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Andreas Travels 2


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Andrea's Travels - Chapter 2
By Darkage
(c) August, 2001

Note: This story is loosely based upon Milo Manara's
"Gullivera" which, in turn is loosely based upon
Jonathan Swift's "Gulliver's Travels".
Chapter 2

Andrea awoke on the sand. Though her eyes were closed,
she felt the sand in her fingers. The warm sun was
beating down on her chest, through the tattered

Strange, she thought. I can't lift my head, almost as
if I'm paralyzed.

Something was crawling up her leg. Struggling, she
managed to lift her head slightly. Opening her eyes,
she looked down her body to see a tiny man, no more
than three inches tall, standing right on her breast
and looking down at her. She screamed in terror and
the little man, equally frightened, turned and ran
down her body, covering his ears and screaming. As he
bounded down her blouse and jumped off her stomach,
onto the sand, hundreds of others scattered,
distancing themselves from the giant screaming girl.
Andrea tried to get up and found that she'd been tied
down with hundreds of tiny ropes, staked to the
ground. Tiny stakes in her hair kept her head to the
ground. Struggling, she managed to thrust her hips up
off the ground, pulling most of her bonds from the
earth, though her head, arms and ankles remained bound
painfully to the ground.

"AAAHH! LET ME GO!" she screamed.

She hear one tiny man yell, "FIRE! FIRE! Loose your
arrows upon her!" Suddenly, she felt tiny, stinging
pinpricks all over her body as tiny archers riddled
her with their arrows.

"OW! OW! Stop, please! That hurts!"

"Don't stop until she lays still!" the little man
ordered. The pinpricks continued.

"OW! OK! PLEASE, I'll stop moving! I'll stay still,
just stop shooting me, please!"

"Hold your fire," the commander yelled. The arrows

"Ow! Get these things out of me," Andrea begged,
writhing in pain. Hundreds of little men proceeded to
climb up onto her body. They swarmed all over,
removing the tiny arrows and binding her to the ground
with hundreds of tiny ropes.

"If she moves, start shooting!" yelled the man. Her
captors pulled on her hair and staked it to the

"Ouch," Andrea whimpered. "I promise, I won't move,
but don't pull so hard. Please!"

Finally, bound firmly to the ground, Andrea begged,
"Please, I've had such a trip and I'm so thirsty.
Could you possibly bring me some water?"

"Oh, but we can do better than that, my dear," replied
the captain. "Oxford! Come here!" A tiny man in a tall
hat hurried over to the captain, his ragged trench
coat shuffling about as he walked.

"Yes, milord?"

"Oxford, fetch the wine!"

"Yes, milord." He mumbled angrily as he walked off
toward the miniature wagon, loaded with small barrels.
"Agh! Ye stupid boy! Come quickly, before yer mighty
cap'n snaps that twig of a neck yiv got!" The boy
stirred on the little draft horse, bringing the wagon
over to where the giant girl lay. Quickly, the men
began unloading the wagon, tossing the barrels down
onto the sand and carrying them up girl's legs.
The load upon his shoulder was heavy and Briston was
sweating under the hot sun as he labored up the girl-
giant's leg. An elbow jabbed him in the ribs and, as
he winced in pain, his barrel fell and landed in the
sand beside the leg.

"Eh there, Briston," McBee's raspy voice said as he
pointed down to the junction of the girl's thighs,
just barely visible beneath her soaked blouse.
"There's a great bit 'a crumpet, eh? Heh, heh..."
Briston merely grunted in response and bounded down
there to retrieve his barrel. "Don't suppose you'd
know what to do with that anyhow, would ye?" McBee

As he bent to lift the barrel, Briston peered
curiously at the swollen lips draped in shadow between
the girl's thighs. Returning to his task, he hoisted
the heavy barrel over his shoulder and made his way
back up the leg.

Andrea felt many little men climbing up her bare legs,
and it tickled her skin. She laughed, causing much
chaos for the men walking up her stomach upon the
folds of her blouse. "Hold still!" yelled the

"Oh, I'm sorry. It's just that it tickles so very
much." Biting her lip, she chuckled softly as the men
crawled up her stomach and chest.
Briston looked up in wonder as two enormous breasts
rose on either side of him. He followed the line of
men through the valley, treading upon giant folds of
cloth. Occasionally the ground beneath him would
rumble and heave slightly, making his footing rather
unsteady. Nonetheless, he continued on. They made
their way through great ruffles of white cloth as they
passed out of the valley, and looking up, Briston saw
a great white cliff, the smooth underside of the
girl's jaw, begin to shake as they proceeded up her
Andrea felt the tiny men marching up her clavicle, and
did her best to contain her laughter as they moved up
her throat. They seemed to stop just beneath her jaw.
"Aye there, lassie!" the commander yelled. "If you'll
just tilt that purty little head 'a yers back, so my
men can get up to where you'll be wantin' that
wine..." She did so, as much as she could with her
hair all tied down beneath her, and the men began
climbing up to her chin.
Briston struggled up the girl's pale throat. Finally
reaching her chin, he stood with the rest of the crew
awaiting orders. He heard the commander yell again.

"Now, lassie! You need to slowly, SLOWLY, tilt yer
head forward again. The ground beneath Briston's feet
moved. It was tilting towards them, and they all moved
up past the chin to keep from falling off. They now
stood just beneath the great red swell of the giant-
girl's lower lip. "Aye! Men!" the commander shouted.
"Open yer barrels and start pourin'!"

Andrea felt the men standing all around her mouth.
Surrounding the girl's mouth, Briston and his fellows
saw her enormous lips open, and they started pouring
deep red wine from their barrels, into her great
mouth. Their footing trembled as the girl swallowed in
huge gulps, but they steadied themselves until all
barrels were empty.

Andrea lay tied to the ground, woozy from wine. Most
of the men seemed to have left. She close her eyes and
let her head spin for a long time, then felt herself
drifting into a deep sleep.
Back in the barracks, Briston sat slumped upon the
bench as the captain exclaimed, "Now, none of ye is ta
go near that great beast 'til we figure out what in
the devil we're gonna do with it. IS THAT
UNDERSTOOD!?" The men just nodded their heads and
That night, Briston lay in bed unable to sleep. He
kept thinking about the strange swell he saw between
the giant girl's thighs. He ran the scene through his
head over and over again. He was bending to lift the
barrel, and looking up, he saw a great, mysterious
swell, hiding in the shadow of her blouse. After hours
of this, he finally slipped out of bed, grabbed his
tall-staff, and snuck out of the barracks, making sure
not to wake his bunkmates.
McBee opened one eye as Briston shuffled past his
bunk. He watched the big imbecile slip out the door.
After a moment, he grinned and hopped from his bunk to
follow him.
Briston lumbered down the beach beneath a starlit sky.
In the distance, the giant girl's form was bathed in
moonlight, lying on the sand. Waves lapped at the
shore to the right, and a sandpiper was running along
the beach. He lumbered on until he reached the girl.
She lay sleeping peacefully, probably due to the
drugged wine. Standing between her enormous feet, he
gazed at the shadowy junction of her legs, where the
bottom of her long blouse lay. The cool night wind
blew by. He crept forward. To either side of him were
the many ropes that bound the girl's legs to the
ground. It was warmer here, and he was protected from
the wind. As he reached her thighs, he could smell her
scent. Not wholly unpleasant, either.

Suddenly her breathing changed. She appeared to be
dreaming, and started murmuring in her sleep. She'd
started wriggling in her bonds, but was still asleep.
Her breathing became heavy, and the scent was growing
stronger. He saw the blouse move a bit, the pubic hair
beneath it stirring. The giant girl sighed in her
sleep, and Briston crept closer. He was nervous, and
he clenched the tall-staff as he came up to the lips
between her thighs.

His curiosity was peeked. He lay the staff on the
ground and started climbing up the ropes that bound
her thighs. Once on top of her thigh, he made his way
gingerly up her hip and stood looking across her

Briston grabbed a handful of the huge blouse and
leaned back hard, pulling the cloth up the girl's
belly to expose her fair skin, contrasted by a dark
patch of hair that curved down between her thighs. Her
belly rose and fell with each breath. He got on his
hands and knees and crept down her belly, careful not
to slip and fall. He crawled along her smooth skin,
towards the tuft of hair. Her breathing was getting
louder, and with each breath, her belly rose and fell
beneath him.

When he crawled into the little forest of curly hair,
the giant girl seemed to hold her breath. The skin
beneath him swelled and as he crawled along the ridge
of her pubic area, he suddenly slipped on something
and started falling. He heard the girl gasp as he hit
the sand.

He wasn't hurt, and he got up to see what he'd slipped
on. In the moonlight, it looked like there was some
sort of wetness about the swollen lips between her
thighs. Grabbing his tall-staff, he reached up and
poked at her with the bulbous end. The girl sighed as
it touched her. He poked again, and this time the
staff slipped down, over a little bump at the top of
the lips, causing the giant girl to moan in her sleep.
He rubbed it again. As the girl sighed, the top of the
staff slipped down the bump and into the moist crevice
between her lips. She gasped, her body quivering in
its bonds. Curious, Briston pushed up to see how far
the staff would go. To his surprise, it slid into her
with ease and, after burying almost half of its
length, he stopped only because his arm could reach no
further. The giant girl breathed heavily and as he
pulled the staff from inside her, he saw that it was
coated in a milky fluid that appeared to be dripping
from between her lips.

A little afraid, but mostly confused, Briston ran to
the ocean and washed his staff clean before hurrying
back to the barracks.

McBee watched him go, lumbering back across the beach.
When he was sure the idiot was gone, he stepped out
from behind the driftwood pile and started towards the

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