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Andreas Travels 1


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Andrea's Travels - Chapter 1
By Darkage
(c) August, 2001

Note: This story is loosely based upon Milo Manara's
"Gullivera" which, in turn is loosely based upon
Jonathan Swift's "Gulliver's Travels".
Chapter 1

The gentle wind blew by, carrying a seagull on high.
Andrea watched the bird soar across the blue
Mediterranean sky. She envied it, being able to fly
wherever it wished. Oh well, she thought, I suppose
things aren't so bad down here anyway. She lay back in
the warm sand, soaking up the sun.

After some time she grew hot laying in the bright sun,
and the turquoise sea looked inviting. Time for a
swim, she thought, as she grabbed the inflatable
rubber raft she'd snuck out of her uncle's house.

Walking towards the water with the raft in hand, a
single tear dripped down her cheek, both because of
the beauty of the day and the thought of her uncle.
He's such a cruel old man to have to stay with, she

The water tickled her toes. As she walked deeper into
the sea, it crept up her legs. It was cool on her hot
skin, and she started running, splashing water about.
Dropping the raft, she dove into the cool water and
swam beneath its emerald surface.

The underwater world was clear blue, and she could
make out every rock and plant for a long distance. At
first, the water here had scared her; the way it went
on forever, clear as glass, an enormous empty space
with God knows what lurking in it, waiting to grab her
leg drag her down to the ocean floor. It was a strange
fear she'd always had. She sometimes found herself
thinking about the shark attack shows she'd seen on
television. Today, however, it was all just too nice
to worry about such silly things. The water was so
beautiful, and besides, all the fish around here were
very small. The depths of the sea offered Andrea the
same escape that the sky offered the seagull. She
broke the surface, gasping for air, filled her lungs,
and plunged down again.

After a few minutes of swimming, she grew tired, so
she started heading for the raft. It had drifted quite
far out. By the time she reached it, she was
exhausted. She crawled into the rubber float and
collapsed. Lying back, she sank into the soft raft and
gazed up at the beautiful sky. The sea rocked her
gently to and fro. The sun felt so good on her skin
that Andrea decided to work on fixing her tan lines.
Careful not to tip the yellow float, she pulled her
red swimsuit off. Putting it under her calves, she lay
back to enjoy the sun in the nude. Relishing the sun's
warmth on her beautiful breasts, she drifted off to
Andrea awoke with a shiver. The sky had grown quite
grey, and a cool breeze was blowing in. How long have
I been sleeping?, she thought in a panic. The shore
was far away and tiny from here. "I don't think I've
ever been out this far before," she said aloud.

"Oh, no! I'm so stupid!" The red swimsuit was missing,
perhaps blown away by the wind, or maybe accidentally
kicked into the water while she was sleeping. She
started to panic. The suit was nowhere to be seen. "I
can't go back like this! Uncle will kill me!"

Suddenly, she noticed a boat anchored not to far away.
That's strange, she thought. It was an enormous ship,
like something straight out of a pirate's tale. It
looked abandoned as well. The wood was old, and the
sails were torn and yellow with age. She started
paddling towards the old ship, hoping to find either
some clothes on the abandoned ship, or some people who
could help her get back to shore.

The great wooden sides of the ship loomed above her
and she could hear its tattered sails flapping in the
wind, which had grown quite strong. She paddled around
and was astonished by her luck when she saw a thick
rope dangling down the side. She tugged at it, and it
felt secure enough to hold her, so she proceeded to
climb up the side of the ship, pulling herself up with
her arms and clamping the rope firmly between her
thighs. Finally, exhausted, she climbed over the rail
of the deck. The ship was enormous, and did indeed
look abandoned.

"Hello, is anybody here?" I sure hope not, she thought
to herself.

She climbed the stairs to what looked like the
captain's cabin. Inside she found a room filled with
old navigating tools, an antique globe, old books and
wooden chests bound in leather. An old cot sat rotting
in the corner.

"Wow," she said aloud, astonished. "It's like I just
went back two centuries."

There was an open chest sitting in the corner of the
room. Andrea found some old clothes in it, mostly rags
though. She settled on a long ruffled blouse that came
down to her upper-thighs. It wasn't much, but it was
the only suitable thing she could find. Going home in
men's clothing would probably be worse than going home
in nothing at all, for her uncle was a strict man. He
firmly believed that women should wear women's
clothes. She trembled to think of the beating she'd
receive if she came home wearing pants. She donned the
blouse and kept looking through the old chest, hoping
to find something a bit less revealing.

The wind was howling outside as she rummaged through
the smelly rags. The ship rocked suddenly in the wind
and she lost her footing and fell on the floor.
Picking herself up, she staggered out of the cabin to
see what was going on.

The wind slammed against her as soon as she stepped
through the door, blowing her back into the cabin. She
crawled back out to see the sails flapping in the wind
as the ship rocked back and forth in the tumultuous
sea. Looking out towards the shore, she realized, to
her horror, that the ship was moving. It was sailing
out to sea all on its own, and she was trapped aboard.
Feeling doomed and helpless, she went back to the
cabin to lay down on the floor cry. Tired and scared,
she drifted off to sleep, whimpering on the cabin
After drifting in and out of an uneasy sleep for a
long time, she rose. The storm was still raging
outside, but she was determined to find a way out of
this situation. Gathering all her courage about her,
she pushed the cabin door open against the wind and
started down the stairs to the deck, gripping the
railing for balance. The wind threatened to knock her
over, even as she crawled across the deck. The was
rain pelting her violently, soaking through the
ruffled blouse. She made it to the balcony at the edge
of the deck. Grabbing it, she pulled herself up and
stormy sky. It was hopeless. The storm was so thick,
she couldn't see more than ten feet in front of her,
and even she could barely hear her screams for help.

A huge gust of wind slammed into Andrea's back as the
ship crested a wave. The deck tipped and she was
tossed over the railing, towards the dark water. As
she fell, she thought she caught sight of land off in
the distance. With a crash she broke the surface and
was plunged deep underwater. She struggled to the back
up, gasping for air as she finally broke the surface.
Just in time to be smashed with a wave and tossed back

Over and over she was plunged down and struggled back
up for air as she tried to swim to the land in the
distance. She caught another glimpse of the land, and
just as she thought she was making some headway, a
huge, rising wave caught her and tossed her into the
sea. Somewhere in her flight, she lost consciousness,
but she seemed vaguely aware of the feel of wet sand
beneath her body.



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