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Archived Sex Stories

Angela pt1


Chapter 1

"It doesn't look like any of you folks in the outlying regions need to
worry about getting up this morning. It's 6:45 and already 12" of snow
have fallen, with no end in site. The national weather association has
predicted that another 24" inches to fall by tonight and possibly more
through midday tomorrow. All govt. agencies are closed as well as all
schools through the surrounding 3 counties."

I rolled over and slapped the off button on the alarm. What a great
wake up call. Burrowing back under the covers, Angela stirred next to me.
"Go back to sleep hon," I murmured at her, "snow day." We had moved up the
mountains a few years ago after I had gotten sick of commodities trading,
leaving New York and its chaos behind. Snow days were something we were
getting used to.

I pulled the covers up to my chin and curled up, as the room was still
cold. I had the thermostat programmed to kick on the heat at 6:55,
allowing me to hit the snooze button twice before I had to drag myself out
bed. By then the heat would be blasting. I lay in that semi-conscious
state when you wake up, my mind wandering, Angela's breathing next to me
was rhythmic and steady, as I thought about all the things I had planned to
due today in town and half planned out a new course of action. Suddenly
the furnace kicked on and a great whoosh filled the room as hot air began
blowing in through the vents. I became aware of the erect status of my
cock and full bladder, and wondered if I should go hit the can. After a
few minutes of contemplation, I decided that nature didn't want to wait any
longer, so I slowly slid my legs out the side of the bed and sat up. By
now the room was warming, so I padded my way into the bathroom and tried to
aim my fully hard member at the toilet to relive myself.

I would imagine that the site of a man taking a morning piss is quite
humorous, the contortions you have to go through to hit the bowl, thus
avoiding arguments about our cleanliness from the fairer sex. Finished, I
looked in the mirror, debating whether to wake up, or head back to bed,
seeing as I was somewhat limited in what I would accomplish this day.
Decision made by external forces I figured and headed back to bed.

A gray light was filtering in through the windows, and I could just make
out the lump under covers of Angela, her long auburn hair splayed out
across the pillow. The room was warming, but I still was chilled so I
dashed back to the warmth of bed.

Once back under the covers, I lay on my back, arms on my chest and let
my eyes flutter closed. Angela must have sensed me getting back into bed,
because she gave a little moan and rolled over, slithering an arm up onto
my chest. "Mmmmm" and twisted her head a little deeper into the pillow.
Her palm on my chest was warm, almost hot, and was gently twitching, no,
pulsing against my skin. I turned my head to look at her, and was about to
reach to her when her eye's opened, and in that half asleep voice that is
so sexy in women, announced her intention to use the facilities. " I have
to pee." And dragged herself out her side of the bed.

I heard the toilet flush and watched her cross the room again, half
stumbling in her semi-conscious state. She sat on the bed, seemingly
puzzled, and I grinned. I don't consider myself a morning person, but she
was downright lost in the morning. " It's hot." she pronounced and sat
there. Like I said, she wasn't real on the ball first thing in the
morning. After a few seconds, I guess a few neurons connected and she
pulled off my Tshirt that I had worn the day before. She preferred
sleeping in my T-shirts, not to be sappy or anything, because they "smelled
like me". I think it was also because they fit her like a large sweater.
I'm a fairly well built man, not exceptional tall, but rather broad in the
shoulders, and standing next to her diminutive frame, I looked huge. She
was only 5' 3", and 103 pounds. But man, she had curves. Her breasts weren't huge, but proportionally correct for her frame, a healthy 34b, with
small pink areola's and thick, long nipples that got rock hard. What I
loved about her body was her waist, or lack of it. Her hips were not wide,
but looked beautiful under her tiny waist, giving her that hourglass

After removing my shirt, she flopped back and lay on the covers,
motionless for a moment. I knew what was coming next. "It's cold." Duh.
Fumbling, she found the edge of the sheets and squirmed back under them.
Once she had rustled herself back under cover, I was pretty awake. Again
she rolled towards me and draped her arm across me, her flesh warm but with
a little chill on it. She obviously had no plans of joining the living
anytime soon, so figured I'd just lay back and relax since there wasn't
much I could accomplish with the weather.

Lying there, I let my mind wander about life and all the other nonsense
that people think about when they find themselves with time on their hands
and nothing to do. Being only 28, my mind of course began turning towards
Angela, and us. She was 25, and we had met at a party 3 years ago. She
was working as an intern at a tv station, fresh out of college and I had
seen her across my friends' living room. She was beautiful, not in the
All-American blond big tit beautiful, but a more exotic way. Her long
auburn hair framed her face, and her eye's sparkled in the room's light,
peering out from high cheekbones above a pert nose. Her lips were full and
red, small but beautiful. I brought over a drink and introduced myself to
this stunning beauty, and the rest was history. Love at first site is
nonsense, but by our 3rd date, I knew she was the one. We spent every free
minute together, mostly in the sack and finally moved here after I grew
disenchanted with my job and she with hers. My portfolio had done
exceptionally well, which allowed us to move into the mountains and her to
pursue her new found love, woodworking.

Again, my mind was wandering, and being only 28, it turned to sex. I
thought back to our first time, how our bodies had just fit so well. Her
pussy was wet and soft, and gripped my cock tight like a firm hand. She
had actually winced when I first entered her, as I am fairly well endowed,
7.5" if you want to know. We had thrust at each other until we both came
at the same time, but she had looked disappointed when I withdrew from her,
and rolled the condom off. A few times after that, she started taking the
condom off me when we were finished and taking it to the bathroom herself.
It wasn't until we had been together for a few months that I learned she
was one of those few women who actually liked the taste of cum, pouring the
contents out the condom, over her tongue and down her throat. But it went
beyond that; she loved to eat cum.

Before too long, after I would eat her out, she would kiss me, and began
sucking on my lips, coated with her own juices. She said she had never
tasted herself before, and found that she liked it. She would tease me
during foreplay, sliding her fingers inside her pussy and pumping them in
and out until glistening with her juices, then bring it to me lips, only
when I would open my mouth to suck her finger clean, she would yank it back
and clean it herself. This newfound acceptance and pleasure of her own
pussy taste led her to be able to further enjoy my own cum. Once she was
on the pill, I found that 99% of the time, I was cumming in her mouth. Her
favorite was after doggy-style, just as I was about to erupt deep inside
her, she would leap away, un-impaling herself from me and turn around, suck
my cock all the way into her mouth to the base until I would erupt in the
back of her throat!

As I lay there, my cock getting hard under the covers and her arm draped
across me, I thought about my favorite sexual image of her. It was after a
night out, and she was a little drunk. We ended fucking in the living room
carpet, and I had emptied both nuts deep into her swollen pink pussy.
After I rolled off of her, I sat back against a chair while she leaned back
against the couch. We sat there smiling at each other, and began talking.
I remember being mesmerized how large her pussy lips looked, red and
enflamed. She sat with her knees up, feet flat on the floor, and her inner
folds lay spread apart, looking like a little pink heart, glistening from
the moisture she had produced. Mid sentence, she started giggling. When I
asked what was so funny, "I can your cum sliding around inside me." All of
a sudden she got a shocked look on her face and looked down her wet crotch.
I stared as well and watched as my cum started slowly started to leak out
from deep inside her pussy. She looked at me and giggled again. I
chuckled and commented, "Looks like a quite a mess in there." She just
grinned, then reached down with two fingers and scooped up the white goo draining from inside her down the cleft of her ass cheeks. When she had
scooped up as much as had drained out, she brought her fingers to her mouth
and licked the cum off. It was the most erotic, and loving, thing I had
ever seen. Apparently is good, because she began contracting her muscles,
forcing as much out as she could, scooping it onto her fingers and eating
it as it came. That was when I realized that she really did love cum.

After thinking about all this, my cock was at full attention, causing
the covers to form a tent over my crotch. Angela must have noticed this
while I was down memory lane, because she had inched next to me and laid
her head upon my shoulder. I turned and kissed the top of her head,
causing her to murmur and nestle closer.

I could feel the warm flesh of her full round breast pressing against my
side. Her nipple felt like the end of a pen being jammed against me. Her
head was tucked in tight against the crook of my arm and body, softly
turning and twisting as if to burrow further into me. I wrapped the end of
my arm she was lying on around her and began stroking her naked back,
admiring how smooth it felt against my palm. I could feel her shoulder
blade moving as her hand stroked my chest, her fingertips gliding back and
forth across me. Again I kissed the top of her head, inhaling the delicate
aroma of her beautiful hair as it lay across my arm under her. She turned
again, pressing her breast and its hard pointed nipple harder into my side
while laying just the knee of her leg upon my thigh.

My cock was starting to throb now, the weight of the covers upon it a
constant reminder that "jr." was awake. I reached my free arm across my
chest and on top of her, to hold her against me. I didn't know if she was
awake and horny, or just cuddling up as she is inclined to do. In public,
we limited our affection to holding hands and quick kisses, but at home,
most of our time is spent next to one another.

I was enjoying having her pressed against me, her soft warm skin along
mine, that I didn't want to try and start anything, as if she wasn't in the
mood, she would wake up and start getting dressed. Her nipple pressing
against me was hard, rock hard, but it could have been just from the cold,
having gotten undressed a few minutes ago. And her hand was slowly
kneading my chest, in an almost feline way, but the jury was still out as
to her intentions this snowy morning.

Her head was still gently rocking upon my shoulder, but I guess she
wasn't comfortable, as she twisted away from me for a moment, and with her
hand that had been rubbing my chest, raised her breast and rolled back into
me, laying her globe upon me. Her breast were large enough that it could
actually lie across me as she snuggled in closer, now with her entire body
pressed against me. She resumed pawing my chest gently, her breast lying
atop me and my side pressed between them. Any doubts I had had about her
intention were gone now, as she leaned into me. My free arm that had
pulled her closer now stroked up and down her exposed side, following the
valley of her tiny waist, up the hill of her hips to the bend of her leg,
and back. I could just feel her rib cage under the smooth skin, and the
gentle twitching of her muscles as she rubbed my chest.

After a few passes up and down her side, my hand slowly worked inward,
atop the side of her tit lying atop me. I flipped my hand over and stroked
her breast with the back of fingers, which are far more sensitive than the
palms of my hand. Her flesh was so soft, spreading beneath my touch as I
applied gentle pressure. This made her let out a sigh as I rubbed the side
of her tit, pressing it against my chest. She pressed harder into me and
began undulating slightly against me with her whole body.

Sensing she needed more, I turned my hand over again and began stroking
her breast harder with my fingertips. This elicited another moan and
another shiver as she twisted harder against me, pushing her breast hard
against me. I gently nudged her elbow upwards, so that her hand came to
rest on my opposite shoulder, out of the way. I traced the curve of her
down, until I found her nipple, pointing long and hot from the mount of
flesh upon me. I took it between my two of my fingers and squeezed
slightly, causing her to gasp softly. With her nipple firmly between my
fingers I pinched it gently in a pulsing fashion, fascinated at how hard
and un-giving it was compared to the rest of her breast. I definitely had
her attention now, for she was kissing my shoulder, her full lips leaving
moist rings on my skin. She would kiss and pull away slightly, so that I
felt her kiss cool in the air.

I decided to shock her, and when she leaned in to kiss me again, I
twisted the hard nipple in my finger, playfully not painfully. I was
rewarded with a nip on the shoulder, her teeth pinching my skin. Changing
my grip on her breast, I now cupped the entire thing, or as much as I
could, in my hand with the nipple between my fingertips. I pinched it
lightly and began to roll it between my fingers. I know she loves this,
having her nipples played with, as she had showed me one time when I asked
her how she masturbated. She had taken a nipple into each hand, between
fore and index finger, pinched them a little, and rolled them too and fro,
like you would twirl a drink umbrella.

As I continued to roll her inflamed, thick projection between my
fingers, she began gnawing on my shoulder. She opened her mouth wide and
pressed her teeth into me, closing down gently. I figured she must be
getting pretty hot, and was going to roll her over to get a little more
involved, when she slid her knee, which had been resting on my thigh, up
towards my cock. As her leg slid upward and further atop me, her pussy came in contact with the edge of my leg. I felt the few hairs she kept
growing just north of the important parts tickle me. When we had gotten
together, her bush had been full, like wall to wall carpeting. She said
she'd shaved it down once in high school, but her boyfriend hadn't liked
it, so she let it grow back. I talked her into trying shaving again after
we'd been together for awhile, and it ended up with her perched on the bath
counter and me gently swiping away the hair and shaving cream until her
pussy was bald. I much prefer hardwoods to shag, but she didn't like it,
so we compromised on a little area rug above the vitals.

I was still rolling her nipple between my fingers, and her hairs were
brushing my leg when she arched her back slightly and hot washcloth landed
on my thigh. I lost concentration on her nipple for a moment, as I was awe
struck by the wetness on my leg. Her pussy usually gets very wet, like
when I finally part the delicate inner folds when I eat her, the juices are
built up and run out of her cunt, down into the crack of her ass.

But this was drenched. Her entire pussy was sopping, the inner folds
couldn't keep back to lubricant she was producing and it had leaked out,
wetting her entire crotch, which was now pressed against my thigh.
Gathering my senses, I resumed my attention to her nipple, and pressed my
leg up between her thighs, against the swamp her pussy had become. When I
did, she chomped down on my shoulder, hard.

This is what I imagine heaven to be. Angela's soft, round breast pressed with nipple at attention in my hand, her mouth nibbling on my
shoulder and her drooling pussy against my leg. My cock was screaming now,
so hard I was feeling my pulse within it. Angela was getting insistent,
pushing her whole length against me. Groaning, she twisted next to me,
breaking my grip on her nipple and rolled partially on top of me. Now
straddling my leg, her sloppy pussy was resting squarely on top of my thigh
and both breasts mashed against my chest. Her mouth moved from shoulder to
me earlobe and began sucking. Her hand didn't remain idle either, as it
crept down my torso and grabbed my cock in a vise like grip.

With her lying on top of me, as she was, I couldn't get to her nipples,
so I lay my hands on her back and groaned as she sucked on my ear. I could
hear her breathing, rapid and shallow, and felt her cheek rubbing against
my morning fuzz. Her clit was fully erect, and I could feel it squirming
against my thigh. Like her nipples, when her button became aroused, it
hardened and stuck out, pushing the hood back, and I knew that's what it
must look like now. She gyrated her dripping pussy against my thigh, her
clit poking into me as her fluids built up until she could easily slide
along me. While she ground her gash against me, she suckled my ear, pulling
it into her mouth and flicking it with her tongue, like I do to her clit.
Over the sound of her breathing and sucking, I could hear a squishing as
her copiously lubricated pussy slid back and forth. The grip she had on my
cock tightened at its base, and I could feel it swelling, the head of my
cock growing as the pressure built. Releasing, her hand pumped me, sliding
up the shaft to the engorged head twisting her wrist so that she completely
stimulated the head, then slam back down its length to the base.

I didn't know if I could take much more, but she was ready to keep
things moving as well. Pulling her lips off my ear, she looked down at me
in the gray light of the room and stilled her hand pumping my cock. She
looked into my eyes, and smiled. Releasing my cock, she dragged her leg up
and onto my chest, her dripping snatch still pulsating against me where she
had been grinding.

Placing her hands on my shoulders she dragged herself up me until she
was straddling my waist, keeping her cunt in contact the whole way, leaving
a wet trail of juice up my leg onto my belly. Once straddling me, she
started rubbing her pussy back and forth, up and down my stomach. I could
hear it squishing as the friction made the various folds move, her clit a
hot point digging into me. I reached behind her and grabbed each of her
ass cheeks in a hand, kneading them and spreading them apart. This caused
her to lean forward, pushing her enflamed clit harder into me, so that her
breasts dangled inches from my face. I raised my head and sucked one of
the long nipples into my mouth, gently biting it. This elicited a moan,
and she thrust her bottom back against my cock. I moved my hands inward on
her ass, and found the cleft of her cheeks wet, her pussy so aroused it had
flowed into the crack of her ass. Still sucking on just the nipple, she
bumped against my cock and slid it between her cheeks, which I had spread
wide. Her breathing had gotten very rapid, almost panting. Angela resumed
rubbing her clit on my waist, causing my cock to start sliding up and down
in-between her ass cheeks. Her rubbing became more like thrusting, and the
head of my cock, now wet from the pussy juice that flowed into her ass,
started sliding the length of her ass. I pulled my hands, forcing her ass
farther apart and she ground hard against me, my cock sliding up onto her
back as she thrust, then sliding back down. A few thrusts, and I felt my
cock snag. It was poking directly at her puckered little asshole. We had
never had anal sex, for she was afraid of the pain, especially since I was

She opened her eyes and looked down at me, with her nipple in my mouth
and my cock pressing against her pink asshole. Still looking at me, her
hips started rotating, as if she was trying to twist a nut down a bolt.
But she applied no pressure. She simply was rotating her asshole against
the head of cock. Slowly, she slid away, and I was slightly disappointed,
I thought she might try to impale herself in the ass with my cock, but
perhaps someday.

Instead, she reached behind her, and grasped my cock, pulling it away
from me so that it stood straight up. She straightened herself, and the
cover that had been over us fell away so that only my legs were still
covered. In the dim light, I could se her, almost as in black and white.
Her leg muscles twitched as she rose, squatting over me on her knees.
Placing her free hand solidly on my chest she leaned back until her pussy was centered over my cock. Her inner thighs glistened; I had never seen
her get so wet before. Her hair fell across her face she looked down and
lowered herself towards my waiting cock. Slowly, she descended until
contact, where she stopped. Again, Angela started moving her cunt back and
forth, easing the head of me just inside, sliding me between her spread
lips, her clit pointing out from its hood. She rubbed back and forth
several times, wetting the head and brushing it against her clit.

As she ground against me, her juices built up on the engorged tip of my
cock, until like a fresh poured soda, her wetness began running down the
length of, my cock. I'd never seen her so wet. Hell I'd never seen, or
heard, of someone so wet. Her pussy was actually drooling. Deciding she
had lubed me enough, she carefully aimed my swollen head at the entrance to
her, and slid down. Entering into Angela is a feeling almost beyond
description. The heat is the first sense, like coming inside on a cold
day, the heat of her body like a soothing drink. As she pushed herself
ever downward, the pressure builds, like her tunnel is tapered, and my cock
almost too large to fit. For all the times I've been inside her passage,
it has never become a casual fit. Even despite the copious fluid within,
every time I wonder if she can take it all. But take it all she does. Her
eye's closed, one hand on my chest for balance, the other gripping the base
of my cock, she lowered herself onto me, until the hand grasping me shaft
was in the way, and she released me, forcing her to accept the final bit
left outside her hungry cunt. Finally with all of me inside her tight
hole, she remained motionless, breathing deeply; her eyes closed and head
thrown back, auburn hair cascading down her back. Her breasts, thrust
forward, heaved gently as she gasped. My cock felt on fire, so much heat
surround every inch of it. Like sliding into a hot bath, only concentrated
onto 7 and half inches of my body.

Angela leaned forward on her knees; my cock buried to the hilt inside
her hungry pussy, and opened her eyes. I expected to see her lost in her
own world, but she stared into my eyes unflinching as a sheen broke on her
brow. Holding my gaze, she began to move, not sliding me in and out of
her, but rotating her hips on top of me. Gradually, her rotations became
harder and more insistent, and I felt her clit, rock hard, dragging through
my pubes as she ground it against me. It had become so erect it; I could
feel the tip of it pressing into me. I felt no immediate urge to cum, for
my cock was in a snug warm place, so I lay motionless for the moment,
letting her lead.

Staring into my eyes, her hips began to swinging wider and harder as she
ground herself down upon me, rubbing her pulsing clit against my crotch.
As her pace quickened, so did her breathing, and the sheen that had covered
her brow turned to sweat. I lay still, mesmerized at the concentration on
Angela's face. When she reached a quick steady pace, and soft moan escape
her mouth, open to breath as she gyrated atop me, my cock poking the very
back wall of her pussy. Her eye's closed, and her head fell forward as she
rotated ceaselessly upon me. Her hair fell from her head to hang in front
of her, and I reached up to pull it to the side, not wanting to miss the
looks on her face. I became aware again of my cock, nestled deep inside
her, and felt her muscles as they twitched and pulsed along my shaft. The
feelings of her internal muscles, moving as if on their own, forced me to
groan as she rode me. I can only think of a snake to describe the feeling
of her pussy, clamping at the base of my cock and undulating upwards, along
its shaft, until the ripple almost pinches the head of my cock, the
contractions so hard, only to start again anew.

By now she was at a frantic pace, lunging in a circular motion around
the base of my shaft. I could remain still no longer, and began pushing up
to her, not really thrusting for I was already all the way inside, but just
trying to give encouragement. Apparently that was all she needed, for as I
began to lift my ass up, raising her with me, her head flew back, her mouth
wide and she began to pant, "Ah! Ah! AHH! AHHHH!" Then silence for a
moment as she froze. "AHHHHHHHHHHHH.....nnnnnnnnnnnghhhhhhhhhh!" And she
quivered, pushing against me as I pushed into her, and my cock was squeezed
along its entire length with such force, that I doubt I could have removed
it had I wanted to, her contractions so strong. After the first second of
her orgasm, she began to bounce slightly upon the hard probe inside her and
my cock was rewarded with being clamped totally, yet differently as it
shifted with-in her. She continued to moan, and her head twisted on her
delicate shoulders. The contractions continued for what seemed an
eternity, but was probably 15 seconds, by far the longest I have ever seen
her cum. Her whole body began to shake, involuntarily as she writhed atop
of me, unable to keep any part of herself from moving, until like a
receding surf, the contractions slowed, and she began to shiver rather than
twitch, finally coming to a rest. She sat like for a full minute; her head
drooped upon her chest, fully impaled by my cock, her hands upon my pecs,
as if bracing a falling statue. The statue did fall, her hands slid up me,
across my shoulders, onto the bed as she lay herself across me, her body
slightly damp from perspiration, and her head nestled under my chin.
Unfortunately, her lying down caused her pussy to release the bottom half
of my cock, awaking both it and me as it slid out from with her a soft
squish. I needed release, but after what I had just witnessed, I couldn't
bear to disturb her. She must have been passed out so hard was her orgasm.

But she was not done. Still lying on top of me, her breasts bulging
between us, she began to move. Ever so gently, almost imperceptibly, she
began raising her hips, sliding more of me out of her damp hole, and then
dropping again. I couldn't take such slow progress and began thrusting up
towards her as she lowered herself. Her wet gash made the sounds that only
a wet pussy can as my cock began sliding in and out of her, gradually
gaining speed.

Sensing my need, somehow she resurrected herself and sat up again, fully
inserting me back inside her to the base. I thought I must have upset her,
but was gleefully rewarded when she leaned to one side, bringing her leg up
so that her foot was now on the bed instead of her knee, then repeated the
action with her other side, until she squatted on both feet, my cock
crammed inside her.

Angela's hair clung to her damp skin as she began sliding up and down on
my shaft, her hands on my belly for balance. I had never seen her squat on
my cock like this before, and watched in fascination as I could see how her
pussy wrapped tightly around my cock, dilating with the changing dimension
of my shaft, maintaining an airtight seal around it. Our bodies audibly
sucked at each other, squishing and slurping as her drenched cunt rose and
descended upon me. Noticing my intent stare, Angela dropped her head to
watch herself squatting up and down upon my shaft. Apparently she liked
what she saw, her thrusts gaining in volume and power, until she was
lunging herself down, ramming my cock deep inside and whipping back up
again to withdraw it. This was the best view I've had of our connection, I
could see the way her pussy molded itself to my cock, and the way it
stretched to accommodate it. I love to be behind her for that reason,
seeing the delicate inner folds spread wide with my thick shaft gliding
between them, her puckered pink asshole winking at me as I thrust. But now
I could see the front as well, the way her hole stretched all the way to
her clit, so that it rode along the shaft of my cock as she moved. I never
realized how completely I filled her until now, with no space left between
the entrance of her tunnel and her clit.

I began feeling the familiar building in my balls, a tingle in my entire
crotch, and knew that I wouldn't last much longer. I grasped one of her
wrists, and placed my other hand on her waist pushing her down.
Instinctively, she began riding with even more enthusiasm, rotating her
waist back and forth a little as she rode up and down. A few strokes like
that and I was done.

My orgasm was more intense than my first; it went beyond my legs
quivering as my cock spit its cream. My whole body convulsed, my back
arching and my eyes pinching shut as I grimaced, moaning a continuous howl
like a beast, my hand upon her waist forced her down, impaling her on my
cock with such force I might've hurt her had she not already had me deep
inside her for so long already. My legs spasmed behind her, and I could
feel a flow of cum erupting from me like pee, constant and heavy, not
spurting. Dimly in my spastic state I heard her murmuring "Oh My GOD!"
over and over as the torrent of jism spewed from me. As the first jolts of
my orgasm began to diminish, and I could open my eyes again I saw stars,
little points of light racing through my vision. Finally my cock stopped
spitting, and after shocks rippled through my body, pumping normal, but
seemingly puny jets of cum deep into Angela.

After twenty seconds, and I'm not making that time up, my body seemed to
have returned to normal, my cock had stopped its erupting, and I no longer
was convulsing beneath her. My head, which had come up from the pillow,
collapsed back and I felt sweat running down my forehead as I gasped for
breath. Without removing me from inside her, Angela repositioned herself
again onto her knees, straddling me with my still erect, but lifeless cock
inside. My arms folded to the bed, I couldn't move, my entire body spent
from the orgasm that had just pounded through me. I became aware of Angela
sliding her palms up and down my torso, and opened my eyes, crookedly
grinning at her. A soft smile graced her face and the gray light cast a
glow upon her, a beauty that could never be captured in pictures.

She sat atop me for a minute, running her hands across my chest until I
could speak again. "Wow." was all I could manage.

"Yeah. That was intense. Are you okay?" with a playful grin.

"I think so. Are you?"

"I've never cum like that before, and I don't think you have too often
either, otherwise you'd be drained and dead. I couldn't believe how strong
my contractions were; I could feel every bulge of your cock, almost as if I
could feel your heart as well. And when you came, it was so hard, I felt
your cum hitting me, you know, inside. I could actually feel you're cum splashing off the top of my pussy, like you had stuck a garden hose in me
and were spraying me inside. It wasn't like a few shots, it was a long
constant stream."

I had nothing to say. I was too spent and exhausted to reply. I
reached up one arm, all I could manage, and wrapped it around her neck,
drawing her to me. When she was close, I kissed her, her lips fuller than
I had felt, hot like her pussy was. We kissed, until my arm gave out and
slid off her, back to the bed.

Sitting up again, "Don't move. I can tell you're done in. Let me clean
us up, and we'll go back to sleep." I was too tired to argue. On the rare
occasion I when I did cum inside her or on her, I tried to make sure that I
cleaned her up, getting a warm wash cloth and wiping my goo from her skin
and gently cleansing each part of her delicate pussy. But I was too wasted
to move, let alone get up. So I lay back, and let her take care of it.

Slowly, she started pulling herself off my cock. As I slid from her, my
cock made a soft sucking noise, her pussy still sloppy wet. Pausing at the
head, she lowered herself back down onto me, but I knew that "Jr." was out
cold. She didn't care. Once she had me fully inside again, she looked
directly in my eyes, and squeezed, not with her hand, but with her pussy,
clamping down on my cock like a mini-hug. Still clamped around my member,
she raised herself up again, releasing her grip at the head, and slid back
down. Again, she flexed her feminine muscles and dragged her tightened
pussy up my cock, releasing at the head, and going back down. After the
3rd time, I raised an eyebrow at her, and she smiled.

"I don't want to miss any." I had no idea what she was doing, but even
though I was going soft, it still felt extraordinary, so who was I to
complain. I closed my eyes, but was greeted with her saying, "Don't close
them, I want you to watch." So I opened my eyes and watched her.

Satisfied that she had milked every last drop of cum from my cock, she
planted her hands upon my shoulders, and looked down at her pussy, my gaze
following hers. With a muted plop, my cock fell free of its embrace with
her pussy and fell semi hard to the side. In a fluid motion, Angela
brought her waist forward, over my belly and pushed off my shoulders, now
kneeling straight up from me. Her pussy was bright red, the inner lips
hanging far out from her body and wide apart. It looked like it had been
well fucked, as I guess it had.

"Here it comes." And I watched transfixed as a little stream of white
dribbled to outer edge of her opening, pooling slightly, until gravity
pulled it downward, along the inside of her inner fold, finally dripping
off onto my stomach. "Wait a second." So I waited.

And I was rewarded. A second after a few drops of my cum had spilled
its way out of her depths, a flood emerged. A literal river rushed forth
from her pussy, a long thick stream of white cum poured out of her swollen
pussy, cascading down the thin flaps that hung below her body. She looked
at me, and I met her gaze, and she smiled and giggled. I turned back to
her pussy and still the cum flowed. Suddenly, Angela stuck two of her
fingers into the stream, catching some of my cum onto them, but they were
no match for the flood pouring out. She pulled the fingers out of the
flow, and I watched her bring them up to her mouth, the milky white fluid
running down the length of her fingers as she did, until they were covered
from knuckle to tip in white jism. Sticking her tongue out, she licked
first the inside, then the outside of her fingers, finally popping both of
them into her mouth, to the knuckle and sucked them clean.

I could do nothing but watch in fascination has she ate my cum, pouring
out of her pussy. By the time she was done sucking her fingers clean, the
flow had ceased from her pussy, a last few drops falling into the puddle
that lay on chest. Angela looked down, and gave her hips a few twists,
causing the reaming droplets hanging on the edges of her lips to fall.
Satisfied, she raised her leg and twisted off the top of me, kneeling, with
her legs slightly apart, next to my prone body. With one hand, she
collected her hail into a ponytail behind her head, and leaned forward to
my stomach.

Her tongue extended out of her mouth, long and thin, pointed at the end,
and began to lick my stomach, just above the puddle of cum that had oozed
out of her. It tickled, but I was too tired to even say anything. Her
tongue began getting lower and lower on me, until it passed right through
the edge of cum, and as she pulled it up and away from me, two thin strands
connected her tongue to me momentarily. Pulling her cum covered tongue
into her mouth, she turned to me, hair in hand, and exaggerated a swallow,
opening her mouth to show it was clean again.

Deciding I wanted to enjoy this little show she wanted to put on, I
dragged my arms up and crossed them behind my head. I watched as she
lapped up every last drop of cum, swallowing each and every mouthful, and
licking my entire belly at the end to make sure she hadn't missed any. It
took her quite awhile to finish, neither of us having seen so much cum,

But she wasn't done. Satisfied that she gotten all the cum off my
stomach, she moved her head down and started lick my cock, lying semi-erect
on my leg. Finally, she picked the head of me up with her tongue and slid
the entire thing into her mouth, and down her throat. Like her pussy after
I came, she sucked hard when she reached the base and dragged her mouth up
the length, pausing at the head and then sucking it all back in again. It
felt wonderful, but I was not going to get hard again. I didn't know if I
ever would at this point.

When she was sure I had no more cum left in my cock, and she had
thoroughly cleaned her juices and my cum off the outside of it, she
released me, and let my member fall back onto my leg.

"Almost done." She said with a mischievous grin. Letting go of her
hair, she turned herself on the bed so that her pussy was facing straight
at me, and draped a leg over the top of me. Her pussy still glistened
slightly in the light, and when she spread her legs, her gates spread
apart, as if in memory of having my cock inside. Leaning back on one
elbow, Angela used her free hand to make a scoop with two fingers again,
and began dragging them through the folds, collecting the remaining cum that dribbled out while she cleaned the puddle and my cock, and her juices.
Again, she brought her fingers to her mouth, sucking them in and pumping
them in and out, all the while staring me in the eye. I smiled, knowing
that she liked the attention.

After several passes of her fingers through her sloppy pussy flaps, she
plunged them deep into her hole, wiggling them around and dragging them out
along the wall, cleaning any cum that might be sticking to the inside out.
These deposits as well went to her mouth and finally down her throat, until
she was satisfied that she'd gotten it all. With a gentle pat on her
pussy, she pulled her leg off top of me and turned around.

Snuggling up next to me, she lay her head on my shoulder, and I took my
arm from behind my head and wrapped it around her. She purred, and draped
a leg atop of mine, pressing her still damp cunt against my leg. This was
my favorite part, her breathing becoming regular as she drifted off to
sleep. I began to fade as well, nothing on my mind, just a warm glow and
sense of exhaustion. Just before I drifted off, I remembered something I

"I Love You."


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