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This text file contains sexually explicit material. If you do not wish to read this type of literature, or you are under age, PLEASE EXIT. IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18, or otherwise forbidden by law to read electronically transmitted erotic material, please EXIT.NOW!!!! All characters in this story are the creation of the author, and any resemblances to real persons, alive or dead, are purely coincidental.

This material is Copyright. AnnabelleandJay 2002.All Rights Reserved.
Annabelle in asia
On my last trip to Asia, the hotel had a wonderful health club, with sauna, steam
bath, showers everything you might want when traveling. One afternoon after
working out, I decided to take a steam bath. I showered briefly, wrapped
myself in a towel and stepped into the steam room. The steam was hot and
thick and it was difficult to see at first. I found a spot in one corner and leaned
back against the wet wall, breathing the steam slowly. After a few moments, I
opened my eyes and noticed another woman sitting in the opposite corner.

She was Asian, very petite, with a beautiful face and slender body. Her hair was
wrapped in a towel, but she sat totally naked in the steam, comfortable with her
own nudity. She had small, lovely breasts and a very slender waist. Her stomach
was flat and her hips and limbs slender and lovely. Her eyes were closed so I
could observe her in detail without discomfort. In a moment, she opened her
eyes and looked at me, smiling slightly. I smiled in return and looked away, not
wanting her to think I was staring.

"It's very hot, " she said in accented English, and I agreed that it was. "The
perspiration is good for your pores, " she said. And then, "you should let the
steam touch your skin," indicating that I should take off the towel that was
covering my torso. I laughed and let my towel slip down from my breasts into
my lap, unwilling to discard it altogether. She smiled, and closed her eyes
again. As I watched, she began to move her hands over her body, slowly over
her abdomen, her thighs, her breasts. This seemed to be almost an unconscious
movement, as though she was simply brushing off the water. She opened her
eyes and smiled at me again and then rose and left the steam room.

The curve of her back and the smooth tight mounds of her ass were beautiful as
she left and I thought suddenly how nice it would be to touch her. I sat for a few
minutes and then left the steam room myself. As I walked past the row of
showers, I saw her in one of them. She had not drawn the curtain at all and was
standing under a hard stream of water, lathering her hair. The water ran down
her body in soapy rivulets between her breasts, between her thighs, down her
legs. She turned her head as I passed and nodded, as I did in return. I
showered, feeling the water cascade down my body as it had down hers. By
the time I finished she had already stepped out and dried herself and was
standing nude in front of the full-length mirror, combing out her straight, dark
hair. She was so sleek and smooth and lovely. I've never found myself
attracted to other women in a sexual sense, but I found myself wanting to run
my hands across her back and cup her buttocks, just as a man might do! I
imagined covering one of her nipples with my mouth and teasing it with my
teeth and tongue. I thought of putting my face into the dark triangle of her
pubic hair and smelling her and running my tongue along the slit of her vulva. I
couldn't believe what I was thinking! I pulled myself away from watching her
and quickly dried, dressed and left the health club.

I tried to read a book during dinner to get my mind off the steam bath. I
ordered a glass of wine to be sent to my room and took my book off to bed with
me. When I thought I could sleep I turned off the lights and started to drift off. In
that half-waking state, I let my hands roam over my body, feeling myself almost
as though I were outside myself and discovering my own body as a first-time
lover might. I enjoyed the feel of my on skin, the weight of my own breasts, the
moisture of my cunt. I luxuriated in the sensations, the breathing, and finally in
my own orgasm. I fell asleep enjoying the warmth and stickiness between my

That night I dreamt about the asian woman. The dream had no clear
beginning, but somehow she was in my room, crossing to the bed while taking
off the towel that was wrapped around her torso. Her breasts were larger in the
dream, more like my own, but the rest seemed as I'd remembered her from the
spa. She crawled onto the bed on all fours, like a jungle cat, crawling over me
until her breasts hung over my face. I reached up and touched her nipples with
my hands, feeling them turn hard between m fingers. She lowered herself next
to me and I rolled on top of her, covering one nipple with my mouth. As the
dream continued I realized that every time I touched her breasts, I felt the
sensations in my own breasts! And as I buried my face in her pubic hair, I felt as
though someone was kissing me there. I touched her everywhere I wanted to
be touched and felt myself on fire in all those places. At last, I began to suck
and tease her clitoris with my tongue, enjoying the pleasure it gave me. Her slit
was sweet and warm, and the fluids that dripped out were delicious, like nectar.
The dream became a shifting montage of bodies and breathing and pleasure
and suddenly shattered as the alarm clock by the bed rang in my ear. I turned
it off and lay panting on the bed, bathed in sweat, the sheets clammy with my

As I showered, the dream was still vivid in my mind and my body ached for the
climax that had been interrupted. As the day went on, the dream faded and
the need lessened, but never went totally away.

I went to the spa every afternoon for several days, hoping to see her again, but
she was never there. I sat in the steam bath, hoping she would walk in but she
never did. By the end of the week, the episode had diminished in my mind and
I had resigned myself to an unfinished desire. Still, on the last afternoon, I went
to the spa one last time, not hoping for anything this time, but just to enjoy the
steam one last time.

When I entered the steam bath, I went directly to my favorite spot without
looking to see if anyone else was there. As I turned to sit down, I saw that she
was there, in the opposite corner, as naked and as beautiful as I'd seen her
before. Before I sat, I unwrapped my towel, standing as naked as she was, and
looking directly at her. She smiled in recognition and I sat down, leaning my
head back against the wall and closing my eyes. I couldn't look at her for fear
of betraying all of the thoughts that had run through my mind. So I sat there with
the perspiration running down my torso and tried to make my heart stop
pounding. I heard her move and thought she was leaving, but when I opened
my eyes, I realized she had moved across to where I sat and was seating herself
close to me.

I noticed, as if in third person, that my nipples were large, soft and swollen with
the heat. The sweat ran in rivulets between my breasts and they were covered
with a sheen of water droplets. Then I realized she was staring at me. "It's very
hot," she said, and I agreed. Slowly she leaned toward me and before I realized
what she intended, she cupped one of my breasts in her hand and put her
mouth over the nipple, suckling like a baby at my breast. Somehow I wasn't
even surprised and, rather than gasping, sighed at the pleasure of her touch.
With her other hand, she brushed m other breast, squeezing the nipple until both
of them were hard. I felt rooted to the spot, weighed down by the heat, unable
to return her caresses.

Rising slowly, she pulled me to my feet and I bent my head to her and kissed her
full on the mouth, our tongues exploring each other. She broke the embrace,
and taking my hand, led me out of the steam room. She found an empty
shower at the very end of the row and pulled me in after her, pulling the curtain
closed. She turned on the water and while I stood motionless she soaped my
entire body with gentle, caressing hands. I stood passively, enjoying her touch
and marveling at the experience. When she had finished, it was my turn to
wash her body. I began with her hair, so long and dark, lathering and rinsing,
watching the soap run down her body. Then I washed her body with slow
circular movements, enjoying her smooth skin and lithe limbs. Her breasts were
small and firm. I stood behind her as I washed, pulling her back against my
body and cupping her breasts with both of my hands. Then I moved my hands
down her torso and around behind, to cup the cheeks of her ass way. She
arched against me, pushing her ass against me and letting her head fall back. I
moved around in front of her, carefully washing and rinsing between her legs. I
pushed her back out of the water stream, against the shower wall, and knelt in
front of her, my face even with the dark triangle of her pubic hair. She had
trimmed her bush to a small, perfect triangle and the lips of her vulva pouted
pinkly below the point of the V. As I put my mouth to her clit, she lifted one leg
over my shoulder to give me open access to her beautiful slit. I slid my tongue
along its length, from her clit to her cunt, marveling at how soft and wet she was.
I stuck my tongue into her cunt and she arched against my mouth to open her
to me even more. I slid my tongue back to her clit, tickling and teasing it,
feeling it harden. She groaned and pulled my head against her. "Suck me.
Please, suck me," she groaned, writhing and twisting against my mouth. I
sucked and teased and sucked again, feeling my own clit tingle and swell in
response. She came then, shuddering and moaning. She arched one last time,
opening her cunt against my mouth so I could taste her sweet juices and I
lapped them up with my tongue. She sighed deeply, and smiling down at me,
stroked my wet hair gently. Then, raising me to my feet, she knelt and began to
explore with her tongue between my legs. I put one over her shoulder as she
had done with me. She stopped a moment, licking two of her fingers and then
very carefully, she inserted them into my cunt. She explored gently, carefully,
until she found my G-spot. Then, returning her mouth to my clit, she sucked and
teased while she tickled with her fingers deep inside my cunt. I was so ready to
burst that I came almost at once, bucking against her mouth as I climaxed,
biting my own hand to keep myself from crying out.

My legs were shaking and I leaned back against the shower wall and shut my
eyes for a moment. When I opened them, she had risen and was leaning
against the opposite wall. We smiled at each other at the pleasure we had
shared. Then she stepped under the water and rinsed off quickly. She came to
me and kissed me one last time, turned and left the shower. I rinsed, more slowly
than she had, savoring the wonderful afterglow in my body. When I left the
shower, my partner had already left the spa and I took my time toweling dry
and dressing. As soon as I returned home I had a small tattoo placed on my
inner thigh one chinese character that means "passion." It is a constant
reminder of the joy that is ours if we choose to seize it.

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