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Anniv Supr n

Anniversay Suprise

April 2001 By Aphrodite
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Anniversary Surprise
By Aphrodite
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Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the front door
Amanda just finished setting the table and returned to the kitchen to check on
the roast. She waited all day for Jerry to get home and felt her heart jump
every time a car door closed outside.
It was their tenth anniversary and she had special plans for a romantic
evening with nothing left to chance.
When she heard the door slam Amanda took off her apron and tried to quell her
"Hi Honey." Jerry said as he entered the kitchen. "What's for supper? I'm
Amanda walked over to her husband and put her hands around his neck then
planted a slow yet firm long kiss on his lips.
"Well I made a roast, green beans, and baked potatoes." She looked into his
beautiful brown eyes and ran her tongue along her top lip. "And for dessert I
made your favorite, pecan pie."
"Sounds great." He said. "I'll be in my office. Call me when it's ready." He
turned and left the room.

She stood there a few moments just staring after him. Had he forgotten? He
wouldn't dare forget again and definitely not their tenth, or would he? No,
not this time. He must be waiting till we sit down to eat or maybe after
dinner. Snapping out of her trance she returned to the stove and finished
"Everything looks great." Jerry said as sat down at the table. "Have to hurry
and finish eating. Got a big meeting in the morning and I have to get ready.
That jackass Roger is up to his old tricks again and I'm going to be ready for
him this time."
Jerry continued ranting about company politics for the rest of the dinner, and
then excused himself to his office.
Amanda stared at her green beans, moving them around with her fork. She was so
excited thinking about the evening ahead of them that she hadn't eaten a bite.
"He did forget." She thought to herself. "How could he do this again?"
She sat there with tears in her eyes. She couldn't move for a good half-hour
while she mulled over 8 years of forgotten anniversaries and birthdays.
Forgotten because of his dedication to his job.
Not knowing what to do, she stifled back the tears and headed up the stairs to
get ready for bed.
The water from the pulsating showerhead sent shutters through her body as the
water pounded down on her breasts. She raised one hand and messaged each
breast back and forth up to her neck then down to her erect nipples.
As her excitement grew she lowered the other hand between her legs and gently
stroked her clit, producing a soft moan. The water from the shower made it
easy to glide her fingers freely over her body. Each stroke made her want more
and more.
She lifted her leg to the edge of the tub and let her fingers slowly tease the
outer lips of her pussy and slide back to excite her swollen clit. She forgot
about Jerry for now, and as her pleasure rose, she inserted her index and
middle fingers into her hole letting out a loud gasp. Starting slowly she
moved her fingers in and out letting the base of her hand make contact with
her clit. Her moans grew louder as she sped up the pace. Her breathing was
rapid. Her mind thought of nothing but the present and the excitement she
brought to her body. Soon she reached her climax and as her entire body
shuddered in pleasure. She fell against the wall bracing herself.
Amanda found herself crying uncontrollably, thinking about all the years that
she endured this treatment. Finishing up the shower she dried herself off and
went to bed where she attempted to cry herself to sleep. She was still awake
several hours later when she heard Jerry open the bedroom door.
Jerry crept into the room trying to be as quiet as possible as to not wake
her. He slid off his trousers and shirt, and lowered himself into the bed.
Amanda couldn't take it any more. She was going to have it out with him once
and for all.

With out turning to face him she said, "So you finally decided to come to
"What's that suppose to mean? You know I was working."
"If you don't know I'm not going to give you the satisfaction!"
"Ok, something's got your panties in a wad. What is it this time? Did you
break a nail or don't they have that dress you want in your size? "
"Oh yeah! They had it all right. I was wearing it this evening not that you
noticed; but then again you don't notice anything around here. I could be
*fucking* half the neighborhood and you wouldn't notice a thing. I doubt you'd
even care!" She covered her eyes with her hands and began to cry again.
"What the fuck are you talking about? You know my work is important. How do
you think we can afford those $500 dresses? For *God* sake Amanda, you're
never satisfied." He stood up with the intention of leaving. "I'll be sleeping
in my office if you feel like apologizing."
"How the hell am I suppose to be satisfied when you're never here? We haven't
made love in over 6 months, and you want me to apologize. Fuck you! Have fun
in your office cause you're going to live there from now on!"
"Oh so now we get to the core of your bitch!"
He knelt on the bed, grabbed her arm and forcefully turned her over to face
him. "You want to make love? We're going to make love."
He pinned her arms over her head with one hand and climbed on top of her
unprotected body. With the other hand he lifted her nightgown to her chin and
forcefully began to kiss her nipples.
"How about that dear, is this what you wanted?" He said between kisses.
She fought underneath him trying to break free, but his grasp on her wrists
was too strong.
"Get off me you son of a bitch."
She brought her right knee up as fast and as strong as she could.
He rolled off her letting out an ear-piercing scream while cupping his now
throbbing member.
"You bitch!" He managed to say.
Amanda jumped out of the bed and started to run for the door, but he recovered
quickly and slammed her down on the bed.
"You want to get fucked? I hope you're ready cause I am going to fuck you till
you bleed you dirty *whore*." He slammed into her full force bringing tears to
her eyes.
When she struggled to break free, he raised his hand and slapped her with all
his might across the face. "Stop fighting this slut or you'll get worse." Then
he let out with an evil laugh the likes of which she had never heard in her
life, and hoped to never hear again.
For fear of what he may do next she heeded his warning and lay there, crying,
shaking, sobbing, and wanting to die.
With one last thrust he let out a loud groan, then released his hold and
collapsed next to her on the bed.
"Oh My God, what have I done? He reached out his hand and placed it on her
shoulder. "Are you ok? Please tell me I didn't hurt you."
Gathering up all the courage she could, she stood up and went to the doorway
where she turned around briefly and looked at him with fierce determination.
"Happy Anniversary *Darling*. I feel the need to thank you so much for my
present. My lawyer will be drawing up yours!" Then she left the room, taking
the image of his shocked face with her.


Let me know what you think about my story. I like hearing from readers and I
answer all my e-mail.

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