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Annies Pictures


This story contains sexual words, actions, and themes.
If you are under 21, go away. If you don't like that sort
of thing, or think it isn't normal, go away. If, on the other
hand, you are over 21, and you like sexy stories and think
everyone should read mine...errr... THEM.... <wink>
keep reading.

This story is a sequel to the previously posted "The Photo
Session". It stands alone, but is more enjoyable if you read
that first. Check out my site at ASSTR to read it.... And hey, while you are there, why
not donate a little something to keep it up and running?

Thanks to Rey, for the ASSTR site, and ASSM archive.
Thanks to Rui Jorge, for putting together my little corner of the
site, and being such a help to the ASSM community. And...all
sorts of smooshy kissses to Redman, who edited this story for
me and helped me bring it in at exactly 500 words. I couldn't
ask for a better word slave! <wink>

FINALLY... If you like this, email me, okay?
I LIVE for the compliments! ;-)

And now... on with the show!
Annie's Pictures by Pami (M/F)

"Craig, come see!" Jessie called.

Not another silly website? For three months they had
been dating, and sometimes Craig wondered why. Then
he'd look at Jessie's trim figure, her gorgeous face,
and didn't want to give her up.

He looked at the computer monitor. "Holy Shit!"

It was a photo of his ex-girlfriend, Annie. Nude! Or
close enough. Her rounded figure, covered by the
transparent camisole and panty set he gave her six
months ago.

Jessie snickered, "She's finally proved what a slut she
is, eh darling?"

She clicked the next picture.

Annie's erect nipples! Smiling toward the camera, Annie
cupped her luscious tits. Caramel-colored tresses fell
past smooth shoulders, one curl caressing her areola.


Annie's glistening pussy! Legs spread, Annie stroked
her clitoris. That "come fuck me" look.


Annie, wearing only a smile and nipple clamps!


Annie after an intense orgasm: face flushed, mouth
open, eyes dilated.

Who took these photos, dammit?!?

Craig's cock was aching. Jessie's classic beauty, even
at her wildest, didn't arouse him like Annie's blatant
sensuality, just in those pictures. He HAD to cum,
deep inside a hot wet pussy, NOW!

"Forget those, baby... I want you," he crooned,
crushing Jessie against him. Kissing Jessie deeply, he
tasted Annie's luscious lips instead. His hands flowed
through Jessie's black curls, but they felt Annie's
golden mane.

Jessie squirmed in his arms. She was inexplicably
horny herself.

Sinking to the floor, Craig tasted Jessie's flawless
34B's. In his mind, they became Annie's magnificent but
imperfect 40D's.

He bit down on a nipple, but Jessie pushed him away,
"Not so hard, darling." Annie would have moaned,
begging for more. Annie liked it rough, the urgency
driving her arousal to spectacular heights.

Craig licked lower. Spreading trim thighs, he
pretended they were Annie's soft flesh. He ran his
firm tongue up Jessie's moist slit.

Jessie was shocked. She didn't do that! Not like that
cow Annie. Annie would do ANYTHING to keep a man.
Annie HAD to. Not Jessie.

So Jessie wriggled away. "No honey, put it in please?"

Craig sighed. Rising onto her, he sank slowly into her
exquisite pussy. He wanted to ram in hard, but Jessie
would scream, but not with passion. Not Annie, she
loved it fast and deep, and said so.

As he took Jessie slowly, she lay silent, except for
an occasional grunt. He envisioned Annie's pictures and
wondered who the fuck had taken them? He slammed into
the cunt that sheathed him.

Increasing speed, Craig didn't hear Jessie's whines.
The woman beneath him became the vixen of the pictures.
Now, he fucked Annie, her face contorted with ecstasy
as he pounded deep inside her. She begged him to cum in

God, Annie's pussy was so hot! So wet! Craig's cock
pulsed with his heartbeat. He was almost there. He
envisioned THAT picture - Annie post-climax - and let

"AAAgggghhhhh!" He convulsed repeatedly into the silky
sheath that tightened around him. Finally, he collapsed
in climax. "Oh Annie," he thought.


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