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Angelsawakening 1




*************************** This story is only fantasy!

This story is of an adult nature!

If stories of underage girls and adult men or possibly adult women and
underage boys (you never really know where a story may end) offend you,

The story is copyrighted by DaddyJ.

Email any comments to (except for you stupid
virus spreading assholes)

This story is only fantasy! If you can't tell the difference LEAVE

Anyone who attempts to act out a sexual fantasy of this nature deserves
to be subjected to being corn-holed in the state prison by guys named Bubba
and Tyrone. Leave Fantasy where it belongs!!!!!!!!


This story I am dedicating to my delightfully dirty "Daughter". I love
ya baby.



The Awakening of Angel (Mf, con)

Chapter 1, Introducing Angel

John walked out of his house on a bright and sunny day and stretched.
It was Saturday and after a hard week's work he was ready for a little R&R.
Even though it was 10 am, the temperature was already sweltering and he
could almost taste the humidity in the air. The sound of kids splashing in
the next door neighbor's pool could be heard as he walked into the yard.
It was one of the Johnson kids enjoying the cool pleasures of their pool.
He followed the sounds and looked over his chain link fence at the
frolicking child. Well, child was not exactly the word for the teenage
girl in her almost nonexistent bikini. His cock jerked in his pants as he
watched Heather Johnson get out of the pool. Water was dripping off her
strawberry blonde hair, running across her shoulders and cascading off the
firm youthful mounds on her chest. What he wouldn't give to have a chance
to bend this 15-year-old girl over and spank her lovely little ass for
being a tease. "Take this you teasing little slut," he imagined himself
saying in his mind as he paddled her ass with the palm of his hand, "this
is for all the times you've teased me!"

He let out an audible sigh as the thoughts of what he would do if given
half a chance went through his mind. His eyes followed her slim little
rear end as she walked across the deck and climbed up the diving board.
The strip of material that constituted the seat of her thong bikini was
deeply embedded in the crack of her sweet little behind. His eyes followed
her as her hips gently rocked from side to side with each step as she
climbed the rungs that became a diving board that hung like a huge erect
cock over the pool. As graceful as an eagle, Heather launched herself off
the board and as if in slow motion, glided into the depths of the water.
Heather came back up and once again he admired the beauty.

"Hello John," he heard her call out.

"Hello Heather," he called back as he watched her shake the water out of
her face. His embarrassment was surely obvious to the young girl. It's
not that he was embarrassed for looking at her, it was from being caught in
a daze like a lovesick schoolboy.

"Isn't it just beautiful out today?" she asked as she once again hoisted
herself up onto the deck and took her hands, wringing the excess water from

"Uh, yeah, beautiful," he said, thinking more of her body than the
weather today. As if she could read his mind Heather giggled and winked at
him. His eyes followed her as she the lounge chair and bent over, the
beads of water glistening as they clung to her skin. She spread a towel
out, lay down and began to put sunscreen on herself. His mind wandered to
what it would feel like to be the one putting the oil on her soft baby
smooth skin. "Let me get your back," he said in his mind as he watched her
slowly put the thick lotion on and rub it into her young flesh. His dick
was now about to pop out of his shorts and he covered himself, not wanting
her to have the satisfaction of seeing the results of her teasing. "Damn
little tease!" he said under his breath as he turned away from the teenage

He disappeared back into the front yard and scanned it once again for
his paper. There it was, sitting in the middle of the sidewalk so he
walked over to retrieve it. Droplets of sweat hit the concrete as he bent
over and picked the Daily Bugle, the small town paper. "Fucking heat," he
groaned as he stood back up and looked around. He'd turned to go back to
the house when he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. What he
saw made him smile. It was a young girl in her early teens. Her black
hair was cut just above the shoulders and it shimmered in the August
sunlight. She was beautiful young and fresh, a little bit younger than his
neighbor Heather, but she intoxicated his senses none the less.

Although it wasn't considered "normal" by today's standards, many a
night in his bed he'd lay stroking his hard cock to the thoughts of a young girl just like her. The thought was fleeting, but stayed in his head long
enough to make his prick begin to rise once again and his heart rate pick
up. John sighed out loud as the consequences of his what could happen if
he actually acted out on his fantasies in fact ever became a reality. He
shook the thoughts from his head and turned to go into the house.

As he opened the door he heard, he heard a female voice call out,
"Excuse me Sir, is Barbie home?"

John turned to see the girl as she walked up the sidewalk. Barbie, or
Barbara as he called her was his teenage daughter. Standing silent for a
moment he took in her innocent beauty. Her impish smile became a grin as
he looked at her face. She could be a model he thought to himself as he
studied her.

"She's still in bed," John told the pretty little girl.

"Awww damn!" the little brunette girl said. "I was hoping that she
could come out and play!"

"And I was hoping you could come up to my bedroom and play hide the
salami little girl!" he said in his mind. Instead he found himself saying,
"Well, come on in and I'll get her up."

"Awesome!" the youngster said as she bounced up the steps. John longed
for the energy of youth as he held the door open. She went into the house
and his nose inhaled her freshness as she walked past him. "So how do you
know Barbara, I mean Barbie," he asked.

"Oh we used to go to St. Joseph's Elementary together. But that was
last year, before I started 7th grade," she told him.

"I see. And who do I tell her is here when I wake her."

"Tell her that Angel is here," she told him.

"Angel? What a pretty name for such a pretty girl"

The little girl blushed slightly and then giggled. "It's not my real
name, but it's what my daddy used to call me."

"Used to?" he asked noticing a catch in her voice.

"Yeah, he used to call me that when he was around."

John nodded, not wanting to probe about why he wasn't around any longer.
"Make yourself at home. I'll be back shortly," he said as he turned and
walked down the hallway. His heart pounded in his head as well as his
lower extremities. The illicit thoughts that had been going through his
mind earlier returned. He stopped by Barbie's door pausing before he
walked in, knowing full and well that he was wasting his time because
Barbie was not here. It's not that he forgot, it's just that the looks of
the young girl had been so intoxicating that he wanted to be close to her,
if only for a little while. Sitting on the edge of the bed he looked
around his young daughter's room. It was the classic little girl's room,
dolls, stuffed animals, an assortment of various teen magazines and
everything frilly. John inhaled deeply and closed his eyes. He kept
saying over and over, "She's just a kid damint! She's just a kid!," as he
tried desperately to remind himself that the gorgeous teenage girl in the
living room was just slightly older than her. He stood up, took one final
deep breath and then walked back into the hall. He could hear the
television as he made his way to the living room.

Angel had made herself at home. She was lying in the floor on her
stomach with her head propped up on the palms of her hands, watching
Saturday morning cartoons. Her slim little legs were bent at the knees,
her feet in the air. John dick flinched as his eyes beheld the beauty of
her tanned legs, which were slightly parted. "How come you've still got
your clothes on girl?" he thought in his old warped mind as he looked at
her perfect heart shaped ass. "Can I rub your ass and then stick my cock
in it Angel?" he said in his mind as he walked in the room. John cleared
his throat as he walked up to her. Angel turned her head up toward him and
rolled over onto her back. Once again his cock twitched. "I'm so
embarrassed Angel," he said. The slight little cleft of the mound between
her legs was visible as she turned over and stared up at him.

"Embarrassed?" she asked, lifting herself on her elbows. "Why are you
embarrassed?" she asked as her big brown innocent looking eyes almost
burned into his very soul. Round little breasts jutted forward from her
chest, breasts that begged to be fondled and kissed.

"Yeah, I am sorry, but I forgot that Angel went on a trip with her
Girlscout troop this weekend."

Angel frowned and said, "Well fuckaduck!" under her breath. John did
his best not to laugh at the teenage girl's choice of words, but he
couldn't help but smile. "That little cow told me that we would spend the
Saturday swimming!"

John laughed out loud as he watched her facial expression. "The little
bitch is a lying whore," he wanted to say to comfort the girl, but instead
he said, "I'm sure she just forgot."

"Yeah," Angel said, "but it really messes up my friggin' day. And," she
paused, "I had planned on spending the entire weekend with her. We were
going to swim all day and then I was going to spend the night tonight."

"You keep talking like that and I'll turn you over my knee and blister
your ass," echoed through his mind. "It's ok. Maybe next weekend," he
told her instead.

"Yeah, maybe," Angel said. "Can I use your phone Sir?"

"Yeah, it's in the hallway. You want something cold to drink Angel?"

"Got a Coke?" she asked.

"Coming up." John watched Angel's cute little ass in her tight black
shorts as she walked down the hall. His cock twitched once again against
his pants as she reached behind her, pulling them out of her ass crack.

"What the fuck am I thinking!" he said silently to himself. He opened
the refrigerator door and got a cool Coke and placed it on the counter.
Reaching into the cupboard, he pulled out a glass and began filling it. He
drank the remainder in the can and then moved the cool aluminum across his
forehead. The coolness felt good against his skin.

The cartoons were still on when he walked back into the living room.
"Damnit!" he heard Angel say loudly as she came back down the hall. Anger
was very evident on her angelic little face. "What's wrong kid," he asked
as he stood and handed her cool drink.

"Everything's just going to shit this weekend. That's all." Angel
placed the straw in her mouth and her painted lips closed around it,
sucking some of the cool fluid into it.

"Yeah?" he asked.

"Yeah," she replied matter-of-factly!

"Wan' tell me about it?"

Angel sat her glass down and sat hard on the couch, crossing her arms.
She reminded him of his daughter, pouting when things didn't go her way.
"My whole weekend is ruined!" John studied the youngster and could see that
she thought that her world was shattered indeed.

"Come on, it can't be that bad."

Angel uncrossed her arms and sat on the edge of the couch. "First of
all," she said, "Barbie said I could stay the weekend, so my mom made plans
to go out of town. She's not coming back till Sunday evening so I'm locked
out of the friggin' house. Then, I call my neighbor and I don't get any
answer. Now I'm screwed, blued and tattooed!" she exclaimed.

"Settle down girl, we'll figure out something," he said, doing his best
to console the upset girl. "Can't you call your dad, an uncle or

"I ain't got no family around here and my old man's in the slammer."

"Oh," was all he could say as he listened to the young girl ramble.

"You got anything stronger than a coke?" she asked, standing up and
walking toward the bar that sat on the edge of the living room. A bottle
of Jack Daniels was soon opened and she had poured some in her drink.
"Wait Angel, I don't think that's a good idea."

"It's an excellent idea," she said as she put the bottle back under the

"Listen Angel, I could get in big trouble if someone found out you'd
been drinking over here."

"Who's going to know? I'm sure not going to tell!" Angel took a sip
from her glass and squinted her eyes as the sting of the whiskey almost
took her breath. "Damn. That's good shit," she told him laughing, moving
back to the couch. She sat on it and tucked her feet under indian style.
John's hardon was growing increasingly worse as his eyes zeroed in on the
girl's crotch.

"Your mama know you drink?" he asked?

"Hell, she don't care mister," she told him, taking another long sip.
"She's too busy working all day and running around all night." Angel
relaxed back, "In fact, she's usually so liquored up by the time she gets
home, she doesn't even know if I'm home or not!"

What a shame John thought to himself as he sat looking at Angel. Such a
pretty girl and such a fucked up set of parents. "You want something to
eat, a sandwich or something?"

"Got any peanutbutter?" she asked.

"Yeah," he said frowning. The thoughts of Jack Daniels, Coke and
penutbutter did not appeal to his adult taste buds. Angel handed him her
glass and he walked into the kitchen and began to construct a sandwich for
young Angel. His lips moved into a sly smile as he put the case knife into
the peanutbutter, and spread it on the bread, thinking how he'd like to
spread Angel out on the bed and make mad passionate love to her. He took
another can of soda from the refrigerator and poured it into the glass.

While he was gone Angel had gotten his bottle from under the counter and
had it sitting in front of her on the coffee table. "Thanks," she said as
she poured some more booze into her glass, dribbling a little onto the

"Getting a little tipsy aren't we Angel?" he asked.

Angel giggled. "Nah, not really," she said as she flopped back against
the seat. John watched as the liquor slowly intoxicated the young girl.
He could see her inhibitions slipping away as he watched her eat. After a
long period of silence John spoke. "So how come your dad's in Jail?" he
asked, wiping the spilled booze from the table.

"I dunno'," she said softly, casting her head down.

"Ok," John said, "If you don't want to talk about it, it's ok." He sat
beside her and smiled at her to let her know that everything was going to
be ok.

"Good," she said.

John turned his attention back to the television and watched as the last
cartoon for the day was over. "I better be going mister," she said.
"Thanks for the food and the Coke."

"No problem Angel. Come back any time," he told her.

Angel put her glass down and slowly began to stand to her feet. John
sensed a little wobble in her step, an obvious effect of the whiskey the
young girl had consumed. "I think you'd better stay here a little while
Angel," he told her, his mind racing at the thought of a drunk young girl being seen staggering from his house.

"I'll be ok," she said, slurring her words slightly. She took a step
forward and then fell backwards on the couch, a burst of laughter coming
from deep inside her. "I think I'm stoned," she said and laughed again.

"I know you're stoned Angel," he said.

"Yeah," she said, "bombed!"

Of that there was no doubt. She tried to get up again but John took her
arm and pulled her back down on the couch. "You better stay here for a
while and rest," he told her.

"Damn," she said as she put her head back. "Sometimes things are really

"Sometimes," he agreed.

Angel turned her attention back to the television. She pulled her feet
back up on the couch and John caught just a glimpse of her silky panties in
the leg openings of her shorts.

"He's innocent you know," Angel said after a period of silence.

"What?" John asked, caught off-guard by the comment. * "My old man,
he's innocent."

"Innocent of what?"

"They say he did bad things to me," she told him. Angel studied his
face as she talked. John could tell that no matter what she said, he had
to be careful not to be judgmental.

"Bad things?"

"Yeah, you know, things a daddy shouldn't do to his daughter."

"Oh, I see," he said, suddenly sorry he asked.

"It's not what you think," she giggled. "You see, my daddy was a very
strict man. If I would get out of line he would spank me."

"So he beat you?"

"Oh no! It's not like that. It's just that, well, daddy came home one
day last year and found me skipping school and I had a boy there. Damn he
got pissed," she told him. "We didn't do anything I told him but he just
wouldn't believe me. He called me a slut and a whore and told me that I
wasn't any better than the sluts that sell themselves on the corner." A big
tear made a trail down Angel's cheek as she talked. "I tried to talk to
him but the longer I talked, the angrier he became." Angel reached for the
bottle and took a quick drink.

"Look Angel, if this is too painful."

"No it's ok," she said wiping her tear. "Sometimes it helps to have a
grownup to talk to. Anyway, I was in one of my moods and I let him know
that in no uncertain terms that I was not going to be bossed around any
longer by him."

John could himself in this situation with Barbara. "So, what happened?"

"Like I said," she slurred, "I told him to fuck off and I was walking
out the door when he grabbed me and he took me over his knee." John perked
up as she told her story. "I called him an old bastard and tried to fight
and he held me tight and smacked my butt. Instead of crying like he wanted
me to, I just laughed at him and asked him if he liked beating on little
girl's asses!"

"Damn, decided to take the old man on?"

"Yeah. But that didn't stop him. Instead, he held me down tightly
against his knee and before I knew it, he had pulled my pants down and he
began hitting me." Angel sat up a little bit more and talked softer now.
"I don't mean he began to hit me hard, I mean his huge hand was striking
both of my cheeks at the same time. God it was the most intense thing I
had ever experienced in my life!"

"Intense?" John asked, shifting in his seat.

"Oh my god yes," Angel said as she arched her shoulders and rolled he
eyes back in her head. "It was the most intense fucking thing that I had
ever had happen to me in my entire life!" He watched the young girl's body
almost shiver as she spoke. "And then when he was done I felt something
inside me that I had never experienced before!" John's dick had become
erect as he imagined her little naked ass across her daddy's knee. She
became more animated now. "And then he let me go and I got off his knee
and was standing there with my pants around my ankles, rubbing my sore
behind with one hand and trying to hide my pussy with the other." Angel's
hand moved between her legs and she gently rubbed the crotch of her shorts.
"So, there I was," she said as her head remained back, "standing there
naked from the waist down and my daddy was looking at my 12 year old body.
I could feel his e yes burning into me and then I did the craziest thing."
Angel's finger inched into the leg band of her sorts and John sat there in
wide-eyed amazement as she began to rub herself under her panties. "Then,
oh god John, it happened. At first I felt a shiver start and before I knew
it, I was lying in the floor with my finger diddling my pussy, contracting
in the most wonderful feeling that I have ever known!"

The sweat was once again building up on John's forehead as the girl related her story. "Oh my god," John said softly.

"That's exactly what I was saying as I lay there in the middle of the
floor, moving my finger over my little smooth mound. I was screaming 'Oh
my god daddy! Oh my god daddy! Fuck me daddy! Fuck meeeeeeee!!!!!!!'."

"Jesus," John groaned as he imagined her doing this to herself.

"Oh god yes," she said, her excitement of the event being taken over by
the need in her body. "So," she continued, "that was about the time that
my mother walked in while I was screaming and writhing on the floor and she
went ballistic."

"I bet!" John said, not sure what to say.

"My daddy froze in fear when mom walked in. I think he expected her to
go ballistic but she didn't."

"What'd she do," so caught up in her story that he had to hear the rest.

"I was like going at my little pussy like crazy and dad was sitting
there, not sure what to say and my mom just stood there and watched me
rubbing myself. I heard him try to explain but she needed none. She
looked down at my daddy and saw the outline of his dick against his jeans
and daddy was right. My mommy is a whore! Just like me!"

John could stand it no longer. He had to have some relief so he took a
chance. He knew it was crazy but he could not help it. His hand moved
into the opening of his shorts and he pulled his cock out. He couldn't
believe he was doing this, but here it was. Here he was, pulling his cock
out while he watched this teenage vixen diddle herself in front of him and
tell her story.

Angel spread her legs a little wider and he watched as her glorious
pussy lips came into contact with the air. They looked so tender and he
licked his lips as he watched her move her silky panties to the side. Then
she spread her sparsely covered cunt lips and inserted her finger between

"Oh god Angel," he gasped as he grabbed onto his cock.

"Mom got ready to say something but before she could, daddy had pulled
his cock out and pointed at it and then mom smiled. I couldn't fucking
believe it," she said, rubbing her clit hard, "my mom then dropped to her
knees in front of dad and she held her hand up and spit on it."

"On her hand," he asked?"

"Oh god no! On his cock! My mom spit on his fucking cock and got it
really wet and began to lubricate it until it was all slick with her spit."
John's dick was so hard that he couldn't remember ever being this hard.
"And then, and then, and then after she got it really slick with her spit,
she took my father's dick into her mouth!"

"They did in front of you?!" John exclaimed as his hand moved up and
down his rigid shaft.

"Yes in front of me!" Angel said as she moved her finger increasingly
faster over her cunt.


Her legs widened and she continued. "Mom started sucking on daddy's
slick cock and he groaned. I fingered myself and mom began to move her
head up and down on daddy's shaft, taking a little more in her mouth at a
time. His head rolled back as she took him until she had every bit of his
huge cock in her mouth. Oh shit John. She had her face all the way and
had buried his cock in her throat. She held it there and then I saw my
daddy make a face like I'd never seen before."

"Damn, damn, damn," was all he could say as he pulled on his blood
engorged dick.

"And then I saw my mom's eyes get really big and I knew that he had done
it, he had done it! He'd cum in my mom's mouth right in front of me!" John
body stiffened and he let out a gasp. "Yes, oh god yes John, cum for
little Angel. cum for Angel like my daddy did in mommy's mouth. Please
John, let me see you squirt that milky stuff from your cock," her soft
voice said.

"I'm cumming Angel," he said as he shook.

"Yes, let me see your cum run like it did out of my mommy's mouth when
daddy shot it deep. Let me see your cum run John. Please, for Angel,
please do it for me now!"

Like someone who had only one goal in life, John pulled on his cock fast
and then it shot somewhere in the middle of the couch, a hot jet of spunk landed. "Oh fuckkkkkkkkk!!!!!" Angel moaned as she watched. Her young body racked with contractions as her orgasm hit her. "Oh god yes, cum for
your sweet Angel daddy," she groaned as she slid her slender fingers deep
within herself.

The most intense orgasm that John could remember slowly stopped as the
last of his cum erupted from the end of his cock. He watched as Angel
finished herself off and he almost passed out, his breathing ragged and
coming in short bursts like he had run a marathon.

"Oh god!" Angel screamed one last time and then she too fell back,
breathing hard. Her eyes remained closed and her breathing went back to
normal after a few minutes.

John just sat there, stunned at what had just happened. He couldn't
believe that he had masturbated for someone, let alone someone as young as
Angel! He looked at the tainted beauty as she lay there. "If only he
hadn't told," he heard her softly say, "if only he hadn't told." John put
his spent cock back in his pants and moved toward angel. He could hear her
gently snore and knew that she had drifted off to a drunken sleep.

He looked down and his cock began to grow again as he looked at her
still prone pussy. It was beyond a doubt the most beautiful thing he had
ever seen. His hand moved down and his finger was just inches away from
touching her mound when the phone rang.

"FUCK!" he said, this time in anger. "FUCK!" He got up and walked to
the phone. "Hello," a feminine voice said on the other end.

"Hello," he replied.

"Hi, this is Angel's mom. I just wanted to know if she was going to
spend the night or if she would be home for dinner?"

"Dinner," John asked, not sure what to say, "I don't know. The girls aren't in the house right now," he lied.

"Well, her father and I have really been worried about her lately.
She's given us nothing but trouble and we try to keep close tabs on her."

"Uh, she's more than welcome to have dinner here and spend the night if
that's ok with you."

"Oh that's perfectly fine," the lady said. "We were just not sure.
Thanks. Bye," she said and then the phone went dead.

"Well son-of-a-bitch," John mumbled. She was nothing but a lying little
slut. She had drank his booze and enticed him into putting on a show for
him. His face flushed with anger and embarrassment at what had happened.
"She'll be sorry when I'm done with her," he said as he turned and walked
back toward the little teenage girl on the couch. "She'll be very sorry

The end of Chapter 1
******************************************************** Return later for
the next chapter, "Angel's Awakening"


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