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Ann was twice my age and bisexual


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Anne was twice my age, and bisexual F/m, trans, M/m, T/F, preg, etc..

I was only 17 when she picked me up in a record store. Our eyes
met from across the room, and she smiled at me; I couldn't help
but smile back. Anne was not a great beauty, or wouldn't be
considered so by most. But she had an honest open face, and a
bright smile. She had a strong jaw, bright eyes, and a lovely
complexion. She came and stood next to me, and asked me something
about the CD I was holding in my hand. She was about an inch
taller than I, even in flat shoes. There was something slightly
intimidating about that that I found strangely erotic.

We talked and flirted for quite some time, and I could feel a
wonderful confidence and strength in her. She was standing so
close to me, I could feel the heat from her body, she wore no
perfume but I could smell her natural odor, and I liked it. and
then she asked me if I would like to come home with her.

Like I said, she wasn't a great beauty; yet she had a certain
attraction. I liked her already, and what 17-year-old male with
say 'no' to an attractive woman who asked him to come home with

She made me lunch, and we talked for an hour or two before she
took my chin in her hand, and kissed me calmly on the lips.

She was well built, that's how I would put it. Her breasts were
large but not huge; her ass was shapely but slightly generous.
Her hips were curvaceous and feminine, but there was plenty to
hold onto. Her hair was jet black and short like a man's. Her
eyes were clear and bright, her conversation intelligent and
confident. I loved her teeth, so even and white; she had a
beautiful mouth. Anne's back and shoulders were wide and strong,
stronger than mine. Again, intimidating and erotic. I'd had
little sexual experience; I found my first lovemaking with Anne
to be an extremely pleasant experience. We had all afternoon,
there was no hurry; I wasn't afraid of making her pregnant, or
her parents coming home, or anything else that had tainted my
experiences with girls my own age. It was incredibly stress free
for me.

She toyed with my cock as I caressed her breasts, she held me as
I suckled them.

She bit me, I massaged her; I enjoyed licking her clit before we
went all the way.

So warm, wet, tight and wonderful; so healthy and strong was my
Ann. Her hips rose to meet my every stoke; I had never felt so
alive, so appreciated. Her hands held my happy face between her
ample breasts as my young penis strove to satisfy our yearnings.

When she came the first time I followed her; it was such an
incredible satisfaction to make her come, and to feel my fluid
pumping into her; the most satisfying thing that had ever
happened to me by far. It was pure exhilaration, utterly

She was so impressed how my dick stayed hard after my orgasm. I
wanted to fuck her forever; it was so wonderful how she
appreciated my youth. To the girls I had been with, I was a
skinny spotty kid. To Anne I was something special. "Magnificent
Martin" she called me.

There was something about her that just made me feel so good; I
felt warm, comfortable, and safe in her arms. She was the mother I never had, the woman I had never knew I needed.

I couldn't come again, but I could keep going, and I did until
she had had enough.

We lay in her bed naked, touching each other gently for a time
before she rose to cook for me.

For several months, I used to see Anne twice a week. We never
went out or anything, we'd have dinner and then sex; watch some
TV, and then I would spend the night, usually making love to her
again in the morning before she had to go to work and I had to go
to school.

She had another lover; she made no pretense about it, she told me
openly almost from the beginning.

She didn't tell me it was a woman for a while.

Of course I was jealous, especially before I found out it was a
woman. But it wasn't like I was expecting to settle down and
have a family with Anne or something. I really liked her, and we
had great sex, but she was 35 years old and I was 17; the issue
was ever present. Of course I loved her, I couldn't help it. She
was my lover, my sister, my mother, she was everything for me.
But I knew I wouldn't be able to keep her forever, that was the
underlying tragedy of it all.

I met Sadie after I'd been seeing Anne for a month or two. She
was just leaving as I arrived; we stood and stared at each other
for an awkward moment.

She was very beautiful, perhaps 10 years younger than Anne, and
black. Her skin was very dark, and her eyes shone brightly. She
didn't look very happy to see me; I had definite impression that
she disapproved of me, her lover's other lover. She left
quickly, without talking to me.

It was about a month after that that Anne asked me to have dinner
with her and Sadie. I agreed, with some trepidation.

It didn't go too badly; Sadie attempted to be civil, and I did my
best as well. It wasn't very difficult for me, she was so
beautiful. I just can't help but like someone who's so good

As the evening became late, a decision had to be made; who would
be the one to stay. I scored some points by graciously saying

Anne had a fantasy; all of us together, a ménage a trois. I was
willing to give it a try, although I was a little bit nervous
about Sadie. I didn't think she liked me very much. Anyway,
Sadie refused to go along with it. She said it was perverse.
She said it was bad enough that Anne was seeing me twice a week.
Anne told me that was one of the reasons we always had to use
condoms; she'd promised Sadie that she wouldn't let me "pollute"
her down there. I guess she never told Sadie that she let me
come in her mouth sometimes.

Anne loved my hair. It's long and blond, and she loved to brush
it and style it for me.

Then she asked me if she could shave my pubic hair; I was a bit
freaked out by that, but she seemed to be so excited about the
idea, and I had to compete with Sadie for her I felt; so I

I sat on the edge of the bathtub as she carefully removed all the
hair, fondling my stiff dick while she did so. She shaved my
legs, too.

She asked me then if I'd like to try on the pair of her
stockings. I thought she was joking, and I had a good laugh.
She giggled and gave me head.

When she asked me the second time, I knew it was something she
really wanted. I figured nobody would never know, so I said

I was surprised at how sexy it was. Anne just loved it, she
stroked my legs and licked my dick, and she was so turned on that
I made her come three times in 15 minutes.

Naturally, there was escalation. The next time I was there, she
put a dress on me. Then she put me in a pair of high heeled
shoes [we wear the same size].

It was so weird; it turned her on like hell. But what was
weirder was that it turned me on too.

I'd put on the women's clothes, and Anne would make up my face.
Then we would spend the evening like that, I'd walk up and down
the room for her and we'd cuddle on the couch. I started cooking
for her, and she loved to sit in the kitchen watching me. I'd
always be dressed and made up as a woman; sometimes in just a
simple dress, sometimes in a "French maid" thing Anne got for me,
or some other sexy outfit that we'd cobble together from Anne's

Our rolls would switch back once we were between the sheets; Anne
just loved to lie back on the cushions while I screwed her hard.
But I did keep on the stockings and the stuffed bra.

Some time passed before she invited Sadie over to share dinner
with us. My cock was like steel while I cooked for them, and
they sat watching me, making little comments.

"She does have a nice ass, Anne" Sadie said. "But can she cook?"

"Well, we can't have everything, darling." Anne answered her,
"But she washes up after herself, and she's great in bed."

I served them; subtly, I took on the submissive role. I could
see the excitement in the two of them as the three of us
spontaneously took up the new game.

"Bring us some salt sweetheart." Anne told me. And after I had
brought it, and was just about to sit down again, Sadie told me
to go back and get the pepper. No sooner had I done so and sat
down, when Anne told me to bring some water.

It was incredibly weird, but this turned me on like crazy. My
dick was like a rock in my underwear, and I wanted them to give
me more orders, I wanted to be their serving girl; Anne and Sadie
did not disappoint me.

After the meal, I cleared the table and washed the dishes, and
when I came back out into the living room Anne and Sadie were
sitting on the couch, holding each other and kissing. I knew
they were lovers, but I had never seen them do anything together.
I sat down quietly to watch, keeping my knees together and my
back straight as Anne had told me I should while I was being a

"Sadie," Anne said, looking at me and stroking her girlfriend's
handsome dark face with her fingertips, "would you like Martha to
pedicure and massage your feet? Oh, go on darling, it's
wonderful. Martha, go to my bedroom and fetch the clippers and

"Martha"! My new name from that point onwards. I loved it.

Sadie had gorgeous feet, and I kneeled on the floor while I
clipped her toenails, filed them, and massaged her arches while
she and Anne caressed each other and watched me.

"Let's go into the bedroom, girls." Anne said.

Anne led Sadie by the hand, and I followed. Anne watched me as
she undressed her girlfriend before laying her down on the bed.
Sadie's body was breathtaking; her color was perfectly even and
dark, her hips flawlessly girlish and slim. She had beautiful
full breasts and a sweet round ass.

"Martha, sit here and massage Sadie's back."

Her skin was so dark, yet so soft. I stroked and massaged the
woman, my rival. I wondered if I was going to fuck her. The
thought made my cock pulse pleasantly.

Anne removed her own clothes, and lay down next to her
girlfriend, and they kissed gently, taking their time.

"Martha," said Anna, "kiss Sadie's ass."

Sadie had gorgeous ass; dark, smooth, and round. I joyfully did
as instructed.

"Roll over, sweetheart." Anne then instructed Sadie. "Would you
like Martha to lick you out?"

I looked at Sadie hopefully, and she looked back at me
doubtfully. She knew exactly what was happening, she knew Anne
was seductively easing her and I into sex of one kind or another.

"Go ahead, Martha." Anne told me, "Get your sweet tongue down
there, sweetheart. That's a good girl."

It was wonderful and strange. I loved giving Anne oral sex, even
while we pretended I was a woman. But doing it like this, to a
not-so-sure Sadie, was something different.

Her juices were flowing, and I knew things were going well. Anne
was alternately kissing her and whispering in her ear.

Between the two of us, we coaxed an orgasm from the lovely young Sadie; then Anne instructed me to remove my skirt.

My stiff dick stuck out from between the stockings tops. Anne
stroked my young rod lovingly.

"Go on Sadie; touch it." She said seductively, "Do it for me."
She took one of Sadie's dark hands, and put it on my dick. I
looked into the dark woman's clear eyes as she tentatively
fondled me. There was some communication there, unspoken but

Sadie loved women, she wasn't attracted to men. But she didn't
dislike me, and she appreciated how far I'd gone to please her.
She didn't mind pleasuring my penis.

It was my turn to be pleasured, and Anne started kissing me; I
was shocked when I felt the unmistakable feeling of a warm mouth
over my cock. I had to look, I had to see my pink dick inside
Sadie's beautiful dark face. She didn't do it for long, she was
just experimenting, testing herself.

Anne took a condom of the side drawer and slid it over me, while
I tenderly kissed Sadie's beautiful dark face.

"Would you like Martha to fuck you, Sadie?" She whispered. "It's
time to try it, honey."

Sadie looked at my made up feminine face, and then into my
mascaraed eyes. She couldn't bring herself to say it out loud,
but she nodded her agreement. She lay back against the cushions,
and spread her dark thighs, opening her virgin alley to the
exploration of my safely sheathed male organ.

It was a wonderful feeling, fucking my rival. I was the
subservient one of the three of us, but the one with his dick
inside the other is normally dominant. I wanted to pleasure her,
I wanted to show her that I liked her, that I found her
attractive, and I wanted her to like me too.

She was very tense, and took a long time before she came; Anne
was stroking her, kissing her, and talking to her softly to help
her relax while I did my best to keep a steady pace. I was
wearing my artificial breasts under a blouse, and I was made up
as a woman complete with painted finger and toenails. But I felt
like a man knowing I was the first male to have the pleasure of
this beautiful woman.

Sadie held me tightly as she came, but her eyes were locked with

I came into the condom, and I went to remove it and wash myself
before returning to the ecstasy of my first night between my two
mistresses. I stroked and massaged them, I licked their vaginas
and Anne let me screw her.

Anne and Sadie decided to move in together shortly after that,
and they got a new larger apartment big enough for them both, and
for me as well.

I was having a hard time at home, constantly arguing with my
foster mother. It was a great relief to move out.

I was not in equal partner in the relationship; I was the kid, a
guest in their house. Anne and Sadie both had high-powered and
well-paid jobs. I kept the house and did the cooking, and spent
more and more time dressed up like a woman, even when I was

There was something I was missing, something I was longing for.
I should have been happy already; I was being kept by two
gorgeous women, I'd won a scholarship that would pay my tuition
when college started in the fall. But I didn't feel right, I
didn't feel comfortable in my own body.

I wanted breasts; real breasts. The strap on mameries I usually
wore were making me frustrated.

I found a doctor who dealt with these issues. He told me I
should live as a woman for a few months, and if I still wanted it
done, he would start the process by giving me hormones. He
measured my hands and feet, took photographs, and some blood. He
told me I was a good candidate. He also said it would be good to
start me on the hormones as soon as possible if I wanted to be a
woman, since my face and body hadn't yet completely matured.

Anne and Sadie started taking me out to clubs and bars to get me
used to the idea of being female in public.

It was incredibly frightening for me, but I felt confident that
my women would protect me.

Men kept coming on to me; I felt conflicted about that. I was
thrilled that I was so good looking as a woman that people were
fooled, that men would make passes at me at least as often as
they would at Sadie or Anne. But I wasn't attracted to men, I
wanted to be a woman's woman.

We went to a gay club a couple of times. I loved it in there, I
didn't feel like a freak compared to some of the people in the

I danced with Anne and Sadie, and then I saw that they were each
dancing with other women; a woman started dancing with me, a
beautiful Oriental lady. Her hair was thick and long, she was
incredibly feminine compared to most of the women in there. When
the music stopped, she put her arms around my hips and kissed me,
fondling my ass.

"Are you here with anyone?" She asked me quietly. That's when I
felt a stiff dick poking at my thighs.

The episode ended there, but it left me feeling odd. I was
disgusted to find she had been a he. But wasn't that's exactly
what I had been doing? And I can't deny that I had been very
excited by her at the same time.

I started taking the hormones on my eighteenth birthday, and I
started to feel the effects immediately. I was also amazed at
how soon my breasts started to grow. Within a couple of months I
already had something to show. Apparently it was because of my
age, and because I had already had very low testosterone levels.
I felt so wonderful and sexy, but it was almost impossible for me
to get a hard on while I was taking the hormones. I had to use

Anne and Sadie were now a couple; I could see that they really
were in love with each other, and I can't say that I wasn't
jealous of the joy they were feeling. They both liked me a lot,
but not in the same way. Anne still liked having sex with me,
and both of them appreciated having me around to do the domestic
work. I loved serving them; it gave me a certain strange
contentment to clean the bath and make the beds, to do the
vacuuming and cooking while my women were off at work, doing
important things and earning for us all.

They knew I liked it when they gave me orders, but they never
abused me in any way. Even Sadie would give me a hug and a
cuddle from to time, to show her appreciation.

I usually slept alone in the second bedroom, but sometimes they
would let me sleep with them. I was their pet.

Then Anne and Sadie started talking about having a baby.

They decided Sadie should be the mother, since she was younger.
I told them I was all for it; I thought I could just stop taking
the hormones for a month, and I would be fertile again; all we
had to do was make love a few times without condoms.

But Sadie told me that although she really liked me, I just
wasn't who she wanted to father her child.

Of course I was crushed, I felt rejected. Well, I had reason to
feel that way; I literally had been rejected. But I could see
her point. I was a skinny young man with gender issues who liked
nothing better than dressing as a girl.

Anne said she would find the guy to knock Sadie up. Sadie was
very nervous about it all; not about having the baby, about
having sex with a real man. She suggested a sperm bank.

"No way, honey." Was Anne's response, "I don't want our baby
born out of a jar. Besides, this way we get to choose the

Anne brought home a guy or two for dinner that Sadie rejected,
before they settled on an Argentinean guy who was working at
Anne's company for the summer.

The three of them sat at the table, and I served. I loved
showing off my pert new breasts to the guy, Giorgio.

Of course, he had no idea what it was all about. When Anne had
invited him home for dinner, he had thought it would just be the
two of them. Then he had gorgeous Sadie staring at him all
evening as though she wanted his baby, and me parading my barely
concealed new breasts around the place.

Anne took him into the bedroom while I was doing the washing up.
When I came out of the kitchen, Sadie was sitting at the table
alone, looking extremely unsettled.

"I'm not sure Martha." She told me, taking my hand, "What if
right he isn't the right guy? I mean, how well does Anne know
him? I really don't know if I'm ready to let a guy do that to
me. I mean, it's all so gross."

"Relax, Sadie." I said reassuringly, stroking her lovely dark
neck with my fingertips, "Everything will be fine, Anne checked
him out very thoroughly. She pulled his medical records and his
school records; the guy is even good looking."

"You know I don't like guys, Martha. Go in and see what they're
doing. Go on."

I went into the bedroom.

I have to say that I wasn't completely happy about all of this.
I didn't like having a man in here, and I didn't like it that he
was fooling around with Anne. If he was supposed to make Sadie
pregnant, then he should just do it with Sadie. But the reality
was that Sadie could never bring herself to go through all the
courting rituals. Flirting, smiling, hand holding, dating,
kissing; she was willing to bear the child, and for that she was
willing to endure heterosexual sex. but she didn't want to have
to go through all the preliminaries as well, so Anne had agreed
to do it for her.

Giorgio was stripped from the waist up, and my mistress was
running her fingers through his chest hair. They were kissing,
and Anne's shirt was off but she was still wearing her bra.
Giorgio's fingers were sliding across her delicious flesh.

Anne looked up; "Martha darling, what's happened to Sadie?" She
asked me.

"Nothing." I answered, "She asked me to come in here."

"Take over for me, Martha. I'd better go talk to her."

Giorgio was looking completely confused as Anne jumped out of the
bed and strode toward the door.

"Go on!" She told me on her way past, giving me a shove.

I thought my heart would come out of my skinny chest as I sat
down next to the man.

"What's happening here, Martha?" He asked me.

I didn't know what to tell him. I didn't want to spill the
beans, and the others to get angry with me. In the short
strained silence that ensued, I felt the strong hand slide gently
up my hip, around and behind my shoulders, I felt that gentle but
insistent pull as he drew me to himself.

There was really nothing else I could do. Anne had told me to
take over, and she had been lying next to him and kissing him.

His hands and slid over my thinly clad ass, slid over my naked
thighs. His tongue invaded my mouth, and I felt him removing my
blouse. I didn't stop him as he fumbled with my bra. I wondered
if he would notice anything different about me as he fondled my
little breasts and drove me wild by kissing my new nipples.

But then his hand was headed up my thigh; I had a hard on under
there, one of the few natural ones I've attained while on the
hormones. I moved down so he wouldn't be able to reach my
crotch; the only thing I could think of to do was to start
removing his trousers.

Soon he was completely naked, and still Anne and Sadie hadn't
come back. I started playing with his very stiff cock.

I was surprised to find it not unpleasant. His cock was
considerably larger than mine, and his balls were big and hairy.
He was starting to move around, he was going to want to start
kissing me and fondling my crotch again. There was nothing else
I could do. I went down on him.

He groaned with pleasure, "Look at me, Martha." He whispered, "I
think you're the most beautiful of the three. Don't get me
wrong, I really like Anne, and Sadie's a fine woman, but you have
the prettiest face. You look so sweet, I can't believe you're
sucking my dick, damn it feels good!"

I watched his face as I slowly sucked his cock as deep as I could
manage; I squeezed the base and stroked his balls, I tickled the
inside of his thighs. I felt his balls start to contract, and I
took my mouth from his prick and blew on it gently to cool it
down and prevent him from coming if I could.

Anne and Sadie didn't come back into the room for at least
another 10 minutes, and I kept sucking Giorgio's cock and cooling
him down again. As I got over the shock of finding myself doing
this, I started to enjoy it. After all, if I was a woman, then
this was quite acceptable. Giorgio just loved it, and Anne had
told me to do it.

Giorgio was so manly, his cock so beautiful. As I slid my tongue
and lips across it, as I looked into his happy face, a feeling of
contentment washed over me that I had never achieved before. To
be able to administer such pleasure was a joy for me.

Anne and Sadie came in at last; Sadie was already naked, and
Anne steered her to the bed, with her confident arm around
Sadie's slim dark chocolate waist. Sadie lifted a leg over
Giorgio's ready penis. I held it for her as she lowered her
shaved crotch slowly over it. It slid in to her easily, and I
guessed [correctly] that Anne had already been licking her in the
other room, preparing her.

It didn't take long. Poor Giorgio was completely wound up by
then, and Sadie's tight cunt on his quivering cock, the sight of
her dark exotic body towering over him, not to mention Anne and I
on each side of him, kissing and caressing him, and my hand on
his balls; we could all feel the spasms running through his body
as he thrust upwards involuntarily with each wonderful
contraction of his scrotum.

Sadie smiled a sweet smile at us all, and she left the room
without saying a word.

Now the thing was, of course, there was no way to know if she'd
been successfully impregnated. We needed to keep Giorgio as a
lover possibly for as long as several months.

"Martha," Anne told me, "suck Giorgio's dick again." It was
softening rapidly, and coated with his fluids. The last thing I
wanted to do was put it in my mouth, but I couldn't disobey Anne.

My first taste of come wasn't too bad. There wasn't much of it,
after all. I sucked his cock and licked his balls, and Anne
kissed and stroked him, until he got stiff again.

I felt hurt and jealous as I watched them screw. He was so big
and strong and manly, like I had never been and never would be.
Anne was obviously enjoying herself with him. Sadie might be a
lesbian, but Anne is bisexual; she can and does enjoy sex with

I went into the second bedroom and sat with Sadie. She was lying
on her back with her hips on a pillow and her legs up against the
wall, having heard somewhere that this position after sex
increases the possibility of pregnancy. We didn't speak, but I
knew she was also unhappy about it that Anne was letting a man do
that to her. We cuddled together for comfort, and tried to ignore
the sounds of our queen enjoying herself with Giorgio.

We had Giorgio over two or three times a week after that, until
Sadie tested positive for pregnancy. Anne made no bones about it,
she enjoyed screwing him; but we all made sure his first load
always went into Sadie.

I mostly just cooked and served, but I was sure to always be
looking my best when he was coming over. Giorgio caught me in the
kitchen for an intimate moment once or twice, and it thrilled me
when he held me in his arms and kissed me deeply. It made me
feel so wonderfully feminine, like a real woman.

Anne would usually call me in to give him head for a while after
Sadie had finished with him. She liked to watch me do it to him,
but she didn't want him to come in my mouth. She figured he
wouldn't have anything left for her if I took him all the way.

Giorgio wanted to go all the way with me, of course, and he kept
begging Anne to let him [It was obvious who called the shots in
our house]. But I always stayed dressed where it counts, and
Sergio never knew I had the wrong equipment.

But before he left us to return to Argentina, she let me.

I remember it like it was yesterday, the first time I brought a
man to orgasm. Sadie was sulking in the other room; She didn't
understand why Giorgio was still welcome in the big bed once his
genetic material was no longer required. Anne was naked, kissing
and stroking him while I sucked his dick and licked her

I loved doing it by then. It made me feel so wonderful and
girlish, so dominated and womanly. I knew he found me attractive,
and I loved to tease him with my tongue, smile at him and keep
eye contact while I did everything I could to pleasure him. I
adored that big hard manly cock, I wanted to hold it and suck it

So when Anne told me to keep going, I did. I was scared, of
course, but I wanted his come.

I took it deeper than I'd ever managed before, the thrill of what
was going to happen driving me to greater efforts.

"Come, baby." I heard Anne telling him, "Come in Martha's mouth.
You like her best, don't you? It's all right, sweetie, I'm not
jealous. I won't let her fuck you, though. She wants to, but I
won't let her. But you can come in her mouth tonight. She wants
you to."

"Oh God!" he moaned, and clamped my head between his hands as his
cock quivered with a huge release.

He stared into my eyes as he came and came. I couldn't remember
ever felling so satisfied about anything I'd ever done. There was
no room in my mouth for all that gooey stuff as well as Giorgio's
big cock. I knew Anne wouldn't like it if any were to get on the
sheet, so I started swallowing. I ate it all, and it felt good.
Cocksucker, come eater, yes; that's me, and I'm cool with it.

The university administration agreed to enroll me using only the
first initial of my name. But they told me that unless I legally
changed my name and gender before I graduated, my degree would
have to be printed out as "Martin". That gives me another couple
of years to decide what to do.

But there isn't any doubt in my mind. As a woman, I'm gorgeous
and desirable. I feel good, it's how I want to be eventually.

It's a big sacrifice, of course; and having my natural sex organ
cut into is a very frightening prospect. Anne isn't happy about
me having the operation, but she understands my need. Still, I
won't have it done while I live with her and Sadie; I'm the girl with the cock. Even Sadie admitted that she likes my penis, and
as long as I wear a condom she enjoys it when I had penetrative
sex with her. When she says I'm not a guy, I'm a cute little girl with extras, I love her almost like I love Anne.

Sadie's had the baby now, the most beautiful little girl in the
world. She makes a lot of extra work for me, of course, but it's
probably just as well. This way, I have no time to meet men; how
I long to tease them and suck their cocks until they come in my
mouth like Giorgio did that one time.

But as Anne loves to tell me, I still have most of my life ahead
of me to enjoy those things. For now I'm enjoying my free time
taking care of the baby; everyone says motherhood agrees with me.

Bigby, 2001
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