I pushed my
finger deep up her hole and started to finger fuck her
arse deeply and slowly while my prick gently fucked
deep into her cunt. She gave a loud sob and blushed
with shame. I began to fuck her cunt more deeply,
giving her all eight inches and pushing my prick into
her to the balls, feeling her cervix caressing the end
of my knob. I continued finger-fucking her arse hole as
deeply as I could and I could feel the sweat and mucus
from her fevered hole lubricating my invading hand and
her girlish buttocks clenched against my fingers.

The fingers of my left hand were still twisted in her
hair. She looked into my eyes and with my hand buried
in her arse I increased the depth and force of the
movement of my prick. I continued to give her the full
eight inches deep into her cunt so that my balls
slammed against her arse as the end of my knob battered
her cervix. I could feel the slime and blood around my
prick and her cunt felt looser as her knees splayed
helplessly. I looked down at her and her plump tits
were bouncing on her chest with each thrust. She sobbed
helplessly. She was so tense and afraid that I knew
that she would not be able to come so I didn't wait for
her. I kept on fucking her hard with my hand up her
arse until I began to feel the familiar tingle in my
balls and the increasing tension in my prick. I leaned
down and pressed my lips against her reluctant little
mouth which I immediately invaded with my tongue. I
gave her a rough kiss as, with my finger deep up her
arse, I began to flood her womb with another lot of hot
cum. She sobbed helplessly against my mouth and I lay
on her with my finger deeply buried up her arse while I
sucked on her tongue and let the remains of my
ejaculation flow into her receptive womb. I just lay
there, sucking on her tongue, enjoying the smell of her
sweat, while I got my breath back and let the remainder
of my cum leak into her cunt. I could feel my prick
becoming softer and I knew that I would need a rest.

I reached down and gently moved Andrea's finger from my
balls and rolled off her daughter who lay too shocked
to move, her thighs lying splayed wide apart. I was
lying with Gillian between her mother and me. Andrea
looked fearfully at me across her daughter's exhausted
sweaty young body. The smell of cum filled the room and
it was trickling from Gillian's opened young cunt on to
the sheets. I looked back at her.

"Gillian must be very uncomfortable Andrea," I said,
"wouldn't it be thoughtful if you went down and cleaned
up her cunt with your hot little tongue." She looked at
me in horror.

"Please," she begged, " I just can't. I couldn't do
that to my own daughter. Please don't make me."

"Oh, I think you can, Andrea," I smiled cruelly, "let
me put it this way. If you are not down licking
Gillian's cunt in ten seconds I'll thrash your fat
bottom with my belt and then I'll do the same to her."
The blonde quickly moved down the bed and positioned
herself between her daughter's spread thighs. She was
too frightened to resist and without further hesitation
put her soft red lips to her daughter's wet cunt. She
began to lick all round Gillian's cunt as I lay and
watched her. I began to feel Gillian's tits through the
thin night-dress now wet with her perspiration and I
could feel her firm young bosom begin to heave against
my hand as her fevered body began to respond
involuntarily to her mother's reluctant caresses. I
heard her breathing becoming more ragged as her mother
worked her up and, despite herself Andrea was beginning
to pant with the forbidden guilty excitement of sucking
off her own daughter. I felt a shudder go through
Gillian's body as she came. I was still recovering from
my exertions with Gillian and I decided that a little
tableau would be just what I needed. I looked down at

"Leave Gillian lying on her back, Andrea," I ordered,
"and come up here." With some relief Andrea took her
lips from her daughter's wet excited cunt and moved up
the bed. Gillian was lying on her back with her relaxed
thighs splayed apart. "Pull your heels up to your arse
and spread your thighs, Gillian," I commanded, and her
thighs obediently spread showing me the pink slit of
her wet cunt. "Now, Andrea," I said, "kneel, facing her
feet, with your thighs on either side of your
daughter's head." She looked at me in horror, knowing
what I had in mind but too afraid of me to resist.

"All right, Andrea," I said, "I want you to bend
forward until your head is between Gillian's thighs and
I want you to kiss and suck her cunt." The young
blonde looked at me in horror.

"I couldn't do that to my own daughter," she whispered,
"that's so dirty and depraved." I just laughed and
putting my hand on the back of her head I wound my
fingers in her soft blonde her. With gentle pressure I
moved her down so that her face was between Gillian's
splayed thighs very close to her cunt.

"If you don't want your arse thoroughly thrashed
Andrea, then get on with it," I ordered. Still nothing
seemed to be happening so I gave the white firm buttock
a sharp slap. The sound echoed through the room and the
outline of my palm and fingers became evident on the
smooth white skin of her buttock. Andrea gasped loudly
with shock and pain and her mouth went straight on to
Gillian's exposed and gaping cunt. She began to kiss
and lick it obviously terrified of another slap. I let
her get on with it for a while and then said quietly
into her ear,

"Now start sucking her cunt. Stick your tongue as far
inside her as you can and keep licking and sucking or I
will slap you again." The frightened mother hastened to
comply with my orders and she was very quickly sucking
and tonguing her daughter's wet cunt. Gillian's hips
were writhing and her heels were pressing into the bed
as the sensations spread from her excited cunt through
her hot young body. I whispered again into Andrea's
ear, "Now, relax your thighs and drop your cunt so that
it is on Gillian's mouth." Again the blonde immediately
complied, not ceasing in her attentions to her
daughter's hot hole. I moved up and whispered into
Gillian's ear,

"You can feel what your mother is doing to you, now do
the same to her." Gillian immediately put her mouth to
her mother's cunt and began to kiss and lick the wet
open slit. "Start sucking her cunt, Gillian," I
ordered, "stick your tongue as far inside her as you
can and keep licking and sucking until I tell you to

I lay back on the bed watching with satisfaction as the
pretty mother and daughter sucked each other off.
Gillian came first, closely followed by Andrea. They
rested for a moment, not daring to separate and then
began to tongue one another again. Soon they were
sucking one another off furiously again and it was
clear that another orgasm was not far away. They both
came again and Andrea lay panting on the gasping,
sweating, Gillian as their hot faces pressed against
each other's cunts. It was clear that they were so
afraid of me that even after two shattering orgasms
they did not dare part. The room was full of the smell
of their excitement. I looked at the exhausted pair.

"OK, Sluts," I said, "have a rest. Just lie down beside
one another and feel one another's cunts while you get
your breath back." The mother and daughter collapsed
side by side looking into one another's eyes trying to
bring themselves under control but still not daring to
resist any demand I made. Their hands stole between
each other's thighs and they began to gently feel each
other. I looked at them with amusement. I had altered
for ever the relationship between mother and daughter.

It was getting late and I had to be up early for a last
day's climbing before I left for the States. I still
wanted a last bit of fun and I wondered what to do with
them. As I looked at the pretty pair I knew that in
spite of having enjoyed taking the teenager's virginity
my preference was really for the softer rounder body of
her more experienced submissive mother. I took Andrea
by the arm and drew her gently towards me. As her
daughter carried on fondling her mother's cunt I began
to give Andrea a slow deep kiss, tasting Gillian on her
lips. I looked into her wide blue eyes.

"I feel like a last fuck before I leave you," I said
conversationally. Andrea just looked at me. I pushed a
couple of pillows under Gillian's bottom so that her
cunt and arse were elevated from the bed. "Pull your
heels up and spread your thighs Gillian," I ordered.
The teenager immediately complied. "Now, Andrea," I
said, "kneel between Gillian's thighs facing her and
spread your legs. I am going to fuck you from behind
while you suck her off". I moved behind Andrea as she
complied with my orders. "Now," I said, "start sucking
your daughter off." Andrea bent forward and her soft
red lips began to explore her young daughter's wet
cunt. I watched her for a moment and she realised that
she could not pretend. She began to suck her daughter
off in earnest alternating between running her hot
tongue up and down the groove of her daughter's open
slit and flicking her hard little clitoris and pushing
her pink tongue as far up the teenager's cunt as she
could, fucking her daughter with her hot little tongue.
Her daughter wound her little hands in Andrea's soft
blonde hair and, blushing deeply, pulled her mother's
mouth more firmly on to her excited wet cunt.

In this position her plump white bottom was stuck up in
the air and with her legs parted I could see the wet
groove of her hairless cunt. Before fucking her I
thought that I would have a little fun. I suddenly
slapped her white arse cheek fairly hard. The noise of
the slap resounded through the room accompanied by her
gasp as she pressed her lips to her daughter's hairy
little cunt. I began to spank the bottom so temptingly
raised before me. I was not particularly gentle and the
cheeks soon became a fiery red under my hand. Each time
I slapped the arse of the trembling woman her bottom
wobbled enticingly and she gasped against her daughters

I moved closer behind the sobbing, trembling blonde and
with one smooth movement pushed my stiff prick between
the wet lips of her gaping cunt until I was sheathed in
her hot clinging channel to the balls. She gave a deep
sigh. I leaned forward on her back until my lips were
at her ear.

"Whatever you do, don't stop sucking Gillian off or
you'll be sorry," I whispered. I began to slowly fuck
her and she reflexly pushed her fat red arse back
against me so that I was more deeply embedded. I
reached under her and began to play with her full
swinging tits. I kneaded the soft flesh and pulled and
twisted her stiff nipples until she gasped. All this
time I was deeply shafting her wet receptive cunt and
she had not dared to stop sucking her daughter off. I
was so occupied with the sexy mother that I had not
been watching Gillian. I heard the teenager come with a
loud gasp and a little squeal under the expert
ministrations of her mother's tongue. She tried to push
her mother away but Andrea was so afraid of me that she
kept her mouth firmly on her daughter's wet cunt with
her red tongue stuck up it.

I was getting tired now so I made no effort to prolong
things. I increased the depth of my stroke, pulling
Andrea back on to my prick by the tits. The added
stimulation shot me over the edge and I came again
shooting spurts of hot cum up into the receptive womb
of the exotic blonde. I gave her arse a last hard slap
and withdrew my softening prick from her clinging cunt.

"All right, you two," I said, "start sucking each other
off again. You know how to do it." Like a pair of well-
programmed robots, mother and daughter rapidly changed
position until their heads were between each other's
spread thighs and their mouths occupied each with a wet
cunt. I looked at them and laughed quietly as I
collected my clothes and dressed. As I left the room to
go to my cottage I could smell the potent smell of
female sex in the room and my last view of them was of
mother and daughter with their blonde heads still busy
between each other's thighs. I wondered amusedly how
long they would keep it up and if I had changed their
psycho-sexual behaviour for ever.

The following day I was up early and after a light
breakfast I drove to Ogwen Cottage where I left the car
and took the long walk into the big cwm overlooked by
Carnedd Llewellyn. Here at the north end of the cwm was
the massive forbidding bulk of Amphitheatre Buttress. I
intended to spend all day free climbing on the various
routes on this massive dangerous crag and I enjoyed
myself in the clear Welsh air until the sun began to go
down and the air to chill. By the time I had completed
the long walk back to my car the sky was dark and the
stars stood out like precious stones on black velvet.

I drove back to my cottage and, before I went in I
looked at the house next door which had provided such
entertainment for me. It was in total darkness.

"Very strange," I thought, "it is far too early for bed
and one of them at least should be in." I knew that
since Andrea had come to the valley she had made very
few friends and she had never been out in the evening.

I went next door and let myself into the kitchen. It
was deserted with all the furniture gone. I slowly
looked through the house to find that everything had
been removed. I laughed softly. Andrea had clearly
decided that she and Gillian would be safer far away
from me and had secretly arranged to move away when she
was sure I would be away climbing for a day. She could
not even wait another day after which I would be in the
States because she was afraid of what I would do to her

"Ah well," I thought, "all good things come to an end.
I wonder what the next tenants of the cottage will be


This is absolutely the final part of what was to be a
three-part story! There will be no more about Andrea
and Gillian but if you have enjoyed them, let me know.
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