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Anne's Birthday Evening


New story by R. Browning. All rights reserved by author. 6-2-99
Anne’s Birthday Evening
By R. Browning

It began with a December vacation trip to Miami. The Michigan winter
had already begun, cold and snowy. We needed to escape for a few days of
palm trees and relaxation. My wife Anne and I had just completed the
hardest work year of our married life. We had started our own company
the year before. It was a sales company, and between finding good
associates and unique manufacturers to represent, coupled with a weak
cash flow, the year had been a grind. So, ending the year we decided to
go to Miami for 10 days R & R, lay on a sunswept beach and attempt to
wash away some unpleasant memories and stresses of the past year, before
beginning anew in January.
Anne is wondrously beautiful. A unique beauty unlike any woman I
have ever seen. We had met when we were both employees of a major global
corporation some 10 years before. I was a senior executive and she was a
24 year old new sales associate, in her second job since graduating
college, who had moved from Ohio to Kentucky to take her first sales
position. I first noticed her while reviewing sales reports as she was
setting records in a territory that previously had been fair at best.
When she attended a major national sales meeting I chaired and keynoted,
I immediately picked her out amongst over 200+ sales associates, as I
looked over my expansive audience as I spoke. There were a lot of
beautiful women associates in the company, but she stood over and apart
from all others. She had a most beautiful full smile and full lips,
long natural eyelashes wonderful big light brown eyes and thick,
straight, long blond hair that hung beyond her shoulders. Her 5’4” thin,
athletic frame with firm, handful sized breasts and long smooth legs made
her a stunning package. I had trouble concentrating on the meeting when
our eyes met. She seemed very attentive and in tune to my words as I
spoke. I thought about what it would be like to have that body, those
smooth toned legs wrapped around my 6’2” athletic frame as we made love.
At a break during the meeting, a time in which I usually quickly
circulated amongst the attendees to personalize my visit for as many of
them as possible, I made it a special point to formally introduce myself
to her. I was taken and captivated by her unusual beauty as we exchanged
I flew back to Kentucky to “work” with her the first chance I got.
We went out and the first time we made love I found her erotic beyond my
dreams. We began long distance dating and a little not-so-subtle phone
sex when business necessitated long delays between visits. I found her as
intelligent and diverse as she was beautiful. I thought abut her
constantly when we were apart. When it quickly got to the point that we
hated being apart, I moved her to Michigan to live with me. A year
later we were married. The next year we decided to leave the corporation
and begin our own company.
Now, 10 years later, her hair was a little shorter, and she had
changed it back to her natural color, a beautiful red brown. Our company
kept us so busy we had not yet taken time to have a child but talked
about the possibility in our near future. She was striking when I met
her, and in the ten years since, she had lost none of that beauty. In
fact, she had become even more beautiful in that her features were now
that of a woman, not merely a pretty kid a couple of years out of
college. As she works out several days a week, exercising, bicycling, or
running with our dog. her body even better now then when I first met her…
and she was in great shape then. She turns heads wherever she goes and
still looks so young that she gets carded whenever she orders drinks or
enters a nightspot with me.
I had told her that it might be interesting to go to Miami’s South
Beach, in the heart of the old Art Deco district, known to locals as
Sobe. I had read on the internet that it was a “happening” place, with
the area filled with trendy and exotic bars and clubs. The beach area
permitted topless bathing and the internet was filled with articles of
beautiful women going there to be “discovered” as well as vacationers
from European enjoying same relaxed bathing suit regulations they enjoyed
in most of Europe. I asked her if she’d be interested in going to Sobe.
She smiled and said maybe.
I also told Anne about Haulover Beach, on North Miami Beach, where
bathing suits were optional. She said that might be too much for her as
she said some things were better left to the imagination, but South Beach
sounded OK to her. I asked her if she would be daring enough to wear
just a thong bottom with no top like many of the other bathers she would
encounter there. She pondered the thought for several days and smiled
whenever I brought up the subject.
When we arrived in Miami, I took her to a bathing suit store and
quickly found a great looking black thong suit. She tried it on but was
apprehensive enough to not come out of the dressing room with it on. She
looked great in it with the tiny bottom triangle that barely covered her
newly waxed front area with a thin waistband and back strap that was
hidden between her rounded ass cheeks. From behind, without her top,
she would appear naked, with just the smallest black band around her
waist. She selected two tops, one more conservative, and the other, more
appropriate to the thong bottoms, with spaghetti straps that held the
tiny, adjustable triangles that could be wider or narrower… if she
decided to only cover the pert nipples of her firm 34B breasts. I got
hard just looking at her in the new suit.
We went to South Beach the next day, and she wore the thong bottom
beneath her gray cotton shorts and the smaller triangle top with no
cover-up as we walked from the car to the beach area. I smiled and asked
her if she’d go topless and she said she still was not sure if it was
permitted. Upon entering the beach area, she quickly discovered that
topless bathing was certainly permitted, as many of the more beautiful
women sunned themselves wearing only skimpy bottoms. We found a spot
amongst the many bathers and rented chaises. The moment of truth was at
hand. She laid her beach towel on the white chaise and peeled off her
gray shorts to reveal that tiny thong bottom. She glanced over at me,
smiled, reached behind her and unsnapped her top, placing it into the
beach bag we had brought. She then put on her sunglasses and laid on her
stomach on the chaise and opened the paperback she had brought with her
to read. The dark glasses prevented her from having to make contact with
male admirers as they walked by, and by lying on her stomach, she could
be more modest while adjusting to her new public freedom.. and exposure.
Eventually she became more comfortable as there were numerous other
topless women on the beach, and she turned over on her back to read. I
noticed her nipples had tightened and seemed to stand at constant
attention. She has great nipples that become much smaller and pointed
when she becomes excited. I laid on my own chaise next to her and
pretended to read the magazine I had brought, but stole glances at her
tanning body as she read. Occasionally I would reach over and touch her
stomach or leg with my hand. Those nipples stayed erect most of the
time, and, as it was almost 90 degrees, I knew it was not because she
was cold. Under the constant sun, we soon both became hot and I asked
her if she would like to go into the water. She declined, so I went into
the water alone. Eventually she joined me, leaving the security of her
chaise as she became more comfortable with her state of public undress.
After all, it was a beach, and she has a great body.. nothing to be
embarrassed about, so, why not? We splashed around for a while and she
eventually got chilled and waded to show to return to her book. The
water had given her delicious goose bumps and her nipples were even
tighter, more crinkled and hard. They stood proudly up and out.. the
kind of nipples a man could safely hand a hat on without risk of it
falling. They looked delicious. She didn’t make it all the way back to
her chaise before she was approached by admiring males. I’m sure it made
her wet to be admired in her state of near nakedness, in public, and
have good looking men approach her, whenever I was not at her side, with
offers of private parties, club evenings and more.
That night, naked together in bed we talked about the beach
experience. Anne wearing just the tiniest of thong bottoms and no top
while handsome strangers approached and talked to her while admiring her
near naked body on the beach. While we talked I cupped one than the
other of her firm breasts and caressed her already hardened nipples. As
I felt her getting more excited, I slid my hand down across her flat
stomach slowly to the downy hair of her pussy. She was already wet.
First one finger, then two, then three slid into her without effort or
resistance as she was a swamp of desire. I curled back my fingers inside
her with my middle finger seeking that magic spot on her front wall that
I knew would give her intense pleasure. Finding her G spot, I stroked
that small bumpy area while we continued to reflect on the day at the
beach. Suddenly she began to tremor, her pussy muscles clenched my
insistent fingers. Moaning softly, she came hard. It was probably as
quick as I had ever felt her cum. She reached for my hardened cock
trying to pull me into her. I resisted and kept my fingers inside her
while she began to slide her hand up and down the length of my cock.
While our hands touched each other, I asked her if it had excited her to
have strange men approach her while she was nearly naked on the beach.
Attempting to mask her arousal, she told me that since it was a beach it
had quickly seemed perfectly natural to her to have little on amongst the
many scantily clad bathers. While we talked, she continued to slide her
hand up and down, stopping only to occasionally weigh my tightening
balls. I continued to caress her inner wall and her wetness began to
flow down my hand as she cried “oh, OH,” and came again. I thought she
was going to break my fingers. After she came the second time, she
lurched away from my hand, saying she had become too sensitive to
continue. She asked me if I enjoyed seeing all those other beautiful
topless bathers as she continued to stroke and tease my hard cock.
“Sure,” I answered in a single word without expanding on the subject
as I knew she would know I was lying if I answered otherwise.
“Would you rather be with somebody you saw today over me?” She asked
as she began to stroke my cock just a little harder and faster.
“No,” I quickly responded, trying not to show any added reaction as
her hand continued to stroke and tease my swelling cock. “I wouldn’t
trade anyone for you.”
“That’s the right answer,” she said as she, without releasing my
straining cock with her hand, slowly moved down my body in the semi-
darkness of our room and studied my erection, as if it were for the first
time. She paused a moment, and slowly slid my cock into her mouth.. ever
so slowly,.. and slipped her hand under my balls, gently kneading them
with her fingertips. I think it was her way of reminding me that the
woman I was with was better than any of the other topless beauties I had
seen on the beach. It was all I could do not to come, but I wanted to
slide into that clenching wet pussy and drench the knot of her cervix
with my come. With all my willpower, I pulled my cock from her soft
inviting mouth and moved my head between her legs to taste her before
sliding my cock into her. I slid my tongue in as far as I could and then
pulled back to run it up to her swollen clit…then inside again. The
second time I slid my tongue inside, she trembled and came again,
grabbing the back of my head, pushing my face into her slippery pussy. I
kissed my way up from her pussy to her face and kissed her, letting her
taste her own essence. My cock sought the entrance of her womanhood. I
wanted to slowly tease her with my cock until she was out of with want,
and slid just the head of my cock into her. She responded by reaching
down with both her hands and clutched my ass, wrapped her smooth legs
around me. I could not resist the invitation and I slid slowly,
effortlessly all the way into her until our pubic bones ground into each
other. Instead of pulling back fully before sliding back into her and
starting a sexual rhythm, we just pressed close. She ground her clit
against the top of my cock. My cock began to swell as my balls begged to
empty themselves into her deepest reaches. Sensing my impending orgasm,
she pushed away from me. My cock exited with an audible pop. She
clutched my cock with one hand and my balls with the other. She told me
she wanted to see me cum and gently but insistently guided me from
between her legs until I was on my knees at her side with my straining
cock between her breasts and face. She stroked my cock, wet with her
juices and urged me to come. I wanted to delay, to savor the moment as
long as possible but then her fingertips began to press against the back
of my balls. I was lost. As she leaned her head closer to better see my
out of control cock, I could hold back no longer, and, with the
delicious, intense tightening of my groin, the first volley of my cum
shot out of my cock like a rocket, partially landing on the pillow beyond
her face and trailing back through her hair. The second volley splashed
across those beautiful breasts and a third across her neck. Spent, I
looked down at her naked form. She looked so beautiful, her hair tousled
and her tanned body contrasting the white ribbons of my cum splashed
across her body.
Over the remaining days of our vacation, we returned to Sobe every
day that the weather permitted. During the those evenings we shared the
reflections and erotic thoughts that filled our heads during the days on
the beach. I didn’t mind seeing all those nearly naked beautiful women
on the beach and Anne liked being approached by handsome men with exotic
offers while she sunbathed nearly naked.
The next week we returned north to our home and winter. After a
couple of weeks passed, South Beach began to fade into memory.

2/4 Anne’s Birthday Evening.
Soon winters snow and cold gave way to the flowers and warmth of
the May spring. Thoughts of the sun and beach returned. Sometimes
during the evenings as we lay naked in bed we would review the pictures I
had taken of her at South Beach. They were hot. We talked about the
possibility of having a child, and she went off the pill.
Anne’s birthday falls in the middle of June, and we began to
fantasize about being on a hot beach with people watching us naked,
having sex. Half jokingly, half seriously, I asked her if she would ever
want to have someone or another couple watch us have sex. The thought
was erotic to her, but she worried we would wind up switching partners
and that might affect our relationship. In our years together, neither
of us had cheated on our exclusive relationship. In the days that
followed, the subject would again come up and the fantasies grew to
include first having another couple watch, then have another couple do
some soft touching.. short of intercourse, and then entertaining the
possibility of actually switching partners with another couple in the
same room.. on the same bed. She told me that the idea was too wild as
she would not like to see me fuck another woman. I then asked her, if,
for her birthday, she would rather like to have two men make love to her
without another woman present. She said she didn’t know, but admitted
that two men would be an erotic turn-on for her. As we talked, I
wondered if was just an erotic fantasy or something we really might do.
Over the next several days we spoke about different possibilities.
As we would talk, we would sometimes masturbate each other, winding up
the evening wildly fucking. She got most excited when we spoke about a
threesome with another man. I would slide into her and ask her if she
would like to have two men take turns sliding into her, or one man in her
pussy and another in her mouth at the same time. I asked her if it would
be erotic to her to lay back and have a cock in each hand, stroking them
at the same time until they came all over her, drenching her body with
cum and then she could smear it over her breasts and stomach. She
admitted that it would be very erotic to do that. I even asked her if it
would be erotic for her to be blindfolded and then caressed by two or
more people without knowing who was touching or probing her mouth or not
knowing who’s cock was sliding into her pussy. She said that if she did
such a wild evening, she would not want to miss anything, and certainly
want to see all that was happening to her so she nixed the idea of the
The conversations continued. In the middle of May I asked her if
she would like me to run an ad on the internet to see what kind of
responses she would receive. We discussed the possibility of someone we
already knew joining us, but decided that that might create problems
beyond that evening. We decided, over some laughter, that we should run
two blind ads under one of our web screen names. The first ad sought a
man to join us for her special birthday evening and the second one sought
another couple. We posted the ads on a site that automatically placed
the personal in many sites on the web. The ad requested the candidates
to respond with a photo of themselves, a little history and personal
description, and a more detailed account of what they would want to do
should they be chosen for the birthday evening. The ad also stated that
whomever was selected would have to agree to “safe sex” for all
activities of the evening. We even listed the date for the evening,
which she selected, which fell a full week before her birthday.
When I asked her why that date, she said it would be at a time she
was ovulating and thus she would be most sensitive, slippery and wettest.
I was at first surprised, as I knew that ovulation was the time she could
most easily get pregnant. It also told me she might really be giving the
idea some serious thought. She assured me that if we were practicing
safe sex, and used a condom, there would not be anything to worry about,
including disease. As we had no condoms in the house I went to the
store to buy some so she could be accustomed to their use and feel. This
added a reality to our discussions. There were so many choices. I
bought two kinds, one that advertised ultra thin for sensitivity, and a
second brand with raise bumps and ridges to supposedly heighten the
sensation for both during sex. That first night, when the conversation
turned to the birthday evening, I surprised her by asking her if she
would have the courage or resolve to roll a condom on another man’s cock.
She said yes, with a slight smile and taking the package from my hand,
she opened it and tried to roll it on my erect cock. The first one we
tried was a smooth, ultra thin, lubricated one. Unfortunately she had
reversed it with the ring facing down and it would not roll down my cock.
She turned it around and tried again. It rolled down snugly. I told her
that the instructions, which I had just read said that if a mistake was
made and the condom was reversed by accident, it must be discarded and a
new one used, as fluids could be on the tip that would not be exposed to
the inside of the vagina. She laughed and told me she understood, but
since it was just me, we shouldn’t waste the condom and proceed. She
took her hand and guided my cock to her dampening slit. I slid in
easily as she was already soaking wet. However the condom dulled the
sensation so much that soon my erection began to diminish. After a few
minutes, I slid out, pulled it off and slid back inside her. The
feeling of flesh against flesh soon revived my cock to full attention and
we fucked until we both had an exhausting orgasm. She later told me that
for her, fucking was juices and fluids, and sometimes as my cock swelled
and shot inside her, the sensation of the sperm ricocheting against her
cervix triggered her own orgasm. A condom, unfortunately denied this
ultimate sensation deep within her pussy. A couple of days later we
tried the ridged condom. This time she paid attention to which way the
ring was facing and rolled it on my cock without effort. It had mixed
bumps and ridges that were supposed to transfer feeling to both. It also
had a roomier end that allowed my cock head to slide back and forth a
little without having to take the condom with it, which dulled the
sensation. She got on top of me and slid down on my erect cock. The
rougher condom felt much better than the smooth one to both of us. With
those bumps scraping against the upper wall of her pussy, catching on her
G spot and nudging it each time she slid down on me, coupled with her
swollen clit against my pubic bone, she soon began to crash down harder
against me. She was going to come, and come hard. She reached behind
her and clutched my balls in her hand as she ground against me, my cock
pushed up against her cervix. I felt rock hard inside her. I think she
wanted to feel me come inside the rubber as she climaxed. I wanted to
feel the sensation of her cumming around my cock when I had a rubber on,
so I concentrated and held back my orgasm. Suddenly, with my sheathed
cock deep inside her, she came. Even through the rubber, I could feel
her vaginal muscles squeezing me as her orgasm overtook her. I lifted
her hips, dislodged my cock, pulled off the rubber and pulled her back on
my bare erection. Minutes later, feeling her naked flesh against my
surging cock, I shot my sperm deep inside her. It felt wonderful.
During the next week we received many responses from both couples
and single men. Most had included pictures, and most she quickly
discarded. It was amazing how many people send descriptions of
themselves that made them out to have movie star good looks, but when you
viewed the photo, they looked more like Lon Chaney. The responses varied
from short correspondences saying that they would be at her beckoning to
detailed descriptions of fucking and sucking her every part. She did
become interested in several of the men candidates but appeared not to
have any interest in any of the couples that responded. No, she sure
didn’t want to see me slide into any other female and cum in anyone
besides herself. I asked her if another couple would be OK if we didn’t
actually switch partners but instead did lesser things like having the
other woman jack me off and have the other man go down on her.. without
intercourse. She wasn’t crazy about that idea either.
When the men who replied sent quite creative and detailed sexual
descriptions of what they would do with her in a threesome, she became
most interested. She talked about needing a certain chemistry with the
second man for her to become aroused and give herself to sexual
abandonment. She liked the thought of two naked cocks brushing against
her flesh at once. Two cocks rubbing insistently against her flesh, two
sets of lips kissing all over her body and four hands massaging every
inch of her great body at the same time. She talked of having one tongue
inside her while the other searched other reaches of her body…both men
dedicating themselves to pleasure her alone. Those visions were very
erotic to her. She began to envision a cum filled evening. Two cocks
taking turns sliding into her, bringing her to endless orgasms during a
night without sleep. A cum soaked ecstasy. Two men pleasuring her at
once until there was no cum left in either set of balls, no strength left
in their tongues or fingers and no lust left in her body. Total
saturation. Total lust and abandonment. What could be wrong with
pleasure for just pleasure’s sake?
We talked at some length about her insisting on safe sex during
anything that happened. Although we both hated condoms, we agreed that
they would be a requirement of the evening. Condoms were to be a must
whenever a cock other than mine touched or penetrated her body cavities
in any manner. As we talked, she agreed that other than stroking a
strange cock until it sprayed a load of sperm on her body, any other
activity would require a condom, including any time a strange cock neared
her pussy or mouth. She told me not to worry, as she could tell if a
cock had a rubber on it when she touched it or it touched her. She also
said that if necessary she would personally unroll the condom on that
cock before it neared any critical part of her.
One of the men that wrote was very persisting, writing several
graphic letters and sending two pictures of himself. He was about my
height and also had dark hair and even a mustache similar to mine. She
was intrigued with his descriptions of beginning the evening with a great
bottle of wine in the hot tub with everyone wearing bathing suits in the
candlelit room. As the evening would progress, according to his email,
we both would gradually stroke and caress her body, just teasing and
light caresses at first and then moving on to her breasts and then, when
she was at a boiling point, removing her suit and sliding fingers into
her slippery channel. He painted a picture of her having one man
caressing her breasts and kissing her while the other lifted her legs
over his shoulders and stuck his tongue inside her. In another email he
told her how he’d like to penetrate her with his blunt head while she
sucked my cock and lost herself in pleasure. The letters got to her.
With the date we had set only a week away, and two days in a row
passing without her mentioning anything about her birthday, I thought she
had truly relegated the emails to fantasy. That evening, as we lay naked
in each other’s arms, she got a curious smile on her face, the kind she
gets when she is between embarrassment and mischief. She asked me if I
really would ever allow her to be fucked by someone else and told me that
she thought I would really never stand for it. I replied that seeing
someone else fuck her or doing a threesome with another man and her would
not be a turn-on for me. However, it was her birthday and I said I would
do whatever she wanted to do. She asked me if I really meant that and I
said yes. She hesitated a moment and then handed me the last letter the
guy with the vivid imagination had emailed her. I took the letter and
said nothing.

3/4 Anne’s Birthday Evening
During the following week, nothing more was said about the letter
between us, but I could sense a nervousness in her whenever she looked at
me. Then Saturday night came. She dressed through the day in her jeans
and a thin strapped white jersey top that clung to her breasts. As she
wore no bra underneath, her nipples were outlined beneath the thin
fabric. They seemed to be at an unusual attention all through the day.
In the afternoon she made herself a couple of 7 and 7’s and gradually
relaxed as the liquor calmed her body.
I made her a candlelight dinner, sparkling wine and veal, her
favorites. We finished the meal and finished the bottle. After the
champagne, sitting across the table from me, I could tell she was still
feeling little anxiety. After some casual conversation about how we
would really celebrate her actual birthday the next week, she seemed to
relax. I suddenly turned to her and looked her in the eye and said:
“Let’s use the hot tub tonight.”
She smiled and then laughed saying that I was trying to fool her, and it
wouldn’t work. There was, however, a small nervousness present in her
As it was almost 8PM we left the dishes and headed upstairs to
undress for the hot tub. She lit a joint she had rolled and we both took
several deep hits. She usually bathes wearing nothing as our backyard
tub is hidden from view from our neighbors by a tall wooden fence and
surrounded by large trees and bushes. When she had taken all her clothes
off and was reaching for her robe, I stopped her and told her to wear her
black bathing suit to the tub. She went along with my request, smiling,
knowing that it was part of the gentle prank I was pulling on her. I too
put on my bathing suit and followed her downstairs where I grabbed three
glasses and another bottle of sparkling from the fridge. She never
noticed the third glass in the darkness. We walked to the backyard where
I had already uncovered our large hot tub. It is almost 500 gallons and
has underwater seating at different levels all around its interior so
users can sit at the level of submersion they are comfortable with. I
placed a red filter on the underwater light and lit several candles
around the tub’s decking. Turning on the fizzy bubbles, I climbed into
the tub with her. I left the bottle unopened on the small decking
besides the tub. We talked and looked at the stars in the clear sky
above while a cool evening wind refreshed our faces from the heat of the
water. The alcohol and the smoke had relaxed her to the point she laid
her head back against the top of the tub and let the soothing jets under
the water work their magic.
Then she heard a noise. It sounded like someone was at the tall
wooden gate that led to our backyard. She froze, sat up and looked at
me. I told her that it was the person she requested. She laughed and
sunk back down in the tub, saying that she knew I was kidding all along,
and the noise was probably a raccoon or a neighbor’s cat sneaking into
our yard. Then she heard the footsteps on the walk to the tub..
She looked towards the gate and saw the man approach. She looked
over at me for my reaction to the intrusion and I looked back into her
eyes, not turning my head to see the person entering the yard. Her eyes
widened as she strained to see who was approaching. “Its Glen, the
person you selected, remember?” It was 8:30PM.
She looked back at me in disbelief, the alcohol didn’t mask her shock.
Glen walked up to the tub and introduced himself to Anne. She didn’t
reply. She already had to know who he was from the two pictures he had
emailed us. She just sat there, speechless, staring across the tub.
Glen was wearing a dark knit shirt and bathing suit bottoms. He quickly
removed the shirt and climbed into the tub. As he entered the tub, Anne
quickly moved from where she had been sitting to my side allowing Glen
the entire other side to himself. He smiled assuredly at her.
“You aren’t serious?” she whispered to me softly so Glen could not
hear above the sound of the bubbles and jets.
“It was your request” I replied, looking into her questioning face.
“He is here to do whatever you want or not do anything if that is what
you wish.”
“Nice tub,” Glen said as he looked at my beautiful wife in the glow of
the red filter and candles.
“Yes, it is.” replied Anne at an almost complete loss of words for
maybe the first time in her life. She pressed closer to me.
“Care for some sparkling?” I asked.
“Sure” Glen answered.
“I guess I could use another glass too.” Anne said, trying to compose
I handed each a glass, peeled the wrap and popped the cork. After
pouring each of us a glass I toasted, “Here’s to birthdays”
“Here’s to birthdays!” Glen repeated back and took a sip. Anne said
nothing but sat there
slowly sipping her champagne.
“Did you have any trouble finding the house?” I said, trying to break
the ice.
“No, your directions were good.” he replied, not taking his eyes off
Without much more conversation, we finished the bottle and all tried
to settle down and relax in the bubbles, but you could cut the tension
with a knife.
By this time Anne was almost on my lap, and Glen still kept his
distance, watching from across the six foot expanse of the hot tub. I
put my arms around Anne and drew her back against my chest and she
settled on my lap. My hands glided down her stomach and touched her
thighs. She tensed, then relaxed as my hands settled around the tops of
her legs under water. I moved a hand to touch her womanhood through her
tiny suit, but she moved her hands to stop my caress. I then took each
of her small hands in mine and caressed her palms, applying slow,
circular pressure with my thumbs. She loves it when I do that as it
both relaxes her and she finds it strangely erotic. She must have felt
my growing erection pressing between her thinly clothed rounded ass
cheeks. We finished the first glass and I poured another. As she drank,
the second bottle of sparkling began to take effect and she relaxed,
sitting back against my chest with her head leaning back against my
shoulder. She stared back at the stranger across the tub and I slowly
rose up, making her stand with her arms at her sides in front of me,
facing him. She just stood there frozen, arms still at her sides like a
wooden Indian, only this beautiful Indian maiden was wearing a very small
bikini. The moment of truth had arrived. Slowly I brought my hands up
her sides until they cupped the undersides of her bikini top beneath her
breasts. She did nothing,.. just staring across the tub and beyond the
stranger into the darkness of the evening sky. When she made no move to
stop me, I slowly brought my hands behind her, hesitated just a moment,
and unhooked her top. Although I had unsnapped her tops many times over
the years, I felt strange doing so in front of another man. I never
minded other men talking and attempting to hit on her when we went out,
and I really didn’t mind the appreciative stares she got when she went
topless, wearing just that tiny black thong bottom at South Beach, but I
was not crazy about or turned on by the thought of sharing her intimately
with another man. I loved this woman and didn’t want to do anything that
would damage or end our relationship. I wasn’t even sure I could bear to
watch another man touch her nakedness, let alone see another man actually
fuck her. But it was her birthday, and I was bound by my promise to do
whatever she had requested or dreamed about in her wildest fantasies.
So, I was about to strip her naked and share her with another man, if
that was what she wanted to do. With the back undone, the thin shoulder
straps still held the top loosely in place. She did not move or break
her gaze across the tub as I slowly reached up to her shoulders and slid
straps down her arms and pulled the top off her breasts. Her nipples
were already erect as my hands guided the fabric down away from them. I
sat back and pulled her back on my lap. Sitting there, her breasts were
just above the water level and the nipples begged for attention in the
shimmering light of the candles. I reached around and gently touched
each, giving them a tiny pinch as my hands passed over each stiff nipple.
Glen watched but did not move.
The alcohol, coupled with her utter surprise made her react like a
person suddenly placed under a spell and not being able to move a muscle.
My hands slid down her sides and I hooked my thumbs in each side of her
suit. She tensed, suddenly realizing my intentions, and reached down to
prevent my hands from completing their task. I thought and maybe hoped a
little that she had second thoughts and had reached her limit for the
evening. I tugged a little on the string sides of her bikini bottoms, as
if to ask whether she wanted to continue or stop, and she suddenly let go
of my hands. I raised her body from my lap under water and slid the
skimpy black bottoms down her legs and off. Now completely naked but
mostly masked under the bubbles I placed her back on my lap. She was now
completely naked with two men. Her nipples remained crinkled and hard.
As I reached around her body with my hands, Glen moved across the tub and
sat next to us. I could see the apprehension and, at the same time
reckless look in her face as he moved across the tub nearer to her.
I ran my hands slowly to her breasts closed lightly on them and then
moved them down her body across her flat stomach to her thighs. I tried
to open her legs. At first she held them closely together, and then she
allowed me to open them slightly. Glen ran his hand up her arm and
kissed her shoulder. I lifted her from my lap and placed her between us.
She did not move or react. She just sat there silently between us. We
both slowly began to touch and caress her body. Hands on her back, lips
kissing her breasts, hands caressing up and down the length of her smooth
legs, occasionally touching the soft down between her legs . Her
apprehension and tenseness began to subside and I could feel her body
relax in the sensations of our hands stroking and touching her body. She
sighed and let her head lay back against the top of the tub, closed her
eyes and said nothing. We both touched and caressed the muscles of her
arms, ran our hands down her legs and rubbed both her feet at once.
Where at first she was quite hesitant and tense, she began to surrender
herself to the sensations. With her eyes closed and Glen and I
constantly shifting our positions as we caressed her body, she did not
know for sure which hand was whose, only that it felt good. Glen turned
her shoulders to him and kissed her and she opened her eyes. I moved
away and then, back between her legs, slid my hands beneath her ass and
lifted her almost weightless form to the water’s surface. She didn’t
seem to notice as she kissed Glen back, until I bent over and probed
between her legs with my tongue. As I sank my tongue inside her, I felt
a smooth wetness that was not the water of the tub. She shuddered at the
touch. I continued for several delicious minutes and could feel her body
begin to approach orgasm. Pulling away, I turned her body from Glen to
face me. Her eyes had a far away look.
Glen quickly took the cue and slid down her body to replace me between
her legs. I did not kiss her, but held her head in my hands and looked
into her eyes as another man slid his tongue into her. She reached for
my cock under water and felt its stiffness through my suit.
“What happens now?” she whispered to me as she withered on the touch of
Glen’s probing tongue.
“What do you want to happen?” I asked. “Its your birthday. Do you
want to be fucked by two men?”
“I don’t want anything to happen to us,” she replied, avoiding the
answer but telling me with her eyes as she felt the touch of the
stranger’s tongue between her legs.
“Why don’t you go up and take your shower and think about it a while.”
With all the self-control she could muster, she gently pushed Glen
away and climbed silently out of the tub, grabbed a towel and disappeared
into the house.
Glen moved to the other side of the tub and we both relaxed a few
minutes in silence.
After ten minutes or so, I told Glen to go into the house as the
shower on the second floor was probably free. On the way up he was free
to stop at the refrigerator and grab a beer if he wanted. He thanked me,
climbed out of the tub and went into the house. I remained for another
few more minutes. It seemed like an eternity. I looked up at the clear
sky, a three quarter moon and an endless universe. A few more minutes
passed. I rose, blew out the candles, climbed out and covered the tub.
4/4 Anne’s Birthday Evening
Upon reaching the upstairs bathroom I found it empty. The room was
still steamy and warm from the two showers that proceeded me. I quickly
showered, dried myself and, wrapping a towel around my waist, left the
bathroom. The bedroom door was open and quiet jazz was playing from the
station Anne had turned on. The ceiling light was turned off, but the
reading light above the bed dimly illuminated the room. The comforter
was pulled back and Anne laid there on her back naked atop the bare sheet
with her legs wide spread and Glen again probing between her legs with
his tongue, resuming what he had started in the hot tub. But now his
bathing suit was gone and his towel was on the floor. He was as naked as
she. Anne’s hands held his head in place as he probed her pussy with his
tongue. She moaned as he, without lifting his head, slid two fingers
into her wetness. Her eyes remained closed as her head moved from side
to side in passion, as he slid his tongue over her clit and his fingers
slowly slid in and out of her.
With some sense of resignation, I dropped my towel and moved to the
head of the bed. She opened her eyes and looked at me. Her eyes were
glazed over with lust. She gained a little composure and looked up at me
with a look of both confusion and out of control passion. I knew she had
mixed feelings being torn between worrying about my reaction and the
unbridled lust of the moment. She looked deeply into my eyes and moved
her left hand away from his head to reach for my hardening cock. I moved
her had back to his head and climbed slowly onto the head of the bed on
my knees, with my now hard cock brushing against her lips. She opened
her mouth and licked the head of my cock, touching the small slit with
the tip of her tongue. I moved forward, pushing just the head of my cock
into her mouth. She ran her tongue around it for a few moments until the
feeling became too intense and I pushed more inches of my cock into her
waiting mouth. She began to suck harder as I slowly slid in and out.
Instead of continuing, I pulled a little away, just enough to pull my
cock from her mouth. Glen continued to tongue her pussy and she began to
tremor at his probing. I took my own hand and slowly rubbed my cock
across her mouth, across her cheeks, along the sides of her beautiful
nose and face. My pre-cum left a sticky trail. She didn’t move or turn
her face away, she just continued to look into my eyes. I would brush my
cock across her lips and she would open her mouth slightly, encouraging
me to slide in and seek the back of her throat. I’d slide in, sometimes
as deeply as she nursed on my cock, and then slide out and trail my cock
across her face again. I wanted her to taste, to smell, to feel my cock
and see its hardness, see the pre-cum slowly bubbling up from the tip as
it touched her face. I wanted to cum. I wanted her to see my cum shoot
out across her face as another man’s tongue licked her clit and slid in
and out of her pussy. It took all my willpower to hold back. I wanted
to hold the moment the moment as long as possible to give her as much out
of control pleasure as I could. I wanted to suppress the pressure
building in my balls until I could stand it not more and they exploded.
She’d see the unbridled lust she sought from both of us. Most of all, I
wanted to see her cum hard, and then cum hard again, and then again.
This evening was going to be for her, not me, not Glen,.. for her. As I
slid the head of my cock back into her mouth, I looked down and saw Glen
push his tongue back inside her as far as he could. She moaned, her body
shook and she came. Her whole body tensed and she sucked harder on my
cock, trying to make me cum.
I pulled away from her face and edged back off the bed and stood
up. Seeing me move, Glen also backed away, moved to the foot of the bed
and stood up. Naked, his erection stood straight out from his body.
Tonguing my wife’s pussy had had quite an effect on him. I was at
somewhat relieved to see that his cock was no larger than mine, about 6
inches or so and reasonably thick. Those X-rated movies always feature
some guy that is hung like a horse.. sometimes more than 8 inches. I
didn’t stare at his cock for more than a glance, but Anne certainly knew
she was in the presence of two men with very hard cocks. Two stone hard
cocks for her enjoyment.. Glen looked at me as if to ask what we should
do next. I reached down and, placing my hands under Anne’s hips, rolled
her over on her stomach, face down on the bed. I then moved to the foot
of the bed and bent one of her legs back from the knee and began to
massage her foot. Glen took the cue and did the same with her left leg.
I reached for a bottle of massage oil and dribbled a small amount up her
leg from her ankle to her lovely ass, and then handed the bottle to Glen.
He did the same and together we massaged her feet, then her legs, thighs
and up to her ass. She didn’t move, but occasionally flinched just a
little as different hands stroked up her legs, each occasionally touching
the juncture of her legs and stroking across her wet opening before
retreating back down a leg.
After a few minutes, we splashed a bit more oil on her back and took
turns kneading and massaging the entire length of her body. She just
laid there face down in the pillow with her eyes closed and drank in the
sensations of our touch.
Packages of both kinds of condoms lay unopened on the dresser. I
hoped she’d remember her promise about safe sex. As if on cue, Glen slid
his hands under her hip bone on the left and I did the same thing on the
right, raising her up to her knees while her shoulders and head remained
on the pillow. Her knees separated to balance herself as she placed her
arms under her chest and raised her head up. Her lovely ass, raised up a
little more in anticipation. The inviting down around her pussy was
matted and wet around her swollen, inviting lips and opening. Her lovely
breasts with their hard nipples hung below. She was an irresistible
sight. Glen looked at her for a moment and then slid his hand between
her ass cheeks down to her sopping pussy. She could barely contain
herself at the touch. Two fingers slid in without resistance. Her eyes
were tightly closed. He positioned himself behind her, letting his cock
scrape against her thighs and ass as his fingers stroked her inner flesh.
I moved to her side and reached down to cup her breasts. My cock brushed
against her ribcage and across her back as I leaned over her, gently
gripped her breasts and teased both her hard nipples at once.
Feeling the cock so close to her pussy, she opened her eyes to see for
sure who was where, as Glen’s probing cock slid between her ass checks
towards her unprotected pussy. His cock nudged her pubic hair and slid
between the lips, not penetrating, but just teasing her blood engorged
lips. At its insistent touch, she pulled forward and away and pointed to
the dresser. She had remembered the condom. That was close. As much as
I really didn’t want another man inside her at all, I certainly didn’t
want to see anyone else’s bare cock slide into her while she was at the
height of her ovulation. The bare silken slipperiness of her pussy
coupled with the chance of conception were things I didn’t want another
man to enjoy with her, even if I must share her sexually that evening.
Glen looked disappointed and reached for the closest condom, grabbing one
of the smooth, thin ones. Barely able to contain himself he tore the
foil open and rolled the condom down over his cock.
I released her breasts and moved to the head of the bed, kneeling in
front of her, my cock at her face. She reached up with one hand, and, as
she guided it into her waiting mouth, she felt the blunt head of Glen’s
cock touch her slippery opening. With just the head of my cock in her
mouth, she moaned as Glen slowly slid his cock into her until his balls
pressed against her beneath his completely buried cock. She tried to
concentrate on giving me a great blow job, but having a cock in her mouth
and a stranger’s in her pussy was too much. Her body tensed. Her body
moved and shuttered out of control and her mouth tightened around my
cock. I knew Glen must be feeling that delicious clamping her pussy does
as it flowered and then closed tightly again and again around his cock
as her orgasm overtook her. Even with a rubber on, the exquisite
sensation of her orgasm had to bring Glen close to one of his own. As
she came, both Glen and I stopped moving to savor the moment of both her
pussy and mouth clamping down on our cocks. Glen threw his head back as
her pussy continued to open and close on his cock like the grip of a
buttery hand as she came. I knew what he was feeling and felt the loss
in the reality that someone else was enjoying what had been mine alone in
our relationship. Even if I had to share this extraordinary woman with
another man, I took some solace in knowing that as wonderful as it must
have felt to Glen, I alone was privy to experiencing her without having
to endure anything between her wonderful pussy and my bare cock. I
thought, still preserved in our relationship, was my alone being able to,
in the midst of her intense orgasm, empty my balls inside her, with the
bare head of my cock pressed firmly against the knot of her cervix.
Feeling the pressure build, and then the rush of my sperm shooting
through my cock deep into her unprotected womb intensified the
experience to a level of pleasure impossible to understand unless
experienced. As great as it must have felt to Glen to feel the insides
of this beautiful woman wildly grab at his cock as she came, the rubber
denied him the ultimate totality of the moment. I alone knew how it felt
to be able to empty myself inside her deepest reaches, completely naked,
as she came and gave her body to me completely.
As her spasms subsided, Glen began to again slide in and out of her
heated opening. I didn’t move as her tongue stroked the end of my cock,
as if it was seeking to push against its weeping eye. She came again,
this time so intensely she dislodged Glen and I lurched back, less she
bite the end of my cock in uncontrolled passion. We took the opportunity
to turn her over.
She lay back with her head on the pillow with her legs together
against the bed. She opened her eyes and looked at each of our faces and
then down at our hardened cocks. She opened her legs and raised her
knees. Her pubic hair was matted with her juices and her pussy lips
swollen and inviting. Glen moved back between her legs and slowly slid
his cock back into her. I just stood and watched. Moments later, she
came again. Glen pulled out and rolled the condom halfway down his cock,
still covering the head, but exposing enough of its length to feel her
pussy against part of his bareness. He slid back in. His breath became
quicker as his orgasm neared. Sensing it, she reached down and took his
balls in her hand, gently stroking them as he moved in and out. He told
her to stop, but she continued, wanting to feel what the sensation of him
cumming in the rubber inside her would be like. Suddenly he pulled out,
peeled off the rubber and positioned himself back at her slippery
opening. Sensing him to this, she reached down and wrapped her small
hand around his bare, pulsing cock. She did not guide it back into her,
as I think he would have hoped. Instead, she stroked his bare cock just
inches above her swollen and open pussy lips. He moaned and shot a
ribbon of sperm across her stomach and onto her breasts. He tightened
and shot another thick stream across her body, then a third. She
released his still throbbing cock and he shot yet another, smaller stream
of cum down her belly, its trail ending at her pubic hair and trickled
down her pussy lips. He fell to his side beside her on the bed.
She then turned and looked into my eyes. I think she worried what my
reaction would be, seeing her fuck another man until he shot his sperm in
or all over her. Without a word between us, I slid my cock back into her
waiting mouth. I tried not to think. I knew I needed to just be as
sexual as she desired. I was a player in her evening and needed to just
focus on my task of giving her as much pleasure as she could stand. She
teased and then sucked harder on my swelling cock. She slid a hand under
my cock and touched the back of my balls with her fingertips. I felt my
balls tighten near the point of no return. She looked up at me as she
coaxed me to cum in her mouth. She looked so beautiful and lost in lust.
I pulled out as I felt my balls begin to tighten uncontrollably. Moving
between her legs, I guided my cock until its head touched her slippery
lips. When she is turned on her body there feels especially hot against
my naked cock. I worked the head against her clitoris. She pulled away
and whispered her clit was too sensitive for direct contact. I touched
her swollen slippery opening with my cock head and she arched to pull me
inside. I slid in until our pubic bones ground against each other. Her
legs encircled my waist. I could feel the knot of her cervix against the
tip of my cock. Her ovulation, coupled with her state of arousal, made
her pussy a slippery, smooth grip against my hardened cock. She reached
down and again touched the back of my balls with her fingertips. This
time she pressed more firmly, knowing the stroking of my prostate would
trigger my orgasm. Instead of my cumming, she suddenly tensed, cried
“Oh, oh,“ and came for a third time. My cock swelled out of control as I
began to shoot my sperm deep inside her as her hand clutched and gently
milked my emptying balls and her pussy clamped on my cock. I pulled out
as I continued to cum, shooting a thick rope of cum from her pussy
opening up across her belly almost to her breasts. A moment later I shot
a smaller string of sperm which landed on her belly and ended at her
pussy. As I rolled away, she took her hand and rubbed the trails of
Glen’s sperm and mine across her stomach and breasts and closed her eyes.
She whispered in a weakened voice, “That was intense.”. It looked like
Anne was enjoying quite a birthday evening.
Exhausted for the moment, we all laid back and, without conversation,
listened to the jazz softly playing. Anne rose up from the bed and
padded off to the bathroom, presumably to towel off all that cum we had
sprayed on her body.
A few minutes later she returned and crawled up on the bed, not
touching either of us but laying there, on her back, naked between us
with our naked bodies just touching her sides. She laid there a few
moments and then reached across me to the window sill and retrieved a
joint and lighter. She lay back, lit the joint and passed it to me. I
took a deep drag and passed it back to her, she took a hit and passed it
to Glen. In this manner she got two hits for each we took. Quickly the
joint finished the joint and I placed the spent roach back on the sill.
A half an hour had not passed since we had cum. We all silently laid
there with our thoughts, each wondering what would happen next. Then I
felt her hand on my thigh, sliding to my reawakening cock. As she laid
there, her other hand sought Glen’s. “Mmm” I heard her whisper as she
slowly slid her small hands up and down our growing members, occasionally
running a finger over the tip to do a little extra teasing. She quickly
achieved the her desired effect and we both became very hard again. She
let go of my cock and turned to Glen, touching him full length with her
body as she kissed him deeply and continued to stroke his excited cock.
I turned my body to hers and let her feel my stiff cock against the now
slippery crack in her rounded ass as I kissed her neck lightly. She
shivered as she felt Glen’s cock brush against her wet pubes as she
stroked him, while my cock brushed and moved against her ass. Her
fantasy had come true. Sandwiched between two naked men. Their hard
cocks both seeking to possess her body. Without letting go of Glen’s
cock with her right hand, she reached behind her with her left and slid
her hand up my cock. I don’t think she was comparing, as we were both
nearly the same size. She was just enjoying the sensation of holding,
teasing and guiding two cocks against her pussy and ass at the same time.
She rubbed the head of Glen’s bare cock against her lower stomach, just
touching it ever so lightly to the top of her pubic hair which was matted
and slippery with her new secretions. He moved lower, seeking to rub the
blunt head against her swollen lips and clit. She guided the head of my
cock between her legs below her ass and hunched back against me. Glen’s
cock nudging her pussy lips from in front any mine touching her ever
growing wetness from behind. Two cocks both wanting to possess her at
once. Both touching her in the most intimate way without actually
penetrating her pussy. Two cocks hard and there for any pleasure she
Glen pushed slightly forward, the head of his cock seeking her
opening, she tried to pull slightly away, remembering he had not put on
a condom, but had no where to go with my body pressed against her back.
He had to be feeling her special heat as the head of his cock insistently
nudged through her nibbling pussy lips into her opening. Her hips arched
slightly to allowing his cock to slide ever so slightly into her, slowly,
until the head was fully inside. Without dislodging him she whispered
that she couldn’t continue without him first putting on a condom. She
placed her hands on his chest to gently push him away. Being so wet and
slippery, she could not prevent him or had the resolve to keep him from
moving forward and slowly penetrating her completely with his cock until
his balls rested against her pussy lips. Her half-hearted attempt to
free herself had failed. She moaned softly as he slowly withdrew. She
thought he was pulling out, but as the withdrew just to the head, he slid
all the way back into her and all she could do was moan again. I pulled
back slightly from her, thinking, so much for safe sex. Glen reached
around her ass and pulled her back tightly against his sliding cock. Her
body began to tighten as she was about to cum. Suddenly she stopped and
regained her senses enough to push him away. His cock slid out of her.
“ You can’t cum in me without a rubber. You can’t be in me
without a rubber. That isn’t what we agreed on,” she stammered in a weak
“Sorry, I couldn’t resist. You were so wet and inviting.. you felt so
good… I guess I just got carried away,” Glen said, his still hard cock
wet with her juices and pressing against her stomach.
“I guess we both did,” she replied, a little surprised at herself.
She turned away from him, rolling over towards me, placed her arms around
my neck and looked into my eyes to seek my reaction towards what had just
happened. I said nothing. She pulled me closer and kissed me, sliding
her tongue into my mouth. My cock slid against and then down her wet
pussy lips. She lifted her leg over mine as my cock sought her opening.
It flowered open and grasped the hard, spongy head of my cock. I moved
forward and slowly slid my naked cock into her as her tongue swept over
mine. She ground her clit against me as the head of my cock found her
deepest parts. She had just had one naked cock inside her and now she
had another. I could feel her hard nipples burning against my chest.
She trembled and came again. I didn’t move, just keeping my cock deeply
imbedded within her as her inner muscles clutched my throbbing cock in
her orgasm. I wanted to cum. I wanted to shoot all I had left deep
inside her. The head of my cock grew more swollen as it sought to plant
my cum as deeply in her as possible. “Don’t come yet,” she whispered. I
resisted, not wanting to spend myself again before the pressure became to
exquisitely intense to bear. Calling upon all my willpower, I slowly
pulled my stone hard cock from her incredible pussy, feeling her slippery
muscles tense on my cock as I withdrew and rolled over on my back. That
was close, I thought. Anne rolled on her back also. My disappointed
cock still pointed skyward.
No sooner did I withdraw when Glen quickly positioned himself between
her weakly resisting legs and lowered his head between her legs,
immediately plunging his tongue into her as far as he could. I reached
over and lightly ran my tongue over her hard nipples. She tried not to
move, but the sensation was too much. Her stomach tightened a little,
then tightened a lot as she came again.
“No more. I don’t think I can come again. I’m cummed out,” she
weakly protested. Neither of us believed her as her body twitched from
our two tongues. I kissed my way down her stomach on one side as Glen
worked his way up to her breasts. We traded places.
When my lips reached her puffy swamp I extended my tongue as far as it
would go and licked her from her asshole to her clit. Long, wet licks.
My hands pulled her lips apart as my tongue did its magic. She grabbed
at my head with both hands and held it as the tip of my tongue nudged her
sensitive clitoris and she held asked me not to move. I pushed lightly
on her clit with my tongue as my left hand held her open and my right
hand slid fingers into her. I felt the gush of her juices as she clamped
on my fingers and came again. She was almost out of control as her body
kept shaking with yet another long orgasm. I rolled away and Glen
removed his mouth from her nipples. Her eyes rolled upwards as she
closed them and stopped moving. I thought she may have passed out, but
she hadn’t. She lay quiet on her back with her legs splayed open and her
arms at her sides as she tried to regain her senses and composure. Her
nipples remained erect.
Glen studied her body for a moment and then slid his hand down her
stomach and between her legs. She had soaked the sheets beneath her.
Feeling her inviting, open wetness, Glen again slid between her legs.
She was too exhausted to move, so he grasped her beneath her knees and
pulled her legs up and back as his other hand guided his unsheathed cock
to her puffy slit. He ran its spongy head up and down between the
slippery sides, back and forth until she started to react and realized
what was happening. He then abruptly stopped, moved his cock to the
entrance of her womanhood and slowly slid inside. She instinctively
arched to meet his penetration and then, remembering he had not put on a
condom, tried to pull back away. His body followed her back to the
mattress as his cock seated itself fully her. “Please, put a rubber on,”
she protested in a shallow whisper. She thought he might comply as he
slowly withdrew his cock until just the tip remained inside her.
Instead, he sank back in its entire length and then withdrew again to the
tip, then sled back in as far as he could. “Pull out and put a rubber
on,” she again implored. “We can’t do this without a rubber.”
He didn’t. Instead, Glen began a slow, methodical lengthening of his
strokes, bottoming out inside her as she halfheartedly tried to close her
legs. She reached down, vainly attempting to grasp his wet, plunging
cock, in a futile attempt to pull it from her body. Instead, her fingers
slid past his cock and touched his balls as he buried his cock in her
once again. She felt them tighten closer to his body as his cock swelled
inside her. “Please, you can’t cum in me. Its not what we agreed to do.
His balls pulled tight against his body as he felt the surge inside
them. He buried his cock as deeply in her as he could, pressing against
the unprotected opening of her womb. He felt the intensity of the moment
as his balls began to contract in her hand and he began to shoot his
sperm into her deepest reaches. Feeling both panic and intense pleasure,
she turned to me, opened her eyes and looked at me as her body reacted to
the exploding cock in her pussy. Feeling his cock suddenly expand and
begin pumping volley after volley of his sperm deep into her, she still
did not look away from me, while her hand held his emptying balls. As he
spewed the last of his cum into her womb, she came again, milking the
last drops from his now deflating cock. He pulled out from her and
rolled over on his back, spent and exhausted, his cock soaked with both
of their juices.
She continued to study my face, I guess she was searching for some
clue as to what I was feeling. I laid there without expression as she
reached for my still hard cock. “Do you want to fuck me?” she asked. I
didn’t reply. She continued to stroke my cock. I was torn between how
erotic and utterly sexual she looked, and the fact that I had just seen
another man cum inside her. “Come here” she implored as she tried to
guide me by my cock to her open legs. I moved between her legs as she
opened them farther and tried to wrap them around my ass. She drew me
closer and, with her hand, rubbed my cock against her still swollen pussy
lips, dripping with another man’s cum. My cock was painfully swollen. I
needed to cum. It felt strange, with the head of my cock against a pussy
opening of a woman who had just had another man cum inside her. I guess
that’s what is to be expected when you engage in a trio. She continued
to rub me against her open slit, sliding her hand up and down the length
of my cock. “I want you to cum inside me too.” she implored.
I wanted to, but I felt uncomfortable with the thought of sliding into
another man’s cum. She ran her fingers up and down my cock again. My
balls drew up against me and tightened. “If you won’t cum in me, cum all
over me,” she said, seeming to understand and continued to slowly stroke
my expanding cock.
“Stop”, I said as she continued to jack me off. “Stop”. She
continued to slide her hand up and down my cock. She reached with her
other hand, running a finger back to my asshole teased it for a moment
and then ran her fingertips back to that pressure spot behind my balls.
I stood up on my knees as the first volley of my cum shot out, arching
across her stomach to her breasts. Her fingers continued to press and
massage the back of my balls as her other hand stroked my cock again. I
tensed and shot another stream of sperm almost as long as the first
across her belly almost to her breasts. Then a third and a smaller forth
fell and puddled on her stomach. She never took her eyes off my face as
I came. Spend, I rolled away onto my back.
Exhausted we three fell into a welcome sleep. It was almost 1:00AM.
I began to awaken just past 7 in the morning. The morning sun
brightly filtered through the slats of the blinds, illuminating the room.
My first thoughts were; “Did that really happen?”. Looking at the two
people sleeping besides me, I knew it had. I looked at my wife, the
sheet just covering her naked body to her waist. The room smelled like
sex. She was laying on her back with her head facing me and her eyes
closed. I thought she was still sleeping but suddenly her eyes snapped
open and she looked at me. Glen was still fast asleep on her other side.
“What are we going to do?” She whispered to me with a worried look on
her face. She must have been awake for some time worrying about how I
would feel when I awoke.
“What do you want to do? Do you want to be fucked some more?” I
asked, not meaning to sound hard or cold, but just to inquire if she was
not fully satiated yet.
“I think I need a shower,” she said in a low monotone.
“I’ll go first,” I whispered back, wanting to allow her more time with
Glen is she wished. I got up, grabbed some clothes from a drawer, went
to the bathroom, turned on the water waited a moment until it warmed and
stepped into the shower. I wondered if Glen was fucking her again as I
washed the night from my body. I toweled off, brushed my teeth, ran a
brush through my hair and threw on my khakis, a tee shirt and, without
looking back into the bedroom, went downstairs to make breakfast. Once
down in the kitchen I heard the water from the shower turn on again. Was
that Anne? Was it Glen? Was it Anne and Glen? A few minutes later my
questions were answered as Anne, dressed in her black shorts and a cotton
top, came into the kitchen. She walked up to me, put her arms around me
and kissed me. I looked into her eyes and kissed her back.
I couldn’t resist the question: “Did you take a shower with Glen?” I
asked, not really wanting to hear the answer I thought I already knew.
“No.” she replied. “He awakened as you left the room for your shower
though.” She was silent for a moment, studying the expression on my
face. “He put his arms around me and kissed me and got hard again. I
guess he wanted to fuck me again… one last time,” she continued. “I
didn’t let him. I kissed him for a few seconds and, as I felt his cock
grow against me, pushed him away. I told him I had to take a shower and
got up. He didn’t follow me into the shower or anything. Last night was
last night…” she tried to explain with worry in her eyes. I gave her a
small smile and told her it was all right. She looked somewhat relieved
but still a little worried. “He’s getting dressed and will leave… I am
not interested in seeing him again..and I told him so.. if you were
“What do you want for breakfast?” I asked, changing the subject.
“Let’s wait until he leaves. O.K.?” she replied.
She looked like she wanted to say something profound or important but
was interrupted by Glen entering kitchen. “I should go. Thanks for
including me in your fantasy.” he said.
After an uncomfortable moment of silence I said, “You’re welcome.”
Anne gave him a little hug, he gave me a friendly slap on the
shoulder, turned and left our home.
I did not know quite what to say, so I went down to our basement where
I could occupy my thoughts, refinishing an old chest on my workbench.
Anne stayed upstairs.
For an hour or so, I tried to concentrate on the project, but my mind
was filled with confusing thoughts and mixed emotions as I reflected on
the past night. The basement door opened and I heard Anne’s footsteps on
the basement stairs. I pretended to be deeply absorbed in my work as she
came up behind and put her arms around me, her head pressed into my back.
I turned and faced her. “Do you still want me?” She questioned.
“Yes,” I responded.
“Are you sure?” She asked again.
“Do you really still want me? Will this change our relationship? Are
you going to think less of me now? I don’t want to lose you,” she said
with an air of uncertainty.
“No. Nothings different”. I lied a little, not wanting to worry her
or spoil memories of the last evening for her.
“I hope not. I love you,” she said, pulling me tighter against her.
“So what are we going to do now?” she asked.
“Right now I’m going finish gluing this chest together,” I said as I
reached for the bottle.
She smiled nervously, kissed me and went back upstairs.
I hoped we hadn’t damaged our relationship. I hoped she had not
gotten pregnant. I hoped she wouldn’t be thinking of him the next time
we made love, and I hoped we escaped without catching anything from our
No, I wouldn’t change things between us. I loved her and was
determined not to treat her any differently. After all, it was her
birthday, so we did what she wanted to do on it. And, after all, my own
birthday was just four months away.…


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