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Archived Sex Stories

Annabelle Out West


This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to
read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE EXIT. IF YOU
ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden by law to read
electronically transmitted erotic material, please EXIT.NOW!!!! All
characters in this story are the creation of the author, and any
resemblances to real persons, alive or dead, are purely coincidental.

This material is Copyright. © AnnabelleandJay 2002.All Rights Reserved.

Annabelle's Diary

The Way Out West

In the airport, I looked at the plane ticket in my hand. It was just a
short trip. Two days travel for a one-day meeting with one of our
company's clients out in a small used-to-be cow town in the Midwest. This
wasn't one of our biggest clients, but it was important enough that I had
to go and meet face-to-face for the negotiations and planning. I kissed
Jay, my husband, goodbye at the airport, boarded the plane and was off.
Just another boring business trip, I thought, like so many others that I've
taken. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Several delays and multiple connecting flights made this one feel like
the longest trip ever. So when the flight finally arrived and the taxi
dropped me off at the hotel, it was late and I was tired. I checked in and
unpacked in my room and began to plan for tomorrow. I had to be prepared
for a full day of meetings the next day, so I decided to skip a late dinner
tonight, maybe catch a drink at the bar, and go back to my room and work.

I showered, redid my makeup and put on a simple black, button front
dress, black thighhi stocking and no panties. I wasn't thinking anything
sexy by going without panties. It's just that being cooped up in planes
and airports all day made me feel like I needed a pleasurable change. If
Jay was around and we were out cruising for fun, then it would be nothing
extraordinary for me to go panty less, but this decision was just one for
comfort. The bra was pretty standard for me – a black push-up satin number
for a lot of cleavage. As a tall, buxom woman, 5'9" and in my fifties, I
try to maximize to it's best advantage. Perhaps it's vanity, but, whatever
it is, I do enjoy it when guys glance over to check me out.

Having D cup breasts and long legs can be a real asset in certain
situations. As a bit of an exhibitionist, I do enjoy showing off a little
now and then and, as a mature woman, I still gather my share of glances
from younger men. And I adore the appreciation from younger guys that I
hear from as an amateur Internet model in my private life. As one of my
lovers says, "You can be in an elevator standing next to a plain, ordinary
looking woman, only to realize that she could be a star on the Internet and
you wouldn't know it." That did get me thinking, that the world would be a
pretty exciting place if a guy saw every woman he met as a porno queen.

But tonight, I just wanted to have a drink and relax for a few minutes
in the bar. Then I could go back up to my room, get some more work done
and go to bed. I went down to the lounge and opted for a stool at the bar.
I was relaxing with a martini when a male voice came from over my shoulder.

"Mind if I buy you a drink?" asked an attractive man standing by the
empty stool next to me.

He was a good-looking guy, in his early 30's and well over six feet
tall, well dressed in an expensive suit. Now, normally, when a
good-looking hunk wants to buy me a drink, I wouldn't hesitate for a
second. But knowing that I had a long and busy day ahead of me tomorrow,
that the travel had been tiring, and not really feeling like being hit on,
I snapped back, "I have a drink, thank you," in my best "fuck-off and go
away" voice. I assumed that this would be enough to put off even the
horniest of guys. I was wrong.

"Mind if I sit here?" he asked, indicating the empty barstool next to

"It's a free country," I childishly answered.

Now, maybe it's because he was so persistent or maybe because I was
sitting on a tall barstool with my legs crossed and the two bottom buttons
on the front of my dress were undone, but he wasn't the least deterred.

He sat down and I noticed him immediately look at my legs. The way I
was sitting caused front of my dress to open more than I had realized and
the split ran almost all the way up to the tops of my stockings. He was
politely staring about four inches away from my pantyless crotch. (Oops,
note to me – one buttons is quite enough in this dress.)

We sat quietly for a few minutes then I turned and said, "Listen, I'm
sorry about being The Bitch Goddess From Hell a minute a go. It's been a
tough day, that's all."

"Well, occasionally I enjoy a little humiliation from The Bitch
Goddess," he said smiling.

We both broke into laughter for the next fifteen minutes laughed and
carried on at the bar. His name Chris, and despite almost twenty years age
difference we just seemed to hit it right off. His looks, brains and good
sense of humor made a terrific combination. He said that was also in town
on business and staying at the hotel

"Too bad Jay's not here," I thought to myself. "The three of us could
have a great time if I didn't have to work." I have to admit that I have a
particular fondness for threesomes and this one seemed like it would have
great potential. Chris and I stood and shook hands, I told him I really
had to get some work done as I prepared to head back to the room. He held
onto my hand and pulled me gently back toward him.

"Listen," he said, "I'm here with a colleague," gesturing over to a
booth in the corner where another young man sat sipping his drink. "Would
you like to join us for a few minutes?" he asked. "I know you said you
have to get some work done, but how about one more drink?"

I was totally flapped for the first time since I can't remember when.
Here I was in a bar being hustled by this gorgeous hunk. I felt like I was
in high school again as I smiled playfully and said, "Okay, one drink!
Then I really have to go."

As we walked over to the booth, Chris slipped his arm around my waist
like we were old friends and I have to admit that I did nothing to
discourage him. I fact I was being a little more playful than usual with
my best hip-rolling, sexy walk as we crossed the room. At the table, Chris
introduced me to his partner, Gene, who slid over and offered me the space
next to him in the curved booth. I slid in and Chris slid in after me as I
quickly found myself sitting between them.

We laughed, chatted, had another round of drinks and I totally forgot
about returning to my room or my heavy schedule tomorrow. As we talked I
discovered that Chris and Gene were lawyers from a West Coast law firm here
on business for several days. Gene was equally as charming as Chris, if
not more so. Where Chris was fair-haired and with a light completion, Gene
had dark hair and dark eyes and looked several years younger than Chris,
thirty years old tops. With all of the complements from these charming two
young men, I was really enjoying the flirting and eye batting as we shared
stories and laughed.

I don't know when I realized it, but at some point I noticed that Chris
had put his hand on my knee. Since my dress still had the bottom two
buttons undone, I guess the front slit now seemed more like an invitation
to touch than just look. It was not a big deal and in fact I'm usually
rather casual about touching guys, so pretty soon I dropped my hand onto
his thigh and let it rest there. Soon our casual touching had become
something a little more intimate as I felt Chris' hand moving midway up my
thigh and gently stroking the inside of my nylon clad leg, while Gene's
hand was now stroking my right leg. I was feeling very good about all of
this attention and more than once ran my hand over the front of Chris'
pants, glancing off of the large bulge that had formed there. Fortunately,
we were sitting in a dark corner booth with the table covering a multitude
of sins.

I guess all of the touching was getting pretty steamy for all of us,
because Chris stood up and said, "Would you like to dance?" and pulled me
out of the booth without even waiting for my response. There were three or
four other couples on the dance floor, so we slipped into an open area and
started to dance. Almost immediately, Chris' hand was cupping my ass with
one hand, as we ground our hips together to the slow beat of the music. We
nuzzled and rubbed until the song was over, then Chris leaned in and softly
kissed me on the mouth and said, "Thanks for the dance."

We returned to our table but before I could sit, Gene was on his feet
and leading me back to the dance floor. We started to dance and I pressed
in close. It was obvious that Chris wasn't the only one turned on by our
playing kneeses under the table. Gene pressed his hard erection against me
and I pushed my hips back against him. Soon our dance had dissolved into a
grind as we crushed our hot bodies against each other. The music stopped
and we stood awkwardly for a second, until I leaned over and kissed Gene
and headed back to the table.

Standing at the table, Chris swallowed the remainder of his drink, took
my arm and whisked me back onto the dance floor. I could feel the heat
from both of our bodies as we again pretended to dance. As we moved to the
music, Chris' hand worked its way up under my dress and he started rubbing
my naked ass. I'm sure at first he thought I was wearing a thong, but
when, after feeling around a little bit, he realized that I was pantyless,
he sort of lost it.

"Ahhhh," escaped from his mouth in a huge exhale as he pulled me closer.

I was about to say something, I guess in a feeble attempt to explain why
I had no panties on, when I felt pressure against my back. Gene had joined
us on the dance floor and I was now sandwiched between the two of them, as
we slowly swayed back and forth. I wasn't even sure if the music was still
playing. Gene pressed his lips on my neck as Chris pressed his mouth on

My body was on fire as the two of them pressed and rubbed. I slipped
one hand down in front and wrapped the other around behind me as I began to
simultaneously stroke the lumps in both of their trousers. Finally, when
my frustration threshold had boiled over, I pulled my mouth away for Chris'
and panted, "Boys! Boys! Enough! Let's go back to the table. We have to

Seated back at the table, I found myself trying to rationalize my way
out of a very hot mess, while both of the young men began fingering my
soaking pussy under the table.

"Guys," I started, "believe me, I am not a cock teaser!! "And there's
nothing I would rather do than take one or both of you up to my room and
fuck your brains out tonight. But trust me when I tell you that I just

This speech came out of my mouth in stutters and gasps as both of their
fingers worked at my swollen sex lips. One of them had unfastened several
of the buttons at the top of my dress and had his other hand cupped around
my breast, which by this time was totally out of the bra cup.

"Boys, I have got to leave now or else I'm going to go completely crazy.
I don't want to, but I have got to do some work tonight," I moaned while
their busy hands just made me wetter. "I told you that before we started.
Believe me when I say I never tease unless I can deliver. Trust me, if we
ever meet again, I'll make it up to you. I'm truly sorry." With that, I
kissed each of them, covered myself up as best as possible, and pushed my
way out of the booth.

Back in my room, I was exhausted. The sexual tension on top of the long
travel day had left me totally empty. I stared at my laptop and reviewed
the material for the following day, but all I could really think about were
those two frustrated young men sitting in the bar and how guilty I was
feeling. Then the phone rang and I was sure it was Chris and Gene pressing
their case, when I heard my husband Jay on the other end of the line. We
always touched base when we travel and he was calling to make sure that I
had arrived safely.

I relayed the evening's events to him and I could hear him laughing on
the other end of the line.

"You owe those guys, big time," he said. "I only wish I could be there
to see you pay up."

"That would be all I'd need – three hot studs on my hands. If you were
here right now, I wouldn't be so damn horny," I said.

"Well," he said, "since I can't be there, I would love to hear what
happens if you ever see those two guys again."

Jay and I have a wonderfully secure marriage of over twenty years and we
usually try to play together, but it doesn't always work out that way. So
I knew he was sincere when he said, "They really sound great. And it
sounds like it would be really hot if you ever see them again. I'm amazed
they didn't rape you right there on the dance floor. I know I would have
if you were teasing me like that. I'm really sorry I'm not there, but
enjoy yourself if you have a chance."

We said goodbye and I half-heartedly dug back into my work until I
called it quits and fell asleep. It wasn't exactly a restful night's sleep
for me. I kept dreaming of writhing bodies and unbelievably handsome men doing wild and erotic things to my body all night. When I awoke the next
morning, I was even more frustrated than when I went to bed. I vowed to
myself that if the boys were in the bar again tonight, I would pay them
back with a night that they would never forget.

The day passed quickly enough, with one meeting right after another and
by the end of the day I had completed everything needed. I returned to the
hotel where I would pack for my early flight out in the morning. I had
given up all hope that the young attorneys were still in town. They were
probably on their way back to the coast by now. So I resigned myself to a
quiet, room service dinner and an early night to bed. I walked through the
hotel lobby and stopped as I passed the entrance to the bar.

"What the hell," I thought to myself. "It's worth a peek."

I stuck my head around the corner, glance around, and almost fell over
when I looked toward the booth where we had been last night. There, in the
corner, were Chris and Gene sitting at the table, drinks in hand.

I slipped back around the corner without either of them seeing me and
headed off to my room. I showered, put on by best "fuck me" make-up then
stood staring blankly at the three or four outfits in the closet. I hadn't
brought anything other than conservative work outfits, all of which were
pretty boring. So I just decided to do my best with what I had. Beside,
if things worked out like I hoped, I wouldn't be spending much time in my

I slipped into a black silk g-string, and put on a pair of black seamed
stockings and a black garterbelt. I hate pantyhose and avoid wearing them
whenever possible, so I always travel with stockings. I pulled on another
black bra, a lacy little push-up affair and I returned to the closet. I
grabbed out the red business suit, and slipped the skirt on. It was tight
and nicely fitted, but certainly not revealing. If I had had a pair of
scissors, I likely would have been tempted to create a nice revealing slit
all the way up the front. Fortunately, no such luck. I slipped on the red jacket over the bra, with no blouse underneath and buttoned one of the
tthree buttons.

I looked in the mirror and wasn't sure how Midwest America was going to
cope with me and my boobs hanging out of the jacket. I decided to button
another button. That offered a little cleavage and just a peek at the bra.
"That'll be perfect," I said, gave one last glance in the mirror and
headed down to the bar.

Stopping just before I entered the lounge, I paused, hoping that I
hadn't spent so much time dressing and that the guys were gone. I took a
deep breath and said, "Fuck it," and unbuttoned the second button on the
jacket. I did my sexiest walk into the lounge and walked straight over to
the corner booth where fortunately, the boys still sat.

On seeing me cross the floor, Chris and Gene jumped up to greet me. We
kissed on the cheeks and I guess I was expecting a letdown. That, away
from the rubbing, kissing and momentary passion of last night, things would
be different today and that they wouldn't look twice. But I was wrong!
They looked just as hot as they did last night and judging from their
stares at me, I think I looked pretty hot to them.

It was then that I noticed another man at the table and they introduced
Stan, another member of the law firm and a senior partner out here on this
trip with them. Stan was easily the oldest of the three and looked a
distinguished 60, with short gray hair, and was several inches shorter than
Gene and Chris. He was probably 5'9", and with my heels on I was
conspicuously tall as the older man only stared eye level at my breasts.
They all sat back down, but I ignored their offer to sit and just stood at
the edge of the table.

"Damn," I thought. "Well, there goes the evening."

I reached down and took Gene's glass and emptied the contents in one
gulp. I was disappointed because it would have been fun, but it was clear
that this wasn't going to happen. I decided that I would at least give the
boys a chance to shake loose from their senior colleague and join me
anyway. That way, I would have lived up to my end of it. I leaned over the
table, giving them all an incredible view of my near-naked breasts hanging
out of the open jacket and said, "I told you last night that I not a cock
tease. I'm sorry that I had to leave last night and I promised to make it
up to you. I'm here to see if you're still interested in my promise."

Chris seemed a bit embarrassed and flustered. He leaned in to me and
whispered, "Oh, God yes! Yes! Gene and I have talked about nothing else
all day. Gene even went out and picked up some condoms, lubricant, the
whole thing, on the off chance that you might be here. But we can't just
dump Stan. He's our boss. His plans for tonight fell through and he
latched onto us."

I smiled my most seductive smile and said, "Be creative. Use your
imagination." I felt sure that they could think up some story or excuse to
get away. They were lawyers, after all.

I stood up straight and pushed my breasts out a little extra and said
with a wink, "I'm in room 514." I slowly turned and walked out with, giving
them an extra special view of my ass as I left.

Back at the room, I turned some soft music on, dimmed several of the
light and then got hit with a moment of fear. What if they decide to hang
out with Stan and pass on my offer? Maybe they wouldn't show at all. I
was alone in the room for no more than five minutes when I heard a soft rap
on the door. I undid the remaining button on my jacket, and now with both
of my large breasts spilling out of the small cups, I threw the door wide

And there they were, gorgeous as ever – Chris, Gene and standing behind
them, Stan!

With a wide, boyish, Cheshire cat grin on his face, Chris said, "You
said to use our imagination. Well, between the three of us, we've got a
lot of imagination."

I was speechless. I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or slam the
door. This was a far cry from the passion in the corner booth of last
night. Not that I'm a novice around three men. I'm not. But previously,
one of them has always been my husband, Jay, and that made a big
difference. And it was some of the greatest fucking that I've ever had.
But this was certainly different. Before I could say anything, Chris
stepped over and kissed me, slipping his tongue deep into my mouth. I was
wrong there, too. The passion from last night was still there as I could
feel the heat stirring deep inside me.

"We understand if you're not okay with this. We can go." Chris said,
breaking the kiss.

I stepped aside, gestured for them to come in and the three moved into
the room. As Stan passed me, he stopped. He was carrying several bottles
of champagne and said, "I didn't come empty handed." Then he looked at me,
his smile gone and said, "Annabelle, you know, I thought that the boys were
both full of shit when they said they'd met the sexiest, most beautiful
woman in the world in the bar last night. They didn't lie."

Stan started to walk and stopped again. "I'll leave if you want. Or I
can just watch. It's your call."

Well, here it was. My moment of decision was at hand and without even
thinking I said, "Let's just play it by ear," and shut the door behind

We sat on the sofa and chairs, drank a little champagne, and chatted,
mostly to help me get accustomed to this new turn of events. For the first
time in many years, I felt way in over my head. I positioned myself in a
chair opposite the guys seated on the suite sofa. This gave them an
excellent view up my skirt, as I crossed and uncrossed my legs, chatted and
drank. We talked about business, politics, law and sex (somehow all of
those things were related as we talked) and soon we were laughing and
having great time. As we talked, one of them asked me what my husband
would think if he knew what was going on. I replied, "Oh, he does know. I
talked to him last night and I told him all about it."

"And?" Gene asked.

"And, he said he only wished he could be here to see me pay up. Oh, and
that I really owe you two for the teasing you got last night," I replied.

And then I went on to explain that Jay and I have a great marriage, are
very open about our sexual adventures and that Jay is a pretty good
photographer when we find ourselves in fortunate spots to be able to take
pictures of our sessions and post them on the net.

"Damn! That is so hot!" one of them said. "So you really weren't
kidding last night when you said you would pay us back?"

"No, sweetie," I said. "I had a great time and loved the dancing.
Especially, when the three of us danced. I really like that."

"So let's pick up where we left off," Gene offered.

With that, I stood up and peeled my jacket off, as I started slowly
moving to the music. The boys just sat wide-eyed as I slowly caressed my
breasts and began my best professional stripper imitation. I unzipped the
skirt and let it fall in a pool on the floor as I turned and gave them a
good look at my near naked ass. Facing away from them, I slipped my hand
down the front of my g-string and began rubbing my pussy. Then I turned
around and gave them an eyeful as I rubbed my hand around under the small
patch of black fabric.

It didn't take long before all three of them had their zippers open and
their rigid cocks in hand. What a delicious sight as these three men pumping their stiff man meat as they watched me dance. The two, Chris and
Gene, both had nice beautiful 7-inch cocks. The real shocker came when I
saw that Stan's penis was not that much longer, 8-inches at best, but was
twice as wide. The older, short guy had a dick that was massive! But let
me tell you, whatever anyone says about length, it's the width that really

"So, c'mon, let's dance like last night," I said, and like a shot, Chris
and Gene were out of their trousers and pressing up against me, swaying to
the music. I'm sure it must have been a hilarious sight, the boys still in
their shirts and ties and naked from the waist down, their stiff erections
poking out under their dress shirts.

I was in the middle of the sandwich again, and loving every minute of
it. One burning cock was pressing from behind, pressed tightly between the
cheeks of my ass, and the other press flat against my belly. We bumped and
swayed slowly for several minutes, as they kissed my mouth my neck and my
breasts. I came up for air long enough to catch a glance of Stan, still
sitting on the sofa, watching us and slowly stroking his swollen cock.

I was about to speak, when one of the boys thrust his tongue back into
my mouth. So instead, I seductively reached out my arm and gave a "come
hither" gesture for Stan to join us. Instantly, the shifting and jostling
started and soon I had three cocks pressing against my body. I was in
absolute heaven as the four of us rubbed and touched and pretty soon I felt
deft hands undo the snap on my bra and my breasts were now fair game.

"UMMMM," the three of them collectively sighed, and the kissing, which I
had really enjoyed on my mouth and neck, moved south to my tits.

"Wait! Wait! Wait!" I gasped, trying to catch my breath. "Somebody
here has way too many clothes on, and it's not me."

I slipped back into the chair, enjoying the role reversal, as the guys now stripped for me. Shirts, ties, and socks were flying in all directions
as they tore away at the rest of their clothes. I decided to add a little
something to the fun. While they got undressed, I put on my best teasing
smile and pulled at the flimsy fabric of my black g-string. I pulled the
scanty fabric tight and all the way up, until it pressed deep into my slit,
pressing my cunt lips apart. Teasingly, in a mock of them masturbating
while I danced, I slowly licked my middle finger and then stroked my
spread, bare genital lips. I have for several years kept my pussy shaved,
and the men certainly liked what they saw as I opened up my slick vagina.

Now completely naked, one of the guys looked at me sprawling in the
chair and rubbing my cunt and said, "Damn, you really do love to tease, do

I said, "Honey, I don't know a man alive who doesn't love to watch a
woman masturbate. Some of us just do it better than others, that's all.
And beside, the difference with me is that when I tease, I'm prepared to
back it up."

With that, I slipped my middle finger deep into my opening. God, I
couldn't believe how wet I was! My cunt was so hot, swollen and wet, that
I could hardly manage to pull the wedged g-string out, but I managed,
peeled it off and tossed it to the floor in a soaked ball. I slid out of
the chair and down onto my knees as my three lawyers were now totally naked
and in my face. With one cock in my mouth and one in each hand began
sucking on their magnificent cocks, swapping attention back and forth among
the three. I slipped two of their hard members in my mouth at one time and
began sucking, when one of them said, "What do you think, shall we try for
three at one time?"

I stopped and smiled, saying, "Sweetie, even a smart girl like me knows
her limitations."

They pulled me to my feet and we all headed over to the bed.

"Yeah, it's too bad you husband isn't here now to see how you're
handling things," Chris laughed.

"It's really too bad we don't have a movie camera," I quipped. "That
way, Jay could get it all this, blow by blow."

"I've got an idea," Stan said, running over to his suit coat. He pulled
a microcassette audio recorder out of a pocket, came back and set it on the
nightstand next to the bed. "At least he'll be able to hear it, blow by

He hit the "record" button and as we crawled onto the bed I said loudly
into the recorder, "Jay, honey, we really wish you were here, but since
you're not, we thought you'd enjoy this."

I slipped onto my back as Chris gently pushed my legs apart and press
his mouth onto my swollen cunt lips. As he pushed his tongue deep into my
already dripping passage, Stan eased his broad member into my mouth and
Gene sucked on my hard nipples. The three of them worked me over for about
five minutes at the end of which I was screaming and on the verge of my
first orgasm of the night. Now I knew why Chris was a lawyer. He had
great oral skills. He sucked and nibbled at my protruding clit until I was
about to explode.

"Oh, yes. Yes. Do that. YES! OH, DO IT!" I screamed. "EAT ME! SUCK

Poor Chris! I probably scared him when I came on his face with such
force, but he kept at it until I stopped shaking. My pussy was now super
sensitive and I knew what I wanted. Chris tugged on a condom and eased his
body on top of mine, his rigid penis slipped smoothly inside me. I was
sucking Stan's chunky cock but knew it was going to be awhile before he
came. Chris smoothly pumped away for another ten minutes then Gene and
Stan moved back as Chris started to come. We started pounding at each
other and soon he was driving against with every ounce of energy he had.
He pushed so hard that I had to grab onto the headboard of the bed and just
hang on. He shook wildly and I felt him climax. I held him for a moment
and stroked his sweating head.

"Honey, I don't think you could have got it any deeper in there if you
had wanted to," I whispered and he smiled.

"That's okay," he rasped. "I thought you were gonna drown me when you
came. But I never tasted anything so sweet." Chris kissed me and eased out
as Gene moved over and slipped in between my legs. He lifted one of my
stocking clad legs, draped it over his shoulder and clutching my leg,
positioned his ready cock next to my swollen opening. He pressed his hips
forward and entered me and we began rocking steadily back and forth. His
firm cock worked deeper and deeper but it wasn't long before he began
frantically pumping. I responded to this lunges and drove my hips back
against his.

"That's, it! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" I yelled, as we threw our bodies
against each other. He paused long enough to flip me over, lifted my rear
into the air and slipped back in as we continued doggie style. The room
was filled with the sound of our sweating bodies slapping together as he
smacked against my wet ass cheeks. The other two guys sat on the bed and
watched as the younger partner seemed to be going for an endurance record.

"Damn, Gene," Chis said. "Give Annabelle a break."

"Don't! Don't! Don't… you dare stop!" I gasped. I was going to come
and I wasn't about to have Chis interrupt it.

"Yes! Yes! Oh, I'm cuuuuuuuuummmmmmmmmiiinnnnngggg!!!!!!" I growled.

There really is a certain lovely quality about the wild, relentless,
all-over-the-place fucking that young men do. Gene and I had bounded all
over the bed and by the time I caught my breath and recovered from being
lost in my heavenly orgasm, I was half hanging off of the bed. I crawled
back up only to realize that Gene had come at the same time I did, and his
deflated cock was now sliding out of up upturned backside.

"Ummmm," I said and kissed him." "That was lovely."

My body was now drenched in sweat as I had enjoyed the pleasures of the
two younger men in the trio. I looked over to Stan sitting on the edge of
the bed and smiled. He looked a little uncomfortable as he slid onto his

"I'm afraid I'm a little out of practice at this," Stan said bashfully.
"And I could never keep up with Gene."

He fumbled around as his gaze shifted down to his giant erection. I
could see that he was having difficulty getting the condom on, in part
because of the size, but I was also guessing that Stan hadn't put a condom
on in twenty years, if ever. I crawled on top of him, gave his beautiful
fat cock several good licks with my tongue and then rolled the condom on
for him. I straddled him and lifted my hips, as I grabbed onto his hard
cock. It felt like the size of a soda can in my hand, as I nestled the
huge head between my dripping cunt lips and pushed myself onto it.

"AHHHHHHH," I moaned, as I pressed back against him and wriggled myself
down to gradually accommodate his width.

"Damn, baby," I whispered to him, "that's one very nice cock you've got

We began to set up a good rocking rhythm as I felt his wide cock
stretching my cunt as he stuffed it deeper and deeper. Finally I was
stretched out enough and we got down to some delirious fucking. I hadn't
been that stuffed with one cock in my life. The two young men sat by and
watched their boss give me the ride of a lifetime. They seemed reluctant
to join in, but rather sat and stroked their now resurrected cocks and
watched. I rode Stan's huge rod until I finally couldn't take it any more
and reached out and grabbed Chris' rigid staff and pulled it hungrily into
my mouth. Sensing no objection from their boss, the boys began to loosen
up and joined in. While I fucked Stan and sucked Chris, Gene worked his
finger into my tight anal ring and began massaging my puckered hole.

"Oh, yes!" I moaned. "That's it. Fuck my ass!" That seemed to send a
clear signal to all the guys that I was up for action in any hole. So
things got progressively interesting from there.

By the time the evening had finally drawn to a close, we had managed to
switch around so that each of the guys had fucked me at least three times.
Chris and Gene did get together for a lovely double penetration with Chris
enjoying the delights of my tight asshole. Then we switched and Stan took
over from below while Gene filled me from behind. True to form, Gene
really gave my asshole a wide ride for the better part of thirty minutes. I
knew that I would remember our anal exploits all the way back on the plane
sitting on my sore ass.

It was four a.m. as we all lay exhausted on the bed. I had to catch a
very early flight out in a couple of hours so I kissed all of them and told
them that I was going to have to get a couple of hours of sleep and our
lovely evening was over.

We exchanged business cards as Chris said, "If you and Jay ever come to
the West Coast and need a law firm…" We laughed and as the others got
dressed, Chris pulled me aside and said, "I've always been attracted to
older women, but I suppose now I'm going to be hopeless. I don't think I
could ever be so lucky as to find a woman like you. Would you ever think
about moving to California with me?"

I was flattered and shocked. "No, sweetie," I said smiling. "But maybe
I'll bring Jay along we can all do this again." We kissed and Chris and
Gene headed out into the hall. I was feeling a little awkward, a little
like the schoolteacher who tells her young male pupil that he'll soon grow
out of his crush. Then the evening got even more unusual as I kissed Stand
and said goodbye.

As he slipped his jacket on, Stan blushed and looked down at the floor.
He spoke quietly, as if to ensure that the young men in the hall would not

"Annabelle, I hope you're not offended by what I'm about to say. I've
been a widower for the last four years. I haven't given women much thought
since my wife's death. And I'm sure those two boys invited me along on
this trip to help me…. bounce back, I guess. What I'm saying, and not
doing a very good job of it, is – I know you're happily married and Jay
sounds great. If you're ever…. I mean…. If you're ever considering
another husband, I ….," he stammered.

I kissed him deeply and smiled. "Thank you," was all I could think of
to say.

So much for cold-hearted lawyers, I thought. Two proposals in one

I closed the door behind them and fell back on the disheveled bed. I
have received literally hundreds of proposals of marriage from my picture postings and escapades on the Internet. But tonight had to be one of the
most unusual and delight times of my life.

When I arrived home, I found Jay standing at the airport gate to meet
me. We kissed and hugged and he asked me how the trip went.

"You remember that I told you about the two guys in the bar? And you
said that if I saw them again I had to pay them pack for my teasing?"

"Yeah," he said.

"Well, I saw them again," I said.

Breaking into a large smile, Jay said, "I want to hear all about it."

"Are you sure?" I said smiling.

"Absolutely!" he said. "Blow by blow."

"Okay, if you're sure." I said. "Hold out your hand."

He did, and with my sexiest look, I pressed three tiny micro cassette
tapes into his palm.

"Let me know what you think," I said, and kissed him deeply as we headed
home to fine a tape player.

The End.


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